S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

When a series of home invasions are committed by SWAT imposters in an upscale neighborhood, Hondo and the team suspect the burglarized families are all hiding something. Also, when Deacon ...

Where are those breakfast bars?

Uh, the kind with sugar,
or the kind without sugar?

I thought neither
of them had sugar.

One kind has sugar, but it's
organic pure cane sugar, so...

Is that even better for you?

So... where are they?
Uh, which kind?


SWAT! Get on the ground now!


LAPD! Get down!
This is a mistake! Promise.

You have the wrong house!
On the ground!

This is a mistake!

Put your hands together.
Get down!

Get over here.
On the ground.

Get down and shut up!

Go upstairs and get the stuff.


Why-why are the police
stealing from us?

Because they're not the police.

You-- what's your name?

What's your name?!
Desiree. Desiree.

Desiree, give me
the alarm code,

or we kill your dad.
It-It's six,

seven, one, eight.
Desiree, is that
the right code?

Is that the right code?!

Do I need to kill your dad
to show you I'm serious?
No, please.

Please, please don't.
It's the right code!

It's the right code!

Thanks, Desiree.

You did the
right thing.

You know what? You seem
like an interesting girl.

Let's you and I...
No. No.
No, no, no.

...go have a talk, huh?
No, no, no, no, no, no!

Get off! No! Just
tell us what you want!

No! Don't take her!
Don't take her!

Just tell us what you want!

Help me! Help me!


Hey, it's probably
just another false alarm.

Uh, sorry to bother you.

We got a noise complaint

House belongs to Donovan
and Trisha Watson.

One child-- 17-year-old girl.

Looks like a home invasion.

Unis got the house surrounded.
The bad guys might

still be inside, or they might
have taken off on foot

after shooting
the security guard.

Either way, we have to assume

they're all still inside.

Be ready for anything.

You awake, Street?

Shoot anything that moves.
Got it.

Be ready for anything.

Metro SWAT!


Metro SWAT!

Kitchen clear.


Dining room clear.

Luca clear.
Chris out.

Tan out.


Leave my family alone!


I got him.

Police! Put down the weapon!

Put down the weapon now.
How do I know

you're really the police?!
Ma'am, we are the police.

We're Metro SWAT.

Just put down the knife
and step away from the girl.

Mom, it's okay.
It's not them.

They kept yelling
"police" and "SWAT."

Why wouldn't
we believe them?

We're working with Robbery-
Homicide to track 'em down.

Now, any details, no matter how
small, can help us find them.

Well, I don't know what to tell
you, except that they were...

they were dressed like you guys,
except their faces were covered.

Well, what about race?

Or height or accents?

Um, you know,
it was all a blur, really.

Maybe your daughter
got a better look?

No, she saw even less
than we did.

You said you were zip-tied?

Yes. You saw them.
They were right over there.

But then they cut you free?

Desiree set us free.

So they cut her loose?

She slipped out of them.
She's small.

She slipped out of them?
But they were cut.

Then she must have cut them.

And why were her zip ties
in another room?

Okay, this was all
very terrifying.

How much longer
will the officers be here?

A few hours, ma'am.


You're staying,


EMTs are getting packed
up if any of you want

to change your mind
about getting checked out.

No. We're fine.

Something happened in there.

They don't want us
to know about it.

You thinking
sexual assault?

I really hope not.
Sure feels that way.

In which case
she needs

to be convinced to get
medical attention.

Get a counselor
up here?

When that girl saw Chris,
she knew we were the good guys.

Hey, there's already
a connection there.

I'll talk to her.

High-end jewelry like that's
gonna be tough to unload.

You sound like
you have an idea.

I got some buddies who buy
this kind of merchandise.

You're buddies
with jewelry fencers?

Not exactly fencers.

Let's just say they
work in the gray area.

All right, the less I know,
the better. Go.

Don't make me
regret it.

What if he had come at us with
a gun instead of a golf club?

I was thinking the same thing.

The last thing we need is
citizens taking shots at us

because they think
we're the bad guys.

Somebody's gonna get killed.
We should check with

the SWAT uniform vendors.
There's only a couple in L.A.

How are the victims?

It's hard to say.
They're lying to us.

Like they don't want us
to catch whoever did this.

Insurance scam?
Donovan and Trisha Watson.

They both have
their own businesses.

Maybe one of them got caught up
with the wrong kind of people.

We'll look into their
financial situation.
Chief wants to be updated

on this one, so when you know
something, let me know

so I can tell him.
I'll check

with Robbery-Homicide.
They inside?

(garbled radio transmission)

Big boss getting
his hands dirty?

Look around, Deac.
It's Brentwood.

You two have that
protection detail today.

Yeah, I was hoping
we could, uh, stay on this.

You know,
maybe one of Mumford's guys

could take it.
Yeah, I second that.

They've got
Homeland Security drills

through the end of the week.

I'm sorry, guys.
This comes from the top.

We'll make do.

Hey, Hondo.

Lady here runs
a private security firm

that patrols the neighborhood.

They notice anything
out of the ordinary recently?

Nothing big,
but she said there's a couple

in the neighborhood--
Jake and Tiffany Kemp--

asked her just last week
if she offers a premium service.

24/7 security
against home invasions.

You get the Kemps' address?

I read an article.

Said these kinds
of things were on the rise,

so I looked into upgrading
our security. That's all.

Oh, just in time, huh?

They said they
don't offer

the services I asked for,
but I found someone who did.

We noticed.
Two armed men
outside of your house 24/7.

It's a little overkill,
don't you think?

Apparently not, given what you
say happened down the street.

You hire protection
for home invasions, and then,

a week later, you have a home
invasion in your neighborhood.

Something must
have spooked you.

Suspicious people driving by,
a threat of some kind?

Like I said, I read an article.

An article.

Right, yeah.
I wish I could help,
but I'm late for work.

Did something happen
to your door back there?

We're doing some remodeling.
These people seem
to have a thing

for high-end jewelry.
Would you happen

to have something like
that in your home?

Nothing worth taking.
Hey, look, I-I...

I know you guys are just
doing your job,

and I don't want this
to come off as rude,

but all I did
was read an article and hire

security to help my family.
That's not a crime.

The same thing happened
here as at the other house.

Doesn't make sense.

Somebody kicks in the door
and ties up my family,

I'm begging the police
to look into it.

The Kemps' daughter looked about
the same age as Desiree Watson.

They might know each other,
even if the parents don't.

Chris, I got
something for you.

Okay. Yeah.

Got it.

They find them?
Not yet.

Do you know the Kemps?

They live a few streets over
on Langham.


They get robbed, too?

We're not sure yet.

They have a daughter.

Laura, your age.

Do you know her?



It's... nothing.
It's just...

um... this kind of thing
shouldn't happen to anyone.

No. It shouldn't.

Whoa! Way to go, way to go!

So, which one's our guy?

You don't know
who Bobby Strock is?

You don't follow hockey?

No, I never got into it.
"Never got into it"?

How have we never had
this conversation?

Look, I know it's your thing,
but I don't want people

trying to force me to like
stuff I'm not interested in.

But you get why people
want to kill this guy, right?

Yeah, he injured one of
our players last month.

You might have mentioned it
once or twice.

Justin Montgomery.
Justin Montgomery--

he knocked him out for
the season, on a dirty hit.

It could cost us the playoffs.

Officers Kay and Luca?

Hey. Brian Mobley.

Bobby's agent.
Good to meet you.

Thank you so much
for helping us out.

Well, V.I.P. protection's

one of our main
We saw

the letters he's receiving,
I mean, memes online

burning him in effigy.
Imagine that.

Oh, let me guess--
hometown fan?

I'm just a fan of clean hockey.

Hey, maybe it was an accident.

Full-speed, blindside elbow
to the head? You watch it

in slow motion
and tell me that's an accident.

Well, it's
a rough game--

injuries happen sometimes.
Hey, Bobby.

LAPD SWAT-- awesome!


Hey, guys.

What are you, 20-David?

Uh, 30-David, actually.

it's an honor.

You must have
some massive stories.

You seem to know
a thing or two about SWAT.

Oh, yeah. If I'd
have known I'd get

to hang out with you
guys, I would've tried

making enemies
a long time ago.

These are
serious threats, Bobby.

From a bunch of serious losers.

Can't wait to hear
some badass takedown stories.

My cell's on here.

Call me if you need me.

Off the record...

he's a little off.

Even for a hockey player.

I promise you, Ms. Webb,

we are leaving no
stone unturned.

That's why
I brought you here, Lacy.

best and brightest,

and they're
all over this.

And we always
welcome a visit

from a member
of the city council.

Then, SWAT should be the ones
protecting the neighborhood.

LAPD already has metro
crime suppression platoons

assigned to your area.

If SWAT is the best,
I want SWAT officers

doing the patrols,

every day until we
find these people.

LAPD's already using

more resources
on today's home invasion

than on a double murder

last night
in South L.A.

Having money doesn't
buy you special treatment

from the police--
not from SWAT.

Well, I'm sure that's
not what Lacy...
I'm not looking

for special treatment,
Captain Cortez.

I'm looking
for the exact treatment

that you should be
providing everywhere.

It's not my fault if you're
providing substandard treatment

to South L.A.

But that doesn't mean we have to
accept it in our neighborhood.

Treat everybody better.

Well, we've made our request.

Now let's let Jessica
get back to work,

and I'll follow
up later.

Thank you.

You sold the guy

four of these SWAT outfits?

Guy bought four complete sets--
boots, helmets,

uh, the whole kit and caboodle.

Look a lot like
the real thing.
We pride ourselves

on the authenticity of our
police and military uniforms.

And of course,
you check customer I.D.s,

keep all the necessary records.

Well, I mean, things move fast.
If someone wants

to buy a police uniform,
they'd have

to show you a letter from
the department saying it's okay.

If they have a department
insignia on the uniforms, yeah,

but these don't say "LAPD,"
they just say "police."

Well, congratulations
on following

the absolute minimum
letter of the law, Felix.

We make every effort to ensure
our customers need the uniforms

for legitimate purposes.

The guy you sold these to

used them to terrorize
people in their homes.

I don't want to hear about
your "every effort."

Right now I want
to hear every detail

you remember about the
guy who bought 'em.

He said he was making
a Web series.

I-It's L.A.
Everyone's doing that.

Can you at least describe him?

Uh, he looked, uh...

like the type of guy
who makes a Web series.

One of my fences has some guys
in his store right now

trying to get
some high-end stuff appraised.

On the west side?

Let's go.

Said he's gonna stall 'em.

Didn't say.

G-Good luck.

You guys
can't leave!

That's my guy,
the one with the shotgun.

Street, take care of your boy!

Will, Will, Will!

Put the gun down!


This is 20-David
in pursuit of suspect.

Westbound in east/west alley

off Santa Monica and Kelton.

Three other suspects headed
east and north through same.

We need an airship.



Come on!

Go. Hands on.

Go. Go.

Looks like the stuff stolen
from the Watsons this morning.

Airship's late responding.

Nobody's got eyes
on the other suspects.

Well, at least
we got one of them.

You gave it a good shot, though!

You're lucky it was them
that got you instead of me!

Guys think 'cause
I don't wear a suit that

I'm some kind of fence--
I'm just new kind of legit.

Hey, chill out. Bring it down.

This new kind of legit

involve functioning
security cameras?
Yeah, sure,

but I outsource, you know, so
the footage goes on the cloud.

I mean, I could get it
in an hour, probably.

You said these four
have been here before?
Last week.

I bought some nice pieces
off them, real nice.

Nothing on any theft reports--
I checked.

Because you're not a fence.

They said they'd be back
with more, too.

Just before I pulled out
the shot...

No, no, when did they say
they'd have more jewelry?

Tomorrow. They said they'd be
back tomorrow with more rocks.

Sounds like they have
another home invasion planned.

Think they'd be dumb enough
to do it again so soon?
They might be

desperate enough-- we just
scooped up their profits
from this morning.

That jewelry you bought off them
last week, I'm gonna need that.

All of it?

Can I get a receipt?

You know, um...

I've been doing this a while.

The cop thing.

And you start getting
pretty good at figuring out

when someone's not
telling you the whole story.

I'm not lying to
you, I promise.

When I was 15...

...some guys grabbed me
while I was going

to the gas station
to get cheese puffs.

And I love cheese puffs.

They, uh...

they were
the East Valley Pasas,

and they thought
I was this other girl

who was dating the head
of the Sirois Street Mafia.

They had me tied up
for hours...

...before they figured out
I wasn't her.


under their control.

And, uh...

I was... really scared
for a long time after that.

Scared to go
to the store.

Scared about everything.

And I was really mad at myself
for not getting over it.

I just kept saying it.

I just kept saying it
in my head,

"Just-just-just get
over it," and I...

How did you?

I didn't.

But that's when I figured out
I didn't have to get over it

if I could just look it in the
face and-and then control it,

instead of letting it
control me.


those men this morning...

...did they hurt you?

Did they touch you?

Rape me?


They didn't.

I swear.

* Don't call me all the time,
it's no way to behave *

* If you're not gonna call me
by my name *

* I can't say that you're mine

* But I've got so much to say

* You're stubborn

* Concentrate, I'm trying

* I should have stayed away

* Call me by my name

* My name...

What took you so long?

What are you doing?

Packing up?
We got another job.

You crazy, bro?

They got T.C.
So we do it
without him.

The last two went perfect!

This isn't a can't-miss thing
anymore-- you get that?

One more job. Okay?

We're talking at least
a hundred grand.

Buys enough product to expand
into three different clubs.

Gordon, you're better
than T.C. anyway.

You can take his spot,
and I'll do my...

Stop smoking your supply!

This isn't about expanding
the business anymore.

This is about our pictures
all over the news

from that jewelry guy's camera.
We got to run, man.

So let's at least get
some more money to run with.

Nah, bro. I'm out.

Me, too.

* Why we don't do it
like we... *

We're doing this next job!


* But if you're not
gonna call me by my name *

* Don't call me all the time

* It's no way to behave...

Okay, good practice, boys.

Let me put in my teeth and we
can grab some brews, talk SWAT.

Uh, no, the
itinerary we have

is that we're taking
you back to the hotel.

Plans change.
It's not like I'm a prisoner.

And with you guys watching my
back, I'm safe anywhere, right?

All right, let's see what
your agent has to say.

Come on, guys. Grab one beer.

I know a kick-ass bar near here.

All right.

Be right back.

You heard him.
He wants a lawyer.

We know if he had
any connection

to the victims?

Watson family's never heard
of any T.C. Fleming.

Leads on the three friends?

T.C.'s been busted
a couple times for possession.

No known associates.

We got security

on the other guys
coming any minute.

We're gonna run that
by the families.

"Families"? Plural?

Didn't the Kemps

ask you to leave 'em alone?

These punks are doing crimes
dressed as SWAT.

Every second they're out there
is another second

the public second-guesses
this uniform.

We go where the case takes us.
Well, of course.

I mean,
we want these guys found.

But, you know,
just handle with care.

Just like it says on the label.

I heard
you pulled a copy

of the department's budget
earlier today.

Is that because of that woman
that Councilwoman Baliss

brought in?
I thought she
was gonna push

for special favors,
but she surprised me.

Actually made me think.

Regarding what?
Whether I'm part

of the problem
or the solution.

We've gotten so used to the way
things are that we forget to ask

if they have
to be that way.

She's right.

We should do better.
By everyone.

Well, everyone I see here
is busting their butts.

We've got a team in Brentwood
and two officers protecting

a hockey player
while two murders

in South L.A. are
still unsolved.

You know, when I first started,

I was gonna change
the world, too, Jessica,

but these situations,

they're like political
hot potatoes.

Just throw this woman a bone,

get this councilwoman
off our backs.

We caught one of them,

which means we're closing in.

We're gonna catch
the other three.

What then?

Then it's over.

You're still scared.


The guy you caught,

if he had anything on him
when you arrested him,

what happens to it?

You mean the jewelry?

No, I-I mean, like...

like his phone.

What happens
to that kind of stuff?

Oh, anything that he had on him
at the time of his arrest

is in police custody now.
So, you don't give it

to anyone? Not
his lawyer? No one?

Desiree, what...
what's in his phone?

Whatever it is,

you're strong enough to face it.

After they tied up my parents,

two of them took me upstairs...

...and they started videoing me
on their phones.

They made me take off
my clothes.


they told me
that they would kill my parents


if I didn't talk on camera

the dirtiest thing
I'd ever done.

Or the dirtiest thing
I'd ever thought about doing.

So I did.

And then they
said that...

...if we did anything
to help the police,

that they would put it online,

so if anyone...

Googled my name,

like colleges or employers...

...it'll follow me forever.


The "Jake and Tiffany
Tenth Anniversary" inscription

makes me think
this all might be yours.

You want
to get real with me?

The other family that
got robbed, the robbers made

a video
of their daughter.

I just want to
protect my girl.

The best way for you to do that
is help us catch these guys

so they don't do anything
with that video.

Or do what they did to
your daughter to somebody else.

I'll help you.

I won't let it happen
to anyone else.

I didn't know his name,
but I've seen him at Hardline.

It's this little club

near UCLA.

They don't look very hard
at your I.D.

Do you recognize
any of these guys?


Wait, that's...


Cash is his name?

He deals Molly at Hardline.

Cash is bad news.

I try to stay away from him.

Sounds like Cash
and T.C. were scoping out

rich girls at this club.

Which means the next target
could be somebody

that you partied with
at Hardline.

Is there anybody Cash and T.C.
paid special attention to?

The only girl I know who's there
every weekend is April Bagley.

Is she a friend of yours?

We go to school together.

Cash definitely has
a thing for her.
April Bagley.

Does she live around here?
I think so.

I-I met her at a party.
I've never been to her house.
It's okay.

We'll find it.
Before Cash does.

Thank you.

I know you've
been through a lot.


Is that Bobby Strock?


What is this, man?

Skate-around was tough today.

Made me thirsty.

This really isn't getting me
into hockey.

You suck, Bobby!
Get out of here!

MAN 3: Get out
of here, Bobby!

Whatever beer you have on tap,

Get lost!
We don't want you here!

Call yourself a player? You look
like a damn giraffe on skates.

And a couple ginger beers
for my friends.

Get out of here...

MAN 4: You suck!
MAN 5: Suck it, buddy!

Weak-sauce fans
for a weak-sauce team.

You got our city
on your uniform,

you're protecting this
jackass?! Pick a side!

Yeah, pick a side.

I might kill him myself.

Look, I know Cash
and T.C.

Okay, they wouldn't
hurt me.

They hurt your
friends pretty bad.

Yeah, but if they wanted
to rob from me,

they could have at any time.

Wait, they've been
to your house before?

A few of my parties, yeah.

Where are your parents?

Oh, my mom, uh, is

in Ibiza this month
with her boyfriend.

And my dad lives in New York
with his boyfriend.

So you're here alone?

Yeah, but, listen, okay,

Cash isn't gonna come after me,

uh, and I'm hanging
with some girls tonight.

So maybe you guys want to stay
and watch the place

and I can go stay at a friend's?

You're gonna have to cancel
your plans, April.


Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!

Dirty! Dirty!

Time to go.

Come on.

I didn't even get
any SWAT stories yet.

It's not really a conducive, uh,
environment for storytelling.

Ha. Hey, these fans
could use a good story

after my team breaks
their hearts tomorrow night.

In your dreams!

Bunch of donkey

fair-weather fans.

Say that again, scumbag!

That's far enough.

I said stay back.

Get off of him!

Patrick, you okay?!

Down, down. Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Got no right!

Get your hands off him!

Get off of him!

You guys ever been to Rhyner's
on Sunset?

It has this salad with,
like, pears in it. So epic.

Not much of a foodie, I guess.

Mm. You're like Virgil,
my mom's last boyfriend.

He was from Texas.
All he ate

was, like, steak.

Probably on his third
heart attack by now.

Back of the house

is locked down. Once
the other units get here,

we'll have eyes on
the whole perimeter.

Okay. Well, all this food talk
has me starving.

So do you guys

want anything
from the kitchen?

Think we're good.

(garage door opening)

Don't need your purse to
get food out of the kitchen.

Where you going?

Oh, I...

I thought
I left my phone charger in here.

I guess... I guess not.

85%. You want to
try another lie?

If I check
this phone,

am I gonna find the videos
Cash made of Desiree and Laura?

What the hell did you do, April?

So, Cash sent me some videos.

I mean, it doesn't mean
that I knew about any of this

ahead of time.
"Some videos"?

April, these were movies of
your friends being humiliated,

naked, at gunpoint.

If you weren't a part of it,
why didn't you call the police

when you saw them?
I thought it was

maybe a prank.

Laura's such an attention whore.
I didn't know.

You don't get
how these girls suffered?

How they suffered?

I mean, I don't remember
anybody crying for me

when a picture that my
best friend Desiree took

showed up on the slut board
in the guys' locker room.

Then she tries to tell me
it wasn't her fault.

Bitch, please.

And if Laura doesn't know
what she did...

then she deserves everything

that Cash made her do
in that video, and more.

You planned these
home invasions, had Cash

make those videos,
over a grudge?

I didn't plan anything.
We're pretty sure
another one

is about to go down.
Now, if you tell us where,

maybe we can get you a deal.

Deal for what?

I didn't do anything.

Did you get ahold of my mom yet?

She's gonna take care
of all this.

I had no clue she was
still mad about that.

It wasn't my fault--
lots of kids had that picture.

None of this
is your fault, Desiree.

This girl
is a total psycho.

It's like she's not
living on the same planet

as the rest of us.
Same planet,
different tax bracket.

Probably never had to deal with
the consequences of her actions.

All right, girls,
you heard April.

I'm gonna need
your help again.

Who else might
be on her hit list?

Laura, what about that thing

she just said about you-- that
you'd know what you did wrong?

I don't know. I seriously
thought we were cool.

Are you the same Laura
that Corby was flirting with?

That was months ago.
It seems like April has

a long memory.
Who's Corby?
Corby Davidson,

April's ex.

He hit on me at a party once
when they were still dating.

Nothing happened, though.
But he broke up with her

the next day.
She still bitches about it.

Sounds like Corby could be next.
And April saved him for last.

Who knows what she's got
planned for him. Do you have

Corby's number?

All right, Chris,
you take home, I got cell.

It's going
straight to voice mail.

Busy signal at the house.
Phone's off the hook.

I can't find it.
You what?

I looked right where you said.

I'll do it.
You watch 'em.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

What do we do?

You guys are gonna teach me
those takedown moves, right?

I could use those on the ice.
You do know that there's
nothing funny about this,

They got what was
coming to them.

Yeah, unlike you.

Oh, come on.

You know, if I had your talent,

and got to do what you did
for a living,

I'd have a little bit more
respect for the game.

Instead of acting like a jerk.

What position you play?

You're a player, aren't you?

Yeah, I played defenseman.

Where'd you play?

In college.

You get drafted?

Nope. Wasn't good enough.

Bet you still skate, though.

Yeah, I can hold my own.

So you get it,
then, right?

It's about the action,
the juice.

You probably wish you were
on the ice with me.

Sometimes I wish
I was with you guys,

out on the street,
kicking ass.

What you guys do isn't a game.

I knew you could take
anybody in this place.

I just wanted to see it.

Hey, guys from the home invasion
crew barricaded

in another house.
All hands on deck. Let's go.
Oh, I got shotgun!

No, no. No, you're not
coming with us.
Oh, okay,

I'll just wait here

and talk to my
new friends.

Come on. Let's go.
Come on, hurry up.

You guys have an extra vest
or am I good without one?

You joking right now?

All right, you know what,
Luca, I think there's one

in the back, there.

Dude, come on!
Hey, two minutes in the box.

For what?
For being a pain in my ass
all day.

I can watch the back
door or something.
Like you said, Bobby,

this isn't a game.

Please let us
go. If...

if you, if you
let us go...
Shut up!

What do we do, surrender?
You want to go to jail?

Huh? I'm not
going to jail.

We-we kill the dad
to show the cops we're serious.

Have them get us a car
so we get out of here.

Please, no, no!
I said

shut up!

What is that?

What is that?

Metro SWAT!

Deacon, right side.

Right side clear.

Left side clear.


Deacon out!

Luca out!

Give me a two!

Get down! Get down,
down, down! Down!
Down, down! Down!

Please. Please.

We got one!


Yeah, that's right!
Your ass is going down.

SWAT, fool!

Is that Bobby Strock?


I hate that guy.

Survivor's gonna
give up April.

Says she and Cash
met at a club.

They started hooking up,
he wanted money.

She wanted revenge
against the girls

and her ex.
So she told him

where the parents
kept the jewelry,

and all she wanted
was them on film.

Who turns teenage grudges
into home invasions

and humiliation videos?
Well, I can remember

more than one teenage grudge in
my hood that led to a drive-by.

Same mentality,

just... different weapon.

We found the videos,
by the way.

They won't get out.

Good work.

Your mouth is saying
"good work," but...

your eyes are saying
something else.

Want to talk about it?

We caught these guys
in less than a day,

but that double murder in
South L.A. is still unsolved.

And nobody there
has called to complain.

City councilperson
isn't barking down your door

demanding answers, huh?

So you're wondering how
do we improve a community

so used to
being overlooked

that they don't get
outraged by it anymore.

Something like that.
And you're telling me

you haven't solved that yet?

I mean, come on,
you've had, what,

a whole eight hours?
Seven hours

and 42 minutes.
You got a councilwoman

on your ass and I got suburban
dads coming after me

with a golf club.
That's one hell of a day.

But it's over.

The only SWAT out there
is real SWAT.

At least take a minute
to enjoy that victory.

We're gonna change things
for the better, Jessica.


And we're just getting started.

Just once around the block.

You can't drive
the truck, man.

Do I have you guys
tomorrow, too?

One more day.

Yeah, well, tomorrow,

I think maybe I can
make it up to you.

It's not about the self-
defense aspect for me.

It's more like
therapy, I guess.

I just get lost in it, and
I leave my pain in the bag.

All right, remember
what I told you--

just feet solid
on the ground.

Punch, don't push.

Okay, now picture those guys
and really hit it hard.

Come on.

the right.
There you go.

It's fun.


* You might think

* I'm coming to the brink

* I guess we'll see

* If I keep it
all together now... *

See you got the message.
I almost didn't
believe you, but okay.

Get 'em, Deac!
Yeah, Deac!

Knock 'em on their ass!
Yeah, Deac!

This is crazy.

* The lines drawn, so...

Here they come, here they come.
There he is,

there he is.
There he goes, that's our bo...


That is not okay.

* Bring it on, bring it on

Ha! Now, this is getting me
into hockey.

Yeah, Deac!

Proud of you!

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