Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 9 - Blond, hübsch, tot - full transcript



- Yes?
- The mail.

Put it in the letter box.

It's certified.
I need your signature.

Okay, where do I sign?

Here, please.

Well? Hurry up.

I left my pen somewhere.

Really! I'll get one.
Wait here.

Expensive place,
so is the furniture.

Paid for this
all by yourself?

None of your business.

- Where's your colleague?
- Sick.

I'm filling in for him.

Okay then.


I wonder how you do it.

Money, out at night,
not working.

- What?
- You understand.

I live like scum while you
spend money like mad.

I bet you've never worked.

Get out!


Are you threatening me?
Planning to complain?

You should look at me
when I speak.

I saw a copper in uniform
fighting a guy

who was double his size,
big like this.

I left my car, ran across...

The copper gave me a punch
and told me to get lost.

Didn't you show him your ID?

I did before he hit me again.


Sorry, I'm late.
Rex forgot something.

- Rex forgot something.
- Yes, his ball.

He ran back and got it.

Well, they say dogs become
like their masters.

Not true.

I brought everything today.


It brightens
the office atmosphere,

motivates colleagues
and so on.

Marc, on the subject
of motivating colleagues,

the body of a rich young woman

has been found in district 18
by a postman.

The bushes out the front
need it too.

Hurry up! I want quiet.

Trimming is a noisy job.

If you'd begun earlier
you'd be done now.

I was busy before.

You, busy?

If you cared about me
you'd know what I do.

Can't be too interesting.

And you?
Married Horst to fleece him...

I was always smarter.

Fingernails on her right hand
are torn, maybe from a fight.

We may still find micro traces.

Cause of death?

There are dots of blood
in the face skin,

in the upper lids,
and in the eye tissue.

I'm almost sure
she was strangled,

but I can't see
any marks from it.

Was there fabric between her
neck and the killer's hands?

Maybe her gown
covered her neck.

But I think the killer
wore gloves.

The blood in the neck shows
a significant pattern,

a smooth surface with a seam.

Sharp eye...

No, magnifying glass.

Haven't you read
in pulp fiction

that you don't disturb
the crime scene?

By putting her on the floor

you've wiped out
important clues.

I gave first aid.
I thought she was still alive.

Why are you here?

The catalogues didn't fit in
the letter box.

Why did you go in there?

The door was open. I went in
to see if everything was okay.

We... Mrs Fenz and I
knew each other.

Then tell me about her.

The traces are fresh,
probably men's shoes.

Yes, only men go into
the bathroom in dirty shoes.

But what did he do here?

He washed his hands.

A woman would
put the soap in the dish.

So already, we know something.

It's possible
to forget a thing.

It is.

At last!
It's about time.

We've had no light
for three weeks.

I told the body corporate
three times.

Get off my back, grandad.

You'll hear about this,
I warn you.

Yes, you will.

Seems I came at the right time.


As usual, things need
fixing in my house.

That old sod's never happy.

You don't do any work
and you also cause trouble.

- People are complaining.
- Don't exaggerate!

Your house, your villa,
you got it all by divorce.

Don't siblings stick together?

Do I have to feed you
all your life?

I worked while you drank
instead of studying.

Incomplete philosophy studies,

temporary postman...

A rapid rise!

Stop it! You sound just
like Mum and Dad.

You were trouble.

Why did you come?

I'm meeting the janitor
to check the roof.

How you can live
in this pigsty is beyond me.

The door wasn't forced,
so she let the suspect in.

Maybe he had a key.

Nothing's missing,
it's not murder with robbery.

Maybe he looked for things
we don't know of.

Forensics said
he washed his hands after.

Why didn't he escape then?

Maybe he knew
Eva Fenz's routine,

and knew he'd be left alone.

Here comes Kunz.

I didn't find out
anything startling.

She spent the night with
her boyfriend, that clears him.

She was a marketing consultant
from a well-off family.

And... no conflicts with anyone.

Looks as if
they knew each other.

Yes, but only the postman
was there, no one else.

The mail!

- What do you have today?
- No nerves.

Got a schnapps for me?

You're white.
What's up?

I found a dead body.

You're not staying for lunch?

Old people
are sometimes found dead.

One didn't clear
his mail for weeks.

This one was young,
and she was murdered.


In the apartments
over there.

- I'm relieved.
- I'm not.

The police were angry
that I'd touched things.

Know what?

Have another drink, tell me
all about it and it will be fine.

Thank you.

What do Forensics say?

On her dressing gown
they found fibres of a jumper.

They're clearly those
of a postman on duty.

It's logical.


The postman said
he tried heart massage on her.

Right. But the fibres
are in the wrong places,

near the collar and
under her torn nails.

It looks as if he killed her.

Could I have another beer,
Mrs Kramer?

Call me Elvira now.

- Right, Herbert?
- You're right, Elvira.

Feeling better?

It really upset me.
But I'm slowly recovering.

I noticed, Herbert.

Who could that be?

Surely not the postman.

Who is it?

Me, Mr Weninger.
But we know each other.

Why are you here?


How did you get in?

It's not that difficult.

I brought you something.


Something you forgot
when you moved out.

Like you always did
when you found better.

I meant it to be
a wedding gift...

but I wasn't invited.

You wouldn't have come.

You always said you couldn't
stand Horst and his friends.

Good old Horst.

I bet you never slept with a guy
unless you'd gain from it.

What do you know
about my life?

Forget it.

Good luck
with your present!

- It smells of cleaning fluid.
- Right.

Mr Weninger seems to be
a clean person.

Why shouldn't a postman's place
be well kept?

I was referring
to washing one's hands.

Know what I can't understand?

If he killed her why did he stay
at the scene?


It wouldn't be the first time
that the "finder" is the killer.

Very tidy!

Maybe he has a girlfriend
who does it all.

Come on.

Not everyone's as untidy as you.

But if he has one
she doesn't live here.

I can't see any signs of it.

And no sign of anything else.


Not much food either.

- He eats out.
- Yes, where else?

Look at this!

The guy seems
to have secrets.

Look! Names, addresses,
habits of different women.

Notes such as...

"Husband often away,
divorced, single," and so on.

Here, the murdered Eva Fenz.

What did you
do to her then?

A leg lift to put her
over my shoulder.

Show me.

I put her on the floor

and gave her heart massage.

I learnt it
in military service.

I tried to help her.

Why are there so many fibres
on the collar of her gown?

No idea. Maybe I brushed
against it somehow.

And why did we find this fibre
under her nail?

I don't know.

But I do and I'll tell you.
You tried to rape her.

She fought you. You got
scared she'd report you.

So you strangled her!

That's a lie! Don't accuse me
of your fantasies.

We don't make things easy.

We gather evidence.
You kept a diary about women.

Eva Fenz is in there too.

As a postman
I meet quite a lot of women.

But I never strangled any.

Then why hide the book so well?

I have a regular girlfriend.

It doesn't make you
look good.

I'm not the only one
with a diary like this.

You'll be here a while
so give us some names.

Kowald Michi...

- Postman been yet?
- Yes.

Which way did he go?

Two possibilities,
left or straight ahead.

Rex, go right.
If you see him let me know.

Don't get excited,
he's harmless!

People say that
then the dog bites me!

How many of you are there?

Don't panic, he's okay.

And how would you know?

We belong together.

And why is he following me?

I asked him to.

Do you think I do my job
for my own fulfillment?

No idea.

Actually, I came to talk about
something else.

Darling, will you bring
salt sticks?

Thaw be great.

And a bottle of champagne,
if you have time.

Yes, I'll see
if Gerhard agrees.

He's out shopping.

Of course I do what I like

but to live together
you compromise.

I hope it lasts. After all,
he bought me the place.

That's him.
Bye, Sandra.

Registered mail for you.

- Anything else?
- Your signature.

NO pen?

- I left it somewhere.
- I'll get one.

Everyone I talked to was out,
away from the scene.

Postmen deliver mail
about this time, right?

What about Weninger?

His girlfriend confirmed
his story.

She vouches for him,
says he wouldn't have done it.

No news,

except that postmen are afraid
of dogs and have alibis...

Which neglected
housewives gladly confirm...

Come on. Not all do it.
It's a cliché.

There are some quite
attractive guys among them.

What if you started a list?

I will. And your name
will be on top.

If you return my pen...

Dear me!


Here's the final report
from the lab.

Forget about Weninger
as a suspect.

They say that the fibre traces
on the gown of the corpse

are from two different
postmen's jumpers.

One jumper was washed with
two different soap powders.

It's not Weninger's jumper

but the one
worn by the killer.

we can release him then.


Fine. Keep the witnesses there.
We're coming.

Mr Strobl?

Registered mail for you.

Where do I sign?



Have a nice day, mate.


to vacate your place
by the end of the month.

"Even as your sister
I can't see any alternative."

That slut!

Death was by strangulation.

There's blood in the eyelid skin
and the eye tissue,

bruises on the upper arms,
and on the back...

When strangling her, he pushed
her firmly into the chair.

There are no signs
of resistance.

Like the other murder.
Maybe the same culprit.

Yes, the same method.

The first victim was found in an
armchair also, by the postman.

But this killer was disturbed and
left the letter that got him in.

And he washed his hands
in the bathroom.

Well, maybe he's a sick person.

Don't stare.

I've dabbled in psychology
over the years.

Well, I'll say goodbye.

You're a good dog.


The witnesses are in the office
to help draw up an identikit.

The victim's friend
has collapsed.

The emergency doctor
is coming.

I'll have the lab check the
letter. Back with the results.

The same culprit
as before.

Forensics must
search all over.

He left via the balcony and
garden, so there'll be traces.

Usable, I hope.

The footprints in the garden are
the same as in the first case.

That's something.
Right, Kunz?

Now we must find the postman
who used two different powders.

You know how to
motivate people.

The sender's address is a fake.

The sheet inside
only gave her address.

So the killer plans
his activities thoroughly.

He selects his victims carefully.

Attractive, blonde,
about the same age,

and fairly rich.

What now?
Check more postmen?

No, it would take too long.

After murdering two women in
such a short time, he'll go on.

There's no time.

He may look like a postman
without being one.

- Maybe he hired the outfit.
- Right.

Let's focus on temps
and sacked postmen.

I'll ring Post Office HQ.

I agree with Dr Graf.

He said he might have
an obsessive personality.

I'll check
if he had any treatment.

Please tell me the man's name.

You know we can't give
out information.

- You know him?
- Yes, he came a few times.


Listen, he's already killed two
women and he'll keep going.

What can you tell me about him?

If I remember right

his biological indicators
showed low serotonin levels.

I want information,
not a lecture.

That can mean
low impulse control

and high aggression.

Other factors can be
developmental and situational,

like a violent environment.

- Aggression against whom?
- I enquired. He didn't return.

Was any person
important to him?

He mentioned his sister, Erika

who divorced a year ago.

Is that important?

I'll have to find out.

Please ring me
if you remember more.

It's me, Kunz.
I need your help.

I need all Vienna's divorce files
for the last six months.

Kunz, what's up?

You fell off the chair?

Then pick it up, sit down
and start the computer.

Also, the name "Erika"
must be mentioned.

Hello, Kunz.
What's that?

All the postmen
on the make?

No, Niki traced something.

Our identikit man has a sister
called Erika.

- She divorced six months ago.
- Any luck?

There are many
divorced Erikas

but only one is in
the right age group,

a certain Erika Neumann,
née Strobl.

We also have her address.
Quite a posh area.


Hello, Hoffmann. Police.
We have a few questions.

Please come in.


What can I do for the police?

We suspect your brother
killed two women.


Are you serious?

We have reason to believe it.

Do you know where he is?

No. I've no idea
where he hangs out.

We haven't been in touch
for a while.

- Can I ask why?
- We're adults.

We live our own lives.

You resemble the murder victims.
Blonde, slim...

a rich lifestyle.

The killer dressed
as a postman.

Did your brother
work as one?

He used to work as a casual.

But... I don't think
that's relevant.

It is.

We suspect
he's in conflict with you.

To resolve it, he kills women
who look like you.


Mrs Strobl, he might be out
to get you.

We'll send you
a bodyguard.

There's no point. I'm sure
Ernst has nothing to do with it.

Please leave now.

She froze.

She doesn't want to think
it's him.

she's not afraid of him.

Look at her. I'm sure
she's the dominant one.

Anyway, we must find
this Mr Strobl urgently.

It's me. The police came
looking for you.

- Did you tell them where I am?
- No.

What did they want?

Two woman have been killed.
A postman was seen.

I haven't been one for ages.

That's what I told them.

are you involved in this?

You're mad.

In any case, I want you
to get out of my life forever.

Kunz, it's Ernst Strobel.
He was a casual postman.

We need his address.

I'm waiting.

Mr Strobl!

For one who
no longer works there

he has a lot of uniforms.

And two soap powders...

hence the traces on the jumper.

a letter from his sister.

He was her janitor.
But she fired him.

So she knows his address.

It smells of her perfume.
I recognise it.

So she was here.
She lied to us.

And she's pressured him.

He's losing his flat
and his job.

Double the stress...
and an obsessive.

- He's past caring.
- Mrs Strobl's, quick!

What are you doing here?

To see how you are.

You know
the police want you.

I came to say goodbye.

You're leaving?

You suggested it, right?

It's also better for you.

You'll no longer have to be
ashamed of me.

You'll just disappear
from my life.

You're mad.
Let go.

I've been waiting for this.

You were special
to Mum and Dad!

You got toys, I got hit.
You had a room.

- Stop it! It's not true.
- No?

You don't know how it feels
to be nothing.

But that's over!

Bye, Erika.

You start at the back.

He's up there.

You look after her.
I'll follow Strobl.

Mrs Strobl!

Mrs Strobl!

How do you do it?

Rex, see if Niki
needs help.

What, trying to kill me, too?

But I don't resemble
your sister.


You hate your sister so much

you killed two women
in her place.

Don't talk crap!

Why did he do it?

Calm down first.

Do you think it's my fault?

I don't know.

Thanks, Rex.

It's all over.

Let's go.

Mr Strobl may also need
medical assistance.

Well... I didn't beat him up
that hard.

I'll be very nice to you
in the future.

That wouldn't hurt.