S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Hondo faces his resentment toward his father when he and his sister try to convince him he's not well enough to live alone.

Chasing calls.

Rolling in black and whites.

Hitting the front lines.

Wearing polyester pants.

Happy patrol day.

You know the drill.
Once a month...

We help out with crime suppression
in high-volume areas.

Keeps our street game sharp.
And our foodie game on point.

Just downloaded
the food truck map.

Gonna make the rounds today.

Chicken and Waffle Wagon,
Hot Ribs on Hot Wheels...

There's no way
I'm eating that stuff.

While Hondo and Mumford's
teams are on patrol,

Vandelli's team will be taking
point on all S.W.A.T. calls

if anything pops up.

You have your assignments.

Street and Tan,
Olympic division.

Rash of daytime
robberies this week.-

Got a description of the thief.

Chris, you're with Mumford.

Van Nuys division.
Standard patrol.

- Where is Hondo?
- He needed a personal day.

You and Luca...

We got Mid-City Wilshire division.
Have been reassigned.

You're with me, here at HQ.

There are some
at-risk kids visiting today,

part of our new
community outreach.

These kids are at.

Serious behavioral
problems at school.

They're all in danger
of being expelled.

So we reach out to them now, we
don't have to lock 'em up later.

That's the idea.
Thanks, everyone, be safe.

Don't worry, Luca, we'll hit that
Chicken and Waffle Wagon for you.

I don't get it.

Mumford requested me
as his patrol partner.

Come on, now, Chris,
he's losing Sanderson.

My guess, you little hotshot,
is he's poaching you.

Please, no. Look, the higher-ups
want some diversity on his team.

I guess we've been making 'em
look a little too white and male.

So he wants me to fill a quota?

It's the same old, same old, Chris,
you know what it is. Just be you.

What do you think
his pitch is gonna be?

Honestly, I have no idea,

but, man, I would
love to hear it.

It's gonna be sweet
turning him down.

Okay. Hey, don't go having too much
fun with that. I'll try not to, boss.

I'll drive.
Take-charge attitude.

I like that, Alonso.

So sweet.

Looking good, Brianna.
Don't try to butter me up.

You were supposed
to have been here yesterday.

Okay, slow down, I had a hostage
situation that made me miss my flight.

Likely story. Can you
stop your fussing

and just give your
brother a hug?

Good to see you.

It's really good to see you.

Thanks for holding down
Oakland for me.

You're welcome.

And if you want
to be a real hero,

help me get Dad moved to L.A.

Come on.

How's your job at the Getty?

I'm curating an installation.

Interpretive media piece.

Lot of lights.


Brie, what the hell
is all of this?

I thought the deal
was you pack up Pops,

and then I fly up here
to help you

move him to L.A. to live with you.
Some deal.

He told me this morning
he changed his mind.

So what did I fly up here for?

he can't live on his own anymore.
He's getting worse.

I just talked to the man a week ago.
He's the same as always.

You do know what MG is, right?

He's got muscle weakness,

blurred vision, sometimes it's
hard for him to breathe.

And he's been living with it for
over a year, and he's been fine.

Brie, he's a grown-ass man.

If he doesn't want to move,
why you trying to force him?

His doctor says
he needs full attention.

He certainly can't be walking up
and down these stairs every day.

Okay, what about your mom? Is there any
chance of them getting back together?

No. She's done.

Got herself a new man.

For real? What's his name.

You funny.

Still talking about Pops
leaving your mom for mine.

I'm just saying.

My mom's been predicting this day.
For 30 years.

Yeah, I know.

The old man still
has his wall of fame.

You know, my dad,
he introduced me to jazz.

Gil Scott-Heron.

He taught me how to make
Louisiana gumbo right there.

Taught you how to cook,
gave me the art bug.

I'm worried about him.

See for yourself.

One of us needs to talk him
into moving to L.A.,

and I... I am all out
of arguments.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to
dump it all on you.

It's gonna be okay.

Where is he? Where else?

The ROMEO Club.

Can I borrow your car?

My backup's been on my left
ankle since I was boot.

Most cops carry their clutch
piece at the waistband.

But whatever works
for you, you know?

I... I'm open to new ideas,
new approaches.

Good to know.

How's things on Team Hondo?

No complaints.

- Treats me well.
- All units, we have shots fired

in the 1300 block
of Victory Boulevard.

50-David to Control, show us
responding to shots fired.

Come on. Help me!
Please help me!

It's all right, I got you.

He tried to kill me.

All of us,
and then he just ran off.

Anybody else in there?

My patient, he shot him!

Easy, easy.

What's your name?
Dr. Korva Green.

Let me see.

50-David, making entry to the building.
Looks like a flesh wound.

24-David, we're Code 6
at a shooting call.

I need an R.A. for a female.

I got a 187 in Office 230.

Send backup to clear
the rest of the building.

He pointed the gun right
at me, but it didn't fire.

He said he was going
to get another one.

Another gun? D.O.A. inside.

In our sessions,
he never talked about guns.

And the shooter was a
patient of yours? Yeah.

Hey, it's okay.
You got this. Hey.

Hey. Breathe.


What was his name? Zack Calnick.

He was in a court-ordered intervention
program as part of his probation.

Last week he wanted to talk
about a new girlfriend.

Did you get her name? No.

His sessions were over,
I had to wait-list him.

I'll call in a BOLO.

You did good, real good.

These guys will take good care of you
and take you to the hospital, okay?

Guy kills a patient,
tries to kill his shrink,

says he's gonna get another gun?

Doesn't sound like
the end of trouble.

Sounds like the start of it.

You sold me a piece of crap.

Jammed after a couple rounds.

Zack, man, easy.

I'm fixing it, okay?
This is custom work.

Here, try that.


How about I give you
this bump stock?

Half price.

400 to 800 rounds per minute,
you'll never miss a target.

Range is hot.

I'll take it.

Zack Calnick, 27,
forklift driver.

Five jobs in three years.

Charged with battery, aggravated
mayhem in the workplace,

couple of restraining orders.
Real winner.

Anything on that mystery

Nothing yet.

You were good with that shrink.

Some cops, not so good at
those interpersonal things.

Skills like yours,
big asset on the job.

- Thanks.
- Any available unit,

we have a possible sighting
of 187 suspect Zack Calnick.

29 La Tuna Road.

Right around the corner.
50-David responding.

I got it.

Civilian down.

24-David to Control,
we have a 187.

Roll Homicide to this location.

No sign of the suspect.

Bootleg gun shop? Ghost guns.

No serial numbers. Untraceable.

Perfect for anybody with a
record and on probation.

I think Zack took
more than that.

A bump stock's gone.

Zack tries to kill his shrink,
takes out a patient

and a gun dealer.

And now we got a spree
killer with a machine gun.

Fifteen. Ooh!

See, see, see What you
gonna do with that, Yule?

Mess with it, man, but,
you know...

Look out, boys,
young blood Hondo's here

to serve justice.
What's going on, Oz?

Tell me about it. You know
I was a Black Panther?

Yes, I do.

And with much respect.

Big Yule,
what's the good word, sir?

The struggle is real,
young brother.

Never thought that Daniel's boy
would grow up to be a po-po.

Not just a po-po,
my boy is S.W.A.T.

Excuse me. Ooh, S.W.A.T.

Good to see you, Pop.

All right, delinquents,
make room.

Don't shoot, Hondo, my
hands is up.

Every time y'all get together,
throwing bones,

you start thinking
you're some comedians.


Hey, Pop.

You got a second? Why don't you sit
down and have something to eat?

I'll have Sunny
bring you something sweet.

I'm okay, Pop. I'm good.

Hey, Sunny! Come here, girl.

Look at you... My, my, my.

You something else today, girl.

Aw, Daniel. What do you need?

Listen, why don't you bring
my boy here something sweet?

This is my son. He's almost
as pretty as I am?


You want flan
or tres leches cake?

Sunny, I appreciate it, but
I don't have a lot of time.

He'll have the cake.

Pop, come on, man, I
just came to talk to you.

Is that cool? And I
asked you to sit down

and have something
to eat with me.

Let's not forget who the damn
father is and who the damn son is.

Sit down.

Sure, Pop.

He'll have the cake.

You'll enjoy it.

They put cinnamon on it,
it's really good.

My play?

Yeah, go ahead. Watch this.


It's a big boy's game.

This is a big boy's game.


Give me your hands.

You good? Yeah.

Cell phones, a watch,

some jewelry.

Along with a crowbar and a lockpick.
Get up.

Everything but a guilty plea.
All right, he's clean.

Let's go.

Yo, Street, hold up.
My radio's gone.

You take his radio, too?


Must've fallen between
here and the car.

Aw, man. All right, all right.

No need to panic. Street.

S.W.A.T. rule is, you lose a
piece of police equipment,

you got to hand-wash
Black Betty for a month.

That's not counting all the crap
I'm gonna get if this goes public.

It must've fallen when
I jumped the fence.

Babysit him,
I'll go look for it.

This is Officer Jim Street. Did
you find my partner's radio?

Maybe. What's it look like?

Looks like exactly what you're
holding in your hand right now.

Can you prove it's yours?

This is Officer Victor Tan,
and this is not a game.

That's police property...

Come here... and it's a
crime not to return it.

Can't talk to Officer Victor Tan right now.
I have cheer practice.

You have no idea how glad I am

not to be the screw-up
right now.

Come on.

Sergeant Vandelli,

Robbery/Homicide will meet you

at Zack Calnick's apartment
with the warrant.

All right, we're on it, Captain.

There are a lot of benefits
for working hard in school.

Showing respect for your
teachers, other classmates.

And you definitely don't want to get in
trouble and have S.W.A.T. showing up

at your front door.

There's an active shooter on the loose.
You really don't need us?

Vandelli's got his apartment,
and Booker's team

is searching the area
he was last seen in.

I need you here in case
of another emergency.

Okay, who wants to see a tank?

I do! I do! I do! I do!
Me, me, me!

Me, me, me, me!
I do! I do! I do!

Okay, come on, you guys.

Let's go.

Brianna's worried
about you, Pop.

And I thought you and her
agreed on this move to L.A.

Yeah, I can't leave
Oakland now, no.

Mickey's about to
lose his corner store

due to some rent increase
or something like that,

some tech start
just move in and...

You know, I really thought,
after all these years,

you'd be done with the struggle.

Gentrification is a conspiracy.
Besides, Mickey needs me.

Mickey needs you?

Now wait a minute.
What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing, Pop, nothing.
Look, it ain't about that.

No, no, no, no. Wait a minute,
you got your chest all puffed up

like you got something to say.

If you got something
to say, say it, son.

Brianna's telling me
that your doctors say

that you can't be living
by yourself.

Brianna, the doctors.

All they doing is concerned
about getting sued.

Now, what Brianna
doesn't understand

is that she thinks that
Jayne is not coming back.

But she's wrong.

Jayne is coming back because she
don't know what you and I got,

which is that Harrelson charm.

You can't get away from that.


Pop, you good?

I'm fine, fine. Just got...

Just got a little chest
pepper, that's all.

Just give me a second. All right,
take it easy, but talk to me.

What's going on with...
Stop, man.

You're starting to sound
like your sister.

I'm just saying, Pop. I'm fine.

Still with the flip phone.

It work, don't it?


Hey, beautiful. How you doing?

Yeah, no, I'm fine.

Yeah. That's right, yeah,
he's here.

All right, I'll tell him.

Okay, see you later. Bye now.

So you got a lunch
date with Genise.

Genise? Yeah.

What are you talking about?

Well, Yule said that,

that you was in town
and she decided she wanted

to see you, so you got
a lunch date with her.

You're gonna meet her over
at the diner on Sixth.

Okay? 1:00.

It's a cheap place.
You ain't got to worry.

Pop, come on, man.

Let's just go back to the house and
talk more about you moving to L.A.

You're gonna have
lunch with Genise,

and I'll get home
when I get home.

Pop, you good to drive?

I've been driving this baby
since before you was born.

As a matter of fact,

I picked you up from
the hospital in this girl.

Vandelli hit
our shooter's apartment,

came up empty. His picture's
with every cop in the city.

Any luck with Dr. Green?

Says she recalled Zack mentioning a
woman named Joy about a month ago.

That's the mystery
girlfriend, right?

Not sure.
She works at Clover Syndicate.

Her name is Joy Meyers.
She's on the company website.

I'm sending her pic
to you right now.

That's the big
office complex on Vanowen.

We'll swing by,
see if she knows him.

Dr. Green give us any clues on,

Zack's motive? Possible targets?

She says he was bipolar,
emotionally detached, angry.

Let me know if you find
any useful information.

Sounds like borderline
personality disorder,

explains the rage.

Person who craves empathy,
cannot connect with others.

My new wife's rubbing off on me.

All units, we have a call

of shots fired at 269 Vanowen.
Shooter is male, white.

That's Clover Syndicate.
Zack's going after Joy.

Where is she?

Everybody down! Get down!

I got Zack. You find Joy.

Joy Meyers. Joy.

Come on, let's get
you out of here.



Stay down.

How much does it cost?
How fast can it go?

Six figures. 85 max.
We call her Black Betty.

Yeah, we use her
to chase down bad guys,

which is why it's better
to be a good guy.

Bad guys can drive
big trucks, too.

And some still get away.

Yeah, not...
Not when we're after 'em.

Hey, you want to hit the siren?

All right, come on, let's go.

Matthews, take 'em
around the back.

Hey, Travis.

So how'd you end up getting
in so much trouble anyway?

Why? 'Cause I'm in a wheelchair?

No, because your teacher says
that you could get straight As.

You know what I think?

I think it's because
you want to prove

that you're as tough
as the other kids.

Don't have to prove it. Travis.

You don't have to act out
to make friends.

You could join an academic club.

You could play basketball.

Basketball? Yeah.

You'd have to get a custom chair, but I got
a buddy who plays in a wheelchair league.

Really? Really.

Okay, you hit the siren button.

Yeah, I mean, that's...
The lights are good, too,

but the siren's right here.

Hey, hey. It's okay.

It's no worries.

Now, reading is hard.

Hey, what's up?

Yo, Chris, are you all right?
Hey, you all right?

I'm good, I just need to,
get cleaned up.

What happened?

The shooter suspect jumped her.

She went after him one-on-one,
couldn't take him down.

Guess her bite isn't
as big as her bark.

Who snitched?

- Deacon or Luca?
- That doesn't matter.

One of my team gets hurt,
I need to be in the know.

Now, how you holding up?

A few bruises, some stitches, no...
No biggie.

What happened?

He was stronger than me.
He got away, that simple.

No cop wins every fight, Chris.

That's why we bring backup.
Now, where was Mumford?

Searching the other part
of the building.

But now, he... He looks
at me like I'm roadkill,

like I'm some kind of liability.

I know, a woman doesn't get the same benefit
of the doubt, sometimes, when things go bad.

It's not like I was ever gonna
be on Mumford's team,

but at least I wanted
to hear him beg, you know?

Forget Mumford.
You are a fighter, Chris.

Worst part is, this guy's
looking to hurt other people,

and I had a chance
to take him down.

Okay, then you knuckle up and
go get that son of a bitch.

Roger that, boss.

Genise Pouncey,
prettiest girl in Oakland.

It's Livingston now.

And, God, I absolutely hate you.

How do you look better
after all these years?

It's just the way
my mama made me.

Plus, I get paid to
exercise a little bit.

Time to exercise is hard
to get in my house.

Laundry, dishes, two kids,
full-time job.

You still look hella fine to me.

So your daddy ratted me out
that I was in town?

No secrets in the ROMEO Club.

"Retired Old Men Eating Out."

You know, that's a
hell of a long way

from that Panther slogan

they used to chant
back in the day.

When I heard you
were gonna be here,

well, I'm not usually
nostalgic, but...

Thanks for coming.

Yeah. I thought maybe you
forgot all about me.

Never forget your first love.

How you been?

Kids are good. Teenagers.

James, T.J.

My husband took 'em to the
movies so we could meet up.

What's he do? Insurance.

All that stuff's
on my Facebook page.

You'd know it all if you joined...
Genise, that ain't me.

I don't like living
my life online.

Okay, but wait a minute,
wait a minute.

Teenagers, though?

When did that happen? I know.

It seems like yesterday you were
visiting your dad for the summer,

sneaking me across the
bridge to San Francisco.

My girl wanted to see
fireworks in Chinatown,

and what my girl wanted,
my girl got.

Still my favorite
Fourth of July.

Your dad still got that '64?

That's his little baby.

We were gonna drive it
down the 5 tomorrow.

He's supposed to be moving in
with Brianna, but,

he hasn't accepted it yet.

He's sick.

He can't live alone anymore.

Whole ROMEO Club's got issues.

My dad had
heart surgery last year.

You know, I was standing next
to him today,

and he... He just
seemed smaller.

I mean, that old guard,

I mean, I just knew
they were gonna live forever.

Too much reality. Yeah.

Even from the man who hangs
outside of helicopters.

Stop it, stop it. Don't think
that I didn't see that picture

last year. Okay, I did
that, I did that.

But that's a lot easier than
wrangling my hell-raising pops.

Got your work cut out for you.

Don't I know it.

Zack and I went out
on two dates.

He asked me on a third last
night, but I wasn't interested.

How did he take that?

Well, he shot his shrink this
morning, so I guess not well.

Hold on, are you saying
Zack's killing people

because I wouldn't
go out with him again?

No, calm down, okay?

Take a breath.


none of this is your
fault. We're just trying

to find Zack before
he hurts more people.

He ever mention any family?

A little. He said it sucked
growing up with them.

In what way did it suck?

Did he mention a person?

A place? Does he have
a grudge against somebody?

That's third date stuff.

He just said his mom was mean.

Chicken and waffles selfie.

Luca's gonna go bananas.

What? Coming here was your idea.

That was before some
girl stole my radio.

Found it.

You dropped it,
so she didn't really steal it.

You're my partner. You're
supposed to have my back.

Dude, I'm Code 7 right now,

but after that, I promise,
I'm all over it.


Lunch can wait, I guess.

What are you doing?

Switching frequencies
from the dispatch channel.

Hit the reserve tac frequency,
buy a little privacy.


Hope cheer practice was good.

I bet you rock those pom-poms.

Tell you what.

You turn over the radio,
you get a hundred bucks.

Someone already offered me $300.

Return that radio,

or I am arresting you
for theft of police property.

Arrest me? You don't
even know who I am.

And, by the way, I was going to let
you have it for a hundred bucks.

Fine, fine.

It is a deal.

Forget it.

Way to close, baller.

Thank you.

You know, I always did
like this place.

They make their sandwiches
like my mom does.

You always were a mama's boy.

It's a good thing.

How many dates did we have here?

We had some fun times.

I think the reason
I wanted to see you

is because I kind of lost
touch with that teenage girl.

Kind of forgot who she was.

Wanted to remember.

Is that weird?

She was the sexiest dancer
in all of Alameda County.

She loved people.

And she believed in being good.

I mean, she had no trouble
getting bad from time to time.

I mean, girl,
you had some skills.

Shh... I won't tell.

And she made me want
to be good, too.

You made me feel special.

You were special.

So, how you doing now?

Amazing husband, beautiful kids.

Couldn't imagine
my life without them.

How about you?

I got my dream job.

You seeing anyone?

I was,

but, you know, it,
it got complicated...

But S.W.A.T.'s enough
for me right now.

Ever think the reason you never settled
down was because of your pops?

Boys look to their fathers
to lead by example.

He abandoned you, your
sister, your mother.

Maybe part of you worries that
you'll do the same someday.

You always did like
going deep, didn't you.


the truth is,

I was always closer
to my pop than I was my mom.

We were tight.

He was my hero.

But when he left and, you
know, disappeared on my mom,

just with no warning, I...

I don't know what it is.

Things were just never quite
the same between him and me.

I mean, I came up
for the summers,

and I talked to him
on the phone, but...

You think the reason
he doesn't want to move

is he's embarrassed
to need you now?

Think he doesn't sense this
anger you're holding onto?

It's not just anger.

There's a lot of love, too.

Does he know you got
both parts for him?

You ever tell him about it?

You know us Harrelson men.

We're hardheaded, we're stubborn.

But you're full of heart.

He's not just sick, Hondo.

He sees the end.

It's happening with my dad.

He is terrified that he's gonna
be put in an old folks home

like his dad.

So I'm the one
who has to be strong now.

I'm the one who has to
reassure him he's not alone,

even when he's not
willing to admit

it all scares him to death.

Me and my pops,
we just don't talk that way.

Doesn't mean it can't start.

I got to go.

It was really good
to see you, though.


You, too.

Back to reality.

You take care of yourself.

You know the story
about that bus stop?



Found a kid there.

A runaway.

He was there two days.

Eight years old.

He ran away 'cause
his mom was mean.

She hit him.

He thought the bus driver or one
of the passengers would help him.

Someone would notice him,
see him hurting, and say,

"Do you need help?"

No one ever did.

Three dollars.

He stayed there all day and night,
no food, no water, nothing.

You don't have any money
or something?

Nobody helped him.

They all passed him by.

'Cause he was bad, just like
his mother always told him.

Keep it.


What happened to the kid?

He became a man.

The cops killed him.

He died?


But not before taking out a lot
of people on that bus first.

New intel on Zack Calnick.

A hot dog vendor in the Valley heard
him threaten to kill people on a bus.

There's over 2,000 buses
in this city.

And hundreds of thousands
of riders.

Detective Ferris is putting out a
description to all bus drivers.

Okay, how are we gonna
narrow it down?

Maybe this will help.
TSA said they found.

Zack's abandoned car
near Burbank Airport.

We focus on every bus in or out of
that airport until we know more.

Vandelli's team is chasing a
lead on the other side of town,

so I need you
to take point on this.

Get moving.

Why don't you sit this one out, Alonso?
You could use a break.

You know what? She's good.

Okay, I want her
watching my back.

Like Luca said.

I'm all in.

All right, kids. S.W.A.T.'s
got to go catch a bad guy.

Now, listen, you're young,
you got a lot of life

in front of you, so make
the right choices, all right?

And you. I'm serious
about my offer.

I think you'd have a lot of fun
in that wheelchair league.

Okay, see you guys.

Let's do this.

Yep. Let's get him.

Hey, Captain.

Do me a favor?
Can you keep Kelly here,

just till I get back,
and have her mom come in?

It's important,
I'll explain later, okay?

Officer Tan.

You didn't turn in your radio.
And I still need it.

Sorry, Sarge, it's in my car.

Got to move on this call, I'll
get it to you when I get back.

Make sure you do.

My career's being held
hostage by a cheerleader.

Man, I can't take any more
of you moping around.

Don't worry, I'm gonna
take care of this for you.

I need to find
that address book.

Mickey's gonna need a pro bono.

You need to pack, Pops.

Come on, you need to tell me
what is coming with us,

what is being donated and
what is getting thrown out.

I can't help take care of you unless
you help me box up all of this crap,

and move it and you out of here.

Where have you been?

Checking up on Genise.

You two really are
like peas in a pod.

You said
you were gonna solve this.

I am.

It's time to get real, Pop.

Your doctors say you
can't live alone,

and your family's not here.
We're in L.A.

No, I'll be fine,
as soon as Jayne gets back.

Okay, just stop. Stop.

Jayne ain't coming back
for you, man, wake up.

Just like you ditched Mom, Winnie,
and me, and you never came back.

You know, I remember
when we were so close,

water couldn't come between us.

It was just you and me.

And, man, I thought I
meant everything to you.

But then you left.

Walked out, gone.

And for a while, that made
me feel like I was nothing.


You weren't nothing, son.

You were everything.

My boy.

I'm sorry, I can't take back
what happened to you...

Me falling in love with Jayne.

So, look, why don't you just go
on back to L.A., forget about me.

I can't do that.

You're my father.

The only father me and her got.

I know what it is
to be left behind.

But I ain't gonna
let you feel that way.

Well, I'm not going.

Pops, your doctor says you
can't live by yourself.

I know what the doctor says!

He said I'm dying.

You think I don't know that?
You think I can't feel that?

And I don't need the two of you

reminding me of it all the time.

It's not about you dying!

It is about you living.

Where Brianna and I can
come around you more.

I bailed on you and Winnie.

So now you got a pass.
You can bail on me.

Look, son, I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry about all of it.

And I will not allow myself

to become a burden on my family.

You are not a burden.

You are a responsibility,

which is something
I learned from you

for what you didn't do.

But you also taught me a lot.

And without it, I couldn't be
the man that I am today.

Pop, please...

Pack your things,

because we are leaving
here as a family.

And we're already late
hitting the road.

- L.A. Metro came through.
- We locate Zack?

Bus 254,

on the Hollywood Way route.

Lot of airport employees
take that line home.

Why didn't this guy start shooting
as soon as he got on the bus?

Bus connects to the North
Hollywood station.

And hundreds more
potential casualties.

Deacon, that bus is headed
for a major transit station.

He's waiting for it to fill up
with more passengers.

How many passengers on the bus?
Up to 14 now.

Mapping out a diversion.

Intersection of Valhalla
and Empire.

Okay, we need a red-light delay
before the bus hits the intersection.

Once it stops, we'll engage.

You'll need a road crew.

I'll radio Public Works
to meet you there.

Olivia, this is Captain Cortez
with the L.A.P.D.

I need you to listen
to me very carefully

and act completely normal, okay?

There's a man on your bus
who we believe

is a danger to you
and your passengers.

He's in the back
with the duffel bag.

We have officers on the way,

and if you do exactly
what I say when I say it,

we can keep you and everybody
else on that bus safe.

If you understand everything
I just said,

say, "I'm on my way."

I'm on my way.

This way. Come on through.

Come on through.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

30-David, I have visual.

Rear of the bus, last row.

He's getting up.

Stay calm.
When you get to the red light,

I need you to hit the emergency
override so all doors open.

I'll tell you when.

30-David, bus is in position.

50-David in position.

- On your count, Deacon.
- On my count.

Three, two, one...

Olivia, open the doors.

Head down! Head down!

Everybody out!
Move, move, move, move! Move!

Alonso, hey.
Nice work out there.

You came back from an early
setback and really kicked ass.


I could use that
dynamic on my team.

You think,

I could talk you into
switching squads?

Wow, this is out of the blue.

I'm losing Sanderson.

You'd be a higher
rank on my team.

Sorry. Hard pass, but if you're
serious about adding a woman,

there's a cop named Erica
Rogers in S.W.A.T. Academy.

A real badass.

And if she makes the cut,
you should check her out.

Will do.

Hey, Chris, hell
of a patrol day.

I didn't like how it started,

and I didn't like how people
were looking at me afterwards.

Well, I always had faith in you.

And anyone that didn't,
they do now.

S.W.A.T. strong.

Guess what I just turned down.

You took down the shooter, too.

Did Mumford get on his knees
and beg you?


But... I did set him straight.

Well, you can't blame him
for wanting the best, Chris.

You know I'll want to hear some
stories when I get back to L.A.

You got it.

He said his albums are coming
with, right? Hell yeah.

Hey, you think you can
escort him to the museum

to check out my exhibit
opening night?

Yeah, yeah, I can do that.

Any chance we can get
Winnie to show up?

Not yet, Brie.

Winnie's got to find
her own way with Pops.

I'll ask her, but just
don't get your hopes up.

She's his daughter.

One day she'll crack.

Yeah, I hope so.

She doesn't have forever,
but I'll talk to her.

Hey, don't forget
my car trophies.

It's already packed.

These come with me.

I got this.

That's a cool badge.
It's for my mom.

Hi, Mom.


Kelly, can you go
get your backpack?

Did Kelly do something
wrong again? No.

No, your daughter's a good kid.

I don't want to overstep,

but I think
she might have dyslexia.

How would you know that?

Officer Luca is
familiar with the signs.

Yeah, see, I'm...
I'm dyslexic, too.

But I wasn't diagnosed
till I was, like, 14.

Yeah, it led to a lot of anger

and fights.

You think Kelly is having problems
in school because she's...

I think it's worth finding out.

I mean, it's a simple test.

I have two jobs. I don't have
time or money to deal with it.

Okay, if you want,
I'll take her.


All right, kiddo,
no more pulling fire alarms

to get out of spelling tests.

I'm gonna help you with that
reading thing, all right?

Okay? Okay.

All right.

So, how'd you get her to show?

Well, I told her you
were gonna lose your job.

And I told her that you were
willing to go up to 400 bucks.

$400? Shh.

This is not a gift.
This is a loan.

All right, let's do this.

You the girl who stole my radio?

He means found it.

How does a cop even lose
his radio, anyway?

That's, like, super stupid.

I was in pursuit of a suspect.

He was. The world's
a safer place now.

So stop torturing the guy.

Fine. First things first.

Hope you're happy.
I am a cop, not a bank.

I'm gonna have to sell
some Lakers tickets

that I got as a gift
to pay that off.

I feel you, but now I get to
go to cheer camp, so yay team.

Schooled by a cheerleader.

You better not tell anyone.

That depends.

You got any more Lakers tickets?

I'm ready.

All right, you lead the
way, we'll follow.

It's time to go, Pop.

Yeah, I know.

Now, see the little ol'
brown-eyed girl

Hey, now

Now that you're sleeping

I've got a confession to make

'Bout secrets that
I've been keeping

Me and your mama
have some problems

A whole lot of things
on our minds

But lately, girl,
we been thinking

That we were wasting time

Nearly all the time

And your daddy loves you