Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 11 - Hexen und andere Frauen - full transcript



What's up? Had enough?

They're empty, so it's safe.

Come to the New Stunt Show

It's an ad for a stunt show.

They're trying to...

It's Kunz.


I'll be there.

Hi, Kunz.

Hi. I've tried to reach Niki,
but she's...

She's on a training course today.

Any idea about the identity
of the deceased?

No, but the killer didn't try
to make her less recognisable.

He didn't use any
accelerating agents like petrol.

The woman was somewhere
between forty and fifty.

- Was she alive when...
- Ask me after the autopsy.

But I found strangulation marks.

The report will be ready
this afternoon. Bye.

- Any clues about the killer?
- Nothing yet.

Come on, Rex,
it's a dead mouse.

No one's been here
for quite a while.

But the feather's been
put here just recently.

I bet the mouse was too.

How old were you when
your mother had the accident?

Don't you want
to talk about it?

Yes, I do. Well...

I think I was six.

Your mother?


She was beautiful.

She'd comb her hair for hours.

After waking.

I sat next to her,
watching her.

Her hair was so velvety.

I just tried to touch
her hair.

It felt so soft.

And what happened then?


She became angry,
pushed me away.

His hatred for women
the age his mother was

probably results from
this childhood experience.

I don't want to be disturbed.

Fine, Rex,
I'll get your food.


The lab found that the mouse
was indeed put there.

And this...
is the feather of a duck.

And what's in the other bag?
The mouse?

No, ham rolls.

Rex, they were for me.

All right. Have one.

Why did the killer leave
a duck feather behind?

Dr Graf found she was dead
before she was burnt.

He found neither soot
in her trachea,

nor carbon monoxide
in her blood.

The killer pushed in her larynx.

I was looking for recent
unusual deaths.


a week ago

a 42-year-old woman
was killed by a millstone.

That's awful.

She was under a juniper tree.

Carola Meinzinger...
She was a secretary.

The verdict was accidental death.

Statistics say

more holidaymakers
are killed by falling coconuts...

Than by falling millstones.

Than by sharks.

The chance of being killed
by a falling asteroid

is about 1 in 20 million.

- Where is he going?
- He can't stand statistics.

The odds of being bitten by
a snake are about 1 in 100,000...

Kunz, the woman
wore red stilettos.

So? That's not unusual.

Statistics say women buy
five to six pairs a year...


Her sister stated that they
were not the deceased's shoes.

I see.

I've seen something
we haven't done for ages.

Yes, yes. Certainly.

Buchner's Books.

Why do you think
it was murder?

My sister was
a confirmed teetotaller.

So I was surprised they found
a bottle of liqueur on her.

Perhaps it was
a present for someone.


She'd withdrawn from everyone
since her partner left her.

She wanted to have a child
with him. A girl.

But he always said
he wasn't ready.

She thought it was because
of his son from his first marriage.



He saw Karola hit the boy
in a fit of temper.

That's why they separated.

She couldn't cope with it.

She went to see a psychiatrist.

Can I now get the things
your colleagues took...

from her cupboard
after the incident?

She bought that to read
to the little boy.

Before we discuss our problems

you should all introduce

I'm not in the mood
to reveal my past.

I don't believe
in this nonsense.

- Or in these nutters.
- Calm down, Ms Suss.

Won't you start?


The ex-boyfriend
of the juniper-tree victim

was overseas at the time
of the death.

An accident after all?

No, Rex.


If it was an accident,
Dr Graf's autopsy will show it.

She'll be exhumed,
if the sister allows it.

Do we know
who the body in the oven was?

No. No one has been
reported missing.

But I've sent her dental profile

to every dentist in Vienna.

I never want to witness
a scene like that again.


Michael Prager watched
Ms Suss intently tonight.

I'm afraid he may soon
lose control of his urges.

You know, Rex,

I have a feeling
the two cases are connected.

I think it was the same person.

He always
leaves something behind.

The red shoes...

the liqueur...

the mouse...

Come on, Rex.
Just fifteen minutes more...

Good morning.

Yesterday must have been
a hard day.

You could say that.

- Why?
- Just a minute.


Oh dear.

Please sit down,
I'll be right with you.

- Yes, but...
- The best ad for a dentist

is gleaming teeth.

It's good for business.

I'm really here because...

- Because your teeth hurt.
- No.

Please say aah.

Well? Has a patient
reported me for assault?

Just because I cause
my patients a little pain

really is no reason
to arrest me.

I'm here because you notified us
about a woman's dental profile.

Why didn't you say so?

Yes, Manuela Blau.

She came here a few times.

Look... That bridge.

I did that a month ago.

And fillings in 4.3 and 2.6

and the crown.

- May I have it?
- Of course.

Now wait a moment.

I can't let you leave like that.

Your 4.7...

doesn't look at all good.

Her name is Eva Suss,
she's forty

and unemployed.

Dr Graf says she was strangled,
like the one under the millstone.

He's found strangulation marks
on her too.

We're dealing
with a serial killer.

Come here, Rex. What's up?

Show me.

It's a thorn.

Better now?

You'd better stay away
from thorn bushes.

Another hint from the killer.

We must find him
before he strikes again.

- May I help you?
- I am after a certain book.

A beauty advice book
from the 19th century.

- Not easy to get.
- You'll manage.

Are you always so... severe?

It depends entirely
on the situation.

Can you leave me
your phone number?

I know someone who might
sell such a book.

But it might take a while,
Ms Wimmer.


I have to go out.

The woman in the thorn bushes

was strangled last night
between 10 and 11 p.m.

But there's something else.

- A tattoo?
- It was done a while ago.

But look here. At first I thought
it was part of the tattoo.

But then I noticed
that the number here

had been added
with a pen.


Yes. Unlucky thirteen.

Six months ago, the woman was
working as a hostess in a bar.

She's on probation
after assaulting a colleague.

I can't contact her
probation officer until tonight.

If we only knew what it meant.
The key, the feather, the shoes...

Perhaps the locations
are a clue.

Serial killers often create
a symbolic structure.

So there's been the oven,
the millstone...

The thorn bushes,
the roses...

That points to Sleeping Beauty.

Well, that's it. He's guided
by fairytale images.

Hello, my name's Hoffmann,
Crime Squad...


I was told I could find
Professor Eder here.

He's reading at the moment.

- Where?
- Well, there.

Which one?

The older gentleman, with
his glasses on top of his head.

I'll find him, thanks.

What's the dog doing here?

That's Rex.
He's quite harmless.

All dog owners say that.
Tie him up or you can't go in.

Come on, Rex.

I'm sorry, mate.

You know why.

You guessed right,
young man.

Thirteen does come up
in Sleeping Beauty.

The thirteenth fairy godmother
wasn't invited

and so she put the curse
on Sleeping Beauty.

This is the key
Sleeping Beauty used

to unlock the door in the tower.

She found the spindle and went
to sleep for a hundred years.

And what about this?

This is clearly Hansel and Gretel.

A white duck guided the children
across the water.

And the mouse?

Well, the fairytale ends
with a little poem.

Now my tale is done,
see the mouse run.

If you caught it, you could
have it made into a fur cap.


This is too much.

A bottle of cinnamon liqueur,
a juniper tree...

That's the name of a fairytale.
The Juniper Tree.

There's a part which
describes the smell of cinnamon.

And the red shoes?

They were used to lure
the stepmother out of the house,

then she was killed
by a millstone.


As a punishment,
because she killed her stepson,

cooked him and served him
to his father.


Why do you keep saying "awful"?

My colleague always says it.

- Perhaps it's rubbing off.
- Awful.

I wonder which tale
the killer will choose next.

I have not had one too many,

There are ghosts
in the library.

She looked
exactly like my mother.

The long hair...

And the woman is looking
for a beauty advice book.



I got that feeling again,

that longing for tenderness...

and then the hatred.

The Juniper Tree, Hansel
and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty...

Find anything in what
the professor gave me?

Did you know that the Grimms
constantly rewrote their tales

to adjust to society's values?

Earlier editions were too erotic.

Our killer chooses
women over forty.

I need the name
of the woman in the oven.

Manuela Blau.

- What happened?
- A dentist...

He identified the woman
as Manuela Blau,

his patient.

She was a widow,
forty years old.

Thank you, Rex.
You're very kind.

The pain is awful.

I have a customer who is
interested in the rare edition

of the beauty advice book
in your library.

What she looks like?

If you want to meet her,
I can send her to you.

According to neighbours,

the woman found in the oven
led a very quiet life.

The notebook near the phone
doesn't help much either.

We haven't checked all numbers.
Some are out of date.

Horst Buchner's Rare Books.

Buchner... I've seen the name
somewhere before.

He'd have fairytale books.


I'll be with you in a moment.

- What can I do for you?
- Hoffmann, Crime Squad.

Police? What's this about?

Do you know
any of these women?

We found a book on her
with a stamp from your shop.

I have lots of customers.

Perhaps someone else bought it,

then sold it to someone else.


- Anything else?
- That was all. Goodbye.

He's well known
to the Vice Squad.

He has a penchant
for S&M games.

Thanks, Rex, but I'm better.

The handwriting analysis.

The receipt that
the woman in the oven had

was most probably not
written by the bookseller.

According to the lab,

it's the handwriting
of a younger person.

The bookseller has
an apprentice, Michael Prager,

but he's not
answering his phone.

Fairytale characters are usually
punished for evil deeds.

The bar hostess assaulted
a colleague, didn't she?

That's why she landed in jail
for six months.

She was obliged to have
treatment by a Dr Scheibner.

Her probation officer told me.

The millstone woman
was in therapy too.

Find out who her therapist was
and then contact...

- Dr Scheibner.
- Contact him.

- Where's Kunz?
- Investigating booksellers.

There's a policewoman
here to see you.

Hello, my name's Herzog,
Crime Squad.

Dr Scheibner.
How can I help?


- What's wrong?
- Yesterday exhausted me.

The dentist, then that
booksellers dominatrix.

Here, you've earned it.

The bookseller
was with his dominatrix

at the time in question.

Oh well,
then he has an alibi.

- Found the apprentice?
- No.

Ms Suss is one
of my most recent cases.

Not exactly simple.

Strange... The file was still
in its place yesterday.

So Ms Blau was
in therapy with you too?

Yes, a retiring colleague
referred her to me.

She's a pyromaniac.

Why do you ask?

I need a list
of all your patients.


Prager, the apprentice,
is in therapy with Scheibner too.

- I see.
- He knew all the victims.

Thank you.

You again.
Forgotten something?

Don't be cheeky
or we'll call the Vice Squad.

They're worse
than your dominatrix.

We're looking for Michael Prager.

Watch out.

I'll jump if you come closer.

Keep calm.

I mean it. I'll jump
if you come any closer.

Prager, don't risk your life.
You'll work it out.

Get away from the railing.

Only if you get out of here.

Mr Prager,
I want to talk to you.

Why, what do you want
from me?

We only want to talk to you,
that's all.

I'll jump if you come closer.

- Get some back-up.
- Will do.

Keep calm. Just come in.

Prager, I'll step back a little,
you take a step towards me.

- Only if you get lost.
- You're Dr Scheibner's patient.

- So what? ls that a crime?
- Of course not.

- What is it you want?
- Mr Prager, come inside.

We just want to talk to you.

That's all.

Fire brigade's coming.

You regularly attend
a support group.

So what?

Everyone has women problems,
believe me.

I stalked Eva Suss
after the meetings.


But then she got into a car
that stopped.

And left.

- Did you see the registration?
- No.

Mr Prager, come inside.

- You're tricking me.
- It's only the fire brigade.

Don't worry. Nothing will
happen if you come in now.

- You promise?
- Yes.

Watch out!

Well done, Rex.

Wonderful. Thank you.

He'll survive his fall,
thanks to Rex.

Well done.

Prager's mother died
in mysterious circumstances.

Fell down the stairs.

A psychiatric report says he has
problems with women over 40.

The phone company says

that he called this number,
and now it's always busy.

Astrid Wimmer.

She's 43, by the way.

Let's go.

There's no one here.

What's that?

The culprit must have
lost it in the struggle.

This is
the apprentice's jumper.

The shoelace has nothing
to do with the apprentice.

I remember that there's
a shoelace in Snow White.

Look, this is interesting.

In the 1885 edition they mention
a shoelace of coloured silk.

In the first edition, from 1812,

they talk of a shoelace
of blue, yellow and red silk.


In Sleeping Beauty,
the key is gold.

Like the one we found
at the crime scene.

A later edition
mentions a rusty key.

So the editions our killer uses
are older than 1858

which means
the bookshop may have it.

There were rare books
at the psychiatrist's too.

And all the victims
were in therapy with Scheibner.

I'll go there with Rex.
You check up on Scheibner.

Kunz should ask the bookseller

if he's sold an older edition,
or if he has one.

He finished early today.

I'm going to his house.

Scheibner was sexually
assaulted as a child.

He had years of therapy
while he was in foster care.

He was assaulted by his
grandmother. Kunz wants you.

The bookseller sold Scheibner
an edition of Grimm's Fairytales.

He wanted it as his grandma
read it to him as a child.

Grandma, why did you hurt me
so much?

He's unconscious.

Rex, move the books away.

Good. Quick!

There, that one.

Hurry, Rex.

Good, keep going, Rex.

There, that spot.

Quick, Rex.

Well done, Rex. Very good.

How does it go?

- And they lived...
- Happily ever after.