Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 7 - Die Taten der Toten - full transcript



- What's going on?
- I don't know.

What's that?

A few drops
of this and that...

And mixed with
some ascorbic acid.

My mother swears
by the drops.


With a cold you take a hot bath,
go to bed and sweat it out.

The thermostat's kaput.
There's no hot water.

Sleep at my place.

You treat me
as if I were dying.

Don't contradict.
Rex, let's pack.

Take care with a fever.

Don't treat it lightly.

You made
cheese dumplings?

Yes. Your favourite.

I also made some for you.

Did you?

Mine are homemade.

They're too mushy.

They're not.


I can't taste anything.

Where's your charming colleague

She's sick.

What's wrong with her?

A cold, and she has
a temperature.

Tell her to make a compress,
a vinegar compress.

The fever will go overnight.
It never fails.

The victim has three punctures
in his back

caused by a knife,
I assume.

There's a curious detail.

Come and help me
lift the corpse.

I bet he didn't glue that on


His mouth was taped
after he was stabbed.

But why?

It's your business
to find out, dear colleague.

Regards to Niki.

Remember, vinegar compresses.
They're infallible.



Can I help you?

I'm sure it's in your room.

Come on...

Come, little sister,
we'll look together.

Well done, Rex.
Hey, Kunz, look.

The culprit must've lost
a glove.

Rex found it.

The dead man
was Horst Sailer.

He was divorced
and worked in a library.

He devoted all his time
to this puppet theatre.

No one saw the culprit enter.

He must have used
the back door.

Rex showed me.

The stage door
isn't locked during a show.

- Anyone can come in?
- Yes.

- I've come for the body.
- Fine.


- Is she in her room?
- Yes.

She's hardly eaten or drunk

I feel she's getting
more depressed every day.

She was looking
for that photo again.

Shouldn't we take it
from her?

I'm not sure, maybe not.
I'll ask the psychiatrist.

I'm so sad for her.


In the theatre, of all places.

- Who did it?
- We don't know yet.

I thought you might
be able to help.

Did he have an argument
with anyone?

We'd hardly spoken
since our divorce last year.


but everything's fine.


My colleague, Mrs Herzog.

- Why are you here?
- I was fed up.

Fritz said you were here.

Not yet.
But aren't you overdoing it?

- You're sick.
- Afraid I'll solve the case?

- Nonsense.
- I feel great.

You had a big row
with your ex last week.

I was told at the chemist's
when I bought some tissues.

The whole street seems
to know about it.

He was on edge when he came.
He asked for money.

He said he'd done an awful thing
and needed money urgently.

He didn't say what.

Did you give him any?


He started yelling at me.

He must have gone berserk.
The whole street heard it.

Where were you at 11 a.m.?

Here, in my shop.

He not only yelled,
he also attacked you, right?



injured your knee.

He pushed you into the shelf
and the mirror broke.

Luckily a client came in.

Did he often lose his temper?

Once or twice,
but never that aggressive.

Stop imitating me.

- Forget something?
- Car keys. Come.

There's no record of Sailer
on the computer.

Computers can't know


shall we swap beds?

Yours is softer.


9 euros, 35 cents.

Thanks, Rex. Do you insist?

I'll make some tea.

You look dreadful.

Have you looked
in the mirror?

Unfortunately, yes.

Go away, Rex,
or you'll catch my cold.


Unwrap it, Hanna.

Do you like it?

Your first smile
in a long time...

- Hi, Niki. Where's Marc?
- Sick.

Who found the taxi driver?

We don't know.
An anonymous call.

Dear colleague, I'm happy
you're back, even with a cold.

Am I right in assuming
you gave your cold to Marc?


I thought so.

The driver was stabbed
from behind.

Twice in the kidneys
and once in the back.

The post mortem
will tell us more.

What about the silk scarf?

Yesterday, tape,
today, a silk scarf.

- Coincidence?
- I don't think so.

Death occurred between
4 and 5 a.m.

Have a nice day
and tell Marc to remember...

- Vinegar compresses.
- Right.

They work...
Leave it. Bye.

The dead man was Jérg Bacher,
a student.

Take it.

Can you see
a purse somewhere?

Taxi drivers have big purses
like waiters in cafés.

- You mean murder with robbery?
- Could be.

But the silk scarf bothers me.
Where's Rex?

He's over there.
Maybe he's found a scent.

- Who's knocking at my door?
- Gee, a comedian.

Please open up.

It's open.


What do you want from me?

- What's with the dog?
- Allow me.

- Is this yours?
- I've never seen it before.

Don't even think about it.
The dog's very fast.

Okay, I admit it.

I found the purse
in front of the house.

Stop lying.
Tell us the truth.

I couldn't sleep.

So I went for a walk.

What time was that?

Don't make us drag out
every detail.

From about 5.30
to shortly after 7.

The taxi was outside.

The back door was ajar,
half open...

I looked inside
and was shocked.

I could see
that the man was dead.

And then...

I saw the purse lying there.

A dead man
has no need of money.

You want us
to believe that story?

- You think I...
- Sure, you're an honest man.

Don't be cynical.
I rang the police at once.

He's the anonymous caller.

And too much of a coward
to give his name.

Don't you trust me?

Do you doubt it?

You think nothing
can work here without you.

That everything will stop.

Two murders in two days...
I can't stay at home.

Thanks, Rex, nice of you.

Bacher only drove a taxi
at night.

His base tried to reach him
several times.

Yesterday, tape,
today, a silk scarf.

What was he trying to do?

Stop them talking
or what?

He silenced his victims

I found this in Bacher's purse.

A phone number.

Ring it.
I'll check the computer.

- Dr Beck's chambers.
- Look here.

Hoffmann, Homicide.
Please hold. And?

Our student driver,
Mr Bacher,

was accused of raping
an American female student.

- Really?
- He was caught and charged.

Bacher's taxi
was behind mine.

Did you see who got
into his cab?


I was reading.

Sorry, I can't help you.

When did he drive off?

I'd say...
between 3.30 and 4.

Listen! The American stated
he pushed her to the ground

and gagged her
with a silk scarf.

A silk scarf?

- Where's the American student?
- Back in Ohio.

- I'll check it.
- Fine.

Let's assume the American
isn't a suspect...

Who else knew about
the silk scarf?

Her lawyer Dr Beck.
Or her friends.

Maybe an act of revenge?

I'm sure the two cases
are connected.

Me too.

I'll check all recent rape cases.
We might find similarities.

Do you still need me?



- Bye.
- I'd rather not.

Hey, that's my bag.

You dropped something.

My fountain pen.

Niki, this is yours,
isn't it?

Why was it in here?

Your dog put it in there.

That's my business ID
and my keys.

I'm sorry.
No hard feelings.

But I had itchy fingers.

Clear out
before I change my mind.

To the left.

You let him steal your ID?

And you, your keys.
They're yours.

The woman claims she only had
one glass of wine.

She's lying. We visited
three pubs and drank a lot.

- Remember which ones?
- I haven't the faintest idea.

I only remember
we ended up in my car.

- That's when it happened.
- Against her will.

No way!

Believe me, she wanted it
as badly as I did.

- And the bruises?
- We were very passionate.

Anyone can get bruises.

Specially in a car...
with so little space.

Let's leave it there.

You're a businessman
with no previous record.

That's in your favour.

And the woman waited four days
before reporting it.

Our cards are relatively good.

Thank you, sir.

I don't buy his drunken story

but such cases bring in money.

I hope to earn my money
with better cases.


Here are the last files under R,
from "Rieder" onwards.

- That many?
- Well...

To Z,
names like Zirkowitsch.

Thanks. I've ended up
with the most.

Will you help me?

I've found the link.

The puppeteer Sailer
also raped a woman.

He stuck tape over her mouth.

- That's not in the computer.
- Still under investigation.

I'll check.

- Who could know about this?
- Whoever had the details.

The attorney?

- There were two involved.
- And the defense lawyer?

Koch's office
acted for the puppeteer.

- Beck's office for the student.
- There must be a connection.

What are those papers?

This is a copied file.

After that happened to Hanna

you checked every client
accused of the offence

very carefully.

Am I right?


You think the man
who raped my sister

could be a repeat offender?

Could be.

Why are you hesitating?

The mouth spray.

This client used a spray
before he left our office.

And Hanna told us
straight after we found her

that the culprit also reeked
of mouth spray.

What about the glove
Rex found?

It's a typical man's glove.

Medium size,
two to three years old.

I think
we've missed something.

Where is Mrs Sailer's report?



Mrs Sailer said her husband
wanted money

because of a stupid thing.

Was the stupid thing
the rape?

Yes, he wanted to settle
the matter with money.


Look after yourselves.

See you tonight.

Can we come? I'd like to take
Hanna shopping.

Oh... that's not possible.

I must do a few things
before I go to the office.

Well, then...


Get two tall vases

and put long-stemmed roses
in them.

And please unpack the lilies.

And show a bit more enthusiasm,

Hello, Mrs Hellmann.

The arrangements are ready.
I'll show you.

I took one lily.


Thank you, Doctor.

Sailer's lawyer offered
the woman money.

And she refused. I just talked
to Dr Koch who represented him.

- She insisted the case proceed.
- She told me too.

Sailer was furious
and sacked him.

- Guess who his new lawyer is.
- Dr Beck.

The circle's closing.
Hey, what are we waiting for?

Come on, Rex.

- Any news?
- Yes.

So come...

Well... don't then.

Shall we go for a walk

Hanna, I'm here.

I'm here,
I'm here...

Calm down.

- One for you?
- No.

So you think one of my staff
is involved in a murder?


The files, please.
We must check everything.

Waste of time.

Let that be our problem,
Dr Beck.

How many clients are you
representing for rape?

Five, as far as I recall.

Four are in detention due to
the severity of their crimes.

The fifth?

He's been charged.

Still, give me
his name and address.


I know you can't disclose
details but...

we'll get them
without your assistance.

Two of your clients have been
murdered, another is in danger.

If he dies too,
it will be big news.

Great publicity
for your law firm.

Your change.
Thank you.


Can I help you?

I want a big bunch of flowers
for my sister.

They might cheer her up.

Is she sick?

Four weeks ago she was raped
on her way home.

That's terrible.

I have cut flowers over there.

are particularly beautiful.

Yes, they're really beautiful.

I'll have six.

Those roses would go well
with them.

Are you Mr Kaiser?


You have a lovely flower shop.

You're right.
I'll take the roses.


Why did you hurt my sister
so badly?

Phone, Mr Kaiser.

- I'll call back later.
- Okay.


- May I?
- Please go ahead.

Feel free to use my office.

And that office.

He doesn't like you
sitting on his valuable rugs.

No, stay there.

Look. A Michael Kaipl
works here.

- I've heard that name before.
- Michael Kaipl...

File 201 had
a Kaipl case in it.

Right! A very tragic case.

A woman was raped
on her way home.

- Wasn't she pregnant?
- Yes, four months.

She lost the child
the next day.

Her husband and
her sister found her.

And I think
his name was Michael.

Michael Kaipl.

The woman dropped her wallet
as she ran off.

Mr Kaiser
ran after her with it.

- Do you know her?
- No.

- Know why she came here?
- No.

Do you have
his mobile number?

- 0664...
- Hold on.


I'm not connected
with the murders.

Check the alibis.
I've nothing to hide.

All right, Rex.

And how do you explain this?

It was to show to my wife.
He might be the man.

We found these copies here.

I've been checking
every case carefully.

Your boss told me your
sister-in-law lives with you.

- Correct?
- Yes.

She sees you studying
the cases?



Am I still needed?

Did you see he was nervous?

Maybe he's protecting
the sister-in-law.

What if they committed
the murders together?

I came to return your wallet.


I'll kill you.



Come on, open up!

Where are you, Hanna?

Shut up!

Stop it!

I must see my sister.

What do you want?

Stop it!

Stop it, Rex!

What's happened?

I killed them.

Yes, I killed them all.

Please, please...
help my sister.

She's in danger.

And you too.

Where are you?

- Where's Rex?
- Hanna's in there.

Get Kaiser.
I'm going back.

Take the rope.
Pull the rope!



Don't let go!


Are you nuts, old man?

Stop, Kaiser!


Hold onto it!

Don't pull it!

Stop the lift!

Are you okay?

Well done, Rex!
Well done.

Thank you.

Just a minute.

- I'll call a doctor.
- No, it's not necessary.


Very sure.

Come on.

Look after my sister.