S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

As the team works to de-escalate a hostage situation, the mission takes a dangerous turn, which impacts the team; Jim tires of his romantic entanglements and agrees to let Chris makeover his online dating profile.

So I'm halfway to this meeting

and I realize I forgot
the client's lookbook.


Where are you?

Deirdre? Deirdre?


Didn't you hear me calling you?

A little help, please?

What are you doing home?

Forgot this.

Good luck on your pitch.


What the hell? You're married?

Does it matter?

When your husband shows up
unannounced, yes, it matters.

Honey, I just remembered

I'm all out of that
green juice cleanse stuff.

Did you hear me?

Yes, and I'll pick some up
from Whole Foods

on the way back from hot yoga.

I jumped, like,

20 feet down into this pool.

The water's ice-cold.

Serious shrinkage.

That must've been tough on the ego.

Then there's this Rottweiler chasing me.

I got out of there
by the skin of my teeth.

You're telling me you had
no idea this woman was married.

She didn't have a ring on her finger.

Cheaters tend to leave them at home.

You might think that this is,
really funny,

but I actually feel used.

Poor Street.

You attract what you put out there.

You think that I go looking
for these nutjobs?

- You do, because you're telling me...
- Hey.

We got a situation popping
off in the Valley. Gear up.

Answer me!

Right now!

Or I'm going after your family next!



Let me see your hands!

Right here,

I put a temperature scanner
so the operator can tell

- if the patient's still alive or not.
- After six months,

I'm finally getting my
dining room table back?

I swear, Mom, after tomorrow,

- My...
- What are you doing?

Shut up! Just do what I tell you!

Get in there.

Move! Move!

- In front of the window.
- Why?

On your knees. On your knees.


suspect just forced entry
into a private residence.

11874 Hazeltine.
When's SWAT getting here?

One last question.

How does it feel to be
the first female captain

in the history of SWAT?

And how do your rank and file feel about

you pushing them to be more involved

with the communities they police?

Well, that's two questions.

It feels... right.

Police Commissioner

Michael Plank... he's really my partner

in all the positive changes

we're trying to implement
in the department.

Stella, this is my boss,
SWAT Commander Robert Hicks.

Yeah. You'll have to see yourself out.

Cortez, our car pursuit just
turned into a barricade situation

with hostages.


Since when is SWAT on first-name
basis with reporters?

She's doing an article on our
latest neighborhood initiatives.

You mean your initiatives.

Question, Cortez:

Do you work for SWAT

or does SWAT work for you?


Want to do puff pieces on the proposals

you and the commissioner are
trying to cram down our throat?

Do it on your own time.

Right now I need you

as my number two at Mobile Command.

All right, listen up.

We got a hostage rescue situation.

We got a male Hispanic
armed with a handgun.

He's taken a family hostage.

Hicks and Cortez are meeting us on-site

to give us more intel.

Beautiful downtown Van Nuys.

100 freeway exits and not one decent bar.

Hey, at least it's hot,
muggy, and generally uncool.

Don't worry, Deac,
we get you living here.

- You got kids.
- Hey.

If you're not gonna be near the beach,

why even be in L.A.?

You can all keep your
overpriced studios in Venice

and your houses on stilts in the hills.

Out here, I get a real
house for my money.

My kids can go to public school.

And unlike the rest of L.A.,
there's always parking.

What's the verdict, Hondo?
Westside or the Valley?

No, I'm sticking with South L.A.

That's always gonna be home for me.

All right, you all know the deal.

Let's keep it tight, shut this guy down.

You cut the power and the cell service?

DWP shut off the water and power,

and the cell jammer's on full blast.

No calls in or out...
unless we want there to be.

- You got an ID on our bad guy yet?
- Two bad guys.

The DOA in the wrecked vehicle
has been identified

as Manuel "Man-Killer" Lopez.

Lopez is a loyal assassin
for Los Reyes...

East Side Kings.

The suspect who killed Lopez

and was driving his car... Angel Lucero.

Lucero is a career criminal.

Los Reyes associate.

He was recently paroled from Corcoran

after serving six years for robbery.

I dealt with Los Reyes when they
were first coming up in Rampart.

They got a reputation for dumping bodies

where no one can find 'em.

You think it's a beef between
crime partners gone sideways?

Whatever it was, there's now

an innocent family trapped in there

with a guy who's acting
like he's got nothing to lose.

All right. You try talking him out.

If that doesn't work,

we'll do what we do.


You take one more step and she's dead!


This is the LAPD!

I got a phone out here for you.

Nobody is coming inside.

We are not coming inside.

I just want to toss this
phone through the window

so we can start a conversation.

It's coming in now.




This is Captain Cortez speaking.

Is this Angel Lucero?

Look, I don't want to hurt these people,

but you need to get out of here.

I want that, too, so let's

work together to make that happen.

I want that big-ass SWAT
motor home bus out front gone,

and I want an unmarked car pulled up

to the back of the house for me.

Angel, you understand

the LAPD can't just pack up and leave.

Well, I hear news choppers.

Bet they'd love them some
live footage of dead bodies

tossed out on this lawn.

I got the Rook revvin', Hondo,
ready to go in hard.

Just say the word.

Luca, we got a family inside.

Tear gas is a last option,
but keep her running.

All right, roger that.

Two-side, are there

- any surprises inside?
- Negative, Hondo.

Heat signatures show just the
suspect and the three hostages.

All right, roger that, hold tight.

Four-side, what do you see?

Suspect looks manic.

Better if Cortez can get him to walk out.

Three-side, do you have eyes yet?

Roger that. Suspect takes
one step into the back,

I got a clear shot.

Why are you doing this?

What do you want?

They said they'd kill her!

Who are they gonna kill?

My sister! They took her!

You cops. Never believe a word I say.

Not with my sins.

Hondo, are you hearing this?

Yeah, suspect wants a getaway car.

That's his only demand so far.

If he is Los Reyes,

we cannot count on him
to do right by that family.

We got to separate him from them.

Keep him talking.

Angel, I worked Boyle Heights.

I know Los Reyes.

Lopez was a killer

who's dropped a lot of bodies.

What happened between you two?

Were you acting in self-defense?

Lopez was a psycho.

He had that coming.

I get that.

But the family you have hostage...

they don't deserve
to be any part of this.

Just give me a car and two hours.

Then I'll turn myself in.

I just got to handle something first.

He said something about
his sister being in danger.

Suspects'll spin any fairy tale
they can conjure

to get their backs out of a corner.

And even if there was truth to it,

we'd have to get verification
and we don't have time for that.

Angel, before I can call back my men,

I need a sign of good faith.

Let the hostages walk.

You love your parents?

Tell 'em you love them.

- Mom, I love you.
- I love you, babe.

- Dad, I love you.
- I love you.

All right, you want good faith?

Come get the boy!

- Get up. Get up. Get up.
- No. No!

- No!
- Get up.

Get out of here.

Go, go!

- Honey, go!
- Go, go.

- Come on, go, go!
- Get down!


Breathe and come with me.

- My mom and dad?
- We'll get them.

All right, I gave you one,
now give me a car!


Or I'm blowing his brains

- outside the window!
- No!

- Ten!
- No!

Hondo, tell me you're ready.

He wants a car, we'll throw

- a set of keys through the back window.
- Roger that.

- Six!
- Angel, stop counting.

You let a hostage go,

so I'm holding up my end of the bargain.

One of my men is approaching
the back of the house.

He's gonna throw a set of keys in to you.

They belong to a Charger
parked in the alley.

Get down.

Three-side, Deac's coming
around with a stinger.

But if the suspect runs out
that back door shooting,

you have a green light.

Ready to drop him, Hondo.

Deac, give him the one-two punch

and then tenderize his ass.

Police! Don't move! Don't move!

Tan, cover me.

Deac, we got the hostages.
Get up, you're safe.

- Going hands on.
- Go!

Give me your hands!

Thank you.

Glad we could help.

Come on.

Not a bad afternoon.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Man, when are you gonna be able
to put that rig to use, Luca?

I'm dying to give that thing a spin, man.

Yeah, don't worry, Luca.
Whether it's today or next week,

somebody will do something stupid enough

for you to get your chance.


My drone on the dining table?

Did any of you officers see it?

I hate to tell you, son,

but your house is now a crime scene.

It's gonna be a few days
before you're able to retrieve

any personal belongings.

But I need it for an engineering
competition tomorrow.

I-I've been working on this forever.


You know, I got to go
back inside and get my keys.

Come on, what do you think, Commander?
Before we seal the place,

there's no harm in letting
the kid have a walk-through.

All right, go ahead.

Thank you.

My God.

It's demolished.

Hey, we're really sorry.

You can file a claim against the city.

I mean, your parents can.

But the contest is tomorrow morning.

First prize is $25,000 for tuition.

That was my best hope of
going to a real college.

- What kind of drone was it?
- I called it Medic-Hawk.

Equipped with things
carried on ambulances,

to help out patients in tight spots
until human EMTs could arrive.

Man, most kids are flying
their drones over nude beaches.

Tell you what. Let's salvage
every piece of this drone

that we can and take it back to HQ.

Including Einstein Jr. here.

Okay. Let's do it. All right.


Come on, let's go.

Is this seriously your dating profile?

Where'd you find that?

I might've used the app once or twice.

Of course, I swiped left on you,

but not before I took
a screenshot of this.

The dreaded shirtless pic
of you in the boxing ring,

the one of you "all tac'd up"

- "and ready to roll."
- That's a good one.

That's actually the caption you wrote.

I see a gainfully employed real man

who's ready to save lives and kick ass.

And with a sensitive side.

You're not smiling in any of them.

Why you so serious, Street?

I mean, come on, you can tell me.

Are you really the Batman?

My smile... it makes me look goofy.

"No kids, ex-wife or pets.

I'm a cop who works hard and
plays hard." "Plays hard."

"If you're up to the challenge,

you could be the one."

Come on, in real life, you're
not that pathetic and humorless.

- Do you want my opinion?
- No.

I think you need to let me give
your profile a makeover.

No. I might trust you with my life,

I do not trust you with my love life.

Then stop crying to me about quickies

with married, damaged chicks.

All right.

Don't make me look desperate.



How did you know my password?

I told you, I got you all figured out.

All right, Julian,

so we put your parents up in a hotel,

and they agreed that you could
be deputized by SWAT

so you could pull an all-nighter here,

try to fix this thing, win that contest.


But one night? I put weeks into this.

One night won't cut it.
Julian, we got a full garage

and a machine shop. You just make a list

of what you need and
we got you, all right?

And Luca here, he may not look like much,

but he's a real wiz
when it comes to mechanics.

If I didn't become police,
MIT was next on the list.

Look, kid, here at SWAT, we face
a lot of tough situations,

a lot of deadlines.
But whatever the mission,

we got to buck up,
we give it a hundred percent.

We're here to help, but you got
to be ready to give it your all.

We got a deal?

Yes, sir.

That's right.

This is some kind of arsenal.

Only the best for SWAT.

The reporter from the Chronicle sent me

an early draft of the article.

You crushed it.

Something wrong?

Hicks made a comment earlier,

as if I'm more interested
in getting my name in the paper

than doing my job.

I know you respect his opinion...

Hicks promoted me to SWAT.

He's tough on me,

- but he's taught me a lot.
- I'm sure he has.

He's also a decorated LAPD veteran

who's watching his protégé surpass him.

You're the new face of the LAPD.

But Hicks is right.

Don't do any more interviews in HQ.

No need to rub it in his face.


home invasion,


Hope you got a good lawyer, buddy.

Get down. Get down!

Are you all right?

Officer injured, give me some help!

Drop the weapon!

Something's going on.

On the ground. On the ground!



- Let's talk.
- Cortez.

You didn't want to listen
to me the first time.

Stay down.

You gonna listen to me this time?


What the hell's going on?

Angel Lucero, he got loose.

He's got the captain and the
commissioner locked up in the armory.

My God.


If you hurt either one of them,
you leave here feet first!

You wouldn't give me a car?

You cops gave me no choice!


Tap into the armory's security cameras.

Do it now.

And for God's sakes, tell them
to shut off that alarm!

Put those on.

Hey. Hey, hey, sit down. Sit down.

My sister Abby, she's a
civilian in law school.

She should've been off-limits,
but Lopez snatched her up.

Angel, why would Los Reyes
kidnap your sister?

To force me to steal
a safety deposit box,

some private vault.

Why did they need it to be you?

I've been pulling heists
for them for years.

My dad,

now, he's a real thief.

He taught me how

to crack any safe,

pick any lock.

But I told Los Reyes no.

And they don't like that word.

No! They don't!

I just got tired of watching

my little sister grow up
from behind bars.

I figured, if I changed my life,

maybe my mom and my sister
would let me back into theirs.

But I get a call from
Javier Barrios this morning.


The head of Los Reyes?

He said he'd give me
Abby back in exchange

for that safety deposit box he wants.

He said I had until 2:00 a.m...

or she's dead.

We're officially on lockdown.

No one in or out of the building
without my approval,

and make sure there's a press blackout.

We can't have every bad guy in the city

thinking SWAT can't respond to crimes.

The armory's meant to keep people out,

not trap them inside.

If we want to take
Lucero down, we're gonna need

a .50-caliber round to pierce
through that cage door.

Lucero has all our .50-cal
rifles in there.

Call A.O.D.

Isn't he retired?

He owes me.

Get him down here.

Who's A.O.D.?

Angel of Death.

All right, Deac, you, Luca, and Tan,

pull up the building diagrams.

See if there's a way
in that armory. You two,

do a missing persons check
on Lucero's sister.

- You believe this guy's story?
- I don't know,

but the longer Plank
and Cortez are in there,

the less chance they come out alive.

Hey, Julian, we got a situation,

and we're gonna need
to vacate you from here.

Wait, you're kicking me out?

I'm not even close to being done.

We're moving you to a secure
room on the other side

of the building;
It's the safest spot in HQ.

Has this got something
to do with that alarm?

We're also on a complete
blackout, so no Instagram,

no Facebook, no calls to Mom and Dad.

I'm gonna have to confiscate that phone.

- Is this a joke?
- No.

Don't worry. We'll get you moved,

you'll get this bad boy
drone done in no time.

That one.

I'm still in triage stage, structurally,

- so I need those parts first.
- Hear that?

Couple hours in HQ, the kid's
already barking orders.

College doesn't work out,
you got a future

as a SWAT commander. Let's go.

Want to see something?

Angel. Let him go.

He's just a civilian
who was here visiting.

Sorry, homie, two hostages
are better than one.

Remember that boy I let go?

And you broke your promise, Cortez.

Let me talk to him.

- Do not tell him who you are.
- Hey!

Angel, I think I can help you.

- My name's Michael Plank.
- Michael, don't...

President of the police
commission. I oversee the LAPD.

Thought he was just a civilian.

You're lying to me again.


I got a gun to your head, and
you want to be my friend now?

If you surrender, I assure you

the LAPD will do everything
it can to help your sister.

And when you go
before a judge for sentencing,

I'll tell them how your actions
were made under extreme duress.

You think any sentence,
or my life, means anything

if my sister's dead?

You ever had anybody you love die?

Yes, I have.

Come on. Come on.

Come on. Get up! Get over there.

You know I got two big fish in here!

You find my sister, or they're dead!

Lucero knows he has high-value
hostages in that cage.

Tell me you got something.

Okay, so he has a sister, Abigail Lucero.

She's 23, studies law at Cal Northridge.

She is not on scholarship,
and she doesn't have much money.

So it makes me think Lucero
might be paying her tuition.

We had a patrol unit go by
and check her apartment.

Her lock was broken, place was
trashed, no sign of her.

You're telling me no one else
filed a missing persons report?

We called the mother a dozen times.

She's not answering the phone.
None of it looks good.

Los Reyes' soldiers
have been known to kidnap

the loved ones of their rivals,

and they don't usually return them alive.

So, these were found in Lopez's jacket.

They're blueprints
to Figueroa Safety Inc.

It's a private safety deposit
box company downtown.

Specific instructions
to hit box number 39.

You get anything off
of Lucero's cell phone?

All he had was a burner.
No calls to track.

I guess Los Reyes were gonna
call him at the deadline

and tell him where to meet with the box.

So his story checks out.

Crime techs get anything
out of Lopez's Caddy?

It was just towed into impound.

They say they still need to do
their evidence report.

Lucero has Cortez in that gun cage,

counting down the minutes until 2:00 a.m.

You two, get down to that garage

and see if you can find anything
useful in that car.


Before this building housed SWAT,

it was a Department
of Water and Power plant.

Now, each one of these walls
is constructed

of two-foot-thick reinforced
concrete, including the armory.

It's impenetrable.

That's supposed to be a good thing.

Right now it's working against us.

Now, if we can't blow or drill
our way through these walls,

we got to find a way to
reverse the emergency lock

- on that cage door and force it open.
- Yeah.

Hey, so,

has a suspect ever taken over
SWAT HQ like this before?

Never. That's why Hicks called
in the Angel of Death.

What's his deal again?

Best sniper to ever join SWAT.

At least a hundred notches on his belt.

That many kills, though,
I hear the guy started

getting real quiet.

He cashed in his pension early.

No one knows why but Hicks.

One thing I do know is, he doesn't miss.

Hondo did say anything.

Thanks for getting here so fast.

Suspect's in the armory.

He's taken two of our own as hostages.

The cage door is
a half-inch ballistic mesh.

I see you finally quit.

Just make yourself at home.

Angel, when they took your sister,

why didn't you call the police?

Where I come from,

you learn to be your own police.

Angel, you're smart enough
to know that if you kill us,

those men out there are gonna kill you.

And all of this is gonna be for nothing.

I don't care what happens to me.

But if Abby dies...

I'm gonna lay down a load of
misery no one will ever forget.

Steel mesh is gonna change
the trajectory of the shot.

Can't promise a bull's-eye.

Better chances than he'll give them.

Sir... Lucero, he's telling the truth.

Well, we don't have time
to sort out the truth.

Right now I want him out of my armory.

Sergeant, I advise you take a position.

You shouldn't stand there.

What the hell is Cortez doing?

She doesn't want us to take him out.

There's got to be a reason.

No more tricks. Angel, trust me.

They must have a big gun,

and they will kill you
before we get a chance

to save your sister.


finding Lucero's sister might
just be our best play.

Why not let them kill me?

When you had that family hostage,

it didn't matter what you said.

My job was to protect them.

But now I believe you.

And it's also my job
to protect your sister.

She's running out of time.

Let me talk to Hondo.
He's my best sergeant.

If it was my sister missing,

he'd be the man I send to find her.

Okay, but no guns.

Hondo, you can approach.


Captain, Commissioner, are you okay?

We're good, Hondo.

But this man...
you need to find his sister.

Hondo, I believe him.

Angel, listen to me.

If you let these two go, I give
you my word we'll find Abby.

I already got burned once today
releasing a hostage.

I'm not gonna do it again.

If you're as good as she says
you are, go find me my sister.

Okay, okay.

Do you have any idea where.

- Los Reyes might be holding her?
- No.

Go find my mom.
Maybe she knows something.

Abby goes by her house every
morning for breakfast.


Angel, we're gonna find her, you hear me?

I just need you to keep your cool.


Give me two! Give me two!

Two! Two! Two!

- Right side clear!
- Left side clear!

Give me two!

- Hondo out!
- Luca out!

- Right side clear!
- Left side clear!

Two! Two!

All right.

Now we know why Mom wasn't
answering her phone.

- Left side clear.
- Right side clear!


It's okay. We're Metro SWAT.

You're safe now, ma'am. You're safe.

It's okay. It's okay.

My-my little girl. They took her.

- Do you know who took your daughter?
- Los Reyes.

They walked in with guns and grabbed her

right from my table.
I tried to fight them, but...

Your son, he sent us.

- Angel?
- Yeah.

I knew it was because of him.
What trouble is he in now?

It's pretty bad, ma'am. Before he gets

anyone killed, we need you
to talk some sense into him.

Can you do that for us?

Hey. We didn't forget about you.

My wife has packed my lunch
every day for ten years.

Today's BLT day, except
she uses turkey bacon.

- I kind of miss the real stuff.
- Thanks, I was starving.

It's really coming
along, I'm impressed.

All the parts you gave me...

actually allowed me to make some
improvements to the old one.

Why, exactly, are you helping me?

Standing in your dining room
that we destroyed,

seeing how much this meant to you...

Well, you missing a chance
at a scholarship

was a casualty I couldn't accept.

Deac, where are we at with getting

that cage door open?

We're close, Hondo.

Tan's drilling open the
electrical panels now.

Okay, I got the mother.

- We're almost there. Be ready for us.
- Roger that.

Here. I don't want to take
your whole sandwich.

No, no, no. No, you finish it.

On this job, I've learned
to live off protein bars.

Hey, when I come back, this
hawk better be ready to fly.

Yes, sir.

- You swiped right on Jolly Molly.
- Okay...

This girl looks like a total nightmare.

You got to get past
their pics and actually

- read their profiles.
- Okay.

She likes brunch.

Brunch. Wow.

Just like every other girl in L.A.

She's a nurse at a children's hospital.

Nurses like taking care of people,

and God knows you need taking care of.

And she's into motorcycles.

She's probably got a weekend Harley

she cruises on below the speed limit.

I'm telling her that when she
gets off her graveyard shift,

you're going to take her

- on a coffee date.
- Coffee date.

That's where a girl gets
to know you without you

plying her with booze and trying

to stick your tongue down her throat.

Almost to HQ.

Your hero better find my sister.

I don't want to have to kill both of you.

If you're gonna kill anyone, kill me.


I got your mother here.

She wants to talk to you, man.

Mama, what'd they do to you?

Angel, what are you doing?

Whatever it takes to get Abby back.

You think this is the best way?

You know, when you were born
all you did was laugh,

and you just wanted to be held.

There was something so sweet about you.

Mama, where's Abby?

- Where is she?
- Take it easy!

- Take it easy!
- Wait,

when I found out your father
stole for a living,

I took you and Abigail away
to protect you.

I never understood... why did
you follow in his footsteps?

I know you hated me for a long time,

but I'm trying to make it up to you.

Can't you see that?

If you would have came
to visit me in prison,

you would have known that I changed.

But you never did.

Even when I was using every dollar I made

to pay for Abby's college.

Blood money.

I wish, if you would
walk out of there alive,

that I could love you again.

But I can't.

Los Reyes took my little girl.

And there's no one to blame but you.

You want to kill him?

Go ahead.

Mama! I'm sorry!

Come on. Come on.

Our little mother-son reunion
just made things worse.

You got anything else on his sister?

Found this bag in the trunk
of Manuel Lopez's Caddy.

Before Carlos killed him, not only was he

a Los Reyes assassin, but a gym rat

who actually used his membership.

This GPS exercise watch was inside.

He never turned it off.

So we hacked into his account,
tracked his every move

for the last 24 hours.

2:30 a.m. Valentine's
After Hours strip club.

5:25 a.m. Estrella's Tacos.

10:08 a.m. Lopez was
at Anna Lucero's house.

So Lucero was right.
Lopez helped snatch his sister.

Then at 10:56 a.m. he stopped
at a carniceria on Alvarado.

Which happens to be
on our narcotics watch list

as one of Los Reyes' fronts.

That's a butcher shop.

There's a rumor on the street that
that's how Los Reyes disposes of bodies.

We're losing time. Let's roll.

Your hermano, I really
thought he would come through.

Box 39. You know what's inside?

$4 million, cash.

Me and my brother,

we did a deal with the Armenians,

but had to sit on the money

till things cooled down.

My brother put it
in a private deposit box.

Said it would be safe.

Three months ago, my brother

was stabbed to death in a bar fight.

Now my money's stuck

in this box and no one
knows where the key is.

You won't be alone, beautiful.

After we kill you,
we're gonna find your brother

and bury his body parts with you.

- Metro SWAT! Get on the ground!
- LAPD! Weapons down!

- LAPD! Get on the ground!
- LAPD! Weapons down!

Metro SWAT! Down on the ground!
On the ground!

Down on the ground! On the ground now!

- Give me your hands!
- Javier,

you feel like a king now?

Cut the yellow one.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yellow. That'll
send a reverse surge

to the cage door, overriding
the emergency lock.

Commander, we're ready when you are.

Angel, I know they're out there
looking for your sister.

Was this your plan all along?

- To wait me out?
- No.

- I'm done waiting.
- Angel, Angel.

Deacon, cut it now.

Roger that. Go.



Get him out of here.

- Jessica, are you okay?
- I'm good.


Angel, don't do this.

Mama was right.

This is my fault.


Angel, I got someone you want to see.


They saved me.

- They said it was because of you.
- Abby.

Please, just do what they say.

I love you.


We got her back like I said we would.

Now you got to do me a solid.

Hand that thing over.

Come on, it's done.

I'm getting blood all over you.

It's okay. It's okay.

We even now?


Let's hope we don't have to
see each other any time soon.

Cortez, you held tough in there.

I'm just glad it was you out
there giving the orders, sir.

When you stepped in front of that shot,

I wanted to strangle you.

I believed his sister needed our help.

What I said earlier about the reporter,

I didn't mean to be such a prick.

I know you're just looking out for me.

And I will never forget you were the one

who gave me a shot at SWAT.

Okay, then.

Hey. How you feeling?

Thanks for getting me
out of there in one piece.

When Lucero asked if you
knew what it felt like

to have someone you love die,

you said yes. Were you lying?

In college,

I fell in love with a girl, Brooklyn.

She was beautiful and amazing.

She came from a poor family.
She was there on a scholarship.

I came from money,

so we couldn't have been more different.

Eventually asked her to marry me.

What happened?

She had a stalker.

He would follow her to classes,
showed up at her waitress job,

leave notes on her car.

Brooklyn filed reports,

but the cops said
it was a "college crush."

Then, one night,

he got into her apartment.

He waited for me to leave,

and then when she got in the shower...

I should've never left her alone.

Michael, I'm so sorry.

When the opportunity came for me
to be in the police commission,

I took it.

To help people that the police dismiss

and to honor Brooklyn.

She'd be very proud.

- Molly? Hey.
- Hey.

Street will be right out. Chris.

I just wanted to meet you first.

- Are you his sister?
- No.

Please tell me you're not his ex.

- I don't need the competition.
- No.

I'm just his friend and his coworker.

I just wanted to tell you that

you're about to meet a really good guy

who doesn't realize how good he is yet.

Between us girls,

I've seen him before on that site,

but those shirtless pics...

- I couldn't do it.
- Yeah.

But his new profile's really sweet.

Is this the new V4?


Isn't there, like, a wait list
for-for this model?

I slipped my guy at the
dealership an extra grand

to put me at the top. Molly Simpson.

- Hi. Jim Street.
- Hi.

And that is awesome.

Doesn't look like a weekend Harley.

I guess you met my extremely
nosy and bossy partner Chris.

She seems to be looking out for you.

Have fun.

- So, coffee?
- Yes.

Now there's Corner Bakery,
it's on Fig and Eighth.

- I know it.
- Yeah?

Last one there pays?

Hope you brought cash.

All right.

Hey, kid. How's Medic-Hawk 2.0?

Not pretty,

but she works.

Still lacking a component
I always wanted, though.

Um, a camera to send video
back to the operator.

I just could never afford the hardware.

Don't mind Luca. He tends
to get excited, wander off.

He's kind of like a dog that way.

Yesterday me and my parents
had a gun to our heads.

I never thanked you for saving us.

You just did.


Does this work? It's hi-res
with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Wow, I must've just
missed it in the boxes.

You rip off someone's dashcam?

No way. I'd never go through.

Mumford's equipment locker
for spare parts.

Hey, blackout's lifted.

Call your folks,
let 'em know you're okay.

7:30? Check-in for the
contest ends at 8:00.

I'm never gonna make it on time.

Luca, what do you think?


I was gonna go get this encased
in Lucite for you.

Kind of like a collector's
baseball, only it's a...

- Grenade.
- Right.

I knew you'd find her.

You kept him talking.

And he never knew it, but you
were always the one in control.

I'm not sure about that, but thanks.

I think we could both use a drink

right about now,
but it's way past happy hour.

But you know, all of this,

it made me want to reach out
to my mother and my sister.

I think I might take 'em
out to lunch or something.

It's been way too long
since I've seen 'em anyway.

That's a good idea.

Jess, I was really worried about you.

It works!

Hear that? We got eyes.

Yo, hold up, what is going on?

I don't know. No one's told me yet.

We're hitting a science contest.

Love to chat, Hondo, but
Julian's got us on a deadline.

Hey, Julian.

Good luck, kid.

Step aside. Hey, step aside.

Excuse us.

60 seconds until check-in ends.

Step aside, you guys, we got
a winner coming through.

Get that door open.

Damn. Should've thought of that.