Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 7 - Eine Tote hinter Gittern - full transcript




Any of you seen Strasser?



Shower in Block 4.

Elvira Strasser is dead.

It looks like we're
the first ones here for once.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I usually come in early
so I can have breakfast in peace.

Good morning, Rex.
I've had my breakfast.

Okay, then.


Morning. I went to the post
office to collect a letter.

It was forwarded
to my private address

but I wasn't home to sign for it.

Oh? Who's the letter from?

A woman.

I arrested her once.

Her boyfriend
forced her to steal.

I managed to get her charge
reduced to accessory.

She wants to see me urgently

and asked
for children's books.

Children's books? What for?

I don't know, but I'll find out.
I'll have coffee too.

What's her name?

Elvira Strasser.
She was in Grasshofen Prison.

Why “was”?

- Has she been released?
- No, she's dead.

Elvira can't come
to play with you today.

Someone else will look after you.


Because Elvira has gone.

Where to?

She was released early.

What are you bawling about?

Elvira didn't want
to do it any more.

- I don't understand why.
- We'll find someone else.

The children
were important to her.

Don't kid yourself.

They live just like us in here.

What do you reckon...

will become of your Saskia
one day?

- Did I do anything wrong?
- No, Saskia.


You'll be something special
one day.

My former colleagues
spoke with the warden

who said
Elvira committed suicide.

Why, when she only
had six months to go?

- It happens all the time inside.
- You missed criminology classes.

Most suicides occur
in the first six months.

No one commits suicide
prior to release.

Maybe she had
personal problems.

What about her letter
asking to see me urgently?

It's like someone
wanted her silenced.

We can't do anything officially.

I'll still go in.

Out of the question!

What is our job?

To punish the guilty
and let the innocent go.

What if Strasser was murdered?
Do we just say "Too bad"?

We'll never get approval.

So you won't back me up?

At least someone
understands me.

Let's go.


Move on.

Now then, Bohm...

Don't give me any shit
and we'll get on fine.

If you do, there's a concrete cell
in the cellar...


Where you can charge about.

Got that?

- Thanks for the tip.
- Your suite.

What have we here?
A new admission.

Hi, I'm Erika.
Embezzlement. Four years.

Sylvia Manz.
Trader in various goods.

- Were you convicted for that?
- No.

I only do that in here...

if you should need anything.

What are the wardens like?

They're a bit nervous.
There was a suicide.

She slit her throat in the shower.

- Just like that.
- She smashed a lamp and...

That was it.

- Not on your life!
- Doing gymnastics?

- Yes, something like that.
- There's a special room for that.


Just ask me if you need
to know something.

How do I go about
getting into the infirmary?

The doctor comes once a week.

We have to look after
small wounds ourselves.

Who examined the dead girl?


I don't know.

They locked her in her cell,
then took her away.

- She was my best friend in here.
- I'm sorry.

She could knock out a horse.

Sokol is a snake in the grass.

Manz uses her as a lackey.

- Want any pain killers?
- No, thanks, I don't take them.

You should.

Trade them
for coffee or stamps.

I think I'll stay here for a while.
My head is throbbing like mad.

- Okay. I'll look in on my child.
- Won't you fill out a form?

No. They don't give me
the filing cabinet key.

Wait for me.
I shouldn't leave you alone.


Strasser, Strasser...


"Several deep stab wounds
to the neck, piercing left artery.

"Death caused by loss of blood.

Suicide with all those wounds?

You seem to have
settled in well.

Oh, I...

I was seeing if my file was here.
I've been in the infirmary before.

You don't stand a chance here.

Have a look around.
I'll keep watch.

- No big deal.
- What are you doing here?

Oh... you're here.

That's all right, then.

Niki isn't in the best company
in there.

Sylvia Manz,
trade in human cargo.

Supplied brothels.
Repeat offender.

Karin Sokol, murder.

This one here is Elvira Strasser.

- She looked after kids in prison.
- Looked after kids?

Yes, if children
are born in prison

they stay with Mum
till age three.

Afterwards they're put into
the care of social services.

- Meaning a home.
- Or foster parents.

This one has a child.
Claudia Schrom.

Got six years for manslaughter.

That's my daughter, Saskia.

She's always at the window,
but not allowed to go out.

Hello, darling!

Say "Hello".

- Hello.
- Hello, Saskia. I'm Erika.

Did you kill someone?

No, just stole some money.

Elvira minded the kids
while we worked.

We collect them after work.
At night we're together.

- You're a wonderful little girl.
- Yes, she is.

She grew up here.

She's only seen
men in uniform.

Or a live animal,
except the pigeons here.

She's scared
of loud car noises.

There's lots
she's unfamiliar with.

- That's never occurred to me.
- The kids are locked up here.

She continually asks
if she's done something wrong.

- Why are you here?
- I killed someone.

She kept hassling me at work
and wanted me out.

I reacted, but it was
manslaughter, not murder.

I didn't want her to die.


Your solicitor.

Well? Are you coming or not?

Oh... it's about time!


Ms Bohm.

What gives, sir?

- What happened to you?
- What's it to you, Mr...


I got myself a new ID.

It's all bad. Everything is
swept under the carpet.

Strasser was murdered. Too
many wounds to be self-inflicted.

- Okay, you were right.
- Pardon?

- You were right!
- Right.

It couldn't have been suicide.

- She asked for children's books.
- That could be a clue.

I'll find out.

- What happened to your face?
- A small punch-up.

They all believe or want to
believe Elvira committed suicide.

What can we do?

Eva Klein was released
a fortnight ago.

She was in this block.
Maybe she can help.

I don't have time now, Rex.

Okay. I'll throw your ball.
Go find the ball.


Okay, I'll go find the ball.

Where's the ball?
Where could it be?

I'll get a slipped disc.
Where's the ball?

The things one does
to keep the dog happy.

Where's the ball?

Come on, Rex.

It's one thing to get me
to look for the ball.

It's another thing
messing up my desk.

Kunz speaking.

Hi, Mark. How's Niki?

What's her name?

Eva Klein?
Okay, I'll do a search.

- Hi Rex. Can you hear me?
- He'll be here soon.

Bohm! Stop that right now!

- I'll get your lackey next time.
- Cool it, Erika.

You can get hurt real fast
in here.

Like Strasser?

How come
you're so interested in her?

- I was in detention with her.
- Whatever.

By the way...

if you ever want a cushier job,
just let me know.

- What will that cost me?
- She needs nothing.

She has everything she wants.

Maybe you can return the favour.

I want to look after the kids.

What's with Rex?

Since Eva Klein
is a veterinarian's assistant

and we can't investigate
officially, I thought we'd practice.

Please, Rex.

"The lion and the elephant
decided to become friends

"and leave together."

- Have you ever seen a lion?
- Yes, in the zoo.

- What's that?
- It's a garden with animals.

You see lions, elephants
and many other animals close up.

I'd run away.

There's no need.
The animals are locked up.

Like us?

One day you'll all
get out of here

and go to a zoo.

- Collection time.
- Oh, you're here now.

Manz arranged it.

- Be careful.
- I look after myself.

Let's go.

Manz threatened us
a few times.

Elvira saw to it we were safe.

- Why did she threaten you?
- No idea. One of her moods.

His pain is more to the front.

It could be the neck.
Can he lift the front leg?

- No.
- Yes.

Please, Rex.

Good morning.

No problems there.

It's more in the back.
Show the doctor, Rex.

It's all okay there too.

Maybe its a slipped disc.
It hurts when he bends down.

That's not it, either.

We'd best take an X-ray.

- Excuse me.
- Sorry.

A birthday present?

- What makes you think that?
- Well...

You get it in prison
when you turn 25.

My girlfriend has one too.
She's on so-called holiday now.

- Oh? Where?
- In Grasshofen. Block 4.

- Sounds familiar.
- Oh? Been there?


- Don't remind me.
- I'm worried about her.

What's it like in there?


A certain Sylvia Manz
is the leader of the pack.

She gets money from outside.

Karin Sokol is her bodyguard
and lackey.

Anybody nice in there?

Schrom or Strasser...

Strasser looks after Schrom.

She's got her child inside.

I heard Strasser was murdered.

- What?
- Yes.

I'm sorry to hear that.

She... Strasser was okay.

Claudia must watch out now.

G... E...

B... R...A...

"Claudia needs to be
done away with


Claudia needs to be
done away with because...

- Want to play when I'm done?
- No, I want to watch the sky.

- I hope you like chocolate.
- Yes.

- How did you get it?
- I traded it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I brought stuff in.

- Got someone outside?
- Yes, and you?

Nor in here any more either.

Got problems
with anyone in here?

Just the usual.

Almost everyone owes Manz
for extra food and coffee.

Plus interest! If you can't pay
she gets Sokol onto you.

- Does Manz have a mobile?
- Yes.

If you can pay,
you can phone any time.

I think you overdid it with him.

You should have seen the X-ray.

The lead cape threw me twice.

Yes. Hoffmann.

How did you get a phone?


I'll take it down. Hold on.




Got that. Bye.

Niki found out
Schrom is to be killed.

Strasser used to protect her.

Niki thinks it's to do
with Schrom's past.

We're to reopen a closed case?

Without new evidence
we'll never get permission.

So we'll have to find some.


You can leave us.

We won't do anything stupid.

I'm sorry it went wrong,

but I can't do everything
according to plan in here.

We pay you to get things right.
Think of something else.

Okay. At least there was
no enquiry about Strasser.

You'd better finish it off.

The sooner, the better.


Phone me when you have news.

The victim was Gerda Kienast
and worked in the same firm.

Yes. Schrom took files home
and then struck her dead.

Let's start from the beginning
and listen to the police tape.


You have to hurry.
I've just killed someone.

I didn't want to kill her.

There's blood everywhere.

- Please hurry.
- What's your name?


Normally they say
"Something terrible happened."

But here she confesses
over the phone.

A witness would say
"There's blood everywhere."

- A culprit wouldn't admit it.
- Yes.

Let's listen to it again.

- Police emergency. Go ahead.
- You have to hurry.

I've just killed someone.

I didn't want to kill her.

There's blood everywhere.

Please hurry.

When my mother died
I went to foster parents.

Then into a home.

Burglaries and first convictions.
The normal career.

You were pregnant when
you bludgeoned that woman.

Third month.

The child was all
that kept me alive.

- They want to take her now.
- What then?

It's all over then.


Push, Mummy.

I had a close look at
Gerda Kienast's autopsy report.

This is the murder weapon.

The victim was 176 cm tall
and the murderer...

It was a woman.


Then the case
wasn't examined in detail.

Because she confessed
right after the crime. Why?

The base of the statue
left a specific wound imprint.

A flat one.

The murderess had to be
a lot taller than the victim,

about 185 cm.

Otherwise she would have
hit the head with the edge

and more at the back of the head
than on top.

She's smaller than that.

Hi, Rex.

Two things disturb me
about the Schrom case.

Would you stay beside someone
you'd just murdered?


I'd either get out
or call the police.


Kienast complained about
the girl's previous record.

- That isn't a motive.
- No, it isn't.

If everyone I ever upset
killed me,

I'd never have reached ten.

I can repay you
for the chocolate.

- What's that?
- Vitamin pills.

A present.

Just like that?

Yes. I once did
this girl's kitchen shift.

- Want some?
- I want all of them.

- I thought you didn't take pills.
- Pain killers. I want those.

The blood spots on
Claudia's dress don't fit either.

That means it must have been
someone else.


And why did Schrom confess?

The investigators said

the firm where Kienast
and Schrom worked is clean.

Financial advice
is their thing.

The boss
is a certain Erich Albrecht.

He satisfies his social conscience
by employing ex-convicts.

Of course...

only in lowly positions.

So let's talk to Albrecht.

I'll be right there.

Please sign at the bottom.

Thank you...

Ms Bohm.

Get them analysed. Someone
may have another use for them.

Will do.

It looks like Schrom
didn't do it.

Someone doesn't want her
to testify.

Why only now?

Her child will be three soon.
They'll take it from her.

She said
it'll be all over then.

Maybe she'll withdraw
her testimony then.

Yes, that was a delicate affair
with my secretary and that girl.

- Claudia Schrom.
- That was her.

That was some time back.

How many ex-convicts
do you employ?

A dozen, perhaps.

They need a second chance.
Not everyone has a good home.

And with today's tax laws

a businessman
virtually has one foot in jail.

- What about Ms Kienast?
- She was my right hand. Here.

- No, thanks.
- You don't?

It was a big loss to the firm.

But tell me...
why are you interested?

So we can close the old case.

Yes, we'll be able to now.

Many thanks, Mr Albrecht.
Come on, Rex.



Send my chauffeur in.

The police were here
about that case.

Something better happen fast.

If he employs ex-convicts

he can use their contacts

For what motive?

Who gained from Gerda Kienast's
death? Not Claudia Schrom.

She just got mixed up in it all.

She was pregnant.

A fax from the lab.

The vitamin pills contain a high
degree of digitalis glycoside.

For someone with a healthy heart
the intake of digitalis

can lead to palpitations
and death.

Sudden cardiac arrest.
The perfect murder.

Not bad.

We've listened to that
so many times, Rex.

Kunz, I think he's insisting.

As you wish, Rex.
If it makes you happy,

we'll play it again.

- Police emergency. Go ahead.
- You have to hurry.

I've just killed someone.

I didn't want to kill her.

There's blood everywhere.

Play it again. Louder.

I've just killed someone.

I didn't want to kill her.

There's blood everywhere.

That was the lighter.

Sure, Albrechts' lighter. He was
there when she confessed.

When they take her from me,
she'll call for me day and night.

But I won't be there.

Maybe the same
will happen to her as me.

It's not what I wanted for her.

Didn't you know children
were taken after a time?


They only told me
after she was born.

Then I thought I'd get out early
and I could keep her.

- But there's no one outside.
- We'd cope.

I'd do anything for her.

Well... You seem to have
become close buddies.

Shall we bring you some flowers?

We'll tell you when.
Let's get this clear.

Now Strasser is dead, I look
after Claudia and her child.

Nothing, unfortunately.
Kienast's flat has been let.

It makes no difference.

If Albrecht was there, he'll have
destroyed any evidence.

Kienast could have hidden it
somewhere else.

- I've checked.
- Oh?

She didn't have
another residence

but she spent every holiday
at an inn outside Vienna.

Well then, let's go for a drive.

Come on, Rex.

Apparently Kienast
liked this place the most.

For 20 years.
Would you?

Why not?

Rex likes it here too.

- I think he's onto something.
- Go on!

You know what?
Call the divers.

What? The divers?

I think the professionals
should do this.

Here. It looks like Albrecht
conned his investors.

For years.

Fudged outgoings, interest
calculations and so forth.

Only copies.

Albrecht must have taken
the originals.

At least we have a motive.
Let's go.

Hold on.

It's not as simple as you think.

A new girl
is looking after Schrom.

He said right away.

Don't forget you're in this too.

Are you threatening me?

I'm already in prison,
in case you've forgotten.

If this blows up, it'll mean
ten more years for you.

The boss probably
killed the secretary.

She had evidence against him.

Claudia Schrom took the blame.
We don't know why.

She's innocent and in prison.

- Why should I help the police?
- You'd help Claudia and her kid.

- Milk?
- Black.

We have no real proof.
Just copies.

Albrecht continues to maintain
Schrom did it.

You were in prison with her.
Pretend she told you something.

Okay... I'll give him a call,
but only for Claudia's sake.

You'll need to kill me first.


- I'll get the warden.
- No. She could be involved.

Mr Albrecht?

- Good evening.
- Yes, good evening.

Those animals
have just been operated on.

They haven't woken up yet.

What's that?

- From an animal?
- Yes.

A wild little cat.
It happens daily.

What do you want from me?

Your secretary blackmailed you

for cheating your clients
out of a lot of money.

They talk a lot in prison.

Plenty of spare time.

Could be your secretary had proof
which still exists.

You've got that?

- We understand each other.
- I want to see it.

No problems.

- Where did you get these?
- Let's say I found them.

Kienast didn't want any money.
She wanted to report me.

Well, then...
how much is it worth to you?

Let me think it over.

Ah, this is what's used
to put animals to sleep.

Highly toxic. One drop
in the blood and you're out.

It'll look like an accident.

Okay, Rex. Let him go.

Mr Albrecht, I'm arresting you
for attempting to kill Eva Klein.

Thanks. Please pass it on.
Yes. Thanks.

- Who was that?
- The prosecutor.

Schrom will be released.
There'll be a new trial.

That won't be easy.

Albrecht is sticking to his story.

Claudia must first retract
her confession.

Pick something.

Am I allowed to?

Go around and look at everything
and take what you like.

Thanks for everything.

Don't mention it.

It's the little one's first steps
into her new life.

I can't believe it yet.

You can finish
with the past now.

But I must know
what happened back then.

Albrecht rang me.

He told me
to come to Kienast's flat.

He grabbed me
and threw me on the victim

so blood would get on my dress.

He said he'd kill me
if I didn't say I did it.

With my previous record,
who'd believe me?

I thought we'd be safe in jail.

What about her?

Hello, lion.

Albrecht is her father.

All the good looking girls
with a record

had to show their gratitude
so they could keep their job.

- We need Claudia to testify.
- Otherwise we're stuck.

Here she comes.

- Are you okay?
- It's just a scratch.

- It's nice you're back.
- Albrecht?

- He's being detained.
- He could threaten Claudia.

- I know where she is.
- Let's go!

It's still cold in here.

I'll turn on the heating
and the hot water.

- Who else will live here?
- Just us two.

So much space just for us?

Look, a window without bars.

Look how nice it is outside.

No walls at all.

Don't you think so, lion?

The heating is on again, Saskia.

You can take off your coat.




Back outside?

We'll go and visit our solicitor,

to sign something.

You have no choice
or there'll be more of this.

No? You will sign!

Do you want to see it
without bars?

Do have a good view up there?

Can you see anything?

Come on, wake up.

Wake up!

- Ms Schrom!
- Claudia?

- Open up.
- Claudia!


I'll get you.

- Saskia's gone.
- We'll find her.

- Who did this to you?
- Albrecht's driver?

Yes. He jumped out the window.

Easy now. Come.

My lion fell down.

Stay put.

Let's go!

- I have to find Saskia.
- Rex will.

Is Rex a dog?
She's afraid of dogs.

Stay calm.

My lion's on there.

My lion.

Thank you.

This time we'll drive you...

Mr Chauffeur.

Come here.

- Where were you?
- Up there. You see everything.

The lion said...

- What did it say?
- I shouldn't be afraid of dogs.