Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 11 - Verliebt in einen Mörder - full transcript



Melanie, wait.

- Please sign this.
- No autographs.

No autographs.

- Here's Anita.
- Hi, fans.

Here I am,
saving the best till last.

Can you stand beside me
so I can film both of us?

Later... later.

All of you will get an autograph.

What about Melanie's comment
that you're just a pseudo star

and no competition for her?

How can she judge?
She only does ads.

Please! I have Austria's
biggest autograph collection.

Not today, Mr Definer.

- No autographs.
- I didn't...

She's grumpy
because her boyfriend left her.

A pity. She's not in Austria
very often.

- Anita Scholz, may I?
- Of course.

- For Erich...
- For Erich.

- Thanks, Anita.
- You're welcome.

That's enough.

- Here's the real star.
- Anita!

I'm happy to declare
the venue open.

Drink a lot
so the host gets rich.

Look at that awful dress.
She wore it three weeks ago.

But tonight,
drinks are on the house.

So drop your inhibitions.

Here we go.
One, two, three.

She can't even do that.

Thanks, darling.

That was the proverbial
lousy rehearsal.

Now, watch this!

I'll just go
to the little girls' room.

Don't you follow her there?

No, I will not do that.

- You should be careful.
- How are you?

- I'm very well.
- Great.

Lets drink to that.

Melanie, wait for me.

I've been trying for two years.
It's for my collection.

Not you again.
Leave me in peace.

It won't take a minute.

Didn't you understand me?

Just once, I'd like to go
to the toilet in peace.

I absolutely need you
for my collection.

I'll call my bodyguard.
Switch off your bloody camera!

- Do you know how much it cost?
- Who cares?

- Here. Black, with one sugar.
- Two, please.

But you always take one.

For such a big cup,
I need two.

Thank you.


You should clean your gun too.

- But I have.
- I don't think so.

Your kit is completely untouched.

Well, I simply cleaned my kit
after cleaning.

- Where's Kunz?
- No idea.

But you were whispering
to each other before.

- Before he left.
- Nothing important.

Rex, they belong to Kunz.

Tell me what Niki and Kunz
are hiding from me.

- Rex gives nothing away.
- All right.

I don't need to know everything.


Inspector, do you know
if it was murder?

We know nothing, nothing.

- Hello there.
- Hello.

It's a classic broken neck.

She was knocked down
with this champagne bottle,

fell down the stairs,
died instantly.

This is the best sort
of champagne.

- An excellent drop.
- And expensive.

Yes. Years ago I organised
a pathologists' conference

and by chance the venue
was in the Champagne region.

- An incomparable experience.
- I can imagine.

So if anyone, at any time,

would like to make me happy,
he now knows what I like.

Have a lovely evening.

Oh, her bodyguard
was the one who found her.

Have a lovely evening.

It's Melanie Berger.

The one in all the ads?

- Her purse is here.
- And all her credit cards.

What's up?
Did you find something?

It's the same champagne.

- What's this?
- No idea.

Hey, well done.


- Look at Fritz!
- And then I'm called in.

That outfit suits you.
You look sexy.

- Really?
- Absolutely.

- Well, any success?
- I think so.


The culprit
may have stood here.

You can see the restaurant
from here.

I suppose
he watched his victim.

You know, you might as well
go back and enjoy yourself.

We'll do this by ourselves.

Well, keeping secrets from me
once again?

- Not at all.
- Well, ciao.

Listen, Kunz,
I wish you luck.

Inspector, can you comment
on the case now?

My dog's barking.

What's wrong?

- Well?
- He wants to do the interview.

Wait a moment.

Come, he'll take care of it.

- He arrived or left this way.
- Or both.

Do you think
he planned the murder?

In that case he would have
brought the weapon.

- Carmen?
- Who else?

The people here
are completely shattered.

During the opening
of a city restaurant

a gruesome murder took place.

Melanie Berger,
well-known model,

was attacked with
a champagne bottle and killed.

It is assumed
that she died instantly.

- The culprit...
- Did you see the blood?

must have followed her
to the toilet and escaped...

Why do they show the body
so briefly?

The culprit left no trace,
the police so far have no clues.

You'll hear more
in our midnight bulletin.

We now return...

Killed with a champagne bottle.
Probably an expensive sort.

Killed going to the loo,
and there she is on TV.

She gets headlines
even when she's dead.

We won't be filmed
when we're dead.

This Melanie, she understood
how to have a career.

She marries a famous man,

gets divorced,
and suddenly she's someone.

When I was young,
I had all those chances.

To have a career.

But then, your dear dad
walked into my life.

Mum, please stop it.
It's not my fault Dad left you.

This Melanie had no education,
she was a nobody.

But she made it nevertheless.

Can you remember

what you wrote
for Mother's Day?

"Dear Mummy,
when I grow up

"I will be so famous
you will be proud of me.

"Your Carmen."

Why call yourself Carmen,
when your name's Ilse?

That's why.

That's why.

And how famous you've become.

You cut strangers' fingernails.

That's a super career.

Congratulations, that's great.

You're in for a surprise.

She resented being chased
for her autograph.

Did she complain
about a particular person?

No, all she said was
that people got on her nerves.

She'd been quite stressed lately.
Didn't want to give autographs.

- Since her boyfriend left her.
- Yes.

Why didn't I go with her?

How did you know
her boyfriend had left her?

- It was in the papers.
- Yes?

- How could I miss that!
- Maybe it was her chaotic life.

- Better than no life.
- Not recommended.

Don't you have
a single paper left?

Sorry, they sold like hot cakes.

Must be the champagne murder.
You could try at the station.

There's nothing to fear.

You'll get a bypass,
then we'll remove the kidney,

and look after
your damaged liver.

And remove your hand
from my bottom,

or we'll amputate that too.

And remove your hand
from my bottom,

or we'll amputate that too.


Ms Scholz?

Herzog, Crime Squad.
We have a few questions.

Yes, top floor.

- You think Scholz is cool?
- As a nurse, yes.

- You watch sitcoms.
- At night, the repeats.

As no one shares my bed.

- So that's why we're here.
- Precisely. That's why.

She opened the venue.
Maybe she saw something.

Besides, Scholz and Melanie
often fought.

There have been court cases.

- How do you know?
- It's common knowledge.

You read gossip columns.

So do you.

Sometimes, at the hairdresser's.

No one reads them,
but everyone knows them.

He's with us.

I told you I stood at the bar
the whole time.

On hearing about the murder,
I was so shocked

I called a cab and went home.

You and Melanie quarrelled.

She said in an interview
I'd had liposuction.

That's absurd.

You will not find a single scar,
I'm extremely disciplined.

My breasts are untouched
as well.

That's fine.
We believe you.

Three years ago
I was crowned Miss Mallorca.

As far as I know
you and Melanie came to blows.

Must your dog do that?

Yes, she smacked me
during a reception

when I said she kept having
plastic surgery.

Which is true.

She smacked me
and I hit her back.

Do you think I'm involved
in the murder?

You know what's going on.

Would anyone benefit
from her death?

Of course, there's envy
in the entertainment world.

But surely
no one would go that far.

- Did you notice anything?
- No.

Only that Melanie was being...
a bit difficult.

She wouldn't give autographs.
People commented.

- Did anyone complain?
- Yes, a man I've seen before.

I think his name's Erich.
Yes, Erich.

I don't know his surname.

So your dog
has a search warrant?

Yes, always.

You didn't get me any wine?

I'll get you some tonight.

- And what do I drink till then?
- Mum, stop drinking so much.

I'll get some myself.
Did you get the paper?

Yes, I even went
to the station for it.

Our newsagent had none left.

Look at this,
it's got really big headlines.

Guess what they've called
the murderer.

Champagne murderer.
Sounds great.

The police have no clues.
Must be a smart one.

Who is the champagne murderer?

Listen, I have to go now.

What? With the motorcycle?
Yes, I'm looking forward to it.

Yes, me too.
See you soon.

Yes, I'm here.

one can't do anything more.

The forensic team
couldn't find any fingerprints.

Not on the bottle or the door.

Her ex-boyfriend's in Paris.

He's got an alibi for last night.
I had it checked.

This part here
belongs to a video camera.

this is a very popular model.

Oh yes, those chocolate treats,
Rex had a go yesterday...


Calm down, Kunz.
I'll get you some new ones.


we're meeting tomorrow.

- I'm glad.
- Thanks for the advice.

You don't wear normal gear
to a rock concert.


- Pay me tomorrow.
- Thanks, bye.

You've brought
a lovely flower today.

Thank you.

I may have something
for you too.

Why didn't you say anything?

I'd have bought you a sausage.

Come on,
we have things to do.


I'm going to a party.
Come in 30 minutes.

Ciao, see you.


Fabulous. It must be
Vienna's greatest collection.


It's my life's work,
I catalogued it all.

Here, for instance,
the politicians.

Here, the actors,
easy to get your hands on.

Years ago, you broke into
an actress' home.

- Just for an autograph?
- That's right.

It was a silly story.

But she withdrew
the accusation of trespass.

You see, it's like this.

Famous people need us,
and we need them.

They'd be nobody without us.
Even yesterday,

they wanted us there.

- They always do.
- You didn't score, though.


Melanie's autograph,
just before her death...

That would be something.
It'd be worth a lot.

Do you know
the other autograph hounds?

Sure, Horst Huber was there,

with the wardrobe mistress
from the Burg theatre.

He's got a newsagency
behind the theatre.

- We went for a beer.
- The wardrobe mistress' name?

Mueller, I think.

Fine, Mr Dorfner,
thanks a lot.

If you remember anything else,
call me.

Are you mad?

You destroyed this autograph,
it's now worthless.

It's an autograph?

- It's just a scrawl.
- It's Elvis' scrawl!

You could say
that it's his phone number.

Consider yourself lucky
you're a policeman.

They go on about her death,
I don't get it.

They call him
the champagne murderer.

It's the greatest crime
in a while.

Tomorrow it'll all be
a thing of the past.

To kill a celebrity at a party
takes some determination.

The murderer seems
to interest you.

Not you?

No. I've had enough.

There's all this publicity
because she was in ads.

- What if he kills again?
- I doubt he will.

How does it feel
to be famous?

It's indescribable.

If you're in the spotlight
you forget how hard it all was.

You must believe in yourself
and stay determined.

You wore a lovely dress

How do you know?
ls my photo in the paper?

I was there.


I didn't see you there.
How did you get invited?

I filmed Melanie,
I already did you before.

The film with Melanie
turned out great.

- Do you want to see it?
- No.

You have to see it.

I don't want to see it!
Have you gone mad?

Check the sensational coverage
I got.

But this is...

- Any clues?
- No.

The wardrobe woman
saw nothing.

Just the usual celebrities.
What about you?

The newsagent noticed
a young woman with a pageboy.

- And?
- She had a video camera.

Did he know who she was?

Unfortunately not.

She tried to film Melanie,
who refused.

The newsagent will drop in
after closing up.


Anything new?

Why should there
be anything?

- From the champagne murderer.
- Nothing new there.

The police have no clues.

I thought
he may have struck again.

You've got some imagination.
Why should he kill again?

Now that he's making headlines,
he might continue.

Serial killers
are more famous than others.

- But not here.
- What would you know?

Those who start something

often get more famous
than mere imitators.

About 1.72 metres tall,

a loner, and incredibly
keen on celebrities.

Wore a blue or green dress
that night, he can't recall.

That's something.

I gave Dorfner
a copy of her identikit.


It concerns
the champagne murderer.

Check around
the Empress Sissi monument.

- Who is this?
- If you want the murderer,

check the area near
the Empress Sissi monument.

- Be careful.
- Worried about me?

Rex would warn me
about any explosives.

A video casette.

Stay down. Don't move.

Rex, stay down, don't move,
stay down...

everything all right, punk?

That wasn't a good idea.

She must have dropped it.

But this is Anita's flat...

She must have died yesterday,
hit by this champagne bottle.

The skull's severely bruised
and fractured.

Those red marks are lipstick,
aren't they?

The nose, ears and mouth
are marked...

Could the murderer
be showing surgery scars?

The ears
were certainly corrected.

So she did have
plastic surgery.

Struck down
by a champagne bottle again.

There's a better use
for this champagne!

I don't get it.

She records the crime scene
then calls us.

It must give her
a real high.

It's untouched,
not broken into.

Who would a single woman
let in?

A boyfriend, girlfriend,

masseur, postman...

cleaning lady.

In any case, someone she knows.

Nail polish remover.

Didn't she have
red nails yesterday?

- I didn't look at them.
- I know what you looked at.

This manicure
wasn't quite completed.

We've searched the house,
there's no blue nail polish.

Look, this was in the jacket.

The ticket was stamped
at 11.22 at Hernals station.

- Give it to me.
- No, not without gloves.

Now to the weather,
but first, a news item.

The champagne murderer
has struck again.

Anita Soholz,
popular actress from Hospital,

was found murdered
in her flat.

More about it
in news on the hour.

He killed again,
it's becoming quite scary.

I told you,
now they'll all talk about him.

Anyone can become famous.

- For such a reason?
- It doesn't matter.

If you kill just anyone,
no one cares.

If you kill someone famous,
you become famous yourself.

You're right.

Anyone can become famous.

- Well done.
- I'd like a nose like that.

Really? I prefer this one.

How can you say that?

Your nose is fabulous.

Yes, I'm coming.


Hello, Mrs Ecker.
Hoffmann, Homicide.

This is Ms Herzog.
We're looking for your daughter.

Why do you want her?

Please tell us where she is.

Well, in her room,
or the kitchen.

Excuse me.

- She's not here.
- Nor here.

One, two, three...


I'll announce you,
and you come outwith a flourish.

- What do I do then?
- Start presenting.

With pleasure, dear.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

As you all know,

we're all here tonight
to welcome the most talented...

young designers.

What a stupid text!

No one mentions the time...
I must put on make-up.

Stupid cow.

I know what you just said.

- So what was it?
- Bitch.

Wrong. What I said
was "stupid cow",

as my vocabulary
is bigger than yours.

So at least you have
one big thing.

Her real name is Ilse.

But she called herself Carmen
even as a child.

It sounded more interesting.

She always wanted it
to become her pseudonym.

She began with ballet,

and the teacher
told her to stop.

Do you know
how much that cost?

When I was young,
I had every talent you need

to be successful.

Well, it no longer matters...

Mrs Ecker,
where is your daughter now?

Then she tried singing,

but didn't want to understand
she had no talent.

Mrs Ecker,
where is your daughter?

Only yesterday she said
anyone could become famous.

What did she say?

- What?
- What did she say?

That anyone can become famous.

Anyone can become famous

There. She's there!

Fabulous. Stefanie Netzberger
in "Sweetheart".

And now I ask the jury
for their scores.

That's about 25 points all up.

Thank you, and applause.

This is a creation
by Ujan Burac

and has the seductive name
"Invite chez Madame Bubu".

All I can say is oh la la.

Great. It's swarming
with famous people.

But she's after Vanessa.

- This is by Judith Scharf...
- Rex, stay.

- I'll look around.
- I'll check the staff.

"Ringel" by Judith Scharf.

And this is "Pink Plastic City"
by Caroline Stanzl.

And here comes "Scrabble",
by Eva Maria Strutzenberger.

A fabulous dress.
And the colour!

And now, dear jurors,
your scores.

There's been a change
among the jurors.

A lad in a designer fur
scores high.

I'll say nothing to that.

Applause! For the Hetzendorf
fashion design school.

The caterers noticed a new girl,
who's now vanished.

It could be her,
she must have got in.

Katharina Preuss in "No Name".

may I see you for a moment?

Herzog, Crime Squad.

- What do you want from me?
- We think you may be attacked.

- That's ridiculous.
- You'd better cancel the rest.

No way. I don't want
to lose my earnings.

I must continue.

And here are the scores.

Katharina Preuss gets 15 points.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
I ask all candidates

to appear for a final parade
on the catwalk.

Ms Ecker!

Don't move!

No idea how she looks now.

I'll do an interview
for the TV station.

I've told you,
you're not safe here.

I'll do the interview,
it's important for me.

And you stop this nonsense.

Vanessa, could it be related
to the recent murders?

Is the champagne murderer
targeting you?

If you're as famous as I am,
many envy you.

- Did you know the victims?
- Of course.

We all did.

Who is the champagne murderer?

I can think of a few
likely suspects.

It's me,
I'm the champagne murderer.

Ms Ecker, please wait.

You're famous,
but will be jailed for life.

I don't mind, I knew that.

But much will be written
and said about me.

- Why did you kill those women?
- They were in the spotlight.

But read about it
in the book I'll write in jail.