Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 8, Episode 1 - Polizisten küsst man nicht - full transcript



Let's go eat after the movie.
I'm so hungry.

I know where we'll go
and what I'll eat.

Schnitzel, rice and potato salad.

All right, I'll shut up.


Excuse me.

Hey, my Wallet!

No, my wallet.

- I wasn't even near you.
- Your mate stole it.

And he's clumsy.

- I'll call the police.
- Great.

I'll report you, bitch!

There you are, guys.

Open up.
I've still got other plans.

Do you always carry handcuffs?

Don't you?


I'll have some olives,
some sardines,

and some sun-dried

and some mushrooms.

- A bit of everything.
- Yes, but no onions.

Oh my God,
I'm so sorry.

- I'm really very sorry.
- So am I.

Give me your jacket.
I'll wash it outwith hot water.

Thank you.

What are you up to?

Oh, that...

Please don't panic.

Can you hold this?

I'm a policeman.
Here's my badge. Don't worry.

Sorry I'm late,
I was held up.

You came.

What's wrong? They're fresh.

Doesn't hurt at all.

Been skating long?

- What?
- Been skating long?

- Since I saw you here.
- Your skates do look new.

Got a bandage?

No, not here, but at home.
I live quite close. Come on.

- What's going on?
- Quiet! Shit!

This is a cinema!

There must be a reason
he's barking.

There's a gas leak.
Please leave immediately.

Come on, hurry, hurry.

Come, Rex.

Sorry, I sneeze
when I'm excited.

It doesn't matter.

- Bless you.
- Thank you.

This could have been tragic,
if your dog hadn't noticed.

So I did well to smuggle him in.

You see,
Rex is quite leisure oriented.

But when something's up,
he goes right on duty.

You didn't see all of the film.
I'll get you two tickets.

For you and the dog.

Basically I only came
because of your injury.

Forget it.
It doesn't hurt now at all.

You didn't fall just by chance,
did you?

No, I did have to train
for it a bit.

Quite unnecessary.

If you hadn't fallen over,
I'd have thought of something.

So this is where you live.

I've been trying,
for a while at least.

The rent's low, but restoring it...

Whenever I have money
I get a tradesman.

Do you do anything yourself?

No, I don't.
I have no talent for it.

And when it's all finished,
will your girlfriend move in?

Is that a trick question?

Do you always reply
with a question?


And no girlfriend...
right now.


what about you?

My story ended
six months ago.

And why?

Because he thought
he could boss me around.

It wasn't a relationship,
it was a bind.

- Mine thought she knew it all.
- How long did that last?

Until she began pointing it out.

So you play tennis?

It's for the dog.

Your dog?

No. I've wanted one
since I was a kid.

- Why not get one?
- It just didn't happen.

So you have the ball,
but not the dog.

I see.

- What will you do tomorrow?
- I start a new job.

- I see. What is it you do?
- I'll tell you next time.

- So it's bad?
- No. And what do you do?

- You'll be surprised too.
- You're a gangster?


You want water?
Of course, Officer.


Hello, Rex.

Hi there.

- Welcome to Homicide. Coffee?
- Sure.

- For you, to introduce myself.
- Red or white?


I got something for you too,
of course.

You'll never guess what it is.

Hey, are you still taking
that desk over there?


Do you always carry it like that?

No, only when it's cold.

I left it in the freezer overnight.

I see.

Tell me, Fritz, has the new guy
been here yet?

Yes, right after you got here.


Sweet, clever,
very attractive.

- I see.
- I bought a flower right away.

- And where's he from?
- Homicide in St Pélten.

- What's his name?
- Niki.

You can call me Niki.

Yes, hello.
I'm Hoffmann.

Marc Hoffmann.

Nice to meet you.

This is Fritz,
who you already met.

I brought you something.

Thank you.

This is...

Say nothing.

Thank you, Rex.

The cake's really for Rex.

This is for you.

The best pencil sharpener
there is.

When I was here before,
I noticed your pencils.

Nothing for you
as I don't know you yet.

- Sure. How could you?
- Exactly.

I'll go and get
some proper glasses.

Did you know who I was?

Of course not.
Just ask Kunz. Did you?

Are you implying
I knew who you were?

Who was the one
who fell while skating?


But we're still colleagues.

- And I'm your superior.
- What a pity.

Hoffmann, Homicide.

No, he's not here now, so...

Yes, we're on our way.
Thank you.

What's up?

A couple, murdered...

What do you think of women?

Me too. But did you see
how he looked at her?

Weird. But they'll get used
to each other.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Why didn't you?

- Who'd kiss a policeman?
- Some people are prejudiced.

I know.

I think we should forget it.

I easily separate my
private and professional lives.

I can't, unfortunately.

That was the last one.


- Yes, what's up?
- Hi, Leon.

Meet my new colleagues.

Hello, my name is Graf.

I'm Hoffmann.


Well, we'll be meeting
quite often in future, I guess.

Several bullets were fired

all of which exited the bodies

except one.

Probably a high-calibre weapon.

That's possible.

The gunshot wounds
slant downwards,

indicating the culprit stood
in front of the car.

No smoke traces on the victims
or on the windscreen.

- Either he stood further away...
- Or...

he used a silencer.

Yes, excellent. Whose forensic
lectures did you attend?

Yours, Professor.

I'm very pleased to hear that.

There are black fibres
on the windscreen.

They left those
for you to look at.

Now... what else?
Rigor mortis had set in totally,

so, considering
the temperature,

they'd been dead
seven or eight hours.

So I imagine it happened
around 11 last night.

Thank you.

Look, this branch
is newly broken.

It points in the direction
opposite the scene of the crime.

So the culprit fled that way.

Tyre marks, made by a bike,
it looks like.

- I wouldn't have seen that.
- That's not all Rex will tell us.

Look at this.

Black fibres.

Like the ones on the car.

They've been identified.

But not to each other.

Must you play with the dog?
It makes me nervous.

Any reason to be nervous?

My wife was murdered
last night.

And you have a motive,
but no alibi.

How can I? I was alone
in my office till midnight.

That's what an architect does
who's just set up his own firm.

Does the dog have a question
or can I go?

Your co-workers say
you often acted jealous.

True. Because I knew
I left my wife alone too much.

- What's wrong?
- Can't we go somewhere?

- I'm scared because...
- Some guy's shooting couples?


It makes it more exciting.
Nobody's there, baby.

I couldn't know where
my wife and her lover went.

Maybe you saw them
and followed them.

Rex, watch the ball.

In the Vienna Woods
ten minutes ago

a masked man
threatened a couple.

They escaped
and are now in a parking lot

on the Hoehenstrasse.


Rex, come on,
there's work to do.

Listen, keep him
until I call you.

The gun's in the middle drawer.

I'm looking for the damn bag
with those wool fibres.

Top drawer.

Your gun.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Must I tell you the story
all over again?

No. I was about to ask
if you'd like a coffee.

We'll take you home.
You'll feel better there.

All the best.

Singer Strasse.

I sent your girlfriend home.
She's not well.


Did you notice anything
about the man?

Tall, short, fat, thin,
rapid or slow moving?

All I saw was the gun
and the mask, and I was off.

And where was he?

Where your dog is now.


When I saw him, he was here.
Then he pulled out the gun.

We were lucky
to get away alive.

Was he the one from last night?

We'll find out.
There are imitators, too.

Search. Search.

- Bike tracks.
- Just like yesterday.

Lost the track.

There you are.

I see.
So you're going to sleep here.

I'll wish you good night then.

Well, we can forget
about the husband.

It must be a serial killer
who plans his murders.

Remember the fibres
on the windscreen?

Perhaps he took something
from the car.

The dead woman
had no lipstick with her.

Who says she ever had one?

The forensic report
mentions traces of lipstick.

If you cheat on your hubby,
you return with perfect make-up.

True. Tell me, why did you
join the police force?

- And you?
- Always reply with a question?

No, why?

My father worked in Homicide.

Even as a child I wanted
to know what he did.

So I began to read his files.

Inquisitive, eh?

And you?

I studied law
but it was too theoretical.

Hey, I got the information
you wanted.

Two men who live in the vicinity
were reported as peeping Toms.

- That's it, then.
- A voyeur isn't a murderer.

But men often begin as voyeurs
and end up assaulting couples.

It figures that the crimes
happened on his turf,

which he knows.

In any case, he's struck twice.

He enjoys destroying what
he can't get, so he keeps on.

Let's check those two out.

You go with your master.

- Mr Spaeth?
- Yes, what is it?

Herzog, Crime Squad.
Can I talk to you?

Yes. I have some idea
why you're here.

It's always the same
if something happens.

How nice they're now sending
women to handle these things.

I read your file.
You enjoy watching couples?

I watch nature. Where one
lies on top of the other.

And now you'll ask me where
I was on those two nights.

Thanks for your co-operation.

- Doing night work.
- With binoculars, I bet.

I only watch during the day.
At night I work.

- At the Bussi Bar.
- As an emcee?

No, I do the lighting
for the strippers.

- So you see plenty.
- That's no good.

They do it for money.
I prefer it...

to be natural.

- You know...
- You'll check it.

- Right.
- The manager's my witness.

All right. Thank you.

If you ever need a second job,

I could put a word in for you
at the bar.

If I find the time between
murder cases, I'll call you.

I wouldn't do that,
Mr Kilnzel.

Marc Hoffmann, Homicide.

Where were we
the past two nights?

I don't know
where you were.

- I was...
- Well?

At the Sophien Hospital.

Someone caught me
and then...

- I got a beating.
- Tough luck, Mr Kilnzel.


- May I go now?
- Yes, sure.

- What?
- The beast.

Mr Kilnzel,
stay within reach, okay?


Bruised leg?

A kick up the arse.

Well, how's the goulash?

But I have no time to enjoy it.

I'm sorry,
but I can't help you.

Those two in the photo
mean nothing to me.

And I didn't notice
anyone else.

murderers don't look the part.

But in a way
I sympathise a little bit.

It's not right,
what dating couples get up to.

At home, that's fine,
but not in public.

They're all over the place
around the inn.

Good, they're your patrons.

Not any more, they're not.
Hardly anyone came last night.

If this goes on,
we'll have to close.

How many patrons a place needs
is a matter of opinion.

If the police start coming,
we can shut up shop.

- We'll do our best.
- Leave it, Inspector.

Keep the change.



How often have I told you...

Shut up if you're not sure
what to say!


If any of those guys come,
you tell them what I told him.

That you and I were
at the inn all day yesterday.

- So we were.
- Just to be sure.

If Mum were alive,
things would be easier.

I know.

The two prowlers were a flop.

And the Pokornys too.

But you said
the proprietor was strange.

That their accounts differed.

Yes, but those two
were at the inn at the time.

- They provide each other's alibi.
- But...

Pokorny, lovers in a car...

That name came up in a murder
case at my previous station.

- What are the first names?
- Paul, and the son is Fritz.

Fritz, yes.

He was a suspect in the murder
of a woman. He was nearby.

Later her boyfriend
was sentenced for the murder.

That's just like this case.

It won't get you a search
warrant from the magistrate.

Tell me, do these two
live at the inn?

No, they return home at night
to inner Vienna.

Good, Rex.
Stay here and keep watch.

Not again.
Damn those arseholes.

There's nothing here to steal.

Piss off, you bastards!

Come in.

Make yourself at home.

We had a narrow escape,
I can tell you.

It's cosy here.

The two of us
just broke into Pokorny's inn.

That fool Kunz told us
it's empty at night.

And suddenly
this guy turns up.

Going by what Kunz said,
it was Pokorny senior.

I hid behind some shelves
just in time.

There was a red woman's shoe
hidden behind the books.

- Your boyfriend?
- What?

- I asked if he's your boyfriend.
- A red shoe?

In that other case,
a red shoe disappeared.

A colleague sent me the file.

The woman was strangled
with her scarf.

Where did I put it?

Her boyfriend, who was
convicted for the murder,

said he'd left her briefly
to get a drink,

and came back to find her dead
and one of her shoes missing.

His lawyer said a fetishist
must have taken the shoe.

Did it look like this?

It's useless.

Even if Pokorny
admits he took it

it doesn't prove he's a killer.

You're right.

Thanks, Rex.
You saved my blouse.

Well, was he your boyfriend?
Or not?

My father.
He's dead.

I need a schnapps.
And you?

And I tipped him
for the goulash.

Why not go and get him?

Forget it, Fritz.
I was in his flat illegally.

Pokorny has an alibi in both
cases from his father.

And having jailed
an innocent man

they'd never re-open the case.

And the items
belonging to the victims?

With one it was a shoe
and the other a lipstick.

It's okay, Rex.
We're not arguing. Right, Kunz?

A magistrate can say that
in this case a gun was used

so there's no connection,
in spite of the shoe.

Nice to work with someone
who studied law.

But what about the father?

- Is there a case?
- Possibly.

We can go now.


- Waiter.
- Yes?

- Bill, please.
- Sure.

Four glasses of champagne...

And a bottle of this fine wine
to take with us, please.

Well, well...

That comes to
45 euros 60 cents.

- What?
- 45 euros 60 cents.

You sure aren't cheap.

- Keep it.
- Thanks.

Come on.

- Thanks.
- Have fun.

Enjoy your evening.

- I feel a migraine coming on.
- Go and sit under the infra-red.

- Yes.
- It's pretty quiet now anyway.

That's right.

- What are you doing?
- Getting rid of this.

- Before someone finds it.
- Let that be my business.

You do what I tell you.

Take your hand away.
We're faking.

I'm trying, but right now
it's hard to tell what's what.

Could it happen again
so soon?

- Sure.
- I meant, with Pokorny.

No idea.

Do you hear something?


Hands up! Police!

You're the lovers' murderer?


You shot a man two nights ago?

And raped the woman,
then shot her?

- Yes.
- Yes, Mr Pokorny.

But it didn't happen like that.

- You're covering for your son.
- Say the truth.

I knew something was wrong.

He set up a dummy to make me
believe he was at home.

He was leaving,
but I stopped him.

The idea was...

that if he was seen at home
when a couple was threatened,

he'd have an alibi.

He mustn't go to jail.

- He needs psychiatric treatment.
- Get into the car.

Rex, watch him.

Stop! Police!

Rex, come.

Rex, go find him.

Go in.
I'll take the corridor.

Marc, Marc!

- What's happening?
- Everything's fine.

I was just checking your vest.

Help me.

My father died
in a situation like this.


Sometimes I get scared.

You know what?
Me too.

Not you, eh?

Niki, I'd never have done
something that dangerous.

Come on. That's rubbish.

Niki and Rex as partners,

bullet-proof vests
and windscreens...

What more could you want?

No, I have to inform
the magistrate.

Pokorny also admitted
to the earlier murder,

so the innocent man
must be freed.

Look, Fritz, old Pokorny
had to bring up his son alone.

Everything to do with sex
was dirty and forbidden,

so he ended up being a loner
who secretly watched lovers.

And at some point
he simply lost it.

- Coming along?
- No.

Come on.
I'll buy you a goulash.

- In that case...
- Come, Rex!

Rex, come on, breakfast.