Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 6, Episode 6 - Brudermord - full transcript

Hans and Paul Tomek are twin brothers in their thirties. Hans is a successful and wealthy stockbroker who is about to depart for New York. When Paul decides to kill him and take his place ...


His Brother's Murderer

I thought it was all done
and you'd signed the contract.

Suddenly he wanted his wife
to see the penthouse

before his final decision.

I hope he won't
change his mind.

I don't want you
to stay away any longer.

- I miss you.
- I miss you too.

Listen, someone's here.

My brother's very punctual.
I bet he needs money.

- I love you.
- I love you too.



Come in.

- Can I have a whisky?
- Serve yourself.


I came to say goodbye,
as you're leaving Vienna.

Well, New York isn't
on the moon.

If you need money,
tell me outright.

I've got a long hard day.

I'm expecting Drexler.

- Because of the penthouse.
- Any problems?


To your success
on Wall Street.

Well, Paul,
why did you want to see me?

Because you love me?

I gave up on my studies
so you could go to Harvard.

Newspapers write about
Hans, the prodigy.

Don't start that again.

You simply haven't got
what it takes.

Really? Who made your
great career possible?

I did.
And you treat me like dirt.

I have to beg
for every penny.

Okay, if that's what you want.
Just take it.

Stop whining. I've had it
with your constant self-pity.

Too late, Hans.
I no longer need your charity.

What is it
you want from me?

Am I responsible
for your fate? ls that it?

I want my chance in life.

But I always loved you.

- That's it, gentlemen.
- Will you call the police?

You're some car thieves.

Out of my car, out.

Will you arrest us?

You'll only get this chance
once in a lifetime.

Piss off.

So you're going
to drive now?

Rex, you're the world's
best car alarm,

but I do the driving.

Hello, Mr Drexler,
nice to see you.

Alex must like you a lot.

Without you he'd have had
to walk home.

Fritz, he's already had
an extra roll today.

Thanks, Rex.

Alex, there's no ham in it.

Don't ask me.
Rex did the shopping.

Being a hero
has gone to his head.

Kunz, Homicide.

A charred body.

- I thought it was fine.
- Don't look like that.

- Think they might renege?
- I hope not.

I know them slightly.
He values his wife's opinion.

- Would you like a drink?
- Not before 8 p.m.

It's always 8 p.m.

You can see it that way.

- Hi, Leo.
- Hi.

A male, time of death
around 24 hours ago.

Any clues
to help us along?

A charred body
in that condition

will need further research.

Anything else is speculation.

- You'll hear from me.
- Thanks, Leo.


They're still in shock.

The officer thinks he could
have been a homeless man.

Rex, come here.

Rex, fuel.

Someone spilled fuel here.

- There's no canister.
- So it wasn't suicide.


I'll let you know today.

Please leave a message.

Hans, it's me.
Where have you been all day?

I want you so much.

I'm thinking of us
cuddled up in bed.

If you won't contact me,
I'll think of something.

Are you listening?
I'm kissing you.


This must be telepathy.
I've only just finished.

This is exactly
what we expected.

I only have to test
some organs now.

As I said before,

it's a male, probably
in his mid-thirties.

Time of death?

That's hard to say
with a charred body,

especially if the cause of death
wasn't the fire.

- But?
- He'd been stabbed.

The knife pierced
the heart and a rib.

What sort of knife?

The cut is rather narrow.

Probably a hunting knife
or something similar.

Any indication that he was
a homeless person?

I can't imagine that.

The dead man
had impeccable teeth.

Remnants of gold fillings
were found in his back teeth.

Anything else?

I found traces of
an alkali aluminium sulphate.

- And two small fish bones.
- What does that mean?

- That he had eaten fish.
- No, that alkali stuff...

What you call that stuff
is the basis of a medication.

The man had an ulcer.
Come with me.

We fed the man's height
and age into the computer.

The scanner estimates
the skull measurement.

I must go. I'll leave you
with Dr Milhlbacher.

- A lot of work's waiting.
- Bye.

How accurate will it be?

About 80 to 90%.

The computer now calculates

the facial appearance based on
the skull measurements.

- Where are we going?
- 51 Maria Hilfer Street.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

Tell me,
aren't you Tomek?

Don't you recognise me?
It's me, Kurt Neumeister.

You must be mistaking me
for someone else.

Excuse me, please,
but this is funny...

- You look exactly like him.
- How wrong one can be.

The light's green.

He must have looked like this.

It must be him.

Now the woman has finally
agreed to the purchase

and to transfer the money
to your account.

Now it's
20 million franks in cash.

It's not good for business.

- Why should the buyer mind?
- If you say so.

I don't even know if the bank
has that much currency.

Give me a bit of time.

How much time?

I'll do my best.
I'll ring you.


- What's in the package?
- It's for Rex.

Wait a bit now, Rex.

All right then. There.

I checked
recent missing persons.


The identikit goes
to the papers,

and the dental profile
to all dentists.

Overtime again.



You say his girlfriend
poisoned him.

When did you see him last?

I'm ready for the asylum.

A publican just rang.
He said he knows our man.

I can't.
I have a few calls to make.

- Then I'll come.
- Sure.

Yes, he does look a lot
like Paul Tomek.

He came nearly every day.

He always ordered sausages
and a small beer.

- He hasn't come for weeks.
- Do you know his address?

Only where he works.

They sell carpets.

My brother-in-law bought
something from him.

- The firm's called Granninger.
- There's no ham in my roll.

- With one n?
- With two.

He worked here
until six months ago.

During the restructuring

he was one of the first
who had to go.

Did he have enemies
in the workplace?

No. But you couldn't get close
to him, he always withdrew.

What about his private life?
Was he married?

No one was right for him.

He was constantly
at odds with life.

He'd really had
a lot of bad luck.

You said he was one of the first
to go. Why was that?

You see,
Paul had been in jail.


He only said
it was a terrible story.

He never spoke about himself.

Sometimes, he dropped hints.

I think someone
hurt him very badly.

That's how it goes.
He wanted to go on holiday.

- He even said goodbye.
- Did he ever have visitors?

I would know about that.

The phone's connected.
Please get a list of his calls.

Do you think
he was murdered here?

It won't hurt if forensics
have a look around.

I can't see a single photo.

- Paul?
- Yes.

- Tricked you, eh?
- Not you again.

Come on,
don't be like that.

We were in jail together.

What do you want from me?

It seems your brother
did really well in America.

I told you you're mistaking me
for someone else.

Would you like me
to go to the police?

And tell them what I think?

- What are you talking about?
- Not with me.

I'm not an idiot.
What's under there?

I'll tell you.
A snake tattoo.

And you had that done
in the slammer.

I see.
Packed your suitcase.

So you're leaving.
Where to?

My brother sold the flat.
I'm taking care of it.

I'm his right hand now,
so to speak.

Then tell me where he is,
your twin brother.

In New York, of course.

- It's none of your business.
- You burnt his body.

That's how it was.
Now you're cashing in.

You're mad.


Give me a million
or I'll go to the police.

So you've gone totally mad.

Where would I get
the money?

Here's my mobile number.

I finish my shift at two.

I want to hear from you
by then. Bye.

He was jailed
for causing a fatal accident.

He raced down the street

and struck a group of kids
on an excursion.

Two were killed outright,
several injured.

- It was a hit-and-run.
- Requested the file?

Of course I did.

You swat.

Béck, that's bribery.

The list of calls Paul Tomek
made over the past two weeks.

He only rang one number,
a certain Hans Tomek.

- Where does he live?
- 16 Seidler Lane.

Let's go and see
the gentleman.

Come on now, Christian.

Rex, I'm coming.


Brandtner, Homicide.
Mr Tomek?

- Yes.
- May we come in?

Top floor.
Take the lift.

I don't quite understand.

- Please sit down.
- No, we'd rather stand.

We'd like to know your
relationship with Paul Tomek.

He's my brother.
Something wrong?


We found a charred body
and believe

it could be your brother.

That would be awful.

The image resembles you.
Are you twins?

I find this hard to believe.

When did you
last see your brother?

Last week, on Friday.

He planned a short trip
to Hungary.

- How's your relationship?
- Good. But we rarely meet.

After our parents died
I moved to New York,

he stayed in Vienna.

How long have you been
in Vienna this time?

- Briefly.
- And why?

- On business.
- What is it you do?

- I'm a stockbroker.
- How's the Dow today?

It closed
at 10,836 points.

We know your brother
has been in jail.

A stupid thing
happened to him.

Two children lost their lives.

Do you know his dentist?
That would help us.

I'm sorry,
I really can't help you.

Thank you.
That's it. Goodbye.

Do you have a picture
of your brother?

No, sorry.

You don't even have
an old picture of him?

They're all in New York.

Yes, yes... thank you.


- Hi.
- Here it is.

The Dow Jones closed
at 10,888.

That was yesterday.

The day before yesterday
it was 10,836. As he said.

- Why mention yesterday's?
- Maybe he got mixed up.

That shouldn't happen
to a stockbroker.

- What do you think?
- Don't know.

Something's wrong here.

I can't play now,
I'm sorry.

I remember where I saw
the name Tomek before.

Hans Tomek.
Austrian makes it on Wall St.

Seems to be a miracle boy.

He even got a scholarship
to Harvard.

I wonder whether
we really spoke to him.

- What do you mean?
- They're twins.

Identical ones.
You can't tell them apart.

Forensics couldn't find
anything in Tomek's flat.

- Any news about the teeth?
- Nothing so far.

Please check again.

By the way,
this is Paul Tomek's file.



Stop it now.

Brandtner. Hi, Christian.

Where's the dentist?

It's on my way.
I'll go and see him.

We'll meet later. Bye.

I'll drive.

- Does he dislike me?
- Only veterinarians.

I see. Then he has
nothing to worry about.

The picture didn't ring a bell.
I'm afraid I can't help you.

But wasn't he a patient?

Yes, but he picked up
his X-rays.

- When was that?
- About three weeks ago.

Many people go to Hungary
to get cheap dentistry.

Listen, nothing to eat
for two hours.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Did Tomek have gold fillings?

I can't tell you
without the X-rays.

It must be on your patient file.

It's not always complete.
With so many patients...

And how much are fillings
if you don't keep a record?

Come and see me
in a few days.

Fine. Thanks.

If you try to imagine
the glasses here,

and the hairstyle...

For a moment,
I began to worry.


- We have a problem.
- What problem?

Our client only wants
to pay 18 million now.

He says he's been offered
a similar property.

He's trying
to beat you down.

Tell him I agree.

- I wouldn't give in like that.
- I said I agree.


As you like. I suggest
I bring you the suitcase.

What about
this afternoon at four?


I don't like to keep
that much money here.

- Hi, Alex.
- Hi.

You won't have to dive
into the Danube yourself.

Divers retrieved the body.

He's over there.
Dr Graf's coming.

- Why would he jump?
- This is how we met.

It was the case
of the Italian attorney.

- She meant to visit us.
- She didn't contact me.

The strangulation marks
indicate wire.

- Who is he?
- He had no papers on him.

It's becoming the norm.

What's this?

Strangled with a piece of wire
and thrown into the water.

I feel you want to make me
redundant, somehow.

Did you swim today?

Whatever became
of that lovely attorney?

You know what you can do.

Another corpse, but nothing
on the Tomek case.

The record of the trial
is interesting.


Paul studied economics
like his brother Hans.

- But his results were poor.
- I see.

And the car driven by Paul
belonged to Hans.

- Perhaps he borrowed it.
- Possibly.

But Hans Tomek was
questioned first and brought in.

He denied the whole thing.
His alibi didn't hold up.

He said some
contradictory things.

The following day Paul Tomek
said he drove the car.


Are you saying he went to jail
for his brother?

Who made this coffee?

Identical twins usually have
the same blood group,

and DNA.

They can even have problems
with the same teeth.

But there must be some way
to tell them apart.

They probably have
different fingerprints.

Then we'll take fingerprints
from Paul Tomek's flat

and compare them
with those of Hans Tomek.

May I? Thank you.

Say cheese.

I can't follow you now,

- Did you identify the body?
- Not yet.

Where were you
on Sunday night?

What do you want? I told you
my brother's in Hungary.

But where?

He's old enough
to look after himself.

You should find out
who the dead man is.

I've looked into
the car crash.

your brother drove your car.

Why Supposedly?

He did drive the car.

But I noticed
a few contradictions.

Let's suppose,
and this is hypothetical,

that you caused the accident
back then.

It would have put a stop
to your career.

Speak plainly.

You persuaded him
to take the blame.

What nonsense.
Why would anyone do that?

A generous heart.

He loves his brother deeply.

More than himself.

I think you're mixing
things up.

With your imagination
you should find another job.

Perhaps you're right.

Tell me,
do you know this man?

Who is he?

it's not important.

Fine. That's it.
I'll see myself out.

- Yes?
- It's me.

- Will you let me in?
- Come up.

- Thanks.
- Pleasure.

Rex, what's up?

I'm sure she's already
with someone.


Hans, where are you?

Where are you hiding?

- Hello, Judy.
- Hans!

You're here.
I never expected...

I said I would think
of something.

- Aren't you happy?
- Yes, awfully.



The officers found the car.

Let's have a look.

The body in the water
was a certain Kurt Neumeister.

His sister identified him.

He was jailed some years ago
for fraud.

And what's this?

- A ticket to collect photos.
- You're really nosy.

I thought you couldn't handle
the hard stuff.

The bottle was
for the real estate agent.

Yes, you're always
under stress.

That's not healthy.


Judy, I can't.

What is it? Just relax.

What's that?


Stockbrokers don't usually
have tattoos.

- What was Neumeister's jail?
- Simmering.

Tomek's too.

Yes? Hi, Kunz.

The fingerprints
from Paul Tomek's file

and those on the polaroid
are identical.

Thanks, Kunz.

- The warrant?
- Want him to escape?

- Where's that from?
- Stop it.

- You're not Hans.
- Who else could I be?

What about your leg?
Hans limps.

A hip injury-

- Listen.
- Where's Hans?

Open up.
Open the door!

Open up.

Let's talk.

Don't be afraid.
I only want to talk.

Where's Hans?

- Calm down.
- Don't touch me!

- Yes?
- It's Drexler.

It was a pleasure
to do business with you.

I'll see you to the door.

Sorry, we're in a rush.

Mr Tomek.

Oh man.
Christian, call an ambulance.

Rex, let's go.

Rex, wait here.


Stop it.
We must get out of here!


Stop it now.

Let's go.

Are you sure, Rex?


Let's go then.
Come on.

- In here?
- Yes, get in.

Come on, move.

You're under arrest
for murder.

Thanks, Rex.


I said not to add
any more fuel.

You old firebug.

The statistics say
Austrians eat too much meat.