Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 8 - Nina um Mitternacht - full transcript


After this new hit...


About alcohol... 25,000
road accidents in Germany

and over 2,500 in Austria,
due to drink driving.

Time for one more call.
Who's calling?


I drink every night
but I've never had an accident.

- How much do you drink?
- Nothing under six beers.

Since when?

Since before
you began that shit.

Listen here.
Drinking is okay.

But drinking and driving...
No way!

You may choose to kill yourself,
but leave others out of it.

They should stuff a sock
in your mouth!

I hear that three times a show.
Find something smarter.

Think you're up to it?

That's it for today.
See you same time tomorrow.

Nina at Midnight.

- Good evening.
- Hi, how are you?

You're a darling. Thanks.

- Another one?
- One's enough.

I see the boss in the morning.
I think I'll get a second show.

It's getting really wet.
Let's go back, Rex.

Hey... where did you come from?

Everything okay?

A guy pushed me over
and ran off with my bag.

We'll see to it.
Rex, take a look around.

Thank you.

- Is it all there?
- Yes, it looks like it.

You're a really great dog.
Does he always do that?

If he likes you... sure.

May I invite you for a drink?

Would that be okay?

His mind's made up.

- Once more. What happened?
- I...

It wasn't my fault. She
suddenly appeared before me.

I tried to avoid her,

but I couldn't brake in time.

- Had you been drinking?
- Only one drink, I swear it!

Stop that! Leave me alone!
Get lost, damn it!

- Good morning.
- Morning, Niki.

- Any news?
- Nothing to ensure job security.

No murders... no homicide.

But check this out.

Nina Klaus, the broadcaster,
had a car accident.

One person dead.

She gets into rows
with all sorts of people.

- Hi.
- Hi there.

Want a coffee?

Has anyone got a headache pill
for me? It got late last night.

Did Rex have a drink too?

Let's not go too far.


This is for you.

Thanks... Very funny!

- So you had a nice evening?
- Yes.

Did you hear about Nina Klaus'
accident on the radio just now?

- Pretty odd.
- I thought so too.

She denounces drink driving,
has a drunken accident,

and up pops a photographer.

- A bit too coincidental.
- Exactly.

Nina has lots of enemies.

It says the victim was run down.

Maybe the woman was already
lying on the street.

Even if you were drunk
you'd notice that.

Let's ask Dr Graf.

- Good morning.
- To you, too.

Bring me the bone saw.

- The electric one?
- What?

Oh, it's you. Sorry. I thought
you were my new assistant.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Hi.

- Is that last night's victim?
- Yes, I'm just examining her.

Any results?

There are typical wounds
from being run over by a car,

rupture of several organs,
heart, left lung, liver, etc.,

also multiple fractures,
ribs, pelvis, humerus.

There's also a head injury

that has nothing to do
with the accident.

- I was going to ring you.
- What kind of injury?

A skull fracture which led to
subdural bleeding and her death.

However, this skull fracture

was not caused by the accident.

Does that mean
the woman was already dead?

Yes. That's precisely it.

Don't panic, Rex.
She'll put on the brakes.

That's what she promised.

- Were you scared?
- Not one bit.

If she'd been pushed a second
later we wouldn't be here.

She'd have landed on the car

and we'd have simply attributed
the fracture to the accident.


It seems her name
was Alexandra Ullmann.

We'll go to her office.
Kunz, go talk to Nina Klaus.

Okay, but she has concussion.

Yes, and she's in shock,
but you'll manage.

Sure... Kunz will manage.

Hi, Homicide. Would you have
a minute for us?

Children, sit still a moment.
I'll be right back.

I presume you're here
about Ms Ullmann.

A terrible thing, this.

I'm relieving her.

- Are you the headmaster?
- Yes.

We'd like to ask a few questions.

Can that be during the break?
I don't want to leave the class.

Rex could look after that.

We're just having
our music lesson.

He won't mind.

I'll be gone for a while.

Continue singing on your own.
Here's someone to look after you.

All yours.

They aren't
the Vienna Boys' Choir!

This way.

Is it usual for Homicide
to be interested

in the victim
of a traffic accident?

A few facts have emerged,

but don't worry,
we won't keep you long.

Did Ms Ullmann
have any problems lately?

Not that I know of.

Her ex-husband is a drop-out.

As far as I know
he now lives in Nepal.

Excuse me.

Did she have a boyfriend?

She had a liaison
with our Mr Wallner

but then she left him.

- Where can we find Wallner?
- He didn't show up for class.

I suppose he's sick.

- The fellow sure isn't sick.
- Certainly not bedridden.

Another one, please.

Here you go, Mr Wallner.


Come on, stop!

That's it.

Good boy.


You won't escape this time.


What's that?

Wallner. Well done!
He should be here soon.

- What are you doing in my flat?
- We're waiting for you.


- What do you want?
- It's about your ex-girlfriend.

She died in a car accident.

Anything else?

It wasn't really
a traffic accident.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- She was murdered beforehand.

You scared me!

The things one does
to make Rex happy.

To think I had it all
in alphabetical order.

Oh dear...
This way, Mr Wallner.

- Playing with Rex again?
- No, he with me.

The things one does
to make that dog happy.

What are these lists?

As Nina Klaus
couldn't be questioned

I got the station's phone lists.

I'm now printing lists of those
who abused and threatened her.

Maybe it'll help.

I was in my flat all night
and had a bit to drink.

When I woke up,
I went to have breakfast.

So you don't have an alibi.

Are you trying to pin
the murder on me?

I have an idea, Mr Wallner.

You don't yell,
and we won't either.

- Sorry.
- So let's have your statement.

- Want some coffee?
- No thanks.

- Name?
- lvo Wallner.

- Phone number?
- 7232425.

- Address?
- 3, Schwertgasse.

- Date of birth?
- 7/04/64.

Place of birth?

There. Done.

- What are you doing?
- Wallner, Wallner...

- I had it in alphabetical order.
- What?


We know that you phoned
Nina Klaus several times.


She's the reason why
Alexandra left me.

- Her and her shit campaign.
- Things are looking bad for you.

Your ex was first murdered and
then thrown in front of the car.

- That's crazy!
- What is? It's not that simple.

- Remain objective.
- Typical of you!

There's motive and opportunity!

- Do you think...
- Yes!

Two women gave him heaps
because of his drinking!

- He took revenge!
- He didn't do it! End of story!

- Why not?
- It took detailed preparation.

- A drunkard couldn't do it.
- Okay, so Wallner didn't do it.

- You always have to be right.
- No I don't.

But I am.

Surely you can be so drunk
that you're incapable of murder.

Great! You too.

Surely I can...


my opinion.


No one calling you,
lovely lady?

- How about it?
- If you insist.



- Everything okay?
- Yes... Another one, please.

Right away.

- What'll you have?
- Whisky sour.

You really think so?


- Hello?
- Nikki?


Hi. It's me.

Is this a business call
or personal?


- Okay, first the business part.
- Very well.

As a professional, you sometimes
have to cop a few things.

You know how stubborn I am.

- And the personal part?
- I wanted to tell you...

that I look forward
to our collaboration.

That's business again.

I look forward to seeing you.

- I wish I were with you.
- Yes, that would be nice.

Good night. My regards to Rex.

Nikki says hello.

Good morning, Austria!
This is Max, the weatherman.

If you're still in bed,
my advice is, stay there!

Go back to sleep.
You're not missing anything.

The weather is shithouse
and it won't get any better.

The low over Austria
is going to go even lower.

When will it get better?
Good question.

Maybe in summer, if it doesn't
fall on a Tuesday like last year.

I have some good news.

The temperature in Fiji
is 40 degrees in the shade.

So it's really simple.
Tell the boss you'll be late.

Then catch a plane,
and off you go to Fiji.

But first let's play you
some techno music.


- My name is Hoffmann.
- So?

What do you want?
I've already given my statement.

I wanted to let you know

the woman you ran over
was murdered.


She was already dead.

We have your list
and we... May I?

- Of course.
- Thanks.

We're checking everyone
who rang during your show.

You'll be busy.
I got plenty of angry calls.

- Any letters or emails?
- Sure.

I've kept the worst.
You can have them.

I won't be needing them now.
My show's been scrapped.

Oh? Just like that?

That can go very fast.

Okay, I had a drink,
but I was under the limit.

That doesn't count with them.

Do you always drive home
the same way?


And have a drink before?

Yes, to calm down.
It's only a small drink.

Who knows that you do?

Just about everyone here
at the station.

This is Marion's Couples' Show.

Anyone who calls here
is guaranteed a date.

Who's next? Hello?

Hi, this is Helga,
who'd like to bed a local fella.

Oh, we have a poet.

What else have you got
to offer, Helga?

I'm 40 years old, 160cm tall,
blonde, with cup size E.

My hobby---

Watch what you say, Helga.
We're live on air. Okay?

I collect toy animals
and I'm looking for a teddy bear.

Right, a teddy bear to hold
against that cup size E.

Take the phone in your claw
and ring in.

We'll tell you in our next show
if we found Helga a date

and if the two won a weekend
in the Love Hotel.

Thank you, Helga,
and now, our next candidate...

who has come in person
to see us in the studio.

I can tell you that he
looks incredibly sweet.

He has big eyes,
blonde hair, on his chest also,

and has large, funny ears.

The individual in question
is a friendly Alsatian,

an ideal date
for a lonely female dog.

Please don't ring in.

Write us a letter
and include a photo.

Now some music
for partner-seekers.

Here you are!

Sorry. I was looking for him.

- Oh... so is that your dog?
- Yes.

- We didn't want to interrupt.
- I just found him a partner.

- You what?
- I'm doing the Couples' Show.

I get nice people to meet.
What about you?

With me?

That depends.

I think I could find
the right woman for you.

You can introduce yourself,
if you like.

I don't know.
I think Rex and I had better go.

No problem.
The music lasts three minutes.

In that case...

Marion is fantastic.

If she gets Nina Klaus's show too,
she'll become the station's star.

Why didn't she get it before?

Nina was very successful

and you can't host two shows
at the same time.

But now...

- Well? Got a date?
- No idea.

- Someone has to ring in.
- Marion seemed interested.

- Why are you here?
- To say you were right.

Wallner couldn't have done it.

At the time of the accident
his blood alcohol level was 2.9.

He couldn't stand up straight.

So he couldn't kill, carry
and throw someone under a car.

I just said you were right.

- I can't hear it often enough.
- I found out something else.

Your showgirl will get Nina's spot
and become the station's star.

So she'd have a motive.

But how would she manage?

Perhaps there's a helpful man
behind this successful woman.

- Usually it's the reverse.
- Let's talk to Marion.

- She'll be in the bar later.
- Really!

This is the Couples' Show.
Who's calling?

You came after all. Hi.

The bar is like our canteen,
just cozier.

Nina Klaus... Hi...
came here before her accident.

Most presenters come here
to wind down.

- The usual.
- For me too.

- What's your usual?
- My colleague.

Nothing you can have.
You're on duty.

That's an advantage.
I'll have my usual too.

Two waters, one in a glass,
one in a bowl. Please.

What is it you want to discuss
with us?

Nina Klaus' accident
was a lucky break for you.

- You get Nina's show.
- She deserves it too.

More listeners, more money,
and perhaps a TV career ahead.

Is it my fault if Nina got drunk
and killed someone?

She killed no one.

- What did you say?
- The victim was already dead.


You don't think
I had something to do with it?

If the media get wind of this
I can pack up.

It looks bad right now,

but it'll soon be forgotten
and you'll work again.

That's sweet of you, Max,
but it doesn't help me at all.

Even worse, that enchanting
Marion now has my spot.

You sound as if
you suspect her.

She's the winner in all this.

I'd be careful
who you accuse.

Who was sitting with Marion
just then?

A policeman.
He came to see me too.

- What did he want?
- The woman was already dead.


For the very first time
between 11 and 12

the Couples' Show
in its new timeslot...


I think that text is old hat.

If we're going to do the show
in the new timeslot

I'd like something else.

You could be much more erotic
in that timeslot.

Yes, I think so too.
Something like...

We'll turn your loneliness
into a tingling partnership.

I think
that suits you much better.

I just wanted
to congratulate you.

How nice.

Right after you rang

I checked the alibis of Marion
and that sound technician.

They were both at the party
at the time of death.

- They could have left for a bit.
- They did.

A witness saw her
trying to find her coat.

- Where?
- In their very spacious closet.

- Did you get anywhere?
- We didn't find anything.

Nothing new either
with the aggressive callers.

No one fits the picture.

These are the letters
threatening Nina Klaus.

The culprit must have known
both victims' schedules,

that of Nina Klaus
and of Ms Ullmann too.

Ullmann was last seen
in the fitness studio

which she attended twice a week.

Please see
if she met anyone there.

- Friends or acquaintances...
- Very well.

Since you were right about
Wallner, what'll we do with him?

Since I was,
I suggest we drop him.

- You're right.
- Pardon?

Forget it!

- Shut the door.
- Sorry.

I'm looking for the manager,
Mr Fisher. ls he here?


- I don't want to be disturbed.
- I know the feeling.

I'm continually being disturbed.

Kunz. Homicide.

- There's a strong smell in here.
- Menthol infusion.

- It makes the eyes sting a bit.
- So I've noticed.

- I have a few questions.
- Okay. Have a seat.

- Put a towel down first.
- Yes, of course.

- What do you want to know?
- It's about Ms Ullmann.

Excuse me...

- You know what happened.
- Yes.

What is it now?

Did she meet any friends
or acquaintances here?

I only ever saw her on her own.

Would your staff
have noticed anything

on the evening she died?

The receptionist said she went
to the carpark at the usual time.

Excuse me!



Do you get clients
from the radio station

where the presenter, Nina Klaus,

Almost all of them train here.

We gave them a special deal
which most have taken up.

- What about two nights ago?
- A few of them showed up.

- Best ask the receptionist.
- I'll do that.



- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Unbelievable what people write
to Nina. They can't even spell.

"Murder" with a

- Hi, Nikki. I have news.
- Me too.

"Hell" appears in all these letters
and there's something else.


The lab examined them.
Only Nina's fingerprints appear.

- The guy was very skillful.
- He wanted her to lose her job.

"If you go on like this, all hell
will break loose." And it did.

- What have you got?
- I got lucky.

The gym where Ullman went
also gets radio station clients.

Very good.

Your go now.

I rang the photographer
who covered the scene.

He got an anonymous tip
that Nina ran someone down.

Now listen to this.

The voice was distorted, but he
thinks he's heard it on the radio.

So it's someone from the station.

We'll need to
check them all out.

This will be a long night.

I've gone through the lists.
No one previously convicted.

I have two who work there.

One got numerous traffic fines,
the other was shoplifting.

I didn't find any criminals.

That wasn't to be expected.

What'll we do now?

We'll make some coffee.
Buckets of it.

It's going to be hellishly wet
and windy.

Leave the curtains drawn.

If you pull them open
you'll be looking into a low

straight from he...

Isn't that the weatherman who
was with Nina Klaus at that bar?

"Hell", "hellish"...
Sound familiar?

Words used in three letters.

That's right.

Maybe we should visit those two.

I don't believe it.
Max is always nice.

If anyone has a problem,
he's the first to help.

or with an ulterior motive?

He tried starting up
a relationship. Some tea?

- No.
- Yes.

The girls see him more as a pal
than a lover.

That could be a problem for him.

- Has he tried for anyone lately?
- He kept chasing Marion.

She wasn't interested either.
I'd never have picked Max.

Hardly anyone looks like a killer,
more like the boy next door.

That's right.

Where could Max
and Marion be now?

I don't know where Max is.
He breaks till noon.

- Marion is at the Love Hotel.
- The Love Hotel?

- She's doing an interview.
- Where is the Love Hotel?

This is the Couples' Show on
location high up in the love nest.

I've interviewed many couples
in the Love Hotel,

but what is going on
here right now

seems to be a new record.

Hi, a new record?


Well, carry on if you can.

That was the Couples' Show
on location.

See you next time. Marion.

By the way... Don't forget
to eat something now and then.

Here you are.

I'd like a Campari and orange.

One for me too.


- What are you doing here?
- I must talk to you.

Her mobile is switched off.

She doesn't want to be disturbed.

- In the Love Hotel.
- That's right.

Listen, Max...

I see you as a good friend, but...
nothing more.

I've told you that a few times.

But I'm in love with you.

I can't tell you how much!

Forget it, Max. Anyway...

I'm with Gerd.


Since when?

My private life
is none of your business!


- Don't you know you owe me?
- What?

I made sure you got
Nina's timeslot.

Why do you think I did it?

- For you.
- You're mad!

Listen to me!

You stalked that woman
in the carpark,

killed her,

and then threw her
in front of Nina's car?

All that just so I could get
her timeslot?

I love you.

You can't kill someone
for my career!

Why not?

- I love you!
- You're mad!

Mr Konig!

Stop right there!
It's useless, Mr Konig.

Come on!

I'll go see her.

Are you okay? Go up
to reception. We'll be back.

Come on!


Come on!

Move it!

This one looks nice, Rex.

I think this one's better.

Amazing how many letters Rex
got through that Couples' Show.

- You'd like that too.
- Why not?

Don't forget I'm armed.

I'm going to get a bite to eat.