Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 12 - Ein Toter und ein Baby - full transcript




Hello, Mr Hollerbeck.

- Lucky I saw you.
- Oh, it's you.

Checking on
your little brother again?

You have a key
to his flat, don't you?

I'm a bit worried.
He's not answering the door.

Looks as if he's feeling
like I do.

Let's not get excited.
He's sleeping off his hangover.

The party went on all night.


Anything wrong?


Listen to this.

No boarding school.

- We're off to Canada.
- Canada?

The flight leaves
in a few hours.

With us.

- How?
- My boss lent me the dough.

- I don't believe it.
- Stay cool.

Get your passport and pretend
you're going to class.

The baby's happy.

Feel this.

Can you feel it kicking?

Second time this year.
Isn't it a bit much for a dog?


Dogs like Rex can donate
blood three times a year.

Fritz is here. I'll get some water
and some drops.

You might have warned me.
Who's it for this time?

A sniffer dog friend,
an injured doberman.

That's awful.

- You're pale. Feeling sick?
- Are you teasing me?

You know that just thinking
of a needle makes me dizzy.

Drink this and think
about something else.

- What?
- A quiet day at work, good food.

Give me another twenty drops.

- That's it, Rex.
- What will you get this time?

- Cookies, a glass of wine?
- No, this time it's special.

Push it and see what happens.

This is going to be fun.

Homicide, Herzog here.

Look at that.
Quite a party, I'd say.

I almost stepped in a sandwich.

Imagine landing
in stale mayonnaise.

- Unbearable.
- Well, then.

The young man was strangled.

- And then...
- He hit his head on the table.

Yes. Correct.

Look at that. See?

It's a very recent break.

He fought back
and broke his nail.

In my opinion, he died
between 6 and 7 a.m.

You'll hear the rest later.

It might take a while.
I have lots of clients.

You can fit this one in,
can't you, doctor?


- I'll see what I can do.
- Thanks.

His wallet's missing.

He always carried lots of cash.

Robbery and murder?

Well, who was the last guest?

I play myself.

But the bass was so loud
it turned my stomach.

When did you go upstairs?

Not sure.
Some time during the night.

Manuel came to apologise
and invited me in.

My hangover remedy
is a Bloody Mary.

Oh? Mine is beer.

Lots of it.

Until I've drowned it.

- Do you perform?
- Not any more.

My fingers aren't up to it.
Blues was my thing.

Most musicians have
a very good memory, don't they?

Not when they're drunk.

You mentioned five kids
at the party.

I'm sure
you can remember one name.

I think she was called Eva.

I had the feeling
they all hung out together.

What are you showing me, Rex?

What are you looking for?

I don't know.

Are you pulling my leg?

What are you looking for?

You too.

Tell Forensics to check
the bushes. Something's here.

Will do.

Isn't that right?

Make an exception,
talk to me. Just once.

Thanks for the information.

Look at this.
You didn't believe me.

Of course
I have to check your alibi.

And you?
Are you following me?

Following you...
This is my second home.

- Can I buy you a beer?
- No.

Two beers.

- Try again, harder.
- Two beers.

We have to find those guys
from the party quickly.

Someone mentioned
a hostel for apprentices.

To the charming Viennese police.

My God,
you sure can put it away.

Was your dad with the railways?

No, a tester in a brewery.

- Brains as well as beauty.
- Just like you.

Another beer for him.

That's bound to jog his memory.

No need to go
to your computer class.

- You're off to boarding school.
- It's him.

- He moves in, and I go.
- No, Lisa.

You can't hang around
with some apprentice

who has nothing to offer.

He'll ruin your prospects.

- Believe me.
- That's your new lover talking.

Don't speak like that.

Keep out of it.
You're not my dad.

You're lucky.
I'd make you behave.

- I can imagine.
- Enough!

No yelling in my flat.

Leave us.

I'm sorry, Lisa.

Go to your computer class.
I'll pack your bags for you.

So there's no Florian
in your hostel.

No Eva either. Thank you.

Please check it for me.

Thank you.

I can't stand the sight
of beer now.

The things you do for the job.

Fine. I think I understand.

Okay. Let's go.

He insists I go back
to the crime scene.

Keep going.

- No need to take me.
- Oh, yes.

Who knows
what you'll get up to.

What's all this?
Isn't it a computer class?

I borrowed clothes
from girlfriends.

It's my last chance
to return them.

I'm going to jail tomorrow.

A boarding school isn't jail.

It is for me.

Look, the trail ends there.

The other cops
only found a coin.

He didn't react to it.
There must be something else.

Tell the guys to widen the search
and talk to local residents.

Niki rang.
The Langtaler Lane hostel

has an apprentice waiter named
Florian, and an Eva Pumer.

Who else?

Thomas, Eva,

Florian and Lisa.

- You cook like Jamie Oliver.
- That hash-slinger.

- What does that mean?
- He's nothing special.


That's Eva.

What do you want?

Your friend Manuel Kaiser
was found dead in his flat.

I was totally hammered.


I was drunk.
I can't remember anything.

- Do you remember your name?
- Yes. Florian Kafer.

Did Manuel live here too?

For two years.
He inherited money and left.

And dropped out of school too.

The money went to his head.

So he became unpopular?

He gave us some euros
to buy hard stuff.

- I get it.
- Sorry, it's my hangover.

Tell me,
what do you mean, hard stuff?

Rum, vodka, whiskey, gin...
That's hard stuff.

- Stupid expression.
- It's not mine.

Look, I found this
in Thomas' room.


Yes, it looks like it.

Is this Thomas?

Any idea where he could be?


No idea.

Sounds like a fun guy.

An apprentice chef
who likes babies.

Could his girlfriend be pregnant?

Is that her?

Lisa is seven months' pregnant.

Thomas told me.

Only they,
her gynaecologist and I know.

- Lisa was at the party too.
- Not for long, though.

Her mother's really strict.

I must talk to her.
Can you tell me her surname?

Hoffmann, Crime Squad.

Not a word about me, or else.

Hello. Mrs Klein?

- Yes?
- Can I speak to your daughter?

She's at school.

May we come in anyway?

All right.

Why do you want to see her?

I want to ask her something.

Do you know
a Thomas Meissner?

He's been after my daughter.

I forbade her to see him again.

- What school does she go to?
- The local high school.

Fine, that's all.

Thank you.

- Has she done something?
- No, don't worry. Rex, come on.

Where are you going?

Why hide from the police?

That's none of your business.

Of course it is.
We live together.

Forget it.

- It's nothing major.
- Tell me what happened.

Thanks, Rex.

- An old story.
- I see.

Tell me what's up, or...

- Or what?
- Or I'll throw you out.

Is that a threat?

- Don't be ridiculous.
- Let go of me.

I'd like to know
that old story too.

But we can find out
in a moment.

Surely I can scratch myself.


He's wanted
for fraud and embezzlement.

Why didn't I realise?


Yes. Hi, Kunz.

Thank you.

Lisa wasn't there long.
She was feeling sick.

Then she must have
met Thomas again.

But that's it. I'm taking her
to boarding school tomorrow.

A long way from him.

Mrs Klein...

You do know
your daughter is pregnant?


The sports bag...
She's taken it with her.

Her favourite things are gone.

Any idea where they could be?

You're an idiot.
Think about it.

- The cops can't prove a thing.
- What if?

If we keep our mouths shut,
they'll be dead before they can.

Stay cool.
Just forget what happened.

We shouldn't have done it.

On a guilt trip?

You'll always be a wimp,
a little wuss.

If you squeal to the cops,
you're kebab.

Are you mad?

He's scared shitless
of the cops.

You know he's very aggressive.

Avoid him.
Forget what happened.

Forget what happened!
You sound like my olds.

Let's recap.

The shoes belong to Thomas,
the blood is the dead guy's.

Forensics checked the room
layer by layer,

and Thomas
was the last to leave.

He's left with his girlfriend,
so he may be the killer.

- I'll put out a search warrant.
- With so many fingerprints

we can't establish
what happened.

They all say they were
too hammered to remember.

Now you're talking like them.

- He just can't understand them.
- So they got rat-arsed.

- And mashed.
- I've had it.

I won't talk to you
until you speak normally.

You too.

Come on, hurry up.

You're sweating.
Scared of flying?

- Don't know. It's my first time.
- I'll hold your hand.

Nothing will happen to you.

Identification, please.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

That was our plane.

I don't believe you're scared
of flying. It was the police.

- No, it's the truth.
- Thomas, please.

You promised
you'd never lie to me.

All right. I've stuffed up.

The boss didn't lend it to me.
I took it.

And what do we do now?

You know about cigars.

A thank you
for working so fast.

Everyone wants quick results.

I could take it easy.
They won't run away.

- And no one gets angry.
- What was that?

- Because of the cigar.
- No.

So far no one has.


My first impression was right.
He was strangled from behind.

I found traces of polyamide and
elastane in the strangle marks.

- Plastic fibres.
- Precisely.

There's something else.
The injured collarbone.

This injury is
ten to twelve days old

and was caused by a blow.

Was he high at the time?

Only a bit drunk.

I mean, had he smoked dope?

I understood you.
I'm not that old, you know.

He wasn't high,
but he had smoked.

I did find traces
of hashish oil.

So he'd smoked dope.

None of you remembers a thing.

Look. See the blood?

That's where he died,
your friend Manuel.

His wallet was stolen.
You all knew he had money.

- Do we have to answer?
- Of course you do.

But call your lawyer if you like.

We've admitted
we were stoned.

We can't remember a thing.
It's been deleted.

What about you?

Memory deleted too?

Hoffmann speaking.

I see. I'll come down.

A neighbour saw a girl
take something from the shrubs.


Just before
we heard about the murder.

So Rex was on the right track.

I won't get into a stolen car.

I don't want you in jail
when our baby's born.

A stolen car
won't bother the cops.

We'll go to Italy.
They love bambinos.

I'll work as a chef.

Making pizza?
I can't wait to see that.

All for you.
All bought, not nicked.

Off to spaghetti land.

- A semi-trailer skidded...
- Find some music.

In the early hours
the man was found dead

in his flat by his sister.

According to police reports
he was Manuel Kahn, 19.


And the money? Were you
involved in the murder?

Are you mad? No, I wasn't.

What is it?

Everything all right?


Thanks very much, doctor.

Lisa's gynaecologist.

He's worried.
Her pelvis is narrow.

And with her high blood pressure
she should avoid stress.

That's all we need.
A high-risk pregnancy.

Fax Lisa's details
to all the hospitals.

He's the most sensitive
of the three.

He might remember more
if we keep him a while.

You're talking normally again.

Eva left the party first.
He left soon after.

- He said.
- How did he get home?

On foot.

Slept off the booze as usual
on a traffic island.

- He says...
- Remembers.

- I'll check it out.
- Yes.

I didn't kill him.

When I woke up, I felt so bad
that I tripped over Manuel.

Why didn't you
tell the police that?

I can't go to the police.
I've stuffed up big time.

When I was drunk
I stole Manuel's wallet.

You stole from a dead guy.

It's started.


I'll take you to a hospital.


Come on.
Damn, it's not working.

- I'll get help.
- Stay. I'm scared by myself.

What can I do?

The mobile.

I can't go on.

Don't let her push too hard.
She should take shallow breaths.

I can't.

Get her to focus on something.

Look at the teddy bear.
Don't stop.

And we'll try again.

No one at the hostel knew
about a quarrel with Manuel.

But the collarbone injury
came from a fight.

Check the pubs
he was at ten days ago.

I just love doing that.

If they'd all kept a diary
we'd have less work.

Come on, Rex, can't you stop it?

We can't concentrate.

Hey, I've brought ham rolls
for us all.


Peace and quiet.

Got you.

So you think
you'll get away with this?

We'll see about that.
But what about him?

He'll have breakfast in his cell.

He certainly didn't sleep off
the booze on a traffic island.

Not one flower was squashed.
He's having us on.

Or distracting us.

What's that?

Can't you be careful?

Cool it.

- So he still hasn't been back?
- No.

Don't be aggro.
Florian won't talk.

- And what about earlier?
- The knife scared him.

We should vanish.
Like Thomas.

Won't you think about it?


I don't feel
the baby is mine.

It's the birth trauma.
That's what the book said.

The hormones go mad.

Sometimes new mothers
let their babies starve or...

Stop it, Thomas.

- You dreamt that up.
- No, it's in the book.

It will be better in a few days.

I don't want to see it any more.

Believe me, it's better.

- He'll find good parents.
- How can you possibly know?

Thomas, please.

Don't make it worse.

I'll never see him again.

I don't know if I can take that.

He doesn't even have a name.

Then I remembered the fax.

- Excuse me, I must go.
- Of course.

- Cool pants.
- The others were ruined.

He called to ask for a midwife.
He sounded frantic.

You show them, okay?

Thomas and Lisa
were mentioned.

She even remembered
our fax.

This is shit.
We've been through so much.

If you don't want him,
I'll look after the baby.

I'll get the car, all right?

Lisa, are you okay?

Got you.

Thank you, Rex.

To make up
for the torn pants.

Has the search
for the stolen cars been issued?

We have to find Thomas.
He'll help us solve the case.

Or Manuel's neighbour,
my friend Hollerbeck.

I have important news.

Hollerbeck had a quarrel
with Manuel two weeks ago.

They got stuck into each other.

Come on. It was
just a harmless quarrel.

- So you didn't beat him up?
- No, I didn't.

There's a noise.

I can't hear a thing.

What have you got there?

It's the flat next door.

Let's have a look.

What have we got here?

A green oasis?

It's all for my consumption.

And you make hemp sandals
out of it.

- Very funny.
- Tell me about Manuel, then.

I've already told you
I didn't touch him.

What are you doing?

You can't do that.
My precious plants!

Okay, I'll admit it,
I hit him on the collarbone.

And the joints they smoked?

Sorry, they weren't mine.
No idea.

Okay, it's all right,
I'll talk.


The girl who found something
in those shrubs

lives in that yellow house.

- Well?
- No one was there.

Thanks anyway.

Don't be scared.
We're from the police.

That's Rex.

You found something.

Yes, I found a...

Great. Thanks.

The lab says the bra
was the murder weapon.

Well done, Rex.
I'm glad you kept at it.

Mr Hollerbeck says

two guests came to his place
just before six.

His description fits
both Heinz and Florian.

- Why did they see him?
- To buy joints.

One each.
Hollerbeck had five for them.

Five joints.

If they each smoked one,
and nobody left the party...

- How long were they with him?
- Ten to fifteen minutes.

What happened between Eva,
Thomas and Manuel then?

Got the hostel number?

Rex, this is sensible.


The sound of the sea.
It's immensely calming.

Find out then.
And hurry, please.

Don't tell me
you're not a romantic, Rex.

I think your sea sound
has drowned.

Yes? Canetti?
Yes, I know it.

It's not mine.

The straps contain
skin cells from you,

Manuel and the girl
who found it.

I don't think the dead man
threw it into the bushes.

And we found his broken nail
in the clasp.


- What happened?
- Would you rather talk to me?


raped you.

- So you...
- Yes.

With the bra.

When your friends came back,
you told them.

They woke Thomas
and swore not to tell anyone.

I don't get it.

If someone attacks you,
you'd push him away,

or struggle...

I did.

But we found
no signs of a struggle.

And you have no bruises.

I did have bruises.

All over my body.

Until a few days ago.

At the party he tried
what he'd done before.

A few weeks ago.

All I thought about
was killing him.

The second time,
I strangled him like mad.

Until he stopped moving.

That kid
has a guardian angel.

I think I need
a headache tablet.