Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 10 - Happy Birthday - full transcript

Inspector Rex

- Get me another drink, Poldi.
- Not now.

You can't drink.
You're driving later.

It calms you down.

Don't get scared.

I'll do the important bit.

You stay in the car
till we return.

Forget it. She should have
been here by now.

- She may not come.
- She will.

If she knew our plans...

What? Her company
transports valuables.

The jeweller...

has his diamonds delivered
on the first Friday every month.

And on Saturday, we arrive.

If we do all the work...

we should get the lot.



Who's he?

- He's my brother.
- Brother...


- You're late.
- Calm down.

- We have the guns.
- Only for self-defense.



Where's the car?

Choose one.


Get in.

Move forward a bit.

Can I help you?

- If you can...
- I'll do my best.

- I want this one.
- Right.

- Delivery by tomorrow.
- That's pushing it.

Well... I could deliver it
and assemble it there.


It's a good machine. I'll show
you one exercise for your back.

If you grab this
and then pull it...

Down to your back...

I must alter my grip.

It was wrongly adjusted.

Looks like it.

I'm more into combat sports
like judo and karate.

- Delivery on time?
- Yes.

- I can rely on it?
- No problem.

Hands off the alarm.
Open the safe. Come on.

Don't play tricks.

- Hey, what's that for?
- The key.

Open it very slowly.

Get down on the floor!

Come on, let's go.

Have you gone mad?

We didn't plan this!

Get out!

Hey, trying to cheat me?

Waiting for the police? Go!

- Not by myself.
- Clear off, fast!

Anybody here to serve me

- Can I help you?
- Just looking, thanks.


Art Nouveau...


All the police outside...
What's up?

Someone robbed the jeweller.

in broad daylight...

Hello. Police.
Please let me through.

Please make some room.

Thanks, Rex.

Please stay back. Move back.
There's nothing to see.

A small mocha
and a double Fernet, please.

The showcase
seems to be intact.

So only the safe was robbed.

An insider tip-off?


The jeweller set off
a secret alarm.

Two minutes later,
the police sealed the area.

So the attackers
must still be here?

Can I help you?

Yes, if you have a murderer.

- The jeweller was shot?
- Yes.

See anything suspicious?

No. But I was out
for a while.

And when I came back
there was this woman.

This woman?

She mixed up
Art Nouveau and Baroque.

But a woman like that
wouldn't buy antiques.

Well... not antiques. I saw
at once she didn't belong.

- What did she look like?
- A beatnik.

Black shoes, black coat...
black hair.

- A Goth?
- If you say so.

May I offer you a coffee?

- What do you want?
- To talk.

But I don't.

Sorry, I'm Hoffmann...

You were there when
the jeweller was killed.

No, not true.


My dog thinks differently.

What dog?

The murder weapon, I assume.

Maybe she managed
to get away.

I don't think so.

When the police came
you got out. She couldn't have.

And you pushed off.

Should I have stayed in the car

until the police checked on me?



Damn it!

- The policewoman has the bag.
- The diamonds...

What now?

We keep going.
I've killed a jeweller.

We don't have the diamonds.
I can't stop now!


So, once again...

Your accomplice
committed the murder.

But you don't know him, right?

I met him in a pub
in the Prater.

You've lived there
for a while.

Do I have to know everyone?

So you planned a robbery
with someone you didn't know?

Your firm delivers valuables.

So you knew when the jeweller
expected a diamond delivery.

I'm not saying any more.

Okay, so we'll return
to the start.

We have lots of time.

I show my ID and the driver says
he can't see it.

I hold it higher,
he still can't see it.

I reach up very high...

It happened then, too.

- And?
- It may take time.

But, that won't worry you,
will it?

I'm off now.

Ah yes, Marc's birthday.
Where's the party?

It's a surprise.
I'll call when I'm ready.

Nice of you to help me, Rex.


what will you give Marc?


I ordered a cake.
You can give it to him.

There's not much petrol left.

Like the other car. It must
have been missed by now.

That was her.

Get going. Come on, quick!

Hurry up or we'll lose her!

1 million euros in diamonds
have gone.

A man is shot dead and
the weapon's in your bag.

I'll say it again. I don't know
where the diamonds are.

And we never planned
to kill the jeweller.

Maybe you can recall
your accomplice's name.

Once again...
I don't know his name.

I only know he took part
in raids and did time in jail.

That's no help.
There are many like that around.

Rex, the baker's open.
Go and get the cake.


The garage door's open.
No need to ring.

Come with us.

What's this?

You'll be sorry for that.

- Anybody else here?
- No.

A man lives here.
Where is he?

At work.
He'll be here tonight.

Where's your gun?
Tell me!

I don't have it.
Today's my day off.

What do you want?

We want the diamonds!

Why so careless?
Now we can't leave.

Shut up! It hurts terribly.

What are you doing?


This phone doesn't give an ID.

The police can't use it
to find us.

They might trace it.

Old phones take at least
five minutes to trace.

So we keep it short.

This Iris Konrad
is very stubborn.

Tell me, where have Niki
and Rex gone?

They left a while ago,

Maybe it's to do
with your birthday.

My birthday...
I forgot all about it.

Hoffmann, Homicide.

We have the policewoman
who arrested Iris.

We want the diamonds.

She'll suffer if you don't do
exactly what we say.

How do I know it's true?

- Her clothing...
- Intercept, Hoffmann.

Black t-shirt and grey slacks
with zipped side pockets.

She has head injuries
from resisting.

- I want to talk to her now!
- Hold on.

Mind what you say.


Hey... are you all right?

Yes, I think you'd better
obey them.

- What about the diamonds?
- We didn't find them.

I want to talk to Iris.
I'll ring again.

- And?
- Too short.


Where is she?

She went to organise your party.
I'll start a search for her car.

Not so much.
It's for your pain.

What's up?

The police don't have
the diamonds.


It means that Iris has hidden
them somewhere.

So when you talk on the phone
to your accomplice

I urge you to suggest they give
up and free my colleague.

It will help you in court.


ls Iris there?


Before they trace the call,
where are the diamonds?

Only I know. Before I talk
I want out of here.


If I don't get out
you can forget the diamonds.

Give me the policeman.

You heard what she said.

Impossible. I can't just
release her.

That's your problem.

I don't know
how to solve it.

I'll give you
my mobile number.

Don't shoot. Don't!
I can shut him up!

Don't shoot! Please!
I can calm him.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

- Get him down or I'll shoot!
- I will. I can do it.

- And don't get ideas.
- Okay.

Sir, my colleague's life
is in danger.

The only way to resolve this

is to release
the woman on remand.


Thank you very much.

Let's get going.

Stay close to me.

Open it slowly.


Quiet, Rex!

Walk by slowly.

Shut him up.

Quiet, Rex!

Take the key and lock the door
from the outside.

The key...


No wrong moves!

Well, and now?

Your mobile's ringing.


She's next to me
in the car.

All right.

Yes, I'm out.

This is what you do next.

Go and get the diamonds.
Tell the police to take you.

That will be hard.

I'm handcuffed to the car.

All right.
He wants to talk to you.

What's up?

Open her handcuffs.

Don't ask.

You must free her anyway
if we say.

Then we'll free
your colleague.

Wait! I want to talk to her.

Watch what you say.


- Are you all right?
- Yes, so-so. Listen...

Now you've heard her voice.
I'll ring you again.

- Where's the cabinet?
- Which one?

The baroque cabinet.

Ah, it's you.

It's been delivered.
We were restoring it.

- Where to?
- Its owner.

- You were here yesterday.
- The address?

- She won't sell it to you.
- Just give me her address.

If I must. But I warn you,
Mrs Prohaska hates the police.

They once took
stolen goods from her.

I assume this is the key.

- Which drawer has the loot?
- Second top, on the right.



- Hello.
- What is it?

I'm trying to locate
an electrical fire.

I don't let anybody in.

Madam, this is serious.
Can't you smell the fumes?

You're right.
There is a smell of fumes.

You may be in danger
if I can't check.


Meanwhile, will you
watch the fuse box?


Watch for
the slightest change.

Like what? In 50 years
nothing has ever changed.

Never any flames?


No, I don't remember
any flames.

You'd better have a look.


It's okay.
Must be elsewhere.

Now you're here,
please check the fuse box.

Why? ls something wrong?

I saw some flames.

There aren't any flames
in a fuse box.

But you said there could be
flames and there were!

Thank you.

Snotty brat... electrical!

I must ring
the policeman again.

If they get the diamonds
we must ditch Iris,

then get the diamonds back.

Don't you think
Iris will know?

The police agreed
to release her.

He can drive to Schénbrunn
and release her there.

Then we send him to Dornbach,
to a spot on the canal.

Hold this.

He throws the diamonds in

and soon after they're at a spot
where we can get them

without the police knowing.

And will it work?

A guy in prison
told me about it.

You wait in the car and
watch her till I get back.

I don't know how I'll ever
make it to the car.

You must.
We must leave here.

Yes... Hoffmann.

Yes, we have the diamonds.

Wait, can I speak
to my colleague, please?

I'm okay, thanks.

My head and teeth hurt
and I can't hear well.

- Give me Iris.
- Just a minute.


- Do you have the diamonds?
- The inspector does.

No problem.
He'll hand them to you.

Tell him to go to Schénbrunn.


I'll explain later.

- So?
- We're to go to the Prater.

Try to get UP-

- Rex...
- It hurts terribly.

We must get away.

I'll try to find some crutches.


Please put on
different music.

with your accomplice?

I wish I'd done this
by myself.


Then you'd be in prison,
not here.


Too much TV, Iris.

Trying a big job
to escape a small life, eh?

At least I tried.

Things don't look too grim
right now.

There he is!

The diamonds!

- You won't get far.
- Don't bet!

And don't move!



I'll get you another schnapps.

Mrs Herzog...

I've brought
the fitness machine.

- Mrs Herzog isn't in.
- But I rang earlier.

She left.

She said she'd be in
all day.

- It was urgent. Just leave it.
- I can't.

- Why not?
- She asked me to erect it.

Leave it there. It's okay.

I'll be in trouble
if I don't.

She paid for me to do it.
I'll be 30 minutes.

Well, hurry.

- Where's the bathroom?
- What?

She asked me
to set it up there.

It's over there.

I'll open the door.

The dog's gone.

Kunz, give me your gun.

throw away your weapon!

Come out!


Goodbye. Thank you.


That's enough!

- Kunz...
- Yes?


- Yes, we are.
- Stay there. We'll call you.

Wait! I want to talk
to my colleague.

Hey, everything all right?


Tell me...

do I hear my favourite music?


Hey, Fritz...

I know where Niki is.

Take Iris to prison.
I'm off.

- Where is she?
- At my place.

- Marc...
- What?

- How do you know?
- I just heard my music.

As soon as he's finished
we're off.

Excuse me!

Do you have this screw?

Hang on!

I need
a 30-mm screw.

No, we don't have one.

I'll try a hardware store.
Back soon.


Let's go before
he returns.

I'll get the car.
You blindfold her.




All right, Marc.

Well, I have good news
and bad news.

The good news is there's no need
for you to share.

The bad news...

today is vegetable stew.


Today's Thursday.

In prison they serve stew
every Thursday.

- Still hurting?
- A bit.

Well, the machine's assembled.

- Thanks.
- My pleasure.


Happy birthday.

Hey, Rex...

For me?

Thanks, Rex.