Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 8 - Einer stirbt immer - full transcript



Ars moriendi.


This place wasn't easy to find.

I hope I won't be

10,000 euros for a ticket
isn't exactly cheap.

The game was named
after you Russians.

You know what to do.

Just entertain
the crowd out there.

- It's dangerous.
- Don't be afraid.

Nothing can happen.
We've made sure of that.

The cartridge isn't sharp.

And remember...

you'll be rich afterwards.

Mors certa...

Hora incerta.

"Death is certain...

"The hour of death uncertain."

The rules are simple.

Two men, one revolver...

one cartridge.

There's no betting limit

Here are Kolja and Dimitri
from Moscow.

They'll play Russian roulette.

One of them will die tonight.

Put your bets on the survivor.

- Is this serious?
- Want to bet or not?

I'll go for the tattooed guy.

Let the game begin.

This is too much for me.

Don't get excited.
They're only blanks.


Only blanks, honestly?
If not, I'll go to the police.


Your turn again.

Not exactly a lucky number.

Are you sure?

Up to you!
It's your coupon.

He'll need another injection
in an hour.

That was bad about Petra.

What else could I do?
She was going to the police.

She ran into three guys
and talked to them.

Would you rather
this thing blew apart?

Just because
you slept with her once

didn't mean you had
to bring her along.

Why did you leave her
lying there?

Should I have waited
for the police?


A good number.

You stopped me. I nearly
entered it on my coupon.

Get rid of the body later.

Give him one more injection.
I'll go and see Oleg.

Where are Dimitri and Kolja?

On their way to Germany.

You can go there soon...

with all this money.


Why didn't they call sooner?

A misunderstanding
in the department.

They probably used
a silencer.

The three men
didn't hear the shot.

She said something strange
before she died.

Ars moriendi.
Can you place it?

It's Latin.

I failed twice in Latin.

But ars has something to do
with art.

- The other word...
- Moriendi...

Has to do with death.

Ars moriendi
means the art of dying.

For more details
see Professor Karner,

director of
the Vienna Funeral Museum.

- What's his name?
- Karner.

You'll have the report
this afternoon. Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello, Leo.

The dead woman
was Petra Hoffinger,

a 20-year-old student.

We found this on her.

A family could live on that
for months.

Think it was
murder and robbery?

Possibly. A torn skirt...
lots of money.

She fell into the men's arms
before she collapsed.

Maybe someone followed her.

Did she come
from that direction?

Look at this.
Could be part of her skirt.

No, no, no.
The fingerprints.

Rex, is it
the dead woman's mask?

I wonder why Ms Hoffinger
was here at midnight.

A bloodstain.

Seems someone tried
to wipe it up.

But it looks fresh.

Maybe Hoffinger
witnessed a crime.

She panicked, ran away...

lost her mask...

and was shot dead by her pursuer
beside the Danube Canal.

You wear a mask
to hide your identity.

Are you thinking
of a Black Mass?

A Black Mass?
Could well be.

It would explain the mysterious
words Ars moriendi.

But why all that money?

No, something different
took place here.

We should stop this game.

I mean...
until the dust has settled.

Just when the game
is going so well?

Better than I ever thought?


One night's takings.
More than 200,000.

Come on, twice more.
Then we quit.


And it was fun, eh?

A little joke!

I always play it
on museum visitors.

- Hello, I'm Herzog.
- Hello. Karner.

I'm the museum director.

Here's a Josephine
collapsible coffin.

The naked body was sewn
into a sack

and put into this coffin.

It was laid over the grave,
this handle was pulled

and the coffin floor opened.

An unusual way to put people
to rest, wasn't it?


But you could use this coffin
again and again.

And the grave could be
used again soon after,

because the corpse decayed
much faster.

The reason I'm here...
Dr Graf sent me.

He thinks you could help us
with a murder case.

If it's about dying, yes.

- Ars moriendi, ring a bell?
- Ars moriendi?

"The art of dying", a medieval
handbook for a pious death.

you'd call it a guide.

A guide to dying...

A devotional book to help
people in the Middle Ages

to face death without fear.

In those days
death was omnipresent.

Famine, wars...

The Black Death...

- The plague.
- Right.

But why does all this
interest you?

They were the last words
of a murder victim.

Dying people always say
mysterious words.

Bogart... Humphrey Bogart's
supposed to have said

"I shouldn't have changed
from Scotch to martinis."

Who'd say in the 21st century

"the art of dying" in Latin
before their death

in the middle of the street?

Maybe the victim was trying
to indicate something.

Formerly, members of an order
would say Memento mori,

which means "Think of death"

to emphasise
their mortality.


This is a so-called
display coffin.

It also reminds its owner
of their mortality.

Sorry, Rex, there's no time
to play lotto.


Her neighbour said

the woman spent hours
in casinos and betting shops.

She even bet on the weather.

- The large sum of money?
- She's just inherited a lot.

And a lot of men
have been visiting her.

What about the lab report?

The scrap of material
definitely came from her skirt.

And the blood on the floor?

Blood group AB.
But hers was 0 positive.


Any fingerprints?




Two days ago an ad was placed
from her phone.

Joannes Chrysostomas
Wolfgangus Theophilus...

The client of course
remained anonymous.

But it was definitely
a man's voice.


Mozart certainly didn't
place the ad.

Kunz... they're his
Christian names.

What has Mozart
got to do with it?

I don't know.

Mozart died under mysterious

He's buried...

He's buried here...
in the St Marxer cemetery.

- You know what?
- Yes, I do.

- Where are you off to?
- Mozart.

I've found something.

A Plaque.

Something's written on it
but it's unreadable.


Forensics could only partially
reconstruct the writing.

Thanks, Rex.

Down there is the time,
it means 11 p.m.

- X... V...
- It's too short for a word.

And besides, X... V...

They're Roman numbers.
10... 5... 15.

Referring to the 15th district?

And H... S...?

H... S...

Lecture room...

- Listen, the lecture room...
- Was number 15.

Of course, sure...
that's it.

Veterinary college,
lecture room 15, 11 p.m.

An invitation.

The gatekeeper at St Marxer's
told me

that many people have visited
Mozart's grave lately.

Many people and
a coded message.

The museum director said

Ars moriendi could be
something to do with a group.


Right. Thanks.

Another person dead.
Shot in the head.

A hunter's dog found the corpse
this afternoon.


The smoke traces indicate
a shot at close range.

- Suicide?
- No.

There are no traces of smoke
on his hands.

Was a weapon found?



Aren't these Cyrillic letters?

And the marks on his wrist?
Was he tied up?

Probably handcuffs.

If you look closer you can see
two small lines.

But only on one wrist.


The blood in the college
is the dead man's.

His name's Kolja Uljanow.

Our colleagues
at Slave Trade Prostitution

recognised him by his tattoos.

He was deported twice.

What do Ballistics say?

Hoffinger was shot
with a 9 mm Luger.

Uljanow with a different weapon,
a 38 mm special.

That calibre
is only for revolvers.

So it wasn't suicide.

Maybe the woman watched
the man being executed.

Like a paperchase.

A message at the cemetery
invites people to an execution.

No, the whole thing
doesn't make sense.

He's had enough.

- Still think we should continue?
- Of course.

Ars moriendi
is already advertised.

You're 100% sure?


Of course. That's it!

Come on, Rex.
Back to the office.


You weren't in the office
so I came by.

Rex and I have been up
all night.

Had I known, I'd have brought
some croissants.


What have you been doing
all night?

After our talk yesterday
I looked at a few old files.

And Rex...
he watched TV.

Petra Hoffinger...


- I look flushed.
- And?


Yes, Hoffinger...

Petra Hoffinger was known
for her betting passion.

Maybe she took part in illegal
betting at a secret place.

A fight started between
a Russian and another person.

The Russian was killed.

Hoffinger panicked,
left and was shot too.

What if the Russian
was part of the game?

- You mean Russian roulette?
- Why not?

I looked through old files.

Some rich kids were bored,
held a weapon to their heads.

A girl died. It was the idea
of a certain Phillip...


Please help me.

I'll help you all right!

You're driving my fish away.

Piss off!

- Please help me.
- Don't come begging.

I need help, please.

Learn German first or go back
where you came from.

- Mum, what's wrong with him?
- Keep going.

Years ago your son took part
in Russian roulette.

Tell me, where was
Phillip last night?

Here, with me.

The girl who died
was Phillip's girlfriend.

He never got over her death.

A year ago
he attempted suicide.

Since then his speech
has been affected.

It's all my fault.

I only cared
about my company.

I injected Dimitri
with a higher dose.


Then prepare everything.

We can't keep our friends

you've been a great help.

The attorney who handled
the Russian roulette case...


Not only does
Phillip Hildesheimer exist

but also a brother, René.

And he induced the girl
to play Russian roulette.

But the prosecution
made it look like suicide.

And why is there no file
on this René Hildesheimer?

They're half-brothers.

René is registered
under his mother's name.

what's his name?

René Baier, spelt "ai".

This René is well known.

for serious traffic offences...

racing on alpine roads...

hanging around
in betting shops.

Seems to be the black sheep
of the family.

The stepfather refused
to see him after the girl died.


I talked to Petra Hoffinger's

She described a young man
who'd been visiting her.

Before you go on,
come and look at this photo.

He could fit the description.

This is a green mamba.

Its bite is deadly.

This snake
will kill a man today.

Either this one...

or that one.

Which one will it choose?

Put your bets on the man
who won't leave here alive.

Let fate decide.

A scuba diver found him
this morning.

He'd been weighted down
with a stone.

He hasn't been in the water
for long.

What did he die of?


On one hand I discovered
a bite, maybe from a snake.

I can only tell you for sure
after the autopsy.

And this here...
was under his fingernails.

Looks like a grain or rice.

I'll have it thoroughly checked
in the lab.



What's up?

A chain.

A bull's chain.
Farmers used to use them.

He must have seen
this chain before.


The veterinary college.

The police found Oleg.

I just heard it on the radio.

All right then...

Tonight goes ahead...

then we push off.

We found more chains
from the same manufacturer.

So this dead man
is also involved in our case.

- Any idea where René is?
- No.

What about the second ad?

The cemetery again.

But we couldn't decipher
the writing on the stone.

I think I'll go and see
Hildesheimer again.

Can't you leave us alone?

Mr Hildesheimer,
we know about René's past.

We have proof he had an affair
with the late Petra Hoffinger.

And I believe Rene caused
the death of Phillip's girl.

Please tell us
where we can find René.

I don't know.


a blue cushion.



To water? To water!


Blue... blue water.

Blue water...
blue water...

Of course, the spot
where we found the corpse.

Yes, close by
there's an abandoned castle.

The ideal hiding-place.


This is an old rouble.

Hello, Niki.

I know that. We're coming.

The grain under
the dead man's fingernail

is einkorn, last planted
about 90 years ago,

according to
the agricultural university.

He told me to look here.

It's the oldest warehouse
here in Vienna.

Look at this.

Tell the lab to compare
this grain with ours.

A betting slip.

Lucky Vienna.
Winner in the third race.

I'm looking for your boss.

Hi. Please tell us who bought
this betting ticket.

We're not
an information service.

Tax office?


I see. I know nothing.

We can take you to HQ
and play the old game...

good cop, bad cop.

I see.

- So she's the good cop and...
- I'm the good cop.

He's the bad cop.


That dear little dog...


Yes, okay.

I know only one person
who bets on this lame horse.

Dr Wimmer.

And can you tell us
where to find him?

Look, madam,
my clients expect privacy.

But since he has asked
so politely...

I'll make an exception.

All wore masks and you deny
knowing the organiser.

I told you.

What's the sentence for
contravening paragraph 286?


"Failure to prevent
a punishable offence..."

- About two years.
- Two years, Mr Wimmer.

Dr Wimmer, please.

All right then, Dr Wimmer.

We found your fingerprints
on a betting slip.

So what?

In a warehouse where
a murder was committed.

You'll need
a damn good lawyer, Dr Wimmer.

But a successful doctor like you
can well afford it.

I was only betting.

Dr Wimmer, you were betting
on the life of a human being.

And we know
there's another victim.

We found fingerprints
on this coin

which differ from those
of the two dead Russians.

Don't think this is a game.

Are further events
of this kind planned?

You could improve your situation
by providing more facts.

- Yes.
- When and where?

In an abandoned factory
in Waldgasse.



Dimitri will die tonight.

Will he die before
the hourglass runs out?

Then bet on red.

Or will death come after that?

Place your bets.

Increase the heat!


Don't even think about it.

Paragraph 286, Criminal Code.
Two years.

You wanted the ice
to melt faster. Paragraph 12.

Inciting another to commit
a punishable offence.

And paragraph 75.

10 to 20 years.

Depending on the judge,
even life.

- Let me go. I have money.
- Bribery, too.

Take him away!

That's the guy who attacked you.
Paragraph 269.

Resisting arrest.

And please smile.
The press is waiting outside.

Here are today's
winning lotto numbers.

The numbers are:
6, 7, 13, 24, 28, 36.


Supplementary number 45.

Rex got four numbers.

And you?

Lucky in love...

Luck is as flighty as a bird.

Sorry, Rex.