Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 3 - Ettrichs Taube - full transcript

Rex, A Cop's Best Friend


Elli, my darling.

I thought
I'd never see you again.

What have you brought me?

Could you sleep?

Got me anything?

Eduard Ettrich,
retired five years ago.

- Family?
- Yes, a son.

Gernot Ettrich, twenty-two,
he no longer lives here.

Any idea
what led to the explosion?

We found yellow traces

and some pieces of plastic.

Probably a letter bomb.
But the postman hadn't come.

They're carrier pigeons.

Do they have something
to do with it?

Mr Ettrich, there was an attack
on your father this morning.

An attack?

Is he...



Allegedly a letter bomb.

Did anyone have a motive
to kill your father?

Your father kept pigeons, right?


They were his life.

He took me
to the pigeon club as a child.

Pigeons were more important
than his family.

- Do you have some too?
- I lost interest ages ago.

If you think of anything,
please ring me.

- What did she want?
- Nothing important.

An accident
I witnessed last night.

Go back to sleep.

- Come with me.
- I can't now.

I'm looking for
the pigeon club's vice president.

- A Mr...
- Pischinger?

- Yes.
- He sits just over there.

Thank you.

But you can't sell the dog.

You like it, eh?
You are a gourmet.

A little pigeon knows
what's good.

- Lovely bird.
- Yes, my Charlie is special.

He's won prizes
in flying competitions.

He has no night vision
during a new moon.

You fly in a circle then,
don't you, Charlie?

Pigeons are used
to carry messages, right?

Of course.
You take them somewhere,

release them
and they return to their house.

Is that right, Charlie?

Only, during the war,
things were done differently.

Let's say
this is the pigeon house.

And this is the spot

where the pigeon
is used to getting its feed.

The pigeon was let go
while hungry,

and then let it feed,

is fitted with the message,

and then it flies back,
to its house.

So messages went from HQ
to the front and were returned.

You are clever animals.

Excuse me
for asking you,

but why
do you want to know this?

I'm Hoffmann, Crime Squad.
We spoke on the phone.

Yes, I see,
it's about Eduard's murder.

Awful, wasn't it, Charlie?

Do you know
if Mr Ettrich had enemies?

Eduard was liked by all,
took care of all the club details.

No, Charlie,
you've had enough for today.

Look after your body.

He eats all the time,
like people.

Mr Ettrich had a son,
is that right?

Yes, Gernot.

Unfortunately, their relationship
broke down completely.

- Why?
- Because of his girlfriend, Iris.

A schoolmate, Gernot met her
again a year ago.

Just between us,

Gernot just wanted
to free himself

from his father's authority.

Well, Charlie has never
done this before.

He never eats
out of anyone's hand.

This morning, a pensioner
was killed in an explosion...


Police suspect it was
an assassination, but...

Laszlo, open up.

We'll report further
in our news magazine...

Laszlo, open up.

And now the weather...

A low-pressure trough
is approaching

and will soon reach Vienna.

There could be showers
as well...

There was little money left
in Gernot's account.

Only Dad's fingerprints
on the pigeon house.

That's real co-operation, when
guys from Explosives drop in.


The explosive was a mixture

of Nitropenta,
Hexogen and a plastifier.

- Semtex.
- Precisely.

Czech plastic explosive.

We tried to reconstruct
the bomb.

It's not your usual
letter bomb.

What's this?

No idea.
I've never seen it before.

It looks like a backpack.

A backpack that small?

So that it can be carried
by a pigeon.

They just showed it on TV.


What's wrong with you?

I mean...

Your father was murdered
and you leave without a word.

Can you remember
when I felt bad?

You helped me too then.

You must tell me what's wrong,
perhaps I can help you now.

I can't talk about it.

I must find Laszlo.

Hello, Hansi.

How fat you've got!
Eduard fed you too well.

If you could look around,
Mr Pischinger.

Yes, very well...
Wait a minute...

This is Elli.

She's a beauty.

Come here.

She was Eduard's
favourite pigeon.

Well? Did you fly away
from your abductors?

What do you mean?

Elli was stolen a short while ago.

But Eduard did report it
this time.

This time?

It began last autumn.

Eduard and some other
club members

lost some of their last hatch
due to theft.

So did I, by the way.

The door to the pigeon house
was forced open.

A shock to the animals,
they're only human.

What's such a pigeon worth?

A good carrier pigeon

is worth her weight in gold.

Look at this body,

at how graceful nature made her,

the head, the neck, the feet,
it's a harmonious unity,

these soft, oily,
strongly powdered feathers,

and look at this here.

The cere on the beak.
indescribably beautiful.

They may fetch a lot
in pigeon circles,

but why would someone kill
because of an ordinary theft?

Perhaps Ettrich realised
pigeons carry out attacks.

But then the pigeon has
to grow up with the victim,

so you can send it back
with a bomb.


the thief collided with a witness
at Ettrich's.

The man apologised.

The woman mentioned
some Yugoslav accent.

You rotten beast.
You won't bite my finger again.

The stupid...

- I think she likes you, Kunz.
- What rubbish.

Forensics found traces
of Semtex on her feathers.

I'll now call all
the small animal pet shops

to ask if they were offered
stolen pigeons.

If only this pigeon could talk!

We must keep Elli.

But here it's not possible.
I can't lock her up.

Don't look at me.
My place is untidy.

And my flat's too small.

Just don't cause me
any more problems.

Not again!

- Hello there.
- Hi.

Elli kissed you?

It wasn't nice to leave me
alone with this beast.

May I have a piece of pizza?

I'll have the broccoli,
much healthier.

Why's everyone against me?

Well, no young pigeons were
offered in the pet shops.

Where is the pigeon?

It's in...

- What's wrong?
- I didn't close the car window.

Well, how will we get
her down again?

Chock, chock...

Come, little pigeon.

It's a pigeon, not a chicken.

Come here.

Come here, little pigeon.
Come now, naughty bird.

Fine, Rex, you're in charge
of witness protection.

Did you kill my father?

- What are you saying?
- Did you or didn't you?

Come on, calm down now.

Come on.

Let's go somewhere
where we can talk.

Like two love birds.
But Elli's having an affair.

What do you mean?

Pischinger explained
that pigeons are monogamous.

And now she sits there
and flirts with my dog.

Can you be faithful?

- You never let me prove it.
- Precisely.

What's up?

I remembered the last kiss
I gave you.


You got the last kiss from me.


The pigeons weren't my idea.
Your father knew too much.

He even followed you
up to the pigeon house.

I'd have told him.
He'd never have ratted on us.

I couldn't rely on that.

You don't get it.
Your idea means mega bucks.

Heaps of money.

A proper stab in the heart.

It took place about midnight.

Murder weapon?

The wound isn't huge, pointed
on one side, blunt on the other.

I'd say possibly a flick knife.

The dead man has
no defense injuries.

You'll get my report
this afternoon. Bye.

The lab's found two different
footprints down there.

One's Gernot Ettrich's and
the other his murderer's.

The profile could come
from sneakers.

The lab will find
the manufacturer.

Varying gaps between them,
not behind each other,

SO no escape .

The victim knew the culprit,
so they walked side by side.


- Iris.
- Iris?

She's his girlfriend.

Yes, I got new gear.

Sure, it's good quality.
First rate.


The day after tomorrow?

At noon, fine.

The same price
as last time, sure.

The neighbour said
she left the flat about 11.

Here's a photograph.
I found it in the bedroom.

I'd do anything for you.


Yes, thanks.

The blood wasn't Gernot's.

Graf found no puncture marks
on the corpse.

And Iris hasn't
been found yet either.

According to the drug squad
Iris was reported for drug use.

She spent three months
in detox, but broke it off.

Perhaps he got her
her daily ration.

He'd do anything for her.

I showed the photo
to some social workers

who know the drug scene well.

No one has heard
of a Gernot there.

Iris was last seen on the street
a year ago.

Where did they get the heroin?

You don't earn that much
driving cabs.

Hey, where can I find

Down there.

- Dominic?
- Yes?

Can you tell me where Laszlo is?

Come with me.
I'll take you.

The report says the shoes
were made in Croatia.

There's a deep cut in the sole
of the right shoe.

- Did you say Croatia?
- Yes.

The guy who stole Elli
had a Yugoslav accent.

It could have been a motive

strong enough to kill two men.


Couldn't a pigeon
cover the distance

between Vienna
and the Croatian border?

- And carry drugs.
- An ideal system.

- No customs duties.
- Exactly.

Gernot knew how to deal
with pigeons.

Let's find his girlfriend
before she dies too.

She tried to ring Gernot.
She doesn't know he's dead.

And now she's out
looking for him.

Let's hope she doesn't find
his murderer.

- What about Laszlo?
- Why the rush?

Want some?

No... no.

I have to find Laszlo,
he knows where Gernot is.

Laszlo is at the G'scheh
if you must know.

A restaurant in the city.
He'll be there tomorrow.

Till then,
let's have a bit of fun.

- Let go of me.
- Stupid cow.

You're Laszlo, eh?

We met at a party a year ago.
Gernot brought me.


Tell me where Gernot is.
I'm terribly worried about him.

I haven't seen him for ages.
No idea.

He always got the gear from you.

- He brought me some yesterday.
- No, he got it elsewhere.

- It can't be.
- What can't?

Push off!
I don't have time.

What are you up to?

Get lost.

The police should come
more often.

But they couldn't care less.

They don't clean up either.


Are you insane?
That's the last straw.

Super. I'll show you.

They've got nothing to do
all day long.

arseholes, bastards...

Thank you.


- What's his name?
- Rex.

Yes, that's fine.

Mark says we should arrest him
at Hernals Station.

- Arrest him?
- Yes, arrest him.

A new face in the scene.
Let's have a look at him.

I'm trying to gain his trust.

A girl told me
she sent Iris to him.

Your ID.

I didn't know
your star sign was Virgo.

Just got out of jail,
and we find him here today.

- It states your eyes are brown.
- So what?

The photo's black and white.
Look at me!

I know my rights.

I must find out something
about Gernot.

He's clean.
Don't let me find you here again.

Come on, Rex.

And what did you sell?

All sorts. Smileys, Speed Boys,
a bit of Age.

- Pink Age too?
- Are you insane?

- I only sold top gear.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to.

- Did well out of it?
- You can say that again.

Let's share it in a brotherly way.


- So you stab your partners?
- Shut up or I'll stab you.

You're awake now?

You're a very nosy girl.

Gernot showed you

how to have pigeons
carry drugs.

That's Gernot's lighter.

I gave it to him.

You took it from him.
You pig.

You killed him?

No, please don't.

Please don't.

Another drug overdose
for the statistics.

The police have your name.

I rang them
with your registration

before I hid in your car.

And now they know
where you live.

What do you want from me?

- You spoke to Iris.
- Don't know her.

What's it to be?
Will you talk or not?

Fine, I'll go for coffee then.

Rex, you stay here.

You can't leave me with the dog.

I need to talk to someone,
and since you...

Okay, okay, I'll tell you.

Hoffmann's office.
Herzog here.

Hello Mark. Did you get arrested
by one of my colleagues?

You're jealous.

Iris was enquiring
after Laszlo.

Laszlo Andric, he had...

Hold on.

Got a few cents?


Niki? Can you send
a patrol car round?

Thanks, ciao.

The caretaker said
Andric left his flat this morning.

The search is on

and the border patrol officers
are informed.

We found them in Laszlo's flat.
Made in Croatia.

With a cut in the sole.

No pigeon house here, though.

This is Laszlo.
Must do the transfer today.


The money's not there yet?

Can't you do it earlier?

Early tomorrow morning.
Very early.

Near the Omega Temple, right.


You're coming along.

It seems the ground
has swallowed Laszlo.

- And Iris?
- Nothing.

- What about Laszlo?
- Born in Croatia.

Lived in Vienna since he was
a boy, drives cabs.

Cabs, eh? Must have met
Gernot that way.

Laszlo's got a record, was caught
near the Omega with drugs.

- A favourite junkie hangout.
- No further record, though.

None of it helps us.

Maybe Elli will fly back
to where she was fed.

Why would she fly back there?

Maybe she has a boyfriend there.

She was never faithful.

Women don't do
that kind of thing.

Don't they?
Shall we bet on it?

Let's bet on a kiss.

You think it'll work?

It's worth a try.

It works.

Well, Elli.
Fly away and find your feed.

Next on the right...

What's happened?

What's up with it?

Nothing, nothing at all.
Can't see anything.


- See anything?
- Nothing.

Not a sign of Elli.

Who cares if the police know?

By the time they find you

I'll be gone a long time.

Come on...

I'll get back-up.

We're too late.

Look here. The Omega sign.

Yes, the Omega sign.

- Laszlo did deals at the temple.
- The Omega's near here.

Send back-up to the Omega,
and look after Elli.

Used notes, as agreed.

If the gear isn't as good
as last time...

Drop your guns.

Give up, Andric!

I said drop your guns,
or I'll kill her.




We can talk about it all

Keep your hands up. High.

You know you won't get far
with this.

At least release the hostage.
I promise nothing will happen.

Sure, of course.
Of course.

Then take me hostage.

Get back.

Back, I said!

Mr Andric, we can negotiate.

Tell us what you want.


She'll survive.

What do you say?
My place and dinner?

Tell me, didn't we place
a bet on a kiss?

- Oh God!
- What?

I left the car window open again.