Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 2 - Wofür Kinder leiden müssen - full transcript



According to
a steady stream of reports

the croc is 1.5 metres long.

Experts we've spoken to

think it could be
a so-called caiman...

You can see one
on screen now...

They grow up to 6 metres long
and eat fish and large mammals.

The crocodile was last seen

in the Old Danube
in the recreational area.

Neither humans nor animals
are safe from these creatures.

Homicide, Hoffmann's office.
Kunz speaking.

Mrs Gruber...

Come on.


What are you doing?

No. Not you, Mrs Gruber.

Mrs Gruber,
the croc is as imaginary

as the other things
you call about.

No. There is no crocodile.

- Hi, baby.
- Hello.

To the left.
And now go straight ahead.



Come on, Pudge.
Put your back into it.



Yes, Mrs Gruber.

Oh, dear.
Now what's she seen?

- The crocodile?
- How did you know?

There's a reward of 1000 euros
for catching it.

What's going on?

Hurry UP-

Pedal faster.

I'm doing my best.

Just look at him.

Move it, Pudge.


Doris... the crocodile!

Look at that!

What the...

I'm telling you, Inspector.

The savage creature
attacked her.

Such a good-looking girl.

Now she's drowned or been torn
to shreds by that monster.

Mrs Gruber, this isn't
a Homicide matter.

The crocodile ate a woman.


It attacked her.


Ah, now they're not there.
What a bunch.

A croc? Ridiculous.

Margarete Hollmuller?


How old was...
is your sister?


It all happened so fast.

Here's her hat.

It was that big. We yelled
but we couldn't do anything.

Hello, princess.
Come in.

What a great day.

A drink?
No? Fine by me.

Come on, hand it over.

Don't do anything stupid.

Very sorry.

Your train got lost, did it?


Table N5.

Quick smart.

- Well?
- Thank God.

They bought it, didn't they?
They saw it. It was that big!

Did anyone see you?

I'm not stupid.

Would you run me a bath?

I'm dripping in sweat
and I fly in two hours.


Would you make me a drink?

With ice.

Today, please.


Your bath.

How come it's so green?
What did you put in it?

Algae concentrate.

It's relaxing.

In 24 hours

I'll have a Jamaican hunk
bringing me my drinks.

Mr Serge, I've come today.
I'm babysitting on Wednesday.

My God. He's drunk again.

How dreadful.

Blessed Mary!

In Transdanubia.

The Old Danube.



The croc?


Mrs Gruber?



A corpse.
23 Wagramerstrasse.

Three shots
from close range.

He died quite recently.

Details after the autopsy
as always.

No weapon,
no signs of a break-in.

He knew the man who killed him.

Why do you say it was a man?

- Was the box open?
- Yes.

He was found
by his cleaning lady.



I normally come on Wednesdays.

If I'd known,
I wouldn't have come today.

Mr Serge often went
to bed with her.

She wasn't very nice.

- He was...
- An angler.

A very amateur angler.

There was one girl
who was here a lot.

Mrs Novak!

No, sorry.
She's not in those.

- When was she last here?
- Recently.

You're hot, aren't you?

I'll get you some water.

Yes, I'll get you some.

Have a snoop, Rex.

I'm off. Have fun.

Good work, Rex.

Serge was a waiter
at a place on the Old Danube.

- His bank...
- Why are you yelling?

His bank account was
well and truly overdrawn.

But recently
he paid in 10,000 euros.

Waiting on tables must pay.
Here's another 10,000.

Open up.
Homicide Division.

- I know nothing.
- Let's see.

I didn't see a thing.

What exactly didn't you see?

Don't ask him next door.
He's deaf.

Ask me.

That place saw action at night.
Know what I mean?

- Won't you come in?
- Love to.

Did you see or hear anything?

No, I was working.

Do you know
any of these women?

He had so many over there.

Sure. Her.
Her name's Sonja.

She was here last night.

- They had one hell of a row.
- Do you know where she lives?

Those two payments are
as grubby as Serge himself.

I smell shady business.

Blackmail or whatever.

How did he plan his love life?

There's no phone
and we didn't find a mobile.

Maybe all he had to do
was whistle.

I'm doing something wrong.

Nothing yet, Ms Hollmuller.

I'm afraid we need you
at the scene.

And a photo of your sister
if possible.

I won't be long.

Stunning girl.

She's really your sister?

Serge has no criminal record.
He was a mechanic.

He worked as one
until two years ago.

I've spoken to his parents.

They're simple folk.
And certainly not wealthy.

I see. Do you know yet
if he had a mobile?

- Not yet.
- Did Mrs Gruber call?

No. Mrs Gruber hasn't
rung again.

I'll call you back.


Mrs Gruber!

- Sonja?
- Yes.

- Hoffmann from Homicide.
- Herzog.

Where were you
this morning, Sonja?

At the pool.

Practising my dives.


One second.

- Whose locker is this?
- It's Serge's.

We don't know her.



- What's up?
- I don't know.

Sonja, Serge Watzek
has been murdered.

- What?
- No wonder, if you ask me.

Can you elaborate?

Serge was a ladies' man,
if you get my drift.

And her ladyship is
as jealous as they come.

Serge struck it rich.
Do you know how?

Yes. At the...

At the casino.
He had a lucky streak.

- Did you find his money?
- Do you know these girls?



- Her?
- Yes.

You and Serge fought because
of her. Her name's Doris.

She's loaded.
She inherited a packet.

She often came here
with her sister. A fat kid.

She called her Pudge,
didn't she, Sonja?

I don't know the cow.

Witnesses heard you
fighting last night.

Who about?

I wanted to go to the movies.

And he didn't.

So I left.

This is the woman who was
taken by the vicious croc

and dragged to the depths
before a crowd of onlookers.

Now let's meet
the victim's sister

at the scene of the tragedy.


The nation grieves with you.
Despite your loss, could you...

They're wasting
taxpayers' money

on their silly divers.

Too bad.
They ought to listen to me.


He had a mobile,
wherever it is now.

He last used it
three hours before he died.

He spoke to Doris Hollmuller.

Yes, the woman who drowned.

Brace yourself.

Mrs Gruber saw the woman
who was taken by the croc

emerge from the water alive.




Schnuckl's gone!

Hello, Mrs Gruber.

Just a few questions.

I thought
it wasn't a Homicide matter.

Is this the woman you saw?

Yes, that's her.
She was on TV just now.

She swam over there.

May I?


I can't see much.
You're sure?


I'm always sure.

Thank you.

Ms Hollmuller?
Do you know this man?

He's one
of my sister's old flames.

It was ages ago.
Doris is very popular.

I mean...

She was very popular.

Before her accident
Doris called Serge.

Do you know why?

She made a call.
You're sure it was to Serge?

Why do you want to know?

Serge has been murdered.

Excuse me.


He was shot around 12 noon
with a 6mm pistol.

He didn't struggle.

This is Sonja. She says she was
at the pool when he was killed.

If you ask me, she's lying.


- I've lost Croc.
- Quick.

We mustn't get caught.
A woman drowned.

Doris drowned at 11.30 a.m.
Before the murder.

You still think she swam
to the shore and shot Serge?

We haven't found her body yet

and Serge's flat wasn't far.


You can go undercover like that.

She might know.
She's been here all day.

This nose sniffed out our croc.

That's all for today.
Thanks for watching. Goodbye.

Now let's have no more
crocodile nonsense.


They still haven't found
her body.

Maybe the lovely Doris
is at home.

- Excuse me.
- No probs. Get Kunz to check.

- Now where's Rex?
- You should know.

Even if Doris wasn't taken
by a croc

I don't envy the person
who played that prank.

He's about to take off.

I hope not.
We still need him.


I thought as much.
Okay. Bye.

That was Kunz.
Sonja's alibi doesn't stand up.


Stop. Don't move.

Police! Stop.

Will a trip to the casino help?

Sonja said
Serge won his money, so...

I'm sorry.
No animals in here.

He's not an animal.

He's a colleague.

Even so, we can't make
any exceptions.


- Sorry.
- Here you are.

Here you are.

- Enjoy your evening.
- Thank you.

Faites vos jeux.

7... 7.

What, then?

3? 3... okay.

Rien ne va plus.

I do the work while you...

Well done, Rex.

We'll get
a stack of ham rolls.

He was a regular, but then
he started gambling big-time

according to the manager.

Over three nights he bet
a total of 20,000 euros.

And he lost it all.
So much for his lucky streak.

Why did Sonja lie?

Because she knew who he was
blackmailing and wanted a cut?

The only girl he could have been
blackmailing was Doris.


Okay. Sure.
Thank you.

They've found Doris.
Dead, presumed drowned.

We didn't mean any harm.

We'll take you home.

Then we'll see.

She drowned in the Danube
where she'd been boating.

I can tell from her lungs.

- Any external injuries?
- No.

Just a few small bruises
on her legs.

Like when you've bumped
into a chair. That's all.

What was
the exact time of death?

It's hard to gauge

as the body was in the water
for over 24 hours.

I'd say it was
between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

but I can't be more specific.

She'd been drinking.
Perhaps that's why...

Doris cleaned out
her bank account yesterday.

- Hello, Leo.
- Hello.

250,000 euros.


Recently she withdrew
two lots of 20,000 euros.

On the same day Serge paid
10,000 euros into his account.

Well done.



And now?

Will you help me?


What did Serge blackmail
Doris over?

I don't know. Honestly.

I knew they were meeting
in the park that morning

but no one came.

Then you went to see Serge,
shot him and took...

No. I saw the police and left.
The money wasn't in his flat...

Where's the gun?

What's going on here?

Doris withdrew
all her money.

Serge was blackmailing her.

No. For goodness' sake,
I'd know about it.

Doris was going to put down
a deposit on an apartment.

Out of her inheritance.

Our parents died a year ago.

And now my sister...

I banked the money again

Here's the estate agent's card.

Sonja, I'm arresting you
for the murder of Serge Watzek.

I didn't do it.

How did your parents die?

A traffic accident.

Just look at you!

It could have been over a car?

I don't know.

He said "Serves you right
for cheating an auto mechanic."

- Hello.
- Hi.

I could get a warrant, but...

I don't think
Sonja did it either.

Look. This is what
Rex found at Pudge's.

Ask the lab to look at it.

And find out more
about the parents' accident.

Where's Rex?

Hello, Rex.
Just look at you.



- How much?
- That's okay.

Thanks. Bye.

Well, Rex.
All on your own today?

Lost the boss, have you?

Shampoo and set?

Homicide. Hoffmann's office.
Kunz speaking.

I see. Thanks.

Who was it?

Rex is at the cleaner's.

I'll go.
You can stay.

I wouldn't want you to starve.

Good boy.
What a good dog.

- What on earth is this?
- How about a mobile?

It must have been
a sizzling conversation.

It would be divine if you could
find out who it belonged to.

You want to know by yesterday?


Thank you.

The charred thing in Pudge's bin
was Serge's mobile.

There was an inquiry
into the parents' accident.

I'm expecting a call.

So Doris pretended to drown,

went to Serge's flat
and shot him.

And then? Did she drown
herself out of remorse?

- Maybe someone drowned her.
- Mrs Gruber would have seen.


Who? Pudge?

Why not? I bet she was
always the plain one and...

- Herzog.
- Thanks for calling back.

The estate agent confirmed
she had an appointment

but there was never any mention
of a deposit.

Thank you.

The accident. They suspected
the car had been tampered with.

There was no proof
so the inheritance was paid.

Perhaps Serge had proof
something was dodgy.

Or he helped the sisters
and they wouldn't give him a cut.

Maybe Mrs Gruber was right.

We had something
like this before.

What if she drowned
in water from the Danube

but not in the Danube?

You think Pudge fetched
water from the Danube?

Mrs Gruber would have seen.


I want to report a theft.

Yes, Mrs Gruber. Later.
First tell us something...

Have you seen anyone baling
water out of the Danube?

In containers or jerry cans
or something similar?

No. On the contrary.

Those disgusting down-and-outs
over there pee into it.

They stole my Schnuckl
and my Wolfgang...

Thank you, Mrs Gruber.


Nice gnome.
Has he caught anything?

That's Karli.

Karli's a rascal, isn't he?

Karli told us he saw someone
baling water out of the river.

- He was fibbing, wasn't he?
- No, he wasn't.

It was a fat girl in a car.
Over there.

When was that, Stem'?

One night. She brought
some jerry cans with her.

Did you see
the licence number?

Of her car?

Yes, something like Doris.

It said Dorli, not Doris.

Excuse me, madam.

Are you hard of hearing?

This is a taxi rank.
You can't park there.

Stop, you idiot.

The police have issued
a message.

They're looking
for a green car.

Licence number,
Dorli 6.

I repeat, Dorli 6.

When do we get to Budapest?

In this boat, in two hours.


Great. Thanks for that.

Why are we slowing down?

It won't be much longer.


Thank you.

Come on, Rex.

The water police, please.

- When's the boat coming?
- In 20 minutes.

Too late.

- Hey!
- Sorry.

Sorry about your lunch.
We need your boat.

If you wouldn't mind.


I don't believe it.

I can do it.
Come on!

Come on, come on!

You'll get life for murdering
your sister and your parents.

My Parents?

What are you talking about?

Good old Serge was kind enough
to leave us a photo.

In it you and your sister are
tampering with your parents' car.

Doris. Stupid cow.

I told her to get all the photos
off that bastard.

The non-existent photo
was a neat trick.

- It was my idea.
- Yeah, yeah!

Hey, guys.

Come here.

We came to tell you the woman
didn't drown because of you,

but because of...
never mind.

Kunz. Homicide.

What? Pardon?

Mrs Gruber!