Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 10 - Die Leiche lebte noch - full transcript



Morning, Mr Baumeister.

Good morning.
Actually, my name's Baumann.

You're painting
the Baumeisters' place.

Sorry. I'm no good at names.

That's all right.

I've got time now.
That's why I came over.

I can do it in the evenings
and at weekends.

It will take
three to four weeks.

There are eight rooms
and the adjoining areas.

How much paint
will you need?

I'll work it out.

- Shouldn't you write it down?
- I'll remember it.

I think I can do it
for the price.

We need to discuss that.

No way.
You can get someone else.

Calm down. I'm sure
we can come to an agreement.


Mr and Mrs Baumeister
just left.

For the opera or the theatre,
going by their get-up.

If I were rich,
I'd live it up too.

And the jewellery she had on!

Any more and she'd have
buckled at the knees.

Where have you been?

Having a hot dog.
A man's got to eat.

You've brought
the wrong stuff again.

I forgot my glasses.

Why don't you bring them
with you for once?

I'm going to have a beer.

Okay, Rex.
I think we've made it.

Well done, Rex.

You were great.
Better than us.

Without Rex
I'd have been a lot slower.

You're now honorary firemen.

Excuse me.


Hello, Kunz.

No, I didn't get burnt.

Yes, that's nearby.

All right.
We're on our way.

Come on.

- Have you heard?
- No.

A man was murdered.

Let's go back.

we'll never finish.

He's alive.
Call an ambulance.

Didn't the doctor notice?

Apparently he was loaded.
He used to be a jeweller.

I bet they got away
with a stack of loot.

You think it was a gang?

I reckon.

We ought to try it once.

Imagine never working again.

And what if they catch you?

You must be smart

and not spend
all the dough at once,

or quit your job
the next day.

Only a fool would do that.

You think he's really dead?

Is he a relative?
Are you hoping to inherit?

Don't be stupid.

I was just wondering.

I've been the housekeeper
for a long time.

I'd say
he surprised a burglar.

Not all the drawers
have been ransacked.

There's nothing here.

He kept his valuables
in the bank.

He was scared of burglars.

Is anything missing?

He kept some cash
in the drawer.

It's gone.

Can you think of anyone
who might have done this?

He was single

and lived a very quiet life.

I can't think of anyone.

Fine. That's all for now.

Hi. Baumann is still alive.

He's in hospital.
See if you can get a statement.

I'll call you.

It's ice-cream.

You don't say.

- Niki called.
- Any news of Baumann?

He's had an operation
and is still unconscious.

I've got something here.


Baumann was charged
several times

with receiving stolen goods.

That broadens
the circle of suspects.

Very little was stolen.

Maybe the burglary was sham
and the real motive was revenge.

Or perhaps it was a burglar
who got in a panic.

I don't think so.

Burglars aren't usually violent.

Let's ask your underworld pals.
This isn't bad.

I'll let you know
as soon as I hear.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

- Anything new?
- Not exactly.


Baumann's operation
went smoothly

but we can't question him yet.

His blood tests have turned up
something unusual.


They can't say yet.

The lab needs more time.

Rex, how about
I give you half my ham roll

if you let me sit
in the front?

Okay, the whole roll.

I feel really sick
when I sit in the back.

I see...
You're playing dirty.

All right,
I'll give you another roll

but we change places first.

- Trouble?
- No. How did you go?

First tell me where
this Fagin character lives.

Straight ahead.

Try again.

Failed again.

Why do you think
the bells are there?

You must reach into the pocket
without anyone noticing.

- For Pete's sake!
- No, his name's Karl.

- Karl Sedlacek.
- You joker.

What better thing for a burglar
than to be a locksmith?

- How do we get in?
- I'll show you.

- A friend of yours?
- No, the doorman.

- Hello, Sedlacek.
- Hello, Kunz. Come in.

This is Georg,
a pupil of mine.

This is Marc, my boss,
and Rex, a colleague.

Sedlacek, prince of thieves
and renowned pickpocket.

- Hello.
- I've retired, of course.

But you still train the young?

One must do one's bit.

I'm not against globalisation

but it would be a pity

to have this great craft of ours
taken over by foreigners.

So did you find anything?

Yes, I made a few calls.

It definitely wasn't done
out of revenge

because Baumann gave up
acting as a fence years ago.

Smart dog, isn't he?

But he'd better give Georg
his wallet back nonetheless.

Rex is a fast learner.

My colleagues
who are still in the trade

would never pull
a knife on anyone.

They'd whack someone
over the head and run.

My parents sent a postcard.
Do you want to read it?

Why? They always write
the same thing.

Typical. They go on
a big fat trip to Majorca

and we can barely make
ends meet.

And you find a job
for cash in hand

and the guy keels over.

I bet
you're glad of the excuse.

They'll reclaim the furniture,
you know.

Yes. I'm not stupid.

And it wasn't an excuse.

I can even tell you
which hospital he's in.

Which one?

The ZMS hospital.

It's called the SMZ.

You can be so dumb.


I'm meeting Fredi for a beer.


Yes, again.


Hello, Otto.

Hello. What's up?
Had a row with the little lady?

Everything's going wrong
at the moment.

Tell me about it.

The man who offered me work
has been stabbed.

I was in his house so the cops
are sure to suspect me.

When did it happen?

Some time last night.

Why are you worried?

You can say
you were doing a class.

And tell the whole world
I can't read or write? No way.

Helga would leave me
and I'd lose my job.

I'd rather...

Now listen to me.

There are 300,000 Austrians

and four million Germans
who can't read or write.

You're not alone.

I'm the only one
who can't learn.

Otto, I can't remember things.

Don't say that, Fritz.

If you need help with a form,
you can come to me.

Thank you.

You're a true friend.

Ms Herzog?
He's conscious.

Mr Baumann?

I'm from the police.

Can you tell me anything?

Can you tell me anything
about your attacker?

Country house...


A woman?

What's her name?


Baumann's dead.


The bank says
he didn't have much in the safe.

And there were no valuables
in the house.

He mentioned a woman,
and a country house.

- I have the address.
- Have Forensics been there?

Half of them are on leave
and half are at Baumann's house.

We'll take a look.

Come on, Rex.

Hello, Ms Benesch. I didn't think
we'd meet again so soon.

This is my colleague, Ms Herzog.
Ms Benesch.

I came to get my things.

Mr Baumann is dead
so I'm leaving.

How do you know
Mr Baumann is dead?

They phoned me
from the hospital.

You got here fast enough.

Excuse me.
I won't be a second.

I stacked the chairs.
No one needs them now.

Mr Baumann had no family?

Not as far as I know.

Someone's emptied the cache.
Good work, Rex.

You crossed the stream
to cover your tracks.

Then you emptied
Baumann's hiding place.


He was incredibly stingy
and paid me a pittance.

I think you've got a visitor.

Be careful what you say.

Have you packed, babe?

- Is everything okay?
- No...

Not entirely.

All right. Let's go.

He always said I'd inherit
everything when he died.

That's why I worked for him
for very little money.

Did you know
what was in the hiding place?


But I once saw him
hide something in the woods.

I guessed it must be valuable.

He was a jeweller, after all.

So when you heard he was dead
you went to help yourself.

I wanted to get there
before anyone else did.

You don't know whether
there are any other heirs.

Besides, you must have known
he used to be a fence,

so it could have been
stolen property.

Did you resent Mr Baumann
being close to your partner?

No. They weren't lovers.

If they had been,
you'd have had a motive.

I already told you.
We have an alibi.

They were at a birthday party
until four in the morning.

There are witnesses.


their alibi holds up.

You're in luck, Ms Benesch.

I want to show you something.

What caused
Mr Baumann's death?

- He was stabbed.
- Yes, that's right.

But he would soon have died
of another cause.

What do you mean?

I mean
he was close to dying

from a regular overdose
of his heart medication.

He'd been taking
his heart medicine for years.

Maybe you put
a little extra in his food.

He shouldn't have told you
you'd inherit the lot.

The medicine was Klaus's idea.

But we didn't stab him.

There's another possibility.

Poisoning him
was taking too long

so maybe
you paid someone to kill him.

No. We didn't have anything
to do with that.

As you've admitted
to poisoning him

you'll be charged
with attempted murder.

I still think they were
involved in the stabbing.

After all,
Baumann mentioned a woman.

But if they'd waited a while,

he'd have died
of seemingly natural causes.

Why stab him and cast
suspicion on Benesch?

So you think
it was a complete outsider?

Statistically the chances
of that are one in 250,000.

I trust my hunch.

Find anything?

Not in the rooms we've done.

I'll have a look around.

Only Benesch and Baumann
seem to have been here.

What is it?

It looks like paint.

Well done, Rex. Seek.

I think we need
to go for a beer later.

- Why?
- Who needs a reason?

But you said you felt lousy.
You'll be better after a beer.

I think
I'd better stay in today.

Hello, gentlemen.
Excuse me a second.

I know you. You're a cop.
I've seen you over the road.

We didn't do it.

Too bad. It would have
saved me a lot of work.

Maybe you know how paint got
into the murder victim's house.

Murder victim?

He died in hospital.

Can you explain the paint?

All right...

I went to see Mr Baumeister
the day before yesterday.

Baumann, not Baumeister.
He always confuses things.

What did you do there?

He wanted me to paint
his house. Cash in hand.

Is that so?
You didn't say anything to me.

Fritz, you can forget that job.
The jeweller's dead.

You missed out again.

See for yourself.

That's the wrong page.
There it is.

I don't need to read it.
I know what happened.

The cops came to see us.

What did they want?

They know I went to see him.

By the way, if they ask...

say that I was at home
two nights ago, okay?

But you weren't.

Tell them all the same.

By the way, I'm going out.

I'm starting to think
you've got another woman.


Good God!
Didn't you pay your debts again?

- I gave him 500 euros.
- That's a lot.

Not compared to what I owe.

See what he did to me.

Why do you gamble?
Where did you get 500 euros?

I gambled somewhere else
and won.

I'll have a lucky break
one day.

I hope you live that long.
I must go to my class.

What happened to the man
you were telling me about?

The police know
I was in his house.

Grabner has quite a record.

grievous bodily harm,

threatening someone
with a knife.

Baumann was stabbed
near where he was working.

And he was in Baumann's house
so he knew his way around.

Maybe it was his first burglary
and he didn't mean to kill him.

We'd better take
a closer look at him.

Come on, Rex.

I bet he's had my ham rolls.

No, they're still here.

But he's been up to something.

Yes. My wallet's gone.

There it is.

- No money in it anyway.
- Why get upset, then?

I've got 20 vouchers
for ham rolls.

So he did learn something
from Fagin.

Is there anything else
in the paper about the murder?

Can't you see
I'm reading the job ads?

You really must
get some glasses.

Yes, I must.

Where have you been?

Having a beer with Fredi.

You're always with him.

What do you talk about?
Or do you just swill beer?


I'll get it.


- Hello. May we come in?
- This way.

The police.

This is my partner Helga.


- Won't you sit down?
- No, thanks.

I don't want to keep you
at this hour.

I just came to say
that we know

that Mr Baumann was attacked
between 8.30 and 9.30 p.m.

Where were you then,
Mr Grabner?

He was at home all night.

I asked him.

What do you want from me?

You have a criminal record.
You were working nearby. So...

You heard.
I was at home all night.

Fine. That's all.

One more thing.

Where were you tonight?
At home too?

No, I went out for a beer.

With a workmate, Fredi.
He can confirm it.

Well, not exactly.

You see...

Fredi didn't come today.
I was alone.

- Where were you?
- At the Schweizerhaus.

The Schweizerhaus?

Good choice.
It's always packed out.

No one will remember you.
Have a nice evening.

You said you were with Fredi.

Well, I wasn't.

Why did you say you were?

because I forgot.

I don't have to tell you

You don't care anyway.

Were you involved
in that business, Fritz?

He'll be worried now
so he might do something.

We'll wait.
We'll take it in turns.


You're on first watch.

You've been telling me
stories for weeks.

Everything you say is a lie.

That's it.
I'm going out.

- Where to this time?
- I'm out of cigarettes.

Okay. Let's go.

What's wrong?
We have to...

You win.

Would you call
your dog off, please?

- He'll have a reason.
- Such as?

I see.
You were distracted.

Give that back.
You're nuts.


It so happens
I'm a detective.

Let him go.
This is more important.


It's no use, Mr Grabner.

Now what do you want?

- Can't you see the sign?
- Of course I can. So?


Here, Mr Grabner.
This is your statement.

You didn't attack Mr Baumann,

you were at home at the time

and have no idea who did it.


Then read it through and sign it.

I deliberately attacked
Elmar Baumann...

Thank you.

You've just admitted to
attacking and stabbing Baumann.

That's not true.
I never said that.

Mr Grabner, I don't think
you can read or write.

And you're terrified
someone will find out.

What do you think it's like?

I always have to ask the way.

I can't catch a bus because
I don't know where it's going.

I'll never get
my driver's licence.

I assume that's why you got
into trouble with the law. Right?

I was in and out of foster homes
when I was growing up.

I was difficult.

A slow learner.

I kept changing schools.

I really wanted to learn.

But I was always the dunce.


Then I started to fight
the kids who laughed at me.

I left school again.

But you've got a job now.

A gofer.

If my girlfriend finds out
I can't read or write...

I don't deserve her anyway.

Don't say that.
You mustn't even think it.

That's Rex. He doesn't care
whether you can read or write.

I'm sure he's not the only one.

Did you confide in anyone?

Yes, Machart.

The caretaker
at the school I'm going to.

He's a true friend.

You can tell him everything?

He tells me
about his problems too.

At work,
or with his ex-wife,

or when he runs up
gambling debts.

Did you tell him
where you worked?

Of course.

This job too?

We don't often work for people
as rich as the Baumanns.

Baumeisters. You're working
for the Baumeisters.

I'll never get it right.

It is possible
that Machart thought

Baumann had
something worth stealing.

You muddled up the names.
The address is similar.

Machart pumped you
for information

and then broke into
the wrong house.


Machart meant
to rob the Baumeisters,

knowing we'd suspect you.

Do you still think
he's a true friend?

I don't know
what to think any more.

Mr Grabner,
where can I find Machart?

By day he's a tour guide
at Liechtenstein Castle.

Hurry up. My first tour
starts in 20 minutes.

It won't be happening,
Mr Machart.

- What do you want?
- To clarify something.

You broke into the wrong house,

you panicked
and killed a man.

- What gave you that idea?
- We found fingerprints.

If they match yours...

My bluff worked.


No admittance.

Thanks, Rex. I'll be careful.


He knew how to read, though.