Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 5 - Wenn Kinder sterben wollen - full transcript





Hey, come on. Come on!

Can you hear me?


We had to start without you,
Mrs Hensch.

Sylvia said she wanted
to talk to you, but...

talking would've
made things worse.


You're proud of yourself now.

Mr "Nietzsche".

You're much too wretched
to use that name.

What do you want?

We do the same job.

I help weak people too.

I want only the strong ones
to remain.


What have we here?

There is a danger

that he will now want
to turn his fantasies

into reality.

A very good morning to you.
I'm almost done.

The dead girl was
between 15 and 17 years old.

Everything points to suicide.
Some form of cyanide.

Internal suffocation.
Not a nice death.

Details after the autopsy.


What can be so bad that such a
pretty young girl takes her life?


The girl had no external wounds.

It's me, Dr Graf.

I'm afraid you haven't finished.

This is a new type
of entombment.

My opinion is that this lady
didn't die from head injuries

but from strangulation,
as you can clearly see.

She ran through half the park
to escape the killer.

There was a struggle
near the cemetery.

She could have been killed there.

How silly of me.
I left my bag in the ruin.

I'll be right back.
This will make it a bit tight.

Two autopsies in one morning!


You're the best!
You've brought me my bag.

Thank you.

Okay, come and see me at noon.

I'll get it done somehow.

It can't be that hard, Jana.

A function is a rule
that gives one output value

for each input value.

- A is...
- The dependent variable.

Correct. And B is...

the independent variable.

- Werner...
- Vera, leave us, please!


By tonight you'll tell me
all about inverse functions.

Get to work.

"Black Sun.
The Suicide Forum"

Take your own life.
It belongs to you.

Sylvia made it.

She took her own life last night.

It was very simple.

Great. She battled
with herself for so long.

It's not at all difficult.

I'm a bit scared
about the last step.

Never to wake up
and think of school with terror.

I've planned to do it
so many times.

"Afraid of school."

"Reason for living."
My God!


You're nothing but vermin

waiting to be crushed
by God's boots.

It's not because it's hard

that we don't dare to die.

It's hard to die

because we don't dare.

Nietzsche will deliver you.

Potassium cyanide.
You die within seconds.

No sign of anyone else being
involved. She took it herself.

So it was suicide.

Oh well. Her parents
did find a farewell letter.

Sylvia Béumert. 16 years old.

- Do we know the time of death?
- Between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

The same as that of the body
we found in the cemetery.

She was murdered,
but we don't know who she was.

She had no ID on her.

Maybe she gave the girl
the poison.

Or the woman's killer did.

Look Rex.
We're going digital too.

First you take off the cap

then you open the monitor

and switch the thing on.

And now...

We'll take a photo. Okay?


Sorry, Rex.

- Well?
- A complicated case.

We've never had a simple one.

Hi, Rex.

The victim was seeing
a psychologist in Goethe Street.

Try to contact her.
Maybe she can help us.

Yes... will do.


Are you getting through it?

You'll make it.

Yes... I'll make it.

Vera! Come here and let Jana
get on with her work.

"The only time I've been happy
was with Basti.

"Not long enough to keep me
warm. All I want to do is die."

What is that?

It's Sylvia Béumert's diary.
Her parents thought it may help.

"I'm sorry for my parents.

"L know this will hurt them
very much.

"If I can't be with
the true love of my life..."

Did you love unhappily
as a boy?

Sure. And you?

"Suicide isn't easy.

"I'm glad I found friends
on the internet to help.

"L now know
a fast and painless way to go.

"I'll meet Nietzsche
and we will go together."


They both wanted to die.

It's all very enigmatic.
Who is Nietzsche?

If she met him on the internet,
it's probably a nickname.

You know, a kind of code name.

If Nietzsche was there,
he was involved in the murder.

Without Basti, she wanted to die
with Nietzsche.

Did you reach that psychologist,

I don't think I will.
Have a look.

It's the dead woman
in the cemetery.

Why do you call yourself

After the philosopher,
Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nothingness is the truth.
Death is more than life.

Nietzsche wrote
"Life turns out badly for some.

"The heart is broken.
See to it that death is a success."

Suicide is the highest expression
of self-determination.

It won't be long
before we exchange life

for death together.

There's a video
monitoring camera.

I'll check the tapes for anything
on Sylvia and her psychologist.

Great. Do that.
Then go back and analyse it.

I always get chosen.

Oh boy, what a mess!

Does it feel like home?

You still haven't told me.
How was it for you?

Were you unhappily in love?

"Prince Charming inaccessible?"

I was chubby,
had a face full of acne...

- And no one wanted me.
- Oh.

You were chubby!
You want me to believe that?

You asked me
and I answered.

Suicide forums.

Anna Hensch researched suicide
on the internet.

Let me see.

I've heard of this.

Kids meet on the internet
to commit suicide.

She was studying it.

How do you stop
a kid on the internet?

They don't all want to die.

Mostly they just want to chat.

"Letters: Wiegand."

All love letters.

Juicy ones at that.

That's exactly
how we found Anna Hensch.

Well, Rex?

What do we have here?

"I'm yours,
even beyond death.

"Death is the birth
of our love."

Her patient, Wiegert, developed
into a curious sort of admirer.

Let's look in the computer.

Check which data file
was used last.

What a coincidence.
"Detlef Wiegand".

Came to her two years ago,

acutely suicidal,
narcissistic, aggressive.

Oh, oh...
Doesn't this sound familiar?

"He dreams of his beloved
on a grave,

"decorated with flowers
and wreaths for their marriage."

Dreaming wasn't enough.

"There is a danger that he will
turn his fantasies into reality."

That's him.

Hello, Mr Wiegand.

Keep calm. You don't know me.

I'm calling to warn you.

A man and a woman
will come to get you.

To lock you up again.

With the insane,
do you understand?

Your girlfriend, the psychologist,
is already in their hands.

I'll take the front door with Rex.
You go around the back.

Mr Wiegand?

Mr Wiegand!

Rex, where's Niki?


- Marc!
- I'll get you out, Niki.

I'll get you out!


Come on, you bloody thing!


Thanks, Rex.

Come on!

Good boy, Rex.

- Take him by the feet, Niki.
- Okay. I got him.


I found another morbid
love letter in the living room.

With today's date.

Why does he still write to her?

Maybe he doesn't know
Anna Hensch is dead.

Give me back my Anna.

I can't live without my Anna.

Why is she dead
if you can't live without her?


Anna is dead?

Did you hurt my Anna?

She can't die before me.

I haven't...
I haven't finished her coffin.

We haven't hurt
your psychologist.

Of course you have.

- He told me so on the phone.
- What?

On the phone.

He told me everything.
He warned me.

- Who told you what?
- He warned me.

My Anna...

My Anna, my An...


He's pretty far gone, but...

maybe he's not just raving.

There's today's love letter, too.

He didn't kill her.

Well? Got it down pat?

Inverse functions...
Really great.

You know, Jana, I...


Try to understand why I...
with school and such...

You'll be grateful later.

That's why I thought that
achievement should be rewarded.

Open it.


- That's great.
- So is it a deal?

What do you mean?

First you work,
then you play.

You'll take off as soon as
you get an A in the exam.

It's not really a gift
if I have to work for it.

It's a gift to yourself.

You'll give me a brilliant talk
tonight about inverse functions.

Got that?

Everything okay?

That fellow sure belted me one.

Where have you two been?
You both stink.

Just a routine questioning
of a witness.


Anna Hensch sent this e-mail
to Sylvia Béumert

before she killed herself.

"When and where will you meet?

"No one can stop you,
but give me a chance.

"Anna Hensch."

She couldn't help her any more
because she was already dead.

Instead, she met the killer.

The question is,
was it Nietzsche?

If not,
who else knew about the suicide?

Come with me.
I've got something.

That's the web site
Anna Hensch logged on to.

Maybe they can help us.

The host knows
what he's doing.

Over 12,000 visits this month.

There's even advertising.

"Trade in your failed life
for the best option: Suicide.

"Be prepared.
We'll meet at 7 p.m.

"The place where we'll die
has security access.

"I'll send you a new password
every hour."

7 pm...

These kids will commit suicide
soon, but we don't know where.

We don't have the password
and the server is in Ukraine.

It's very clever.
We have no access.

This Nietzsche is cunning.

He kills Anna Hensch,
goes into her office

and sets a big, fat trap,
into which we fall,

while organising
a group suicide.

We need to find a participant
in this suicide forum.

A friend or colleague of Sylvia's.
Am I right?

You're right.

- Don't tell me you found one.
- Well...

"Hi, Sylvia. I want to meet you.
I wonder what it'll be like.

"My address is below.
See you soon. Jana."

An e-mail from the computer
of the dead girl.

Jana Bergmann. She must know
who Nietzsche is.

Maybe she wants to kill herself

I told you.

It's all getting too much for Jana.

The constant pressure
to always perform.

- Jana is still a child.
- She's not.

She isn't depressed.
She's doing maths

and thinking about London,
not suicide.

We'd like to see her.
Maybe she can help us.

Jana is in her room.

Who are you?

That's Rex, our partner.

- We're from Homicide.
- Hi, Jana.

We have an important query.

The web page,

Have you ever heard of it?

Do you know Sylvia Béumert?

Then you won't mind
if I look in your computer.

Well, yes.
I have heard of that web page.

I looked into it once,
just out of curiosity.

- Is that where you met Sylvia?
- Yes. She had...

She was terribly lovesick
and I consoled her.

We wanted to meet,
but I never heard from her again.

Why? What's the matter?

Sylvia is dead.


Did you ever meet a Nietzsche
in that forum?

People who have problems
can get help.

From us too, if you want.

Stop putting ideas
into my daughter's head.

Jana, do you have any problems
I don't know about?

You see?

I think you can leave now.
We're all very busy.

I'd take it seriously.
Your daughter has problems.

I'll talk to her.

Please keep an eye on her
till morning.

The internet is a great tool
for learning about the world.

Not for dubious things.
You'll get it back after the exam.

- Werner, please...
- Let her work!

Sylvia made it

Anything from
the surveillance video?

At five o'clock...
Have a look at it yourself.

Where's the remote control?

Thanks, Rex.

She never came back
after leaving.


That's all I need!



Well done, Rex.

The police are looking for us.

Be careful,

so we can stay together.

Marc! Jana Bergmann is
a member of this suicide group.

What? How do you know?

Someone's sending a warning
about the police.

Only Jana could know.


It's Bergmann.

- Hold on. What happened?
- We found a farewell letter.

"By tomorrow,
I shall have left this world."

Jana has gone.
We're cutting it fine.

Only three hours left.

Soon we'll have seven corpses.
Our only lead has disappeared.

And we only have one name.


Okay, let's stay calm
and start at the beginning.

What do we know?

This Nietzsche hacked into
the psychologist's computer

and found out about Wiegand.

He wanted to pin it on Wiegand,
hence the wreaths.

Exactly. The wreaths,
the computer, the letters...

Everything pointed to Wiegand.

Hold on.

Hold on a minute.

Last update...

Tuesday, at 5.10 a.m.

Fritz, the surveillance video.

Go back to 5.05
and play from there.

There! That's Nietzsche!

Yes, that's him.

Get a photo print and send it
to all cars and news services.

Tell them
seven lives are at stake.

Will do.

"Just two hours to go."

"I look forward to meeting you."

and enticed other youths
to commit suicide.

If you know anything about
this person, contact the police.

The neighbours rang 20 minutes
ago, but the suspect had gone.

- This will take a week!
- You're right.

It's useless.
We only have one hour.

It's all over
unless there's a miracle.

Well done, Rex.

Look at this.

The aqueduct in Médling.
Come on!

A miracle!
Glue and Rex's nose.

- Can we make it?
- We have to.

I don't get it. How do you
get an idea like this?

Who knows?

If you consider yourself superior
and the weak inferior.

The guy read too much
but didn't get it.

Don't look so sad.

This will lessen the fear.


Let's go.

What's your name?

- Sarah. And yours?
- Jana.

- How much time?
- 12 minutes.

What if they start earlier?

We're almost there.
It's down there.


Don't look down.

Come on.
We're in this together.

There they are!

We'll never make it.

I'm sorry to meet you only now
when it's all over.

That's all wrong.

If you hadn't decided to end it,
you'd never have met.


Climb over the railing
and take each other's hands.

We'll do it together.

Show your courage and jump!

Stay calm!
We're not trying to stop you.

I said jump! Go on!

We just have the feeling
someone's playing tricks on you.

- The others, not me!
- You want to watch.

Like with Sylvia.
Anna Hensch wasn't your style.

- She wanted to have me jailed.
- Marc! What are you doing?

Do you think he'll jump?

Stay away!

Let me go or I'll stab her.

Let her go.
You're just making it worse.

Stay here.

Please come with me.
We'll talk things over later.

Take each other's hands.

Are you all okay?

Well done, Rex.