Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 5, Episode 3 - Priester in Gefahr - full transcript



The radio signals
referred to

came from beyond
our eastern border.

Finally, a message
from our Swiss colleagues.

Two trucks carrying
15 tonnes of pharmaceuticals

have vanished.

They were being driven
from Zurich

across Austria
to Hungary.

But they never reached
their destination.

The trucks entered Hungary.
Then the trail is lost.

The drivers are missing.
We have descriptions of them.

The black market value
of the pharmaceuticals

and the vehicles
is 20 million per truck.

How does it concern us?

After eight hours on the road,

the drivers must take
an eight-hour break

and sleep overnight in Austria.

So they could have
been followed from here?

If you get any information,

please pass it on
to the Theft Squad.

It's clearly a case
of organised crime.

Baran, Bukowsky...
Hurry, the driver's here.


Am I too late?
I missed the bus.

And it's quite a walk
from the station.

After the next trip
you can afford a car.

No, I need the money
for other things.

Then do another trip for us.

Two more trips?
I thought this was the last.

You've done one.
Keep going.

I've already found other work.

- We pay better, don't we?
- Yes.

- So stay with us.
- The papers are in there.

They'll pick the truck up at 10

from the usual place
outside Budapest.

Here's half your money.

You need fuel, so get going.

Is that the driver?

You saw nothing.
Nothing at all.

Get back in the truck and go.

- I won't be party to murder.
- Didn't you hear me?

Count me out.

Dump him with the others.

But hurry. One of you
will have to drive the truck.

How did you get that here?

You'll return it tomorrow.

Yes, you will!

I'll radio
for an ambulance.

I want a priest.

Father Auer?


He's in a critical condition.

He's been unconscious
the whole time.

We couldn't talk to him.

He may regain consciousness

- Do you want to confess?
- Yes.

I have sinned...

I repent.

They're killing truck drivers.

They steal pharmaceuticals

and take them
over the border...




Adrenalin, one ampoule.

I absolve you of your sins.

In the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Ghost.

Did he regain consciousness?

Yes, briefly.

All right. I'm coming.

Hey, Rex...

I know you're hungry
but knives are dangerous.

Where is it?
Ah, here.


Okay, coming.


- My name's Auer.
- What do you want, Father?

Do you want to talk us
out of our bad habits?

You work hard
for your money.

You're allowed
a few bad habits.

So what do you want?

To begin with,
maybe a nice big coffee

because I slept badly.

Gina, a nice big coffee
for Father Auer.

How can I help?

Where can I find out,
in advance if possible,

who's carrying
a particular freight?

We never know in advance.
Why do you want to know?

I've heard

that truck drivers might become
the victims of crimes,

such as armed robbery.

Trucks go missing
every once in a while.

It happens.
Do you know of a case?

I can't tell you.
I'm bound by a vow of secrecy.

Thank you.

All I can do is
warn someone in danger.

And I fear that some drivers,
carrying certain goods,

are in very great danger.

If you can't tell me more,
I can't help you.

- Morning.
- Pardon?

Ah, hello. Böck's here too.
He's scurrying around.

- What's the story?
- He was shot.

The bullet's missing.

- It pierced his lung?
- I'd say so.

The records show
he was alive on admission.

I've spoken
to the paramedics.

He stumbled in front of a bus
and collapsed.

It's possible
he'd walked some distance.

People sometimes survive
injuries like these.

Sadly, he didn't.

Thanks. Bye.

- Morning.
- Ah, coffee.

- What have you found out?
- He's Jiri Borowjez.

A Pole.

His visa's expired.
He wasn't registered.

I've been in touch
with the Polish embassy.

- Did he speak to anyone?
- A priest. I have his address.

He spoke to truck drivers?

And you let him
go wandering about?

- What shall we do?
- Get him here.

I need to know what he knows.

Father Auer?


Hello. Brandtner, Crime Squad.
This is...

Does my dog bother you?

No. Let him stay.
I like dogs.

- What's he called?
- Rex.

You've come about
the man at the hospital?

Yes. May I ask
if he said anything to you?

I can't tell you. It was when
he was making his confession.

I know
there's a vow of secrecy

but I have to clear up a crime.

There's nothing I can do.

- Aren't there any exceptions?
- No.

What happens
if you're told something

which calls for
immediate action?

The priest must act himself.

But he may only warn
someone who is in danger.

have you warned anyone?

I've spoken
to a few truck drivers.

I really can't tell you
any more.

What if you're in danger?

If I could alert the police
by breaking a window,

I wouldn't hesitate
to do so.

But I still wouldn't divulge
a confession I'd heard.

If you'll excuse me,
I must prepare for mass.

Yes, of course.
Thank you.

Please do me a favour...

Don't forget about the window.

One last thing...
The drivers you spoke to

don't carry pharmaceuticals,
do they?

Goodbye, Mr Brandtner.

Höllerer, send Wimmer
over to St Antony's,

to keep an eye
on Father Auer.

He seems to know something.

He might do something
that could help us.

In nomine Patris et Filii
et Spiritus Sancti.

Keep quite calm.
And don't try that again.

You don't stand a chance.
Move it!


I've spoken to the bus driver.

He didn't see Borowjez
till he was on the ground.

Rex can't find Borowjez's scent.

- He didn't drop from the sky.
- Was he pushed out of a car?

At a bus stop, in front of
witnesses? I doubt it.

Let's take a look around.

He's found the scent.

Borowjez was here for sure.

In that case...

Have you got a torch?

- No, but I've got a lighter.
- Fantastic.

Rex, wait.

He's found something.

- I'd say it's a body.
- Come here, Rex.

I'll call the crime scene



Father Auer's disappeared.

Find a photo of him
and put out an APB.

I know you've spoken
to some truck drivers.

It doesn't matter.
I can't tell you anything.

All that doesn't interest me.

I just want to know
what Borowjez told you.

I won't say.

Take him away.
We'll get it out of him yet.

It's bad luck
to harm a priest.

It looks
as if his throat was cut too.

His shoes are missing too

and there are no signs
of a struggle.

Again, his throat was cut.
No signs of a struggle.

All three were killed
in their sleep.

Two of them
aren't wearing shoes.

Who sleeps fully dressed,
apart from us?

Truck drivers!

They sleep in their cabs.
It's too cold to undress.


Hello, Höllerer.
I've got a question.

I've got the descriptions
of the missing drivers.

I'll check for
distinguishing features.

One of them had a tattoo
on his right arm...

a heart and the name Nicole.

- Body No. 2.
- Thanks, Höllerer.

Spot on. Bye.

Help me up, will you?

Going by the state
of the bodies,

I'd say they were killed
in the past week.

If Father Auer was warning
other truck drivers,

we can assume that
further thefts are still planned.

We must find out if any more
deliveries are being made.

How do we do that?

I hope they've got
good old CB radio.

Calling all drivers...

Anyone transporting

should call Vienna Police

and ask for Inspector Brandtner.

Be very careful
when sleeping at rest areas

between Vienna
and the border.

Tell any drivers without CB.
Over and out.

- You've been a great help.
- Don't expect too much.

Very few of us have CB.
We use mobiles.

There's still no news of him?
Right. Thanks.

Okay, Wimmer.
Thanks. See you later.

- Well?
- Nothing.

- Any news?
- I'm afraid not.

Nothing at all.

Contrary to our assumptions,

the truck drivers are attacked
here, not in Hungary.

Someone from here
then drives on.

They're efficient
and unscrupulous.

Father Auer would get
involved with them!

We need to put you
somewhere else.

You'll be our guest

until you tell me
what you told the drivers.

Those are the rest areas where
long-distance drivers sleep.

We can assume that the victims
were killed at one of them.

We're monitoring all four

in case some drivers
didn't get the warning.

Höllerer speaking.

One second, please.

It's a truck driver.

Hello. Brandtner here.

Another driver just told me
that I should call you.

Where are you?

Outside Vienna,
heading for Rest Area West.

We're planning an operation

to prevent an attack on you
and catch the criminals.

Can you describe the truck
you're driving?

I'm driving a blue Scania.

It's marked Spindler
and has Basel plates.

That's him.

That last guy works
for yet another carrier.

Four pharmaceutical firms,
four carriers.

How does the gang know

about the consignments
and the trucks?

Someone's tipping them off.

They'd need extra insurance
for a big consignment...

Their informant
could work there.

I see.
I'll look into it.

Thanks. Come on.

One of them has gone over
to the truck.

- The other's in the car.
- Good. We'll start.

I want peace and quiet.

What's going on?
I want my rest.

What's that dog doing here
at night?

It worked.

I'll tail them.

They're Polish. They've been
here for three weeks.

There's nothing to suggest
they're hiding a priest there.

According to their passports

It's tricky...

Wojtek Baran
and Andrzej Bukowski.

Stay and watch them.
I'll send a relief later.

Goodnight. Bye.

Thank you. Goodbye.


I was speaking to the director
of one of the haulage firms.

Apparently all the firms use
the same insurance company.

Our Swiss colleagues ought
to take a close look at it.

Yes, Böck here.
Hello, Alex.

There's no news.
They haven't left the hotel.

Yeah, I can stand it.
Just send the others home!

Would you like a drink?

You'll get water
when you talk.


Just a moment.

Mr Spröngli?


I see.
When's it coming?

Which carrier?

Right, Mr Spröngli...

You'll get your money as usual.
Thank you.


There's a job.

You know what it's like,

All we can do is wait.
It'll work out.

I'll go and see Christian.

Rex, we're going out.

Rex took this laser pointer
with him. Can you return it?


Bravo, Rex.
What a catch.


I'm on my way.
The Poles have left.

The truck drivers
are on their guard.

We have to change our plans.

There won't be a dog
at every rest area.

It'll be better if we don't use
the same places again.


You'll pretend
there's been an accident

on the road to the border

by driving on
ahead of the truck

and throwing a shop dummy
out of the window.

He'll run it over and stop.
You know what to do then.

- There's Father Auer.
- Where?

At the window,
to your right.

Go round the back and see
how many of them there are.

I'll call for back-up.

I've seen three people so far.

The two Poles from the hotel
and a third guy.

One of them just left
with a gun.

We must get inside somehow.

I can see a way.

Okay. I'll come round.


Go and take care of him.



Go and see the priest.

Maybe he'll talk now.


Go and see what's going on.


Let go, you bloody dog!

Let go!

The game's up.

- Let go!
- Let go, Rex.

Let go.

Good boy.


Are you all right?

Well done, Rex.

Hands behind your head!
Kneel down!


How lucky
you don't always obey me.

Thank you.

I can't calm down!

The Swiss are claiming
they broke up the gang.

Lower your voice.

But we caught them!

All they did
was arrest Spröngli.

Don't worry about it.

I met Bukowsky,
Baran and Schuller

but who's Spröngli?

He was their informant.

I'm not normally noisy.

It must be the acoustics in here.

I found something of yours.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

And thank you too,
of course.

- Goodbye, Father.
- Why should I simmer down?

Just look at this story!