Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 6, Episode 8 - Der Vollmondmörder - full transcript

A serial killer is dumping womens bodies at local cemeteries during nights when the moon is full, killing them and cutting off their hair with a razor. When a third murder is committed, Alex and Rex must find a link between the killings.



He murdered the women
near cemeteries,

then laid them
on wilted flowers and wreaths.

After that
he cut their hair off.

As you know, both murders
happened at full moon.

At nightfall we'll keep a watch
on all 56 cemeteries in Vienna.

We'll place a patrol
around each one

and have plain-clothes police
patrolling inside them.


I don't think he'll strike
again tonight.

The papers reported
our surveillance.

His urge might overcome
his caution.

- Well?
- Nothing.

I hate waiting around.

Let's go, Rex.

- Where's Rex?
- No idea.

He's been gone
a while.

He's on the roof.


You're really taken
with the full moon.

It's all right.

He always reacts at full moon
but this roof number's new.

I'll go to Simmering,
you take the main cemetery.

- Fritz go to Baumgartner.
- Right.

Let's go.

Another night on a cemetery
and I'll need 3 weeks' holiday.

I'll make us a coffee.


Morning. Gee, you look
well rested.

I showered.
I didn't sleep either.

We're lucky nothing happened.

No messages, so you can
go home. I'll stay.


Brandtner, Crime Squad.



The cemeteries were watched
so he changed to a tomb.

Alex... calm down.

Hundreds of police were out.
We can't be everywhere.

Any information for us,

Sorry, not right now.

Can we get through?

Tell the photographer to include
shots of the audience.

Could the suspect be here?

It has happened.

And tell someone to get
all car regos.


Hello, Rex.

- Hello, Leo.
- Hello, Alex.

What's going on?
Looks like a funfair.

We can't block off the street.

Well, let's have a look.

It looks similar to the first
two cases.

The press blew our cover
so he moved here.

Smart cookie,
your full-moon murderer.

Here we have a circular
horizontal strangulation mark

with a crossed point at the neck

and a massive outflow
of congested blood in the head.

There are no signs of a fight.

So he killed her elsewhere
and brought her here.

From nearby,
like in the other two cases.

Forensics is looking.

- Any idea when it happened?
- Yes.

Livor mortis
hasn't developed yet.

I'd say between
midnight and 2 a.m.

Alex... the dead woman's ID.

She's Judith Geiger,
from the 7th district.

The full-moon murderer
has struck again.

Here, at the Ruprecht tomb
outside Vienna

a young woman's body
has been found.

The woman is Judith G.
from Vienna Neubau.

As with the previous cases

she was found strangled
and with her hair cut off.

Despite two similar murders

police were unable to prevent
a third last night.

The police wouldn't give
a statement

lest it influence
the investigation.

We'll report further details live
as they come in.

She was an art student.

Parents divorced...
father living in the States.

He sent her money.

The neighbour knew nothing
about the mother

but said Judith kept to herself,
and painted a lot.

Not bad.

- This could be her father.
- I don't think so.

He looks different.

Shit! We must inform him, too.

We won't find any clues here.

Well... so far we've assumed
he chose his victims at random.

We might find a link between
the killer and his victim.

Let's hope.

I'm going to the Art Academy.

The full moon
with its eerie grin

has a tremendous effect
on people.

Some are driven to despair,
others freed from inhibitions.

Others become sexual offenders.

The full moon, a recurring theme
in art history.

Less known is the fact that it
increases the effects of alcohol.

So once a month you need
less booze, Brigitte.

What a shame its effects
on people lack scientific proof.

I relate more to art
than to science.


- What can I do for you, Mr...
- Brandtner.

From Crime Squad.
I have some questions.

Crime Squad?

Ask away.

Excuse us, please.

Judith Geiger,
one of your students,

was murdered last night.


How dreadful.

The moon...

ls it to do with these
full-moon murders?


The papers said he might
strike again.

In Judith Geiger's flat I found
a picture signed by Sandra.

Is she a student here?


please come over here.

I just heard on the news that
another woman was murdered.

The same circumstances
as the other two cases.

You don't think that patient of
yours had anything to do with it?

Hard to say.

He definitely has problems
with women.

He claims the full moon
affects him.

That doesn't make him
a murderer.

But you have thought about it?

Of course. And our talks
were in that direction.

Imagine finding out that one
of your patients is a murderer!

Worried again about my career
and your social standing?

We'd better have breakfast.
Your surgery's waiting.

We believe
she's another victim of...

Please sit down.

Of this murderer who strikes
when the moon is full.

When did you last see her?

Last night.
We went to the movies.

Then she went home.
She wanted to sketch.

Did she ever tell you
she felt threatened

or felt she was being watched?

No, she'd have told me.

I saw quite a few paintings
of Paul Mandi at her place.

Did they have
a special relationship?


Judith was in love with him.
But he left her.

Do you know why?

All the female students
adore him, he had many affairs...

although he's married.

And his wife?

His wife travels a lot
and he makes the most of it.

I noticed earlier on

you're all working on pictures
of the full moon.

It was his idea.

He chooses current themes.
A top professional.

And the human side?

Fine, then.

Thank you.

Find the bastard
that murdered Judith.

- Mr Schima is here, doctor.
- Thanks.

Mr Schima.

How was your night?

I took the tablets you prescribed

but they didn't work.

There was this restlessness
in me again.

Go on.

I walked for hours.

Then I went into a pub
and had a drink.

And then?

When I woke up this morning
I couldn't remember the rest.

I told you not to have alcohol
when taking medication.

I heard on the news earlier

that the full-moon murderer
struck again.

A terrible story.

How can people do
something like that?

What do you think?

I don't know.

Tell me about Judith.

As you'll know by now
I had an affair with her.

A long time ago.

You don't seem upset.
After all, you were lovers.

How her death affected me
is none of your business.

You're guilty of her death.
You haven't found the killer.

Because he plans very carefully.

Where were you
between midnight and 2 a.m.?

So you think
I'm the full-moon murderer?

Just answer my questions.

I was alone.
My wife was at the opera.

Then she went for a drink.
She was home by 1 a.m.

Where were you the nights of
August 28 and September 24?


No idea.

- I'd have to look at my diary.
- Do that.

- Right now?
- Yes.

An affair with the victim
but no alibi...

I must go to the classroom
and look in my briefcase.


Last night you were at my place
till 1 a.m. In case they ask.


Don't worry,
I haven't committed a crime.


"My love for you is so strong
it can overcome all difficulties...

"The age difference
doesn't worry me.

"Maybe I have a father complex
as you say...

"You often promised
to separate from your wife."

So she had a relationship
with an older man.

The letters
were written recently.

She could have meant me.

- But it was all over.
- For you.

Maybe Judith didn't accept that.


That she threatened
to tell your wife.

My wife knows nothing.

That can change if I ring her
and ask her here.

Mr Mandi, you still don't have
an alibi.

Well then... I was at Sandra's
that night.

We went through her thesis.

I got home at 1 a.m.

Don't you find it an odd time
for a private lesson?


she'll confirm it.

They've found the murder site.
Near the Ruprecht tomb.

Excuse me.


The solitary tree down there.

The gawpers are a pain

but with all these
restaurants around...

He stopped his car
by the pond.

We found tyre tracks.

Here we found
the same footprints

as the ones
near the Ruprecht tomb.

Like with the other two cases.

Except then, he had to break
locks to get into the cemetery.

These scissors were stuck
into the tree, not deeply.

So he was in a hurry.

Okay. Thanks.

Hello, I'm Brandtner
from Crime Squad.

What's so fascinating
about a murder scene?

It's exciting and
I'm not the only onlooker.

That's true.

- Got your ID with you?
- Are you asking everyone?

I might.


Kurt Schima...
What's your occupation?

I'm a businessman.

You must come here
and make a written statement.


Well... Ms Klein confirmed
your statement.


- Can I leave now?
- Yes.

We've also checked
your diary entries.

I told you I was abroad
on those days.

Lucky you make
detailed entries.

Professors always do.
Have a nice day.

And to you, Professor.

He accepted... the head doctor
accepted. Isn't it great?


Are you listening?

He can help you build a career
you've never even dreamt of.

I think he accepted because
he's a friend of my dad's.

Your father, the great doctor.

Do you want me
to be like him?

Darling, don't forget how much
he's helped us.


I've heard it often enough.

Who could it be at this hour?

I'll answer it.


- What do you want?
- I must talk to you, Doctor.

This is against the rules.
Come to my rooms to talk.

It's urgent.
I'm not feeling well.

I'm afraid of myself.
What if I hurt myself?

You don't look as if
you need urgent help.

I won't be blackmailed by you.

Excuse me.

He chose the Ruprecht tomb
the third time

because the cemeteries
were watched.

The Vienna Woods have
several tombs.

But he chose the one
behind a compost heap.

And he also took a great risk.

The Ruprecht tomb is very close
to the road.

He not only cuts off
their hair,

he also puts them on
dried-up wreaths.

I completely forgot.

Rex noticed a very nervy type
at the crime scene.

His name was Kurt Schima.

I've read that name somewhere.

In the list of car registrations.

- Right on top.
- Thanks. Here it is.

Number plate, W510-NM.

Owner, Kurt Schima.

He was an onlooker
at the scene yesterday.

In the morning?
Are the photos ready?

Yes, they are.

Let's see.

There he is.

We'll have to take a closer look.

- I can't go, he knows me.
- I'm happy with my haircut.

- I've no hair.
- You need a shave though.

Well then...

If I don't come back
give my ham roll to Rex.


I can well understand
you're scared at full moon.

It's a scandal that the police
can't find the killer.

Good day.

- What can I do for you?
- A shave, please.

Take a seat.
I'll be with you shortly.

I don't think you've been here
before, right?

No, but I'll come more often.
I've moved round the corner.

- Which street?
- Rotbauer Lane.

An elegant area.
Nice people, nice shops.

You'll like it here.

Right now people are scared
of the full-moon murderer.

It's a terrible thing.

He must hate women.

But is that a reason
to kill them?

On the other hand,
women can get on your nerves.

The gossip I endure
from my clients...

For women, a hairdresser
is like a psychologist.

Well... if they were only
young and beautiful like these.

But they never come here.
They go elsewhere.

All the victims
were young and pretty.

He selected them very carefully.

He's very cunning. The police
haven't even a clue who he is.

I think he's a lunatic
with an inferiority complex.

Are you well enough informed
to form such an opinion?

Couldn't he just be intelligent
and successful?

Excuse me, I must make a call.

Go ahead.

Hello, Alex. It's me.

I'm at the hairdressers
in Strasshofer Street.

I'm here without my car.
Can you pick me up?

- You think it's him?
- Could well be.

I'll be ready soon.


Come on, Rex.

Any news?

It seems
Fritz is onto something.

- An aftershave lotion?
- Yes, a fresh one.

You won't get far, Mr Schima.

We'll see.


Look over there.

Everything okay, Fritz?

I'll get a doctor.

If you did nothing wrong

why did you attack him
and run off?

I'm not saying anything.
I'm sick.

I get psychiatric treatment
from Dr Clemens. Ask him.

Are you serious?

Trying to get out of it
by pleading temporary insanity?

We'll employ
an independent expert.

He'll prove that
you premeditated your crimes.

Maybe I was seen
at a cemetery.

I've been to cemeteries before.
Can't I visit a grave?

- Which one was it?
- My auntie's.

- Which cemetery?
- Gumpendorfer.

I believe you went to a few.

But only to check them out.

Here, a book with
all the cemeteries in Vienna.

I know it.
It's a necrophiles' guide.

- Many men still use razors.
- Yes...

But not for cutting women's
hair off as our expert said.

Look what I found.

A moon calendar.

We've something else.

You injured yourself cutting off
the second victim's hair.

They found a tiny trail of blood
that's not the victim's.

" And?
" And?

We had a DNA analysis done.

And we'll compare that one
with yours.

I'm glad it's all over.

I'd like to...

Why... why did you do it?

Because I hated them.

Day in, day out,
I had to listen to their twaddle.

- They humiliated me.
- Your victims?

Not them.
They never came to my salon.

I'm a hairdresser in a suburb

where old bags
get rid of their frustration.

Your victims were young
and pretty.

Was it because they were
out of your reach?

I paid them back in full.

I waited for the right moment.

They were in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

And you committed the third
murder at the Ruprecht tomb

because the cemeteries
were watched.

I wasn't at the Ruprecht tomb.

Mr Schima...

What's all this now?

We were making good progress.

You must believe me.
I didn't commit that crime.

Yes, I went. I couldn't believe
someone was imitating me.

Fine. And where were you
at the time?

I have a perfect alibi.

- I attacked a woman.
- You did what?

I wanted to kill again
but she escaped.


In the Botanical Gardens.

- When?
- At midnight.

Then I went to a pub.
I had a drink.

People know me.
They can verify it.

- Describe the woman.
- It was dark.

She was young, slender,
with black hair.

That's all? This woman could
exonerate you.

Had I caught her
I could describe her better.

Take him away.

Smooth as a baby's bottom.


He confessed.

We could have saved Fritz
the shave.

So you knew
I'd be back, right?

Rex, come.

If Schima was telling the truth
the attack happened here.

Possibly. There aren't
many lights here.


Hello, Fritz.

Okay. Thanks.

Schima's details were correct.

The publican said he was there
between midnight and one.

Maybe he killed her at 11.30.

Could Leo be that wrong?

And why would he come here
and attack another woman?

How can we find her?
She didn't even report it.

- She could live close by.
- That's a big help.


Well, there's nothing for it...

Okay, let's start.

What is it?

No idea.

Where is he?

There he is.

This could only happen to us.

We look for a woman
and we find a dog.

He doesn't look like
a stray.

Maybe he had run away
and was hiding.

- He has a dog tag.
- So we'll find the owner.

Come on, rescuer.

Is this the one?

Where were you?
I looked for you everywhere.

He ran away two nights ago.

- Was he frightened?
- Yes.

A man molested me.
I ran away and lost the dog.

I'm Brandtner,
my colleague Beck.

We're from Crime Squad.
I think you could help us.

- Was it him?
- I'm not sure.

It was dark and
he attacked me from behind.

I broke free
and kept running.

I couldn't see his face clearly.


- That's it, then.
- Can I go now?

Not quite. Rex wants
to give you something.

I'll give it to Fipsi.

If you remember anything else
just ring me.

- Thanks.
- Bye.

How could he know she'd been
attacked if he wasn't there?


If he was in the pub, he didn't
commit the third murder.

I also believe the Ruprecht tomb
murderer was a different person.

- There's evidence.
- Such as?

In the first two cases, the hair
was cut off with a razor.

Here the hair was cut
with scissors.

It all fits. We found scissors
at the scene.

Schima always
took the razors with him.

The first two victims were
strangled with a narrow cord.

- Miss Geiger with a wide one.
- So this was a copycat crime.

I can start all over again.
Thanks, Leo. Bye.


Alex, something else.
This girl was pregnant.


- You frightened me.
- I want to talk to you.

Anything confidential?

After you gave
the written statement,

did the police contact
you again?


I feel bad about the whole thing.

I gave a false statement
because of you.

Don't worry.
Nobody will ever know.

I'm deeply indebted to you.

Where were you?

I saw a friend whose wife
had run away.

Will you stick to your statement
if they ask again?

Do I have a choice?
You could fail me.


You're my favourite student.

Who committed
the Ruprecht tomb murder?

Full-moon murderer
only confesses to two...

But why did you give a false
statement about Mr Mandi?

I thought he couldn't be
involved in the murders.

The papers say it might be
a copycat murderer.

And that Judith was pregnant.

You admit giving private tuition
to Sandra Klein

and making advances
which she refused.

You quarrelled.

You left her at about 10 p.m.

Then you went and visited
a prostitute.

- That's right.
- That's right.

Attractive, about 50

Yes, he was here.

- What time?
- I can't remember.

Hello, darling.

- How about you and me...
- No, I'm here on duty.


I have one more question.

I must know the exact time.

It was after 11. I don't start
earlier if business is slow.

It was around 11.30.

- When did he leave?
- After an hour.

He needs foreplay
and afterplay.

We call it the big program.

No details, thanks.

- Are you sure it was him?
- A hundred percent.

He comes here often
and wants to paint us.

Beck, it's me.

It seems he was here
at the time.

Right, anything else?


You seem to be lucky
with women.

The lady remembered you
very well.

- Can I go now?
- Yes.

Have a nice evening, Professor.

- What's up?
- He has a cast-iron alibi.

- Will I be charged?
- No, don't worry.

Can you think of anyone
who could help us?

No. Her only friends
were at school.

Her father was
hardly ever there.

Dr Clemens, her psychiatrist,
might know more.

- Dr Clemens?
- Yes.

- And she started seeing him...
- After they split up.

She suffered from depression.

- Is he older and married?
- Yes.

Judith told me a bit about him.

- It could be him.
- Wow!

- Thanks, madam.
- Bye.

Goodbye. Thanks for coming.

See you next time.

All they talked about

was the full-moon murderer
being your patient.

It's time you had some new,
respectable clients.

Sorry, but it's not my fault.

This is no publicity
for you.

I think you missed out
on the best part.


Eva told me

her husband started an affair
with a female patient.

Because it's not allowed
he's in professional trouble

and she gets everything
when they divorce.

Georg had a relationship
with a patient?

Yes, that little grey
mouse Georg!


I think Eva is absolutely right.

I'd do the same
if I were her.

They forgot something.

- What do you want so late?
- Brandtner, Crime Squad.

- Is your husband in?
- Yes.

- Mr Brandtner from Homicide.
- Thanks.

Sorry to come here at this hour.
It's your patient Mr Schima.

You know I'm bound
to medical confidentiality.

I know but I'm sure
you can help me.

Schima's confessed, but there's
doubt about the third murder.

There is?

- Please.
- Thanks.

In the first two cases he cut off
the victims' hair with a razor

which he hid at the crime scene.

But in Judith's case we were
unable to find the razor.

And how can I help you?

Would a man with his psychosis
change his behaviour?

I'm not a criminal psychologist.


I'm worrying too much.
We'll find the razor tomorrow.

Again my apologies
but I'm sure you understand.

Thanks, goodbye.

Come, Rex.
Thanks. Goodbye.

Mr Schima cut his victims' hair
with a razor.

That wasn't in the papers.

In Judith's case
scissors were used.

Now, Schima could well
have changed his method.

But where the scissors
were hidden

only the killer would know.

Dr Clemens,

your imitation didn't quite
work out.

Well done.

Judith... threatened
to tell my wife everything.

She'd have quite callously
ruined me.

I saw no other way out.

I'd have lost everything.

What have you gained by this?

Are you hurt?
ls everything okay?

Come on.

Come along.


Come here.