Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 6, Episode 7 - Tödliches Tarot - full transcript

Young woman was pushed from Vienna Tower and man is stabbed to death. Tarot cards were left by the body.




Here are four knaves.

They're trying to break
into a house.

Alex will be here soon
with ham rolls.

Well, one of them
stays downstairs to watch.

The others try to break in.

One goes into the cellar.

One to the first floor...

the last one to the roof.

When the watcher calls:"Watch out, police,"

all four are back
on the roof again.

And how does the trick work?

Kunz, Magician Béck
never explains a trick.

So the jack of hearts
is on the outside.

- Practising for a show?
- Why not?

It's a good trick.
I'm happy to show you.

I'll show you again.

That's not fair, Rex.

Never interrupt
a magician at work.

She has bruises on her neck
and her hip.

Will you ring Homicide?

Look, here's
an even better one.

Take a card.
Go on, take one.

Béck, Homicide.


Yes, I'll try to write it down.


Just a minute.

We'll be right there.

We'll talk later!

There's work for us.

A woman was found dead
outside the Vienna Tower.

Hello, Leo.

- Any sign it wasn't suicide?
- Yes.

Strangulation marks on her neck.

But look at this bruising
above the hip.

It's in line with
the body's horizontal axis.

Someone might have pressed her
against the rail.


- Any traces of fighting?
- I'll tell you after the autopsy.

Hold on. Look...

Somebody has pushed something
deep into her throat.

Have a look.

A tarot card.

The tower
of the major arcana.

How do you know?

My lady friend reads cards
at times. And I'm curious.

I found this on the platform.

Her name is Barbara Dostal.
This was in her diary.

"Want to know more
about your future?

"Come up to the Vienna Tower
at noon."

The bruises are the same height
as the balustrade.

- Will we get the report today?
- Tomorrow.

A doctor has a private life too.
Till tomorrow. Bye.

- He has a new girlfriend?
- Looks like it.

Can you get me
some tarot cards like this?

A new girlfriend...

The dead woman had this card
in her throat?

And this piece of paper
in her handbag.

Someone invited her
to the tower

to find out about her future.


The tarot cards.
Quite an expensive business.

The tarot instruction book.

The tower, page 125,
is very interesting.

- Anything else?
- A new-age magazine.

It's a flourishing industry...

Ads for faith healers,
astrologers and fortune-tellers.

According to this

the tower card is
in no way connected to a fall.

It signals unexpected
and deeply disturbing events

that are experienced
as disastrous

but later turn out to be
invigorating and freeing.

It's different with me.

What starts off great
usually ends in disaster.

We need witnesses who saw
Ms Dostal before her fall.

- Is her photo with the press?
- It's being printed.


Fritz... look through this.
You might find something.


I'll have a look
at Ms Dostal's place.


Ms Dostal was a nice woman.
Who'd have thought it...

- Did you know her well?
- Yes.

We've been neighbours
for 10 years, or rather we were.

She often came over for coffee.

Did she live alone?

did she have any men friends?


I must disappoint you.
She was a lonely person.

Don't touch anything.

Had you noticed anybody
visiting her recently?


She worked hard and came home
only to sleep.

It seems she was involved
in the occult.


She used to visit
seers and astrologers.

- Any names?
- No.

This hocus-pocus doesn't
mean anything to me.

Found something, Rex?

Looks like a root.

A strong smell of herbs.

You're a beautiful dog.


It's me, Fritz. Send Forensics
to Ms Dostal's place.

Choose some fortune-tellers
and check them out tomorrow.

- Say you're a customer.
- Why me?

What if they predict
something bad?


This is going to be real fun!

Mysterious Murder

Hello, this is Verena.
I urgently need your help.

I met a man in yesterday's
encounter group.

Please read my cards...

Hello, Gerd Sommer speaking.

I have an interview next week.

I want your advice.
I'll ring again.

This is Verena again.
Help me, Natascha.

I'm seeing him tonight.

Has this relationship
positive energy? He's 42...


- Are you Natascha?
- Yes. Who are you?

My name's Kunz.

I'd like to have my cards read.

- So early?
' Why not?

If it's so urgent,
please come in.


Where's Kunz?
He's usually the first in.

Having his cards read.
Part of the job.

I'm seeing a parapsychologist.

I'll drive to Ms Dostal's office.

Is that incense I smell?

- Does it bother you?
- No, it reminds me of my youth.

I was an altar boy.

The star is your character card.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

You get strength
from an inner source.

Think so?

You have spiritual clarity
and visionary power...

self-confidence and
a hidden sensuality.

Nobody ever told me.

This shows
a different side of you.

You have a tendency
to pedantry.

You make wrong decisions

and doubt others rather than
questioning yourself.

Is that bad news?

You like formal logic.

But it's difficult for you

to translate your findings
into action.

Is it that bad?

- Who recommended me?
- A Ms Dostal.

- Do you know her?
- No.

Paraspychology Society.

- Please take a seat.
- Thanks.

You want to know about
tarot cards?

Where do I start?
The Rider Deck is often used.

It's based on
Eliphas Levi's work.

I'm very interested
in the major arcana.

The word comes from Latin.
Arcane means secret.

To what extent can the cards
predict the future?

No respectable card reader
would give details.

Tarot can help access
the symbolism of the cards

and also
our inner perceptions

which emerge
as we achieve inner harmony.

In other words,
people turn to this game

when they're undecided
and need help.


The 22 cards of
the major arcana

basic human experience.

For instance the lovers,

the hermit,


I'll demonstrate it.

Shuffle the cards.
Pick them up with your left hand.

This symbolises your situation...

your hopes, fears and desires...

and what's important to you.

I want to give you this.

- What is it?
- A rock crystal.

For lack of exercise,
stress and energy blocks.

Don't touch it too often
or it'll lose its power.

Excuse me...
that's 1500 shillings.

You don't use tarot cards.
Only pendulums.

That's of no use to me.


- A Sisyphean task.
- I believe you.

What about her office?

One of their employees died
three weeks ago.

- Of natural causes?
- Suicide.

Interestingly enough,
she often saw a clairvoyant.

- You're kidding.
- But nobody knew which one.

- Her name?
- Sabine Clausen.

Two dead in the same firm
and both had their cards read?

- Hello.
- How was it?

She claims not to know
Ms Dostal.

But the paper with her photo
was there.

Doesn't mean much.
What else?

She gave me this.

A rock crystal.

For lack of exercise,
stress and energy blocks.

Just what you need.

Three swords.

He must die
from three stab wounds.

That's for Sabine.

And this is for taking her
from me.



Hi, Christian.

Yes... where?

Okay. I'm on my way.

I got undressed too soon.

You're better off.
You open your eyes and go.

- Fancy seeing you so soon.
- I don't mind.

But I had to leave my friend
just as dessert was served.

His name's Roland Dietz, 29.
An architect.

His office is up there.

Stabbed to death.

Three times.
The killer wanted to be sure.

It seems the first stab
hit his heart.

- Details...
- after the autopsy.

- Good morning.
- It's not good.

- What's up?
- Another tarot-card death.

- Terrible.
- I think so too.

I'll see Forensics.
Rex stays.

Take your crystal to the lab.
I want Natascha's fingerprints.

She said not to touch it
too often.

There might be only
her fingerprints and yours.

Get lost.

- Hello. Got the results?
- Yes.

Death was caused
by stab wounds to the heart.

Three of them,
every one fatal.

- Three well-aimed stabs.
- That's right.

The murder weapon was a knife
with a serrated back.

All three stab wounds are
frayed to one side.

A typical sign when
such a weapon is used.

Get this!

The same fingerprints
on the cards and the crystal.


- Anything new?
- Natascha...

The finger...


The fingerprints on the cards
are Natascha's.

It's time I took a closer look
at this lady.

Come on, Rex.

Looking for me?

- Natascha Kaminski?
- Yes.

Brandtner, Homicide.
I have a few questions.

- Please, come in.
- Thanks.

Yes, of course.

We will. Bye.

- Any news about the stabber?
- No.

Has the suicide girl's file


I talked to a colleague
of the murdered man, Dietz.

He told me his girlfriend Sabine
committed suicide.

He couldn't remember
her last name.


Sabine Clausen.

Kunz, you're fantastic!

Do you know this woman?


She came here a few times
but not regularly.

You told my colleague
a different story.

I'd never have guessed.

Have you many clients like her?

Some have their cards read
every day.

Can you recall the last cards
you read for Ms Dostal?


- Do you know this man?
- I've never seen him.

And this card?

Sure, it's a tarot card.
I use them every day.

We found this particular card
on the dead woman.

So what?
Any new-age shop sells them.

With your fingerprints on them?

So you admit
they're your cards.

No... well...
they might be mine.

But how did they reach
the dead bodies?

Have you any ideas?

Maybe someone stole them.
I have many packs of cards.

Have you missed anything else?
Valuables or money?

Not that I know of.

So you're trying
to make us believe

someone sneaked into your place
to steal cards?

I'm not trying to do anything...
I've no idea.

I don't think she placed
the cards on the victims.

- Why kill her own clients?
- Exactly.

Okay, keep going.

I'll look around her place.

See you.

Shall we try again?

I've told you everything I know.

You might have forgotten

Do you know
a Sabine Clausen?

A bit too easy, right?

The chariot.

She must die by some vehicle.

Béck here. Please bring
Natascha Kaminski over.


At the time in question
she had clients. I checked.

So, back to square one.

Without fingerprints
the knife won't be much help.

Somehow I don't believe
the stolen card story.

Imagine hiding the knife
on her own bookshelf.

A bit strange, isn't it?

Some more questions.

- Please.
- Thanks.

Have you any enemies
or problems?

I've nothing to do
with all this.


Someone's accusing you
of two murders. So think.

I can't think of anything.
Please let me go.

Please, you're free to go.

- Can I call you a taxi?
- No thanks.

Where's the Clausen file?

How many stations
to Schénbrunn?

Are you Sabine's sister?

I'm Béck, Homicide.

Yes, it's about the suicide.

Could you come and see us?


You're here again?

Saying goodbye is not easy.

Specially for a young person.


Hello, Sabine.

Today I read
your farewell letter again.

You were right.
Dietz ruined your life.

Fine, Miss Clausen. And then
your sister left her boyfriend?

Not really.

She tried. But Uwe Keller
was jealous and possessive.

She was desperate.

So Ms Dostal sent her
to Natascha?

She was mixed up.

She didn't want to hurt Uwe
but she loved Dietz.

He never loved you.

He wanted to possess you
and then he dropped you.

He broke your heart.

Ms Dostal in your office
sent you to a fortune-teller.

What does the bitch tell you?

To leave me.

She adored Dietz.

But he told her to end it
with Uwe first.

- Milk, sugar?
- No thanks.

What did Natascha advise
Claudia to do?

To break off with Uwe.
It was in the cards too.

That's how Sabine understood it.

What else did Natascha say?

Her new boyfriend wouldn't
be any good either.

Sabine was pessimistic
and easily influenced.

It was such a struggle for her
to leave Uwe.

And then Dietz dropped her.

But he payed for it.

I slaughtered him.

Stabbed him, like in the card.

I threw Ms Dostal off the tower.

I wasn't lucky with Natascha.

But I've thought up
something else for her.

It will look like suicide.

Do you know which cards
Natascha read her?

I don't know.

My sister went often.
She only told me the result.


No current address
for Uwe Keller.

He often rented a room.

He moved often, he fell out
with landlords.

Would you say Mr Keller
was ill-tempered?

Even violent?

Yes, he often threatened her.

She spent nights with me,

But I couldn't help her.

Let's put out a search for Keller.

Hello, is anyone there?

I'll soon be at Natascha's.
Found Keller yet?

Can't be helped, then.
Okay, see you later.

What is it, Rex?

Got a trail?
Follow it.

Brandtner. An ambulance
to 15 Auhof Street.

And tell my office.

Come on, breathe.

Damn it, breathe!

Hurry UP-

She's inhaled exhaust fumes.

Oxygen. Quick.

Did you see a German shepherd?

- He was chasing a cyclist.
- Thanks.

They both...

Christian, it's me.

Rex is chasing Keller.
Where are you?

He might come your way.
He's on a bike.

Yes, okay.
See you later.

- What's this?
- I'm arresting you, Mr Keller.

Are you mad?
My name's not Keller.

Don't move.
Hands above your head.

Uwe Keller, you're under arrest
for two murders, possibly three.

Well done, Rex.


- Christian, I got him.
- No, I got him.

No. Let yours go.
Come to Hausenauer Street.

See you. Bye.

Can I drop you off somewhere?

- Morning.
- It's nearly lunchtime.

I saw Natascha in hospital.
She's reasonably well.

Your cyclist?

I persuaded him not to file
a complaint.

Another murder?

No. Rex just drew a new
character card for you.

Wheel of fortune?

You know what it says here?

Get moving and buy ham rolls
or a terrible fate will await you.

Very funny.