Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 9, Episode 1 - Attentat auf Rex - full transcript



Get the others.


Come on!

There. Take a good look
at your friend.

Boys who cheat us
end up like him.

And don't try running away.

The cops will nab you, put you
in jail and you'll get no money.

You think they understood?

Everyone understands that,

even kids from
a lousy hole in Romania.

Lock them up.

What about him?

He's dead.

Did you have
to hit him that hard?

I didn't know
he couldn't take it.

We must get rid of him.



Young ladies, may I borrow
your skipping-rope?

- Sure.
- Thanks. I won't be long.

The things you do!

Where's the ball?

Hoffmann speaking.

Stay there. You've been
in enough trouble today.

The body wasn't here
first thing this morning.

It was probably picked up
in the 13th district.

His pockets are empty.

I don't suppose the killer
dumped him on his own turf.

He's not even ten years old.

- He got his way again.
- Yes.

Nothing smaller?

- And you?
- This place is a rip-off.

I've seen you and your pals.
What are you up to?

- Me no understand.
- I don't believe you.

Clear off.
Go on. Push off.

I'd say
he's from eastern Europe.

You put him at about ten.

That was spot on.

There are extensive areas
of abrasion and bruising.

And his cheekbone
and hyoid bone are fractured.

He was beaten to death?


Death resulted
from blocked airways

caused by
a haematoma in the larynx.

Killed and put out
with the garbage.

It speaks volumes
about the killer.

- Anything else?
- Yes, a head injury.

It's not recent
and it wasn't treated.

I found paint splinters
in the wound.

I've sent them to the lab.


I need a photo
to show what he looked like.

Not a problem.

Have you often seen children
in this condition?

Yes, unfortunately.

- How do you deal with it?
- Simple. I don't.

Do we know yet
where the body was picked up?

No, but they're checking
schedules and routes.

- Any boys reported missing?
- No.

Five euros.

Maybe he died
because of that.

You've found out? Good.



He was put in a dumpster

somewhere near Hermesstrasse.

They can't be more specific.

Let's go.

- What are you doing?
- Just what I want to ask you.

None of your business,
but I'm disposing of my wife.

Bye-bye, Mitzi.

You'll have seen this before.

Right. Now open the bag.

That cow Mitzi
left me five weeks ago.

- I can see why.
- Where is she now?

Moved in with our neighbour.
He's always been after her.

Do you want to know more,
or can I carry on?

Someone put a body in here.
Why did you pick this bin?

The others are already full.

The local riffraff
ditch all sorts of things.

I'll check your house
all the same.

And I'll check if Mitzi
is at your neighbour's.

Hi, Fritz.
This is Mr Dworschak, a witness.

See if you can get
an identikit picture.

The paint splinters
in the head wound

come from a collision
with a bike.

The cyclist
reported it herself.

I asked her in.
She's waiting.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.


Since Mitzi left me
I hardly sleep at night.

- Can I have a coffee?
- I suppose so.

Is this the boy
who ran into your bike?


- You're quite sure?
- Yes.

He hurt his head.
It bled quite badly.

Can you describe the man
who put the sack in the bin?

Not in detail.

It was dark.

He was neither very short...

nor very tall.

But he was taller
than the dumpster?


The man with the boy wasn't
a foreigner. We spoke briefly.

What did he look like?

About 40 years old.
Medium height.

Dark hair.
Leather jacket.

Do you remember the car
they got into?

It was a white van
with a sliding door.

The van was red. I can see
that kind of thing in the dark.

You have more of an eye
for cars than people?

A car doesn't cheat on you.
A car's loyal.

If someone says
"What does yours run on?"

I say "Love".

I wanted to notify the police
and get an ambulance.

But the man said
nothing had happened.

The boy was quite dazed.

The man pushed him in the van
and drove off.

He was very rough with him.

Mr Kunz is putting together
an identikit picture.

Perhaps you could help him
with it.

Yes. I'd be glad to.

The youth workers here
have a great reputation.

But they're wary of the cops.

They know the local kids.
We have to start somewhere.

Hello, who are you?

Want one?

I'm waiting for the cops
to leave.

Who are you waiting for?

You can come home with me.

My mum's never home
and my grandma won't mind.

I'll find you some food.

Hi. Can I have a word?

I don't talk to cops.

It's about this boy.

He's roughly your age.

He was probably with this man.

- I don't know the kid.
- What about the man?

Him neither.

Now go away. See my dog?
He can get scary.

I know. He's mine.

If you want to see him again,
call me. Come on, Rex.

A cute social worker
turned up.

- Lucky you.
- Lucky us. He had a tip.

He knows some foreign kids
who beg for a living.

- Got an address?
- Yes.

Let's go.


- No!
- Hand it over.

Throw down the knife.

I won't hurt you.
Are you okay?

You've been convicted of
larceny, robbery and extortion.

Now you're mugging kids?

If you've seen my case history
you'll know I'm an addict.

A habit costs money.

You won't need it in custody.

He hasn't got any ID
and he's not talking.

You need time and patience.

I'll get him a drink.

Your bandage is grubby.
I'll change it for you.

There's nothing wrong with him.


He's got a temperature.

Quite a high one.


You've got measles.
It's catching.

Have you brothers and sisters?

You're very sick.
You must go to a doctor.

Your brothers and sisters too.

Right away.

Where do you live?

45 Hermanngasse.

45 Hermanngasse?

Round the back.


Is no one else here?

Where are your parents?

We haven't got any.

Hoffmann here.
We need an ambulance.

I've never seen
anything like it.

They'll be taken to hospital
and looked after there.

At least they have nothing
to do with our case.

Kids are living in a cellar
and begging for a living...

in the middle of Vienna!

Not a bad week.
We got over 10,000 euros.

Someone must catch on soon
that they pay with forged notes.

That's why
we use each shop once.

No one suspects kids.

What if they find the body?

What if they do?
They can't identify it.

Hey, you!



Are you okay?

What you did was cool.
He'd have got me otherwise.

Want one?

Go on. I've got plenty.

If you're ever in trouble,
give me a call.

I'll write my number down.

Can I speak to Mr Hoffmann?

In what connection?

He gave me his card.
I'll talk to him.

Mr Hoffmann isn't here.

- Where's the dog?
- With him, as always.

- I can give him a message.
- I'll wait for him.

He may be a while.

I'm in no hurry.

Shouldn't you be at school?

I've taken the day off.

I see...
you've taken the day off.

Would you like a drink?

- What have you got?
- I'll go and look.

That's mine.

- I only had one bite.
- You might have asked.

What a day.

First a detective chases me,

then no one's here
and then I can't eat your bun.

You're making me cry.

Hello, Rex.

Want this?

- Hi, Iris.
- Hi.

This is Iris. Rex and I
met her at the youth centre.

- I'm Niki.
- Hi.

- You know Kunz.
- He's nice.

He gave me his bun.

- You said I could visit Rex.
- True. Sit down.

- Can I sit next to Rex?
- Sure.

Okay, I've kept my promise.
Now tell me what you know.

If I can spend
the afternoon with Rex.


All right.
You had a picture of a man.

I saw him again today.
With some foreign kids.

- Doing what?
- I don't know.

One boy had a 50 euro note

and just bought some gum.

Did the man and the boy
seem to be friends?

No, I think the kid was scared.

Where did you see them?

At a supermarket
and a service station.


- Is that all?
- Yes.

Nothing smaller?


- Anything wrong?
- Just checking.

Have you been given
a forged note?

If I had,
you wouldn't replace it.


I might take it away.

A lot of the local shopkeepers

have been given
counterfeit notes.

They reported it.
You didn't.

Look, Inspector.

I was going to pass it on
to a customer who never tips.

What a fantastic idea.

We'll run through the plan.

It's easy.
You can do it too.


Okay, I'm on my way.

I'm going
to teach Rex to skip.

Have fun. I'll be at the office.
See you later.

Don't worry. I'll clear up.

This is where
counterfeit notes were found.

There'll be shops
where nobody realised.

Yes, or where they
purposely didn't report it.

The Organised Crime department

says they're top-notch forgeries.

Some people can recall

getting the notes
from foreign-looking kids.

They bought cheap items to get
as much change as possible.

They're operating systematically,

district by district.

And using each shop just once.

They haven't been there yet.
When they have, they'll vanish.

Ask the local police
to look out for them.

Kunz, make all the usual calls.

Of course.

Tuck in, Rex.
You don't get this every day.

Eat up.

Yummy, isn't it?

Come on.

Do you like it?

I'm a good cook, aren't I?

You've got to slurp.


Looks like you've had fun.

- Do you want some pasta?
- Yes, sure.

Enjoying that, are you?

Don't you have to go home?

Grandma isn't there.
She's a waitress and works late.

I've already called her.
I've got my own mobile.

- Your parents?
- Divorced.

Dad walked out ages ago
and Mum works in Salzburg.

She can't find work here.
I see her every other weekend.

What about school?

I took the day off to visit Rex.

- And yesterday?
- I didn't feel like it.

I walked around a bit
and looked at stuff.

What's in it?

Tomato sauce.

You spoke to that girl before.

You're not to talk to anyone.

You're here to work.

If all goes well, we'll give you
some money and take you home.

If not, tough luck.

Take him away.

I'll be glad
when we're done here.

We'll finish Vienna tomorrow

and then we'll move on.

It's not the right car.
I've checked. Thanks.

He doesn't fit the description

but take his details
and get back to us.

Ten years old?
With a counterfeit note?

How long ago?
Ten minutes?

We're on our way.

I was right.
They're in Mariahilf. Rex...

Come on.

Hello, who is it?

It's me.

Oh, it's you.

Me... run.
Man angry. Please help.

Where are you?

20 Windmilhlgasse.

Stay there. I'm coming.

Where's Nikolai?

I lost him.


Get in.
He can't have gone far.

- What happened?
- Hide me.

Man bad. One boy dead.

I know who can help us.

Hoffmann's office.
Kunz speaking.

It's me.

Who's me?


Oh, Iris!

- Can I talk to Marc?
- He's not here.

We're in the 6th district.
We're in trouble.

- What? Where are you?
- 20 Windmilhlgasse.

Yes, I'll tell him.

It's okay.

What's your name?

- Nikolai. What's yours?
- Iris.

That was the last time, okay?

I get it.

They were here and got in a car

but not voluntarily.


Hi, Kunz.
The kids have gone.

Iris has a mobile.
See if you can trace it.

They can't track the mobile.
It's not on.

Alert the patrols in the area.

Tell them to take apart
every van they see.

Come on, come on.

Just a minute.

Not a squeak out of you, okay?

They'll be looking for her.
Time to quit.

Pack up our stuff.
And get rid of the van.

How will we move the kids?

We won't. We'll take my car.
There's no room for them.

- Then what?
- We'll lie low for a while,

then get new kids from Romania
and start up abroad.

What else is the EU for?

Okay. I'll pass it on.

We've traced lris's mobile
to Kledering goods yard.

Good. We've got them.

Someone will find the kids
sooner or later.

Hopefully later.
So they can't talk.

Put the van over there

where they won't find it.

Get him.
I'll get his pal.


Come on, Rex.

That way, Rex.





Put your hands
where I can see them.



Get out.




Come on.





Are you okay?

It tastes better if it's nicked.

I know. I'm giving it to you
before you clean my desk out.

What about
Nikolai and the others?

They're Romanian orphans.

Hopefully we can find them
foster parents.

- And what about you?
- I want to be a policewoman.

Then you'd better start
going to school again.