S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

An arrest of an illegal immigrant puts SWAT in a bad light with the people. Meanwhile the President of the Police Commission discovers Hondo and Jessica's affair.

Previously on S.W.A.T...

This is more than just
hooking up at this point.
I'm your boss now.

Being together
could cost us our jobs.

It's a stupid
department policy.

It's dangerous.

Hicks is sucking up
to Michael Plank.

I know that name.
of the police commission?

Commissioner Plank.

So, I wanted to
ask you if you had

any thoughts or suggestions
on my policing proposals.

So, this proposal outlines
what I call an "ethics panel."

I think you're gonna need
my help to get these approved.

The reason why
I didn't forward your
proposal to Plank before

is because it's gonna
turn a lot of good cops
against you.

I think she's destined
for bigger things
than just S.W.A.T.

We got guns

You better run

You better run
You better run

You better run

We're killing strangers

We're killing strangers

We're killing strangers

So we don't kill
the ones that we love

We're killing strangers

We're killing strangers

We're killing strangers...

What about her?


The ones that we love




Ella está hecha de viento,

de fuerza que ningún
hombre puede igualar.

Ella está en riesgo.

Porque ella es fuego.

"Es fuego."

A poem my mom
used to say to me.

The woman is born of fire,

and society wants to tame her.

Tame her?

Why would they
want to do that?

Hicks wants your team on
an ICE raid in Van Nuys.

They move in an hour.

I thought our policy
was hands-off when it
comes to federal raids.

Target's an L-2D gang member.

Toro Ochoa.

ICE is asking for support.

Time to go.


Oh, this isn't good.

Oh, no. We've been found out.

Someone leaked
the accountability proposal
to the press.

My name, Commissioner Plank's,

our review panel
on "use of force."

You weren't planning
to go wide yet.

I wanted to sell it
to the rank and file
before it went public.

Some cops
might feel blindsided.

Michael took a chance on me,
on my ideas
to reform the department.

You and Michael seem like
you've been working
pretty hard.

But it won't matter
if we can't get the
department on board.

This could ruin everything.

Okay, stop, Jess.

Don't worry about it.

Everything's gonna be okay.

One problem at a time.


Be safe.

Piece of cake.

Federal agents!
This is a raid.
We want Toro Ochoa.

All right,
get 'em up! Let's go!

Federal agents.


We want Toro Ochoa.

All right, let's go.
Get moving. Let's go.
Hey. Hey!

On the ground!
Stay right there.

On your knees.

Stay right there.

Hey. Hey!

Get on the ground.

Get on the ground.

Toro Ochoa.

You seen him?

He around?

How about you?

Sir, the apartments
are all cleared.

There's no sign of Ochoa.
Start checking IDs.


This is Agent Jones.
We have a breach. Ten...

Twelve suspects.

Roger that.
Perimeter's covered.

You ready?


LAPD! Stop right there!

On the ground!

Get on the ground now!

We got two rabbits.

LAPD, don't move!

Street, let's go.
Deacon, cover him.

I got beanie boy.

Chill out!

You're done.

LAPD! Stop!

Give me your hands!

I got the runner.
I didn't do anything wrong.

Shouldn't have run, then.
Good work, Officer.

You have any ID on him?

Metro pass.

Carlos Acosta.

You know Toro Ochoa?
No, sir.

I just live in the building.

I have nothing to do
with criminals.

You a UDA?
Undocumented alien?

Thought so.

Give him to me.

I thought we were supposed to
be going after gang members.

He look like one to you?


But this is ICE's op, Street.

And we follow the law.

Let's get out of here.

Hondo. Heard we're
taking over an ICE case.

Toro Ochoa.

L-2D wanted for murder.

ICE's intel didn't pan out,
so they're moving on.

Now they want us
to track him down.

Our city, our problem?

They're gonna
coordinate with Cortez.

Sure she has time,
or is she too busy
making things hard for us?

Stricter rules on cops.

Who the hell does she think
the bad guys are?

Look, I haven't read
all the details,

but it seems to me any officer
who does their job right

shouldn't have any issues.

If Cortez thinks the problem

between the police
and the community
are the cops,

I got news for her.

All right, let's
just take a beat.

Hear Cortez and Plank out.

Yeah, remember that
when you're being reviewed

and someone like Ochoa
kills somebody.

Hey, Hondo.

Our boy's on the news.

In a raid this morning,

an LAPD officer
is seen here handing
a suspect's ID

over to a federal official.

My brother Carlos
is a good man.
He is not a criminal,

and he is not in a gang,
and now because of this
officer he's being deported?

I thought the police
were different here.

By arresting my brother,
they've broken their promises

to this community.

Officer Street.

Did you unilaterally decide
to change city policy

in regards to how the LAPD
interacts with locals?


Because up there,
it looks like

you're handing over
a man's ID
to a federal officer.

Los Angeles
is a sanctuary city.

Don't have to agree with it,

but that's the playbook
the mayor drew up.

Now, we all know
why she did that, right?

The UDAs in the city
will be afraid to come forward
and report their crimes.

It's close to
a half a million people.

And we need their trust.

Now, I got five
city council members
on my phone sheet.

They're pissed.

Think we violated
community loyalty.

ICE asked me for his ID.

What was I supposed
to do, tell him no?

Sir, the immigration beef
between the Feds and the
locals is way over our heads.

Yeah, well, this city
has a delicate truce.

And now because of him,
they think we picked sides.

Get your team in
order, Sergeant.

And while you're at it,
find Toro Ochoa

so the press
has something else
to chew on.


You get the optics
on this, right?

That lady on the news,
what it looks like to her.

We didn't raid the place.

The feds did.
The feds are gone, Street.

That leaves just us
to take the heat.

Hey. Listen,
we got a situation
going on here.

Where are you?


All right. Stay right there.

All right, listen,
you guys dig into Ochoa.

I'll be back
as soon as I can.

I saw the
news about the raid.

I was headed into the office
when I found my car like this.

I doubt it's a coincidence.

The same day the anti-bias
proposal was leaked.

You think a cop did this?

I know there'd be pushback,

We'll get to the bottom of it.

I want to get you
some protection.

I can protect myself.


I know you can.

So, here's what ICE sent over
on Toro Ochoa.
I don't get it.

We provide support for an op,

provide backup when
they can't corral anyone,
I get in trouble?

Well, you're not in trouble.
A crime's a crime.

Carlos Acosta came to
this country illegally

just like Toro Ochoa did.
Oh, that's not in
the same league.

House painter versus
murderous gang leader?

Yeah, no.
Look, I'm not saying
that they're equal.

Carlos Acosta
broke the law by coming into
and staying in this country.

We only gonna enforce
some of the laws now?

All right, hey.

Acosta's a thing,

but he's not our thing.

Now, we all can agree
that Ochoa is a criminal.

Now, where are we at with him?

Well, he's a recruiter
for Los Diablos Dormidos.

The L-2Ds.
The Sleeping Devils.
They're bad news.

We didn't have those down
in Long Beach. Who are they?

See the world as their
own personal hell.

Motto's "blood, rape, kill."

Most of them are undocumented.

They crossed in
from El Salvador.

Ochoa uses that angle,

offers protection
to the recruits
to get them into the fold.

Oh, look at that.

One of the guys
that we swept up today
wants to talk.

Deacon, you're with me.

The rest of you
dig into Ochoa's jacket.
Got it.

Everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

It's just Cortez is
catching a lot of flack

for her new reform proposals.

Tan, you got a new girl?

Street does.
Lots of them.
He's trending on Twitter.

Hashtag CuteBadCop.

Yeah, way to go, player.

You're the early leader
for the next
Jackass of the Month Award.

Heh. He's a shoo-in.
Start saving your money,


Before I narc on Ochoa,
I want protection.

I want to know that I'm not
going back to San Sal.

Only the Feds make
those kinds of deals, Messa.

Come on. I came here to get
away from guys like Ochoa.

I was only with him
'cause he would've
killed me if I wasn't.


And... He made me do things.

Like killing that city
worker on the street?

Hey, Lepo, he helped me
with that, too.

Look, just keep me away
from Ochoa, okay?

Only if you got
something for us.

If you're looking for him,
he likes music.

All right, thanks.
Hey, Ochoa is a metalhead.

That's what this guy
told Hondo and Deacon?
How's that help us?

Heavy metal's dead in L.A.

Not in Pico-Union,
it's not.

Yeah, downtown, East Side,
that's Los Dormidos territory.

Right, I worked a
Vice sting at a bar

for metalheads
a couple years ago.

Maybe someone there
crossed paths with Ochoa

or knows where he's hiding.

All right,
I'm texting the boss.
It's worth a shot.

New hashtag,

Hey, shout-outs from, uh,
pro-cop groups, badge bunnies,

Oh, there's a swastika in
this one's profile pic.

Yeah, never mind.
We need to shut this down.

Shut it down? Face it,
Street, you're viral.

You have to stop caring what
people think about you.

I don't. But this throws
shade at all of us.

No, that's why we keep
our heads down. Do the work.

We were doing the work.

Street, you know
what I'm saying.

I know, okay,
the city needs to see

we're there for them.
So let's show 'em.

We belong! Justice! We belong!

Justice! We belong!
Justice! We belong!

Justice! We belong! Justice!

We belong! Justice! We belong!

Justice! We belong!

Think I don't
see you, Officer?

My brother is innocent.
You arrested an innocent man.

You have any idea
what it's like

to have someone you love
taken away from you?


Look, the feds won't
tell me where he is.

Do you know?
Did they tell you?

Ms. Acosta,
I want to help you.

I wish I could,
but this isn't our fight.

I'm sorry.

You see the protest
going on outside?

Yeah. We'll keep
an eye on it.

Hicks have any leads
on your car?

No. I'm not sure he's
my best ally right now.

Let me know when you get
something on Ochoa.

All right.


Is there a place
we can talk?

I've been trying
to call you.

Did you see the
proposals were leaked?

We have a bigger issue.

Is there something you
want to tell me about you
and Sergeant Harrelson?

Oh, just now in the hall?
He's concerned about my car

because it was vandalized
this morning.
Your car?

Yeah, it might be backlash
from the proposals.

I'm not sure yet.

How would you describe your
relationship with Hondo?

He's a great cop.

I trust his opinion a lot.

In fact, given how quickly
he was thrown into his job
as team leader,

he's exceeded my expectations.

Did he exceed your
expectations when he was
kissing you this morning?

I was in your neighborhood
meeting with an outreach

saw the proposals
hit the press,

wanted to try to
strategize with you.

Michael, whatever
you think you saw...

I saw you being intimate with
one of your subordinates.

Have you disclosed
this relationship
to the department?

This is none of your business.

Have you?


Of course not,

'cause then one of you
would have to transfer.

We thought if we never let it
interfere with work...

Which it hasn't, ever.

I promise.

We've co-authored
controversial proposals

to hold cops accountable
for their actions

and you're engaged
in unethical conduct.

I wouldn't consider it
Of course you wouldn't.

But your bosses would.

And anyone else who wanted
to kill these ideas would.

Do you understand what
you've done to me here?

You and I both know
these proposals

will be better
for the city,

but our enemies will look
for any edge they can get.

And you're in a relationship
with an officer
under your command?

And now what? You... You
expect me to cover it up?

Take the fall
with the two of you

when it eventually all
comes out, which it will?

I made a mistake.

And I'm sorry.

Who else knows about this?

No one.

No one.

What do you want me to do?

You can't have both.

It's the proposals or him.

You decide what
you want to do.

Guess music really does
bring people together.

The last time you said that,
you drank a bottle
of our best Patrón,

and then arrested
half of our customers.

Yeah, we only want
to arrest one more.

Toro Ochoa.
Has he been in here?

We think he's hiding
in the neighborhood.

You heard anything?

We don't know
where he is.
STREET: Come on, ladies.

Guys like Ochoa
give metalheads
a bad name.

I recognize you.
From the news.

You giving the cops
a good name?
I will if I get Ochoa.

All right, mister.

I'm-a tell you something,

and then I want you
the hell out.
I'm all ears.

He brought a girl in, a xe.

They were in
a couple nights ago.

Laurisa. A prostitute.

Works South Fig.

Calling Hondo.
Maybe he can bring
this Laurisa in.


I don't know Toro Ochoa.

Don't even know
how to spell it.

We got witnesses who say that
you're his squeeze, Laurisa.

They're wrong.

Who gave you that artwork
on your neck?

Pretty, isn't it?

You're protecting him?

Ochoa is a paranoid
son of a bitch.

You kill enough people,
the ghosts come out to play.


I get that you're
scared of him.

But maybe you'd feel better
with him behind bars
for the rest of his life.

No one will ever know
that you spoke to us.

We won't even remember
how to spell your name.

He's got a hideout

a couple blocks from here.

Ochoa's squeeze said they
went into apartment 8B.

Ladies, come this way.
Come this way.

Street, Chris, get 'em out.

Move, move, move, move.
Stop moving.

LAPD. Drop the weapon!

Drop the weapon!
I got a conceal
and carry permit.

Drop the weapon!
Put it down now!

I have a permit. Okay.
LUCA: Drop your weapon. Now.
Clear! Break!

I have a permit.
DEACON: Then you
should know the law.

On your stomach! Stomach!
Okay. Okay.

Face down! Down!
All right.

Give me your hands.
You all right?

Yeah, yeah. Tell them to take
it easy, he's my brother.

It's not what it seems.
Ochoa shot at us first,

and then took off, like,
two minutes ago.

You doing business with him?

We're law-abiding citizens.

Then how do you
explain all of this?

Hey, we're all in
this together, man.
We want the same thing.

What's that?
To arrest Toro Ochoa.

So, Scott and Andy Clarke,
out of Medford, Oregon.

Why are you playing cops
in our city?

We got a lead on Ochoa.

Attempted to make
a citizen's arrest.

We're Promise Guards.

We monitor federal websites,
share intel with each other,

use vacation time to hunt
undocumented aliens.

You know, most people come
here to go to Disneyland.

Well, thank God for
the Constitution.

Know what I mean?

You put innocent
lives at risk.

If you knew where Ochoa was,
why didn't you
call the police?

A dangerous guy
like that out there,
we didn't want to wait.

How'd you know
where to find him?

Bunch of us who are in town
had a chat with some L-2Ds

at a housing project
in Van Nuys.

Oh, L2-Ds just offered up the
information, is that right?

Or did this little chat happen
at the end of your guns?

Let's just say
we don't have to deal

with all those
pinko city council rules
that hold you guys back

from doing the job.
It's why the illegals
are taking over.

Do you know that it
costs more for a citizen

to go to college then
it does for an immigrant?

That's not actually true,
Mr. Clarke.

Sure it is. Look it up.
No, it's not.

I mean, I get that
you have to say that.

But it's not
worth arguing about.

The important thing is
Ochoa is still out there,
looking to hurt people.

All right,
you know what?

I think we should
work together.

Why don't you guys
keep talking,
and I'll check back?

Your boss?


What else you got on Ochoa?

You won't believe
who these guys are.

We need to talk first.
In my office.

What's going on?

Michael knows.

Michael Plank?
Knows what?

He saw us outside my place.

He was watching us?

He was there to check on me
after the article leaked.

He says we've put
the proposals at risk.

And because of us,
he's not gonna
move them forward.

Well, Jess, he's not
gonna let that happen.
His name's on them, too.

What happens now?
Do I quit

Okay, slow down. Slow...
We were naive to think
we could get away with this.

No, no.
We decided it wasn't the
department's business

what we do in
our personal time.

He says I can't be trying
to reform the department

at the same time
as I'm ignoring
a police regulation.

And he's right.

All right, look,
you're not alone in this.

Let me try
and talk to him.

No, I'm the problem here.

It's worth a try.
And say what?

"We knew we were risking
the department's rep,

"but can you look
the other way?"

There's got to be
an answer here.

I just need to
figure out what.

protest outside
is growing.

Captain, I'll keep you
apprised on Ochoa.


We need to diffuse it.
Things are getting
out of hand.

Rumor is they want
a rally at Grand Park.

Justice! We belong!

Justice! We belong! Justice!

We belong! Justice!

We belong! Justice! We belong!

Justice! We belong!

Ms. Acosta?

I'm Captain Cortez
with the LAPD.

Can we talk?
What do you want?

They sent a Hispanic woman
out here to shut you up.

I'm here to help.
Are you an immigrant?

Yes. I moved here
when I was 15,

became a citizen
when I was 22.

Then which side are you on?

Yours, hers,

the city's.

What a bunch
of political BS.

Just give me five minutes.


We belong! Justice!

We belong! Justice! We belong!

All right, listen up.
There's a bunch
of Promise Guards in town.

They've been uploading
surveillance of undocumented
aliens to their website.

Guys we just interviewed
said that they got footage
of Ochoa.

Here's the URL
and the password.

Why aren't these guys
in custody?

Well, they didn't do anything
illegal. I spoke to the DA.

Their gun permits checked out.
They didn't disrupt our raid.

So, it's cool
to terrify people
by shooting up

an apartment building, right?
Self-defense, yeah.

And Ochoa and no one else
is gonna press charges.

Probably 'cause
they're all undocumented.

Crime's a crime, Chris.

And a lot of people don't
agree with sanctuary cities.
Do you?

I don't know, I think
it makes our job harder.


Got a cousin who enlisted
to get citizenship.

Blown to pieces in Iraq.

System needs to be reformed.

Look, it's a tricky subject,

but we can debate it
later over beers once
we get Ochoa into custody.

Check it out.
All right, so,

Ochoa was at
that housing project
when the ICE raid went down.

Who's he talking
to there?

Where's Street?

Ariana Acosta,
Officer Street.

What's happening outside
isn't helping Carlos or
this department.

We need to calm things down.

To do that,
both sides need to be heard.

You don't want to hear me.

You just want to stop me
from getting people's

Try us.

Okay if I step out
while you two talk?


Listen to each other.

You're a monster.

My brother is
completely innocent.

Easy to have a problem
with a cop until you need one.

Honestly, we were
there to help.

And then, one of ICE's guys
got stabbed,

and then, all of a sudden,
there's all these people

and you don't know who's who.
Am I supposed
to feel sorry for you?


my brother is not Toro Ochoa.

He's not a criminal.

Well, he was acting like one.
He ran.

And I arrested him as
peacefully as possible.

And we are just trying
to keep the city safe.

Your turn, I guess.

How could you
possibly understand?

Try me.

Well, to start,
you arrested my hero.

Carlos risked his life
so we could escape the gangs
in El Salvador.

I was 12,
he was 18.

When we got here,

he worked as a day laborer
so he could pay rent, feed us.

He sacrificed for me.

I'm a medical student
at UCLA now.

I'm going to be
a pediatrician.


Because of him.

And he's nothing
like the trash
that is Toro Ochoa.

Are you sure about
that, Ms. Acosta?

That's your brother,
chatting it up
with Toro Ochoa.

What's the deal with this?

Um... I don't know.

Then we're gonna need
to find out.

You told ICE that
you didn't know Toro Ochoa.

I live in the same building
as his crew.
You can't always avoid him.

That don't look
like casual conversation.

I'm not a gang member.

I don't like L-2D's
talking to me,

but it's better
than pissing them off.

You know
something about Ochoa,
it could help your case.

Why should I help you?
You put me here.

Think about your sister.
She's worried about you,

I am. I'm trying
to protect her!

Your sister
in some kind of trouble?

She's DACA, a Dreamer.

With all the politics,
she could get deported.

What's that got
to do with Ochoa?

About a week ago,
he heard me talking
to someone on the phone

about a place to hide Ariana
if someone ever came for her.

There's an underground...

Members of temples and
congregations that help hide
undocumented workers.

They make their
homes available.

To keep families

There are thousands
of Arianas.

If the feds find out
about the network,

those families won't have
any place to go.

You think Ochoa's
hiding from us
in this underground?

He said someone was after him
and he needed a place
to lay low.

I told him I
wouldn't help.

Two days ago,
someone broke
into my apartment,

went through all my stuff,
stole my cell phone.

In it was Ariana's contact.

He could be there.

What's this contact's name?

Gregory McGahan.


Ochoa's inside,
I'm pretty sure he's armed.
McGahan's scared.

Move in now.
Keep it quiet.
Keep it contained.


Almost there.


In position.
On my count.




Left side clear!

Right side's clear!

Give me two!
Two! Two!

We got you.

Give me your arm.
Give me your other arm.

Relax, Mr. Ochoa.

Save the street poetry
for the feds.

Street, we good?

We're good.

Ochoa's headed
to a deportation

ICE'll take it
from there.

Sir, is there anything
we can do for Carlos Acosta

since he helped us
catch this guy?

I'll ask. Meantime,
we got another problem.

The protestors moved
to Grand Park.

Inciters on both sides.
It's getting noisy.

Better treat everybody
with kid gloves.

Don't want to end up in front
of the captain's firing squad.

Want to discuss policy in our
free time, I'm happy to do it,

but right now,
focus on the job.

All I want to
do is the job.

Start crowd
control protocol.

Deacon, get the team ready
in case we have to go in.


Commissioner, good.

Brought him in hoping
he could work something
from the community angle.

I made a few calls.
People are angry.

Feel like the cops betrayed
them on this issue.

It's more complicated
than that.

Sergeant, given Acosta's
arrest, I'm not sure S.W.A.T.
is the best idea here.

If we don't go in,
and things turn bad,

we'll catch the heat
for not showing up.


Captain, what do you think?

I agree with Hondo.

We need to be ready
to go in.

Everyone in Class C uniforms.
Less confrontational.

I'll keep on my contacts,
see what I can do
to calm things down.

Excuse me, sir?

I think we need to talk.

I'm sure we do.

sorry if you disagree,

but your team's
not the best face
for the department right now.

What exactly do you
know about tactics?
Not much.

But I know a show of force
by the same cops

who caused this outrage
isn't the best option.

Cortez solved that.
For now.

See if she made the right call
when things get more heated.

Is that really where
your head is at?

I'm just trying to figure
out why you're spying

on Captain Cortez and me
in front of her apartment.


What's your deal?

I'm jealous.

The two of you are very lucky.

You're in a line of work

where you know
who the bad guys are
and who the good guys are.

See, in politics, if someone
doesn't like your ideas,

they don't attack them,
they attack you,

smiling at you
the whole time.

That's why you always have
to make the first play,

stay ahead of your foes.

Like you did
with your reform proposals.

Excuse me?
You leaked 'em
to the papers, didn't you?

I had to,

before the rank-and-file
killed the whole thing

If I had known the two of
you were screwing one another
and the department,

I wouldn't have
wasted my time.

Nobody knows
about us but you.

The more Cortez is out there,
publicly pushing this agenda,

the more people focus on
every detail of her life.

You'll both be exposed.

So, wait. You're
looking out for us?
Not you.

Just Jessica.

She's smart.

She'll go places if she
doesn't get dinged by this.

What hasn't sunken in for her
yet is the double standard.

See, if a man wants to shake
things up, make 'em stick,

he can probably get away
with an intern on her
knees in the White House,

or a tryst with
Russian call girls,

but not a woman.

Jessica can't ignore
department regulations

and sleep with one
of her subordinates

while lecturing other
cops on how to behave.

That's what the
story will be,

not what Jessica's trying
to do for this city.

You're asking me
what my deal is,
Sergeant Harrelson?

What's yours?

Because if you cared
about Jessica at all,

you'd want to protect her.

going on, Mr. Clarke?

It's just you and me out here.
What's up?

You see that rally
we're starting up?

What about it?
I got to thinking,

after you and I talked.

Thinking about
a lot of stuff.


My brother, you know,

Andy and the rest
of those guys
that are in town,

they're against
illegal immigration

like the rest of the
counter-protesters out there.

But they...

They're planning
on taking it too far.

I signed up to bag
criminals, you know?

Illegals, like
we talked about.

But I don't think
she qualifies.



Promise Guards
are at the rally.

They're targeting
Acosta's sister, Ariana.

Wait, what?
Clarke said that they want
to make an example out of her.

Take her to the border
and throw her
on the other side.

The border?
Tan, pull up their website.

Get photos of these guys.
Why this girl?

She's a name now.
She's been on TV.

She represents a lot
to a lot of people.

Right now, she needs our
help. Remember these faces.

They're our targets.
Let's move.

We belong here!
We belong! Justice!

Justice for Carlos Acosta!

We want justice!

His sister, Ariana Acosta.

Please, welcome her.

We belong! Justice! We belong!

My brother didn't hurt anyone.

He shouldn't have
been arrested.

And as an upstanding member
of this community,

he has rights. He has a voice.

Let the police
and the feds know

that what they've done
is wrong.

Carlos doesn't deserve
to be deported!
This is his home!

Park bench, 12 o'clock.

My home! Your home!

Chris, Rocker, go left.

Deacon, Mumford,
take the boys and go right.

Tell the feds and police
they're wrong!

Look, this fight
isn't just for Carlos.

This fight is
for all of us.

We all have a voice!
We all belong here!

Three o'clock
and they're armed.
All of 'em.

The hell you think
you're doing,

showing your face around here?
Step aside.

Let us do our jobs.
Come on.

Hey, man. You heard
what he said.

We're taking you back
to the border, bitch.

We lost her.
Anyone have eyes?

They're headed
towards a blue pickup.

South side of the park.
HONDO: Let 'em go.

Away from the crowd.

We need breathing
room, Deac.

Two more suspects.


Stay back!
Stay back!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Stay back!

Back, back, back!

Stay back!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

It's okay.

Stay back! Back! Back!

Stay back!
Hey, hey, hey.

Take it easy!

Take it easy and stay calm!

Listen to me, we hear you!

You have the right
to protest!

But you will be arrested
if you don't step back!

We're directing
you to disperse!

We want to keep everyone safe!

Give us some room!

Step back!

Step back now!

You all right?

Yeah, I think so. Thank you.

How's the team?
They're good.

Tired, but they're good.

I called Agent Jones
to follow up on Carlos Acosta.

See if we can stop
his deportation.

Well, the fact
that he helped us
take down a killer

should mean something.

We'll hear soon.

I hate this.

Yeah, I know.

But I think maybe we both know
what the deal is.

Jess, after everything we just
went through at that rally,

there's still a long way to go
to improve relations

between the cops
and the community.

And you have an opportunity
to change things.

I can't turn my back on that.

No, you can't.

You need the space
to do the great things
that I know you're gonna do.

Jess, come on now.

Right now,

I'm in the way.

The timing isn't right.

You got to do you.

And you can't do that with me.

Maybe down the road
it could be right?

I believe that.

Yeah, maybe.

I never said it before, but...

I love you.

I love you, too.



I know this is difficult

and I don't want you
to lose hope,

but your brother
has been transferred by ICE
to an Arizona facility.

They're moving ahead
on deporting him.

Okay, so what
do we do now?

It's out of our hands.

What, so we
just give up?

I appreciate you for trying,
Captain Cortez.

But I'm going
to bring him home,

with or without your help.

Ms. Acosta?



Look, you don't have
to worry about me anymore.

No, it's because of me he's
headed back to El Salvador,

You were doing your job.
You didn't know who
Carlos was.

Well, you tried to tell me.
I mean, you were yelling.

But you tried.

Please. Please. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for my part in this.

I hope you get him back.

And I want to try to help you.

I, um, have this.

This is the number
for an immigration attorney.

He's supposed to be great.

Does pro bono work.

And, uh,
that's my number.

If you need something,

anything, please call.


Thank you.

Come in.

It's done. We broke up.

As far as anyone else
is concerned,
it never happened.

We can move forward
with the proposals.

Two of you can hold to that?

Michael, my priority is to
this department, to this city.

Anything else
would be selfish.

You all right?

I'm good.

Another S.W.A.T. day
is a good day!

Let's make it count!

It's too early for
the enthusiasm, Luca.

Yo, man up, Tan.

Street, you ready?

Yeah, let's do it.

Everything all right today,


Oh, yeah. I'm great.