Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 13 - Sein letzter Sonntag - full transcript



Look, Father,
I brought you some soup.

- And a crossword puzzle.
- Thank you.

So when will you
come back for me?

- Soon.
- When's that?

Look, father,
the bed you wanted...

I must go. Sorry.

Mrs Fiedler's waiting.

Bye, Robert.

But that's the bed I need.

They can't deliver it
until the end of the month.

I have to go too.

Piss off.
You cripple!

Mr Ferber,
are we a little lost?

Mr Walter,
how are we today?

I don't know about you,

but I'm just an old man
who's waiting to die.

You're not going to poison me.

Fortune hunter.

- I'm leaving this place.
- Thank God!

I've had enough.
I'll kill him.

Come, Leni.
Let's get some fresh air.

Did you hear her?
We got her this time.

The old bag!

Help! Police!

Hey, sport,
what's with you?

At the nursing home, I see.
Thank you.

On a Sunday. How awful!
It should be against the law.

It's Kunz.

Yes, hi there.

Come off it, it's Sunday.

That's a nursing home.


But that's near Modling.

Couldn't our colleagues there...

You're such a swat...
What? No, not you.

And that little bird,
poor little Leni, poor thing.

He was pushed off the balcony.

It was an accident.
Now, go back...

Why are the police here?

- Who is she?
- Ms Helmbrecht, the director.

I have a question.

- Yes?
- The bird?

Murder, more likely.

The wound on his face.
It's fresh!

It obviously happened
before the fall.

- From a blow.
- With what?

We'll find out.

Listen, we still
have a witness, Mr...

Watzek, please,
Watzek's my name.

Inspector. Sir.
I saw her. The murderess.

He had just barely
fallen down.

And there she was,
looking down from the balcony.

- Who?
- Well, that...

The dancer.


- What happened to you?
- It's Sunday.

It's good you came.

Check the dead man's family,
and the director is...

Any better?

The dancer lives there.

- And the victim Mr Walter?
- There.

That way.

He fed his bird every day,
and today he slipped.

Sunday is visitors' day,
and now the police are here.

I asked you about
Walter's relatives.

He has a son, a daughter-in-law,
and a grandchild.

They rarely visit.
No surprise.

- What do you mean?
- Mr Walter's a little difficult.

Who else was out here?

Have you photographed it?


Step UP-

The other way round.

That's it.

- So I look flattened like him?
- You're the same height.

He was hit in the face
and lifted by the legs.

He must have resisted.
Maybe he held on to the killer.

So get the DNA
of all the suspects.

Tell me...

- Have you found the fibres yet?
- No.

It's about time you did.

- What's this?
- A thermos.

I said we should go
to the dancer first.

So, blue wool fibres...

Don't you remember

Off, off with you!

Dogs should not be
in this house.

This dog has to be here.
He's with the police.

They're always needed.

Hoffmann, Crime Squad.
My colleague Kunz.

Ms Gebetsberger...

You were in Mr Walter's room
today at 9.45 a.m.

What would I be doing
in that vulgar man's room?

I have no idea,
but you'll tell me in a minute.

One moment.

He came in Walter's
thermos, right?

May I?

Kill it instantly,
that horrific dragon.

- Do you dislike animals?
- No...

You disliked Mr Walter.
He annoyed you.

- That horrid man, that...
- And...

You were in his room,
he was on the balcony...

He wasn't on the balcony.
He wasn't there.

Watzek screamed,
Walter was lying down there...

Just awful!

He slipped,
or jumped off.

Neither. He was pushed.
Mr Walter was murdered.

But I had nothing
to do with it.

- Just because I was...
- In his room at the time.

But it wasn't me.
It was Ferber.

He was standing near the door,

and I saw Heidi, the nurse,
run away.

I didn't do him
any harm.

I swear.

Money! Please.
The son contributed.

Walter's pension was small.
Our standards here are high.

He could no longer afford it

so his son decided
to have him live with him.

At least,
that's how he'd planned it.

Tell me,
what are you up to?

Walter wrote to a solicitor
but there's nothing to inherit.

You'll have to ask the son.
He was here today.

I see. When?

Well, today.



Ms Gebetsberger.


- My dog rang for the nurse.
- Thank you.

- Look at this.
- Don't worry, madam.

We need your costume anyway,
for the lab.

My colleague will get it.

I have nothing to hide.

- Nurse Heidi?
- Yes.

Rex feels you are neglecting
your patients.

I certainly didn't push
Walter off the balcony.

No one said that.
When did you last see him?

Alive, of course.

When I did my rounds,
at 9.30 a.m.

He was nasty, as usual.

- Flushed the pills down...
- And?

I didn't harm him.
If he'd got to me, I'd quit my job.

He was moving out anyway,
to live with his son.

Otherwise you might have...


- Was anyone in the hall?
- Ferber.

I think he'd lost his way.

It happens.

He lives downstairs.
He hates Walter.

Did you wear that coat today?

Yes, why?

Walter's letter to his solicitor.

It says that he hopes to survive
until he moves in with his son

and that Ferber
wants to kill him.

Wheelchair Ferber again.

Walter's son came today.
He left at 8.30.

it was Heidi.

We did see her come out
at the time.

In her dark grey coat.
Thank you, doggie.

- We?
- Nonsense, Madam Inspector.

It was the dancer.

Miss Heidi is an angel.
Anyway, she wears light colours.

But today the coat
was dark grey.

Do you know Mr Walter's son?

- Was he in his father's room?
- No.

Ferber came out of his room
as well.

He and Walter were enemies.

But then Walter was...

It's true
that she saw Ferber.

Thank you.

- The coat was dark grey.
- Yes, but...

The dancer's cheerful again.

She gave me her autograph.

- Kunz, I think she likes you.
- Really?

Let's go in there.

You stand guard out here.

If what they're saying is true,
there was more than one killer.

With no one in attendance,
so that adds up to one killer.

It can't have been too hard.
Walter wasn't agile.

An age-related hip problem,
so the director says.

Unlike the dancer.

- She could have done it.
- Come off it.

Why not?
Heidi could have too.

But what was her motive?

I found this in a drawer.
Why hide it?

The daughter-in-law
is a home nurse.

The son came in a truck.
He works at a cemetery nursery.

- No one's home.
- Kunz, try to find them.

I'm off.

Cemetery nursery...

did you find Leni?

- What?
- The poor little bird.

Oh, the little bird.
No, madam, I'm sorry.

- What little bird?
- It's in her head.

- Where's Ferber's room?
- Over there.

Could a disabled man
have pushed him?

Who knows?

Hello? Mr Ferber?

Look at this.

He could do it.

Excellent, Rex.

The wool fibres
might be from this jacket.

look at this.

This is odd.

- Two men, one woman.
- It could be an old love story.

My friend, the director,
she knows where he is.

That's the bird!

If this continues,
we can open a zoo.

Thanks, doggie.

Or we'll open a nursing home.
I think you have talent.


An interim report.
The killer hit him with his fist.

And he was wearing gloves.

We found grey fibres
on the victim's face.

They were work gloves,
something like that.

Any traces of the blow
in spite of the gloves?

On the culprit's hands.

It's possible...
Thank you. Goodbye.

Why gloves?
So it was all planned?

Looks like it.
The nurse's hands were fine.

The dancer's too.

But Rex hasn't found gloves.

Ferber's gone to the gym.

The son delivered flowers
at 8.30.

He was at the next shop
at 10.30.

At 4 p.m. he had to be back
at the nursery.

He left here at 8.30.
It wouldn't take two hours.

He's a delivery man
so he wears gloves.

- I'll check Ferber out first.
- Wait.

The daughter-in-law
was with a patient from 9 a.m.

I'll go and see her.

Check out that solicitor.
Maybe there was a will.

On a Sunday?


- Mr Ferber.
- Yes.

Crime Squad.
Could I speak to you?


You'll get some fresh air,
Mrs Fiedler.

Fresh air,
in the middle of the city!


Come off it, Erika.
I won't pay for...

- Mrs Walter?
- Inspector...

Would you have change?

It's not about newspaper theft.

It's about a murder.

Your father-in-law's
been murdered.



Did you see someone?

When I got there,
I saw Heidi leave his room.

When I left, Ms Gebetsberger
was hysterical.

She ran to her room.
Well, those two...

- You had problems with him too.
- No, I didn't.

Why would you think that?

We found this in your room.
This is you.


And this could be
your old friend Walter.

No, that photo
was given to me like that.

My colleague, he was vain.

- Anything else?
- No, that's it.

Rex, let's go.


I went to see him this morning
with my husband.

You were there this morning?


Not in the home,
we met him in the park.

I left just before 8.30
to see Mrs Fiedler.

Robert, my husband,
stayed with him.

That's the truth, Inspector.

She's been with me since 9 a.m.

She comes three times a week.

He was about to move in with us.

Into our daughter's room.
She's moved out.

Why were you taking
your father-in-law in?

We could no longer afford
the home.

Robert does unskilled labour now.

I thought you had a nursery.


But it went from bad
to worse, and well...

You know
Walter hung on to the killer.

They found grey fibres.

They're neither Heidi's
nor Gebetsberger's.

Going somewhere?

- Kunz?
- Yes, I'm here.

Doing something?

The wool fibres come
from Ferber's jacket.

Uncle Kunz will take you
to the Vienna Woods.


Are any of those fibres
on the body?

- Not Ferber's.
- No.

You can run wherever you like.

Talking to himself.

The nurse and the dancer
weren't involved.

- Erika has an airtight alibi.
- Ferber doesn't.

He lied about his relationship
with Walter, he's fit

and he was on the balcony.

He could've been there any time.
And what's his motive?

The son has one.
His father's nursery.

It went bankrupt.
Now he's a labourer there.

- He can't pay for the home...
- And wanted to be rid of him.

Let's look at the son.
Rex, let's go.

Well, here are the gloves.

- Hello. Crime Squad.
- That was quick.

The police said you'd be here
in half an hour.


Rex, get him.

Niki, the other side.

You hit your father.

Then pushed him
off the balcony. Right?


- Is my father dead?
- Murdered.

Where were you from the time
you left your father

until you made the delivery?

I went to the gambling hall.

This is a mistake.
I didn't do my dad any harm.

Why did you run away, then?

- Because of the money.
- What money?

We'll check that.

Oh Rex, look at you!


Mr Ferber.

It's true, the boss sacked him
for embezzling money.

He said he wouldn't report him
if he paid it back.

But he gambled it all away,
so his boss rang the police.

It's possible that he tried
to run because of that.

I'll check with
the gambling hall.

You can't be serious.

Hoffmann here.

He was here at 10 a.m. when
a game show started on TV.

He ran away at 10.10 because
he hadn't paid for his beer.

Wait. The murder took place
at 9.45 a.m.

To get from the gym to the home
takes ten minutes.

So he could have
committed the murder.

But I wanted to take him home.

You didn't want to,
you had to.

Marc, from the solicitor.


You signed a contract
to keep your dad all his life.

So that he'd leave
the nursery to you.

You just wanted
to get rid of him.

I didn't do it.
I wasn't even in his room.

Any lab results?

- We have nothing without them.
- They're not magicians.

But the solicitor said

Walter wrote to him
about people wanting to kill him.

Kunz, I don't think
Rex likes your dragon.

I won't flush it
down the toilet.

Sorry, Rex.

If it ever gets as good
as a police dog, then we'll talk.

Hoffmann here. Kunz speaking.

Hello there.

The lab, Inspector.

All of them?
Yes, thanks. Bye.


Robert's work clothes have
his father's fingerprints on them.

But Robert's gloves
are not the ones the killer used.

- Great!
- Thank you, Rex.

No more presents for you!

- Where are the gloves?
- Your work gloves.

In the car.
There should be two pairs there.

There was only one pair.

So I left them behind.

In some florist shop,
or at home.

At home?

Does your wife know where
you made your deliveries today?

Every Sunday's the same.

It all points to him.
But it doesn't feel right.

We need the damn gloves.

Wait a minute.

It takes Erika half an hour
from Mrs Fiedler's place.

What if she took the stuff from
Robert's car, got dressed and...

No. She'd have to leave
Mrs Fiedler for 90 minutes

to return everything
to Robert's car.

But she's a nurse,
or something like that.

Yes, precisely.
Perhaps she sedated Mrs Fiedler.

- She deals with medicine.
- Well, sedatives.

We'll check the flat
for the gloves.

About those gloves...
where's that florist shop again?

- The owner will just love this.
- Let's go.


Good evening.

- What do you want at this hour?
- We have a search warrant.

You're not worried
about your husband?

Robert comes home late.
He doesn't tell me anything.

- I'm used to it.
- So you no longer wear his ring?

I do.

Have you hurt your hand?

Robert wasn't always like this.

I put make-up on it.

Robert works as a labourer now.
He's getting worse.

He's been gambling.

Once he realised
he had to take his father in,

he went mad.

Homicide. Kunz here.

I want to make a confession.

- If you're still working.
- Yes.

I killed Bruno Walter.

My daughter moved out
a month ago.

This is where
Father was going to live.

Your father-in-law
was a mountaineer.

Is it possible that he climbed
with Mr Ferber?


Excuse me.

Hi, Kunz.

What's wrong with Robert?
What has he done?

Listen, it was Kunz.
Ferber confessed.

So it was Ferber after all?

The old love story, after all.

I believe her.
Robert was violent.

I do too.

But Ferber?

Still, check the place
for medication.

- Put her under surveillance.
- Okay.

He tried to lose me
when we were climbing.

But he couldn't.

I knew what he was planning,
my best friend.

He got her.
The love of my life.

He treated Anna so well
that she killed herself,

two years after Robert's birth.

I was registered here,

and found Bruno here
when I moved in.

You know the rest.

I took my revenge.

He stood there, mocking me.

"You cripple"
was what he said.

- But then...
- He grabbed onto you.

Yes, onto my vest.
Then I pushed him...

I threw the gloves away,
in the park.

The gloves, in the park...

Very clever.

Who are you covering for,
Mr Ferber?

But I'm telling you...
I did it.


My colleague will take
your statement.


Let's go, Rex.

Shall I take him with me?


Why is he covering
for someone?

I'll talk to him again.

What about the owner
of the florist shop?

He says no one
forgot any gloves.

Ask him to open his shop
in half an hour anyway.

No work gloves found
at Erika's.

Ferber's confession...
I don't know. Morning...

I told you
he didn't leave anything behind.

At last!
Here are the gloves.

Well done, Rex.
Come on.

- Good morning, Inspector.
- Morning.

- Anything new?
- Mrs Walter hasn't left home.

Somehow I don't trust
the woman.

Hi there, Kunz.

Come on.

Why did he confess, then?

He's got cancer.
He knows he hasn't long to live.

I've got it. Thanks.

The killer wore surgical gloves
underneath the gloves.

But they were torn, and
we found a tiny trace of blood.

- Guess whose blood.
- Yes. Erika Walter's.

Okay. Thank you.

Mrs Walter.

I only want to speak to you.
Come on, open the door.

Mrs Walter!
Don't do anything stupid.

What are you doing?

Come on,
unlock the door to the yard.

- She's got the boss's gun.
- Stay over there.

Mrs Walter!

Stop right there!

I'm putting my gun down,

Stay calm.

I no longer have a gun.

Don't move.

What did you do
to Mrs Fiedler?

Some pills make you sleep
and you don't remember a thing.

But I didn't harm her.

You didn't harm her?

I believe you.

My only prospect was
to look after people all day...

And my father-in-law as well.

And your husband
took it out on you.

I wanted to get rid of them both.

Robert, that...


Don't do anything stupid.

Your daughter...

Tell me about her.
How old is she?



Don't abandon her.
She still needs her mother.

Erika, hand me the gun.
Erika, please put it down.

Stay calm, quite calm.

Very good.

Thanks, Rex.

It's all right. Let's go.