S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Hondo and his team team up with the FBI to stop a domestic terrorist attack involving cyanide gas.

Zodiac's approached the vessel.

Roger that.

Sierra Team, you got eyes?


Be advised, the Zodiac's
landed and occupied.

Confirm new number.

We got one, two,
three, four little piggies.

And we still have two
standing guard. Six total.

Deac, be 20David's eyes.

20David, you're clear to engage suspects

on the northside rocks,

about five yards from your vantage point.

This is 20 to 50David.

You're all clear.

Let's roll.

On the ground now!

Nice tackle.

Got to shut down the run game.

There's three still left on the boat.

Police, let's go! Move it!

Two little piggies
heading for the Zodiac.

Hands up!

Hands up! I ain't resisting.

I ain't resisting.



That bitter almond smell.

Cyanide. And when it's liquid like this,

it's easily convertible into a gas.

There's enough here

to take out the entire marina

and half of Venice.

What now?

We go with what we have.

We thought you were robbing us.

I'm just a scuba diver.

Which is why your boys were packing

- automatic weapons?
- Cut the crap, Cousteau.

Hey. We found you

hauling that crate full of cyanide.

You were going to deliver
it to someone. Who?

I don't know.

The buyers were supposed
to be here already.

Obviously, they're not coming now.

Listen, you got one chance to convince us

that there's someone else
out there worse than you

for us to worry about.

All we know is when and where.

I don't know who delivers it,
who I'm giving it to,

- or what's in it.
- Do you really think

that deniability is gonna cover you

for a domestic terrorism charge?

Look, picking up these crates

was just a way to make some extra cash,

pay off my boat.

"Crates"? Like you did this before?


Three other times before.

They said this was the last one, though.

The FBI know about any previous drops?

Wasn't part of our intel.

That much cyanide...

Weaponizing for something big.

The guy you handed
the crates off to before.

- Can you describe him?
- Well, there were two of them.

They were both survivalist types,

in their 40s and 50s.

They always picked up
in the same old, blue van.

Please roll down the window, sir.



Put the paper down

and lower the window.

Last chance.

What's the rationale for this stop?

You made an illegal lane change

back there, plus you're driving

- with expired tags.
- I wasn't driving.

I'm traveling.

I still need to see your license

and registration, please.

According to the United States
book of codes,

as an Article Four free inhabitant

pursuant to the Articles
of Confederation,

I am not required

to identify myself to you.

Well, the LAPD requires you
to identify yourself.

I have not committed a crime.
You are only authorized

to question a free inhabitant
who's committed a criminal act.

I am outside of your authority.

I know my rights.

I have the court documents to prove it.

Sir, your name is not on here.

I don't have a name.

I'm the legal representative
of this vehicle. Listen, sir,

here's what's gonna happen.
I'm going to ask you

one last time to show me
a valid driver's license.

And hey...

remove the hoodie, take off
the glasses, and keep your hands

where I can see them. You
have no jurisdiction over us.

Refusal to show ID

is a penal code violation in California.

That law only applies to U.S. citizens.

Well, where are you a citizen of?

I don't belong
to any country or corporation.

Even noncitizens have to obey U.S. laws.

Hey, remove the hoodie

and put your hands on the dash.

- Do it now.
- Are you detaining us?

Put your hands on the dash now!

- I'm leaving.
- No, you're not.

Delta one ten, I need backup.

Turn off the car, sir. Turn off the car!



Delta one ten, I need backup.
Turn off the car, sir.

Turn off the car!

Then there's nothing after that?

Bullet hit her body cam.

That and her vest saved her life.

Who's the officer?

Donna Massanet.

That's the same Officer Massanet

you went through the Academy with?

SWAT training, too. She didn't make it,

but she should've. She's a warrior.

How's she doing?

The bullet to the arm
did some real damage.

They're working hard to make
sure she regains full mobility.

She should be out of surgery soon.

The body cam didn't get a look
at the shooter in the hoodie,

but we got the driver. Harley Stone.

Captain, these crimes are connected.

Our friend at the marina

was able to identify the driver as one

of the individuals trafficking cyanide.

And between his tax evasion priors

and the way he addressed the officer,

it's safe to assume he's an extremist

in the sovereign militia movement.

Most sovereigns just
want to live off the grid,

but the extreme ones, they don't think

the government have authority
over them whatsoever.

You've all had training on how

to deal with these sovereigns, correct?

Yup. All right,

what else do we know about this guy?

Harley Stone lost his farm

in 2014.

Now he lives in an apartment
in the North Valley.

Got a team of federal
agents surveilling the place.

No one seems to be home.

Utilities are under the
wife's name, Lara Stone.

Looks like she pled
guilty to tax evasion, too,

along with her husband.

Two peas in the same sovereign pod.

Yeah, it must be true love.

Still fighting the fine.
Going on two years now.

Captain Cortez, I need your team

to get into that apartment.

Of course.

All right, listen up.
We don't want any neighbors

or friends tipping off the
Stones that we're on to them,

so let's prep as cable guys.

- Hey. You good?
- No.

Not with someone trying to kill Donna.

Why don't you go see her?

Maybe she'll remember
something that can help us.

Pass on best wishes from all of us.

Hey. How are you?

- My God. You look great.
- Thank you, you guys.

You're too sweet.

Hey, it's so good to see you.

Hey, you're looking strong enough

to strap on the gear and roll with us.

Yeah. I'll leave that

- to the pros.
- There you go.

My turn.


So good to see you're doing better.

But you know the routine.
I got to go prep my guys.

But I'll show up later this week
with some of my gumbo.

We're gonna go thank the
commissioner then take her home.

I'll, be good to go after that.

All right. It's good to see you.

You, too.

I want to show you something first.


What's this?

This is something we do here at SWAT.

We keep a letter in our locker
to our loved ones

in case...

You don't come back?

Why are you giving it to me now?

You know I've never been good
at this stuff.

But I almost lost you twice,

and it just doesn't make sense

for this letter
to be sitting in my locker,

unread, gathering dust.

Baby, after living with you
for the past 12 years,

it is gonna take a lot more
than two brain surgeries

to lose me.-


I forgot the...

name tags.

Just do me a favor

and don't open it till you get home.


What took you so long?

Sort of busted up a moment in there.

Deac was in the locker room
giving Annie some old letter.

Deac's giving her the letter?

What do you mean the letter?

Is he gonna quit or something?

I think I would've heard about that. No.

- What are we talking about exactly?
- Not talking about anything.

It's bad luck to talk about it,

like a nohitter while it's happening.

All right, come on, guys.
Stop messing with him.

Street, we all keep a letter
in our locker.

- SWAT superstition.
- Yeah, you do it so you don't need it,

because if you need it, that means

you didn't make it back from an op.

Wait, you telling us this whole time

you've been rocking and rolling
without a letter to a loved one

- in your locker?
- Yeah, I guess.

Aw, man.


You're telling me that it's SWAT bad luck

to not keep a letter in your locker,

and no one bothered to tell
me for the last five months?

Thought you knew.

- Was sure of it.
- No.

Well, you know now,
so get to writing one.

You know what? I'm not superstitious.

- It's bad juju, man.
- All right, Street,

that's enough. Come on, we rolling.

Let's move.

Excuse me.

Pacific Cable?

- Yeah.
- If I pay you cash,

would you be able to activate

some of the movie channels for me?

Ma'am, we need to take care of

one of your neighbors first.

- It's an assigned call.
- If you head back up,

when we get done with this,

- we'll come knock, hook you up.
- Okay.

Yeah, great. Number six.

- Okay.
- Don't forget.

We won't.

Focus, playboy.

You're clear to make entry.

Roger that.

Hey, you got a neighbor approaching.

Hurry up with that lock.

You almost in, Street?

One... more...


All right, look for anything

dealing with converting cyanide into gas.

Books, computers, anything.
Check the other room.

- I'll look in here.
- Okay.

Boss? Come look at this.

What's up? What do you got?

Just the sovereign wall of fame.


Waco. Oklahoma City bombing.

The Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff.

"Death penalty is an oxymoron,

Death is not a penalty, it's an escape."

- McVeigh was a sovereign?
- Not McVeigh.

One of his coconspirators was.

Is that Harley Stone?

Yes, it is. One of his
buddies might be our shooter.

It's funny, I thought

sovereigns were all
white supremacists or something.

Nah, they come in all
walks of life, Street.

That's what makes them
so hard to identify.

Never underestimate them for a second.

That's it?

The official draft of our proposals?

Only thing missing is the title page.

I was thinking...

maybe only my name should be on it.

Youyou want to take my name off of it?

Just to start. Look,
I'm used to cops hating me.

I'm civilian oversight.

They'll already assume I'm the enemy.

But a lot of officers
will be opposed to it,

- and they'll feel betrayed by you.
- There'll be

an adjustment period, sure,
but good cops won't have

a problem with anything in
here once I have the chance

- to tell them why.
- Okay.

Go ahead, sell me.

Sell you?

Yeah, sell me like
I'm a 15yearonthejob cop,

on why I should listen to some
lady bureaucrat who has the gall

to mandate that I not only
spend less time

on the streets
where the real criminals are,

but less time with my family
because you want me volunteering

extra hours in certain communities.

- Sell me.
- Well,

versions of this type of reform
have already been successful

in seven major cities.
You've already lost me.

Stats are boring.

The words in the proposal don't matter.

Person with the message does.

Come on, talk to me, coptocop.

We can either spend the
next couple of decades

reacting to crimes,
or we can be proactive

in preventing them from
happening in the first place.

All right, I'm halflistening.

Right now, the community
believes the deck is stacked.

It's nearly impossible to
charge, let alone convict,

an officer for anything.

The few bad cops there are
have no reason to change,

making the rest of us look bad.

When we have real accountability, then

the community will actually believe us

when we tell them something
couldn't be avoided.

When they see more of us in
their churches, their schools,

their neighborhoods, their businesses

for something besides
picking up dead bodies

and arresting their sons,

they'll know we keep our word.


Let's submit it with both our names.



This is Commissioner Plank.

Call me Michael, please.
Nice to meet you, Annie.

Well, everyone said that you were the one

who convinced Dr. Chandler to come in

on his anniversary to do the surgery.

He saved my life,
which means you saved my life.

I wouldn't put it
quite that dramatically.

We would.

Well, even if that's true,

you've saved a lot more lives
than me over the years.

I'm just glad
I could do something this time.

I still don't know
how you convinced Dr. Chandler

to abandon his wife on their anniversary.

This city's run on favors.

Fortunately, I had a few
lying around to hand out.

It's just a little thing,

but we wanted you
to have something from us

as a thank you.

You just made my day.


Hi, Donna.

Can we have a moment?


Stay strong.

You hang in there.

How you feeling?

I don't know what hurts worse...

my arm or my ego for letting
them get the jump on me.

Hey, weren't you supposed
to get shot first?

- You're the one who made SWAT.
- You were always

- better at taking a hit than me.
- I needed to be.

With your sniping skills,

I had to do something
to keep up with you.

I was gonna try out again.

Don't know if my arm'll be up to it.

You'll be back to your old self.

You were just as qualified as me.

God forbid

we have two women SWAT officers, right?


Hey. How old is Ryland now?

He looks so big in the pictures
you've been posting lately.

Aah. I know. I can't believe
he's almost seven.

Jonathan took him to get
a snack downstairs.



I hate them seeing me like this.

The man who shot you...

anything you remember about him?

We couldn't get a good look

- at him on your body cam.
- Yeah.

I didn't get a good look, either.

He was wearing that hoodie.
Do you remember

anything after the shooting?

Everything went white.

I didn't even feel my arm at first.

All I could think about was my family.

But, yeah.


I heard the driver say something
right after I got shot.

- What did he say?
- Crockett.

He said the name Crockett.

Crockett? You got a description?

All right, I'm gonna send you
a picture of some faces.

See if it jogs anything for her.

Female suspect is

approaching the location.
20David, do you copy?


20David, I copy. Follow her in.

LAPD. Hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?

Hey, hands behind your back!

Hands behind your back now. Hands
behind your back! Don't move.

We're Metro SWAT. Yes, we have a
warrant. Where's your husband?

I don't know. Look on my phone!
Why are you doing this to me?

- Whatwhat do you want from him?
- Your husband was involved

in the shooting of a police officer.

Does the name "Crockett"
mean anything to you?

You have no right to be in my home.

I thought you might say that.
Now you get to go to my house.

Come on.

The FBI has a match on the
name you got from Donna.

Crockett Jacobs. He's the leader
of a local sovereign group.

What we're after here is not fighting.

It's conquering.

I don't have to kill anybody,

but if we need to shed blood

to change the current system,

that's exactly what we'll do.

So, that's the bastard who shot Donna?

Yeah. I read Donna's SWAT review.

- Sounds like she got close.
- She was as good as me.

I thought after I walked
through that door,

there'd be more following.

I know. There should be.

You can't tell me women can't do it.

So where are they?

Chris, change is coming...
on a lot of things.

I've heard that before.

Her husband

is affiliated with the same
sovereign militia sect

responsible for two
bomb plots just last year.

Okay, wait a minute. You going in

as a federal officer may
cause her to clam up.

- It's my investigation, Sergeant.
- I understand that, but I'm local.

If she shares her husband's
philosophies about D.C.,

there's a chance I might get
more cooperation from her.

Okay, you go first, but if I see

- you're having trouble, I'm stepping in.
- Of course.

Lara, why don't you have a seat?

You're gonna get sued.

You can't hold me against my will.

You and your husband are
still fighting a tax bill.

Technically, there's a warrant
out for both of you,

so that gives us the right to hold you.

Harley says we're not subject to
the constraints of federal taxes

or fines the government
imposes illegally.

Let me ask you a question.

As someone who doesn't believe in taxes,

if your house was to catch fire,
who would you call?

911? Who pays for the roads
that you drive on?

The street lights?
You see, from what I understand,

sovereigns preach selfreliance.

So how is that not living off
the rest of us?

Harley and Crockett Jacobs

are planning on hurting a lot of people.

My husband doesn't hurt people.

The government does that.

We lost everything in the drought

when they diverted our water.

We had a farm. Gone.

Is that why your husband
is stockpiling cyanide?

Why he simply sat back and
watched Crockett shoot a cop?

That's not true.

Then I'm leaving.

No, you're not. Delta
oneten, I need backup.

Turn off the car, sir.

Turn off the car!

Look, we understand that your husband

is angry, but angry enough to do what?

Commander, you have a minute?

Yeah. What's up?

- What's this?
- Some reform proposals

I had you read a few months back.

Commissioner Plank
helped me finetune them.

And before it's officially

submitted today, I wanted
to give you a headsup.

Well, it all makes sense now.

The reason why Commissioner Plank's

been here at HQ so much lately.

We've been working hard on this

to make sure it's fair to the
community and to the department.

Well, to be honest,
I thought you were trying

to get close to him because
you're angling for my job.

No, I'm just trying

to improve the relationship
between the people

and the police.

And you think this is fair
to the department?

Because I don't see fair
in these bullet points.

The reason why I didn't forward
your proposal to Plank before,

well, apparently,
you went behind my back,

is because it's gonna turn
a lot of good cops against you.

I'm prepared to defend them
to any officer

willing to listen with an open mind.

- Open mind?
- The commissioner and I...

Michael Plank doesn't have
to walk these halls every day.

You do. This'll never make it
past the police union.

Michael believes we'll be able
to overcome those obstacles.

So it's "Michael" now.

You'll be a pariah with almost

- everyone here.
- Proposing changes

like this is the reason
you promoted me to captain

in the first place.

I'm standing behind it.

Like I said, I felt I owe you the respect

- to give you a headsup.
- And I owe you the respect

to let you know
that I can't back you on this.

Found that at your
apartment, along with diapers

and baby clothes.

Only you don't have any kids.

And, well, you're not pregnant.

Are you?

I had a miscarriage.

After three days of being
deposed by four EPA lawyers

when we were trying to get
our water rights back.

So you're saying the government
is the reason that you lost your baby?

Our son.

- Yes, that's right.
- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to hear about your son.

But, Lara, the question
right now is how your husband

and Crockett intend to hurt
innocent people as payback.

- Harley's a good man.
- I think you're a good wife,

and I think you're standing by your man.

But I don't believe for a second

that you would intentionally
inflict pain on other people.

And if you could,
you would talk Harley out

of doing whatever he's planning.

I married a proud man.

He was proud to work hard
and take care of me.

He was proud of the farm.

He was proud to be starting a family.

When you take all those
things away from a man,

what takes the place
of where that pride used to be?

- Okay, time to write that letter, champ.
- Hondo seems to be

getting close with the wife.
We might be on the move soon.

Yeah, so get writing.

- Let's get it in your locker.
- I don't know.

- Look, don't mess around here, Street.
- Like I said,

I'm not that superstitious.

And I've been fine
the last five months, right?

I think I'm gonna take my chances.

You believe this?

Crockett's why we have all that
sovereign BS in our apartment.

He's made Harley worse and worse lately.

I told him that I'd get pregnant again,

but, um...

I couldn't.

I don't really know what's wrong with me.

We didn't have enough money
to go to the doctor

to figure it out.

We spent it all fighting for our farm.

Maybe if I'd been able to get pregnant

this wouldn't be happening.

Lara, this isn't your fault.

But you are the only one
who can help Harley

see that using cyanide on people
is not gonna help his life.

Or yours.

Help me find Harley,

and I will do everything in
my power to bring him in safely.

There was this place

that Crockett found.

A place where they hang out and...

have meetings and...

plan, I guess.

All right, listen up. An unknown number

of armed sovereigns are holed up
in a ranch house down the road.

The FBI can't get 'em
to engage in negotiations.

It's unknown if the suspects
or the cyanide are still inside.

Better figure it out quick.

That's right. That means
we can't wait to go in.

Now, the situation is not ideal.

We need to breach the property
and secure the cyanide if it is inside.

Now, my team's
gonna be making entry. Mumford.

We're gonna come in from the three side.

Make sure all the windows
are accounted for

before 20David makes entry.

- We'll be their cover.
- I can't stress enough

how motivated these sovereigns are.

This is their White House
they're protecting.

Structure's fortified.

It's broad daylight.

The property offers little to no cover.

All right. Let's get it done.

Sierra Team, any movement inside?

Negative. All clear.

Let's move.


we're approaching the rear of the house.

Let's go.


Trip lasers.

Mumford, be advised.

Trip lasers.


Sierra Team, side one,
muzzles out the window.

Everybody take cover!

Mumford, we're taking fire!

Are you okay?!

Are you all right?! Just a ricochet.

Cover me! Go!

You have no jurisdiction!

You have no right to be here!

Leave now or we will kill you!

That's not from us.

Someone called in the news choppers.

These guys are always trying
to be martyrs on camera.

Let's not give 'em their wish today.

- Street, go cover Tan.
- Copy.

20 to 50David,

- smoke 'em out!
- Roger that.

- Rocker.
- Tan,

smoke out the four side.


Luca, on me. Smoke out the front.


- Hands up! Hands up! Give me the hands!
- Let me see the hands!

Get your hands up!
Let me see the hands now!

Hands up!

- Who else is inside?!
- Let me see the hands now!

- Who else is inside?!
- They're not talking!

20 to 50David,

- we're breaching.
- Roger.

Masks on.

Let's go.

Deacon, Tan, right side!

Luca, Street, back!

- I got movement!
- Street, check the door.

Open the door!

You have no right to be here!

If you got a weapon in there, put it down

and come out peacefully!-

You want to kill me on private property?!

Try it!

We got to get eyes inside.


Stay out! I'm warning you!

It's Harley Stone. He's using the shower

to block the gas from his eyes.

That means he can't see us coming either.

Street, throw another one in.

LAPD! Police! Police!


Yeah, that's not good.

He's still under water.

Okay, the gas isn't working.
Are we going in?

No, he might make us do
something we don't want to do.

We got to flush him out.

Street, go to the back.

No! No, no!

Two! Two! Two!

Come on.

Turn around! Hands behind!

This is 20David.

We're all clear. Harley Stone is down.

Hondo, we got a problem.


These are the same barrels
from the marina.

Empty. All of 'em.

So where's the cyanide?

I don't talk to anyone
that betrays the Constitution.

You think bringing my wife
in here will soften me up?

She's a free citizen, too.

You're breaking so many laws.

I'm gonna report you.
What's your name, Officer?

Harley, please, just tell him
what Crockett's going to do

- with the cyanide.
- Lara, what are you doing?

Baby... She doesn't want to see

- any innocent people get hurt.
- None of us do.

- What we're doing is right.
- If you really believed that,

then you would've told me
what you were planning.

I didn't tell you to protect you.

Poisoning people is protecting me?

You know that it's wrong,

and you know that I would've
told you that it's wrong.

Hey. Hey.

Think you forgot
something in the kitchen.

You, too, now?

The letter's not about you, okay?

It's about everyone else.

Luca and Tan believe in the superstition,

so that makes it real.

So why don't you just write it for them?

Well, truth is...

I don't have anyone to leave a letter to.

What do you mean?

Well, my mom...

I don't know what I'm supposed
to think about her anymore.


there's really no one else.

Kind of pathetic, right?

Address it to me.

- To you?
- Yeah.

I don't know if you've noticed,

but ever since you stopped hitting on me,

we've actually become friends.

You're important to me.


Don't make me change my mind.

Okay, just...

just write the letter already.

You know what they did
to our farm, to our baby.

The miscarriage is not
the government's fault.

We were in pain,

and we needed someone to
blame, but that doesn't mean

that we pass that pain
on to others, Harley.

No. They've been brainwashing us

our whole lives, and they're
doing it to you right now.

I'm with you.

I am always with you.

But I am not okay with killing people.

I can't let the others down.

I'm your wife.

Don't let me down, please.

And, look, unless you help these officers

stop this...

you are not my husband.

Where's the cyanide?

Crockett's using you.

He's using your grief
to push his own agenda.

Where is it?


This started with the
state agency taking our water.

We were gonna finish it
by poisoning theirs.

They were never gonna convert it to gas.

They left it liquid to dump
it in a fresh water system.

You know where you're going?

Sure do.

Patrol officers are on scene.

We're code six.

Possible HRT.

The West Side Treatment plant
should already be evacuating

their 700some employees
and shutting down operations.

Place is like a small city.

Yeah, Crockett's gonna look to blend in.

It'll make it easier for
him to pump the cyanide

into the fresh water system.
Now, right here,

they lead directly into the
state agency's headquarters.

We got 15 seconds out!

This is for Donna.

We're looking for three suspects.

We don't know what two of them look like.

We'll find 'em.

Just be careful
they don't find you first.

All right, Mumford's team
is two minutes out.

Deacon, take Luca and Tan,
go to the control center.

See why this plant hasn't been shut down.

All right, you two are with me.
Let's move.

All right, keep working. Keith, come on.

Hey, you cleared to be in this section?

We got a security breach.


- I got my work order right here.
- Whoa.

Keith, take, Tommy,
here, to the work center.

Keep the plant operational, all right?

We'll get that valve open here.

Chris, I'm gonna need you on high ground.

Get eyes on the targets. Go.

Street, with me.

If anybody moves, I will kill you.

Stay where you're at.

Everything will be fine
if you don't move.

Deac, we got a hostage situation.

Can we breach?

Negative. There's a mirror.

He'll see us coming for sure.

That's Crockett.

Street, you stay here. I'm going up.

You cover me.


- Chris, you got eyes?
- Negative.

Street, get up here and secure this guy.

Crockett broke the lever.
I got the rabbit.

- Deacon, what's your status?
- We got a hostage situation.

Find a way to shut down this plant.

I'm gonna take another position.

On my count, shoot the mirror,

bang the room.

Got it.

I'm in position. On my count.
Three, two, one.

Go! Go! Go! Drop your gun! Drop the gun!

- Can you turn the system off?!
- It'll take about ten minutes!

That still gives them time
to poison the water.

Let's go, let's go. Come on.

Come on, let's go, this way.

Hondo, we've neutralized the threat

in the control room, but it's
gonna take ten minutes

to shut the system down.

You got to keep them
from dumping that cyanide.

I'm working on it!


Zero little piggies.

Why'd you let him have a moment
with his wife after all he did?

I didn't do it for him, I did it for her.

It would've been a really
bad day without her.

Okay, ma'am, right this way.

I talked to Donna's doctors.

They're expecting her
to make a full recovery.

When she's ready, I want her
trying out again.

You won't be the only woman
in SWAT much longer.

You think this place can
take that much estrogen?

They'll have to.

Night, boss.

Good night, Chris.

Well, damn.

Nobody should look that good

and be that lethal.

13:34. Okay, that's not bad.

How'd you know I'd be here?

Come on, Jess.

This is where you always come to escape.

I know you remember that
little competition we had

- once upon a time.
- You mean our first date?

Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- I was not aware that was a date.
- It was.

- I also remember you losing.
- Okay, I damn sure

don't remember that,
'cause I did not lose.

Maybe it was a tie.

You know, I read the bullet points

on your reform proposals today.

You here to tell me how much
cops are gonna hate it?


You really think after all this
time I wouldn't support you?

Your shot.

Did Deacon get the letter?

I was wondering who helped
her get in there.

Jess, you know, we all have letters.

The one in my locker's
addressed to my pops.


I wouldn't want anyone reading anything

that would get you in trouble.

But that's not to say that in my kitchen,

in a certain recipe book,
there's not something

addressed to you.

Well, make sure I never get to read it.

That's the plan.

Best out of three?

Bring it.