Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 12 - Berühmt um jeden Preis - full transcript



Limbach Antiques

I already own
several canope jars

but this one
is really special.

Imagine, the Egyptians
used these beautiful jars

to preserve
the entrails of the dead.

Like most, it's ceramic
and in perfect condition.

Here's the amount
we agreed on, Mr Limbach.

It's always a pleasure
doing business with you, Consul.

Tell me...

Have you heard of the theft
from a Bucharest museum

of a sarcophagus containing
a well-preserved mummy?

Of course. Word spreads
quickly in the art world.

It has often been restored,

but a rarity like that is worth
about ten million dollars.

That's the sum
I was thinking of.

Would you like to see it?


18th dynasty, 1300 BC.

I've seen photos of it
in several books.

It's all genuine.
The museum did lots of tests.

- When can I have it?
- It won't be that easy.

We should wait
for the dust to settle.

You can have it
in a few weeks.

It's a deal, Mr Limbach.

Of course.

And as usual
you'll be paid in cash.

Excuse us for a moment.
I'd like to speak to Mr Forster.

Of course. Meanwhile, I'll look
at that beautiful Anubis.

You know the sarcophagus
has been sold!

We'll make a copy of it.

That's twice ten million.
We'll keep the second ten.

I don't like it.

We've got away
with shady deals before.

What about the mummy?

We need someone
who fits into the sarcophagus.

You mean
you want to kill someone?

People are killed every day
for far less.

"Young men wanted
for TV spot.

"Under 30, 160 cm tall, rounded
head, short hair or bald.

"Contact 06763238709."

Why would anyone need
someone like me?

They need someone
who looks a bit different.

Okay. I'll go.
I'll pick you up after work.

- Good luck.
- Know what?

We'll use the money
for a holiday, okay?

We'll use it to retrain you
for a better job.

Why? You earned it.
After all, you found the ad.

You shouldn't drink so much.
You won't be able to do it.

I'll do it.
But I've never killed anyone.

You wash people
and make them up every day.

- But they're dead already.
- I know.

But this will pay really well.

It will set you up for life.

Can't your business partner
take care of it?

We'll do what we agreed.



They're here.

We'll take the photos here
where the props are.

The photographer is waiting.

We've had a few applicants,
but we're sure you're the best.

Rex! We may be on holiday, but
you can still fetch the paper.

It would be nicer
without tradesmen, but...

He's getting it.


The Detective

I came to say goodbye.

You won't get as far as Venice
like that.

- Why not?
- Some Italian will grab you.

- Well, if you don't...
- You said not to.

I said I don't want
an affair with my boss.

And I'm still your boss.

and thank God.


Are you there?


Wait there.

He'll think
something has happened.

Something always
has happened.

I just wanted to drop by...

and say goodbye
before I...

- I'll be off.
- Like a beer?

Good idea.

I know where it is.

We can't even
say goodbye in peace.

I've stuffed lots of animals

and done plenty of embalming.

But I've never used
natron before.

It draws water out, dissolves
body fats and kills bacteria.

- Can I help you?
- I don't think so.

Everyone just sends me
somewhere else.

- What's it about?
- My boyfriend.

He disappeared a while ago.

I think you should
come into my office.

I know something's
happened to him

and that it must be
connected with the ad.

What did the ad say?

They wanted young men
for commercials,

under 30 and 160 cm tall.

They wanted short hair
and a rounded head.

- How did he contact them?
- There was a mobile number.

When he didn't return, I kept
calling him, and the number.

There was no answer.


did he drive
to the appointment?

Yes. He said
he'd leave the car there

and they'd pick him up.

The police found the car

Something could be wrong,
but on the other hand

a lot of people that age
disappear and turn up again.

- But Blacky...
- Who's Blacky?

His cat. He'd never have
left him alone.

He's with me now.

It won't be easy to copy.

First, this sarcophagus
has been restored several times.

And it's full
of repaired spots.

Second, I use special paints
mixed with bone.

Good idea to sell it twice.

- It wasn't my idea.
- The goods from Egypt are here.

You can see the things
I got in Luxor.

- Is it all genuine?
- It's all from ancient Egypt.

We can use it
to make a perfect replica.

We've made a few
antique pieces before.

You just worry about
the mummy.

I need photos
of the real mummy

to match the bandaging.

- Found anything yet?
- No, surprisingly enough.

No fingerprint of the owner

on the steering wheel,
gearstick or driver's door.

So someone took the car away
and wiped off all the prints.

We did find a few fingerprints
there, in the glovebox.

- Did you...
- Yes.

On the rear-vision mirror

we found a print
that's not the owner's.


Would you remove
the driver's seat?



- It took a while.
- Isn't that his car seat?

You said someone
was in his flat.

We'll find out if it's the guy
who took the car.

- Does that mean...
- No.

It doesn't necessarily mean
anything's happened.

If the person who took
the car came here...


Rex will find out.

He seems more interested
in the cat.

I found him
hiding in the cupboard.



Good. Find.

Right. He got in there
and drew the curtains.

Could your boyfriend
have lit the candle?

No. I gave it to him
but he didn't want to light it.

So they drew the curtains
and lit the candle.

A few things are missing.

But his favourite jacket is
there. He'd have taken that.

I didn't tell you
because I thought you'd...

Don't worry. That's fine.

Could you see
if anything else is missing?


What's up?

The mummy is from a time
when the heart was left intact.

And you only just noticed?

I don't know these books
by heart.

What will I do?
I got rid of the heart.

We need the heart back.
X-rays will show it's missing.

I hope the rats
haven't eaten it.

What are you doing?


Let's see
what he did down there.

Rex! Wait!

With all that muck in there
you need these.

When I think
that just two days ago

I was in a gondola
on the Grand Canal...

- Your holiday's over.
- Unfortunately.

Why, is there something
I should know?

- What do you want to hear?
- The truth.

As a cop you should know
no one tells the truth.

That doesn't apply to cops.
Well? Did anything happen?

Before anything happens,
something always happens.

No, no.
Don't look in there.

The holiday's over.

I hope it has nothing to do
with Sascha Kénig.

Me too.

I've never seen
anything like it.

Body parts are often hidden
in forests or in water.

But why put entrails
in a garbage bag?


We've done a DNA analysis
of the organs from the drain.

It matches the DNA
of the hairs...

you brought me
from Sascha Konig's flat.

So it's true.

Ever had a case
like this before?

Offensive and defensive
corpse dismemberment, yes.


removal of the entrails
such as here...

I haven't come across that
in all my years at work.

Do they know
how it was done?

The organs were removed
quite professionally.

Everything is there
except the heart.

Sounds like a ritual murder.

Except that we found
four teeth with fillings

and traces of natron.

- What does that mean?
- Well, it means...

although it seems a bit absurd...

The only
possible explanation...

This is really very absurd...

is that the dead man
was going to be mummified.

Mummification was an art
in Egypt.

Internal organs were removed
without damaging the body.

The brain was taken out through
the nostrils with special tools.

Then the bodies were laid
in natron

to dry them out completely.

Only then were they bandaged.

What's the deeper meaning
of the ritual?

Egyptians believed they'd keep
their body in the afterlife.

Can you imagine anyone here
making a mummy?

You mean a forgery? Yes.
They've always been around.

Around 1900, provincial museums
were often taken in.

What's a mummy worth
on the black market?

Several million dollars.

A real mummy and sarcophagus
vanished recently

from a Romanian museum.

Can a mummy be faked?
I mean, technically.


A good animal taxidermist,
for example, could do it.

That's a colleague of his.

He's called Anubis.
He guarded cemeteries.

He's the god of mummification
and the protector of the dead.

The ad said "rounded head".

About 160 cm,
aged under 30.

That's what they looked like.
And most of them died at 30.

I'm very sorry, Miss Rauch,

we have to assume
that your boyfriend is dead.

What happened to him?

He was the victim of a crime.
That's all we know so far.

I promise you we'll solve it.

He was the quickest,
best taxidermist in Vienna.

He still would be, if not for
the drinking after his divorce.

Could you imagine Schneider
mummifying a human being?

No idea.
I haven't seen him for ages.

But I'm sure he could do it.

If he's desperate for money...

Where can I find Schneider?

As I said, I haven't
laid eyes on him lately.

I'm really sorry.

Okay. Thanks.

Come, Rex.

You can't talk to him any more.

That's my dog.

He has gradually adapted
to his environment.

Tina should have been home
long ago.


The patrol officer said
he drove her home.

She's not at home.

The neighbour said
she went that way.

- I should have taken her home.
- We'll find her.


Rm going to jump now.

Believe me, I know how it feels
to lose someone suddenly.

I can't go on.

Do you want to throw
your life away?

It's worth staying alive.

I don't care about anything.

Right now, perhaps,
but things change.

Go away.

Leave me alone here.

I won't do that.

I'm waiting here
till you come down.

Leave me alone.

What about
your boyfriend's cat?

Sascha said
he'd never leave it alone.

What will happen to it?

I'm going to come closer.

I want you to come down.


Everything will be fine.
Please give me your hand.

Well done!

I'm glad they've taken
the real sarcophagus.

It's too much of a strain.

Sure, but the ten million
is in the bank.

When the second deal
is finalised, I'm leaving.

Feel free. When I'm the boss,
things will really get going.

I wish it was all behind me.

Don't worry so much.

When this and the sarcophagus
are gone, so is the evidence.

What about Schneider? He was
meant to start the bandaging.

I know. He should have
been here two hours ago.

His first payment was too much.
He's probably drunk.

I told him
to keep his mouth shut.

- He's in it too.
- You never know with a drunk.

But I know where he lives.

His damned drinking
will give us all problems.

Hey, ham rolls. Great!

We used to have them
all the time.

- Where's Niki?
- Here I am.


I spent last night
with Tina.

Her mother's come
to stay with her.

Here's a Schneider
who fits the description.

But he's now a corpse-washer
at Hernals Cemetery.

Homicide, Hoffmann's office.
Kunz speaking.

- I hope he can help us.
- We'll see.

We have a corpse.
Schneider, unfortunately.

My name is Hoffmann.
Detective Herzog.

So you found Mr Schneider?

Svoboda is my name.
We work together.

Schneider prepares the bodies
and I bury them.

- He lives nearby.
- Why was he here at night?

Whenever he drank too much

and couldn't find his way home,
he'd sleep here.

I always said
there'd be an accident.

Let's have a look.

Can I help?

No, thanks. We've finished.

Head injuries.
Various fractures.

The left hand is broken too.

Shoe marks on the coffin.

Maybe he ran into it drunk
and it fell on him.

A tragic accident. I always
said something would happen.

We'll have him taken
to Forensics anyway.

Where's Schneider's apartment?

The deceased lived
just around the corner.

If you will follow me...


- That often happened.
- What?

He thought the door was locked
but it was open.

Drinking is a dangerous vice.

If he'd seen the door was open,
he might still be alive.

Death strikes man rapidly,
often in his prime.

You said it.

The vice made him look older
than he was.

- Please excuse me.
- Can I help?

Not at the moment, thanks.

- That was his ex-wife.
- Impressive.

At least,
that's what he always said.

Do you know if Mr Schneider
did any other work?

You can see
that he lived modestly

but allowed himself
the odd drink.

He was a taxidermist once.

True, but you need
a calm hand for that

and he didn't always
have that.

Your dog's digging up
Schneider's garden!

Tell me,
do you lend him to people?

No. I don't think
he could help you.

I'd never have known
Schneider had so much money.

But who did he get it from?

I'd like to know that too.

I'm not sure I'll be
as good as Schneider.

Probably better.
He was drunk all the time.

When I found him
he was incapable.

He'd have gone to hospital
and may have blabbed.

I was uneasy
right from the start.

No one
gets really rich legally.

One must take a few risks.


What if the police
investigate Schneider's death?

Forget it. They'll think
it was an accident.

The blood alcohol content
was 2.67.

Niki found shoe marks
on the coffin.

The coffin fell on him.
The indentations show that.

But he'd have had to
push the coffin back up

for it to fall on him again.

Impossible, as he was
too badly injured.

Besides, we found
traces of natron again.

He seems to have been
involved in the mummification.

So you're getting somewhere.

I'd like to know why Konig's
filled teeth were removed.

Anyone who is forging
a mummy

must be aware that
the mummy will be X-rayed.


there were no fillings
in ancient Egypt.

Thank you. And send us
the material too. Bye.


There are other fingerprints on
the notes besides Schneider's.

Not unusual with notes, is it?

Yes, but the one we found

is identical to the one
on Sascha Konig's car mirror.

Great! ls it on file?

Sadly, no.
I've checked.

The notes are quite new,
and numbered.

Can we find out
where they're from?

It's too much for an autobank.

The National Bank may know
the branch

and we can check
who withdrew it.


Davis says there's a good
transport opportunity coming up.

- Do it the usual way.
- Yes.

He'll send a car and someone
with a diplomatic passport.

See you later.

Luckily it was
a small branch,

so they remembered
that day's large withdrawals.

Three firms withdrew
5,000 euros or more.

A tailor, a paper wholesaler
and an art gallery.

An art gallery...

Yes. They deal in old artworks,
including Egyptian ones.

We need a fingerprint
and I know where we'll get it.


What can I do for you?

I've heard you're an expert.

Can you have a look
at this, Mr...

Roman Forster.

A scarab.

Just to be sure
we don't damage anything.

Most considerate.

May I ask
where you got it?

It's an heirloom.
I want to know what it's worth.

At first sight
it looks genuine.

And at second sight?

An interesting forgery.

- 19th century.
- Are you sure?


They seem so real
they're even in museums.

You have to be a real expert.

Thank you.

- That's all.
- Sorry not to be more positive.

Oh, well. It would have been
nice to be rich suddenly.

If you ever want to sell it...

But it's a fake.

Well, we also have
customers looking...

for something
in the lower price range.

But I can't offer you much.

Then I'd rather keep it.

As you wish.

Goodbye, Mr Forster.

Luckily he touched the box
the scarab was in.


All the fingerprints come
from the guy in the art gallery.

Great. Sadly,
Forster isn't the gallery owner.

It belongs to
a certain Mr Limbach.

We've got nothing on him.

- What now?
- I'll call the public prosecutor.

- Have fun.
- And if we don't get a warrant?

We'll think of something.

Let's go!

Yes, I realise that.

Not much of our evidence
will stand up in court, I know.

Excuse me, sir.

A man with a good reputation
can still be a criminal...

All right. I understand.


- Nothing?
- Request for warrant rejected.

Rex doesn't know that.

If Sascha's in there,
Rex will find him.

If he does, he'll indicate it
with this strap.

Okay, Rex.
Find the dead man.


Rex has found him.
We'd better hurry.

Away from the van!

Hands up! Freeze!

Here's evidence that will
stand up in court, Prosecutor.


Sadly, I can't arrest you,
but my dog can't read.

No problem.

- Where's your mobile?
- In the car.

Get the mobile from the car.

I think your car's broken down,
but you can come with me.

Anything else
we can do for you?

Drop that.
Hands behind your back.

You caught the other guy.