Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 4 - Vitamine zum Sterben - full transcript




- Your dog's gone again.
- There's so much to look at.

- Is it his birthday?
- No, he's been injured.

I promised
he could choose something.

- We'll take the branch too.
- It's not for sale.

It's to decorate the shop.

We've bought so much
you should give it to us.



Rex, you heard.

Let go.

Give it to me!

Don't like that, do you?

- What's wrong?
- He hates being laughed at.

He's a bit sensitive.

Come on, she didn't mean it.


I know where it is. I'll be there.

Come on, Rex. Work.

Come on, then...


Same to you. Hello, Rex.

The emergency doctor can't be
definite about the cause of death.

It looks like circulatory collapse.



the extreme secretion of sweat

and the obvious
contraction of the pupils

could have been caused
by poisoning.

What about this?

Lactose, gelatine, Vitamin E...

It's vitamins.

If that's all it contains,
it's fine.

- The bill, please.
- Certainly. Two euros.

Bless you.

What's up?

Yes, it does smell odd here.

Like cigarettes, but stronger.

Did you find cigarettes
in the bag?


Rex has given me an idea.

Listen, it's possible that...


Yes, Hoffmann.

Okay, we're coming.

Another corpse,
cause of death unknown.


Then I'll get to work.

- Hi.
- Hi. What happened?

The office death
looks like poisoning.

dilated pupils and so on.

- Same here.
- Really?

Any idea what poison
could have been used?

No. I searched everything
and found nothing.

I understand.
Okay, have a look around.

- Has he been identified?
- Florian Kretschmer, aged 45.

He lives nearby.

Rex smelt cigarettes
at the other crime scene.

- And here?
- The smell's here too.

But I didn't find any cigarettes.

Let me see.


Look. The woman had
exactly the same capsules.

- Unbelievable.
- Exactly.

- Hello, Dr Graf. It's me again.
- Yes?

An extremely interesting case.

Two now. And we found this
on the second corpse.

The same Vitamin E capsules.



but a rather unusual type.

The stomach and intestines
are corroded

and a large amount of cotinine
has built up in her body.

You know
that's a by-product of nicotine.


- So it's nicotine poisoning.
- That's why Rex smelt it.

You can easily make a fatal dose
with four to six cigarettes.

In addition,

we found remains of a gelatine
capsule in her stomach.

With traces of granulate
consisting mainly of Vitamin E.

So it's the vitamin capsules.

- How did the poison get inside?
- Simple.

The capsules are in two parts

which push into one another
and are easy to open and close

without tampering being evident.

- How fast does the poison act?
- With the amount used here,

respiratory paralysis
occurs within minutes

resulting in heart failure.

- Busy today, eh?
- Yes.

Where did he come from?

Graf says both packs had
capsules poisoned with nicotine.

Who would do that?

Anyone who can make poison
out of a few cigarettes.

Apart from the victims,
who had access to the vitamins?

Erika Schwarz
had hers in her handbag.

were in his briefcase.

So it could have been at work
or at home.

Neither of them
is in our computer.

It looks like a personal motive.

Unless we find someone
who wanted to get them both...

but I doubt
he'd kill them the same way.

Will there be any more packs?

I'm afraid there will.

We must warn the relatives first.
You do Erika Schwarz

and I'll do Kretschmer.

Did your husband
take these capsules regularly?

Yes, for the last six months.

I started,
and I talked him into it.

- Did you use his pack?
- Yes.

Every morning.

Today too.

You were very lucky.

Do you mean
I could have been poisoned, too?


And not just you.

We'll have to contact
the manufacturer.

It might help.

You don't seem to understand
what you're demanding.

There isn't even any indication
anyone wants to blackmail us.

A blackmailer may want
to prove that his method works

before he makes his demands.

We want to avoid
damaging the company.

It should be kept from the public.

That's not possible.
We must recall all sold packs.

That can only be done
by telling the public.

Do you have any idea
how much that will cost us?

It means no one will buy
the product for years.

So the money means more to you
than the deaths.

If you don't prevent
further deaths

pretty soon
you won't sell anything at all.

You're not allowed in, Rex.
But Marc will be here soon.

Look what I've got for you.

And, hey...

Know what?
If you keep quiet, so will I.

And what about us?

Good, thanks.

They'll work all night
taking packs off the shelves.

The recall is starting now

on the evening news
and in the papers.

Our investigation
of Erika Schwarz

gave no indication
of a personal motive.

We've had no blackmail attempt
so there must be another motive,

like power,
or revenge on society.

If it's one of those,
he wants media attention.

Well, he's got that now.

You're right, Rex.
Let's go for a walk.

All we can do is wait.

You are urged not to take
this brand of vitamin capsule

and to hand any you've bought
to the nearest police station.

Two persons have already died
from the poison attack,

Erika S, 24,
and Florian K, 45.


Yes, I just heard it on the news.

It's terrible.


I'll come over tomorrow. Yes.



Poison from the supermarket

What do you say?
It's all over the papers.

Have you arranged everything?

Of course.

- Are we alone?
- Yes, the boss has left.


Right! Take cover!


Are you crazy?

Very good. You're learning,
and you were quick too.

- Will it come to that?
- You never know.

Right. They should
be opening the email soon.

- Then there'll be money. Lots.
- Good.

- But we should meet elsewhere.
- Relax. I come here a lot.

Listen, Andy,
if they stick to our instructions

we'll be rich, really rich.

You can buy a new car.

But nothing must go wrong.

What if something does?

What if cops are everywhere?

- We must be better than them.
- Better...

Five of the packs that were found
or handed in were poisoned.

Florian Kretschmefs were bought
in the city centre.

Ms Schwarz's and the other three
came from outer districts.

the distribution is interesting.

One pack in the centre,
the rest as far away as possible.

The killer was avoiding
places where he'd be recognised.

He knew there could be
more than two deaths.

Homicide, Hoffmann's office.
Kunz speaking.


The manufacturer's been sent
a blackmail demand by email.


It's dreadful.

I still can't believe it.

If only I hadn't made him
take the tablets

he'd still be alive.

Don't blame yourself.

You couldn't have known.

That's nice of you.

I should be comforting you too.

After all,
you were married to him once.

Is there a date
for the funeral yet?


He's still with Forensics.

I'll make the arrangements.


If you need anything,

let me know.

Thanks for offering to help
in spite of everything.

Well, it's pretty clear so far.

You put a coded message on
your website to show you'll pay.

Then you'll be told
where to hand over the money.

If we give in to this
they may ask for more.

We must ensure
there are no new cases.

If they do demand more
we can stall them,

for example by saying
you have to talk to the board.

- How will you handle it?
- Depends on their terms.

The handover is risky for them.
We'll get them then.

We're putting traces
on your phones.

They may contact you
that way next time.

Come here.
I'll show you something.


You're going to handcuff me.



Are you mad?

- That's my car!
- I know.

So what?
I could have split your face open.

Remember that if you get caught.

I'll remember, all right!

Do you think they'll catch us?

Forget it.

Don't worry, the plan's too good.

- Yes, two dead already.
- Exactly.

That's why they'll pay.

Give me that.

The fibre must have got into
the capsule with the poison.

The lab
says it's from a fitted carpet.

That's no help
without any suspects.

Yes, Hoffmann.

Okay. Thanks.

The blackmailers called
with the handover conditions.

Companies that make vitamins
don't let dogs in.

They're getting the money ready.
We need Rex. Come.

Put the money in 20 envelopes.

No 200 or 500 euro notes.

Used notes, and someone
from your firm must bring it.

Any idea why
he wants it packed like this?

It's easier to check.
You'd see a transmitter at once.

He might demand
different handover locations.

He may think
we couldn't monitor them.

Someone from the firm has to
hand over the money. I'll do it.


I've put hashish oil
on the money and envelopes.

Only Rex can smell it.

If people flee
in different directions

Rex can find
every single envelope.

- Pity about the money.
- He won't have it for long.

I'm in the phone box.

All right. I'll check.

I don't believe it.


He put the envelopes
in the postbox.

So that's why
he wanted small envelopes.

Check when the box is emptied.

It's at Schwemmgasse 7,
2nd district.

Yes. Thanks. Bye.

Give it to me.

It just keeps coming!

Right, Rex, let's look around.

- Well, how's it going?
- Better.

- What's the dog doing here?
- I don't know.

Great. What do we do now?

Run away!

What do you mean,
no postbox in this street?

- Someone's coming.
- Up!

- Where to now?
- Run!

Right. This is it.

A gas revolver?
That won't get you far.

Okay. Fine. Handcuffs?



Wake up, man.

Okay. So it was Mr X
who thought all this up

and you're just the guys
who collected the money.

- You need to prove otherwise.
- Listen, Mr Togel...

If we don't find Mr X
we'll pin the murders on you.

Devious murders,
motivated by greed.

- Any judge would give you life.
- I didn't kill anyone!

Calm down, Andi.

Do I look like a murderer?

All we did
was collect the ransom.

Which of you
poisoned the vitamins?

- Neither of us.
- We have time. Plenty of it.

Someone has a good idea,
then uses them as couriers.

They then become accessories
and may run off with the money.

And Togel just
got out of jail a week ago.

He did three months
for assault.

Then it's impossible.

He's released, buys the packs,
poisons the capsules,

and two people die a week later,
though the packs last for weeks.

The victims' packs
were almost empty

and the poison
was at the bottom in the others.

So the poisoning was done
weeks ago

when Togel was still locked up.

Kraus is just a little fish.
He couldn't be behind it.

The public prosecutor isn't
opposed to a murder charge.

We just wanted to...

Shut up, will you!

We wanted
to make some real money.

Bertl read about it
in the paper

and had the idea
of blackmailing them.

You're such an amateur.


- Is something wrong?
- I must talk to you.

I don't know how I can
go on living without him.

I've been thinking a lot
about my marriage to Florian.

Believe me, it's possible.

I got through it.

It's not the same.

Do you know what
I've always wanted to know?

What have you got
that I don't have?

What do you mean?

You grew apart.
Your marriage was finished.

Then I remembered
that Florian said

he wanted
to be buried with me one day.

That's absurd,
after all that happened.

Perhaps you'd like to
grant his wish. I'll pay.

It's out of the question.

Think it over.

Their story
is pretty believable, sadly.

So who poisoned the capsules
and why?

We've always assumed
the motive was personal.

The second death
proved us wrong.

What if we were right
and it was personal

and more packs were poisoned
just to conceal the murder?

It's possible. We've done
exactly what the killer wanted.

Maybe he was after
a certain person.

And the other packs
were a red herring.

Somehow he must have got
the victim's capsules.

So he must have had access
to their flat or workplace.

We'll start again. You check out
Erika Schwarz's contacts

and Rex and I will talk
to Kretschmefs girlfriend.

They just wanted
a piece of the action.

They got the blackmail idea
when they saw it in the paper.

So you still don't know
who did it?


Unfortunately not.

We have to start
all over again.

Recall anything odd
before Florian's death?

No. Definitely not.

Did anyone want him dead?

I can't think of anyone.

Sorry I have to
ask you these questions.

His ex-wife was here before.
She reproached me.


She says it's my fault
he left her, but that's not true.

The marriage was already over.

But she still wants
to be buried with him.

- How old is Mrs Kretschmer?
- A few years older than me.

Did Mr Kretschmer own the shop?


He bought Eva out
after he left her.

I worked for him here.
That's how we met.

And what about the apartment?

I moved in there
after she'd left.

We lived there together.

It's a lot for her to cope with.

- Have a seat.
- Thanks.

We still haven't solved
your ex-husbands murder.

I heard on the news
that it's blackmail.

- Do you have a light?
- Sorry, no.

but they didn't kill him.

Who could have wanted
to kill Florian or his de facto?

No idea.

You found several packs
of poisoned capsules.

Maybe there's a different motive.

Yes, I've thought of that, too.

But we haven't got anywhere
with that either.

- Water for your dog?
- No, thanks. He's not thirsty.

And the other victim?
There may be a motive there.

That's an idea. My colleagues
are talking to her contacts.

What motive are you thinking of?
Excuse me for a moment.

I do think
a definite person was targeted.

The other poisoned capsules
were a distraction,

with the risk
of other innocent victims.

Rex, come on.


I'm afraid I can't help you.

That's my problem.
May I wash my hands?

Go ahead.

Behave yourself.

Rex got fibres
from Eva Kretschmefs carpet.

We'll compare them
with the one in the pack.

I'll get the lab
on to it at once.

- Would Eva Kretschmer do it?
- Why not?

Maybe she wanted to kill
Veronika Ullmann.

She did take her husband,
flat and shop.

So there's definitely a motive.

And she poisoned other packs
to keep us off her trail.

Thus murdering
a totally innocent person.

Doesn't she care?

I found lots of anti-depressants
in her bathroom.

Take enough of those
and nothing matters.

It's Eva.

I have to talk to you urgently.

Fine, let's meet at the cemetery
if you have to go there.

Where is it exactly?

How would Eva Kretschmer
get hold of Veronika's capsules?

I've thought about that too.

Eva let her ex-husband
have her flat.

What if she kept a key?

Good point. She goes there
and poisons the capsules,

not knowing
that her ex takes them too.

She then goes across town

and leaves other poisoned packs
in supermarkets.

The fibre from Eva's carpet

matches the one
in the poisoned capsule.

- No doubt?
- Absolutely none.

Great. Rex, come on.

for taking the time to meet.

What is it?

I wanted to apologise
for what I said.

I understand.

I know
I took a lot away from you.

I've thought a lot about it.

Let's go somewhere else.
This isn't the right place.

- Shall we have a coffee?
- Yes.

Hi. I've just been
to Veronika Ullmann's shop.

She was meeting Eva
at the Central Cemetery.

Rex and I are on our way there.
Okay, bye.

What happened?

It's so quiet here.

I brought you here so you can
listen to me one more time.

- Are you crazy?
- On the contrary. I planned it.

But Florian took the poisoned
capsule instead of you.

You killed him?

You did.

You talked him into
taking the vitamins.

- Are you going to kill me now?
- I've wanted to for ages.

Every time I saw you
with my husband.

Your husband?

Florian stopped being that
long ago.

You wondered what I have
that you don't.

Yes, what?

You never let him be himself.

You know...

I've been suffering for years.

And now it's your turn.

Rex, find Veronika.


Get out, Mrs Kretschmer.

Tell me where Miss Ullmann is
or you'll be sorry.

Not after losing a husband.

- You killed him.
- She took everything.

My husband,
my shop, even my flat.

Did you really think
you'd be happy?

Of course.

Once she'd vanished,
he'd have come back to me.

Help me out of here.

Don't run away.

The doctor won't be long.

You were lucky. You reacted fast
and only got half the dose.

Thanks, especially to Rex.

Where is he?

I think
he's looking after his toy.