Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 5, Episode 4 - Der Verlierer - full transcript



So heights don't worry you?

- You never feel dizzy?
- I do.

Why isn't Höllerer
coming along?

He thinks these things
can crash.

The truth is, Christian,

relatively few
hot-air balloons ever crash.

Relatively, eh?

The gentlemen from the police.

What if you two...

The organisers of the
police ball tried so hard

to come up with a prize
no one could refuse.

I know.

Come on, now.

Welcome aboard.

What are you looking at,

My shoes.

Watch the horizon
if you're dizzy.

Like the ancient seafarers.
Look ahead.

I'll try to find Budapest.

Move over there.
Over there, I said!

You too.

And you.

Over there, I said.

Fill it up.

Get over there.

Face the other way.


Get going. Move.

No alarm and you'll be safe.

Turn around.

- How are you?
- Better. Your method worked.

You see?
Simply don't look down.

Christian, look.

Something's going on
down there.


Hurry UP-


It's lively down there.

Brandtner, Homicide.
What's going on?

Which bank?

I can see it. We're nearby.

No, we can't act right now.

Turn around.

No alarm.

Let go of the door.

Help me.


Shit. I said let go.

A person's on the run.
He's heading north.

He's wearing a mask,
a red jacket, and a backpack.

He's in the pedestrian mall.
Direct our cars there.

He's in Neutor Lane now.

He's running into a yard.

Now he's wearing
a dark jacket.

- I've lost him.
- He's over there.

Now he's heading west.

He's turned
into Spiegel Lane now.

- Can you control this thing?
- No. Only the wind can.

We've lost him.

Send a car to Neutor Lane
to pick up the clothes.

- We're landing.
- What?

Down there? Now?

- It's too narrow.
- Not really.



- We're policemen.
- So I was right.

- We need your vehicle.
- It's new. I just collected it.

Retrieve it here.

- Do you want a lift?
- I'm not mad.

What happened to you?

What's up?

- I robbed a bank.
- You did what?

And I killed someone.

Say that's not true.


He stopped me
from getting out.

So I shot him.

Why did you do it?

Are you back on drugs?

- So you kill for drugs now?
- No!

- Hello, Mr Brandtner.
- Hello.

New car?

He was shot twice
in the chest.

The bullets didn't exit.

A small calibre, no doubt
fired at close range.

I found smoke traces
near wounds and on clothes.

- Any cartridges?
- No.

Probably a revolver.

- Probably.
- Thank you very much.

This was found in a yard.

- Anything in the jacket?
- No.

Send it to our colleagues
in the lab.

Why do you owe money
to Sonner?

I did a few deliveries for him.

The last one went wrong.

The guy said he'd check
the gear and took off with it.

No gear, no money.

Now Sonner wants the money.
He wants it today.

- How much?
- 300,000 shillings.

He'll kill me.

Give yourself up. Tell the police
what you've done.

Alina, I've killed a man.

What do you mean, she won't?

Hit her hard enough
and she'll do it.

That's of no interest to me

I'm telling you
I won't discuss it.

We'll do it the way
we always do.


What's this?

Last night's takings.

- Is that all?
- Soccer was on last night.

- What about the money from...
- Anton Paretz?

Go and get it.

- You know where he lives.
- With his girlfriend.

I'm sure he won't have
the money.


Please think of something.

Tell me,
what's that foul smell?

I don't smell a thing.

He has a new eau de toilette.


- It's not that bad.
- You're right.

It's not that bad,
it's just awful.

Thank you, Rex.

You'll get
the first ham roll.


- Can you eat one yet?
- Sure.


An accident.

Böck, Homicide.

When? Yesterday?

Could you come here
so we can do an identikit?

Yes, we work after hours.
Thank you.

A bank customer
saw a young man yesterday,

in a red jacket.
He was casing the place.

I've come to see Anton.

- Gruber, how did you know...
- The money.

I tried, but...

So you robbed the bank.

I heard it on the radio.

They tricked you.

Maybe you can...

Nobody can use this.

- So shall I try again?
- You're too dumb.

We'll do it this way.
I'll take your girlfriend.

If she's good she'll earn it
in a month or two.

- No, you can't...
- Of course.

Give me a chance!


This looks rather like
a truffle pig.

The ears need to be pointy.


Did you finish the identikit?

- Do you want a print-out?
- Sure.

He was casing the bank.

We're starting a man-hunt
as of now.

What? I see.

I have a visitor.
I'll call you back later.


- Who's this?
- Anton's girlfriend.

- You know what's up.
- Let go of...

Anton owes money.
You'll help him.

Let go of me!

Look at you.

- Come here.
- I'll never do it.

Let's see.


Take care of her.

Anton will get me out.

No, Anton won't
if you won't. Okay?

Forensics did various tests
on the jacket

but found nothing.

- There were drugs in it.
- The tests were negative.

Traces can be negligible,
but Rex can smell them.

Maybe we should check
the drug scene.


How idiotic. Stay here!

No, stay here!

Where are you going?

- Well?
- She's causing problems.

what did we do to you?


Take her away.



Where are you taking her?

Why don't you let her go?

It's between us.

- Get me the money then.
- Damn it. I tried.

- That's your problem.
- Don't you have a job for me?

Nothing right now.

Give me another chance.

- I don't want Alina in this.
- Who cares?

I'll do anything.

Listen to me now.

If I have something,
I'll ring you. All right?

Let go.


Do any of you know him?

You won't get anything
out of us. Piss off.


I could ask you to empty
your pockets but I won't.

Do we understand each other?

Does anyone here know him?

That's Anton.

- Anton Paretz.
- Who is he?

- He came for a while.
- Here?

But I haven't seen him
for ages.

Maybe he's off it.
Maybe he's carked it.

- Where does he live?
- No idea.

Really not.

Don't you know?
Wasn't he caught with the gear?

That's all.
Thanks for the information.


Ten thousand.

- Are you dumb?
- Change it at the machine.

You do it, then call me.

Records show he's living
in his late grandmother's flat.

Looks as if he's sold
all the furniture.

Maybe he's moved on.

He must have sold it
some way.

Let's investigate
the local antique dealers.


- Where shall we start?
- In the vicinity.

- Hello.
- What can I do for you?

Brandtner, Crime Squad.
Do you know him?

He used to come here. Maybe
he ran out of things to sell.

- He needed money.
- What things?

Well, anything.
Carpets, paintings, lamps.


- When was he here last?
- Let me check.

Here. He came twice
around that time.

And here he is again.

Does anyone else work here?

- The handwriting’s different.
- Alina works here as a casual.

- She served him sometimes.
- She's not here?

She should be.
I don't understand it.

Normally, she's reliable.

Was she involved
with the young man?


He once waited outside
until Alina had finished.

- Perhaps they went out.
- Do you know her address?

And now...

What's up?

Milo rang.
He's got new gear.

He wants to sell some.

The last lot he sold us
wasn't pure.

We'll retaliate.


Here's my plan.

When Anton arrives
with the dough, you hide.

During the exchange
you shoot Milo in the leg.

- You bag the gear and take off.
- What if Anton goes berserk?

Gruber, we won't tell him

- Hello.
- Anton?

Sonner here.
We have a job for you.

What sort of job?

That's fine.
When do you want me?

No problem.


No, it's okay.
I'm on my way.

Some kind of fight
took place in here.

The strands of hair
must be the girl's.


I'll call forensics.

- Are you back on drugs?
- No.

- Can you do it?
- Easy.

- Fine.
- You'll let her go?

If it works out. Gruber...

Here's a drug addict who robs
a bank to finance his habit.

But the money's useless.

- Could be another reason.
- Yes.

Good evening, gentlemen.

I just interviewed
Alina Moldenauer's parents.

She studies sociology,
Dad pays the rent.

She earns a bit of money
with casual jobs.

According to Mum,
she met Paretz at university.

Let's find him before
he does more damage.

Freeze now.



Sure. I'm on my way.


We're in a rush. Put it here.

Go ahead then.


Yeah, sure,
just as I thought.

- Morning, Brandtner.
- Dr Graf.

He was shot, fell
and broke his neck.

Death occurred about 3 a.m.,
give or take two hours.

- Can you do a post mortem?
- When he gets to forensics.

Look at his fingertips.

It looks like the dye
on the bank money.

- He might be in our records.
- Goodbye.

Gunther Gruber.
Convictions for procuring.

And one for manslaughter.

The colour found
on his fingertips

is identical to the dye
on the bank money.

So Gruber and Paretz
made contact after the robbery.

Was it the money
or were they accomplices?

We don't know the connection

between the drug dealer
and the brothel owner.

Gruber last worked
in a brothel called Flora.

I'd better go and have a look.

- No. 4 Goldschlag Street.
- Thanks.

- Mr Sonner.
- What's up?

Brandtner, Crime Squad.

- What can I do for you?
- Gunther Gruber.


He was found this morning,
shot dead.

Who murdered him?

Well, maybe
you can help me out.

I'm not able to help you.
I'm sorry.

I saw him last night.

I guess...
it was about 10 p.m.

He left and didn't return.

Normally, he spends
his evenings here.

Where was he headed?

He told me nothing.

- Where was he found?
- Under a railway bridge.

Tell me,
do you know this man?

No. Is he involved?

We don't know.
What about the young woman?

Does she work for you?

Then I'd know her.


I have no idea
what he was involved in.

Is there nothing...
no clues?

Nothing so far.

That's it then.
Thank you, Mr Sonner.


- Sonner.
- You lied

about Gruber shooting him.

Gruber's dead! I've got
the gear and the dough.

- Anton, listen...
- You listen.

Bring me Alina
and you get the lot.

Be at the Neptune Fountain
in an hour.

What did you do with the car?

I got rid of it.

Any details about Sonner?

Yes, he runs two brothels
in Vienna and various bars.

One of his employees
did drug deals,

but we couldn't prove
Sonner was part of it.

So Sonner and Paretz
could both be involved.

The girl?

I showed Sonner Alina's photo.

- Well?
- Hard to tell if he knows her.

If Sonner's using her,
the money could buy her out.

You could be right.

But where could she be?

I saw some technical drawings
in Sonner's office.

Yes, there was a plan
some time ago

to convert
a hotel into a brothel.

But then
the residents protested.

It's still empty.
And it's Sonner's.

Come on, get up.
Right now.

Stop pretending
you're asleep.

Your boyfriend's waiting.

Come now.

Hey, Anton!

Get outside.
Through the window.

Open the door.

Hurry. I can't hold
the door much longer.

Open up!

Open the door.

Hey, Anton.

Alina, come here.

I won't do you any harm.

throw away your gun.

Damn it.

Böck here.
We need an ambulance.

Hurry. Thanks.

Hang in there, okay?

Holy Mary and Jesus...

You'd better pray
that the girl's all right.

Christian, keep calm.

Give me your hand.

Come in now.

Why go out there
with your fear of heights?

You're right. But the girl...

What have they done to you?

Don't worry.
I'm quite all right.

I'm so sorry.
I love you.