S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The job becomes personal for Hondo when a friend is killed during a joint FBI/S.W.A.T. mission to stop a robbery crew. Jessica worries the erratic behavior of the FBI task force leader will endanger the team in the field.



The hell?

Hey! Whoa!


Yo. Everybody be cool.

Be cool.

I'll take those, thank you.

Come on.

- Time?
- We're good.

- Let's go, let's go.
- All right, last bags.

Let's go.


- Mind if I work in?
- Hey.

Sure. Go for it.

Take off the tens.

(CHUCKLES) All right.

Okay, when in the hell did you start

giving a damn about
getting healthy, Craig?

My daughter's on me lately.

Okay? 6:00 a.m. every morning,
if I'm not up, she gets me up.

Shoves a smoothie in my hand,
kicks me out the door.

- But hey,

I've lost five pounds already, Hondo.

All right? Another few months,

these abs are gonna put yours to shame,

- my friend.
- Okay, keep hope alive, Craig.

Yeah, right.

- I like the outfit.
- Oh, shut up.

(LAUGHS) Well, you got to be taking
it pretty seriously if you're willing

to fork over the cash to join this place.

Free introductory month, my friend.

I got four days left, then I cancel.

Doesn't cost me a dime.

See, that is the Craig I know and love.

- Huh?

All right, so, uh,
so talk to me. Your text.

- You got something for me.
- Well, this may come as a surprise,

not every payday loan shop is on
the up and up like mine is.

Oh, shocking.

It's a good thing you hit me up.
I asked around.

One of my competitors,

Dale's Check Cashing in Inglewood,

he's cleaning money
for some big time players.

Let me guess, the owner's name is Dale?

And you think these big time players

are the crew robbing
these armored trucks?

Could be. You know,
let's take off the 25s, too.

So... Hondo,

what I hear is it's not just
SWAT going after these guys.

I hear it's federal, like,
a task force kind of thing.

This is just you and me talking.
That's all you need to know.

Yeah, okay, and I appreciate it.

You know, a couple hundred every
so often, it really helps out.

All right, let's not forget
me letting you slide

on that laundering charge
back in the day.

Hey, it's been a beautiful friendship

and I owe you big time, okay?

But the Feds,
they got deep pockets, Hondo.

You know, they're paying some of

their Cis a hundred grand a pop.

Are you hard up or something right now?

(SIGHS) Single parent life
ain't easy, Hondo.

My daughter's got to go to college.

I got to pay someone
to look after my mom now.

She can't be left alone.

All right, all right. I'll do what I can.

Thanks. Just... uh, tell 'em
I'm working on another lead.

It might be nothing,

- but it might be major.
- Craig,

the information you just gave me
today is enough.

Don't push it.

All right. Okay.

You want me to just take
the rest of the plates off?

I think I'll just work the bar.

That was a tough run this morning.

And all those push-ups,
I bet you're all pretty spent.

All right, it's a minimum 80 sit-ups,

five pull-ups.

Nobody's gonna blame you
if you stop there.

How many sit-ups you do
in your first PFQ?

- 370.
- STREET: Think she'll do more?

I don't think any of them will do more.

She gonna make SWAT?

I haven't even met her.
Why are you so curious?

Oh, I just thought you'd be interested

in the women you helped pave the way for.

There are no paved roads to SWAT.

Everyone's got to blaze their own trail.

STREET: Don't look now, but, uh,

someone wants your autograph.

- Officer Alonso.
- Oh, Chris.

- Uh...
- Jim.

Erika Rogers.

I'd shake your hands, but
I'm pretty disgusting right now.

I just wanted to say

- it's an honor to meet you.
- Thanks.

Hey, I wanted to ask you a favor.

Maybe the next time
you're headed to the range,

I could tag along.

You could give me some pointers
on non-dominant hand shooting.

I'm an ace with my right,

but if I'm gonna make SWAT, I need
to make sure the left is in shape.

You just have to spend
more time in the range

and just listen to your instructors.

I-I don't really do
personal training sessions.

Oh. Okay.

Good luck.

You know Agent DuBois with the FBI.

HONDO: For the last week,
we've been liaising

with her special task force.

Now it's time
for SWAT to officially join in.

It's the armored car robberies, isn't it?

- It's got to be.
- They're trucks, not cars.

- No, they're called armored cars.
- They're trucks.

- How is this even a conversation?
- What, says you.

I've heard more sophisticated
arguments from my six-year-old.

All right, guys, guys, you can
call them whatever you want,

but right now let's focus on
getting the guys who rob them.


we've been calling them the Pit Crew.

That's how quick and coordinated

these robberies are.

EMPs to stop the truck.

(WHISPERS): Trucks.
- In and out.

They have killed more than a few guards.

Robbed three armored trucks in Dallas,

three in Phoenix,

and now they've taken down two here.

Which means we got to catch them
before they get

the last truck and head
off to who knows where.

Had a hunch they were laundering
their money locally, so I spoke

to an old CI of mine a week ago
after the first robbery.

He just got back to me this morning

with an actual lead.

Agent DuBois?

Um, right, sorry.

JESSICA: Given the time
pressure, we have to take down

this money launderer today.

See if he'll flip on the robbers.

Yes. My people will meet
you at the location.

Hondo and myself
will coordinate the teams.

That's our cue.

Long hours?

Sorry about that.

I've been chasing these guys

through three states, you know?

All right, it's called
Dale's Check Cashing,

but Dale Hansen
doesn't even technically own it.

He's got too many felonies on
his record to get the licenses.

Wait, don't tell me he
used his mom's name.

His aunt. Mom's got a thicker jacket
than Dale does.


Payday loan places...

- always dicey.
- It's a perfect setup

for cleaning dirty money.

Only banks check serial numbers,

and people that have bank accounts

don't go to check-cashing joints.

And once the money hits the
bank, it's passed through

so many hands it can't be
traced back to the origin.

Now, it's not the first time

- Dale's has been raided.
- And he still kept his license?

Witnesses all backed out.

DA says Dale probably got to them.

Right, so he's gonna be on alert.

Yeah, well,
it's a good thing the Pit Crew

isn't the only team
in town that moves fast.

- Fill the gaps.
- Stay liquid!

- Are you serious?

You guys took time
out of your day to plan that?

- Hey, Dale...
- Sorry.

Need a little radio silence.

HONDO: LAPD SWAT. On the ground.

STREET: LAPD SWAT. On the ground!

On the ground! SWAT.

- Nobody move!
- Locked.


On the ground, now!

- On the ground!
- Cops!

Suspect shallow. Eyes on.

Give me two! Give me two!

- Hondo, left!
- Left side clear! Keep down!

- On the ground now!

- Okay, okay!
- Give me your hands! Give me your hands!

Hands! Give me your left hand!

CHRIS: Hands behind your back.

- Put your hands up! LAPD!
- Luca!

- Left side clear!
- Deac!

I was trying to figure out what
to charge you with first, Dale.

Destroying money's a federal crime.
Did you know that?

And we haven't even gotten
into money laundering.

A lot of that cash in there

is from yesterday's
armored truck robbery.

Serial numbers will prove it.

So do you want to tell us what you know

- about the crew who did it?
- I want my attorney.

Amber Frost. Number's in my phone.

Wait, isn't that the woman...

She did adult films
to pay for her law degree.

She used to run those wild commercials

- on late-night TV. (SCOFFS)

Now, should be one hell
of a defense she puts on.


This is Hondo.


WOMAN: You came up as his handler
when we put his info in the computer.

We haven't informed the family yet.

This him?


Yeah, that's Craig.

(CRYING SOFTLY): I was supposed
to leave for class at 12:30,

and he wasn't here to
take care of Grandma.

Not answering his phone.

I knew something happened.

Oh. I f-forgot

to get you your blueberry pie.


I'll be back in a jiffy.

Lana, sweetheart, you want a piece?

- No, Grandma.
- No?


(VOICE BREAKING): She has no idea

you just told her that her son is dead.

That must be hard.

It's gonna be even harder trying
to take care of her alone.

Lana, I knew your dad.

Finding whoever did this
is a top priority for me.

Are you the one he did CI work for?


I knew he was a CI,

and I know you didn't pay him crap

for sticking out his neck for you.

Your father helped us
make some good arrests.

I'm sorry the city couldn't pay him more.

We don't have the resources the FBI does,

and I never asked him
to put himself in any danger.

No. You just dangled the cash
in front of him

and then took whatever
information he gave you.

Lana, nothing I say
is gonna make this feel better.

But anything you can tell us

about where he was this morning
could help us.

You want to know
where my dad was this morning?

A casino. Gambling away money

I'm going to need to
take care of Grandma.

He wasn't even a gambler,

unless that's something you got him into.

GRANDMA: This is terrible.

I-I spilled all the blueberries.

Can we do this another time?

Of course.

Okay. Grandma.

- Let's take a look. Okay?
- Oh.

Lana's right.

Craig wasn't a gambler.

So this casino trip

might have something
to do with the Pit Crew.

It could be they killed him
because he got too close.

We follow his footsteps.
We see where that takes us.

All right.

DALE: I'm only talking to you

to clear my name
of this whole Craig thing.

I ain't no murderer.

Right. You just work for them
and wash their money.

DALE: People give me dirty money

and I give them back
sparkling clean cash,

minus three percent.

I mean, are you gonna blame
the cleaning lady

if her employer kills somebody?

You cannot seriously be that stupid.

This is a waste of time.

JESSICA: You want us
to stop looking at you?

Point us in another direction.


Guy I got the bag from.

Think he's just a gofer or something,

not part of the actual crew.

- And why is that?
- Uh, this fool was rocking

a-a fake Rolex and a rattlesnake jacket.

This crew's knocked over

how many trucks without getting grabbed?

They got to be low-key.

Ain't no way one of them's
dressing flashy like that.

I'll fill in Hondo.


I'll ask around for people
fitting the description

Dale gave us, but it's not much.

You'll check with your people?

Of course.

What was that description again?

Male, white, 40 to 45.

- Six foot, goatee.
- Right, right, right.

- Alligator boots.
- Rattlesnake jacket.


Guess it's coffee o'clock, huh?

HONDO: I got it. Thanks, Deac.


I haven't seen him talk to anyone.

Maybe his daughter's right.

He just came here to throw money away.

HONDO: He's not talking to anybody,

but he's sure as hell looking at someone.

Can you pull up that other table, please?


HONDO: There.

Dale said the guy he dealt with
was wearing a rattlesnake jacket.

- Too much to be a coincidence.
- That's Machine.

He's a regular.

- "Machine"?
- Mm-hmm.

Any chance you know Machine's real name?

I'd have to look it up, but like I
said, he's in here all the time.

In fact, he's probably here right now.

MACHINE: Honey, honey, listen to me.

I'll be home when I'm home.

All right? Uh-huh.

Baby, baby, come on.

HONDO: Machine.

We need to have a word with you.

Sure, bud.

As soon as I'm off the phone.

Well, you crazy, you know that?

I ain't seen Marcy in, like,
I don't know, a year.

- What the...?!
- Excuse me, ma'am.

- Oh.
- Is Marcy blonde with a nose ring?

Because she's right here with him now.

She looks a little too young
for him, though, if you ask me.

- Hello?

Think she hung up.

- The hell you laughing at?

There's a guy wearing
the same type of jacket as you

doing business with very bad people.

A lot of guys are rocking
rattlesnake these days.

What can I tell you? It's become a thing.

Yeah, you're reading the wrong
fashion blogs, Machine.

Haven't heard anything you can
arrest me on yet, so...

- Let's go, sweetheart.

Marcy, how old are you?


- (SNIFFS) Damn.

When did they start serving
screwdrivers at drive-thrus?

Go home, Marcy.


MACHINE: Come on.

Easy, easy with the family jewels, huh?

All right, all right.

JESSICA: Commander, you have a moment?

I'm on my way to a meeting
with the commissioners.

Laying out an implementation plan

for your police reform proposal.

Is there a problem?

I'm worried about Agent DuBois.

She's forgetful, lacks focus,

like she's not all there.

I think it's more than
just lack of sleep.

Well, we've been working
with Abby for years.

I've never noticed anything before.

But if you think she's off her game,

- then maybe...
- It could put our people at risk.

Wow. Well, that's a delicate situation.

Trust your gut.

Even if it means stepping
on the FBI's toes?

We worry about our people.

You do what you need
to do to protect them.

My thoughts exactly.


I see you're taking my advice.


Listen, I just want to let you know

that I wasn't trying
to big-time you earlier.

I'm glad you're doing this.

It's just... it's a complete
boys' club over here.

- So you are gonna help me?
- One of the only women here

giving special attention to
the only woman at SWAT Academy?

You're saying it wouldn't
do me any favors.

They've got to see you as a great
cop, not a great woman cop.

That's just the reality.

Max over at 77th says you're a badass.

And if that's true, you just got
to show them what you got.

I don't know.

Like you said, it's a boys'
club, especially at the top.

The fact that you've gotten
as far as you have,

it might feel like they've
already done their good deed.

I am ready to work my ass off.

Can you be 100% positive that
I'm gonna get a fair shake?

(SIGHS) Honestly...

I don't know.

I'm willing to find out, though.

Must be a real good show in there.

Hmm. Forgot what I came here for.

Well, let's just say it was water
and save some electricity, huh?

Ah, Deac.

I just keep wondering what I
could've done different for Craig.

- Your CI.
- Yeah.

How long did you know him?

All the way back to my patrol days.

I answered a robbery call at one
of his check-cashing spots.

(CHUCKLES) It's crazy 'cause
even though they cleaned him out

and he had no insurance to cover it,

all he did was sit there and
rattle off, like, a dozen jokes.

He just, he had me rolling
on the floor. (LAUGHS)

He was a funny dude, man.

And not in a mean way, you know,
unlike some people.

When I finished my report,
he just kept apologizing

for all the paperwork I was
gonna have to go through

on account of him getting ripped off.

We're gonna get the guys that did this.

(QUIETLY): Yeah.

(CHUCKLES) Craig was awesome, man.

He was always just scraping by.

He paid his rent on the last day
before he was gonna get evicted

and I was like, "Man, how the
hell are you pulling this off?"

And he would just look at me and laugh.

He'd say, "Hondo, I was born lucky

and I'm gonna die lucky." (LAUGHS)

There's nothing lucky about
what happened to him today.

We'll get 'em.

Our prisoner's name's Machine?

That's what he calls himself.

Well, Machine is ready to talk.

Guys, guys, let's put the cards
on the table, okay?

You got nothing.

You want to hold me for 24 hours?

I'm cool with that.

I could use the free meals.

Plus, if I'm gonna be honest,

I've been on a bit
of a losing streak lately,

so you're gonna save me money.

How's this for a card on the table?

Thought you said you didn't
know Craig Rosengarden?

Come on. Some idiot follows me

into the parking lot
doesn't mean I know him.

That idiot was a friend of mine.

Now, you either killed him or you
had him set up to be killed.

JESSICA: You saw Craig
watching you in the casino

and you assumed it had
to do with the robberies.

So you called your contact
and let him know.

DUBOIS: Craig follows you out.

You lead him into an ambush.

HONDO: We know you're
just an errand boy, Machine.

We got you on video
gambling at the casino

when the robberies took place,

but somebody will pay
for killing my friend.

Do you really want that
somebody to be you?

Hypothetical, okay?

Guy called me a couple months ago,

said he heard good things.

I mean, I got a rep, right?

Cut to the punch line.

He said he needed me to take

a bunch of money to this guy, Dale,

and-and switch it out
for clean money. That's it.

- And this guy's name was?
- I don't want to know

these guys' names.
Th-These are serious types.

I'm a serious type, too.

And I'm telling you everything I know.

He changes burners every day.

He said that if I crossed him,
he'd find me and he'd kill me.

And he said it like he-he
wouldn't mind much, either.

Keep in mind, this is all hypothetical.

Nothing admissible, okay?

Sounds like this crew
has you pretty spooked.

These guys have taken professionalism

to a whole new level, let me tell ya.

You know, from what I hear,

they stake out those trucks for months.

They know exactly where

each one of them is gonna be
every minute.

I'll be back.


You got something?

I might.




What's the matter?

- I can't get hold of Machine.
- The runner?

- You have a backup, I assume?
- I have a backup.

But what if he got scooped up?

Now, why would he get scooped up?

That snitch said there's
a task force now, remember?

You didn't have to kill the snitch.

We didn't have enough time
to plan it right.

- Do we have our money?
- What?

Our money. Do we have it?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? So why do you care if the runner

gets himself arrested?
You guys getting married?

- Maybe he talks.
- Talks

and tells the cops what?

Knows your name?
Knows what you look like?

- No.
- No.

The guy picked up a bag from
a location with no cameras

and dropped off that bag
to a different location

with no cameras. Paden,

any chance cameras caught you
dropping off that bag?

- None.
- He could tell 'em about

the payday loan place.

Geez. Cobb, what's
the payday loan guy got on us?

Phone I used to set up the deal
has been dead for a month.

Unless Devin forgot to junk it.

- I junked it.
- All right.

So follow the rules tomorrow

and we are good.

You just make sure
that runner you get for us

in Portland's more reliable
than this Machine guy.

I don't want to have this same
conversation next month.

What's up?

What Machine said
about the Pit Crew knowing

where the trucks are
the whole time made me think.

So I looked at videos
from yesterday's robbery.

DUBOIS: I have looked

at surveillance of all the robberies.

I can't imagine
there's anything more to find.

Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

JESSICA: Look how they spread out,

and take their positions a full minute

before the armored truck is in sight.

Which would make sense

if the truck arrived at
the same time every day,

but yesterday, it was
almost a half-hour late.

Somehow, they knew exactly
when it would get there.

There has to be an inside man.

DUBOIS: We've been over this.

Every Perennial employee,
from the dispatch

to the driver,
has been vetted by the FBI.

So they're putting the tracking
devices on the trucks, then.

All trucks are checked
top and bottom every day,

same with the trucks
in Texas and Arizona.

What about inside the trucks?

You mean in the back, with the money?

I mean in the engine.

You vetted the Perennial employees,

but I'm willing to bet
that they outsource

their truck maintenance.

- They might.
- I'll check on it.

Could be that's where
we find our inside man.

Good thinking.


Hondo. She's here.

We'll keep you updated.



Thank you for coming in.

I know you have a lot on your plate.

The detectives were
at my house for an hour.

I don't know what else you want from me.

I want you to sign this form.


What is this?

That's the last thing that
your father asked of me.

Like you said, the LAPD
can't pay our Cis much,

but the FBI can.

Your father was just trying
to make some extra cash

to help you get through school and
take care of your grandmother.

- I can sign for him?
- You can sign for yourself.

Because of your tip on the casino.

Lana, your father wasn't gambling.

He was trying to help me get
the armored truck robbers

you've been hearing about on the news.

Now, if your tip cracks this case,

you'll get 15 percent
of the money we recover.

Just sign right there.

Hey, Hondo, Shirley says

she makes a mean gumbo.

Think we should have a cook-off?

SHIRLEY: Craig should be a judge.

(LAUGHS) He loves to eat.

Aw, come on, now, Shirley.
I don't know how fair that is.

Ain't no way he's gonna pick
my gumbo over his mama's.


Okay, let me know.

- Got something?
- CHRIS: We found the garage

Perennial uses to service their trucks.

Street and Luca are
on their way over now,

and Deac and I are looking
into the employees.

- Perfect.
- Um,

something else I-I wanted to ask.

- Of course.
- Do you think,

I don't know, in a-in a weird way,

me being on SWAT makes it harder

for other women to make it onto a team?

You mean, are there men
at the top who feel

like SWAT hit its quota of women?


I mean, I know that SWAT Academy

is supposed to be objective, but...

But no instructor

is completely objective.

You've experienced that yourself.

I don't want anyone to make SWAT

who I can't trust to watch my back.

But take Erika...
Officer Rogers... for instance.

If she is good enough,
how can we make sure

she's being judged fairly?

DUBOIS: Captain Cortez,

we need to talk.


Thank you, Chris.

Keep me posted.

What is your problem?

You're double-checking my work?

This is my task force.

- Who do you think you are?
- I have a cousin,

Mateo, who played Minor League Baseball.

- He almost made it to the majors.
- Good for him.

- Is there a point here?
- He took a bad angle

on a slide and broke his ribs.

The team doctors gave him oxycodone.

His ribs got better,
but he didn't stop taking them.

40 pills a day at one point.

After a while,
he couldn't hold a conversation,

much less swing a bat.

You tore your rotator cuff
last year during a raid.

That's a painful injury.

I don't like
what you're suggesting, Captain.

And I don't like my team taking orders

from someone with impaired judgment.

I know what painkiller
addiction looks like.

All those energy drinks, but you
can barely keep your eyes open.

You should remove yourself
from the task force,

get yourself better.

My eyes are wide open, Captain,

and what I see is a woman
flushing her career

down the toilet.

I know that your police reform proposals

haven't won you any popularity
contests around here.

Making false accusations against
a decorated federal agent

might just be the nail in your coffin.

You and your team want to quit
the task force, feel free.

You're the ball here.

I'm the bat.

Don't forget it.

LUCA: Hey, Troy Dungan?

Uh, yeah. What up, Officer?

Hoping you might be able
to help us out with something.

We're looking into some
recent armored car robberies.

Armored trucks, actually.

You hear anything about the robberies?

No doubt, Officer.

We, uh, we fix Perennial's
trucks. You have a question

- about how they work or something?
- Yeah, something like that.

Last two that got robbed,
we found these tracking devices

hidden in their engines.

STREET: Yeah. Hidden real well, too.

Each one in a different spot,
both took over an hour to find.

You know, you really ought to
talk to my supervisor, Alex.

- He's the one to...
- No, you're the guy I want

to be talking to, Troy.

Okay? Shop's logs show you

as the mechanic working
on both those trucks.

You see how this place is laid out?

Everybody had access to those trucks.

Yeah, but not everybody posted pics

with fat stacks of cash

from their trip to Sin City last weekend.

I guess what happens in Vegas

didn't stay in Vegas this time.

That's you, right? Dunganator88?

There's got to be at least
20 grand there. Is that what

they paid you for putting
trackers in these trucks?

Okay. Okay, look. What if I didn't know

that they were tracking devices?

Or what if someone threatened me?

Put a gun to my head? They made me?

- What if it was...
- Listen, we're not detectives.

We're Metro SWAT.

We knock down doors

and tackle guys carrying AKs.

We do not have the time or the patience

for whatever lie you're trying

- to perfect right now.
- We know you put a tracker

in a third truck, so which one is it?

DEACON: The mechanic can't ID

any of the crew?

It was all done over the phone.

Number's dead now. Burner.

The phones are always a
dead end with the Pit Crew.

I could have saved you
some time there, Captain.

Let's move on
to some more fruitful avenues

of investigation, shall we?

The third truck the mechanic put
the tracker in, what do we know?

Well, the truck's been in the
garage for the past two days,

getting worked on; it's coming out again

tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.

So we know which truck
the Pit Crew's gonna hit next,

- we just don't know when.
- HONDO: Or where.

And there's 25 stops on its route.

We can't stake out that many locations.

DEACON: And they might take the
truck anywhere along the route.

Doesn't have to be at one of the stops.

TAN: So we follow the truck.

Far enough back
so the Pit Crew doesn't see us.

DUBOIS: They're called the Pit
Crew for a reason, remember?

If you're far enough back to not be seen,

it's all be over
by the time you get there.

Okay, but Tan's idea
still might be our best bet.

With one modification: we put
SWAT officers inside the truck.

- The Pit Crew opens the back...
- And instead

of a bag full of money,
they get a face full of HKs.

Rest of the team shows up in the
follow cars and cleans it up.

I can track the truck from here
and coordinate the follow cars.

HONDO: Captain?

It's a good plan.

I'll get Perennial on board.


Something's going on with you and DuBois.

That was so icy, I think
I might need a sweater.

I know the Pit Crew killed your
CI, and he was your friend,

and you want
to take them down personally,

but I might have to pull SWAT
off the task force.

Pull us off?

Wha... is this about DuBois?

She's showing signs of painkiller abuse.

Her judgment could be compromised.

Okay, damn. That's one
serious accusation.

These are high stakes.

I know you're gonna put yourself

in the back of that truck.

With DuBois at the helm,

I'm not gonna put your life in her hands.

'Cause she's not gonna
be the only one in the room

making decisions; I trust
you, and you know that.

If anything looks off,
I'm pulling the plug.

And I'm counting on it.


- Hey.
- Good morning.

What do you think?

- I like.
- Nice.

Hey, um... can I ask you something?

Sure. What's up?

It's about the academy candidates.

Uh, not supposed to talk about that.

It's my first year as an evaluator.

- I don't want it to be my last.
- I don't need any inside info.

Just curious how Erika
Rogers is looking so far.

She had a solid first few days.

I mean, like, more than solid.

What did the other
evaluators say about her?

- Arnett and Drummond?
- Yeah.

Not much. I mean,

they made a couple cracks,
but nothing she could hear.

- Nothing she could hear?
- Yeah, no. They're just kidding around.

Jokes reveal attitudes.

Well, they were... they
were making comments

about some of the guys,
too, not just her.

Hey, you know if she earns a spot, I'm...

- I'm gonna pass her.
- I know you will,

but it's got to be unanimous, right?

Arnett and Drummond are
either gonna see her

as a real candidate or as a joke.

Okay, we got to roll.

Better get dressed.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

These are thicker than the vests
you normally wear.

- They cover a larger area.
- HONDO: We appreciate you doing this.

These guys do their homework.

They see another team of guards
in the truck, they're gonna know

- something's going on.
- Happy to help.

One of the guards
they shot the other day,

Sandino... he's a buddy of ours.

- Is he gonna pull through?
- Still in the ICU.

First thing he's gonna hear
when he wakes up is me...

us telling him how
we helped bust these asswipes.

All you got to do is drive the truck.

You stick to protocol,
and you stay in the cab.

Luca's gonna help Kate
with the deliveries.

TAN: We know they're gonna use an EMP,

but we're using shielded radios,
so we'll be in constant contact

with the follow cars and our HQ.

HONDO: Captain Cortez, Agent
DuBois, you getting us?

Loud and clear, Hondo.

We have you, Sergeant.

Let's keep the chatter to a minimum.

- Understood.
- We're ready with the follow cars.

All right, 6:55. Let's mount up.

Do you remember Officer Rogers
from the new class?

Oh. You mean the Officer
Rogers you publicly shamed?

Okay, you're exaggerating.

I was getting serious
Scarlet Letter vibes.

What? I don't read books?

Okay, do you remember she wanted help

with her non-dominant hand marksmanship?

Oh, yeah, right before you told her

to get her shine box and pound pavement?

- Yes, I remember.
- Do you think you can help her out?

- What? And you can't do it because...?
- How's it gonna look?

Me giving special attention

to the only woman in SWAT Academy?

- Come on. No one cares.
- You don't care.

That's why you have
to help change things,

because the guys at the top...
they're gonna look

at the two of us together,
and they're gonna

- start making Charlie's Angels jokes.
- Right.

And they're not gonna take her seriously.

Hell, this crew probably
picked this truck

because one of the guards is a woman.

Figured it'd be easier.

Screw all these guys
and their old-school BS.

Sure, I'll help her.

Ready to roll?

Good to go.

All right, listen up.

It could be a long day, people,
so cozy up.

Let's show this Pit Crew
they ain't all that.

LUCA (OVER COMM): Coming up
to our next stop, Hondo.

DEACON: Follow cars hanging back,

keeping a quarter-mile distance.

Luca, how's it looking?

We got nothing out of the ordinary.

"Nothing out of the ordinary"
is the Pit Crew's MO.

They could get them on
the way back to the truck.


Okay, all good.

Okay, on the move.

Six down.

19 to go.

Detour heading south on Balboa.

Wait, wait, wait.

- What?
- What's going on?

There shouldn't be a detour there.

This is them. Agent DuBois...

They're gonna take them
at the... Van Nuys Airport.

All follow cars move to intercept.

Take Hyperion. No, Lindley south.

- We're going south on Lindley.
- You're sending them

right into the road closures.

There are no road closures.

The Pit Crew set them there.

A couple of guys
in orange vests come out,

they put up a sign
and nobody questions it.

I have seen it before.


- Go ahead. Hold it right there.

- Eagle's Nest, we're stuck.
- What?

Looks like that detour's
a hundred percent real.

This is not today's schedule.

You're looking at the wrong day.

Eagle's Nest, do we wait for
follow cars to catch up?

HONDO: Remember, that Pit Crew
has a tracker on that truck.

If we make any unusual stops
it'll tip them off.

LUCA (OVER COMM): Next stop is in sight.

What do you want us to do?

I'm not...

Luca, this is Captain Cortez.
Proceed to the stop.

- I am giving the orders here, Captain.
- We don't have time for this.

As of this moment, I'm taking
command of the operation.

Now either help or stay out of my way.

My God.

Current traffic maps on every screen.

- And get the airship on the comm.
- MAN: Yes, ma'am.

Let's get them out of that traffic.


Lot of foot traffic but it looks clear.

All right. Roger that. Captain.

Any luck getting our backup out
of that gridlock?

JESSICA: Sending a new route

to follow car GPS units right now.

DEACON: All right, we got it.

We're crawling but we should be
out of this mess

in a minute or so.

Going in now.

Okay, we got a transient paying
a little too much attention

to Kate.

Yep. He's packing.

JESSICA: They won't make their move

until you open the back
of the truck again.

Luca, can you identify any of the others?


The fruit vendor.

And maybe the guy pushing
the carts in the lot.

Yeah, I think I see the getaway car.

Do you want us to take them out now,

and you keep Kate safe in that store?

That's only three out of four members.

If we don't wait,
the fourth could get away.

Or ambush someone.

Engine stopped. That's the EMP.

LUCA: Here comes Kate and
backup's still not here.

Hey, Kate.

- LUCA: Joey's getting out of the cab.
- He's what?

LUCA: Joey, get back in the truck.

Joey, get back in the truck! Joe!



Hey, you be cool. Be cool, man.

- Or I will kill him.
- All right. All right.

We're coming out. No, they got Joey.

- Be cool.
- Luca, talk to me.

If we jump out of here,

can we get a bead on those guys
without getting Joey killed?

Negative. They're getting in the truck.

Radios up one channel...
there's a radio in the cab.

HONDO: Captain, the only leg we
have up on these guys right now

is they don't know we're back here.


- Can you get to them from there?
- We're gonna have to.

Once that EMP wears off
and they start driving,

they're not gonna keep Joey
alive for long.

Deacon, what's your status?


ETA in three minutes.

Make that two minutes.

Even if they get here in time,
those windows are bulletproof.

We've got to get them out somehow.

That big guy had to be a cop.
Check your side mirror.

- You see any more coming?
- No.

Keep trying the engine. Come on.

Less than a minute
before the EMP wears off.

Look. Look, I got kids. I got...


Captain, I've got an idea.

All right, I'm up.

I'm in position.

Once they step out I got 'em.

- Work your magic, Tan.
- I'm on it.

JESSICA: If the engine starts,
get back in the truck.

No. We're gonna have this
handled before I have to worry

- about that, right Tan?
- Almost got it.

Ugh, come on.


Good. Go to the mall. We'll get
a car in the parking garage.

- Hondo?
- Tan, stick to the plan.

I'll figure something out.


JESSICA: Deacon, they're
eastbound on Sherman Way.

Intercept and stop it.



- Stop that truck now.
- Hold on tight, boss.




Get out of the cab!

What do we do?

CHRIS: Out of the cab!

- Get out of the cab now!
- Out of the cab now!

You were right, D.

I'm gonna kill the guard.

- JOEY: No, man.
- EMMITT: You just tell them it was me.

- Come on, man.
- Everything was me.

Everything... the plans, the trucks,

the EMP, the weapons, everything, D.

You tell them it was me, all right?

Tell them it was me, baby brother.

- CHRIS: Put your gun down!
- STREET: On the ground!

HONDO: Do it now, Tan!

Do it now!

CHRIS: Out of the cab!

Get out of the cab!


- CHRIS: Get out of the cab!


STREET: Out of the cab now!

- STREET: Drop your weapon!

DEACON: Get on the ground now! Face down!

- Face down!
- CHRIS: Face down! Put your gun down!

HONDO: Drop the gun!

I'll kill him!

HONDO: I said drop the gun!

Drop the gun,
let me see your hands. Do it!


Drop it!

- Go hands on.
- Go hands on.

Get out here!

- Chris, checking the cab.
- CHRIS: Move!


DUBOIS: Captain Cortez's actions today

were incredibly unprofessional,

and there will be
consequences if she spreads

any unfounded rumors about me.

I already filed my report
with your office.

- You what?
- And when they drug test you,

and it comes back positive,
I hope you're right.

I hope there are consequences.

I know people who have beaten this.

You can, too.

But it's gonna take an
honest look in the mirror.


Well, there goes the bat.

I'm gonna be on the phone with the FBI

all day tomorrow, aren't I?

Better than letting her put officers

in the next city at risk.


Hey. Congrats on busting those guys.

Thanks. I just wish I could've been

the one surfing on top of that truck.

- Yeah.
- What you said earlier...

you might be right.
You might be good enough

and still not make it.

It's no surprise.
Thanks for your honesty.

Which means you have to be
the best in your class.

We can't give them any excuse
to pass you over.

So, what? You changed your mind
about helping me?

No. The less they see of you
and me together, the better.

You know Jim Street, right?

Dimples? Isn't as funny as he thinks?

(LAUGHING): You should tell him that.
Let me know his reaction.

He'll be at the range tomorrow morning

if you still want tips on
shooting with that left hand.

I'll be there. Thank you.

Thank me when you make it.

I can use the company.


Now, it depends on how
much the Feds recover,

but you could easily get
over a hundred grand.

(LAUGHING): My God. Thank you.

I know it doesn't bring your dad back.

And it doesn't ease the pain.

But it's something.

I wanted you to know right away.

Good night.


Until your partner called you
that today at the station,

I didn't know who you were.

What do you mean?

I thought you were just some
Sergeant Daniel Harrelson

who came here to tell me my dad died.

I didn't know you were Hondo,

the guy my dad talked about all the time.

Dad was, uh...

He didn't have many friends.

You were important to him.

And so were you.

You be good.