Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 5, Episode 7 - Blinde Wut - full transcript



Come off it!
I saw how she looked at you.

That's not my fault, is it?

- But why dance with her?
- I hate standing around.

And I don't?

You prefer talking to airheads.

My girlfriends aren't airheads,

All right,
forget about me for tonight.

- Your jealousy is crazy.
- Please yourself. I'm staying.

I don't give a damn.

What do you want?

I'll close the roof first.

What for?

So we'll have privacy.

I already fought with Marion
because of a girl.

Why should she find out?

I don't want you for ever,
just now and then.

- You're kidding.
- What's wrong?

I'll tell you. Firstly,
I decide who I sleep with.

Second, I do care for her,
in spite of everything.

I already said
I don't want to marry you.

But with your looks
you'll want more than one.

Not since I've been with Marion.

Don't give me that.

You want it too.

Get out.

You'll change your mind.

- I'll have you yet.
- You can't have everything.

You know what you are?

You're nothing
but a spoilt little girl.

They're only having fun, Rex.

Nothing's going to happen.

Excuse me,
may I have the skipping rope?

Mr Brandtner?

Is there
an Alexander Brandtner?

Excuse me,
I'm looking for Mr Brandtner.

Otherwise, a great fight.

By the way,
he's our new colleague.

Fritz Kunz.
I'm from Robberies.

I'm Alex. This is Rex.

Hello, Rex.

One of the guys in PR
told me you'd be here,

so I thought I'd shout you
some drinks before I start.

Great idea,
but it'll be my shout first.

A beer for the gentlemen,
I suppose.

Why did you ask for a transfer
from Robberies to Homicide?

According to the statistics,

there's one murder
for every ten robberies.

So murders can be dealt with
in detail.

But right now we don't have
a murder to deal with.

That's dreadful.
Just as I'm joining you.

It won't last, unfortunately.

- Do you want a glass?
- I can manage.


- What does he want?
- You haven't really said hello.

Don't be scared.

Let me show you something.

I'll put my hand
between his fangs.

I read once that a lion-tamer
did that with a lion.

Now he does his push-ups
with one arm.

Rex, you can let go of me now.

Can you let go of me?
Can you tell him to let go?

He'll let go of you
when he's had enough.

Seeing you two reminds me,
we should go and eat.

What happened?

There's a problem, Daddy.

I'm sure I can solve it.

Crashed your car again?

I killed a man.

Who is he?

Thomas Reisch.

Reisch, who works for us
in reception?

He made fun of me. I didn't
mean to hurt him, I only...

Calm down now,
little one.

We'll put it right somehow.

- Enjoy.
- Doesn't he like schnitzel?


- Rex only touches ham rolls.
- I see.

Is something wrong?

I always check
under the batter.

The guys once
fried a face towel for me.

Well, I'll just get
some more lemon.

He's worried now. I bet
he's checking the kitchen.

I never bet. Statistically,
I lose nine times out of ten.

- Well, how is the kitchen?
- Perfectly clean.

Very funny, Rex.

Seems he does like
schnitzel after all.

What's that you're doing?

I always put pencils
on the right.

- Files go on the left.
- I see.

Brandtner, Homicide.

We're on our way.

Your first murder.

A man was found murdered
in a parking lot.

Come on, Rex, work.


Come in.

Good morning, Sandra.
I hope you slept a little.

Hardly. I was thinking
about it all night.

He provoked me.
It's his fault as much as mine.

Have your breakfast.

We'll talk about that later.

This is great.
A trip around the world!

I thought, for afterwards,
when it's over.

It's nothing to do with me.

- But Sandra, you...
- You're accusing me?

- Good morning, doctor.
- Morning, Brandtner.

The new man, Fritz Kunz.
Dr Graf from Forensics.

Sorry, I can't shake hands
with you.

You'll get used to it.

The young man's been dead
for eight to ten hours.

He was stabbed in
the carotid.

Jagged wound...
indicating what?

The weapon was blunt!

Was he still able to move
after he was injured?

No, this type of injury
quickly leads to immobility.

Death was due
either to loss of blood,

or to an embolism, I think.

I'll know more
after the autopsy.

And I'll tell you more
about the murder weapon.

- Thanks, doctor.
- Have a nice day, gentlemen.

Same to you.

- He's got a sunny disposition.
- You need it in this job.

There's blood here

but none on the ground,
so it happened elsewhere.

- Let's find where, fast.
- Thanks.

His name was Thomas Reisch.
He owned the vehicle.

Here's the Breakfast Show
TV crew.

That's just great.

I'm not in the mood
for them now.

Then they'll call the police
unco-operative. Shall I?

We're coming to you live
from the parking lot

where early this morning
a body was found.

A horrified vagrant discovered
the blood-soaked body,

that of a young man,

in the front seat
of a convertible.

Suicide or murder?
Homicide is investigating...

Come here, Daddy.

After this break
we'll talk to an officer...

Thank you.

Tell me, did they find
cigarettes on the body?


Check these for finger prints.

Could you comment
for the Breakfast Show?

This is Officer Brandtner
of Homicide

to give us an overview
of the situation.

Do we have
a new murder case in Vienna?

it looks like it.

Any clues as to the culprit?

All we know is that the murder
took place elsewhere.

Do you know
how the man was killed?

He has a wound on his neck

so he probably died
from an embolism.

- Do you know who he was?
- Yes, we do.

But I can't comment
during the investigation.

Thank you.

We'll have to expect
the police to turn up.

So what?
We do what we agreed on.

And besides...
I liked the police officer.

You have no nerves.

Hey, Officer...

These bloodstains.
Want to preserve them?

You new in Homicide?

How do you know?

Those aren't bloodstains,
they're "droplets".

And the blood on the car
is "spatter".

Where's Brandtner?

He went with Böck to the hotel
where the victim worked.

Hotel Haller.

Yes, I've taken care of it.

Brandtner, Homicide.
I'd like to see the manager.

Thank you, Mrs Kirchschlänger.

I'm Martin Haller, the owner.
What is it?

- It concerns Thomas Reisch.
- A dreadful story.

Come to my office.

- I'll question the staff.
- Please be discreet.

Of course.

- Take a seat.
- Thanks.

- A brandy?
- No, thanks.

Do you know anything
about him?

Apart from being
a good employee

who lived quietly?

His parents own a hotel
which he was to take over.

He was training here.

Are you the new kitchen hand?

- What gives you that idea?
- We've been looking for ages.

Keep looking. I'm Böck
from Homicide, see?

You know nothing
about his private life?

I only know he had a girlfriend.

But lately they'd been
fighting more and more.

How do you know that?

He'd tell the rest of the staff.

But you don't know
what they argued about?

You'll have to ask his girlfriend.
Her name is Marion Seitz.

I took a few things
from the victim's room.

Nothing special.

But the staff said
he argued with his girlfriend.

Haller said so too.
I asked Fritz to bring her in.

- Who?
- Kunz.

Oh, Fritz.

She was with him in the disco
and they started arguing.

They went outside
and he drove off.

She went back in
to find a friend, but didn't.

- Then she went home too.
- He was still alive then.

- Get Rex and check the disco.
- Fine.

Matches the spatter
on the car.

very professional.

Okay, I see.

Thank you.

As your boyfriend
was murdered in his car,

you could have killed him
in the parking lot

and then gone back in
as an alibi.

I didn't do it.

Listen, Alex,
the barman confirmed

that those two had a fight

but she was only outside
for two or three minutes,

not long enough
to commit a murder.

Wait, Rex.

And there would have been
blood on her clothes.

I'll throw it for you now, Rex.

Bye now, Alex.


The barman confirmed
your story.

Didn't you see anyone...

following him,
or waiting near his car?

No, I went straight back

No one from his work
could help us

including his boss, Mr Haller.

- Did you speak to Sandra?
- No. Who is she?

His daughter.
She was there last night.

Well... that's it.
I have no more questions.

I can ask for a car
to take you home.

- I can manage.
- Sure?


Mr Haller's daughter
was at the club last night.

- Interesting.
- Why didn't he mention it?

- Coffee?
- Yes, please.

No, thanks. Didn't you
see her at the hotel?

No. She was nowhere
to be seen.

Then you should go back
and look for her.

I have an idea.

They're urgently looking
for a kitchen hand.

Does that concern me?


You're the only one of us
they don't know.

- No.
- Yes.

Fine, Mr Haller.
Let me recapitulate.

Your daughter came home
just after 11.

She didn't mention
where she'd been.


She only told me today
that she'd been to the disco

when we spoke about
the death of Thomas Reisch.

I didn't think it was important.

She briefly saw Thomas
and his girlfriend.

But she noticed
nothing special.

- I'd like to see her myself.
- Please wait in the hall.

Thanks. When I have further
questions I'll contact you.

- You must be Mr Brandtner.
- Miss Haller?

- Yes.
- Glad to meet you.

Rex, my partner.

- Can we talk in private?
- I've prepared a room.

You must be hungry.

I'll have something brought
for your dog.

You must have
a lot to tell me.

I have to disappoint you there.

Choose whatever you like.
Our cuisine's famous.

He was a nice guy

but I didn't even deal with him
at work.

I mainly liaise
with travel agents.

- Do you live here too?
- My room's lovely.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Brandtner here. No, Christian,
I can't right now.

I'll go.

- So you can talk freely.
- Thanks.

Hang on.

- Well, what's up?
- There's a file on the Hallers.

It's from over 15 years ago.

Sandra's younger sister died
in a mysterious accident.

At eight, she fell
from a hunting lookout.

The police couldn't
find anything.

Check it all again.
Anything else?

Her mother,
Elisabeth Haller,

had a nervous breakdown
and was admitted to a clinic.

Any results from
the cigarette butts in the car?

Fine. Stay in the office.
I'll be there soon.

- Back too soon?
- Not at all.

Everything's done.

- The main course is coming.
- Wonderful.

I assume someone killed Reisch
in anger.

A fit of rage.

Didn't he fight a lot
with his girlfriend?

We know it wasn't her.

Two of the cigarettes had
Marion Seitz' fingerprints.

The third had the fingerprints
of an unknown.

It's getting pretty late.

- With you, time flies.
- Thank you.

And thanks for your hospitality.
But I must go.

I want to interview a co-worker
of Reisch's tomorrow.

Why don't you stay overnight
at our hotel?

- Is someone waiting for you?
- No, only my partners.

They can do without me
until tomorrow.

Let's see now.

Christian, it's the print
of a right thumb.

We have a whorl here.

- Ten lines to the left delta.
- Matching.

- Fifteen to the right.
- Another match.

Whose fingerprints are they?

Thanks very much.

The fingerprints are
most probably Sandra Haller's.

But she hardly knew
Thomas Reisch.

Why was she
in the car with him?


But I'm going to lie down.

I have to be at the hotel
in the morning.

- Another, please.
- Yes, Miss.

You may go home.
I'll do your last half hour.


Good night.

Rex wants a drink.

And for you?


I'll have the same.
With a little Scotch.

I have one more question
about Thomas Reisch.

I hear
he was popular with women.

Can't you stop talking
about him?

He didn't interest me.

He wasn't my type.


Can't you imagine?

I can imagine plenty.

Imagine for instance

the two of us doing laps...

in the pool.

Were you ever
in Thomas Reisch's car?

Do you suspect me?

Sadly, I'm suspicious
by profession.

- What's wrong?
- Leave me alone!

Won't you talk to me?


Tafelspitz should simmer,
not boil!

How can it take three hours
to peel two potatoes?

They're peeled
with precision.

Sure. When you're finished,
do the salad.



Dr Graf says the local police
and doctor did sloppy work.

Sandra Haller's sister died
from injuries

that couldn't come from a fall.

She had
deep head wounds

yet she'd fallen on soft ground.

- It was something else.
- Where's the mother?

Mr Haller took his wife home
from the psychiatric clinic.

- She's in the hotel register.
- I've never seen her.

Sandra spoke of her father,
never a word about her mother.

- When's your next day off?
- I don't get one.

It's getting worse with her.

Sometimes she sits there,
staring straight ahead.

I couldn't stand three days
in the old Haller house.


I got used to it.

But if you ever get a day off...

Then you can repair my bike.
It won't last much longer either.

I can imagine
nicer things to do with you.

Haven't you finished
those potatoes yet?

Now the other policeman's
come too.

I'll manage Brandtner,
in my own way.

Are you mad?
Don't get involved with him.

Why not? It'll be fun.
And I want him.

I won't let you do it.

You could never say no to me.

Anything new?

I peeled 20 kilos of potatoes.
Now it's the salad.

Anything else?

I couldn't find anything out.

Except, a sort of nurse came,
on a bicycle.

She picked up two meals.

It seems there's a sick woman
in a house round here.

The chef called it
the old Haller house.

- I'll water the flowers.
- Fine.

Wait. Someone's coming.

You can water
the flowers later.


Hello. I'm Brandtner.
I'm from the Crime Squad.

Does Elisabeth Haller live here?

No. I live alone.
What gave you that idea?

But the house is the Hallers'?

Sure, but I don't know
a Mrs Haller.

Contact Mr Haller,
my landlord.

- I'll do that. Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Yes, Rex.
I know there's someone.

Mrs Haller!

Who are you?

Brandtner, a policeman.

I was afraid you would be.

He didn't notice a thing.

He's gone already.
I told him to contact you.

No, I'm sure he didn't notice


Yes, I see.
Fine, Mr Haller.

Her father always
loved her the most.

She'd often fly into a rage
as a child.

You're talking about Sandra?

She can still be very aggressive
these days.

I hardly ever see her,
but I hear a lot.

Has she done something?

She's been very naughty.

What has she done?

She's murdered someone.


I know.

She always wanted everything
for herself.

She was so jealous
of her little sister.

She didn't want to give
her doll to Sandra,

so Sandra hit her
on the head with her spade...

My husband put her
at the bottom of the lookout.

And he buried the spade
next to it too.

They all thought
it was an accident.

And what has she done

What do you mean?

I want to go!
I've been here too long...

Mrs Haller.

I'll send someone for you.

Promise me you won't
tell anyone about this.


Here, it should smell like this.

How was the forest?

Always relaxing.
See what I found?

You look after the mother
and the nurse.

- Careful with Mrs Haller.
- Sure.

Go with Christian, Rex.
Go on.

Come in.

Mr Brandtner.

What's up?

Let me show you something.

It's the spade you used
to kill your sister.

Your father hushed that up,
as he's done this time.

Pack a few things.
I'm arresting you.

What's your evidence?

A cigarette butt
from the victim's car.

With your fingerprints on it.


Our forensic expert believes
Reisch was killed with a car key.

Where's yours?

In my sports bag.

- Please.
- I have nothing to do with it.

Sure. Let's go.

- I did as Mr Haller told me.
- Tell that to the judge.

- Take her away.
- Just her?

How are you feeling?

Calm down.
I'll take you to a doctor.




It's over, Miss Haller.



I quit.


They drugged Sandra's mother
for years. She's better now.

We'll get Haller for
deprivation of liberty

and making false statements.

- Here I am.
- Go on then.




What's wrong?

You didn't pass the test.


Fritz, throw them.
You have to throw them.

- Throw what?
- The rolls.