S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Follows a locally born and bred S.W.A.T. lieutenant, Hondo, who is torn between loyalty to the streets and duty to his fellow officers when he's tasked to run a highly-trained unit that's the last stop for solving crimes in Los Angeles.

TOSCA: 1-Adam-13, show us code six on citizen flag-down.
There's something going on in there.
Shots fired! Shots fired!
Officers need help! Roll SWAT now!
♪ ♪
BUCK: We got five, six active shooters.
We're gonna be a code six. We need to initiate an HRT.
Everyone knows their positions. Keep it clean.
Make it a work of art.
All right, 15 seconds out.
- Lakers play tonight? - Golden State.
Let's clean this up in time for the second half.
All right, I want you to fill the gaps,
stay liquid.
- You with us, Hondo? - Fill the gaps,
stay liquid. You say it so damn much, Buck,
I finally got it tattooed on my ass.
- (LAUGHTER) - All right, here we go!
- (GROANS) - Officer down!
Officer down!
We got rabbits!
You all right?
He took one in the arm.
Ambulance is on the way.
Move! Move!
BOY: Mama, fireworks!
Hey, you're okay. You're okay.
Go inside, hide.
I got him!
Hondo, suspect left.
Luca, with me.
Get out! Get out!
Situation's going south.
We got to shut this down.
- Get out of the car! - I got the guy with the beard.
Yeah, I got Justin Bieber.
DEACON: We're a gun short here, Hondo.
I'll be there! Start the countdown.
All right, we'll go on my count. On three.
Take the dude with the beanie, Hondo.
MAN: Get down!
BUCK: Oh, God.
♪ ♪
BUCK: Civilian is down. I repeat, civilian is down.
I need backup.
Hey. We got help coming.
All right, stay with me.
Stay with me.
You're okay.
Just stay with me.
You're all right, stay with me.
I got it, Buck.
HONDO: Hey, kid. Look at me, talk to me.
Talk to me, what's your name?
- Raymont. - Raymont?
All right. You live here?
Yeah? Me, too.
I grew up four blocks that way.
I kissed my first girl, Yvonne Thomas, behind that rec center.
Huh? Come on, you know what I'm talking about, right?
They still making out over there?
Huh? Talk to me.
Stay with me. They still making out over there?
Yeah. I don't got a girl.
Okay, okay, that's cool. That's cool, don't even worry about it.
You wait till the girls see this new scar you're about to have.
You're gonna have your pick, trust me.
Ambulance went to the wrong spot.
They're still ten minutes out.
This kid doesn't have ten minutes.
Luca, get him on the truck. Let's go. Let's get the doors.
Come on. Come on. Okay? Let's go.
- (CROWD CLAMORING) - MAN: He ain't no gangbanger!
I know you're probably scared right now, and that's all right.
No, no, no, it's all right.
Scared is good.
It means your brain's working right,
it means your body's fighting.
You and me, we got this.
We both fight together.
I stopped the bleeding, started a line.
Kid says he's O positive, blood pressure's dropping.
We got it from here. Let's go.
What happened?
That neighborhood is all shot to hell.
Not our bullets.
What about the bulletin that kid?
Well, he's in surgery now, but...
Doctors say maybe yes, maybe no.
DEACON: If it wasn't for Hondo,
he'd have been D.O.A.
Nice save.
Deacon, the team's yours
until Buck's cleared for duty.
Yes, ma'am.
All right, thanks.
What's the word, Hondo?
Raymont's still in surgery. We'll know more in the morning.
- Man, poor kid. - LUCA: I mean,
- it was an accident. - HONDO: True or not, Luca,
there's too much bad history for a lot of these folks.
Tomorrow's looking like a busy day.
Buck will be back.
Until then, let's make him proud.
I'll see you in the morning.
You scared me.
You don't feel scared to me.
That neighborhood is so angry.
And it's only gonna mushroom.
Buck shot an unarmed kid.
It was a split-second call.
Bullets were flying.
Listen, there's something else I need to talk to you about.
What's that?
This is more than just hooking up at this point.
You have a key, toothbrush, change of clothes.
I'm about to get my own coffee cup, right?
- Hmm? - (BOTH LAUGH)
Think you've earned it?
You tell me.
I meant this.
"Professional relationship disclosure"?
This is a joke, right?
It's department policy.
It's a policy that everybody ignores.
I'm a woman.
I'm young. I'm an immigrant.
That's three strikes for a lot of the brass.
You don't want to call it a relationship, officially.
I like this, obviously.
But I'm not gonna lose my career over it.
I spent the last 12...
Okay. Hey, hey, hey.
I'll sign it.
You will?
MAN: Yeah, I know. We're changing now.
We're doing a live feed.
♪ ♪
There you are.
Hicks needs you right now.
What the hell is this?
Just smile and nod.
We'll talk afterwards.
In the course of responding to an attack on two police officers
last night, the SWAT unit
to my right killed four suspects and rescued a family
who had been carjacked.
Well, sadly, a 17-year-old young man, Raymont Harris,
was accidentally shot and seriously injured
by team leader, Buck Spivey.
Now, this morning, I terminated Sergeant Spivey.
SWAT demands the highest standards,
and Angelenos have the right to know
that actions have consequences.
Sergeant Harrelson, would you please join me?
Today I am assigning 20-David designation,
the senior SWAT sergeant and command of this unit,
to Sergeant Daniel Harrelson,
who exhibited immense bravery under fire
to prevent last night's incident
from becoming far worse than what it otherwise might've been.
So, please join me
in congratulating Sergeant Harrelson
on a well-deserved appointment.
Good work, gentlemen.
Hicks made the decision himself this morning.
And he thinks
promoting a black man on live TV is gonna fix that?
JESSICA: He thinks it's better than doing nothing.
Come on, Jess.
The people there can see right through this kind of BS.
They know the difference between a press conference
and what really goes down on the street.
How many times have you told me
there's a better way to do things here?
Treat the community like family rather than the enemy.
Now's your chance to prove it.
He doesn't want my ideas.
He wants a mascot.
He's giving you a team.
What you do with it is up to you.
Deacon was up next.
Deacon is a good man.
You lead, he'll follow.
All right, until I can figure out a way
to get Buck back on this team,
give me Rankins.
You're getting Jim Street.
Who is Jim Street?
Transfer from Long Beach.
So now I got to break in a new guy?
We're starting you slow.
Hicks wants you at the protest rally.
Starts in an hour.
Crowd control. No.
I want to be out there trying to get the guy
we just lost last night.
The gun dealer you caught last night, Yorba Glennon,
was selling weapons to the man who got away.
Doesn't know his name.
Okay, so we'll look into it.
Mumford's team is running point.
You're gonna give Mumford the good lead?
And me community relations?
You know I'm not that guy.
If anyone can bridge the gap between that community
and the police, it's you.
Buck got boned big-time.
How do we fix this?
They can't just fire him
without having done an investigation.
They just did.
And Hondo's great and all, but that job's yours, Deac.
I mean, all the years that you put in and waited.
- I mean, you earned it. - HONDO: No one knows
Buck got screwed more than me.
I learned everything I know about SWAT from him,
so I'm not about to switch up anything.
Now, we have to change into our dress blues.
We're going to Avalon Park
to keep the peace.
We heading out a man down?
HONDO: Nope.
Getting Jim Street.
♪ ♪
♪ I got a one-way street and I'm ready to roll ♪
- (SIREN WAILING) - ♪ Uh-huh ♪
♪ Yeah, we're blacktop burning and I'm out of control ♪
♪ All right, all right ♪
♪ Yeah, the flag goes down, I'm ahead of the pack now. ♪
Just leave the ticket on my bike.
I'm late for work! Sorry!
You Hondo?
Jim Street.
You're cutting it a little close, Street.
Sorry, yeah, I, uh, hit, like, a thousand red lights.
We don't do excuses here.
And you're in the wrong uniform.
Go get changed up. We're rolling out.
Music to my ears. Don't worry about me.
You just point me in the right direction.
Here to kick ass.
SWAT isn't about kicking ass.
It's about saving lives.
Yeah, which sometimes requires
kicking a little ass.
MUMFORD: Hey-hey! If it isn't
America's top cop.
Did you drive into work this morning
or swing from building to building
like Spider-Man?
(LAUGHS) Spider-Man.
"Those were Hick" words, not mine.
STREET: I miss some kind of drama or is this guy's
default button just set on dick mode?
Don't know who your new smart-ass is,
but good luck with that.
We're on our way to find the guy
that Buck let get away last night.
♪ ♪
MAN: Hondo.
How you doing, brother?
Doing good.
So you here for business or pleasure?
Here on business, Dale.
But also making sure that you're not stealing too many hearts
- from all these fine ladiesout here. - (LAUGHS)
So, I saw on the TV that you got some big promotion.
Does that mean that you can do
something about what's going on?
I aim to try, Dale.
Well, I'll be watching.
We all will be.
Say hi to your aunt and nieces for me.
I'll see you around.
MAN: What color you supposed to be, brother?
Black or blue?
You gonna have to pick.
I saw your K-9 patch. Where's the mutt?
Champ? Just retired.
His hip started to go.
I got him at my place.
I'm getting ready to train a new dog.
You pick one out yet?
Nope. Still choosing.
Maybe, uh,
off-duty, you could teach me a few tricks.
I like dogs, not dawgs.
LUCA: Hey, texted with a buddy down in Long Beach
about you, Street.
Sounds like it ended pretty rocky down there.
Anything we should know? Nothing stays secret
too long in SWAT.
I plan on keeping any secrets from you guys,
I'll let you know.
Hey, Deac.
I was thinking me and you could go grab a beer one night.
Talk about ways to make the team more efficient.
Depends on the night.
(OVER SPEAKERS): I'm Gerald Ewing,
and Raymont Harris is my cousin.
Raymont's a straight "A" student at his high school.
Last night, picking up some groceries,
a cop shot him.
This is the third police shooting here
in the last six months.
You don't see them shoot people in Brentwood, do you?!
- CROWD: No! - Bel Air?!
How many times are we gonna
- let this happen before some... - (GUNSHOT)
The roof! Northeast!
- Go, go, go. - Go, go!
WOMAN: Hey! You crazy?!
CHRIS: Nothing.
Nope. Nada.
Hey. You're a hot mess.
You're out of position, you're moving too fast.
They teach you anything down in Long Beach?
Moving too fast?
I was trying to get to the shooter before he got away.
By running through the middle of the park with no cover?
I got here before anyone else, didn't I?
Lesson one, Street.
Never be in a hurry to die.
Dead cop. Dead civilian. Both white.
Someone knew what they were doing.
Expert shot, line of sight, escape route.
Best we could do from security cameras.
No I.D.
We know the shooter's black... racial payback
for the Raymont Harris shooting.
MUMFORD: Robbery-Homicide found some
unusual shell casings.
Might track back to the sniper.
Best lead we have.
Couple different ways I can think of to track that down.
Coordinate with RHD, take point on it.
You bet.
Hondo, your team will pick up any spillover duties.
At least until there's another press conference?
These are outstanding warrants for felons
in a three-mile radius of the park shooting.
Coordinate with South Bureau's Gang Enforcement.
Start knocking some doors down; I want to see what oozes out.
I want to make that neighborhood hurt.
HONDO: Those are proud people
who usually get the short end of the stick,
and you want to make them hurt?
They started a war with us, Hondo.
Black on white. Maybe you noticed.
So we're gonna squeeze 'em, until someone tells us
who did this. Clear?
- Crystal. - Pick out the promising ones,
give the others to Hondo.
Don't come back empty-handed.
Be careful, but be quick.
We already had a bank robbery we couldn't respond to
because of this shooting.
Hey. Guess who's in the locker room.
Get out of here, Hondo.
You don't want to be around my stink.
We're gonna fix this. I'm gonna push Hicks and Cortez.
This is not the end, Buck.
Stop. All right, it's over.
I was chasing a white suspect,
end up shooting an unarmed black kid.
- Not exactly protocol. - It was an accident.
Not one that I would tolerate on my team.
Buck, this is wrong.
Look, you and Jenny, come over the house,
I'll make that gumbo you like, and then we'll...
Jenny... Jenny left. Four, five months ago.
How come you didn't say anything?
Because I wasn't looking for sympathy.
I wanted to do the job.
It's your job now.
This is some job.
Hicks got me running around, just smiling for the cameras,
and now he sandbags me and puts this Street kid on the team.
I asked Hicks to put Street on the team in my place.
Why? What do you even know about the guy?
Yeah, I've been watching him for a while.
I think he's got potential.
I can't be here to help him,
- I'm-I'm hoping you will. - I got enough troubles
without trying to get this kid over the hump.
Here's a dirty little secret.
I had no idea what I was doing half the time.
You know, I mean, I think the key was
to not let you clowns realize it.
Don't run the team the way that I would. Be Hondo.
You find your own way.
Stay liquid.
Warrant bingo.
Needle-in-a-haystack time.
Hey, we don't write the music, we just play it.
It's wrong.
Taking the fight to South L.A. is just wrong.
- It won't work. - Well, those are the orders.
And this is my team.
Hicks wants to fire me,
let him fire me.
But we're gonna go a different way.
Which way is that?
We treat 'em like family.
WOMAN: Excusez-moi.
- Hey, ladies. - Hey.
One for each of us.
Ooh, and one for Denise.
Don't tell me, you finally came down here to propose to me?
Come on now, Bree, I done told you a thousand times,
you way too much woman for me.
Only one way to find out for sure.
(LAUGHS) Girl, you don't ever quit, do you?
- Not till you come to your senses. - (LAUGHS)
I got to talk a little business.
We're looking into that park shooting
down the block, and we both know,
don't nothing happen in this zip code
that doesn't get discussed or dissected
by the ladies up in this room.
I'm not sure it'll help, but maybe talk to Jemele.
Jemele, you got a little something I can use?
My friend Penny,
she has this ex who's always trying to get back with her.
Texted her this afternoon, talking about
he saw the shooter driving away from the park.
Now, Penny figured it was just another one of his lies,
but, well, you know how that go.
You think you can get this Penny on the phone?
(SCOFFS) Of course I can.
♪ ♪
What's up, Shorty? You're a hard man to find.
I know you?
Dogs for all my guys, please.
You know, when you witness a crime,
you're supposed to tell the police.
- Brother, I ain't seen no crime. - Oh, yeah?
Then why'd you text this to Penny girl?
You talk to Penny? What she say about me?
Come on now, you know you got to say something to me first.
What'd you see, Shorty?
I was setting up down the road from the park.
Figured I'd make a couple dollars, you know,
'cause the rally was going on.
Heard some shots, 30 seconds later,
tow truck came ripping right past me.
Tow truck? Wait, so you didn't actually see a shooter?
Not sure if it was the shooter or not, but...
he was driving fast, like he ain't want to be there.
Did you see who was behind the wheel?
You see a name on the truck?
No, just a logo, like, like an anchor or something.
That sounds like Hook & Go Towing.
Used to be Old Man Roger's place before he died.
I'm not sure who owns it now.
Guess we better find out.
So what Penny got to say about me?
I think it's time for you to look for other options, Shorty.
You sure?
Damn sure.
♪ ♪
Can I help you?
Tell him we're looking for a black guy.
- Yeah, are you the owner here? - Yeah, that's right.
We're Metro SWAT. We're talking to people
in the neighborhood about the park shooting.
Anyone take that tow truck out today?
Yeah, Luis ran some errands earlier this afternoon.
You buy this place from Old Man Rogers?
My uncle did. I run it now.
What's your name?
Did I do something wrong?
How 'bout you cops go roust some actual criminals?
STREET: How 'bout you show
a little respect? Answer the question.
Why don't you take your question and shove...
Hey-hey-hey, chill out. Chill out.
Chill out.
Talk to me.
So no one else has access to that tow truck out there?
(LAUGHS) No. Just the two of us.
DISPATCHER: 20-David, 20-David,
50-David in need of immediate assistance
at the intersection of 22nd and Hooper.
- Let's go. - On our way.
Nice chatting.
- (CROWD CLAMORING) - MAN: That's what you doing!
Here we go again!
Stop and look what they doing!
We'll take care of this!
You got to stay calm.
- I need you to stay calm. - (SIRENS WAILING)
This will be over soon.
Please, just stay calm and let us...
MAN: Really? Really?
HONDO: Everybody! Everybody, back up!
This does not need to escalate!
- Them boys didn't do nothing! - Two of them have warrants!
- What about the other two? - Resisting.
- You always say-they're resisting! - Hey, hey! Calm down! Calm down!
I need you all to allow these officers
to take these men into custody.
- Men? One of them is 16! - Listen to me!
Listen to me!
You have my word they'll be treated respectfully.
Now, let 'em through. Let 'em through!
Back up, please. Back up, please.
You can't just ignore Hicks's orders
and expect me to cover for you.
There are better ways to find the shooter.
Now Deacon says you're going
down to the hospital to see Raymont Harris.
He's out of surgery, he's conscious.
- I want to pay my respects. - No.
We both know there's a lawsuit coming.
So you can't see that kid.
Been trying to read your tone the last 24 hours.
Not exactly sure where you and I are at.
You're under my direct command now.
No relationships allowed.
You're saying maybe we should discuss this
a little further later tonight, at your place?
You saying tomorrow night, then?
Hondo, don't make this hard, okay?
If we want to stay together,
it means one of us has to give up our job.
Well, I'm not letting you give up yours; you work way too hard.
And I'm not letting you give up yours.
What you're doing is too important.
Guess that settles that, then.
See you tomorrow, boss.
Thought I'd, uh, get an early start.
Yeah, me, too.
Hey, Street.
You want to know how you ended up on my team?
How's that?
Buck Spivey recommended you.
How far you and Buck go back?
Since I was a kid.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
What, he coach your Little League team?
He, uh... he knew my mom.
He date her or something?
Put her in prison.
- Is she still there? - Yup.
Next question.
Look, kid,
when I was new to SWAT,
I prided myself on being the first one in the door,
never scared of nothing.
But then Buck sat me down,
and he said whatever anger is motivating me,
I better find someplace else to put it,
or it might be the person next to me that I get killed.
I got no idea what's going on in your life.
But whatever it is, I'm telling you,
find someplace else to put it.
This isn't your place.
I know it isn't.
None of us should be here right now.
Ma'am, would you mind if I said
just a few words to your son?
You were the one that saved me.
GERALD: His partner was the one
that tried to kill you.
The surgeon saved you, Raymont.
I just helped you get here in one piece.
I want you to know
how sorry I am this happened to you.
Nobody on the force wanted this.
Look, the truth is...
when I was younger, I got into it with the cops.
I didn't do nothing wrong, but somehow I still ended up
with a broken arm and my face down in the pavement.
I went home, and for weeks,
I was bitching about the cops this and the cops that.
But finally, my daddy looked at me, and he said,
"Boy, if you really want to do something to change
the police, join them."
And I did.
My point is, you're the type of kid that I promised myself
I would always try to protect.
Thank you.
You get better.
♪ ♪
NEWS ANCHOR: It was opened in our mailroom 30 minutes ago.
The writer vows to kill two African-American children
in Los Angeles as they leave school this afternoon,
in retaliation for the two white victims killed
at the rally in Avalon Park yesterday.
LUCA: Don't let those guys catch up. Come on now.
- MAN: That's my son! - LUCA: Back up. No, no, no.
So you go. Perfect.
There we go. Find any seat
on the bus, okay?
You got it. Come over here, buddy.
Here we go, love.
Let's go. On the bus.
LUCA: Keep going to the back.
You're Raymont's cousin, right?
What's up?
Hey, look, man, I'm no snitch.
Sure. I see that.
But I appreciate what you said in the hospital.
And I see what you're doing here.
I get you're different than the rest of them.
So this is just us talking, not me snitching.
Of course.
I had this friend that I grew up with.
Good cat.
Joined the Army.
I didn't see him for a while.
Came home a couple months ago, talking all this nonsense
about needing to tear down the system.
Just last week I saw him, and he was talking like
things were happening and I was never gonna see him again.
The thing is, what he did in the Army,
he was a sniper.
I don't know if that's got anything to do
with what went down in the park, but...
What's his name?
Daronte Drummond.
Where does he live?
GERALD: Said he and these white dudes from his unit
were sharing a crib in Echo Park.
HONDO: Street!
Stay down.
Right side clear!
TAN: Left side clear!
STREET: Room clear!
HONDO: There's no Daronte.
STREET: Check it out.
That's Daronte
with our two guys from Hook and Go Towing.
And that's the guy Buck was chasing the other night.
This is all connected.
- TAN: How? - HONDO: I don't know.
But Street, Tan, grab Deacon,
get down to that garage. Go!
This rooftop.
Chris, where the hell is this?
That's downtown by 4th and Fig.
All right, let's move.
HONDO: What'd he say?
Not much. Our gunrunner Yorba confirmed
he was selling weapons to a group of ex-military guys.
No. Something doesn't add up.
Why is a black guy threatening black schoolkids
as payback for two white people that he killed?
Daronte and those guys
from Hook and Go were discharged from the Army
after posting online about overthrowing the government.
They bought the guns from Yorba's crew.
When Raymont Harris
gets accidentally shot,
they take advantage of all the anger.
Drummond shoots the two people at the rally
to get this city to turn on itself.
This isn't racial.
It's political.
♪ ♪
CHRIS: What was his plan? They can't shoot
- any schoolkids from here. - So what's the target?
Get me through, get me through.
Left side clear.
TAN: Right side clear.
Room clear.
"And the dead officers are proof of your stupidity.
"The money we took from your bank will go towards destroying
the corrupt system you foolishly worship."
Dead officers?
I don't think we were supposed to find that yet.
Let's roll out.
They're planning on taking down some bank.
Is that Mumford and his guys?
Yeah. What the hell?
What's 50-David doing downtown?
There's a silent alarm at First Finance Bank.
Mumford's team was the only one in the area.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Didn't you say there was a bank robbery during
the rally shootings and most of the cops in the city were there?
That's right.
And now there's another bank job.
And all our cops
are watching the schools.
These are the same guys.
It's an ambush.
- Cortez. We need... - (GUNFIRE)
HONDO: Go! Go!
HONDO: Deac, there's a robbery going down
at First Finance Bank on Grand.
Head straight there.
You heard him.
MAN: Their cars got trashed.
MAN: Get back!
I got the rabbit! Get Mumford!
Take care of business, fellas.
Why'd we let him drive?
- (WOMAN SCREAMING) - Come on, come on!
Quit shooting, get inside!
Rick, get up!
♪ ♪
I would've had him.
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Uh-huh ♪
♪ There's only one place I'd rather be... ♪
STREET: No catch? All I got to do is not get pinned
inside a second,
- cash is mine. - That easy.
All right.
Luca's department champ,
three years running.
That's the easiest money ever.
Better luck next time, Long Beach.
- Anyway. - TAN: Hey, man.
Congratulations, Luca.
Here's your cut.
- LUCA: Really? - TAN: Here's your cut.
Where you going?
Nobody likes the boss messing up a perfectly good party.
Good work today.
I'm out. All right.
Have a good one, boss.
- Deac. - Ah!
I forgot my toothbrush.
You disobeyed my order not to see Raymont in the hospital.
I'm sorry.
♪ ♪
We're up!
♪ ♪