S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Hondo suspects there's an ulterior motive when civilians are taken hostage in a prison riot.

Yeah! This is our prison now!
We're in charge!

All right, finally getting

some details on the riot.

Three different gangs have taken over

three different sections of the prison.

- They gain entry to the control room?
- Yep.

That means they have keys to
nearly every cell in the place.

- That can't be good.
- That include the armory?

Yes, it does.

Any firepower the guards have,
now they have.

- What gangs we looking at, boss?
- OneNiners?

Give that man a prize.

Shot caller's Katrell Porter.

O.G. doing hard time.

The one thing he is not is felony stupid.

In Cellblock B, it looks like

the Baja Diablo cartel's in charge now.

Lot of muscle. Bunch of veteranos

running around who like to kill people.

Their leader's name is "Moco" Hernandez.

Hold up. They call this guy Moco?

That's probably why he's so angry.

Well, the third gang's the worst.

- What, Nazi Eagles?
- Yep, one and the same.

They're currently in possession
of Cellblock C.

Now, we all know their work:

Running crystal meth out
of Fontana, led by Gunnar Cade.

I heard stories about him.

It's one thing to be smart
and another to be vicious,

and this guy's both.

Don't do this.

No one here wants to hurt you.

This is a sanctuary.

Sister Carmelita.

Every week, you come here,
trying to redeem people.

Eternal hope.

Makes me wonder how I
can get a piece of that.

J.R., tell your therapist
I would never violate her.

Thing is, you're not my type, Carmelita.

And before you call me racist,

understand it's not just that.

I also hate Catholics.

Let them go. Please.

Are you begging me?

If it helps them, yes.

No! Gunnar!

Please. Don't!

Let... the civilians go.

You don't want to put yourself
in any more hot water.

Warden, I'm serving three life sentences.

Water can't get any hotter.

All right, we all stay sharp.

The bad guys are gonna have

serious home court advantage.

There's gonna be danger
around every corner.

All right, we're here. Let's go!

Watch each other's backs.

Thank God you're here.

Hondo, this is Ashe Jones.

He's the owner of this prison.

Didn't know somebody could own a prison.

I'm private sector. I have
a contract with the state.

They pay my company to run this facility.

What can you tell us
about what happened here?

Details are thin.

Seems to have started with
the white pride prisoners.

When the warden shifted resources

to try to deal with them,

the Baja Diablos and
OneNiners took advantage

and were able to overrun us.

From what I hear,

it was just too much for our CERT Teams.

Are negotiators talking to the gangs?

To the Baja Diablos
and the OneNiners, yes.

They make any demands yet?

Better food, more yard
time, conjugal visits.

That's pretty standard stuff.

No word yet from the Nazi Eagles
and Gunnar Cade?

They haven't answered our calls.

How many hostages inside?

18. Prison warden, six guards,

eight construction workers,

two chaplains and a nun.

Wait a minute. Sister Carmelita's inside?

- You know her?
- Yes.

She goes from prison to prison

trying to rehabilitate these guys.

She asks me to speak to them sometimes.

She does good work, hard work.

Negotiators say she may be injured.

- How bad?
- We're trying to find out.

I need your breach plan
in case talks fail.

Talking to these animals is useless.

Well, I'd like to know what
Gunner Cade and his boys

are up to before we go charging in there.

What's that?

Somebody turned on
a security camera in C Block.

That's Gunnar Cade.

That's our warden, Phil Harvey.

What's the ETA on Mumford's team?

They're stuck finishing
an operation in Century City.

They'll be here as soon as they can.

Gunnar Cade's up to something.

Whatever it is, makes it more dangerous.

He wouldn't kill the warden
just for kicks.

He's always got an agenda.

Strap up.

- My team's going in.
- Wait. Just you?

What about all these other officers here?

They're not trained for this.

If we take them in there without
knowing the lay of the land,

some of them could get grabbed.

Which means more hostages, not less.

They cut the camera
feeds, so we can't see 'em.

- Also means they can't see us.
- All right.

We make a stealth entry.

That gives us the element of surprise.

We see what the traps are,

then we use these officers
here as backup.

Now, if any one of us
sees Sister Carmelita,

- we do whatever it takes to get her out.
- Okay.

Three different cellblocks,
three different gangs.

- We go three teams of two.
- Street, Tan, you track down

the Baja Diablos and
construction workers.

Never thought I'd be
breaking into a prison.

Deacon and Chris,

you got the OneNiners
and the captured prison guards.

You got it.

Luca, you're with me. Gunnar Cade's mine.

- You good?
- Yup.

- All right, let's do this.
- Go.

You two, guard the door.

24David to Command.

We have breached entry from below.

20David to Command.

We're on the roof of Cellblock C.

Roger that, 20David.

Three, two, one.

No one exits without you
confirming their identity first.

All right, Command. On my cue.

You fools step up, get beat down.

Let's go.


What the hell?

Give me your other hand!

Luca, you good?


20David to Command. We're in.

All three teams are inside.

Any ETA on Mumford's team?

We could use extra bodies.

They're still on the situation
in Century City.

I'll get them to you
as soon as they come available.

Keep me updated.

- Yes, sir.
- Annie.


What brings you by?

Special occasion.

You know, I tell Deacon every day

he's damn lucky you
decided to marry down.

Well, don't you let him forget it.

You look busy.

Never too busy for family.
You've been doing some baking.

Special occasion, you said?

I don't know if anyone here remembers,

but today's the tenyear anniversary

of David becoming SWAT boot.

- Today's Deacon's tenyear mark in SWAT?
- Yeah.

He never mentioned it.

Of course he wouldn't.

So it's up to his
wife to embarrass him.

No, it's up to me to make
sure he gets acknowledged.


Everything hasn't gone his way this year.

I know.

I just want him to have
a little spotlight,

even if it's just for a day.

Admirable proposition.

Unfortunately, you just missed him.

I was afraid of that.

Prison riot or highrise barricade?

You know how this goes, Annie.

I do.

You know, it was Barbara who taught me

how to be a cop's wife.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


Barb was good at that...
and just about everything else,

but... I wish I let her know that more

- while she was still alive, but...
- Bob, I'm sorry.

No, no, no, no, no, it'sit's all right.

You know, it's been, it's been
three years since we lost Barb.

I'm glad to be reminded of her.

Look, if you leave this
cake in that kitchen,

those ogres are gonna devour it
before Deacon ever sees it.

Come on, we're gonna
keep it in my office.

Where they at, where they at?

No! Nono, please.



Show us your hands!

Put that knife down! Show us your hands!

Don't move! I'm unarmed! I'm unarmed!

- Don't move!
- I'm unarmed!

- Show us your hands!
- I'm unarmed!

- I'm unarmed!
- Go down!

Face down! Down!

He's dead.

Itlt's not what it looks like.
II'm a guard.

He stole my uniform.

- What's your name?
- Telly Appleton.


He's listed in the prison
database as a guard.

II couldn't let him take
my uniform without a fight.

Do you have keys for every
room in this cellblock?

Only some of them.

We need to know exactly where
the other prison guards

are being held hostage.

Okay, I, II know where to find them,

but Katrell and these OneNiners,

they're tough, they're smart.

Then we'll have to play it smart, too.

Find an indirect way in.
Any idea how to do that?

I can access the service
corridors with my keys.

Well, you can tell us if you want.

Look, you go back that way five minutes,

and there's officers watching the exit.

Five minutes?

II think I'd feel safer
staying with you.

Lead the way, then.

Hey, I'ml'm, I'm not

a violent person, you know.

II don't do things like that.

How long have you been working here?

Six months.

What'd you do before this?

Sacking groceries.

No, there's training
required for a gig like this.

Well, maybe in other prisons,
but not this one.

I just saw a job opening and took it.

Now, I'm thinking maybe $11
an hour wasn't worth it.

I mean, II just killed a guy.

Piece of advice.

When I first got this job,

somebody told me that I'm
gonna see some rough things

and I'm gonna have to
do some rough things.

But every cop needs a chair.

A... a chair? Whatwhat does that mean?

It's whatever you use to decompress.

For some people, it's a chair
and a glass of Scotch.

For others it's a favorite
meal, a certain book.

Anything. The sooner we do this,

the sooner we get you back to your chair.

Okay. Yeah.

26David to Command.
We're deep into Cellblock B.

No sign of any hostages yet.

Roger that, 26David.

I have the negotiation team
stalling for us.

That'll only last so long before these
gangs realize we're in here.

Still got a few areas to clear, Street.

Let's keep moving.

Been wanting to see you
die for a long time!

- Stop here.
- Today's your day, you son of a bitch!

That doesn't sound friendly.

Inside, inside, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Move. In here, come on, come on.

- Room clear.
- Over here.

Hurry it up.

Let me see hands! Let me see hands! Now!

Proprietary information.

'Cause you kept coming
at us, Jack, with...

What the hell is this?

It was you, stepping on dialogue.

I wasn't going to
roll over and let you steal...

Young and the Restless.

We earned every single sale
that we got, Jack...

Except for the ones you bought, right?

Jack hates his bastard brother

for sleeping with his wife.

Bad blood from way back.

You know there's a riot going on?

What I know is most days
they restrict TV time.

Today, we got our ice cream
from the commissary...

watching our stories.

We're looking for construction workers

taken as hostages.

Looks like you're using
some of their equipment.

Don't know nothing
about no missing workers.

Can tell you who's doubletiming
who in Genoa City, though.

All right, viewing party's over.

Man, come on, chief, we're not
even hurting nobody.

Why don't y'all just leave us
in here and close the door?

You mean you're not
tossing us in there with them?

Cells are built for two.

Yeah, you definitely new here.

This place, everybody shares a
cell with at least four people.

Why you think there's a riot?

Cut the power, play games on the phone.

Cops being cops. We stay on mission.

Hey. Hey there.

Don't worry. It's all gonna work out.

Hey. Did I tell you to talk, Sister?

If I want you to open your
mouth, I will force it open.

You think... you think that scares me?

Everything you say, I've heard way worse.

You've heard worse? Well, hear this.

It'll all be over soon for you.

I'm gonna send you back
to that brown Jesus of yours.

What are you thinking?

First place inmates hit up when
everything starts popping off.

- Prison pharmacy.
- To get their fix.

Eagle tats.

That's gotta be Gunnar Cade's guy.

Hostages won't be far behind.

Let's move.

Keep going.


Okay, hostages on the far side
of the room at two o'clock,

including Sister Carmelita.

Gunnar Cade's in there, too.

These guys are armed to the teeth.

We gotta soften 'em up.

On my cue.

Go, go, go!


On stomachs! Hands down! Let me see them!

Ooh, yum.

Um, yyou know what, on second thought,

that cake may not be safe
with me after all.

Annie, excuse me a sec.


Yeah, talk to me.

The good news,

we've recovered two hostages...
the chaplains.

The bad news, Gunnar Cade's still loose.

He has Sister Carmelita,

and now he knows we're inside the prison.

- We could use Mumford's team.
- They're en route.

They should be at your
location about ten minutes.

Thanks. I'll prep 'em.

Annie, I'm sorry, I have to go.

Busy day. Everything okay?

We're doing the best we can.

Good enough for me.

And I completely understudy.

- Um...
- I'm sorry, what?

I just... it was sound advice...


Sounds... ggreat...

Are you... aare you all right?

- I'm f... feel my...
- Annie, are you okay?

- Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa.
- Bob...

Whoa, Annie, come on, come on,
come on, we're gonna lie you down.

We're gonna lie down, honey.

It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.

All right, now don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.

I'm gonna get some help.
I'm gonna get some help.

Somebody get me a medic right now!

Mumford's team is heading your way.

In the meantime, stay alive.

Roger that.

Listen, I'm not with Gunnar's crew, man.

No, what are you, an upstanding
citizen wrongly convicted?

I was just trying to save
Sister Carmelita.

If you guys don't find her soon,
Gunnar's gonna kill her,

- if she doesn't bleed out first.
- Bleed out?

- How bad's she hurt?
- Gunnar stabbed her.

Said something about using her

as a shield long enough
to get the job done.

I'm listening. What job?

- I don't know.
- Yeah, but you know enough

to get us to help you,
not enough to help us?

You guys followed me from
the pharmacy, right?

I was grabbing medical supplies
for Sister Carmelita.

She's the only one in this place
who ever helped me.

You know, every convict's got a story...
why should we believe yours?

What's your name?

J.R. Coltrane.

J.R. Coltrane.

Charged with armed robbery four times.

That's before we get into
the white pride bullcrap.

I'm not like that.
Atat least not anymore.

Lift up my shirt, you'll see.

- Snitch!
- You ain't nothing!


You're burning off your old tats.

I got a past, but I'm
trying to escape it.

Prove it.

You say Gunnar Cade's planning something,

and he's using Sister
Carmelita as a human shield

to buy time. What's he up to?

I want to help you. I do.

Butbut he doesn't tell me anything.

He only communicates with the
big shots, usually with kites.

Prison letters, okay.

He exchanges them with his lieutenants.

- Other gang leaders.
- All right, Luca,

let's toss Gunnar Cade's
cell, see what we find.

LAPD! Stop!


- Hands! Show me your hands!
- Put 'em up!

Drop 'em! Drop your weapons.

Show us your hands!

- Drop your weapons!
- Down!

- Get on your knees.
- Down!

I think you're the ones
who need to give yourselves up.

Put your guns down.

Y'all ain't even got the numbers.

And that's a dead end you're stuck in.

Ain't no getting past us.

I don't have anything new to report.

You have a way to get through to Deacon?

Are you able to call him?

I have a cell block up,
and he's still inside.

Is there a problem?

It's Annie. I'm at the hospital with her.

It's serious.
She's had a stroke or something.

What happened?

Doctors ran an MRI,

and the stroke was caused
by bleeding in her brain.


Look, they may need
to rush her into surgery,

and they're not sure
if she's gonna make it.

Now, I'm not saying she won't,

but is there any way
to pull Deacon out of there?

I'll find out.

I said drop your guns!

We ain't got nothing to lose, homies.

You can't say the same.

You Katrell?

That's right, redbone.
You know the name, don't you?

I heard you're a smart guy
who likes to lay traps.

So you should recognize
when you're being set up in one.

You're not the only crew bringing backup.

- Put the guns down!
- Down!

Put the guns down! Put 'em down!
Drop 'em! Drop 'em!

Put 'em down!

- Drop 'em!
- Get down on the ground.


Drop 'em!

Slide 'em towards me.

How far are the other guards from here?

A few hallways down.

- All right, let's go.
- Okay.



What do you see?

It's one of Gunnar Cade's prison letters.

"The hills of Valhalla are
Thor's lightning paradise."

Sounds like a bunch of nonsense.

No, this is code.

What, you really think
this has something to do

with this big plan of his?

If we decode it, we find out.

Well, don't look at me. I'm a
shooter, not Sherlock Holmes.

Well, neither am I.

But I think we got somebody
who can help us.

What, J.R.? I don't know, Hondo.

If anybody can break
that code, it's probably him.

You're really gonna make me be the dude

defending a white supremist right now?

You ever really think
you can trust a guy like that?

Sister Carmelita must've believed in him

to counsel him every week.

Maybe she needs us to trust him, too.


Jess? I thought there was
a cell block on the prison?

I had it lifted just for this call.

What's wrong?


Hicks took her to the hospital.

It's serious.

Does Deacon know?

Not yet.

Is the situation there under
control? Can I pull him out?

I can't say that just yet.

Gunnar Cade's making some kind of play,

and we don't even know what.

He's still got Sister Carmelita.

We're a long way from calling this a day.


What do you want me to do about Deacon?

I'm not gonna compromise him
or the team while you're inside.

We keep this between us.

Roger that.

Right side clear.

Left side clear.

- What is this place?
- Not sure, Rocker.

Guess it used to be the prison infirmary.

Looks more like an old factory now.

Now I understand how someone
makes money running a prison.

Cheap labor to make bulletproof vests.


Move, move, move!

Two, two, two.

Two, two, two.

I see you guys are itching for a fight.

And if you think
you have nothing to lose,

by all means, have at it.

That said,

the prison armory didn't have
enough guns for everybody.

So at most,

two of you are armed.

The rest of you are holding
homemade shanks,

assuming a bulletproof vest
will save your life.

Thing about those vests,

well, our 5.56 rounds

go through 'em
like a knife through butter.

Yeah, the other
thing about those vests.

They don't make 'em for your head.

And we practice our shooting

all day, every day.

So, you tell me.

How's this gonna go?

Easy, easy, easy.


Tan, door.

In the cooler, right now!

- Go, let's go! Let's go!
- In the cooler! Move, move!

Move, move, move!
In the cooler, let's go.

Move, move!

Come on, move it!

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

Moco Hernandez. On the ground, big fella.

Last warning. On the ground now!

Got your back if you want to handle this.

Thanks, Rocker.

Can't we just shoot him?

Fine. Okay. We do this together.

Get down, Moco.

God, he's strong.

I got him. God.

Stay down, buddy.

Excuse me. You're here for Annie Kay?

Yes. I'ml'm not family.

Her husband works for me. He's a cop.

I'm trying real hard
to get him down here.

Yes, well, we don't have much time.

We did more tests.

The symptoms you noticed and
the bleeding in Annie's brain

are the result of a meningioma.

That's a noncancerous tumor.

And how dangerous is that?

There's swelling in her brain
and it's getting worse,

so we have to drill a hole into her skull

and drain excess fluid.

Good Lord.

Just tell me the truth, Doc.
Is Barb gonna be okay?

Excuse me, who's Barb?

II'm sorry.
Um, Barb was my wife.

I meant to say Annie.

Any time we have to go into the brain,

there's a chance there
could be serious damage.

Now, we can hold off on surgery
for just a little while longer,

but her husband needs to get here soon.

Yeah, well, I'ml'm, I'm working on that.

26David to Command.

We have the construction workers
with us and Big Moco

is back in custody.

Roger that.

That's 80% of the rioters
back in their cells.

Ten hostages rescued.

Seven to go.

Captain, there's something else.


Well, I heard Deacon mention
inexperienced prison guards.

I've seen overcrowded cells,

and I'm pretty sure
I'm standing inside a sweatshop.

Just saying, maybe there's more
to this prison than we know.

Hey, Telly.

Nice work.

It's great to see you, Tell.

Thanks, Telly.

Hold up. Not you.

Hey, yo, Katrell.

You said you was gonna
get me out of here.

No chance.

But you know what,
I'll do you one better.


We got all the OneNiners in their cells.

All right. Good work, Deac.

Hostages are all accounted for, too.

Had a little inside help.

All right, that just leaves
Sister Carmelita.

And Gunnar Cade
and his crew. We're on our way.

Roger that.

So it turns out, maybe these geniuses

aren't stupid after all.
Tell him what you translated.

Gunnar likes World War II stuff,

so he uses old codes in his letters.

Norse references stand in
for the alphabet.

Sentences are actually words.

This message was received
from another gang member

before the riot started.

What does it say?

It's a single name. Dale DeGroat.

I looked it up
in prison database, got nothing.

Well, then something's missing.

Dale DeGroat. Let me ask.

Mr. Jones, I need a word.

- Of course. What is it?
- My team came across

a name that's not in your database.

Dale DeGroat?

Any idea who that is?

We keep a few inmates
in a separate cellblock:

Protective custody.

They have to have
their own security protocol,

which locks them in their
cells during a riot.

Cost me a fortune.

The name you're looking for,

you'll find it in this file.

Why didn't you show us this before?

I didn't think the riot
could reach that section.

My people are finding things
inside this prison

they didn't expect to find.

When this is over,

we're gonna come back to that.

All right, listen up, people.

We got an I.D. on Dale DeGroat.

He's an inmate in protective custody.

- Means he's probably an informant.
- Yeah.

DeGroat was transferred here
a week ago after making a deal

with the D.A.'s office.
If he testifies, it could put

about a dozen of Gunnar Cade's
meth business buddies in jail.

So that's what Gunnar Cade was up to.

He told the other gangs that he was gonna

start a riot, distract us long enough

for him to find Dale DeGroat.
And if anything went wrong,

he still had Sister Carmelita
as collateral.

- He's not dumb.
- No, he's not.

We think Gunnar Cade is
going after Dale DeGroat

in Cellblock D. Let's roll.

I'm your angel of death, Dale.

I want you to know
what I'm gonna do with you

once I burn through this door.

Carmelita, do you believe in redemption?

I believe in second chances.

Even for you.

It's never too late to
accept God in your life.

Change your ways.

Don't do this.

I'm gonna burn this rat alive.


I'll worry about redemption.

Should be about five of them
left, including Gunnar Cade.

Protective custody is
that way. Where's Hondo?

He's coming.

I'm here. Mask up.

Give me a two! Two!

Down! Down!

Give me your hands!

Hands behind your back!

Think I care if I get caught?



Sister Carmelita.

- You all right?
- Yeah.



We got you, okay? We got you.

I got her, got her, got her.

You okay?

Hondo, I got your six.

That's not Gunnar. Rocker, take him.

Got him.

Stay down!

Mr. Jones, how many guards
did you say you have?

- Six.
- Not seven?

No. Why?

Stay back.

Gunnar Cade! Get on the ground.

Right now.

On the ground. Now!

Gunnar Cade's been neutralized.

Situation is under control.

- Thank you.
- Sister.


Why am I not surprised to see you here?

I'm sorry I caused you all this trouble.

Stop it. You're never any trouble.
How is she, Luca?

- She's gonna be fine.
- Well, better be.

I got a new group of inmates at Lompoc

I'm supposed to start with next week.

Is that all of them?

All prisoners accounted for.

Deacon. I got to talk to you.

All right, let me just
bandage her up first.

No, no. Let Luca do it.
I need you right now.


Yeah, what is it?

It's Annie.

What about her?

- I'm looking for an Annie...
- Deacon!

Yeah. Where is she?

I tried, I really, I really tried, man,

they just couldn't wait any longer.

She's been in surgery
the last 20 minutes.

What? What happened?

- What... did something cause this?
- Well, we're finding out as we go,

and as soon as they know
anything, they're gonna tell us.

All right? It's gonna be okay, brother.

We're gonna get through this.

Thank you.

- Thank you for being here.
- Of course, man.

I don't know what I would've
done if she was alone for this.

- What, are you kidding me?
- I can't believe that.

- II wasn't here for her. I...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Listen to me. Don't do that.

Don't do that.

You're gonna drive yourself crazy.

All right, believe me.

I know, all right?

Bottom line is, you're here now.

All right? All right?

And you have people here

who need you.

- Daddy. Daddy.
- Hey.

You're here.

Where is he?

Tremendous job, Officer.

Actually, it's Sergeant.

Well, my apologies, Sergeant,

but this

is how justice should be served.

- Thank you.
- What are you thanking me for?

Saving your sweatshop?

Getting your prisoners back under control

so you can shove them four in a cell?

I don't know what you're referring to.

My ass you don't.

Now, I don't know how dirty this goes,

but I know you're neckdeep.

I know the warden's dead
and a nun got stabbed

because of the conditions
you created in here.

Be careful, Sergeant.

There's still libel laws in this country.

You should be careful
what you accuse me of,

unless you want to mix
it up with my lawyer.

Please. Please.

You tell me when and where,
and I will be there.

Because I'm going
to the Bureau of Prisons,

I'm gonna go to the city council.

I will bang my drum
to anyone who will listen

because I will see
that you pay for all of it.

I treated them like
they deserved to be treated.

This is a prison, not a country club.

I'll remind you of that
when I toss your ass in one.

He always angry like that?

Only when he sees someone
who deserves to be behind bars.

In my experience,

he always puts them there.

Who's that? What's up, buddy?

- Hey, little man.
- Hey.


Hey, Deac.


You take her.

Here you go.

Come here, little one.

Go see Uncle Luca.

Go sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

There you go.

Did you get here in time to see her?


But you did the right thing,
though, you and Cortez.

Not telling me.

Would have, would've
compromised my judgment

and would've hurt the team.

I'd have done the same thing.

That's why you're the best.

And Annie's the best, too, Deac.

She's gonna fight her
ass off, you know that.

You know...

today is my...

today is my tenth anniversary with SWAT.

I didn't know that.


When I started, Annie and I,
we made a will.

We planned for one thing:

What they would do
if something happened to me.

Never planned on anything
happening to her.

I did figure out one thing, though.

What's that?

I know what my chair is.

It's Annie.