S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Hondo and team go on a citywide search for a kidnapped heiress. Mumford announces he's get married for the fourth time setting off alarm bells within the team.

♪ You know I'm gonna tell her
what you did last night ♪

♪ You're so busted, busted

- ♪ Busted, busted.

♪ Gotcha, gotcha, baby,
now I'm on your trail ♪

♪ Liar, liar,
sleeping on a bed of nails ♪

♪ Boy, I'm gonna tell her
what you did last night ♪

♪ You've been busted, busted

♪ Busted, busted

♪ I believed you were mine,
never thought ♪

♪ I would find you, it seemed

♪ He told me

♪ He never felt love
for forever with you ♪

♪ Were you gonna tell her

- what you did last night? ♪

♪ You've been busted, busted

♪ Busted, busted





- Rick! Help!




(SOBS) Rick!


Rick! Rick.

No, no.

- No! Rick!

- No!
- Careful with her.

No, no, no!



Not the plan!




How is he the one and only witness?

Probably 'cause all anybody saw
was the ass of the person

in front of them when they
were running out the door.

My team cleared the scene.

Robbery-Homicide wants our help
until these shooters get got.

We put an APB out
on the plate he gave us,

in case he turns out to be reliable.

LUCA: Okay, what do you know
about this guy so far?

DUARTE: Private bodyguard.

Says the rich chick
he's babysitting got snatched.

Rick Owens, 25. No outstandings.

Valid permit to conceal and carry.

Works for Granger Protection.

That's expensive muscle.

Well, you don't always get
what you pay for.


Her name's Juliette
Carlton, with a "C," 22.

Address: 115 DeMille Drive, Los Feliz.

I already gave all this
information to the sergeant,

sir, but he sees me more as
a, uh, suspect than a witness.

Semper fi.

All the way.

- Who were you with?
- 1/1.

1st Battalion, 1st Marines.
When'd you get out?

- 2014.
- Iraq.


- You?
- 1/9.

'94 to '98. Somalia.

Camp Pendleton was home base
for both of us.

I still got friends down there.

Why does Juliette need a Marine?

Well, she's smart in every way
except street smart.

She got herself mixed up with
a bunch of lowlifes who thought

she was a walking, talking ATM.

Her parents hired us to back 'em off.

Okay, who's Steven Earl Webb?

Top of my list for this.

Open complaint from the girl,
two gun violations,

a pending case with intent to sell.

How's this clown even on the street?

Moves enough drugs
to pay the right lawyers.

- Boyfriend?
- She thought so.

It was all about the money for him.

Wasn't happy
when we shut off the cash flow.

On parole. Address of record is...

2017 Wilcox.

I make it a point to know
where to find him.

Okay, that's nearby. They
couldn't have moved her too far,

with the APB and all the blue

- on the streets.
- That's right.

I can give you positive I.D. on Webb.

- Let me come with.
- No.

- Please. I'm the one who lost her.
- Rick, you know

I can't do that.
Go get your arm patched up.


HONDO: He's good to go.

Seems like we might need to make
a parole compliance search.

Quicker than a warrant, for sure.

Video cam at the back door
is just for show.

It's a swipe-only business, no cash.

These dudes weren't virgins.
They knew how.

All right, look, if we don't
find this girl based on the tip,

which could be bogus, we need to get

with the family in case a call comes in.

- I'll take the parents.
- Sending you the coordinates.

Maybe they know something useful.

You just want to keep
your kids safe, and you can't.

Not every second.

That's the dirty secret of parenthood.

This stuff really winds him up.




I hate that dog.

We could shoot it.

What's the matter with you?




Metro SWAT! Get down!

CHRIS: Hands behind your back!


Get down! Give me your hands!

Hands, now! Hands behind your back!

Okay, okay, okay! Hey!

Suspect running side three!

Get up.


How far did you really think
you were gonna get?

All clear. Girl's not here.
No sign that she ever was.

Tan, get him out of here.

- Get up. Get up.

- Where's Juliette?
- She's why you broke down my doors?

Where you been the last
couple hours, Steven?

Right here. I ordered pizza.
You can track it.

My neighbor saw me.

H-He was outside with that dog
you're hearing.

He'll tell you I've been here all night.

Working hard on
a pharmaceutical empire? Huh?

So you're gonna violate me
because of her?

Whatever trouble Juliette's in,
she probably

went looking for it;
Got nothing to do with me.

She was kidnapped from a club tonight.

- Just a few blocks from you.

Well, I haven't seen her in a month.


Oh. Sounds like your ride's here.

- Get up. Get up!
- Get up.


All right, let's go.

Do you have kids, Sergeant?

I have three, all under six.

- Any girls?
- Yeah.

My middle one. She's five.

- Enjoy her while she'll let you.
- Juliette's our only child.

She likes to say that how
she grew up isn't who she is.

She's trying to make her own way.

In all the wrong ways.

- Have you had threats?
- No.

Any business enemies?


- We make a doll.
- You know Jammin' Julie?

Juliette's the real-life inspiration.

His kids are too young, Gina.

It's a very popular doll line
for preteen girls.

Bought us this house.

Money can create enemies.

Is there anybody like that in your life?

I don't know anyone who hates us.

That's all we've been talking
about since the police called.

Why us? Why her?



- JULIETTE: Mommy?
- I'm here.

We're both right here, baby.

I'm supposed to say they want
$5 million in 24 hours.

- Who?

I don't know.
They're gonna make me call back

to tell you how to pay it.
I'm supposed to say "no police."

- Daddy, I...

HONDO: Thank you for your time.

Any chance it's a hoax?

The girl sounded legit
scared on the phone.

HONDO: Could still be
somebody in her life.

She seems to be a terrible
judge of character.

How reliable is the bodyguard?
Could he be in on this?

He sent you to the wrong place,
bought a little time.

- He caught a bullet for her.
- Plans go wrong.

Mistakes happen. Or maybe they decided

to split the ransom four ways
rather than five.

No, this kid seems like
he has real feelings for her.

JESSICA: Robbery-Homicide is here.

Phil Granger, Granger Protection.

I provide security for the family.

JESSICA: Captain Cortez.

DEACON: Sergeant Kay. Sergeant.

- Sergeant Harrelson.
- Hi, Sergeant.

Having protection usually
keeps you from needing it.

- She wasn't a soft target.
- There's a lot of rich kids

in I.A. without security to go after.

Richer kids, famous kids.

You know Juliette and her family.

What's your working theory?

No clue, or I would've used
strict protocol.

Look, the family is ready
and able to pay the ransom.

It doesn't guarantee her safe return.

I agree with you, Sergeant. I-I told them.

Juliette's best chance
is if you find her first.

Have you had any problems
with your guy before?

Oh, zero. No-no, I hire
vets like Rick because

they already own the skills and
discipline for the work, so...

He's taking it personally.

Every one of my guys takes
the job personally.

Look, I'm gonna do my own investigation

into how this happened, all right?

So anything you need,
please, just let me know.

Will you excuse me? HONDO: Yeah.

Thank you.

RICK: Her parents want her
to stay in the box.

You know? Play tennis at the club,

volunteer for charity,
marry some rich dude

who knows all the rules.

Juliette's not like that.

It sounds like you're buddies.

No, no. I know the job.

Hands off.

Rick, is there any chance
that Juliette was involved?

Some gripe with her parents?

Some trust fund money that
she was tired of waiting on?

You think she helped fake
her own kidnapping?

She wouldn't be the first.

No, I was there. I saw what happened,

how scared she was,
and I couldn't protect her.

- You did the maximum.
- I have been teaching her

what to do if something
like this ever happened.

Tradecraft, you know,
to try to stay alive.

I talked to one of my buddies
at Pendleton about you.

Sergeant Anders.

I thought you'd call.

He said you were the best Marine
in his unit.

That's really nice to hear. That's
not all he said, though, is it?

He mentioned there'd been an incident

that got you in trouble.

But he vouched for your loyalty

and your courage 100%.

Rick, you couldn't have
stopped this once it got going.

(SIGHS) You're gonna find her, right?

Sergeant Luca's gonna stay
with you until we do.

Yeah, 'cause you got to keep eyes on me.

- That's procedure.
- How about protection?

You're the only witness we got right now,

and these guys were willing
to throw bullets at you.


Don't worry. I'm good company.

Here's what you're doing
Saturday, four weeks from now.

Do I have to train for it?

- Only if you can't dance.
- Save the date.

- I'm getting married.
- Again?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rocker already gave me
the "three strikes" joke.

But practice makes perfect, right?

I-I didn't even know that
you were dating someone new.

What do you think,
I keep these arms home alone?

- We met a month ago.
- Where?

No, she's not an exotic dancer, okay?

I'm done with those.

Nikki's a physical therapist.

- Like a masseuse?
- She does massage,

but it's at a nice spa,
a medical spa, Beverly Hills.

Is that where you met her?

I-I thought this was the
grub room, not interrogation.

I'm sorry. Hey, congratulations.

I'm happy for you.

She was in front of me
at the dry cleaners.

You know, I saw her uniforms,
she saw mine.

We started talking.

Went for coffee,
which turned into happy hour,

which turned into dinner,

and I'm still at her place.
Isn't that wild?

- You moved in with her?
- Hey.

When it's right, it's right.

You know, a happy marriage starts

the first day you meet,
just like you and Annie.

Well, we did not rush into things.

Yeah, but you could have. Same results.

See, I really want this to work.

I'm even eating vegan for her.

So, any advice from the happy home front?

Yeah. Take your time.

Take your time before
jumping into anything.

Four weeks seems like...
plenty of time already.

I guess I'm just an incredible romantic.

But maybe that's bragging.

Rest of your team's invitations
are in their locker.

You want information,
you don't even offer

a sandwich or a latte?

That's just rude.

What would you like, Hopkins?

A week in Hawaii. Maybe two.

How is it you and I

came through the same station,

now you're SWAT, and I'm still sitting

in puddles of beer in Hollywood?

Least, I hope it's beer.

Stop complaining.
You were always hounding.

Sergeant Yates for more undercover work.

Got your wish.

You were staked out here
when the club got shot up?

Trying to grab
a crew of car thieves, yeah.

Set out a honey trap,

unlocked, key in the ignition.

Waited and waited.

I know you miss our
stakeout nights together, Tan.

- No, I do not.
- Now I'm hurt.

- No action on your vehicle?
- Sometimes crooks get smart.

He's got something.

Hopkins spotted a car cruising around

last night before the shoot-out.
Matches the description.

Saw it parked at the 170 Motel
around the corner.

He figured tourists.

Out-of-towners can't tell the difference

between Hollywood-the-hood
and Hollywood-the-biz.

- Is it still there?
- One way to find out.

Let's go.

24-David. Show us Code 6,

1700 block Harvard Boulevard, Hollywood.

It's not the plate we want.

Doesn't match the car
in the database, either.

TAN: Front desk
will have a copy of the I.D.

from check-in. We can run the name.

Even if it's fake, the clerk will know

which room goes with that car.

All right.

I'll do a casual walk-by.

26-David to Command.

Shots fired.

Four suspects with the hostage.





24-David. We have four suspects
driving northbound

on Harvard Boulevard
in a silver Chrysler 300.



24-David. We've lost visual.

We need backup and an airship.

Command to 24-David.
Airships are not close enough.

I have units rolling Code 3
to your location.

Roger that.






Oh, my...

Come on, move, move!

Move, come through!


Oh, my parents are gonna kill me.

- I might save them the trouble.
- Yeah, don't do that.

CHRIS: 24-David to Command,

show us in a traffic collision.

We're involved. Suspects gone.

You're sure Juliette wasn't hurt?

Look, these guys need to keep her alive.

All right? They want the money.

Well, she's only 22.

Shouldn't be her last birthday.

- No, it shouldn't.

This is Rick.

JULIETTE: Rick, it's me.

I got hold of a phone like you taught me.

I'm locked in the trunk.

Different car. They changed cars.

Keep her on the line. Come on, man.

All right, stay on the phone,
deep breaths, keep quiet.

We can use this to track the signal.

What kind of car are you
in and what color?

I-I don't know, I couldn't see.

All right, come on, now. I know it's
not a smartphone, but I need better

than five square miles, people.

Okay, shh-shh.

Don't let 'em hear you.

You see the glow-in-the-dark cable?

That's the emergency release...
you remember?

They cut the cables.

Do you recognize any of 'em?

No, no, they never
let me see their faces.

Okay, that's a good sign.

That means they're thinking
of your future.

Now feel around for anything
you can use as a weapon.

Okay? Try to pull up the carpet.

There should be a tool kit.

(EXHALES) I can't find it.

Okay, that's all right, that's all right.

Keep trying.

I want you back with me.

I-I hear a helicopter.

One of yours?

This is 20-David to Air 17,
what's your location?

PILOT: Air 17 to 20-David,

we are inbound to the pad
above beautiful Hollywood.

Air 17, hold your location.

Roger that.

We can use flyover noise.

To shrink the search zone.

The louder it gets, the closer she is.

She can help us right now.

This is 20-David to Air 17.

We have a kidnapping in progress,

unknown vehicle, hostage on board. Over.

Copy. Hold your altitude.

Orbit right, maintain that pattern.


Jules, you still hear the helicopter?

JULIETTE: Yes, yes.

Is it moving closer or farther away?


20-David to Air 17,
I need you to come around.

PILOT: Roger. Air 17 coming around.

Closer or farther now?

JULIETTE: It's closer but not close.

Air 17, tighten your perimeter.

PILOT: Copy.

JULIETTE: That's closer.

- Luca.
- LUCA: Right here, boss.

- We need proximity.
- Yeah.

Load the rest of the team.

I'll send GPS coordinates to the truck.

You got it, boss.


20-David to Air 17,
I need you to sweep the area.

PILOT: Copy.

Do you see anything
down on those streets?

Traffic. Nothing special.

Rick, can you hear me?

- Rick? Rick...
- Hey... h-hello?

Jules-Jules. Jules!

What just happened?

It could've lost juice.

Or hit a dead zone.

Maybe dish interference.

There's a lot of studios in the area.

Yeah, or we spooked them
with the helicopter.

Hey, hey, hey.

You taught her how to stay alive.

So far, it's working.

This is 20-David to Air 17,
we've lost contact.

Do you see any activity?

PILOT: Negative.

We need to break off, we're low on fuel.

Roger that. Thank you.

PILOT: Air 17 out.

Man, I never should have
let her go to that club.

But all she ever hears is "no."

She loves to dance.

Does she know how you feel about her?

Come on, man, it's pretty damn obvious.

Maybe to you. Not to her.

She's a client, there's boundaries.

And I know you've been
doing everything you can

- not to make any mistakes.
- Any more mistakes.

I already screwed up,
I let her get grabbed.

Now I'm sidelined with this thing?

Granger's not running a charity.

He knows we're grateful for the job,

but you either work or you're out.

The prints lifted from the motel room...

we got a hit on a set from an open case.

The defendant used to work
for Granger Protection.

Do you know Tom Russell?

Not personally, but I
sure know who he is.

Everybody at the company
knows about Russell.

Army vet.

He got fired after he tore
his ACL on the clock.

That was enough to make him famous?

No, he sued Granger for wrongful
termination, then lost.

I heard he started drinking heavy.

Wait, that's who grabbed Juliette?


Five million bucks and a chance
to humiliate his ex-boss.

Can the parents even pay the money?

They have insurance.

Kidnap insurance?

K&R, kidnap and ransom.

It's part of Granger's package
for his premium clients.

So, then, who pays the ransom?

It's self-funded, the company does.

That means Granger does.

What if this wasn't about Juliette?

What if Granger was the actual target?

Could put him right out of business.

Look, Tom was a good man.

He's been through hell.

I-I was very sorry he got hurt.

But it wasn't my fault.

You know, he-he had no case against me.

He lost every motion every time

because he was an independent contractor.

Like all my guys. Like Rick.

No unemployment benefits,
no workman's comp.

And no taxes withheld.

I-It's a good business model
for both sides.

- Unknown.
- Huh?

This is Rick.

It's her.

Mark! Gina!

Your parents are coming.
Are you all right?

Anybody hurt you?

Put her on speaker, Rick.

JULIETTE: They found
the other phone on me.

They know I was talking to you.

Okay, okay, your parents are here.

I'm supposed to say you're all
responsible for what happens

- to me next.
- Okay, okay.

We're gonna do whatever they tell us.

- Mommy?
- I love you, baby. I love you so much.

Let's just figure out
how to get you back.

I'm supposed to say you disobeyed orders.

You called the police.

No, no, no, no.

They shot up a nightclub.

Everybody called the police.

I'm supposed to say you now only have

four hours to...

buy my life.

Okay. Okay. Where?

I'm supposed to say I'll call
you back for the transfer,

but first you need
to get rid of all the police.

I'm supposed to say that's
nonnegotiable, so please,

please just listen to them.

- Just do what they s...

Is there any reason she kept
repeating "I'm supposed to say"?

It's code I taught her.

It means they're listening
to both sides of the call,

so don't try to give her
private instructions.

Y-You heard what she said. You're fired.

Phil, make them leave.

No, no, Gina, you can't fire
SWAT. You don't want to.

They have technical
resources I don't have.

So far all you've done is put
our girl at more risk.

You're not required
to cooperate, Mrs. Carlton,

but we are your best way
of getting her back safe.

Unless you're wrong.

This is private property.

I want them out of the house.

We're leaving.

DEACON: They're betting with lousy cards.

They have the right.

RICK: Hey.

You're not actually quitting, are you?


Just gonna leave the premises.

Hey, uh, you're either with
them or you're with us,

but, uh, make your choice, huh, Rick?

Yes, sir.

Rick, he's not your only choice.

That's a longer discussion.

Which we should have when this is over.


It's Hondo.

The Army vet who sued Granger,
Tom Russell,

well, our friend in GND just came through

with his last known address in Echo Park,

not far from Juliette's last location

when the phone failed.

All right, she could be there.

We don't need a warrant.
There's immediate danger.

I'm sending coordinates
and aerial photos now.

- First good news of the day.
- You know it.

Deacon, we got a hit on Russell.

Get with the team, get 'em up to speed

while I get eyes on his place.

Meet me there.

Rocker says the guy
is still paying alimony

to all three of his ex-wives.
How does that even happen?

I don't understand why Mumford
always needs to get married.

I mean, he should just live with them.

Things work until they don't.

That's my mantra. Travel light, Luca?

Hey, keeps it from getting messy.

You're still sleeping on my couch

five months after your last girlfriend

kicked you out. Trust me, it's messy.

You know, Mumford's a junkie for women.

Deac, you remember his ex?

Yeah, number three and number two.

- Guy's got a type.
- (LAUGHS) I can imagine.

LUCA: Yeah, my gramps went
to his first wedding.

My dad went to his second and third.

I guess I'll have to keep
up the family tradition

and dance at his fourth.

Yeah, well, who says
this is where it ends?

Elizabeth Taylor got married eight times.

We should do a background
check on this one.

Make sure he's not getting played again.

- That's cold, Chris.
- Not a bad idea, though.


DEACON: Position Two set.

Position One set.

On three.

One, two, three.

LAPD, SWAT! Hands behind your back!

LUCA: Give me a two, give me a two!

Give me a two, give me a two.

My baby is in there. He's alone in there.

Luca, go.

- Left side clear!

Right side clear!

- Luca.
- Two, two!

- Two!
- It's clear.

Deacon out.

Straight out.

- It's all clear.
- Luca out.


I got this.

Where's Tom?

He doesn't live here anymore.

There you go. Shh.

Shh, shh, shh.

Kids love me.

- Let her go, Chris.
- You okay?

What did Tom do now?

When was the last time you saw him?

In the delivery room.

He was more lit than I was,
and I'd had an epidural.

I wasn't going to bring
the baby home to that.

He started drinking again
after he got hurt.

- Did he have a problem before?
- LOULOU: The Army got him sober.

Kept him sober.

All it took was one drink
to undo all his hard work.

He never went back on a program?

Sure. The VA, AA, church.

Nothing stuck, except
for his party buddies.

You're not gonna tell me
why you broke into my house?

We'll send a crew to fix the damage.

Tom's a suspect in a shooting

that occurred last night in Hollywood.

- The thing at the nightclub?
- That's right.

Any help you can give us?

Uh, I heard he's back
at the Sober Sanctuary.

Part of his probation.

What a joke.

Best place to find trouble
is at a halfway house.

LUCA: Guess the halfway house

is all the way out of business.

We need to catch a break.

This would be a great place to hide

with a secure perimeter already in place.

What? Right there.

That little bit of light
on the edge of the window

on the second floor just came on.

Bootleg wiring?

Someone's here who shouldn't be.

Gear up.



- We good?
- Mm-hmm.

(WHISPERING): Come on.

Just have some more.

- Metro SWAT!

Turn around! Face down!

Turn around! Get on the ground!

- Go, go, go! Move, move, move!
- Give me a two, give me a two!

- Down on the ground! Runner!
- I'm Code 4, Chris!

Metro SWAT!


Chris, go right. I got left.

DEACON: Clear!

Hey. Just stay down.

I got you.

- Where's Rick?
- He's good.


This is 20-David to Air 17.

Suspect heading up to the roof,
Side Three.

20-David to Air 17,
what do you see down here?

Air 17 to 20-David,
suspect is behind a roof vent

street side of your position,
near the parapet.

Be advised, suspect is armed.

You're right on him.

20-David to 24-David,

Chris, cover me by the door.

Do not come out.

CHRIS: 24-David, holding in place.

20-David to Air 17,

give me some altitude.

Air 17, roger that.


We can play hide-and-seek
up here for a while,

or we can save some time
and call it a night.

You're thinking if you can just get over

to that other stairwell hatch
you got a chance, but you don't.

Play it through, man.

SWAT's got every exit covered

and the block is locked down.

Your crew ain't coming for you, man.

I know your knee's got to be hurting,

keeping it bent like that.

It doesn't matter anymore.

DEACON: 30-David to 20-David,

three suspects secured, hostage is safe.

We're on our way up
the back stairs to meet you.

This is 20-David to 30-David.

I am trying to negotiate.

Stand down by the stairwell.
Wait for my signal.

30-David, roger that.

Tom, you didn't make it
out of Afghanistan

just to die on a roof in Hollywood.

I used to come up here a lot
when the place was still open.

Nobody around to bother me.

I wasn't gonna hurt the girl.

I'm not the one that shot the bodyguard.

There wasn't supposed to be
any collateral damage.

I believe you.

No, you don't.

Or the body count would've been higher.

I believe you, man.

You only wanted to hurt
Phil Granger, am I right?

All you see is the big smile
with the fake teeth,

as fake as the rest of him.

He is a slick salesman,
I'll give you that.

He tells you what he's gonna do for you,

why you should be thankful,
how he only hires vets,

no questions asked.

Like that makes him the hero, right?

Because companies don't want
to give a second chance

to somebody who actually needs it.

So now you're cheap.

And you're disposable.

You can't even complain

when he screws you over
'cause you signed a contract.

It's just business.

How many times have
I heard him say that in court?

And you just wanted to put him
out of business. I get it.

- He owed me.
- Okay.

He owed you, Loulou, and Tommy Jr.

That's right.

I got Army buddies off the grid
in Costa Rica waiting for us.

There's a hotel by the beach
we were gonna buy, all cash.

And Loulou was down with that, huh?

Nah, man. She didn't know
anything about it yet.

I just wanted to take care of my family.

Tom, you were in Kandahar, weren't you?

Yes, sir. Fourth Infantry.

I was in Somalia.

First Battalion, Ninth Marines.

Civilians don't get it.

We make 'em nervous, man.

Sure, they thank you for your service,

but then they want to know
what you've done.

They want to know how many
people you've killed.

They don't understand us.

You died there, is what you did.

- Part of you, anyway.
- But you also learned

the value of life... tell me I'm wrong.

I know the technique
you're using. Just stop it.

Because every minute you breathe

is a minute a buddy would love
to have for himself.

Vets like us, we do not have
the right to throw that away.

We owe the dead.

Do you hear me, soldier?

Why do people always count to three?

No! Tom, don't do this. You have a son.


You have a woman who cares about you.

Family is worth living for.
However, wherever!


Tom, there is no shame in
staying alive and fighting, man.

Don't do this.


Now you know what a coward I am.


I don't think you're a coward.

I think you love your family
too much to leave 'em like this.

The bravest thing for us is
to own what we've done.

All of it.

Come on, man.

Show me.

You show me what bravery
really looks like.

Show me, Tom.


Let me see your hands.
Show me your hands.

Down on the ground, face down.

What's your name?


This is 20-David to Air 17
and all D-Team units.

Code 4. Suspect is in custody.

JULIETTE: Hey, Rick.

Thank you.

You saved me.

- They saved you.
- You got shot.

You could have died for me.

I'm right here.

I look terrible.

You always say that,
and you're always wrong.

My parents... just got here.


Oh, baby.

So, uh, they asked me to
apologize to both of you

on their behalf.

Phil, how hard would it be

to just take care of your employees?

Oh, so you're blaming me now?

Workers' comp? Injury leave?

Okay, um, I'm gonna drive
my clients home now.

Thanks for doing your civic job.

Oh, and, you know, um,
you'll always be employees

if you can't understand economics, so...

I'm gonna need a shower
to wash the sleaze off.

You know Patty Hearst married
her bodyguard, right?

Happy ever after.

You gonna share that with Rick?

Think I might.

You know nobody's blind
around here, right?

Come on, man.

If she's your ride-or-die,
why don't you just go ahead

and make that happen?

Doesn't come around too often.

You got one of those?

You're looking at it.

Kill for, die for.

SWAT is exactly what I needed
when I left the Marines.

Yeah, I thought about becoming
a cop after I got out.

Like you, higher purpose, but...

My sergeant buddy said that you
didn't get charged for that incident.

Well, an MP arrest still
goes on your military record.

Sarge says that lieutenant
deserved a fist in his face.

Eh, a butter bar who thought
he was all that.

He had a girl up against
the wall, copping a feel

she sure as hell didn't want.

In uniform. Nothing happened to him.

Except your one-hitter quitter.

- Right.
- Right.

But assault on a superior
officer isn't exactly

the way into the police
academy, so... that's that.

Rick, there was a time in my life

when I needed a second chance.

Just running around,
looking for a righteous fight.

- Sounds familiar.
- Right.

Well, listen, if you think
you still want a life

in public service, I might
be able to help you out.

Yeah, how?

I can recommend you
personally to the Academy.

I've worked with you now,
and I've seen your dedication.

I know you'd be an asset to the force.

Semper fi.

All the way.

- The man's hopeless.
- More like helpless.

The graphics are nice.
She put in some work.

Did you hear Mumford's
getting married again?

Talk about a slow learner.
Has anybody met her?

He's barely met her.

Says he's only known her a month.

Me and Street ran
a criminal background on her.

DMV, R&I, National Database...

Wait, you did what?

- It was Chris' idea.
- Snitch.

Find anything?

Nikki came back clean.

- Yeah, like not even an unpaid ticket.
- Heads up.

MUMFORD: Background check.

Man, there's something
seriously wrong with all of you.

Just trying to look out for you.

Is happiness so hard
for you dopes to imagine?

Anybody can be a cynic.

That's the default mode.

He's the only one of all of you

who had the guts to get married
for the first time.

That's one point of view.

Look, all I know is, I love
this woman, and she loves me.

And I hope that you'll come
and celebrate with us.

Or... the hell with you.

And I'll have known her for
two months by then, Deacon.

Just to be clear.

Hey, look, Mumford.

Like you said, if it's right it's right.

But I just want you to
rethink your timetable.

- Why?
- Weddings are stressful.

No, divorces are stressful.

All right, you know what,
I expected some attitude,

so I asked her to pick me up from work.

She's here?

Any minute. Just meet her...

before you make up your minds. Okay.

So, this is, uh... awkward.

Got to admit, the suspense is killing me.

Is he punking us?

- Huh.
- MUMFORD: Come on.

They'll love you. Don't worry about it.

Hey. I'd like you all to meet

Nikki almost-Mumford, my bride to be.

Jack's mentioned all of you.

Jessica, right?

How do you do?

- Chris?
- Nikki, nice to meet you.

- Street.
- Hi. Pleasure, ma'am.

Oh, now I feel old. Luca.

Oh, yeah. Roger that.
Pleased to meet you.

- Tan.
- Lots of happiness.

Oh, your mom trained you right.

No congratulating the bride. Deacon.

Hi, Nikki.

And I recognize Hondo.

Truly my pleasure.

Jack told me that

marrying a SWAT officer is marrying SWAT.

So I'm happy to meet
all my future in-laws

- before the wedding.

We got to go. We're gonna be late.

Where-where you headed?

The opera. My-my first time.

That's so crazy to me,

for a man with such a beautiful
singing voice himself.

- CHRIS: What?
- He's gonna love it.

A singing voice? You can sing?

- Yeah.
- Oh...

I didn't know that.

Well, you never asked.

He has an amazing tenor range.

MUMFORD: One month.

One month, and Nikki knows more about me

than the rest of you heroes put together.

Deacon's been trying to get me

to rethink our timetable.

You know what? I have.

Why the hell do we have
to wait a whole month, Nikki?

Vegas is five hours away.

We can leave right after the curtain,

and-and, look, we're dressed already.

I would love that, Jack.

We have a full tank of gas,
couple of credit cards.

All right, you don't need these.

All right? Gifts are still
being accepted.


See you Tuesday, suckers.


She's really great.

She's amazing.

Only took three divorces, but I
guess he finally figured it out.

Feel bad now... for running
the background check?

Yeah. I actually do.

I think we should have
warned her about him.