Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 2 - Tricks an der Theke - full transcript



Okay, I get it.
I wanted a drink anyway.

Come on, Rex.

Have you had enough?

I see.

It's Kunz.

It's me.
You can keep playing.

We're only on stand-by
for eight more minutes, and...

Wait. Don't hang up.
Your phone's ringing.

Homicide. Hoffmann's office.
Kunz speaking.

Right. Thanks.

Marc? You can't keep playing.

There's a corpse in the 19th
District, 27 Strasserberggasse.

Okay. Niki and I
will meet you there.

Rex! There's work!

Excuse me.
Where's the ladies' sauna?

- Upstairs, first floor.
- Thanks.

- At last. Hello.
- Hi.


There were several blows
to the skull with a blunt object

which shattered the skull
and caused severe brain injury.

There are no defense wounds
or murder weapon.


Several blows...

With a blunt object.
No defense.

I assume the killer
took him by surprise.

Hi. Forensics says
it's a classic break-in.

His name is Bernhard Baumann.
He owns a private bank.

His sister and her husband are
here. They were at the opera.

I can't believe
Bernhard is dead.

There was a chance
it would happen some time.

I must try to
get the candlesticks back.

That's not important now.

They've been in the family
for years. I want them back.

Good evening.
Hoffmann, Homicide.

Good evening.

- I'm sorry about your brother.
- How did it happen?

A burglar took him
by surprise.

But there's an alarm.

It alerted the security service

but when they arrived
it was too late, unfortunately.

- May I see my brother?
- Not at the moment, I'm afraid.

I have some questions and
I need a list of stolen items.

Is anything special missing?

I haven't been able
to check yet.

- I really can't say.
- It's not that urgent.

But it is important
for our investigations.

Here, Rex. Breakfast.


No offenders on the books
who break into villas

and get carried away, eh?

No stranger's fingerprints, eh?

What's in the will?

The numbers
mean nothing to me.

I just want to know
what the bank's worth.

Okay. Call me
if there's anything new.

The financial terms are no help.
Tell me in Schillings.

No, euros.

Not bad.

Yes, I'm also pretty sure
it wasn't a pro.

And what else have you got?

Commercial Crime says Baumann
and his sister own the bank.

They're doing extremely well.

She owns everything now.
Forensics found his will.

The killer was apparently
an amateur.

Do you think
she hired him to do it?

That's like in a bad
70's detective novel.

Greedy bank heiress
has brother killed.

but I don't believe it.

She has other ways besides
getting a burglar to kill him.

I'll have another look
around the villa.

We'll ask about the loot
in the relevant circles.

The list of stolen items
should be here somewhere.

Wrong. You gave it to me.
Come on, Kunz.

Oh, that's right.

Have you seen Rex anywhere?

He got in here,
but then where did he go?

He came straight up here.
Did he go anywhere else?

This seems to be
an older scent.

Are you from the police too?

Hoffmann, Homicide.

Did you let the water
out of the pool?

Mrs Fuchs, poor Mr Baumann's
sister, asked me to.

She said to empty the pool and
have the bathrobes washed.

Are you shopping
or just wrecking the furniture?

It's all used.

- The more used, the dearer it is.
- I'm looking for candlesticks.

You've just found one.

Not like this.
I'm looking for silver ones.

Baroque, a set of four.

We don't have any.

That was one of two,
but people break everything.

Rd Pay a good price.

Now I understand. You mean
stolen candlesticks, Inspector.

- How did you know?
- The police always tell us.

Yes, but how did you know
I was a policeman?

Your badge is hanging out.

I can't help with
stolen baroque candlesticks.

But if I can give you
a hand with something else...

Any time.

It's great that lovely ladies
like you are cops now, honey.

If we're so informal
I'll have a look around.

It wouldn't be the first time
stolen items were found here.

No need to, sweetheart.
Let's go out together instead.

Fine, sweetheart,
if you're into handcuffs.

- Hey!
- Where are the Austrasse bins?

- No idea. Why?
- I need them.

Excuse me.

Sorry, but we need
the bathrobe as evidence.

Thank you.
You've been very helpful.

Burglary says the angel
was stolen three weeks ago.

You brat!

And if you don't give me
a hot tip soon, watch out.


if anyone knows,
it's Gustl Brunner.

He deals in
really hot things.

Where can I find him?

There's a little bar
near the brothel in Lichtegasse.

- Doesn't he have a flat?
- Of course.

But you'll find him at the bar.
He uses it as his office.

Fractured skull beginning
in the anterior hairline area.

Hello, doctor.
You had something to show me?

Yes. Look.

The first head blow
came from the front.

The man fell down and was then
hit on the back of the head.

- In that order?
- Yes. It's Pupp's law.

If two brain fractures occur
after one another

the lines of the two fractures
never intersect.

Hence the sequence
of the blows.

He could have just
knocked him over.

That means it was
deliberate murder.

Perhaps the victim
knew the killer.

He was apparently
at the crime scene earlier.

Besides, in the contusions
on the scalp

I found traces of oxidation.

So the murder weapon
could be a metal object.


Four silver baroque candlesticks
were stolen.

Find them and you should
have the murder weapon.

Do the police have any idea
who it was?

No. ls my wife
still on the phone?

You're making me wait outside
like some employee.

So many people are calling
now word's got out.

My brother did own
half of the bank.

Have you got anywhere?

I called all the antique dealers
on your list.

- And?
- Nothing.

They say the loot
wouldn't be sold this soon.

And who says it will be sold
to a dealer?

No one.

But I don't care.
I want the candlesticks back.

One dealer told me
about a fence

who does very risky deals.

- That's all I know.
- It's not much.


But those candlesticks
aren't worth much.

In one of the bases,
my brother...

hid a hard disk
from his computer.

The data on it concerns
only him and me.

- Are you in the right place?
- That depends.

I'm looking for Gustl Brunner.

I have no idea who that is.

I have something to sell.
I need money.

I don't know
where Gustl is right now.

But he drops in
almost every day.

He does his business here.

He sometimes takes
a girl upstairs,

but he doesn't pay them...

He sells them things cheap.

I can't buy anything.
I need money urgently.

You can earn money here, too.

You're not serious?

There's nothing to it.

You get a cut from the drinks.
The rest is up to you.

No one's ever needed training.

Who knows
when Gustl will come?


- It's on the house.
- Thanks.

Hello, Gustl.
The usual?

What else?

Hi, Gustl.

You're here already.

I hope it's worth it.
I'm usually asleep at this time.

Something fantastic.
You'll be amazed.


I can see that, too.

- Where'd you get it?
- Doesn't matter. How much?

800 euros.

Damn currency.
Doesn't sound like much.

It isn't...

but the watch is so hot
you could iron with it.

- I heard what happened.
- I didn't mean to.

I'll keep the thousand
and sell you the other things.

Some watches, candlesticks
and other bits.

- Hello. How about it?
- I'm off duty.

Mr Gruber,
she's told you twice.

Go and sit in a booth.
Gerlinde will be here soon.

Anita... He's the second
customer with an animal.

There's a veterinary hospital
nearby. A good excuse.

You know what vets charge.
And we get the money.

What's wrong with the animals?

Nothing at all.

But at home they say
"Oh, dear. Hansi's a bit pale.

"L must take him to the vet."
And here they are.

- What do you want?
- I'm looking for Gustl.


Hi, Niki.

Where are you?


Bring me the short
low-cut black dress,

fishnet stockings and high heels.

What should I bring you?

Not so fast. I'll repeat it...

Your apartment keys
are in the top drawer,

you need the short
low-cut dress,

fishnet stockings,
high heels... and all black.

I'll see what I can do.

- Has someone died?
- No, Niki's in a brothel.


She's looking for a fence
called Gustl.

- Sounds familiar. I'll check.
- What's that?

An antique movable coat stand.
I've always wanted one.

Come here.

We have the DNA analysis
of the traces on the bathrobe.

There are skin fragments
from two men on the belt.

Some from our banker, but lots
from an unknown person.

And the dead man's sister

has nothing better to do
than have the robe cleaned.

And her husband's calling
all the antique dealers

trying to get
the stolen items back.

We can't stop them.

But the trail's being blurred.

Some people can do
what they like.


Done any work yet,
or are you just hanging around?

- I was waiting for my clothes.
- As if you needed them to work.


Take a break.
It's a business meeting, okay?

Tell me when you're finished.

Let's go. We can discuss
the rest upstairs.

I never thought we'd end up
in a seedy hotel again.

Makes a change from home, eh?

Hey, you can come too.
It's not what you think.

Suit yourself.

This is the receiver,
Gustav Brunner.

No current address.

He tried to sell a gold watch
stolen in the robbery,

but the jeweller didn't take it
and called us instead.

One more reason to stay here.

The fence is bound to
lead us to the killer.

The items haven't passed
through many hands yet.

Hey, I said
the short black dress.

I couldn't find it.

It's pointless to arrest
Gustav Brunner and pump him.

He's a pro. He'll only admit
to what we can prove.

I know why you said
I wouldn't be noticed with Rex.

There's a vet clinic nearby.
It's open day and night.

The guys use it
as an excuse.

Hey... If you're peeking,
you should have come in before.

He's here now.

My name's Fuchs.
Mr Brunner?

What's up?
The office is closed.

Sorry, but I've got
urgent business to discuss.

Leave us alone for a bit,

What is it?

I'm sure you've heard about
the murdered banker.

- Where do I come in?
- I'm his brother-in-law.


Here's a list
of the stolen items.

I want to buy them back,
and I hear you're the expert.

- Says who?
- I want them back.

I pay well, and the cops
won't hear a thing.

We'll see what can be done...
if anything.

You look fantastic.


On what other occasions
do you wear that?

It's my outfit for hard cases.

Trying to tell me something?

You told them earlier
you needed money

and had something
to sell Brunner.

I got it from the police depot.

You're right. I wouldn't
have known what to offer him.


A guy was asking for Gustl
this afternoon.

- What did he look like?
- Elegant, tall...

Medium-length hair, cute.

Do you know who it was?

Our victim's brother-in-law.

- You look really good.
- Thanks.

By the way, Gustl's here.
You had something to sell him.


Hey, look at that.
A new face. Very nice.

- Care to join me for a drink?
- Love to.

I wanted to sell you something.

I need money urgently.

I hear that all day.

It's not worth more than 300.

I was hoping for a bit more.

I'll be right back.

You have it easy, while
we're slaving away out there.

I'd have liked
to work in the brothel.

Hi, Niki.


I'll see if I can find one.

But send Kunz.

You'd be noticed.

He's to come to the hall
between the bar and the hotel.

Gustl's getting pushy.

Right. Bye.

Brunner's in the bar
and is getting pushy.

See if you can find
a golden Rolex in the depot.

An Oyster set with diamonds.
Take it to Niki.


I'll call Brunner
and try to distract him.

- Won't be easy.
- I'll think of something.

Here's to the beginning
of a wonderful bit of sleaze.

You know the saying
"Love hurts."

Maybe the ring
will be worth a bit more.

Gustl! Phone.
It's urgent.

I've finished for the day.

- Work, that is.
- He's finished work.

Tell the idiot to come at once
or I'll go elsewhere.

You should come, Gustl.
A better class of guy.

Do I have to?

He seems to know you.

What's up?

Hi, Gustl.
It's me, Poldi.

What sort of Poldi are you?

What do you mean?

We were inside together.

Where and when?

Last year,
in the 2nd District Court.

When exactly?

They let you out in January

and I was in a bit longer.

You said I could call
if anything came up.

Which wing were you in?

I was in Four
and you were in One.

We often met in the yard.

Okay. What's up?

Right. A St Francis,
a St Florian and a Mary.


Early baroque.
The very finest.

Where did you find them
before they were lost?

It's in the paper...
two days ago.

I'm interested.
Come here this time tomorrow.

What's that panting
in the background?

I got myself a pit bull terrier.

Do you want to hear him?

Leave him at home tomorrow.
I'm allergic to dogs.


Is everything okay, Niki?
These two were in the depot.

This one.

- Luckily someone called Gustl.
- Yes, it was Marc.

I thought
you were cheating on me.

I wanted to look good for you.

Amazing watch.

- I got it cheap.
- Can I have a look?

Gustl does good deals
or none at all.

- They cost...
- If not more.

I'll sell it in two days.
Just like that.

- What's your room number?
- 14.

I'll go ahead.
Bring champagne.

Of course.
You can rely on Gustl.

- Well?
- Yes.


- I'm going up with Gustl.
- Have fun. Be careful.


You haven't been up there
for ages.

Gustl gives everyone
a chance...

or he wouldn't be Gustl.


I've never understood
why Goethe said "More light."

- You know Goethe?
- Well...

I once got
a book collection cheap.

With the furniture.

First we'll drink
and get in the mood.

You come here first.

Some fingerprints are from
the victim, a few from Gustl

and some are from
an unknown person.

Not for long.

If he doesn't have a record
all our work is in vain.

But he does.

Manfred Koller.

- Convictions for theft...
- And an address. Let's go.


- Calm down.
- Any closer and I'll jab you.

I'm only telling you once.
Just one step!

Relax. We're looking
for Manfred Koller.

He's not here.
Piss off!

We could take you with us.

Where did the dog come from?


What dog?

God knows what your dealer
gave you. Where's Manfred?

We can send you to detox
if you'd rather.

Koller shot through yesterday
with all his gear.

- Where to?
- No idea. I'm not here much.

Hi, Gustl.

Can you tell me
what happened last night?

You were so drunk
you fell over.

I can't remember a thing.

I feel as if I'd been
struck by lightning.

Don't worry about it.

But it is a bit embarrassing.

- It might work out next time.
- Sure.

He's coming.

He's getting in a taxi.

- You look exhausted.
- I had a wild night.

- Got the money?
- Yes. We'll get the stuff now.

And you went to the banker's
place and robbed him?

- More or less.
- How could anyone pick you up?

He's into weird stuff.

Go out the back way.

- What's up?
- Kunz, Homicide.

I'm arresting you
for stealing a watch.

Get me down!

Get me down!

So you broke into
Baumann's villa.

He caught you, and you hit him
with one of the candlesticks.


What made you decide
to rob him?

I thought there'd be
plenty to take.


You make a living
from ordinary theft.

Aren't robbery and murder
out of your league?

Have you contacted
the dead man's sister?

I told you I killed him.
What more do you want?

To know what really happened.

Mr Koller...

Please take off your scarf.

We found flakes of skin
on the belt.

We'll have no problem
proving they're yours.

You'd been to Baumann's house
before, right?

He picked me up
at the station.

He said he'd pay me. We were
in his house and in the pool.

Then he started strangling me
with the belt.

I ran away without the money.

I wanted to get it
the next night.

But there was none there,
so I took the things.

You killed him
because he recognised you.

Haven't two young men
been reported missing recently?

Well, and then...

Fuchs offered double
what it's all worth.

When was the handover to be?

It's too late now.
In about an hour.

- A good deal.
- The statues weren't bad.

- Am I bugged?
- No.

My colleague phoned you.

By the way...
give me the watch.

I'm having a rotten day.

- What are you doing here?
- Working.

I get it. Now I understand
what was going on.

Don't worry,
it could happen to anyone.

Now we're all good friends,

you help us,
and we'll forget a few things.

- Is everything there?
- What I bought from him is.

Give him the money.

He's in a hurry.

Out you get.


That's what it was all about.

A hard disk.

Your brother murdered
two young men.

You knew, and you wanted
to cover it up.

And you almost succeeded.

Tell us
where he hid the bodies.

In the forest,
near our hunting lodge.

- Have you known for a while?
- Since the second murder.

He promised me
he wouldn't do it again.

Can I go to my cell now?