S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Newcomer Jim Street jeopardizes his spot on Hondo's team; the team searches for a ruthless drug trafficker who is using immigrants as couriers.

All right, listen up.
My CI says

the heroin drop
happened last night.

Supplier rented an Airbnb
to cut and package it.

Three, maybe four guards.
Be ready for surprises.

Venice Beach.


Houses stacked like Legos.
No breathing room for us.

Or mistakes. Day raid.
People everywhere.

SWAT's about saving lives,
not kicking ass.

* When I get high,
I get high on speed... *

What? Nobody thinks I listen?

Hey, rook. You haven't been
around long enough

to quote Scripture.

* Kick-start my heart

* Always got the cops
coming after me... *

Check it out.

Not again.

Found Luca on the couch
in HQ this morning.

All his stuff with him.

We shut this drug op down, then
we deal with Sleeping Beauty.

Here we go!
Fill the gaps. Stay liquid.

Fill the gaps! Stay liquid!

Whoa, yeah

* Kick-start my heart,
give it a start *

* Whoa, yeah

* Baby...

Go, go.

* Kick-start my heart

* Hope it never stops

* Whoa, yeah

* Baby

* Yeah

Position one. Set.

Two. Set.

On three.

One, two, three.

* My heart, my heart

* Kick-start my heart

* Say I got trouble

* Trouble in my eyes...


Go, go, go, go!

* Kick-start my heart

* Yeah, are you ready, girls?

* Yeah, are you ready
now, now, now? *

* Whoa, yeah

* Kick-start my heart,
give it a start *

* Whoa, yeah

* Baby

* Whoa, yeah

* Baby...

Luca, initiate!

* Whoa, yeah

* Kick-start my heart,
hope it never stops *

* Whoa, yeah

Deacon, go!

Suspect down!

Stop! LAPD!

* Skydive naked
from an aeroplane *

* Or a lady with a body
from outer space *

* My heart

* My heart,
kick-start my heart *

* Say I got trouble

* Trouble in my eyes

* I'm just looking

* For another good time

* My heart, my heart

Cover them. I got him!

* Yeah, are you ready, girls?

* Are you ready now, now, now?

* Whoa, yeah

No, stay.

* Yeah

* Baby...


Chris hooked the rabbit.

There's no sign of the "H."

You sure your CI's reliable?

Take it easy, you're safe.

I promise you, you're safe.

He's speaking Tagalog.
There are a couple

Filipino families
in my church.

Sir, you speak English?

What's your name?


Javier, are there
any drugs in this house?


Are you and your friends okay?
Your lips look...

We don't want trouble...

Med pack!

Man down!

We need paramedics
at the Venice op now!

Deac, we're gonna
need more than one bus.

They got heroin inside of them.

Any second, they could
all end up like him.

Sir, stay with me.

Stay with me.
It's okay.

Come on, now.

It's okay.

How's he Doing?

Javier is unconscious
but stable.

We're observing
the others.

Any we can talk to, Doc?
I'd rather you wait

until the drugs pass.

I need them calm,
not agitated.

Even then,
it's not a great idea.

Hondo, Captain Cortez,
this is Father Guzman.

One of my staff
called him.

Let you know when I have
an update on Javier.

Thanks, Doc.

What's your interest here,

These people are my pamilya.
My family.

Nothing's more important.

I run the rescue mission

at Trinity Fellowship
in Filipinotown.

Immigrants don't always
understand their rights,

get taken advantage of.

I make it my business
to help them.

They won't talk
to police.

Are they scared to be deported?

They're here legally,

as licensed nurses.

Then why won't they talk to us?

The situation
in the Philippines.

The police there...

People are dying.

Or they paid for their trip here

by swallowing bags of heroin.

Someone forced them.

Either way, the traffickers
need to go down.

These people can help us.

That's your job.

They don't have
to help you do it.

And that's your call?

Sometimes you have to help those
who can't help themselves.

All right, Father.

We'll be back later when they're
healthy enough to talk.

They can be friendly witnesses

or they can be charged
as drug smugglers.

I'll let you
explain that to them.

What's the word on Javier?

He's gonna make it.
The others, too.

Man, locking people
up like that...

Holding them till
they pass the drugs.

Takes a certain
kind of animal.

It's not the first time.

Won't be the last.
Detective Marcus

wants to talk to you
about this case.

From Homicide?

I haven't seen him

since that task force
in Pico-Union last year.

What's he into

that's got to do with this?
I'm not sure.

You gonna get
that, champ?

One sec.

One of the girls from the roof?

Nah, they were staring at me.

An inmate from

a Los Angeles County
Correctional Facility...

Karen Street.

is attempting to contact you.

Will you accept this call?


Jimmy, baby.

Hey, Mom.

Hondo. Congrats on
the cush promotion.

What do
you need, Marcus?

Homicide found
three gutted Filipinos

over the last couple of months.

SLUGS thinks it was
some sicko, but now

I'm thinking it's connected
to the mules you found.

Hoping your loser could
tell us something.

The guard you guys caught,
Viper Estes,

lawyered up before he could hit
the holding cell's bidet.

Lawyer's no pushover.

Nice suit.

He'll keep his client quiet.

Our victims aren't talking,

Heard you guys met
Father Guzman.

Spoke with
him, too.

He used to be a Sandista.

Brother got killed by a cop,
or something like that.

Think he's involved?

After his gang days,
he found God or whatever.

So, maybe.

Any leads?

Your mules,

my dead bodies,

were all Filipino nurses
here legally.

Only, yours were lucky
you found them first.

I think

they were murdered because
they couldn't pass the heroin,

or maybe the bad guys
just got impatient

and cut it out of 'em.

I hate people.

Where do you want to start?

If you're an immigrant
and want to work legally

in this country,
you need a sponsor.

Hi, Jimmy.



I hope I didn't
cause you

any trouble with
your new job.

No, no, no.
It's fine.

I mean,
we're on something.

I-I, uh, I got
to be back soon.


It's good to see you.

It always is.

You, too.

New paint?

Uh, yeah.

Some shrink told the warden

lime green is soothing.

What is he,
in therapy?

He should be.

He's a little bit uptight.

Oh, honey.

It's okay.

A few more months,
it'll all be over.

You shouldn't be here.

Always looking out for me.

Even with your father,
you never would back down.

I don't know where you got that.

Not from him.

You remember the time
he came home drunk

and started chasing me
around with a hammer?

You were right there.

But he can't hurt us anymore,
can he?

We just have to keep
moving forward.


...when you called,
you said it was urgent.

Ye... Um.

A friend of mine,

Diedra Caldwell,
she's getting out next week.

Her ex is a hitter
like your dad was.

I just, I don't want to see
her end up like me or worse.

Look, maybe if her ex
sees that you're a cop...

I mean...

I mean, if you could
just warn him,

tell him to stay away from her
for good,

you know?

Is it wrong?


Maybe it is.

It is, it's-it's
wrong to ask you.

I shouldn't have called.

I have no place asking you
for anything.

You got every place to ask me
whatever you want.

Jimmy, you don't owe me

I owe you everything.

I chose

to stay with your father
when things got ugly.

And you made the right choice
in taking him out.

I don't know.

It was so long ago.

Listen to me.

No one was there for us.

Neighbors, teachers,
the mailman--

everybody turned their backs.
Everybody looked the other way.

We were alone.

You did what was necessary.


What's this guy's name?

Baby, listen to me...

What's his name?

Look, guys,

you know how it goes.

I need a place to stay tonight.

So cut the suspense,

tell me whose car
to throw my stuff in.

Not me. Sorry, Luca.

I took him last time. Deac?

No way. New baby.

End of story.

What's going on?

Luca got kicked out

of his apartment
by his girlfriend.

That's three in as many years.

Rule is: someone from the team
has to take me in.

Till he gets on his feet.

What is that?
Like, some kind of Bro Code?

No, SWAT Code. Far more sacred.

Wait, wait, wait.

So, you break up, and the
girls get your apartment?

You need a new lawyer.

Look, Street.

I'm a good guy, all right?
And I always warn them

at the beginning, "If you
expect me to settle down,

forget it.
I'm married to SWAT."

They just never believe me.
That's hard-core, Luca.

Well, it's in my DNA.
Three generations:

my grandpops, my pops and me.

Kind of a holy trinity.
And just as badass.

All right, listen up.

Cortez's INS contact
ID'd the nurses' sponsor.

Robert Miller.

What's the business?

Employment agency.

Recruits workers for
nursing homes around town.

That's a good cover.

Deac, Luca, Tan,

you're with me on
the corporate office.

What about us?

Marcus is bringing
some nursing home employees

and residents here.
He needs help interviewing them.

That'll work.

Maybe you can explain it to us,

Mr. Miller.

I run an employment agency
in Santa Clarita.

Not some drug operation.

Sir, nurses
you sponsored

from the Philippines
were used as drug mules

and held prisoner.

A few of them have died.

I had no idea.

That's horrible.

Uh, look, my wife is Filipino.

It's a travesty
what's happening--

all the violence there.

The people are desperate.

I'm just trying to help
as many of them as I can.

By finding them work
in nursing homes?

I work with Filipino
nursing schools to find people

who are willing to care
for our aging population.

There's not a lot of people here
who want to clean bedpans.

For a green card, they'll do it.

When you bring
them over, what happens?

You pick them up
from the airport,

you find them housing, what?

No, see,
I'm-I'm just the middleman.

I-I file the permits,
I do the paperwork.

I never even meet them

Who does?

I hired this guy about
a year ago, a recruiter.

He speaks fluent Tagalog,
and he's cheap.

He's the one who manages
the nurses when they get here.

His name is Julio Arvado.

Julio Arvado?


No sign of him, boss.

Got something.

Condom balloons and duct tape.

All the tools.

Well, he didn't try very hard
to hide the merchandise.

All right, Tan,
take pics, document it,

but leave it all here.

Yeah, don't want
to spook this guy.

Let's figure out where he is.

Luca, we catch Arvado,

this place will have a vacancy.

Oh, yeah, sure.
I've always wanted hep C.

Admit it, Luca.

You're a terrible houseguest.

What are you talking about,
Deac? Your kids love me.

Yeah, well, you kept my son up
all night playing video games.

He slept through school
the next day.

You ran up my Pink Dot bill.

Yeah, and Chris says that you
ate everything in her fridge.

No way, Luca. You're like

a frat boy his first day away
from home; I need sleep.

Okay, my brothers.
There are SWAT rules passed down

from generation
to generation.

No officer left behind.

So I have faith
that one of you

will come through for me
before tonight.

Arvado, man, it's Ross.

Open up.

Arvado's not here.

Where is he?

What do you need?

Something good.

How much you got?

20 bucks for a couple of bags.

Come on in, man.

I'm on a bad trip.

No, you're good.

It's nice to
meet you, Ross,

uh, Martin.

Tell us all about Julio Arvado.

He's got a couple
old arrests for possession.

Hey, send me that.

I'm talking to a nurse manager
at one of the homes.

I'll see if she recognizes him.

Meanwhile, you two
can handle him.

Retiree, James Traylor.

Insisted on coming
with said manager.

Quit flirting.

Ask him out already.

you treat 'em like family,
like Hondo says.

Come on.

Sounds like a solo job, right?

Listen, uh,

I need you to cover for me,
just for, like, a half hour.

That's funny.

Let's go.
You're on the clock.

I have an important errand
to run nearby for my mom.

I think you know
her situation, okay?

No. Hey,

absolutely not.

Text me if we're
on the move.

Help you, sir?

Officer James Traylor, LAPD.

Class of '65.

Honor to meet you,

You, too.

You know,

we're not the reason all the
nurses at our home are scared.

The police, I mean.

You got some information
for me, Officer?

Trey Smith?


I'm here about Deidra.

What about her?

Need you to stay away from her.

For good.


What's SWAT got to do
with any of it?

You hear what I said?

Sure, Officer.

This a game to you?



You stay out of mine,
I'll stay out of yours.

That what you call what you do
with her? Business?

Well, what do you call it,
tough guy?

You sure you want to talk
to a cop like that?

I don't think you're here
as a cop.

Just stay away from her.

Or what?

Or you'll regret it.

Where can we find Julio Arvado?

Okay. Here's what
we're gonna do, all right?

I-I got to get out of here.

I start work in an hour,
but, um...

Did-did Arvado leave any "H"
lying around here?


We're not dealers.

Right, but there's
got to be room...

for some negotiation here.

Yeah, this is Hondo.


Yeah, yeah. Thanks.


Street just got
himself arrested.

We got this. Go.

Realized he's one
of yours, Hondo.

I thought it best to call.


So, what are we doing?

You want to press charges?
Make this a thing?


What about you?

Turn around.

Get out of here.

HONDO: We are hunting a human
trafficker, a murder suspect,

and you just up
and leave your post?

Street, I have been
giving you rope.

Plenty of it,
because of Buck.

But I'm not doing it anymore.

This has something to do
with the visit to your mom,

doesn't it?

Look at me.

You got to pick one boat.

One boat?

You are a SWAT officer, or you
are a loose cannon, your choice.

Look, it was a
favor to my mom.

It was to protect
a friend of hers.

How was I supposed
to tell her no?

She's on my list now, too,

because of you.

Oh, crap.

I really can't believe

you signed off on this, Chris.

It wasn't her fault.
She tried to stop me.

Oh, so now you want
to be a team player?

You're right, boss.

I should have
made him stay.

It won't happen again.
I promise.

I found something on
the trafficker, I think.

All right, it'd better
be good enough to get me

out of my bad mood.
What do you got?
Retired LAPD

heard a couple of nurses
talking about Arvado.

He's got something over them.

It's the reason why
they're afraid to talk.

Kept saying "pamilya."


The traffickers are
threatening your families,

aren't they, Javier?

Is this man-- Julio Arvado--

is this the reason why
you won't talk to us?

Look, if that's true, you can't
help them a world away.

We don't think they're
in the Philippines.

We think they're here.

I called DHS on the way over,

got some names
from the flight manifest.

One name is
Paul Sanchez, 19.

Same last name as yours.

Is Paul your son?

No police.

Holding family members is a
common tactic with traffickers.

But if that's what's happened,
you-you can't ask him...

ask any of them to risk
the lives of their loved ones.

We're trying to save
their loved ones.


Javier is scared.

But you're the one
who doesn't trust us.

I had my reasons
not to trust cops once,

but one did right by me,

changed my view.

Give us a chance.


This man,

he divided us up.

Said he would

kill the others if we talked.

Said he would kill my son.

There's a second group of
drug mules being held hostage.

Six people.
And we think Arvado has them.

Javier said they started as
one group in the Philippines.

Armed men forced them
to ingest the "H" before

they boarded the
plane to come here.

Yeah, they arrived
a couple days ago,

Arvado splits them
into two groups.

Threatened that if anyone from
one group called the police,

a family member from
the other group would be killed

and vice versa.

Keeps everyone nice
and cooperative.

Don't anyone
from the missing group

to O.D. like Javier.

Yeah, or worse.

What about Robert Miller? Can
we get something else from him?

We're reviewing his financials.

So far, nothing.
We might have something else.

That tweaker
from Arvado's house, Ross,

said that Arvado's got
a girlfriend: Leila Garcia.

Works in Hollywood at Club G.

Yeah, we can talk to her.

Good. Take Street.

Chris, Tan, keep working
the Miller angle.

Let's get him this time.
Let's move.

At least you could have
gotten away with whatever it is

that you were doing.

What? I should see
the other guy?

Hey, what happened to him?

Hondo, I oversee this team.

I'm his direct supervisor.

After the times
I've backed you?

You want to go to the Man
about who's in charge here?

No. No, not here, I don't.

Jess, I get it.

Street is a new SWAT member.

That's time, that's resources.

I get it. Look,

I want to tell you
that the kid's worth it,

I just don't
know right now.

I have no idea what
he's going through.

I could use your
help finding out.

All you had to do was ask.

What do you need?

* Hey, chica, hablas mi lengua

* Come here
and do your thing, ma *

* Seen ya chillin' to the beat,
I think... *

Nobody else until
these three.


I got this.

Luca, you know better.
This is not the dress code.

L.A.'s personal stylist.

I thought you were still working
over at Cobalt.

Too retro.

And this establishment's
up to code.

This, however, isn't.

So sad.

Now, you.

You've got potential.

Once whatever this
is clears up.

We're looking into
a human trafficking ring.

A guy named Arvado.

We'd like to talk to
his girl Leila.

Ah, she's on her lunch break
in the alley.

All right, thanks, man.

Arvado was in earlier tonight.

He left about two hours ago.

Did he say where
he was going?

He just pops in whenever
he's looking to scratch an itch.

Listen, this guy
is bad news, okay?

You don't want to be
protecting him.

Maybe I'm protecting myself.

Look, we got a father who's
looking for his kidnapped son.

Arvado knows where he is.

Well, my father was a drunk
who was never around, so...

sorry if I'm
not feeling you.

Arvado used you, too, didn't he?


How old were you?

15? 16?

You supposed to care?

They tell me it's my job.

Messed up job.

Might not have it much longer.

Why is that?

Uh, I, uh, I messed up today.

Pretty bad.

What do you say you help me
go out with a bang? Hmm?

One screwup to another.

Arvado recruited me
when I was 13.

For sex.

Well, now he's making people
smuggle drugs.

We think he's murdered
some of them.

I overheard him earlier today.

He's got a big sale
planned tonight.

Unloading all of his heroin.

That means he's got to go back
to his house to get his stash.

I'll call Hondo.

Thank you.

It's been over an hour.

We play this out.

Arvado's our link to
Javier's son and the others.

Let's get him easy,
let's get him alive.

Man of the hour.
12 o'clock.

Let's go.

Check him.

Arvado's dead.

(siren wailing)

Where are the hostages?

You get anything
from Arvado's killer?

Murdo Wick,
hit man on the cheap.

Murderer's name is Murdo?

I guess his mama was psychic.

Lawyered up
like the other guy.

Whoever's running this thing
knows how to cover their tracks.

That takes serious cash.

Yes, it does.

Nice suit.

Just like the other guy.


Same A-list law firm.

Attorneys for the guy
we grabbed at the drug house

and Arvado's killer?

Question is,
who's paying the bills?

Our middleman
Robert Miller's bank statement.

He paid that firm
a retainer fee.

Arvado was the recruiter,

but Miller was the money.

He used the nurses
as a pipeline for the heroin.

I'll get a warrant.

Hondo, something else.

Trey Smith, the guy Street
got into it with.


You want me to...


No, I'll deal with it.

Why risk your career for him?

I've been there, Jess.

Not with SWAT, just...

Things can grab ahold of you

and make you feel like
you can't trust anyone.

Until you learn to again.

I'll let you know
when we get Miller.

Is my husband in some
kind of trouble?

We need to talk to him
about murder, heroin

and human trafficking.

So, maybe.

Is this a joke?

I swear, Mr. Miller isn't here.

Well, where is he, then?

I don't know. He left
a couple of hours ago.

Trust me, I would
never lie to SWAT.

You know, you got all the moves
in the field; people like you.

Seriously, if you'd stop
shooting yourself in the foot,

you'd be really good
at all of this.

I know.

At least you're humble.

Hondo, he's not around.

All right, thanks.

Your husband's not
at the office.

He's not here, either.

Yeah, nothing.

Where is he, ma'am?

This is a mistake.

Robert would never...

He's a good man.

And these things...
a-and to my people.

It's not possible.

His name is Paul.

His father Javier
brought him here

for a better life,
and now he's missing.

Your husband knows where he is.

Robert has a private cell,
just for me.

Why don't I-I just call him?

Show you that you're
wrong about him?

Just ask him where he is.

Put it on speaker.



English, Mrs. Miller.

At the country club.

Uh, sorry.
Y-You're breaking up. Where?

The country club.
Drinks with some investors.

Thought I told you.

I'll see you when you get home.

I love you.

Love you, too. See you soon.

What's the name of the club?

Let's go.

See, I told you.

This is all just
a big mistake.

My dealer's dead,
I got a bunch of immigrants

with heroin inside 'em,

and I go out for drinks
at a country club?

Miller thinks
he's untouchable.
Also has the means

to hire firepower, a hit man.

We find him, watch yourselves.

Yeah, you don't want to end up
looking like Street.

Can't miss that face.

What happened to him?

He piss off the wrong retiree?

I wish it was that simple.

Your husband's neck deep
in all this.

Why should I believe
you aren't?

Detective, I'm going to
help you with everything.

Can I make us
some coffee, tea?

No, no.

Do you two have
any other properties?

Not that I know of.

Does he have a storage locker,
safety deposit box?

We have a home safe,

uh, for paperwork,

If there are any other
properties or storage lockers,

the information will be here.

And how much do you two
discuss business?

Marcus is conscious,
but he's in rough shape.

Paramedics made it in time.
Listen to me,

we need to find out
where the Millers are headed.

We're raking the office.

Come on, now,
we got six missing immigrants.

Our only leads are on the run.

We'll find something.

Check this out.

Hang on.

Numbers, flight coordinates.

Pilot's logs.

Hondo, Miller's a pilot.

Looks like a Cessna.

Want us to alert the airports?

No, wait a minute,
wait a minute, hold on.

When Adele called her husband,

she said something
like "San-see."



That's the call tag
for the Santa Clarita Airport.

All right, we're on the move.

Were you followed?

Get in the plane.

Go, go, go!

Don't do it!

Tell me where the
nurses are right now.

Get off me!

Stop! Stop!

I said stop!

Robert, don't say anything.

Look, this was
never supposed

to happen, not like this.

You just wanted
to make some easy money.

I-I didn't even have
to be involved.

I just find the nurses jobs,
and Arvado would...

Shut up!

Look, she's the one who
introduced me to him-- Arvado.

You listen to me.

You both are gonna
go down for murder.

Now, here's where you get
to decide who gets it worse.

Where are they?

I'll tell you.






You're safe.

Your family is safe.

Get 'em out of here, go, go.

There you go.

I got someone here who's gonna
be really glad to see you.


Let's get them
some water.

Thank you for finding him.

Be well.

Let me just get
you over here.

I want to get him
checked out, okay?

You changed some minds today.

Sometimes you got to take care

of those who can't take care
of themselves.

All the time.

Okay, all right, thanks.

I don't want
to lose this job.

I'm gonna need to see
some improvement, then.

You will.

I'm not gonna let it go
without punishment.

I know.

What am I looking at?

You got to let Luca
stay with you

until he finds
another place.

That doesn't seem like much
of a punishment.

Trust me, it will.

Oh, there he is now.


Yo, what's up?

You're bunking
at Street's.

Ah, just under
the wire.

I thought I was gonna have
to get a hotel tonight.

I knew you guys
would come through.

Hey, Street, you live
near the beach, right?

You got a board?

No worries.

I got an extra one.

Best waves are
at 5:00 a.m.

You got Xbox
or PlayStation?


You pick the game,
I kick your ass, buddy.

We're gonna get some sleep
at some point, right?

Who are you?

Name's Hondo.

I work with your son.

Oh, Jimmy?

Is he okay?

He's fine.

Have a seat.

Um, is he working out?

The-the job, I mean?

He's got the makings
of a good one.

You have no idea
what he's had to overcome.

I'm really proud of him.

You tell him I said so, okay?

Karen, your son's not gonna
visit you for a while.

You had me.


I thought you were serious.
I'm thinking,

"Did I do something wrong?
Is Jimmy mad at me?"

You are a real player,
aren't you?

I'm not letting him
get played anymore.


The guy you sent your son
to meet, Trey Smith,

he's your go-to for contraband.

cigarettes, pills.

That's the type of stuff
that can give you a lot

of control over what
goes on in here.

Only, he's been selling
to another inmate-- Deidra--

probably because she's willing
to give him a bigger cut.

You have no idea how hard it is

and the things that you have
to do to survive.

You used your son
to send a message:

"Stay away from
the competition."

Jimmy wanted to help me.

Oka-- I-I need to talk to him.

That's not gonna happen,

not after I tell him
the truth about you.

Who do you think you are?

Black guy, hot shot, sitting
here, talking to me like this?

You mean

nothing to him.

You really think
he's gonna trust you

over me?

I saved that little ass of his.

I am here because of him.

Wow, lady.

You are a piece of work.

I wondered how Street
could be such a mess,

but now that
I've met you,

I just got to wonder how he
managed to turn out so good.

I'm sorry.


I know that you're
just trying to help,

and you're right
about all of it.

Just, please
don't tell him.

If you care about him
as much as I do, you won't,

'cause it'll crush him.

Don't call him anymore.

You mess with him,

you're messing with me.

My family.

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