Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 6, Episode 9 - Ein Toter kehrt zurück - full transcript




Stop scanning.
Come up slowly.

I underestimated you.

How did you find me?

I've been tracking you down
for two days.

I knew you'd be digging
down here again.

- Now you know.
- Hands up!

- You're shaking.
- Shut up. Approach slowly.

Hanusch, stop!

Good morning...

The dead man had
no money or papers on him.

About 40 years of age,
two bullets in the chest,

no exit marks in the back,
died instantly.

But he wasn't murdered here.

- Any signs of a struggle?
- No.

Any idea when it happened?

About eight hours ago.
Details after the autopsy.

It can't be true!

What's up?

So, we have the dead man's
missing shoe.

Where would we be
without you?



- Are you all right?
- Yes.

- Did you know him?
- Yes. He's Walz.

I worked with him
in Robbery.

Here's your bill.
Please stay with us again.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

- May I?
- I'll carry it myself.


I have a reservation.
The name is Mendes.

Carlos Mendes.

This is Detective Kogler
from Robbery.

My name's Brandtner.
Sorry about your colleague.

He was no longer with us. He
was suspended four weeks ago.


And why?

You remember the bank robbery
six months ago?

Our colleague Walz was shot
and seriously hurt.

That case with
Hanusch, "the mole".

Walz reproached himself,
felt he'd failed.

He'd often stay home
for days.

- Can I have one too?
- Yes.

So he was suspended?

He hardly worked at all.
He was constantly drunk.

He was one of the best
policemen I've known.

Thanks. Wasn't he offered
early retirement?

- He refused.
- Sure. He was a proud man.

- We must let his wife know.
- She divorced him a while ago.

So he lived for his job
until the robbery and shooting.

And the culprit?

He escaped during relocation
to another prison.

Hanusch got to Brazil
on a false passport.

Two months ago
he was declared dead.

- Yes?
- Hello. It's me.

- How are you?
- Fine. Listen to this.

How was it?


What's up with you?
You sound so... strange.

Come on.
It's your imagination.

I know you well enough.
What's up?

- Nothing. Everything's fine.
- Don't lie.

Believe me.
Everything's going well.

I so look forward to Brazil.
Do you believe it?

Time of death 12.30 a.m.
give or take half an hour.

- Any clues as to location?
- I'm afraid not.

But I do have something
for you.

Just wait.

Look at this.

A rather unusual calibre.

- A .762?
- I'd say so too.

If I'd only known about Walz
I'd have gone to see him.

Stop blaming yourself.
It won't change things.

What's up, Rex?

He just senses
that you're not well.

Your tongue is really rough.

Don't look at me like that.

And if I use the phone,
you will too, eh?

He's worried about you.
Let's go.

We'll take a look at Walz's flat.

- Bless you.
- Thanks.

Must you do everything I do?

Now he did coax a smile
out of you.

Have there been any
.762 calibre guns around?

Not that I know of. But recently
a gun shop was robbed.

Three .762 calibre Polish pistols
were taken.

- Anything more on that?
- No fingerprints at the shop.

The shop owner's description
of the thief was very vague.

So if you'd please join me.

This is the new area here.

In these glass cases
you see bones found here.

Some are from other graves
in the area.

In the first one we see remains
dating back to 1530.

You can certainly call them
old bones.

Please keep following me.

This part was opened
in 1735

after the old cemetery
was closed down.

People call this place
the plague pit.

The reason is obvious.

Once such a chamber was full
it was walled up

and a new one was opened.

If you could please follow me.

- Mum, can I use your camera?
- Yes, but join us straight after.

During the period from 1735

Mum, there was a hand.
I saw it between the bones...

It moved.

It told you straight off
you'd need strong nerves.

History can be more exciting
than a video game.

- Come on, I'll show you.
- No more ghost stories.

- Having nightmares, lad?
- But it was really there.

This staircase takes us back
to our starting point.

Someone really went over
Walz's flat.

- No coincidence, I'm sure.
- So the killer knew him?

And was after
something specific.

We found this bankbook
in his flat.

He withdrew a large sum
two weeks ago.

He owns a car space
behind the flat,

but it was empty.

- Got a search under way?
- I'll do it now.

- How is he?
- Not too good.

At least Rex is trying
to cheer him up.


- Brandtner speaking.
- I know what you want.

I heard it on the news just now,

but I've no lead on
who killed the cop.

I want to talk about the robbery
at the gun shop.

Your people would know
who did it.

Is the robbery linked
to the murder?

- Possibly.
- Let's hope not.

It'd be even harder
to get information.

How very considerate of you.

We must check on
all Walz's activities.

Especially who he's been
meeting up with.

As far as I know
he was rather a loner.

Well, somewhere he must have
met up with his murderer.

All right, he was an alcoholic
but no criminal.

I understand
your defending him,

but maybe he went downhill
after being suspended.

It wouldn't be the first time
a cop turned criminal.

But not Walz, not him.

I hope you're right, okay?

Let's call it quits for today.
Rex, let's go.

All right, go along.
I feel better now.

Calling B6.

You composed it for me?

Of course.
But I don't have a title yet.

Spanish or Portuguese?


- I have to go now.
- Oh no...

See you soon.

I guess the boys at the bank
will be surprised.

- Take care.
- Yes.


- Looks like blood.
- Thanks, Rex.

Bingo! I'll call the lab.

- Brandtner.
- Getting the info was tough.


Possibly this was
Schmoll's handiwork.

- Schmoll... first name?
- Harald, I think.

Where is he?

He's an electrician with
a small workshop in Rohrer Lane.

I have to look inside.

Business isn't going
too well, I guess.

Pretty unexciting program, eh?

Says "repaired"
but the picture's no better.

Stop, police!

Mr Schmoll, just give up.

Get me.

Don't be an idiot.
You don't have a chance.

Drop your gun! Now!

You can't pin the murder on me.

Who has the Polish pistol
from the robbery?

- I sold it.
- Who to?

I never saw him.

You never saw him
and you sold him a pistol?

It's the truth.

A man rang
wanting to buy something.

- What man?
- I don't know.

I left the gun in a rubbish bin.

There was a letter with
the money. I took it and left.

I didn't wait to see
who took the gun.

I'll be back.

Now I want to know
what, when and why.

Or I'll get very angry-

- What's new?
- They found a second cartridge.

- With fingerprints?
- Yes, they're checking them.

He claims he went to
a night chemist.

- A toothache.
- I'll check it.

Lab found this in Walz's car,
in the glove box.

- An airline ticket.
- He was in Brazil.

Now we know
why he needed the money.

The chemist remembered him.

He bought pain-killers
at 12.30 a.m.

30 minutes from the murder site.
So he's not our man.

He's all yours.

- I'll get him.
- Thanks.

You've helped us a lot.
We owe you one.

Not a problem... wait.


- Here's your man.
- Wait.

I think this might interest you.

The fingerprints on the cartridge
are Hanusch the mole's.

Hanusch? They can't be.

The Brazilian authorities
said he was dead.

These fingerprints are
less than two days old.

Hanusch is alive.

But why come back to Austria?
Far too risky.

In Vienna he robbed banks,

so if he needed money
he'd find ways.

He knows the city inside out.

- Why did he come back?
- Maybe Walz found out.

So he died.

That's very possible.

But what does he want here?
What is he planning to do?

Tell me...

- Does he have family here?
- Yes, his mother.

She lives in a retirement home.

He's such a nice lad.

When did you speak
to your son last?

Just a moment ago,
before you came.

- Did he ring you?
- No. He visited me.

He visits me as often as he can.

- When did he leave?
- But he's still here.

He'll be back soon.

He just...

He just wanted to get me
something to drink.

Let's wait for him here, then.
Have a seat.

But Claudia doesn't visit me
any more.

Such a shame. She often played
me something.

- On her guitar.
- Really?

You should know
she plays very well.

She even plays in a...
in a...

- How do you call it?
- In a band?


But what a funny name it has.

Something like...

Brazilian Nights.

Why doesn't she come
any more?

Could she be dead as well?

Is this Claudia a girlfriend
of your son's?

- You don't know Claudia?
- No.

But she had a dog
just like yours.

Such a cute dachshund.

Do you know where
Claudia lives?

Which Claudia do you mean?

Ah, here he comes.

- Isn't he a nice lad?
- I'm sure he is.

Well, Mrs Hanusch... goodbye.

Thank you so much
and all the very best.

Come on, little dachshund.

Ex-Cop slain. Killer vanishes.

Ladies and gentlemen,
our branch will be closing soon.

We'll be open again
from 8 a.m. tomorrow.

I've asked everyone.
No one's heard of this Claudia.

Maybe the old lady was wrong.

I don't think so. I don't.

Claudia is playing
in a band...

Brazilian Nights,
something like that.

- I'll check up on it.
- Thanks.

Wait. I found something
on the ticket before.


- A phone number perhaps.
- But not in Austria. I checked.

Any idea what time it is
in Rio now?

Rio? They're four hours
behind us.

Thank you, Kunz.

That was a colleague
Walz contacted in Rio.

He found Walz a doctor who
issues false death certificates.


It seems Hanusch flew back
with false papers.

Walz was after a man
called Santos.

Finally some good news.

What's this junk?
Not fit for a pig.

You don't have to eat it.

- Stupid arsehole!
- Watch out!

Step outside.

You know the consequences?

Yes. Wipe it up,
then scrub out the kitchen.

Get going, get a bucket.

You can help her.

- Inspector Brandtner here.
- Hotel Kummer.

I just got a fax from you.

We do have a Brazilian guest
but he's Mendes, not Santos.

He looks like the man
but he has a beard.

- Is he still there?
- He should be in his room.

Hello. I'm Brandtner,
Crime Squad.

Monday's fine. I'll ring you back.

Mr Mendes' room number please.

- 121, on the first floor.
- The key please.

- Who'll do the stairs?
- My turn.

Room service.

Have fun washing up.
I want this kitchen spotless.

Or you'll be back here tomorrow.

I love checking out
other people's rubbish.

He was living it up.
Restaurant bills...

Look at this,
a map of the city.

He's written something on it.

Park Lane,
corner Wiedner Street.

- Didn't he rob that bank before?
- You're right.

Got the keys?

Secure the back exit.

There's no one here
or Rex would have barked.

What about the alarm?


Yes, simple but effective.

The ice melts
and the ball falls out.

Shit. He wanted us
to come here.

He fooled us with that map.

And we fall for it
like two beginners.

Why are you checking the clock?
Got a date?

- Why not?
- The movies or a show?

- A stroll in the city.
- Then dinner.

- Of course.
- Meeting a guy?

Hey, baby!

You're out of it, going funny
like most of us in here.

Hurry up, I want to go home.

It'll come out of your pay!

Thanks, Fritz. Very good.

A certain Claudia Prosenik
played in a band.

She also worked in this bank.

- Where is she now?
- In gaol.

This hole takes you
straight to Brazil.

- I missed you so.
- Me too.

The plane leaves
in two hours.

This time tomorrow I'll carry you
across the threshold.

How romantic.

Where's Prosenik?

Back there, in the pantry.

Ms Prosenik?

- Where did you say?
- In there.

Have all nearby exits checked.

Rex! They'll get out somewhere.

- I don't believe it...
- And the bitch left me behind!

Keep cleaning.

- Is it far?
- No, we're almost there.

What was that?

Here, this way.
Through the gate.

- You okay?
- Fine.

I'll get us out of here.

200 metres down there,
and you're out.

- We'll go together.
- Take the tickets.

- We'll meet at the airport.
- I won't go alone.

I know this maze inside out.
I'll distract them.

- They'll get you.
- Come off it.

- They'll get you.
- So what if they do?

You know moles always
find a way out.

Now get going.

I love you.

Damn it.

Quick, move.

Cover your ears.

Stay here.

Be careful.

Rex, go round the back.
When I count three.

one, two and three...

Drop your gun, now!

Against the wall.


Now be good.

That damn dog...

That's it, then.
And in your usual grand style!