Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 5, Episode 6 - Rex rächt sich - full transcript




Put it on the table.

I'm going to get that paper!

Okay, let's do a swap.
The paper for a bone, okay?

Young man falls victim
to killer dog!

Stray dog terrifies residents

You're in early.
Did you fall asleep over a file?

No way.
I couldn't sleep a wink.

So you are sorry
you're leaving us, eh?

I have no choice.
I inherited the pub.

How about leasing it?

Dad always wanted me to run it
and Mum can't manage alone.

I can't let her down.

But you can let us down.

You can always come
and see me.

- What will you eat there?
- I certainly won't starve.

My mother makes a goulash
you wouldn't believe.

But you'll still
miss the ham rolls.

Thanks, Rex.

Look, he's bringing you a roll.
He always pinches mine.

Ham roll at ten o'clock.


So you guys have been talking
about topic No. 1 again?

Yes. He won't let me
talk him out of it.

God almighty!

It's hard enough for me
as it is.

You're right, but...


By the way,
an interesting news item.

It says a guy called Fritz Kaiser
was bitten to death by a dog.

But the paper says
he was only bitten on the neck.

- That would be very unusual.
- Why unusual?

He'd have more injuries.
Dogs attack differently.

- When do dogs attack?
- Well...

If it escapes without
having bonded with someone

or if it's not fully trained.

Then it can even turn
against its master.

They assume it was
a stray dog, but none was seen.

Yes, I think someone
was probably behind it.

They may have set
their dog on Kaiser.

That would be no accident,
but murder.

- Are the day's reports here?
- There, on the table.

Good afternoon.
Höllerer, Homicide.

I need some information
on the death of Fritz Kaiser.

How's Höllerer?

Not too good, but I think
his decision is final.

If you're interested
in the Kaiser case, hurry.

His funeral is in two hours.

You can close it again.
Thank you.

I'm Brandtner, Crime Squad.

My condolences.

You son has bite marks
only on his neck.

That's not at all typical
of a dog bite.

Dogs always go first for
moving limbs, arms and legs.

Unless they're commanded
to do otherwise.

Can't you leave
my parents and me alone?

I don't believe
it was an accident.

Someone may have set
their dog on your son.

So I'd ask you
to postpone the funeral

so we can take your son
to Forensic Pathology.

Fritz wanted to get
some beer from the car.

He set off...

After a while
I went looking for him.

Did you notice anything,
see or hear anything?

A dog was howling
but that was quite far away.

I found him here.

Everything was covered
in blood.

I sat him up,
but he was already dead.

Forensics won't find anything.
It's been trampled on.

Shit! Your dog's not
as obedient as you said!

- Rolfi never bit anyone.
- Maybe he's about to start.

Where were you between 10
and 11 p.m. yesterday?

- Playing cards at the pub.
- And your dog?

He was with me.
He always comes to the pub.

- Where's the pub?
- Down on the corner.

Ask the owner.
He knows Rolfi.

Thanks. That's all.

The carotid artery and
jugular vein are torn open.

There's little discoloration
and the internal organs are pale.

He inhaled
a massive amount of blood

so it was a quick death.

The bite wounds
are like deep punctures

and were caused by
extremely long fangs.

So it was
a very large dog?

I'd say
an extremely large dog.

However, we haven't found
any dog hair on the body

or on the clothes,
which is rather unusual.

It's all unusual. The body
shows no signs of a struggle.

- He must have fought back.
- At least at first.


I need an impression
of the teeth

so I can work out
what sort of dog it was.

We measured the length
of the fangs with this probe.

Interesting. No domestic dog
has such long fangs.

Beware of the dog!

- Did you want to see me?
- If you live here, yes.

I do.

Böck, Crime Squad.
You have a dog...

- He's right there.
- Is he big and fierce?

He can be fierce

- And big?
- That's relative.


The story's pretty doubtful.
The fangs are too long for a dog.

The upper and lower
bite marks don't match.

So there's something wrong
with his jaw.

I'm really glad
I've never run into it.

We got nothing out of
Kaiser's parents and friends.

But something else
could be interesting.

The park has only recently
been opened to the public.

Some residents are scared
by a dog that howls at night.

No one's seen it yet.

Good evening.

Haven't you heard
the dog howling?

So what? It often howls.

A man was bitten to death
here a few days ago.

Life is dangerous.

If I were you, I'd be careful.
If the dog turns up...

- Let it come.
- Well...

At least I've warned you.

I never saw anything like it.


You don't often see
things like this.

It looks like the teeth
of a huge wolf.


I showed them
to a veterinary anatomist.

He confirmed
that they are a wolf's teeth.

But... listen to this. This wolf
died out over 100 years ago.

That means someone used it
as a murder weapon

to make it look
like an attack by a dog.

So the killer
must have pushed the fangs...

- Into the carotid artery.
- Yes. Fine. Thank you.

We know how it was done.
The question is...

why and by whom?

- Where do you get these?
- I knew you'd ask that.

My veterinary colleague
pointed out

a slight malformation
in these fangs.

They're a little bit
too far back.

- So they're easier to trace?
- Definitely.

They collect strange things
like this

at the Austrian Anatomical
Pathological Museum.

Our Austrian Anatomical
Pathological Museum

is the oldest and largest
in the world.

We have over 50,000 exhibits

which, as you have seen,

mainly show
changes in the human body

caused by illness.

There's also
an animal pathology section.

We're going in there now.

Here too there are exhibits
of deformities

which are either congenital
or caused by illness.

Deformed reptiles,
but also domestic animals

such as dogs, cats,
pigs and cows.

Here you can see genetic
changes in a calf's hip.

Here's a lovely case
of thoracupatus typicus,

the growing together of
the breastbones of twin calves.

All the deformities were due
to inherited genetic changes...

- Can I help you?
- Yes... Perhaps.

I'm Alex Brandtner,
I'm a police detective.

I wanted to see if someone
could steal a skull.

I'm Dr Erika Molden,
the director of this museum.

Why do you want to know
if something can be stolen?

I don't think I can help you,
Mr Brandtner.

As you saw,
all our cases are locked,

there's an attendant
on every floor

and nothing is missing
from the cases.

- Are items kept anywhere else?
- Yes, in the storeroom.

Come this way.

We may have
what you're looking for,

a specimen
with unusually long fangs.

Here. The large wolf's skull
should be in here.


I don't understand.

It's disappeared.

- Could it be somewhere else?
- No.

We only had one specimen
that size. It was in this box.

Who has access to this room?

Anyone who opens the key box
and takes the key out.

We don't have
any treasures stored here.

Has anything
ever gone missing before?

No. We're recataloguing
and changing some exhibits,

but with so many items
on display

we won't know for weeks
or months if anything's missing.

Excuse me.


I'll be right there.
I'll call you from the car.

I need names and details
of all your staff.

Do you need my details too?


Sorry to interrupt you, Mum.
I have work to do.

We've got a murder, Mum.

No, I'm not going
to tell you about it.

I'll come to the pub tonight
to discuss the furniture.

Yes, I'll be eating there.

Stop staring at the door, Rex.
Alex will be back soon.


I have to go to the museum.
Can you mind Rex?

You and my mother
always have work for me.

Right, Rex. First we'll have
a nice cup of coffee.

Then we'll sit down

and enjoy our coffee.


There's something missing.
A ham roll would be great.

But there's nothing.
Not a ham roll in sight.

Thanks, Rex.

I'll keep this delicacy
for later.

We took the injured man away.
It's in the bushes.

The man was getting a ball
and got caught in the trap.

He has severe leg injuries.

Someone set a trap
for a nonexistent dog.

Better search the whole park.
There may be more.

It's me.
I need Rex here in the park.

Excuse me.

I'd like a skull
like that one in the case.

Where can I get one?

No idea. You'll have to ask
at the director's office.

- Where is it?
- Straight down there.

Can you stand in for me?


Excuse me.

I'm interested
in those animal skulls.

So are most of our visitors.

No, I mean for home.
I'd like to buy one.

Do you know
where I can get one?

I could get you one.
I have a friend in the business.

He also deals
in skulls like these.

I'd be very interested.

How much?

That size?
5000 schillings.

That's a lot.

All right. Could we meet
at 10 tomorrow morning?

10 o'clock...

At Cafe König. Know it?

10 tomorrow morning.

No wonder you lost the scent.
He rode a bike from here.

I'll Wait.


Ham roll from behind.

No criminal record.

Thanks. Bye.

What's wrong with you?
Aren't you having one?

I'm still sick
from the museum.

It has people
with two heads and three legs.

You'd have trouble buying pants
if you had three legs.

But with two heads you could
eat two ham rolls at once.

That does it.
I can't face eating one now.



No one on the museum staff
has a criminal record.

But the attendant may be
involved. What about the trap?

It may have been set
by a scared neighbour.

- Or by the killer himself.
- Why?

Thanks, Rex.

Very thoughtful.

- Is this really a good idea?
- Don't be scared. I'm here.

Hello, Alex.
It's quiet here at the moment.

Same here.
See you later.

I think he's bored too.

- It's nice here.
- Want to go to the bench?

someone's coming.

- It's that museum attendant.
- Okay. We're ready for him.

Get him, Rex.

- We have a lot to talk about.
- If you insist.

I don't care
about your stealing.

I want to know
who you sold the things to.

For example, who bought
the wolf skull?

You don't ask for names
and addresses in these deals.

Then describe the buyer.

He's an older gentleman,
about 58.

He's 180 centimetres tall
and weighs 80 kilos.

He's bald with deep-set eyes
and seems respectable.

- There was a noise.
- No, it was nothing.

There was.

Go and see.


Be careful.



I'm bleeding!

I met him
the same way I met you,

when he visited the museum.

He was particularly interested
in the skulls of large animals,

and wanted to buy one
with long fangs.

So you got him one. Where did
you give him the wolf skull?

At a bus stop in Flurstrasse.

Isn't that near the City Park?

Yes. He suggested
we meet there.

Brandtner, Homicide.

Is she badly injured?
What hospital is she in?

Thanks. We'll come at once.

A girl is in West Hospital
with bite wounds. Will you go?


You can go now.
You'll be charged with larceny.

Go, Rex. Search.

Come on.
We'll keep looking.

You think he climbed
over the wall?

All right.

You clown.
So he came through the gate?

It certainly looks like it.

The girl couldn't really
remember anything.

She felt a blow to her neck
and saw she was bleeding.

She may remember more later.
What about the guy?

He went to investigate a noise
and then it happened.

You go ahead.
I won't be long.


See that guy with the bike?


The attendant's
description fits him.


Find out who he is.

We found the first tyre tracks
near the trap

and Rex took me
to the second lot.

They go from the crime scene
to the park wall.

And I took these
from a bike in the park.

All three tyre tracks
are identical.

And the bike's owner fits
the attendant's description.

So he may have bought
that skull.

His name is Karl Wagner
and he lives near the park.

He watched the forensic
team with great interest.

What if we confront Wagner
with the museum attendant?

You know the judges.
A thief isn't a credible witness.

Karl Wagner has
no criminal record,

but his wife has been missing
for almost a year.

Well, well.

Stay in the car.
They're scared of big dogs.

Don't let anyone see you.

Excuse me.


My name is Brandnter,
Crime Squad.

I'd like to ask you
some questions.


We're on the dog case.
I'm sure you know of it.

Of course.

And why have you come to me?

Checking the dog owners
got us nowhere.

- Now we're asking everyone.
- What do you mean, nowhere?

It wasn't one of the local dogs

and no one's seen it.

Yes, because...

everyone's afraid.

No one's game
to go to the park.

We've asked over 400 people.
No one's seen a dog.

We doubt it even exists.

Of course it does.
I've seen it.

You've seen it?
What does it look like?

- Big, strong, grey fur.
- Like a wolf?

Not exactly. Sort of.

When did you see it?

Last night, in the park.

Apparently it attacked
someone again.

That's why I'm glad
I finally have a description.

what are you going to do now?

We'll search the park again.

- Is this going to work?
- I assume it's what he did.

- So he planned it for ages?
- Looks like it.

- What time do you make it?
- 10 o'clock.

Me too.
We'll keep to our plan.

Good luck.

Give him a moment.

There it is.
I'll be right back.


Right. Go in, frighten him
and make him leave the house.

Go on!

Who are you?
What do you want?

I'll call the police!



This is Wagner.

Karl Wagner.

Go away.

Go away.

You don't even exist.

Please go away.

Hey, you did a great job!

Stick with him
but don't let him see you, okay?

Off you go-

There's a dog after me!


Leave me alone!
Do you hear me?

It was him. I found the weapon
and the tape recorder.

Please make him stop.
I can't keep going.

Who are you?
What's that for?

Good evening.
My name is Böck, Crime Squad.

Please help me.

There's a dog after me.

One of ours.

Stay there.
You're under arrest.

The howling and the attacks
were to drive people away.

Particularly from here.

The reason has just been found,
at the bottom of the lake.

I didn't want to end up
on the street at my age.

It all belonged to her.

The garden, the house...

She wanted a divorce
after all those years.

So I just killed her,
do you understand?

The park was safe
while it was closed.

When it was opened
to the public

you were afraid
she'd be found.

I didn't want to kill anyone,
just to scare them away.

Besides, it doesn't
matter now anyway.

Oh, well...

That's it, then.

I've enjoyed
being with you guys.

We'll miss you...
a lot.


Will you come and visit me?

Goodbye, boy.

I've prepared a few things.

Thanks, Christian.

But definitely not.

My mother has made
her wonderful goulash for us.

You're my guests tonight
in my pub.

- I have something in my eye.
- Funny. Me too.