S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The team must find four escaped convicts before a rival team finds them; Hondo's leadership is called into question when Street flagrantly disregards protocol.

- Previously on SWAT...
- 17yearold young man,

Raymont Harris, was accidentally shot

and seriously injured by
team leader, Buck Spivey.

Now, this morning,

I terminated Sergeant Spivey.

Today, I am assigning command of
this unit to Sergeant Harrelson.

- Deacon was up next.
- Deacon is a good man.

You lead, he'll follow.

You're under my direct command now.

No relationships allowed.

I asked Hicks to put Street

on the team in my place.

Lesson one, Street.

Never be in a hurry to die.

I can't be here to help him.
I'm hoping you will.

20David to Command.

We've made entry.

We got a meth lab. Gonna need Hazmat.

Roger that, 20David.

Give me a two! Luca!

Two suspects in custody.

Steel door. Chris, take it.

- Drop it! Drop it!
- Want a slug through your dome?!

- Down! Get down! Now!
- Down! Down! Down!

- Put your hands on your back!
- Down! Give me your hands!

20David. Clearing the
rest of the house.

Right side clear.

Left side clear.



Stay down.

Always keep your head on a swivel.

Glad the rook's on your team.

Good job. Good effort.

Hondo, your entry was fine.

But your team lost cohesion,

- and you paid the price.
- Sergeant Mumford,

when the roles were reversed,

you didn't suffer any casualties,

so your team wins today's exercise.

Thanks, Street.

You just lost me a Cnote to Rocker.

Never break rank. We move as one.

I see a rabbit, I chase it.

Cut the lone wolf crap.

SWAT's strength is in the pack.

You want to be a hot dog,
get a job at Pink's.

No big deal.

It's only life or death, kid.

I'm not a practice player.

I'm the guy who shows up on game day.

Let's go.

Judge Thompson,
please report to your chambers.

Judge Thompson.



All right, shut your
mouth and listen up.

There's no time to cut them,

so stay close.

Anybody who don't keep up

gets one in the back of the
head and dragged. Got it?

Hit it.

Stay in there!

Move it, move it, move it!

You guys got smoked out there.

Street's screwup...
That on him or Hondo?

Kid's new to SWAT.

It'll take a second to...
get him together.

I have my doubts Hondo's
the guy to do it.

You promoted him.


We had to lower

the racial temperature in the city.

Now that the situation's cooled down,

Hondo's gonna have to prove
that he deserves that top spot.

Need to see more from Street, fast.

You don't have to push me to get tough.

I'll get the kid in shape.

Or I'll send him packing.

What do you think the big boss
is talking to Deacon about?

Guys. Let's get ready to go.

Two dead sheriff deputies,

dead civilian, several wounded.

The most dangerous is Jesse Ramirez,

aka Cuchillo, Spanish for "The Knife."

Cuchillo was about to be
sentenced to life for murder,

sexual assault of underage
girls and extortion.

He's the brains behind the escape.

Busted out by Ramon Reyes,

Cuchillo's cousin, longtime
partner in mayhem.

Disguised himself as
a sheriff's deputy.

And when Cuchillo escaped,

he took three other prisoners with him.

Jamal Goines?

He's a OneNiner out of Compton.

I worked a DEA task force
last year that busted Goines

for moving kilos of heroin.

Look at this future
leader of America,

Travis Strand.

Member of the Nazi Eagle prison gang,

doing 15 for the armed robbery
of a marijuana dispensary.

Danny Wattana.

Arrested LAX three days ago
on a flight from Thailand

smuggling exotic turtles
strapped to his legs.


Your team won today's exercise.

You track down Cuchillo

and his cousin Reyes and
our white pride pal.

Hondo, you got the
OneNiner and Reptile Man.

Guess it's game time.

Yeah, try not to get yourself killed.

All right, we start with Jamal Goines.

While we're hunting him down,
start making calls on Wattana.

With pleasure.


You know this guy, don't you?

Before I made captain and
transferred to SWAT,

Cuchillo was my last big
arrest in Boyle Heights.

He terrorized the
neighborhood for years,

and he's all about vengeance.

With him on the loose...

Okay, hey, hey, hey.

We're going after him now.

On your right, feast your eyes

on the home of storied screen
legend, David Arquette.

Sorry, folks, some kind
of misunderstanding.

Beth Morgan?

Officer, I definitely wasn't speeding.

Just wanted to have a
little chat with you

about your boyfriend, Jamal Goines.

Will you step out of the car, please?

Miss, is there still gonna be time

to see Jennifer Lawrence's house?


You have absolutely no idea

where Jennifer Lawrence
lives, now, do you?

Shh. I need this job.

Well, you better
start talking to me, then.

You ever arrest anyone famous?

Only when they deserved it.

So, where is he?

Well, Jamal didn't call or text me.

I mean, you break out of jail,

you should call your girl, right?

According to the visitor
log at Men's Central,

you visited Jamal every week
for the past three months.

And the last time, you got
caught smuggling in vape pens.

I shouldn't have done that.

But the restrictions in there
are totally ridiculous.

- Where you from, Beth?
- Duluth.

What's a nice gal out of Minnesota

doing with a bad boy like Goines?

Don't tell me opposites attract.

We met at this club.

Jamal knew this agent
who owed him money,

said he'd set me up
with a few auditions.

Been having trouble getting producers

to see me as a leading lady, you know?

Come on now, Beth.

You just wanted to
have some fun, right?

Maybe piss off your
parents a little bit?

You do know this chump
is only using you.

And, look, I need to know,

if not to you, where would he go?

Little Red.

They grew up together.

And Jamal and Red are
usually up to no good.

Maybe I should get your number,

in case I see anything
illegal while I'm in town.


You spot anything suspicious,

definitely hit me up.


Now, listen up, Beth.

Stay away from him.

All right, ladies and gents,

we're gonna let you off
with a warning today.

Tell Miss Lawrence I said hi.

Thank you.

There you go.

So, where is it?

Paid a coyote to take us south tonight.

Isn't that twisted?

We don't leave tonight.

Two pieces of business first.


You're getting so tall.

What's wrong, Mama?

Nothing, baby.

Miss Jessica is just here to...

check up on us.

Is Cuchillo coming back?

Cuchillo won't hurt you, or
your sister or your mother.

That's a promise.

Well, we got eyes on Little Red,

but no sign of Jamal.

Maybe that was him on the phone.

Or he could just be
keeping out of sight.

Well, we bust in and Jamal's not there,

we blow our one lead.

Little Red, he'll take
us to him eventually.

What do you think, Chris?

Do you remember that suspect in KTown?

We scoped his place for three days,

and the whole time, he was
hiding under the mattress

with a box of protein
bars and a piss jar.

But, hey, I'll take the overtime.

They pay us to sit on our
asses or to grab up bad guys?

We don't know he's inside.

We don't know he isn't.

Every minute we're sitting here

is a minute we're not chasing
the other three fugitives.

I say we wait.

We're going in.

Let us in and I won't ask you

how you got the nickname Little Red.

Since y'all made the trip.


All clear.

Vape pens and about a
year's supply of hash oil.

I got a medical card for that.

Yeah? What you suffering from?

You know, police brutality.

You tell us where he is,

we walk out of here, never met you.

All right, yeah, J called me.

We're supposed to link up later on,

so I can drive him to Vegas.

- Where you supposed to meet him?
- Wasn't set, man.

Said I should call him once
I got the pipes and a car.

Make that call.

On speaker.

Yo, Red, what's the news?

Yeah, man. I got the car.

The police are here! Toss the cell!

Don't come near me!

That was cold, Red.

Do what you got to do.

Hands behind your head.

So, you arrested someone who
isn't on the fugitive list?

He was supposed to get us to Jamal,

but instead he tipped him off.

I screwed up.

Deacon tried to warn me, but seeing him

huddled up with Hicks
like that this morning,

I don't know, it just...

maybe it's got me making
moves I shouldn't.

Stick to your list, and I'll
keep Hicks off your back.

I read Cuchillo's file.

You convinced a woman
to testify against him.

Sofia Jememez.

Single mom.

She stood up in court against
him when no one else would.

I promised I'd keep her
and her children safe.

And Hicks won't sign off
on extra protection.

All right, I'll swing
by and check in on her.

That a personal favor
or a professional one?


I mean, I don't really know

what our personal
relationship is these days.

I'm your boss now.

Being together could cost us our jobs.

Jess, it's a stupid department policy.

- It's dangerous.
- Right.

I'd really hate to find myself
doing something dangerous.

Any leads on the Lizard King?

Travels back and forth
from Thailand every month,

so we alerted TSA in case he
tries swiping his passport.

Yeah, and the only permanent
address the guy had

the last few years is a
garage in North Hollywood.

We talked to the manager;

He's gonna text me if
Turtle Man shows up.

And we got the dirt on Street.

- Street.
- Yo?

Grab the GPS unit out of
Black Betty, will you?

What? 'Cause of this morning?

I'm the errand boy now?

Something like that.

Okay, on the plus side,

Street was a kickass
copper down in Long Beach.

He has tons of righteous busts.

On the flip side,

dude's racked up an inch worth
of disciplinary charges,

and he's been transferred
between units.

Doesn't play well with others.

He told me his mom's in prison.

You find out why?

Yeah. She's doing 25 to life

for killing his old man.

I mean, after a dozen

domestic abuse calls to 911,
Street's mom popped his dad

twice in the chest with his own gun.

Guess who the arresting officer was.

Buck Spivey.


Street was 12 when it went down.

After that, he got passed
around the foster care system.

Explains a few things.

Yeah. Dealt a tough hand.

But that doesn't mean

he gets a free ride with SWAT.

When Buck got fired,

he handpicked Street to take his place.

I get we're not feeling
the kid just yet, but...

we all owe Buck.

So, before we go pulling
the ripcord on Street,

let's try to make him better.

What, we headed out?

Mr. Master Race thought he'd
rob a check cashing place

and throw some shots at us.

He was a little slow.

His aim was worse.

Scoop up any of your guys yet, Hondo?

Not yet.

Guess it's onezero.

Isn't even halftime yet.

Look, no hands.

Too easy.

How many times
I got to tell you?

Keep your head on a swivel.

We're not gonna let
Cuchillo or his cousin

hurt you or your kids.

Casper, baby, come here.

The day after I saw him
kill my neighbor...

this is how I found Casper.

A message from Cuchillo

not to talk.

I never regretted testifying,
until right now.


When I was a kid,

I had to walk past this high roller

every day on the way to school.

He was always messing with me,
wanting me to slang dope.

Now, I just wanted to change schools,

but my mother, she was not having it.

She stepped right up to
him and got in his face.

Told him to keep away from me and
my friends or she would have

every cop in the 77th
Division knowing his name.

He never bothered me again.

You had a brave mother.

And so do your kids.

If people like you don't take risks,

more people will get hurt.

I'm gonna have two of my team detail

to watch over you and your
family until we catch him.

You can't spare two officers.

We'll manage.

Hicks won't sign off on this.

Sometimes following the rules
and doing what's right

isn't always the same thing.

If you were brave enough
to stand up to Cuchillo,

the LAPD's gonna stand up for you.

Thank you.

You here 'cause of Cuchillo?

There's a reward.

So if he's hiding in your
bunk bed, you let us know.

Chris, Street.

You're gonna park here, look
after Sofia and her kids.


Sofia put Cuchillo behind bars.

He might come after her.

All right. I'd love to haul his ass in

just to see Mumford and Rocker's faces.

Me and Street in close quarters?
You hoping I'll kill him?

I'm hoping you can get him to
realize this team is a family

and right now he's the black sheep.

I'll do what I can.

Yo, Hondo.

The manager of the garage texted.

Guess who just showed up.

SWAT! Hands where we can see them!

I swear I was gonna turn myself in.

Hell no. But they
haven't been fed in a week.

Tan, call Animal Control.

Luca, get that thing off of him.

What? Why me?

I don't mess with snakes. Go.

He gets two medium rats,

and the turtles need a
very specific diet.

I'lll'll write it down for you.

So about this tension

neither one of us wants to talk about.

Look, it's got to suck
to get passed over

for a job that you deserve.

But right or wrong, that's
how it played out, man.

Hicks made his decision.

He named you team leader;
I'll honor that.

You wanted to sit on Little Red longer,

and I should've listened to you.

I wanted to prove that
I knew better, and...

that's my bad; I'm sorry.

I appreciate that.

You know, Buck used to take all
our ideas into consideration.

Yeah, he did.

I got my own thoughts,
Deac, but I am curious.

If you were team leader,

how would you track down Jamal now?

Well, we still got
Little Red in custody.


I'd take a second run at him.

With what?

Absolutely nothing.

Time to head back to
Corcoran, Little Red.

Behind an obstruction charge?

Please. What's that?

A 30day spa vacation in County?

Let's not forget aiding and abetting.

It's kind of sad, if you ask me.
I mean, come on, man.

Three years just so you could buy Jamal

three extra hours of freedom.

What are you saying?

We snatched Jamal up an hour ago,

so that little warning you gave him

on the phone was all for nothing.

Except buying you a felony charge.

Think I'm gonna fall for the

"we got your partner in
the next room" trick?

You want to hear how we did it?

Jamal's tour bus girlfriend tells us

he was owed a debt
from a big heroin deal

that happened right
before he got arrested.

Red, I'm from South L.A.

I know every dope spot, trap house,

crooked corner store
spinning down there.

Wasn't really that hard to find him.

Just a damn shame he tried
shooting his way out.

Lot of collateral damage.

We hit him, he hit a
few of his friends.

Man, your boy has bad aim.

They're all at St. Francis's
Trauma Center as we speak.

If he gets out of surgery,

he's facing multiple life sentences.

- Who else got shot?
- Why do you care?

You got your own problems now, player.

JJust tell me.

Did Donna get shot?


Donna Shaw.

That's your halfsister?

Says here, she signed her name

on over half a dozen bail
bonds contracts for you.

Man, she must love you.

Is that who you're so worried about?

Donna's my blood, man.

Just tell me she all right.

Donna put up a club on Western
as collateral for bail once.

- Which means she owns it.
- Maybe Jamal goes there to get

- the money he's owed.
- Or he's hiding outat the place.

Either way, that's a good bet
that's where we find him.

Wait a minute.

I didn't say nothing
about Donna's place.

You telling me there was no shooting?

Jamal's still out there?

You just said you weren't gonna fall

for the "partner in
the next room" trick.

We had to go with something else.

We're gonna drop
in on Jamal and Donna,

make sure they're both fine.

Now, that's cold.

20David to Command.

We have Jamal Goines in custody.


All the action's out there.

We're here parked on our asses.

Been watching you swiping.
What are you on, Tinder?

No, that's played out.

I'm on a few new ones.

Bumble, Happn, Hinge,
Coffee meets Bagel.

Covering your bases.

I'm actually on Bumble.

I know. I saw your profile.

You love The Smiths, free weights

and German shepherds.

And kudos on that
selfie, by the way.

That sports bra showed just
enough without seeming skanky.

You, swiping right on me?

Deleting my profile.

Hey, um...

when Hondo sent me to
fetch that GPS unit,

felt like it was to get
me out of the room.

Anything I should know about?

Luca's got a friend in Long Beach PD.

We got your jacket.

What was your favorite part?

We found the file on your mom.

Sorry you had to go through that.

Foster care all those years.

How'd you get through that?

What's with this kid?

Man, Cuchillo ever
gonna show up or what?


is coming here?


Casper, right?

You know Cuchillo?

If he's dumb enough to show up here,

he's in for a big surprise, believe me.

You know, your mom... she's...

she's really scared.

That means you got to be the man
of the house, keep her calm.

A long time ago,

police officer gave me this watch.

His name's Buck.

He met me when I was really scared.

I want you to have it.


Now, Buck

taught me something
called "equal breathing."

You see the second hand here?

So, I want you to breathe in,

take deep breaths in,
in through your nose,

and make 'em last for a
count of four seconds.

Then you exhale for a count of four.

Then you do the same thing, but
for a count of six seconds.

The goal is to try to
hit eight seconds in

and eight seconds out.

And once you're there,
you're in a calm place.

Think you can do that?

I'll try.


I thought you had the
OneNiner in custody?

We do. He's in the trunk.

We picked him up at Little
Red's halfsister's club.

Tried to bring him in
the oldfashioned way,

but he started kicking out windows.

Yeah, dude's hopped up
on something nasty.

He put up a wicked big fight.

Yeah. He got in a good shot on Tan.

Trust me, it was either kill him

or put him in the trunk

and come up with a plan B.

You sure he's okay?

One way to find out.

Hey, Jamal, we're gonna
let you out of there,

but I'm telling you,

you better come out peacefully.


Everybody back up.

Back up.


Okay, let's go, big boy.

So, you get Cuchillo
and his cousin yet?

We're closer.

That means you're nowhere.

Looks like it's twoone.


What's your plan to get Cuchillo?

I got my team filling the
gaps in Boyle Heights

where Mumford and his boys aren't.

Tracking everyone he
and his cousin know

and everywhere they like to go.

If they have any brains,
they'll be halfway

- to Jalisco by now.
- Come on, Jess.

You know criminals. Brains
aren't a requirement.

Your famous gumbo?

I miss your gumbo.

Whenever you want some, you
just got to say the word.

This batch is for Sofia and her kids.

I have no idea how long
they're gonna be locked up

with Chris and Street, so...

figured the least I could
do is cook for 'em all.

Something's bothering you.

Hicks said something that I've
been trying to figure out.

What's that?

He asked me to speed up the evaluations

from the training
exercise this morning.


So, it's unusual.

The only reason to do it is

to create a fast paper
trail on someone.

What, Street?

We'll get the kid in line
before Hicks can move on him.

I don't think it's about Street.

You think he's coming after me.

Man, how'd this turn
into a dogwalking gig?

You don't like dogs?

No, I like petting 'em.

I just don't really like
cleaning up after 'em.

Well, you don't get one
without the other.

You got to put in the work to
get the reward, just like SWAT.

Is that what we're talking about?

No, we're talkingabout family.

Caring about the person
next to you enough

to put in the work to
doing things right.

Is this why Hondo put us together?

So you could teach me a lesson?

To help you clean up your mess.

SWAT is a family.

And if you don't start
treating it like it,

Hondo's gonna have to
bust you down to patrol.

I'll be fine.

I'm used to people turning
their backs on me anyway.

You're up.


Who says SWAT isn't glamorous?

- That was luck.
- Wow.

Well, here's some food to get
you all through the day.

See that baby cholo?

He's been cruising the block all night.

Now he's got a knife.

Maybe doing recon for Cuchillo.

Yo, kid.

Come talk to me for a second.

Nice ride.

I got one just like this.

I use mine to chop onions.
What you cooking?


Then why are you doing drivebys?

Cuchillo send you to
keep eyes on this place?

Nah. I see Cuchillo, I'm gonna cut him,

like he cut my dad.

What'd he do to your pops?

Sliced his finger off
for scratching his car.

So what? You see Cuchillo,

you gonna take care of him
yourself, is that it?

Don't see anybody else doing it.

You hear anything from
anyone in the neighborhood?

Where he might be, where
he might've gone?

Nah. Everyone's hiding from him.

My cousin Ariel...

My uncle's kept her home from
school till they catch him.

I've been doing circles
around her place, too.

Ariel? What's Cuchillo want with her?

To be her first.

Ariel just turned 16.

He's been obsessed
with her for a while.

Told my uncle he was
gonna marry her someday.

Show me where Ariel lives.

You thought you were
gonna keep us apart?


Not you,

not jail, not the cops.

She's not yours.

Because she doesn't know me yet!

Because you

kept her away from me.

I put guards in the ground for her.


If you stop hurting
him, I'll go with you.

Baby girl,

I just want his blessing.

She doesn't want you.

I'll let her know what she wants.

Under the stars.


Help me!

Where is he?! Where is he?!

He took her.

All right, all right.

I got you, I got you.

I need deep breaths.

You hear me? Give me deep breaths.

Slow, deep breaths.

20David to Command.
I got a 187 suspect.

He's driving a red Chevy pickup,

plate number Mary43252.

I repeat, Mary43252.

He's headed northbound
from my location.

Be advised,

he has a kidnap victim inside.

You're gonna be all right. Talk to me.

Do you have any idea
where he's taking her?

He talked about a cabin.

He said you can see the
sky clear from there.

Honda to Deac. Honda to Deac.
You there?

Yeah. What's up?

I need you to check
something out for me.

Ran down the addresses of all of.

Cuchillo's associates
and family members.

His aunt, Estrella Ramirez,

owned a cabin out in
Sunland for 20 years.

Seems Estrella had a breakdown
a couple years back

and now resides at a psych
hospital in Bakersfield.

- She still own the cabin?
- Yeah.


Well, it's something,
and time's ticking.

All right, grab Deacon.

- Let's gear up.
- Let's go.

Deac, what do you know about
Hondo planting SWAT team members

on a witness instead
of keeping them fluid?

Look, whatever this is
with you and Hondo,

I don't want to be in the middle of it.

Well, you are in the middle of it.

I'm thinking maybe you'd
make a better team captain.

You want to knock Hondo down a peg?

Do it without me.

Fugitive alert for
Jesse "Cuchillo" Ramirez.

SWAT teams en route to SunlandTujunga.

Sunland, great. Nowhere near here.

You know, most of us
consider it a good day

when we don't get shot at.

He's not usually a barker.

It's Reyes, Cuchillo's cousin.

Come on, come on, come on!

- Wait, go. Guys, come on.
- Come on, come on, come on.

What's happening?

It's okay. It's okay.

Just get in and stay down. Is he here?

Just get in and stay down. Is he here?

Hey, I want you to watch the
hand and count your breaths.

Four, six, eight. Remember?

Shh, shh.


We're good.

Well, it's definitely
Estrella Ramirez's cabin.

And that's the girl's father's
stolen truck. All right.

Check out the three side.

- Let me know what you see.
- Okay.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Take cover!

50David to Command.

Suspect is barricaded inside,
armed with fullyauto.

Be advised, suspect has
position of advantage.

No way around. Windows are covered.

No clear shot without
putting the girl at risk.

Everyone okay?

¿Está bien?

They saved us.

30David to Command.

We're taking shots here.

We've located Cuchillo,

but he's got the high ground on us.

This is Hondo to Deac.

Hold it down. I'm on my way.

What do you need?

We're under serious fire here.

No, please, don't.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

It's just you and me, baby girl.

We're gonna see some
stars before we die.

Any day now, Hondo.

I'm here!

Getting into position now.

Deac, get him to show his face.

Give me some cover, but
be careful of the girl.

Suspect still has hostage.

I have no clear shot.

I also have no shot.

Girl's in the way.

Hondo, tell
me you got something.

Suspect down.

All teams, move in. All teams.

Help me!

- Suspect down! Suspect down!
- Give me a two! Give me a two!

Left side clear!

Right side's clear!

All clear! All clear!


Hostage is safe.

Let's go home.

I give you that shot ten more
times, how many you make?

Retiring, one for one.

All right.

Just got off the phone with the mayor.

She sends her thanks
and congratulations.

Good job.

Team effort.



Like Buck always said,
"A notch on our belts

is a notch the bad guys
don't have on theirs."

But let's not go patting ourselves

on the backs too hard?

Tomorrow's another day.

I'll see you then.

Hey, Street, one last thing.

Head on a swivel, oldtimer.

- Big date tonight?
- Yeah.

Girl from the tour bus.

Last night in town before
she goes back to Ohio.

Cancel it.

- Cancel?
- Yup.

This is a sure thing.

No, you're coming with me instead.

You think that you can match
her offer, I'm all ears.

I'm gonna show you what a
real family dinner's like.

My cousin owns a food truck

that puts the best fried
chicken tacos ever.

My Aunt Helena and Uncle
Sarzo are coming,

and I always bring
them lotto scratchers.

But you... get to give
it to them tonight.

We just have to act real
disappointed when they lose.


I don't think so, but thank you.

Let's go. Hondo's orders.

They're all kind of
amazing, and I haven't even

told you about my niece yet.

You'll see. Come on.

I get a say in this?

Do I need to call 911

and tell them there's an
intruder in my house?

You gave me a key, remember?

Gave up on you using it.

Following the rules and
doing what's right

isn't always the same thing.

No, it's not.

No one can ever find out about us,

especially Hicks.

Roger that.

Are you ready for all that?