S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Hondo's team must track down a serial killer who escaped justice by faking his own death. Hondo worries about Buck's mental health as he deals with depression in the aftermath of his firing.

Previously on SWAT...

Jessica can't sleep
with one of her subordinates,

and if you cared
about Jessica,

you'd want to protect her.
I hate this.

The timing isn't right.
You got to do you,

and you can't
do that with me.

17-year-old young man,
Raymont Harris,

was accidentally shot
and seriously injured

by team leader Buck Spivey.

Now, this morning,
I terminated Sergeant Spivey.

How far you
and Buck go back?

He knew my mom.
Put her in prison.

I've been watching Street,
and if I can't be here
to help him,

I'm hoping you will.

Come on, Boot.

Or is everyone from
Hollywood Division this slow?

I swear I trained him
better than this.

Witnesses saw a girl

dragged from a car
registered to a Keri Sims,

actress from Ohio.

She fits the profile
of his other victims.

The "Vanity Killer."
All the screenwriters in town,

they can't come up with
a better name than that?


Robbery-Homicide's on site
with more details.

All right.
We got to roll, people.

You can cross your T's
in the truck.

Where we headed?
Baldwin Village.

We get this done in time, we
can hit Phillips on Crenshaw.

What's Phillip's?
Best ribs in L.A.

How you know my spot?
Girl's got to eat.

Ninety-six seconds.

I think we can
get it down under 90.

Only two weeks
on the job,

and already pushing
for better.

I like the ambition,

I've had eight bodies turn up
within a mile of this spot
since August.

Don't know diddly
about the killer,

but Forensics says that
all the vics were locked up
someplace damp,

cold and full of asbestos
before they died.

And you think this building's
where your guy's
been keeping them?

The girl that was seen
dragged inside
fits his M.O. to a T.

You couple that
with the location,
the reinforced steel doors,

it's the best lead
I've had so far.

He expecting us?
Shouldn't be.

We kept our distance.

Didn't want to spook him
with a possible
live victim inside.

If he keeps his prisoners
alive for a while,
why not just wait him out?

He tortures his victims
for weeks,

I got no proof
he ever leaves them alone.

You really want
to set up camp

while he slow kills
an innocent?

We'll bring him down.
Thank you, Detective.

Okay, Hondo, Luca, Red Team,
you're with me.

Deacon, you're
Blue Team with Chris and Tan.

Stay liquid, fill the gaps.

This is why we're here.

CHRIS: It's dark.

We got eyes,
but it's dark on our end.

Nothing moving.
We're dark, too.

Blowing the door. Go!

Red Team is in.

Blue Team
securing the rear.

Give me two!

Left side clear!
Right side clear!

Give me two!
Give me two!

Right side clear!

Left side clear!
We're clear!

Give me two!
Let's go.

Going right.

Left side clear!
Right side clear!



He's here.
On my way.

Chris and Tan
have the rear secure.

I got left!

Hang on!
I got right!

Luca, get her out of here.
Hondo, with me.

It's okay. I got you.

It's Keri, right? You're
gonna come with me, okay?

Come on.
No. What about him?

I need trailers!

En route to assist.
Come here.

We got trip wire.


Hang on there, buddy.

He's got enough C-4
to blow the entire building.

Better back off.

Pull back.


We got explosives! Evacuate!

Everybody out now!

I'm waiting on trailers.
I got a second victim here.

the building now.

BUCK: Negative, Deac!
This place is about to blow!

Luca, get out, now!

Please. Help me.

Look, give me
two minutes, okay?

In two minutes,
you'll all be charcoal.
Evacuate now, Luca!

That's an order!

Hey. I'll come back for you.

I promise.

Come on. Come on!

I got a live victim
and a stack of explosives.

I need that bomb squad

Hey. Come on!
Come on! Let's go!

I got her. I got her.
You'll be safe here, okay?

I got her.
Luca, stop!

There's still a man in there!

Look, one bedroom,

Not that you'd use them.

Why are you so snarky?

It's not like your socks
smell any better.

Because I eat on
that table, Luca.

It's been four months.
Don't you want your own place?


Benji's Bakery booth.

Their chocolate croissants
will change your life.

Come on. It's my treat.
I just want...

We're not
stopping for pastries.

No. Forget the pastries.
Follow me.

What's up? You want to
tell me what this is about?

Hey, remember
a couple years ago,

that psycho that was
cutting up
all the pretty people?

Yeah, his victims
were all, like,

L.A. newcomers chasing
Hollywood dreams, right?

Yeah, exactly.
"Vanity Killer."

What about him?

Namaste. Thank you.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Sorry. Sorry.

Excuse me, excuse me.

That's him. Hey!


Damn it!

Hey, Buck, it's Hondo, man.
I've left a few of these now.

Appreciate a call back.
I'm here at your house,

but it doesn't look like
you've been here in a while.

Let me know if you're out of
town or something, all right?



Hey, Luca. What's up?

Hey, you won't believe
who I just saw.

Remember that sicko that
nearly blew us up two years
ago in Baldwin Village?

The serial killer?

He's alive, bro,
and he's here.

I almost had him.
All right,
wait a minute.

What happened?
What makes you
think it was him?

No, I don't think.
I know. Trust me.
I got his plate number.

We got to get with that
detective working the case.

Text me his plate number.

Somebody get caught cheating
with their secretary?

Both single, but
we'll probably find

a jealous somebody

You were pretty cryptic on the
phone. What brings you to me?

I got a call from
one of my guys who swears he
just saw the Vanity Killer.

He blew himself up.
Y... You were there.

He blew the building.
Forensics never found
his remains.

Well, the killings stopped,
didn't they?

My guy is not the type
to cry wolf.

Got a 20 on this guy?
I just got a plate number.

Hondo, I got a backlog longer
than the lines at Disneyland.

I can't let
warm bodies go cold

just 'cause your guy
thinks he saw a ghost.

I'm not asking you
to do the legwork.

Just send over
the Homicide case file.
Let me take a look.

Hell, if you want to play
detective on your day off,

I'll give you access
to the whole system.

You get me a good lead,
and I'll make time to work it.

All right.
That's all I ask.
All right.

Appreciate it.

Okay? So make sure
you keep your elbows tight

when you're going in
for the clench.

Okay. Pair up and practice.


God, what
an awesome surprise.

You're looking fierce.

Do you want to help
with some demos?

I'd love to,
but I'm actually here

with some pretty
serious news.

I saw him today.

Down by the marina.
He got away.

Um, come here.


Like him, him?


He's dead.
We saw the explosion.

I don't know how,
but... it was him.

Look, we're gonna be all
over this, I promise you that,

but it might be good
if you hang at the station
till we get him.

If he thinks the
heat's back on,

and he knows
you can I.D. him...

It's just better
to play it safe.

Yeah, of course.

Okay, I'm gonna
get my stuff.


Hey, Hondo.

I thought your team
was down today.
Oh, we are.

I just came in to help Luca
with something. Listen, um...

I know Buck's been
coming to see you

ever since the
Raymont Harris shooting.

I'm just wondering if
he's doing all right lately.

I'm a little worried
about him.

Well, the whole
doctor-patient thing

keeps my lips pretty tight,
but I am getting concerned.

He was doing great,

then he missed his last
two therapy sessions.

Did he give you a reason?

He, uh,
didn't cancel them.

He just didn't show up.

Haven't heard
a word from him.

I was actually gonna
ask you about him.

All right, thanks. Will you
let me know if he calls?

If you promise
to do the same.

Of course.

HICKS: "You need to change
your tune, lady,

before somebody gets hurt,
like you."


Where was this, exactly?

Right here on my desk.

Last week,
your car gets vandalized,
now you're getting threats.

You pissed
a lot of people off

with that police
accountability proposal.

No address,
just my name on the envelope.

Someone delivered
it personally.

Well, you were
off yesterday,

so it was someone
who swiped into the building

in the last 36 hours.

Hard to believe
one of our officers

would stoop
to an anonymous threat.

I don't want to tell you
I told you so, but...

Sounds like you just did.

I'm gonna get
threat management

to launch an

Meanwhile, I want
an R-100 security detail

shadowing you
around the clock.

Sir, I'd like the chance
to address our teams first.

You already got a target
on your back, Jessica,

you go barking at the troops,
you're only gonna
make it bigger.

I'm not asking you
to hold up the investigation.

Just keep things quiet
until the end of today.

All right, I don't want you
leaving the building
without an escort.

I'm not taking
any chances with this.


Hey. I hope it's cool,
I brought a guest.

This young lady
is always welcome.

Keri, oh, how you doing?
I'm digging the new-look.

Yeah, not after the same
kind of attention
I used to be, so...

Figured she'd be
safer here with us.
Of course.

So, you get with
Detective Rose?

Yeah, yeah, but he's
stretched pretty thin,

so for the moment,
we're flying solo.

What? How-how is this
not a priority?

Once we get something
solid, it will be.

Okay, you get anything
off the plate?

Well, the license
links to a bunk car.

It was impounded months ago.

But Rose plugged me into
his vehicle tracking system,

and I think I might
have something.

All right,
this system's pretty dope.

City's got cameras all over
that automatically record
license plates.

Like hidden cameras?
Cameras in squad cars,

traffic cams,
those little
parking ticket carts.

If you plug in a plate number
and a time frame,

the system will tell you
anywhere that car
was recorded.

So I plugged in the plate
Luca gave me,

and it actually came up a half
a dozen times this morning,

but it went silent
an hour ago.

It was last tagged on a side
street in North Hollywood.

That means it's got to be
parked somewhere close by,
then, right?

If the car's still moving,
the system should
pick it back up.

Well, great. Let's call Rose.
Let's go get him, man.

Hey, Luca, slow down.
We got to get eyes on this guy

and be 100 it's him
before we go back to RHD.

I am a hundred.

All right, let's go get him.

Keri, is it cool if you
chill here for a bit?

Yeah. Is it okay
if I use your gym?
Knock yourself out.

You know, Luca,
that's quite an eye you got,

spotting him after so long,

especially when we all
thought he was dead.

No, I never thought that.

How come you're so sure
about this?

Hondo, I had this guy's sketch
on my fridge for two years.

I'd know his face anywhere.

I would've put it up
at Street's place

if he wasn't so touchy
about his pad.

He's not an easy guy to live
with, by the way, trust me.

Oh, he's the pain-in-the-ass
roommate, not you?

Wait a minute. You're still
bunking at Street's?

Oh, I got to buy
that kid a beer.

He just set a new record.
He plays like

he's done with it,
but I don't think

he really wants me to leave.

How'd you find Keri so fast?

We keep in touch.

You know, I mean,
we were both pretty
rattled after that night.

Changed her life.

Took that poor girl's
dreams away.

Sometimes it's good
to talk to each other.

You know that bastard
made her watch

as he tortured the other guy?

He told Keri the only way
that he'd stop

is if she killed
the guy herself.

There. That's the car!

This is Sergeant Harrelson,
requesting assistance

with a suspicious vehicle.

That you, Lance?

Stop playing around.
You're late enough.


Guessing neither of you
is Lance.

We're Metro SWAT.
Who's Lance?

The-the guy I'm waiting
to shoot.

Is he a big guy?
Drives a gray SUV?

No, he's pretty and broke.

He drives
an old beater.

He's also two hours late
and not answering calls.

He's not answering his phone?

Even his agent can't find him,
which is weird,

'cause nobody at his level
ignores their agent.


Name's Lance Roy.
I need a 20 on his cell phone,

personal vehicle,
whatever you can get me.

Guy must've seen me
clock him at the park,

ditched his ride to be safe.

Yeah, but not his plan
to snatch another victim.

Probably tracking this
Lance guy for weeks.

I'll bet he was in
that yoga class.

The killer knew
he'd be here, too,

so he kidnapped him
in his own car.

You hear that?


Yep, that's his agent.

I'm really starting to wish
you weren't right about this.

Yep, you and me both.

Any idea what this
is all about?

No idea.
But seems pretty major.

Luca told us what's up
with that psycho resurfacing.

Yeah. We want to help.

All of us.
I knew you would.

I'll bring you all up to speed
when whatever this is
wraps up.

Listen up!

Thank you for coming in,

especially those who were
scheduled to have the day off.

Unfortunately, we're here
to discuss the actions
of someone in this unit.

This morning,
Captain Cortez found
a letter on her desk

posing an anonymous threat
to her safety.

Captain Cortez would like
to address you directly.


Many of you don't agree
with my recent police
accountability proposals,

and that's fine.

But first,
I had my tires slashed,

and now I've been
personally threatened.

I became a police officer
because I believe
in what that stands for.

I know most of you
feel the same.

Most of you would
have no tolerance
for something like this.

So here's my offer,

if the person who wrote
the letter comes forward

in the next hour,
we talk this out, one on one.

If not,

it becomes
a criminal investigation.

Nobody liked those proposals,
but this is a disgrace.

Thought the captain
handled herself well.

More tolerant
than I would've been.

A threat from inside SWAT?

This is crazy.

You don't pull
a stunt like that

and get to call
yourself an officer.

You imagine what
Buck would say?

He'd be the first one
wanting to swing the ax.

Have you heard
from him lately?

Uh, we caught a pay-per-view
fight a couple weeks back.


No, it's probably nothing.

I stopped by his place,
but it looked like

he hadn't been there
in a while.

He's not returning
any calls.

You try Long Beach?
What's in Long Beach?

He's got, like,
a couple hangouts there

he heads to
when he wants to unplug.

That's mostly
where I used to see him.

I just saw something
that's got me worried.

I think he might be
having some type
of financial trouble.

Do you mind
trying to find him?
Make sure he's all right?

Yeah, of course.
Anything for Buck.



You okay?

Not exactly the way
I wanted to start my week.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because that's not
who we are now.

A threat like this could
be really serious.

It's just a cop
blowing off steam.

You don't know that.

Let me stop by after work
and check up on you.

I want to read this
letter for myself.

You finally got it.

SWAT eagle.

I promised myself I would
if I ever made 20-David.

I just, wanted to make sure
I could hold on to the job.

Well, I guess you still need
to pick up your stuff

from my place anyway.

I'll stop by later tonight.


Trying to make the rest of us
look lazy, or what?

Just getting my sweat on.

Was that big meeting
about our guy?

No, it was something else. Um,
we did get some news, though.

We think he grabbed
someone new.


Couple hours ago.

I keep thinking,
what if he sped things up
'cause he saw me this morning?

No, Luca,
you can't blame yourself.
It's all on him.

I just don't want him
taking another life.

Anything I can
do to help?
Yeah, maybe.

If you're up for it.

We got your statement
from the file,

but I know a lot
of times, um,

details, they don't
come back till later.

And I don't want
to make you relive anything

that you're
uncomfortable with,

but if you're willing,

we got someone
you can sit down with.

You never know
what you might remember.

Okay, Keri,
this isn't official.

Absolutely no pressure.

Just share whatever
you can recall

and whatever
you're comfortable with.

Yeah, of course.

Maybe what we should do
is start from when
you were first taken.

Um, I was still new here.

I was still trying
to get my face on billboards,

you know, get movie roles.

Now half the time,
I wish I was invisible.

I was coming out
of an audition

when he stopped me,
and he said he was

with the casting director and
they needed an extra headshot.

Um, I thought that was weird,
but hopefully a good thing.

You know, had one
in the car, so why not?

But when I opened the door,
he pointed a gun at me,

uh, told me to get in.

Uh, and then
he handcuffed
my wrists and ankles,

and we drove off.

He kept me face down,
in the back.

And I kept thinking, I should
have fought to get away,

I should have
made him shoot me.

But it was too late.

He took me to a place
that smelled like...


There was a another prisoner
there, a man.

He was chained
to a wall.

There were, um,
half-eaten burritos

and-and gas station
food wrappers everywhere.

That's all he fed us.

He said he'd like
to watch me eat,

but that tonight
we'd watch the man
die instead.

He, uh, tortured him
for hours.

I begged him to stop.

I'm sorry. I know
none of this is helpful.

No, no, no.
You don't need to apologize.

Your bravery
is an inspiration.

Thank you.

You did great.

You guys being here
means a lot.

We don't get enough
days off as it is.

I was knee-deep
in diapers anyway.

Yeah, and if I have
to hear about

my Uncle Wiso's plastic hip
one more time,

I might just have to
break his other one.

Well, meanwhile, me and Luca
spent the morning
chasing down his hunch.

And it turns out,
it's a pretty good one.

A killer that we thought
was dead is still out there.

Now, we got to do
whatever we can

to find this guy before
he takes another life.

Did you get anything
off the SUV he ditched?

Forensics is swabbing
for DNA and fingerprints,

but that's gonna
take some time.

Meanwhile, we think
the killer might be using

a 2001 CR-V
registered to a Lance Roy.

Now, this Lance,
he's good kid.

He was a volunteer firefighter
back in Iowa

before he decided
to come to Hollywood

and try to be somebody
in the biz.

Now, his car has no GPS,
and the plate tracker

hasn't dinged
since this morning.

Anything else to go on?

I tracked
the suspect's abandoned SUV

for the past two weeks,

back before he knew
we were onto him.

He was rolling around
during the day,

but he was also tagged
days and nights

going in and out
of Agoura Hills.

Big area to canvass.
We know anything
about his habits?

Could be a regular
at a coffee shop or at a bar?


How'd it go with Keri?
That girl's a rock.

Can't imagine what
she's been through.

What's this?

We think our suspect
might live

somewhere in this area.

I got something
that might help.

Keri said that the guy only
fed the victims junk food

from, like, gas stations
or convenience stores.

Well, it's only convenient
if it's close to home.

Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah

What condition
my condition was in

I woke up this morning
with the sundown

Shining in

I found my mind
in a brown paper bag within...

You know, when someone
turns their phone off,

it's usually not code for,
"Hey, come find me."

Maybe I'm just here to bowl.
Nice shoes.

So, uh, how's tricks?

Everything good?

Oh, yeah. Never better.

Is that why you're bowling
alone in Long Beach?

It's a perk of retirement.

So, I see you still
suck at this.

I had a horrible teacher.

Hey, uh,

something going on
between you and Hondo?

He said that you're not
returning his calls.

I guess you two
are getting on now?

Oh, what makes
you say that?

Well, Hondo's not the kind
of guy to ask for help.

He wouldn't
send you to find me
if he didn't trust you.

Unless he's just so worried
that he didn't have a choice.

Worried about what, exactly?

Just... How you're doing.

If you're getting by.

Maybe he thinks
you're in some sort
of financial trouble.

There you go.

Guess I
shouldn't have told him
where I keep the spare key.

Well, you disappeared.

Would you rather
none of us cared?

So, you want to tell me
what happened?
You bent your wrist.

Fine. Um...

So, I had a chunk of money
I wanted to be

a little bit
more aggressive with.

Uh, had a clock on it.

You know, so I, uh...
I found a start-up company,

you know,
looked promising.

I-I took a gamble on it,
and I, uh, I lost.

That's-that's the end
of the story.

What do you mean
it had a clock on it?

You just don't let up, do you?

Somehow you love me for it.

I spent my life
serving the city,

and I undid everything
I had accomplished

with a single mistake.

Talking about
that kid you shot?

Raymont Harris.

Yeah, I wanted to
pay off his college tuition

but I-I screwed that up, too.

But, hey, I can
still bowl a 200.

Did I ever tell you
about the time

my mom shot my dad dead
when I was 12,

and the arresting officer
sat me down for a little talk?

That where you learned
to stick your nose

in other people's business?


Anyway, he said something

that really,
really stuck with me.

You're gonna
throw my own words
back at me right now?

He said sometimes
you get kicked in the teeth,

and it hurts like hell,

but life is not about
how many blows you take.

It is about
how hard you hit back.

You were a kid back then,
right, and I was a cop

who still had
a lot of fight in him.

Things are different now.

How? You just got to stop
beating yourself up.

You got to get back
in the fight.

Look, I appreciate you coming
down here to set me straight.

I do.
But I'm just not interested

in throwing
any more punches, Jimmy.

I'm done.

What am I supposed
to tell Hondo?

Well, you tell Hondo
to worry about himself.

And tell him to worry
about the team.

No more scratchers.

Hey, 15 stores.
I'm out of cash.

You got to play
till you win, right?

Yeah. Or until
you go bankrupt.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on. Damn it.

Everything all right?

Yeah. Can't get an even pace.

Uh, slow on the bottom,
fast on the top.

And that's a problem why?

They don't roll even,
they don't cook even.
It's not calculus.

Like you don't
take pride in your work?
What do you need?

Arty, is it?


We're hoping you've seen
a customer in here

who resembles the man
in this sketch.

No way.

I knew that dude looked shady.

Why do you say that?

Because no one who eats like
that is in their right mind.

Guy buys, like,
the nastiest food we got.

Almost takes pleasure in it.
Do you know his name?

Nah. Doesn't talk much,
always pays in cash.


We're gonna need to see
your security footage.

That's him.

His hair was different,
and he had a beard then,

but I'd know his eyes
anywhere. 100%.

Thanks, Miss Sims.

Hey, I'll catch up with you
in a minute. Okay.

Our software matched the image
from the security cam

to the DMV records

of an electrical engineer,
Martin Harwell.

He's been in Portland
for the last two years,

but he just moved back
and bought a place in...

You guessed it...
Agoura Hills.

City planner's pulling up
blueprints of the house,

so we know what
we're up against.

The last time, he had
his place booby-trapped.

We should expect
more of the same.

You guys made fast work
out of finding this guy.

You get tired
of being shot at,
my unit's always looking.

We're more about "go get 'em"
than "whodunit,"

so how about we go get him?

I'm rushing the warrant.
Won't be long.

Long before what?

I'll bring you up to speed.
Luca, go get geared up.

Have the rest of the team
meet us on site.

You got it, man.


Hey. Did you find Buck?


That money he lost,
he wanted it to be a gift

for the kid that he shot.

He's trying to make
things right, I guess.

That guilt's gonna
eat him up alive.

But I think I know something
that could help. It's just...

It's delicate.

Is there anything
I can do?

Yeah. Get Buck in here
at the end of the shift,
all right?

All right. Done.

No one came forward?

I really thought
someone would.

Might have an idea
why they didn't.

We pulled a print
off the envelope.

We should talk about
how to proceed.

It could get messy.

Hey. What's going on here?

We pulled a print
off the envelope

containing a threat
to Captain Cortez.

Your wife's prints
were in the system

from volunteer work
she did with kids,

and she was here
at H.Q. yesterday
to drop something off for you.

Wait, you're not saying...

Oh, Val. Please tell me
you didn't write that letter.

I didn't want
to get you in trouble.

But you weren't going
to say anything,

and I think it's important
that she knows

how the officers really feel.
JESSICA: And you thought

threatening me
was the best way
to communicate that?

Your proposal
makes it easier

to prosecute cops
for doing their job.

You're threatening them.

My proposal says
cops should be held

to the same standard
as the citizens they protect.

Which is totally fair.

It's just, it's not
what we all felt

when we first heard about it.

It kind of felt
like you were

making it harder on cops
instead of criminals.


a group of us got together,
and we hit the bar

and got pretty riled up
about it.

Riled up enough
to vandalize the captain's
vehicle last week?

I don't know anything
about that.

But I was still upset
when I got home.

Said a lot of things to Val
that I probably
shouldn't have.

All of them true.
Val. Please.

I was never gonna
follow through
on anything in that letter.

I was just trying
to make a point.

So, Captain,

how do you
want to handle this?

Watching someone you love head
into danger every single day

must be incredibly difficult.

And you think I'm
increasing that danger,

so I understand why
you wrote the letter.

But everything I do is meant
to keep our officers safe.

And anonymous threats
are not the way to make me

change my mind
on how to do that.

I'm not looking to
do more damage here.

If you promise me
our differences won't be

a problem in the future,
I'm happy to let this go.

They won't.

I promise.

Okay, well, I'm glad
we made peace here,

but this is
a criminal offense,
and crimes have consequences.

We can't just pretend
like this didn't happen.

Well, consequences, sure,
but can't we keep it
in the family?

Well, if we're gonna
enforce the law,

we also have to
follow it, Sergeant.


Wake up!

We're just getting started.

May I help you?

Yeah, I'm with
Water and Power.

We've, uh, we've had
some outages in your area.

My power is fine.

Yeah. Just the same,
I'd like to walk
your property

and inspect the lines.

Should only take a minute.

Uh, I'm sorry.
Now's not a good time.

Can you come back tomorrow?

Uh, suit yourself,
but, uh, w-we're gonna
have to cut power

while we run some tests
on the system.

Should only take
a couple minutes.

Fine. But could you
make it quick, please?
Thank you.

Okay, thank you.
And I'm gonna leave
a comment card here

by the gate, so you can
let my boss know

that you're satisfied
with my service.

We got two minutes to get in

before the power restores
and we trigger the alarm.

Cut the power
in three, two, go.

Shall we continue?

If this guy
sticks to his M.O.,

we got two live
hostages inside.

And one of them is running
out of time quick.

Remember, this guy's
deep into security tech.

He's probably got some
surprises waiting for us.

Might have more C4 on him.

If you see something,
you alert the team
and we pull back.

We're in.

Well, I guess
he knows we're here.

Any sign of explosives?
DEACON: Negative.

No, but we got
a Burglar Bomb shooting
tear gas from the wall.

Luca, pass me the Hooligan.

All right, we got
a reinforced door.

Preparing an explosive breach
right now.
CHRIS: Roger.

We got a door to work, too,
but I think we can pop it.

Down here! Help!

Left side clear.

Right side clear.

Where is he?

He's-he's behind there.

Tan, stay ready.

Loosen them up.

I got you. I got you.
You're gonna be okay.

All right, stay calm.

You're good.
You're good.

I got you. I got you.
Come on. Come on.

Easy. All right.

Found the C4.

Copy that. Pull back.

Victims are secure.
Let's get out of here.

I'm not letting this guy
walk again.

Luca, I repeat.

Pull back! That's an order!



Why'd you do it?



Luca! Come on, man.

Target is secure.

Hey. I was just
coming to find you.

I zonked out on Wendy's couch
for a while.

Are you okay?

Did you get him?

We got him,
for good this time.

And the guy he took?
He's safe and sound.

Along with another
victim that we found

in that sicko's basement.

They're-they're both
pretty shook up,

but physically
they're gonna be okay.

I'd like to meet them.

Let them know
they're not alone.

Yeah, of course. Come on.

You did good, now.

I got Hicks
to drop the charge

from criminal threat
to harassment.

Might hurt your pocketbook,
but no jail time.

Thank you, Captain.
I can't tell you
what that means to me.

As long As you're here,
anything else you'd
like to discuss?

No, ma'am.
Concerns about the proposal?

This whole thing
has opened my eyes.

A lot.

Thank you, Rocker.

I heard
about the letter.

I'm glad it didn't
become more serious.

Me, too.

So, I guess I, uh,
I don't need to stop by.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I still need to get you
your stuff.

I can meet you
somewhere in between
our places tomorrow.

That's fine.

Good night.

Ah, there he is.
My future Bruin.

Ah, UCLA, baby.

You did
the damn thing, man.

I'm so proud of you.

Thanks. I'm pretty excited.

Well, you should be.

You want a water?

All right.

So, listen, kid.

I had you come down here...

'cause I want to
ask you something.

It's really important.

All right.

The officer
who shot you, Buck,

he was like a mentor
to me coming up.

Raymont, he was
a damn good cop

and he did
a lot of great things
for this city.

Okay. What's that
got to do with me?

He's suffering right now.

He can't seem to let go
of his mistake.

And I'm supposed to
help him out with that
or something?

I was hoping you might
be willing to meet him.

Let him look you in the eye
and tell you he's sorry.

He doesn't need to do that.

I'm moving on.
He should do the same.

I wish it was
that easy, kid.

I understand
that you've done a whole lot
of suffering over this

and I'm so proud of you
for how you bounced back.

I wouldn't
be asking you to do this
if it wasn't important.

I didn't deserve
to get shot.

No, you did not.

And I'm not excusing
his mistake.

But Buck is a thoughtful man.

It's why this whole thing
is eating him alive.

Look, if it makes you too
uncomfortable, I get it.

It's cool.

All I got to do is meet him?

Just hear him out

and see where it
goes from there.

Raymont, the greatest thing
that we can do for someone

who wronged us
is to forgive them.

I don't know if
I'm ready for this.

I mean, I thought
I was, uh,

I was ready for this,
but I don't know.

Hey, how many times
growing up did you tell me,

"Always face your fears"?

Yeah, I didn't think
you were ever listening.

I was.

Now it's your turn.

Got someone here
who wants to meet you.

Now, listen to me,
I don't, I don't want
to do this

if you pressured him into it.

I don't, I don't wanT...

Buck. Buck.

He wants it
and you need it.

Come on.


Raymont, come on in.


I'm Buck Spivey.

Raymont Harris.

Can we, uh, sit down, talk?

You sure that kid's
ready for this?

He's a tough kid.

And Buck has a way of
putting people at ease

and bringing out
the best in them.

Yeah. Yeah, I might know
a thing or two about that.