Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 4 - Ein Zeuge auf vier Pfoten - full transcript



- Hello.
- What would you like?

- Was Alfons here?
- You're much too nice for him.

- He doesn't deserve you.
- Just tell me if he was here.

No, not for a long time.

Admit it, it's a funny time
to wash a car.

It's now or never.

Now the boot,
or we'll miss the kick-off.

Don't do that.
I know what you're up to.

Get out of there!

What did the dog do to you?

He even came
to the kitchen twice.

Here we are.

First of all you need a bath,
you smelly little thing.


It will be your turn next.

It's starting again.

The light in the front yard
suddenly went out.

Someone's out there,
I'm sure.

I can't stand it much longer.

What else will he
come up with?

My nerves can't take it.

He does it
because I'm a woman.

Do men think women are dirt
to be walked on?

That we swallow the lot
and eventually give in?

Well, not me!

At some point,
this must come to an end.

I need a final decision.

I don't know.

They were in the middle drawer,
someone took them.

It wasn't me.
Niki didn't take them either.

Rex doesn't take headache pills.

- Croissant?
- No.

- Perhaps you misplaced them.
- That's your specialty.

God, I feel awful...

It's not what you think, Rex.

It's only a saying.

How come you drank so much?

You don't usually do that.

I met some former classmates
and they took me to a place

which shouted you a beer
and a schnapps after a goal.

- They won 6 to 2.
- 3 more goals

and death by alcohol.

Great colleagues!

Rex, you're the only
true friend.

- Who taught him that?
- Not me.

Oh, my head hurts.

Today I need
peace, peace, peace.


The culprit was very strong.
The marks are still raised.

The larynx
was completely smashed,

which caused the trachea
to close.

Thank you.

- Any sign of a struggle?
- No, nothing.

So the woman
didn't surprise a burglar.

The culprit had only one goal.

He wanted to kill her.

Here's something interesting.
Look at this.

Many tiny perforations, mostly
healed, but some new ones.

It's not drugs.
Who'd inject into a fingertip?

Judging from
the state of rigor mortis

she must have died
at least eight hours ago.

Whether she died
ten or twelve hours ago,

I can only tell you
after the autopsy.


The victim obviously
lived with a man.

It could be this one.
There's a date here.

It's less than two months ago.

- Where's Rex?
- Rex!

It's fine, Rex.

Who's this?

This little dog here...
ls he yours?

No, I found him here.
I think he's hungry.

Was he Ms Vogler's dog?

No, surely not.
Pets are not allowed here.

Either you escaped,
or you're a vagrant.

Rex, he was about to feed him,
no reason to scare him.

- Where were you last night?
- At a soccer match.

She was alone
when it happened.

Did he live with her?

Yes, Alfons lived with her.

- But he works nights.
- And where?

Maybe Mr Redl, who manages
the building, can tell you.

Thanks, a colleague
is talking to him.

- What's up with him?
- It concerns the little dog.

What is it, though?

What shall we do with him?

No idea.

- We'll take him with us.
- Looks like it.

When did you last see
Ms Vogler, Mr Redl?

I was working on the house,
and she was at home. Sugar?

There were problems with
the lighting in the front yard.

A manager
has a lot of problems.

Did you notice anything else?

I noticed they were having
an argument.


Ms Vogler lived
with a certain Alfons Tritscher.

Tell me, where does one find
Mr Tritscher?

He works at a petrol station.
I don't know where.

Out of my way.

- A bottle of schnapps.
- We don't sell to drunks.

Schnapps, get it?

I'll get it right now.

Money, eh?
That's all you want.


You want to tell me something,
but what?

Yes. Hello, Niki.

What is it? Did you
find out anything?

Wait, so he didn't show up
for work till 10 p.m.

and gave no excuse?

Yes, the search is on,
but there are no clues.

You're a little piggy!

What? No, not you.

I'm off now to
Claudia Vogler's workplace.

Her bank statements name
her employer.

Yes, worked for.

Yes, till later.

What do you look like?

Come here.

He hasn't been near water
for a long time.

So you're telling me
your little friend is the pig.

Fine, when we get home
I'll give him a bath.

Hello, sir.
How can I help you?

I'm Hoffmann, Crime Squad.

I'm here because of
Claudia Vogler.

I can't help you there.
She didn't come to work.

I tried to ring her,
but there was no answer.

Sorry, but Ms Vogler is dead.

Good Lord.

Was anyone here
a friend of Ms Vogler's?

No, you couldn't say that.

She was a loner.

This was her place of work
for fourteen years.

The poor girl.

Do you know Alfons Tritscher,
Ms Vogler's boyfriend?

Barely. He picked her up
a few times.

Is it true
they had arguments?

Well, you see...

Claudia was rather reserved
in her way,

but one has a sort of intuition.

Her laugh,

she had such a lovely,
cheerful laugh,

but since she was with him,
it became rarer.

It makes you think.

How did they meet?

On holiday in Styria.

He came from there and moved
to Vienna because of her.

As far as I know

the change from the country
to the city was difficult.

- Thank you very much, Mr Stein.
- Goodbye.

Oh, something else.

Could you possibly imagine

that Ms Vogler would
take in a homeless dog?

Good Lord, never.

You see, it happens

that seamstresses often take
a dress home,

and if...

there were animal hairs...
Well, Inspector...

- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Bye.

- Weiring!
- What's up?

You damn bastard!

Throw the man out,
he's completely drunk.

They must have a language,
like we do.

If I were mistreated
by my owner,

I'd leave, become homeless
and meet Rex

and tell him everything.

And he'd protect me,
like a good policeman.

Look here.

Most of the perforations
did not penetrate the epidermis,

nor the deeper layer,
the stratum reticulare,

which bleeds if bruised...
it's normal.

So she couldn't prevent
the injuries but controlled them.

And if you were to ask me
what work she did...

A seamstress.

You knew?
Why wasn't I told?

- I was about to tell you.
- Come on.

If it's already known,
tell me straightaway.

On the contrary.
We're still in the dark.

Still in the dark...

Something else.

On the bruises I found traces of
methyl tertiary-butyl ether.

MTBE is a substance,
which when added to petrol,

turns it into
what we call Super.


Tritscher works
at a petrol station.

There will be fireworks.

Huge fireworks.

- How long has he been there?
- A while.

Well, well,
it doesn't look good.

If we approach him
he says he'll use his lighter.

He's asking for a certain
Dr Weiring.


- We must talk to him.
- He's dead drunk.

We'll get there. You'll see.

One spark from the lighter
and it all goes up.

We must get the lighter.

He won't let anyone
get close.

The back way.

We'll make for
the sales office.

- And then?
- Lose the mike to hear me.

Niki, we're ready.

Mr Tritscher,
I want to talk to you.

I want Dr Weiring.

Look, I'm unarmed.

I'll now approach you
very slowly.

Where is the swine?
Where's Weiring?

The man is on his way,
but he's afraid.

Just like me. I'm scared too.

That you'll kill yourself
and me as well.

- Why?
- I love Claudia.

Niki, there's a problem.

come and show yourself.

Look at me.

What's got into you, Alfons?

What would Claudia
think of you?

Come on, tell me.

Would she be proud of you?

- What is it?
- What?

Vanish. I'll kill that pig.

I'll kill everybody!


Well done. Give it to me.

They'll put him
in a cell to sober up.

He can't be questioned
before tomorrow.

That means
we can go home.

Which we deserve.

Especially Rex.

Surely Marc will give you
an extra bone.

Not only Rex,
if you come along.

Was that a dinner invitation?

It still is.

- Niki?
- Yes?

We have some things for you.

Okay, come in.

- These should fit.
- Thank you.

Let's put that
in the rubbish straightaway.

What? I see.

That's probably best.

How far can jealousy
drive a man?

He would have killed us,
you know.

Just name one woman
who'd go insane like that.

Love is shit.

You're not serious,
are you?

I am...
At least, tonight.

I hope your friend won't
refuse his bath.

Well, you can't do it
the other way round.

I can't put Niki in the bowl.

And where is
the little vagrant now?

There he is.

Well, vagrant,
it won't hurt at all.

You'll just get a little wet.

Come off it, Rex.


- What's the matter?
- What happened here?

- I wanted to give him a bath.
- On the floor?

Rex tipped over the bowl.

- Intentionally.
- But why?

- How do I know?
- Put him in the tub.

Oh, I see.

The little one wants
a VIP bath.

Rex, what's this about?

What's going on, Rex?

Why this?

Kunz feels he's been abused,
and Rex is protecting him.

Yes, that's a possibility.

Perhaps someone
threw him into water.


Oh dear,
they're quite crunchy.


You had a quarrel
with Claudia.

What about?

She had an affair
with someone else.

- I said it to her face.
- The other man was Weiring.

Dr W. Weiring.

Dr Weiring is a lawyer,

He went after Claudia,
the swine.


Sure, Dr Weiring
offered better prospects,

he had lots to offer her.

Did Claudia say she was
ending your relationship?

She was too cowardly
to tell me to my face,

but I'm not an idiot.

He wasn't just a customer
at the tailor's...

And what happened
after the quarrel?

I left,

and then I met Redl.

We went to his office.


And we opened a bottle.

You began to drink.
And then?

After that,
I don't remember a thing.

All I could think of was
how to get more schnapps

and how I'd kill the swine.

Who did you resent more,
Weiring or Claudia?

You wouldn't believe
how I suffered for Claudia.

I would have done
anything for her.


But she lied to me,

and betrayed me.

You'd be furious too,
anyone would be.

Did you go to the flat
after that?

It's possible...

Mr Tritscher,
did you kill Ms Vogler?

I don't know, I don't...

Please understand.
I loved her.

That's too simple.

I mean,
that's not a confession.

He only thinks so.

You're right about that,

but he had a motive,
no alibi and there's evidence.

If we inform the prosecutor,
he'll get life.

Know what this is?

A wedding dress.

Did Mr Stein say for whom?

There must be a name on it.

It's the custom with tailors.

I didn't think you could afford
tailor-made suits.

Not those.

Granny bought me my only
tailor-made suit for communion.

it no longer fits.

There's no name on this one.

- I'm sure Stein knows more.
- So does Redl.

- What do you mean?
- He never said he met Tritscher.

And he said he knew nothing
about the quarrel.

Mr Stein, was this
Ms Vogler's last work?

No, the order for this dress
goes back months.

- But we found these...
- Patterns...

Patterns, right,
in Ms Vogler's drawer.

But there's no name on them.


Then this piece
wasn't made.

I see.

Wow, it's beautiful.

- You'd look good in that.
- I'd need a groom, though.

This is unbelievable,
it really is.

She said she needed to stay late
to finish her work.

And instead she...
but it is magnificent, right?

Look at it.
But our clothes are custom-made.

What do I do With it?

The one who wanted to wear it,
no longer needs it.

Claudia Vogler.

Neither will the groom.

I made a mistake.
I took Alfons for a nice guy.

And you didn't want him
to get into trouble.

There was the jealousy,
and then the 25,000.

What 25,000?

- He didn't tell you?
- No.

I was prepared to pay that
if Ms Vogler moved out.

- To be able to renovate.
- And Ms Vogler refused.

But Alfons was already
making plans.

The money would help them
get a place.

That's what you talked about
when you had a drink.

- I should've told you, I know.
- How much did you drink?

Two or three schnapps
and then Alfons left.

If I'd known
what he had on his mind...

You wouldn't have gone home
to watch the soccer.

The match? No, I went
to the gym. I go regularly.

That wouldn't do me
any harm either.

I didn't like my last gym.

- What's yours like?
- Wait, I may have a card.

Here it is.

I'm sorry, Inspector,
if I made your job difficult.

- Everyone makes mistakes.
- Well, goodbye.

Dr Weiring,
could you try this on?

You were Claudia's lover,
so Tritscher wanted to kill you.

- That looks great.
- I beg your pardon?

That's what Tritscher alleges.

Here, look at this.

The delirious rantings
of an alcoholic.

Instead of wasting my time,

you should have a look
at Mr Redl.

We're just about to.

We'd have done it earlier,

you didn't contact us.

I'd had some
bad experiences.

Ms Vogler's nervous system
was somewhat...


Did Redl terrorise Ms Vogler
to make her move?

She had a lease
which couldn't be cancelled.

Redl wanted
to renovate the house

and sell it.


- The recording.
- Thanks.

This is the call
I mentioned.

You'll have to excuse
the bad sound quality.

Claudia Vogler.
It's starting again.

The light in the front yard
just went out.

There's someone there,
for sure.

Why didn't you tell me Redl
wanted Claudia to vacate?

Redl had nothing to do
with this thing.

Why do you think
he offered so much money,

out of friendship
or to make a fortune

- if he sells the place?
- Who cares? I killed her.

Leave me alone, damn it.

I went to Ms Vogler's home
and I found this.

A brochure from a place
specialising in detox.

Did you quarrel because
she asked you to try this?

Your silence
isn't helping you or us.

- Sanatorium Baumgarten.
- Kunz, Crime Squad, Vienna.

Administration, please.

Hey, who are you?

When I was a boy,
I had one just like you.

- When is it going to be?
- What?

Don't say it's off.
You'd make a great couple.

Rex and I
will be the witnesses.

But only if you wear
your tailor-made suit.

So you want me to diet
but you'll still get Niki?

Why not try detox instead?

I found this in Vogler's flat.
Tritscher went there for it.

He'd been off alcohol
for two months.

Now I understand.

He said he'd suffered
for Claudia.

And she chose Weiring.

- She wanted another groom.
- Who?

I thought she was teasing
when she measured me.

No, she was serious.

Mr Tritscher, help us.

- Hello, Mr Redl.
- You want to see me again?

Sorry to come unannounced
but we have a problem.

- What is it?
- I need your help.

What With?

As you didn't tell
the whole truth from the start

our boss now suspects...

- He doesn't think that I...
- No, he goes further.

Since Mr Tritscher imbibed
such a large amount of alcohol,

he's suffered partial amnesia,
and questions remain.

How do they concern me?

With your help we can

reconstruct the events
before the murder.

Then his confession won't be
considered invalid in court.

So I can help
bring the culprit to justice.

You can indeed.

Mr Tritscher, after your fight
with Claudia Vogler,

you happened to meet Mr Redl
and went to his office.

- What happened then?
- He offered me a drink.

He was so downcast.

He'd agreed on a sum with me,
then she rejected the deal.

But then there was also
the influence of Dr...

- Weiring.
- Right, Weiring.

And from here

I could clearly see him
drive her home in his car.

- So you came here often?
- No.

Mr Redl saw them and told me.

I was at work.

What exactly did you see,
Mr Redl?

But that's not important.
This is about the murder.

- So he offered you a drink?
- At first I refused.

No, you did not.



But then you dropped
the bottle.

The expensive whisky
was on the floor.

Mr Redl, you knew Mr Tritscher
had just left detox?


That's pure speculation.

If Mr Redl had known
the smell of alcohol alone

would've set him off,

- he'd never have done it.
- True.

So you did drop the bottle?

By chance.

Just like you met
Mr Tritscher by chance.

The front yard light
went out by chance too.

You gave your caretaker
a pass for the soccer match

so there'd be no witnesses.

Mr Redl,
did you kill Ms Vogler?

Yes or no?

Goddamn swine!

I'll kill you.

I thought you were a friend.

Friend, my foot!

Well, Redl,
I'm waiting for an answer.

I won't say a thing
without my lawyer.

We nearly had Redl
about to confess.

And just at that moment
Tritscher went berserk.

What would you have done?

Yes, Hoffmann.

He's on his way. Thanks.

Rex, the concierge has mail,
would you mind?

If Redl brings in his lawyer,
we haven't got a chance.

On the other hand we have
Tritscher's confession.

His motive was a fantasy,

but the poor guy tried
to blow himself up.

And we have the petrol traces
on her neck.

There's also Redl,
but he denies everything.

But his alibi is wobbly.

There are witnesses

who saw him enter the gym
at 9 and leave at 11.

But for those two hours
there are no witnesses.

Everyone was watching soccer.
He'll say he was in the sauna.

It doesn't look good.


From Weiring.

It's the phone call.

Dr Weiring, Vogler here.
It's starting.

The light in the front yard,
suddenly went out.

Someone's out there,
I 'm sure.

I can't stand it much longer.

What else will he come up with?

My nerves can't take it.
He does it because I'm a woman.

Do men think women are dirt
to be walked on?

That we swallow the lot
and eventually give in?

Well, not me!

Rewind it.

Allow the lot
and eventually give in?

Well, not me!

Did you hear that?

He was there.
Yes, he was.

This is our witness.
Rescued by Rex.

All he needs now is to talk.

Rex will speak for him.

You think Dr Graf should
look at our little vagrant?


Hello there.


- What's up?
- Well, it's Rex.

He wants you to look
at his friend.

What do you want me to do?
I'm not a vet.

You'll have to ask Rex that.



Ketchup, exactly.

The fur,
the fur near the muzzle.

You mean this dried bit?

Well, yes,
it could be blood.

it could indeed be blood.

Thank God, no one's
given him a bath yet.

A bath? Now I understand.

Rex... You've done
all the right things!

Now I understand.
Now we have proof.

You'll be delighted.
It's a gem. Top location.

And not cheap either.

This is where we could put
the nursery later.

Would you excuse me?

Who have we got here?

You nearly spoilt it for me.

Call your dog back, please!

Rex, come.

Yes, everything's fine.

Now he can renovate cells.

But will he find a buyer
for them?

What shall we do
with the little vagrant?

We could put an ad
in the paper.

Alfons is going back
to the country.

I just gave him
a bath, after all.