Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 6 - Bis zur letzten Kugel - full transcript



Better tell us
if there's anything else.

We'll find it anyway.

If you don't,
we'll come back.

You can hand over
your firearms licence too.

Okay, then bring it
to our police station.

It had better be before noon
or we'll come back.

Are you crazy?

You could have... shot me!

Don't shit yourself.

I've never missed yet.

Why are we meeting
at this time?

The police came around
and took my weapons.


They didn't find them all.
I hid some in the cellar.

Can you hide these,
just in case?


- What about the other two?
- I have plans.

Well? You sure came here fast.

Hand over your licence.

You'll be charged
with illegal possession.

You'll never hold a gun again.

Thank you.
You got 88 points.

Your turn.

- I left my gun in the car.
- You often do that.

- Any special reason?
- No idea.

- Maybe I don't like shooting.
- Take mine.

Thanks. Nice of you.


Thanks, Rex.

Thank you.
You got 92 points.

Did you hear that?
92 points!

Well done. Let's go.

- What do you say now?
- Great for a guy who hates guns.

- But Rex helped you.
- It was teamwork.

Let me buy you breakfast.

I haven't eaten
since yesterday lunch.

Hello? Thanks.

Hi, Fritz. What's up?

We plan to be there later.


I haven't seen such a thing
for a long time.

His gun is still in the holster.
He didn't even try to get it out.


He was taken by surprise.

His last call was at 7.20 p.m.

His colleagues came to take over
at 7.28 p.m.

So we pretty well know
the time of the murder.

He didn't mention anything
during his last call.

Anything on
the sequence of events?


Seven to eight shots
fired at close range.

Powder burns on his clothes.

Each shot was deadly.

Some passed through him,
some lodged internally.

As a consequence
it can be assumed

that two separate weapons
were used.

What sort of person
kills a policeman?

And in a police station.

I can imagine
it was a kind of execution.


Hi. I couldn't reach the fellow
who was on duty with the victim.

I brought along the logbook.
Maybe it can help us.

No, you'll meet me there now!

I can't tell you that
over the phone.



Behind you.

Do you always
have to scare me?

Will you never learn?

How often have I told you
you must cover your back?

- Got that now?
- Yes...

I just wasn't thinking right now.

You must get some things for me.
I can't show my face.


What's up?

I went to hand in my licence.

Then I thought of my guns.

The policeman
talked like an idiot.

I had no choice.

Are you crazy?


You always said
you'd kill someone one day,

but not a cop!

I won't... I won't be in it.

I won't get involved in this.
Here. Here you are.


Get lost, you chicken shit.

When can I ride my bike
to school again, Mum?

- When it gets warmer.
- It's because of Gerhard, right?

- What is this?
- I borrowed it from Markus.

Thomas, you know I don't
want you playing with guns.

- A pick-pocket incident...
- A warehouse burglary...

Complaint about a loud radio...

There! Confiscation
of illegally owned firearms.

As far as I can make out,
that was this morning.

A certain Gerhard Kos... Kostal...

- No, Kostial.
- Kostial...

No previous record.

We'll still go and see him.

Construction Site Service

- What are you doing here?
- I want to talk to you.

- I want nothing to do with you.
- I've done you no harm.

No harm?

You terrorised me on the phone,
cut my tires and threatened me.

I didn't want to lose you.

You try to force me to love you

and when that doesn't work
you grab your damn guns!

So you're against me too.

If you don't leave me in peace

I'll report you to the police.

You've already tried that.
It didn't work.

Can I go now?
I have to get to work.

We'll meet again.

Mr Kostial.

Mr Kostial!

Mr Kostial?

Hello? Anyone home?

- Police! Open the door!
- What is it?

The handle won't budge.

I'll try from the other side.

Niki! Get away from the door!

- It's a trap.
- Okay.

You can let go now, Rex.

Rex held the door handle.

I think we've got him.

He burned documents and photos
in the hall.

- Probably to thwart the search.
- Yes. I'll still let HQ know.

Let's talk to the neighbour.
He reported him.

He doesn't seem to be home.

We can call him later.
Let's go.

Wait, Rex. Let me do that.


Hi, Kunz.

Several shots in the torso.

The guy sets a trap for us,
then hides a corpse...

He knows what he's doing.
He's challenging us.

Greiner reported Kostial.
It looks like he took revenge.

- Anyone else in the report?
- No.

Others could still be in danger.

- We must check Kostial's past.
- He burned it.

- What?
- He burned stuff in his house.

Maybe even photos of himself.

The corpse was shot three times.
There are no signs of a struggle.

Time of death, early morning.

He shoots a policeman,
then his neighbour.

It doesn't matter to him
any more.

The RTA doesn't have
a photo either.

- Hey, what's the matter?
- You're not playing properly.

He's right. Sorry, Rex.
But I can't help it.

No passport or driver's licence.
What does he look like?

- Pizza delivery!
- What? Oh, in there.

Sounds like someone
who's totally withdrawn.

I don't think he wants to flee.
Maybe he's planning something.

- You might be right.
- Hi.

I've just seen Kostial's parents.

The house he lived in
belonged to his granny.

He hasn't seen his parents
for years.

His stepfather
had so many problems with him

that he was sent
to a reformatory home.

You can imagine the rest.

Like what?

The stepfather...
Was that one for Rex?

The stepfather
tried to do the right thing.

After the fifth beer
he wasn't very successful.

He tried to recall
Kostial's childhood.

The boy always liked playing
with guns and took them to bed.

He said he wanted to offer
the boy something better.

Then he said
"I took him along to soccer.

"The boy couldn't give a stuff.

"It wasn't my fault
they kept on losing.

"Then he smashed a chair
over my head.

"He regretted that!"

The mother had no say at all,
but she gave me a few photos.

Don't touch!

Don't you have
a computer program

with which
you can age someone?


When's the guy
coming for the pump?

On Tuesday.
I don't know exactly when.

What do you mean?

Got you!
Stay here and don't move!

Call the police!

Forensics found various
fingerprints in Kostial's house.

The most common
are almost certainly his own.

They're also the freshest.

Then they found fingerprints

that belong to visitors
with a profession,

like the postman, for example.

Those were easily identified.

Anything else we should know?

Yes. The second
most common ones are older

and seem to be
from a private visitor.

Do we know who?

Fritz Seidl...

previously convicted
for illegal possession of arms.

Hello, Mr Seidl.

Please turn around...
so I can pull up my pants.



Well done, Rex.

Do you take your gun
everywhere you go, Mr Seidl?

I'm not saying anything.

The program ages
this early photo of Kostial.

Tell us when it matches
his appearance now. Fritz.



Kostial, whom you often visited,
has killed two people.

A policeman and his neighbour.
Do you want to go to jail?


Help us, Mr Seidl,

before something else happens.

We think you hid weapons
for him.

- You were charged, not him.
- I know nothing about him.

We used to meet at his place.

Then we'd go to the cellar
to shoot.

Where did he work?
Any friends?

He had jobs on construction sites.

But not for long.
He fought with everyone.

He hates people
telling him what to do.

Any friends or acquaintances?

I don't know of any.

But he wanted to teach me

how to survive
in single-handed combat.

I'll get it.

- Did he have a girlfriend?
- Yes.

She had a son
from her first marriage.

She felt that...

that Gerhard
was a bad influence on him.

We never talked about that.

We talked about weapons.

- When did you last see him?
- Yesterday.

He said I should
get some stuff for him, but...

I didn't.

What sort of stuff?


Two people were shot at the pool
this morning.


They were the owners
of the pool cafe.

A passer-by heard shots
and called the police.

The pool is closed
at this time of year.

Several shots at close range.


I wonder
where the knife fits in.

The corpses show no cuts,
but there's blood.

Maybe the man defended himself.


Maybe he threatened him.
Come over here. Let's try it.

Take the knife
and stand where the victim was.

Threaten me with it.

Would you threaten an armed
man like that? Round my neck.

It's okay, Rex.
We're just playing.

If it was like that,
then he injured him.


Let's check the hospitals.

Your wife must have been
pretty angry.

She's very jealous.

- She thought I had a mistress.
- So she pulled out a knife?

She almost got your artery.

She had the paring knife
in her hand.

- She wasn't herself.
- I must report it.

That isn't necessary, Doctor.

I'm sure she's sorry.

As you wish.

The law now requires that
only major wounds be reported.

I shall therefore classify yours
as a minor cut.

Good decision.

I got that. Thanks.

The employment office confirms

Kostial had several jobs recently,
mostly as a labourer.

We'll need to contact those firms
in case he shows up there.

I was about to.

I've got no other leads.

No one got close to Kostial.

Except Fritz Seidl.

That's because he let Kostial
boss him around.

The lab couldn't get anything
from the ashes.

But maybe this can help.

Weapons... Ammunition...


Martin Ku... Kuschitz.

That's an.

Kruschitz. Maybe he bought
something from him.



We delivered
the wrong insulation boards.

Let Supplies know.
I have two more sites to visit.

If I have time,
I'll pass by Palais Coburg.

- Good day.
- May I help you?

Get that dog away.


I'd like some information
about this gentleman.

Never seen him.

- Why do the police want him?
- You know me?

Are you a regular at the station

for selling guns
without asking for a licence?

- You always give us problems.
- There's more.

We found your receipt
on the fellow.

- Maybe he bought something.
- And you didn't register it.

What's it to be?
Shall I get a warrant?


Damn dog!

Sorry, he gets touchy
when there are guns around.

He may have bought
some ammunition.

Listen. He's killed four people,
just like that.

He might come here

or if you had a fight,
seek you out at home.

He sometimes
used my rifle range.

Never said a word.
Just kept shooting.

A young lady was with him once
or twice. She waited up here.

She didn't care for shooting.

She stopped coming.

Did you two talk?

Not much. I only know
she was called Suzanne

and she worked for a firm
involved in construction sites.

I've been waiting half an hour
for Mrs Scholz.

Maybe she didn't
note it in the diary.

Where is she now?

She could be in several places.

No, I'll try to contact her myself.

Her name is Suzanne and she
works for a construction firm.

It's vague,
but maybe you can help.

I know it's a lot of work.
Please do it.

Hoffman, Homicide. I need
the licences of every "Suzanne".

There couldn't be that many
women. Maybe another firm.

Supply requirement rep?
What's her name?

Fax the print out to me.

- Andrea Kager? Thanks.
- What's her name?

Suzanne Scholz?
That could be her.

That's him for sure.
He had a cut on the neck.

I don't know if this is important

but after he left
I was missing some bandages.


Kostial showed up in a hospital.

A guy called her firm
asking where she was.

- Thanks.
- It must have been Kostial.

- He's looking for her.
- I'll instigate a search.


Scholz has an 8-year-old son
at school on Tesarek Square.

- I want you to look after him.
- Send a patrol car.

I want you to do it.

Hold on.

I found out about Suzanne
and now you kick me out?



You're the boss,
but I'm old enough...

You just said it.
I'm the boss.

- Where did she go after that?
- No idea.


- I saw her two hours ago.
- Damn!

If she shows up,
please ring me right away.

- Okay.
- That's the number.

The next delivery is in two days.

We'll need
some more insulating sheets.

- Is Mrs Scholz here?
- Up in the atrium.

Thanks. Come on, Rex!

Hello, Kunz? I found her.

At the Palais Coburg site.

I got that. We'll do a new quote
for the facing.


Hi, Suzanne.

- What are you doing here?
- I told you we'd meet again.

I need to talk to you.

- Get lost.
- Are you mad?

I'm sure my colleagues
have already found your mother.

Kunz, Niki.

What do you mean
he's alone with him?

- What about the task force?
- It should be there any minute.

Are you still there?

You killed four people?

If only they'd left me alone.

People always give me orders.

What will happen now?

- The police will be after you.
- I don't care.

I have to finish it off now.

What are you saying?

Do you mean me?

Rex, take the other side!

I always tried to understand you.
Thomas accepted you as his dad.

Why do you always scare me?

You were never scared of me.

Otherwise you couldn't have
broken up with me.

You listened to others
who were against me.

So now you want to kill me?
And then yourself?

Think of Thomas. Do you
want him to grow up alone?

You liked him.

It's your fault
I no longer see him.

You're just like the others.

Kostial. Police!

Give yourself up.
You haven't got a chance.

We'll see about that.

Throw down your guns!

Put up your hands and stop!

You won't get me that easily.

Stop shooting!

You didn't hit Mrs Scholz,
thank God.

- Who says so?
- My dog.

I told you
you won't make it out of here.

- You're right.
- Mr Kostial, it's best you...

Mr Kostial?

Throw down your gun.

- Police. I'll get you out.
- My son...

He's safe. Come.

They couldn't break my spirit
in the reformatory.

If I'm attacked,
I have to defend myself.

You've managed to do that.

But that couple at the pool...


If they'd stayed home,
they'd have been fine.

Is there nothing
that makes you happy?

My weapons.

That can't be everything.

It is.

What about Seidl?
Isn't he your best friend?


He abandoned me,
that chicken shit.

He kept his mouth shut
when I talked to him.

And Mrs Scholz?
Were you going to kill her?

She didn't hurt you.

Mr Kostial,

if you give yourself up,
I'll forget this incident.

Give yourself up.

You have nothing more to prove.
You're my toughest case.

Give me the gun
and come down with me.


I can't give up now.

If you have a problem
walking outwith me

I'll get a car into the garage.
You won't be seen.

Yes, sure.

I'll choose my exit.

I'll take a few of you with me.

He's dead.

It's the first time.

I've never shot anyone.

You don't have to stay.

You've already sent me away
once today.

Because I...

You knew how dangerous he was
and wanted to keep me away.


Why didn't you say so?

you wouldn't have obeyed.

You're absolutely right.