Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 9 - Schnappschuss - full transcript




Look at me.



Foot up...
and hold.


Sit down.

- Put your head in the pipe.
- What?

Go on, it'll look wicked.

That's excellent.

Show me.

Hey, that looks cool.

If I show them these,
I'll get the job.

When I'm a fashion designer,
you can be my photographer.

Okay, next picture.
You hold the gun...

You really think this is good?
It's not exactly new.

Hey, I'm the photographer.

- I say what's cool.
- Okay.

Just take the gun and aim...

Shit, it's real!

Shit. He's dead.

Katja, let's get out of here.

Katja, let's go!

He's dead!

If only I hadn't taken it.
Who does it belong to?

I guess to the people
Dad bought the house from.

Let's put it back
where we found it.

And now?

If we lie low, we'll be fine.

Katja, he was a human being...

and I...

It was an accident, Mathias.

Hi, Katja. Do you know
where your father is?

but he's not here.

Ask him to call me, okay?

What a disgusting mess.



Did you steal the quilt?

You and I need to have a talk
about the meaning of property.

Making amends, are you?
Too late, my friend.

A police dog who steals!
It's just not on.

Hoffmann speaking.

that's the bullet entry point.

He looks familiar.

It's the boxer, Benny Butzmann.

He was in the papers a lot
some years ago.

Then an internet sports site

swallowed up all his money.

His body was found
by an anonymous caller.

There are lots of tracks,
including two bicycles.

Good boy.

- The gunman stood here.
- So it appears.


A polaroid.

Now what's he up to?

I'd say that was worth it.
Good work, Rex.

- What are they building?
- Nothing. They've gone bust.

It's a kind of bridge.

- Afraid of heights?
- No. You?



What's all this?
What are you doing?

We're police officers.

Anyone could say that.

Did you find the dead man?

Yes. You ought
to be removing the corpse

not smashing in my door.

The cheek of it.

Had you seen
the dead man before?


I hadn't seen anyone
prowling around either.

Well, what a lovely dog!

What's a nice dog like you
doing with the police?

Rex seems to like you.

My husband
used to have one just like him.

Where's your husband now?

He drove into a tree when
his building company went bust.

The company was wiped out, too.

Will you leave now?

First tell us
your name and address...

you're officially registered.

Are you planning
to interrogate me?

We just want
to ask a few questions.

My name is Anneliese Kerling
and I live here in my flat.

They couldn't take it off me
because it wasn't the company's.

This is your flat?

All mine.

Fully paid off.

Would you like to buy it?
At half the original price?



That's slightly
beyond my means.

The autopsy confirms

what his appearance
already suggested.

Chronic encephalopathy
with neural degeneration.

- That figures.
- You know what it is?

Sure. He was a boxer.

Blows to the head
lead to haemorrhaging

and ultimately to dementia.

- What about the bullet?
- It's with Forensics.

Glad I've caught you.

I have to show you this.

- Hello, Leo.
- Hello.

The lab results.

Well, well. The gun's been used
on previous occasions.

In armed hold-ups.

Task Force Emerald investigated.
The case was never closed.

Yes, I remember.

That gang killed four men.
They had no scruples.

And they're on the loose.

But why bump off
a demented old tramp?

If he was a witness,
or if it's mistaken identity.


There may be a link
to Kerling and the bankruptcy.

She could be warning
someone off.

She hasn't told us everything.

Kunz, what are you wearing?


Oh, my tie! It was on special.
Three for 5 euros.

But I took five for 7 euros.

A saving of 26.6 cents per tie.

You couldn't choose the colour,

my bag is ripped at the bottom.


That's not the problem.
My ID card was in it.

We have to go back for it.

Someone's coming.
Pick me up at 6, okay? Bye.

Hi, darling. Still here?
Haven't you got a riding lesson?

I sprained my ankle.
I'm not going.

Why aren't you
at the office, Dad?

I'm going in late.

I've got to work
through the night.

Are you okay?


You look a bit stressed.

- Everything okay at school?
- Yes.

And with your photographer pal?


You've made a mess.


This is crazy. My wallet
must be here somewhere.

If the cops find us,
I'm done for.

We're not 18.
All we need is a good lawyer.

money's not a problem for you.

Yes, but...
Someone's coming!

Who's she?

Maybe she's got your stuff.

What do you think you're doing?

Hand that back at once!

Young mongrels...

Mrs Kerling's husband
built the block of flats

she's living in.

Yes. Then came a slump,
a business downturn,

bankruptcy proceedings
and finally fraud charges.

In the end
Kerling topped himself.

They've analysed the blood
on the hankie.

It belongs to a male and,
get this, he's diabetic.

Type 1 B, so he's likely
to have a doctor.

The DNA test was positive, too.

He touched the photo.

Watch out!

Yuk, that's gross.

It's a new brand. It costs

Kunz, your thriftiness
can go too far.

Let's recap. We've got a lad,
the girl he photographed,

and tracks
from two mountain bikes,

one of which
costs an absolute packet.

One of them weighs 55 kilos.
Probably our diabetic.

- And the other 40 kilos.
- The girl.

But where did they get the gun?

I've asked myself that, too.

I can't imagine

a gang of brutal pros
hiring two teenagers.

Right, and they'd never loan out
one of their guns either.

Those kids are in danger.

If the killers find
they used their gun...

- They'll be after them.
- Exactly.

We have to find those kids.

We have more on the boy.

- What type?
- Mellitus, type 1 B.

And we know his shoe size.

Kunz, get some people
and call every surgery.

What? There's no staff.
We've had to cut costs.

There aren't that many doctors
in Vienna.

A finite number, at least.

He's stealing my milk.

What's wrong with Rex?

He pinched my hankie too.

Are there such things
as kleptomaniac dogs?

These days
it's every dog for himself.

The cops won't find us
now I've got my ID card.

Let's go and chuck the gun
in the Danube.

No way. It's gone!

- What?
- It's gone!

Let me see...
Where the hell can it be?

Someone must have taken it.

Can anyone just walk into
your house and take a gun?

Katja, I'm scared shitless.

Me too.
But I'll think of something.

Don't do anything stupid.

If I get put in jail

my family can't bail me out.

Trust me.

Look. This was once meant
for a hotel in Ringstrasse.

But then they went bankrupt.

It would never have fitted
in our penthouse.

You aren't listening.

Dad, you'd still love me

even if I did something bad,
wouldn't you?

- Have you done anything bad?
- No.

- Drugs?
- No.

- Is it Mathias?
- No. I was just wondering.

I don't think many people
have a dad like me.

we investigated the Kerlings.

Before they went bust
they had a business empire...

Kerling Financial Services,

and a dozen other firms
under various names.

Wait. I have a list here.

Could it be

that your dog has stolen
our First Aid box?

I'll replace it.
Shall we go on?

You need to talk to Rex.

You see, the office block alone

wiped out 20 million
of their personal fortune,

not to mention
ruining several building firms.

The Kerlings were left
with no assets.

True. All she has
is a flat in a half-built block.

She can scarcely sell it.
Who'd buy a flat like that?

- Did they receive threats?
- Oh, yes.

There were rumours
they'd stashed money away.

Why don't you trust me?

Why didn't you tell me before?

Where did you find the gun?

It was hidden in the attic.

Probably by
whoever lived here before.

Mathias and I found it
when he was taking photos.

We thought
it was just for blanks, but...


Since Mum died
I've always been here for you.

I've looked after you.
And now what do you do?

You deceive me.

You've got yourself
into trouble, and me too.

Come now.

Come HOW, come HOW...

I'll help you.

I promise.

And Mathias?
Can we help him too?

His parents aren't well-off.

Of course
we won't leave him in the lurch.

I'll think of something.

Murder of Tramp
Puts Police on Trail of Killers

They went bust three years ago.

That's when the murders started.

Then a tramp is shot

and two teenagers are involved.

They could be connected
to Mrs Kerling,

and if we find them,
we find the killers.


This is all the robbery squad had
on the hold-ups.

By the way, guys,
I left a ham roll on my desk.

Where's Rex?

Oh, dear. He wouldn't have
run off with it, would he?

Uh-oh. Here it is.

Hasn't he been acting strange?

Any luck with the doctors?

There's a hitch. There are
hundreds of men with diabetes.

It will take forever
to check them all.

The robbery squad
didn't find anything.

So they can't help us.

Mrs Kerling, the gangsters
and the kids are linked somehow.

But how?

Maybe it's the money
they say she stashed away.

Right. She didn't tell us
anything about that.

By "gang"
they mean the two of us.

If that woman goes to the police

and perhaps even gives
a description of Katja...

She won't go to the police.

Why not?

Because she's dead.

That's why.

You simply...

gunned her down?

Are you crazy?

I'm not that stupid.

Do you think
I want the cops snooping?

I laid on
a fatal accident for her.

Let's drive over there now

to see
if our problem's disappeared.

Call it self-defense.
It's her or us, understand?

There, now we've bandaged
your wounded paw.

It would have turned nasty
if I hadn't found her.

I'll go and find her a box,
okay, Rex?

You look after her
in the meantime.

Rex! Help!

Help, Rex!

What's Rex doing there?
Something's wrong.



Come on.

We've got you.

Are you all right, Mrs Kerling?

Did you change your mind
about the flat?

Hello, my saviour.

Yes, you're so smart

and I thought
you were running off.

Put her with the others,
would you?

You've got
a real cat hospital here.


I find them
when I'm out walking.

Cast out, run over...

Did Rex bring you
that First Aid box?

Yes, he brought things
for the cats.

That's why
Rex has been stealing.

You pinched all those things?


A police dog who steals...
Tut, tut.

While we're on the subject

it's said you withheld money
from your creditors.

Yes, that's true.

But it didn't do me any good.

The person I entrusted it to
also went bankrupt

and it was lost.

A lot of people
didn't believe us, though.

So I like living here.

Creditors harass me less.

We can help you if you like.

You could return
to a normal life.

My husband wrapped
his Porsche around a tree

so my life will never be
normal again.

- Did you have a horse?
- Ah, the brush? No.

It belongs to the girl
who was here recently.

We're finished.
She's told the police.

What are we going to do?

Let's leave the country.

There are worse things.

We can still afford
a place in the Caribbean.

What about Katja?

She's at school here.
She has no idea.

You think it's better for her
if you go to jail?

She can go to school there.

When it's quietened down,
we'll come back

and she can go to fashion school.


That could stand for anything.

It may not be a name.
It could be a riding school.

Let's see.


Prater Riding School.

Club members...

We'll show this to Mrs Kerling.
She may spot the girl.

- And if she doesn't?
- We visit every riding school.

What a prospect!

The gun belongs
to a gang of killers.

That's why it's gone.
They came back for it.


Dad's back.

Do nothing till you hear
from me. Take care.


Mr Possling...


This will come as a surprise

but we must leave Austria

until this has blown over.

Why? We're not 18 yet.
It was just an accident.


It's best we go, believe me.

Is it connected to this?

Katja, the gun you took

belongs to Possling and me.

I hid it in the attic because...

Did you do all that?

The hold-ups?

The murders?


Well, look around.

We went bust a few years back.

Did you want to
live in a small flat,

quit riding, change schools?

How come you're broke?
We've got money.

You think it grows on trees,
do you?


Not now, Katja.

Get your passport and jewellery.
We must go.

My jewellery, the presents...
ls that how you bought them?

- I'd rather have had nothing.
- Katja, try to understand.

It was the only way.


We must call your boyfriend.

You don't want
to leave him here, do you?

Katja, it'll turn out all right.

For tax purposes

it's a perfect investment.

Give them another month

and you won't recognise it.

Builders will be swarming.

This place will really boom.

It'll just be buzzing.

Excuse me.
I have some more customers.

That was a quick decision.

It's not a good time.

Sorry, but could you look
at these photos?

Is one of them
the girl you saw here?

That's her.
I'm absolutely positive.

Can I go to my customers?

We'll get her address
and have her brought in.

Sorry, Rex.
Business before pleasure.


That's it.
Thanks for the back-up.

They knew we were onto them.

We have a photo of her.

We'll find one of her dad.

Have them sent out.

Hi, Mathias here.

Please leave a message
and I'll call you back.

She called the boy.


Hi, Marc.
I'm outside the boy's place.

His name's Mathias Metzler.

He's coming out now.
Shall I arrest him?

No, under no circumstances.

He's meeting Katja Behrend.
Follow him.

We'll send all our valuables
overseas in a container.

Then we'll have a holiday.

Fishing, surfing, diving...

And then?
What happens after that?

When we come back
we'll have to live more modestly.



Open the door. Hey!

Open the door at once!

There's no surfing in Novosibirsk.

What's that, Dad?

It's refrigerated.

The bastard.

He planned it from the start.

Dad, what's that smell?

- What?
- There's a funny smell.

It's to knock us out.


Put this on.
Wrap it firmly around you.

Press this tightly
over your mouth. Really tightly.



Hello, Mr Possling.

Hello, Mathias.

Niki, get back-up.


Drop your gun!



Drop it!






Mr Possling, where are
Mr Behrend and his daughter?

I don't know what you mean.


Perhaps he knocked them out.

Search, find the scent.


The container
must have been here.


Hey! Hey!
Switch off the motor.

Turn it off!

They're refrigerated containers.

- Do as I say!
- They're part of a shipment.

They're refrigerated.
We don't have much time.

Rex can't hear anything.

Perhaps they've gone silent.

Get the girl.

Send an ambulance.

Container Terminal 2A.
Please hurry.

Will Dad be jailed for life?

If Possling was responsible
for the murders,

your dad will be jailed,
but not for ever.

- Want to go in the ambulance?
- Can I?

Sure. No problem.

We'll pick you up later.
You have some talking to do.

Thank you.

It must be tough on her.

Imagine discovering
your dad's a criminal.

See, you can treat yourself

without it costing
an arm and a leg.

Past their use-by date,
are they?

What do you mean?
They haven't expired yet.

Don't look like that.

Saving is in.
Even the rich do it.

Want one, Rex?

You don't expect me
to eat it now, do you?