Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 5, Episode 13 - Sisi - full transcript

Marion Gruber runs a costume hire agency and in the evenings lives out her personal fantasy that she is Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. As the harmless dream grows into a dangerous obsession, Marion becomes unpredictable and violent. A coachman whom she has hired for a midnight drive around Vienna is stabbed when he becomes too curious. When her business manager finds her Sisi memorabilia and becomes suspicious, he threatens to go to the police unless she signs the business over to him. Fortunately Inspector Alex Brandtner has pieced it all together and arrives on the scene before more harm is done.


Hello, what's your game?

If you want to pretend
you're Sisi,

you needn't hide from me.

People can do as they like,
as long as they pay.

Don't look at me. Go away.

Don't be like that.
I was only asking.

you're very pretty.

Take that away!
Take the file away!

Rex! Come on,
it's been a long day.

Obviously not for you.

All right.
Just once, okay?

Rex, leave that outside.

What's the point?
No one here does what I say.

Would you like some more?

Fine. No one's forcing you.

Rex, take it into the hall.



Damn stick!


No, Christian. I'm fine.
What's up?


Okay. Go ahead.
I'll see you there. Ciao.

Rex, come on.
There's work to be done.

Hello, Hanni.
I'll be a bit late today.

Please tell Hoffmann

the Volkstheater costumes
must be ready at 10.

And take the opera costumes
to the cleaner's.

We need them the day
after tomorrow. See you.

The murder weapon was thrust
into his chest up to the hilt

but there are no signs
of a struggle.

When did it happen?

Almost certainly
before midnight.

He was killed in the fiacre,
but not here.

The trail of blood
indicates that.

The coach must have come
some distance

and the corpse was moved
several times.

According to the victim's wife
it was his own file.

That would mean
he climbed into the coach

holding the murder weapon.


Perhaps his passenger
felt threatened.


Thank you.

His last passenger
was probably a woman.

- So long.
- Bye.

She says a woman phoned

and ordered a fiacre
for a longer trip.

Pick-up at 9
outside the Opera House.

She didn't say her name
but she sounded Viennese.

You wonder what local
would want a fiacre ride

late at night
at this time of year.

Good morning.

- Where's Mr Hoffmann?
- In the sewing room.

Don't forget
they're being picked up at 12.


Did you sleep badly
last night?

- No, why?
- You're late.

I was busy.
Besides, that's my business.

Very nicely done.

but I'm worried about you.

You've changed a lot.

You know how
my father's accident upset me.

When he died, my life changed.

Of course I know that.
That's why I want to help.

I can cope. Have they come
for the costumes yet?

- Mrs Reichert?
- Yes.

My name's Brandtner.
Thank you for phoning.

I heard about it on the radio
and thought I ought to call.

When did you see the coach?

It must have been
just after 11.

I work in the Burgtheater
and my shift ends at 11.

Where was the fiacre?

where your car is now.

I only saw her briefly.
Besides, she had her hood up.

What colour was her hair?

Dark, I think. There was
something sparkly in it.

Could this be
what she had in her hair?

Maybe. I just saw
something sparkle.

Why are you watching me?

What are you doing?

The costumier is waiting
for you.

I give the orders round here.
Tell her I'm coming.

I know you've been taking
dresses home.

They're antique items
we don't hire out anyway.

What do you do with them?

Is it part of your fantasy
about Empress Elisabeth?

That's my business. She was,
by the way, a splendid woman.

Your behaviour
is pathological.

- Here I am.
- Hello. Any news?

None of the jewellers I asked
has made anything like it.

- Bad luck.
- Not entirely.

I found a butcher

who puts more meat in his rolls
for the same price.

- Great.
- Ham roll at 3 o'clock!

Anything else?

One of the jewellers said

it could be a copy
of the star clips

Empress Elisabeth, called Sisi,
was so fond of.


I've dug up a postcard
of her wearing them.

And I've even discovered
who made them.


- He made 20 of them.
- Who for?

For a woman a year ago.
They don't know her name.

The jeweller who made them
has died.

- Dreadful.
- You knew him?

No, but we still don't know
who we're looking for.

The file pierced part of
the left lung and the heart

with such force that it even
penetrated the third, left rib.

Any prints
on the murder weapon?

Only the victim's,
which can be explained.

He had a haemotoma
on the underside of his hand.

The woman could have been
pushing his hand away.

It's all very strange.

Knives, screwdrivers, files...
It happens.

Sure, but this is different.

Our unknown suspect

had the same hair clips
as Empress Elisabeth

and she was killed
with a file too, wasn't she?

Yes, at Lake Geneva.

When I was a student

we studied
the Empress's autopsy report.

She had
a V-shaped stab wound,

which was only slightly more
than a centimetre across.

Yes, but it was still
enough to kill her.

Her left heart ventricle was
perforated... Excuse me.

The loss of blood deflated
the heart, as it were.

- And it stopped. May I?
- Of course.

Any other known
medical facts about her?

We know that she was always
going on starvation diets

and was underweight.

That led to
a state of exhaustion.

And she used that
to avoid her duties at court?

Yes. She was the first person
to be diagnosed with anorexia,

an eating disorder
accompanied by hyperactivity

and, alternately,
aggression and depression.

In silence and in darkness
night comes creeping in.

On the far horizon
the moon has hid away.

Night enfolds in darkness
everything near and far.

The light of the stars alone
glitters clear and cold.

Overall, Sisi was a totally
unpredictable person.

Yes, and in that respect
there are certain likenesses

between our suspect
and Empress Elisabeth.


It seems that
the woman we're looking for

feels a strong affinity
with the Empress.

That could help us

if she's drawn attention
to herself before in some way.

We'll notify all departments
and local police stations.

A lot of women relate
strongly to Lady Di.

In some cases

they actually imagine
that they are her.

That's not a bad angle.

If our suspect's affinity
is pathological,

we could ask
doctors or hospitals.

If it helps.

Stop, Marion.
Stay calm.

- What do you want?
- Proof you're crazy.

- Give me the camera.
- No.

- Give it to me.
- You need help.

I'll live as I please!

You're crazy.

I don't believe it.

Coachman killed

- Would you like a coffee?
- Please. Milk and sugar.


- Can I help you?
- You won't believe this...

I just saw Empress Elisabeth
riding in Laxenburg Park.

- Have you been drinking?
- No. It's true.

She was riding side-saddle,
dressed in black

just like Sisi.

What can I do about it?
It's not illegal.

She must be crazy.
Anything could happen.

Look, go home
and get a good night's sleep.

You may yet be sorry
you didn't believe me.

Good night.

If she was Sisi,
I'm Emperor Franz Josef.


A man said he saw
Sisi riding in the park.

- Where is he?
- Why?

There was a fax

about a murder suspect
who dresses up as Sisi.

I hope I can still catch him.

I see as well
as I did 20 years ago.

I've never needed glasses.

No one doubts you.

If I hadn't seen her
so clearly,

could I have described her?

We're really grateful to you.

You said
she disappeared into the park?

She galloped off
like a mad thing.

Excuse me, are there
any stables near here?

Yes, several.

I've got a visitor.
See you later.

My name's Brandtner.
We spoke on the phone.

I'm Anna Dohr.

- Does my dog bother you?
- No. I like dogs.

A few of our riders bring
their dogs along too.

After you called me,
I went into the stables.

It's true. One of the horses
was ridden last night.

- Whose horse was it?
- Mine. Look...

The lock's been broken.

That wouldn't have been

Would you hear
if someone took a horse out?

I live 500 metres over there.
I couldn't possibly hear.

This is my horse.

It can be ridden side-saddle?

Yes. Not many horses
are trained to do it.

The woman who broke in
last night

must know the stables well.

A lot of women
hire horses from us.

She probably rode here once.

Here we keep
all the saddles,

the side-saddles too.

The witness said

the woman was
a very good rider.

Isn't riding side-saddle

but a few people can do it.

How many women in Vienna
know how to do it well?

There must be
about 20 to 30.

Hi, Hanni. It's me.
I'm not coming in today.

I don't feel very well.

I'm fine.
I just need some rest.

When does she normally come
to the stables?


No, I don't want to learn
to ride side-saddle.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Can you describe her?

Kunz. Police.

No, I can't prove
I'm from the police.

But there's a simple solution.

You can get f...

full proof
if you ring...

They hung UP-

Good work, Fritz.
I'm going to the riding club.



Goodbye, Mr Hoffmann.
Have a nice evening.



Ms Hirsch?

May I have a word?
I'm from the police.

Have I done anything wrong?

That's what I want to know.

Sorry, but where were you
last night and the night before?


- Where?
- In London.

There was a big show.
I got back this morning.

The manager said
you give lessons.

Side-saddle too?

it's right back in fashion.

Can you remember a pupil,

20 to 25 years old,

170 cm tall, long dark hair?

My pupils are younger.
They're 20 at the most.

It's quite likely she talked
about Empress Elisabeth.

About a year ago I had a pupil
who fits your description.

She wanted to ride
as well as Sisi.

She could too,
in the end.

Anything else?

She didn't join the club
and spoke little about herself.

All I know is
that she was called Marion.




This is
Empress Elisabeth's bedroom.

It has been preserved
in its original condition.

Excuse me.
Excuse me, ladies.

That was Sisi's bed.

Before she went to bed,

she let down
her knee-length hair,

combed it for a long time

and lay down
with her head on a bolster,

fanning her hair out
on both sides

to avoid damaging it.

Our tour is over
at this point.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you.

Goodbye. Keep to the right.
The exit is to your right.

Thank you
for your attention.


Her first name
is probably Marion.

Think of the lengths
she went to

to go riding in Laxenburg Park
like Empress Elisabeth.

And that's the reason
I surmise

she may have frequented
Sisi's favourite haunts before.

- So we start asking around?
- You got it.

Somewhere like
Schönbrunn Palace

gets 1.5 million visitors per year.

- She'll be hard to find.
- That's your job.

- Help him, please.
- I think it's a waste of time.

Has anyone got
a better idea?


Did you know that
Sisi identified with Titania

A Midsummer Night's Dream?

You didn't?

You don't care much either,
do you?

I thought not.

Thanks, but I can't sleep.
I've got to research this.


I won't often be able
to come here again.

I'll dream of you.

Hey, give it to me.
Give it to me! Come on, Rex.

let me go on reading.

Thank you.

Look at the book now!

Yes, all right.

They're deer, Rex.

Any regular
female visitors?

Several come regularly.

Do you remember a woman

about 30 years old,
170 cm tall, long dark hair?

There's one who comes
quite often.

She won't look at you.

I mean,
she actually turns away.

Is there anything special
about her clothes?

Her clothes?

She wears
a black coat with a hood

and old-fashioned clothes

Don't touch anything!

I've brought rubber gloves
with me.

Tell me...
when was she last here?


I can't imagine
how that got there.

- I can.
- How?

She spent the night here.

The entrance is locked.

but it's not very difficult.

She joins
the last tour of the day,

hides, is locked in

and leaves with the first tour
next day.

Alex owes us a ham roll
for that.

Of course no one stands out
from all those visitors.

Wimmer will have had
the same problem.

Isn't there a patisserie
Sisi used to go to?

I don't know.

- Why?
- I'd like to check it out.

Good idea.

The man who saw her riding
said something about a costume

and the tour guide did too.

Of course it's possible
she sews her own

but what if she doesn't?

Maybe she has them made.

Yes, but what dressmaker
can still sew that stuff?

I'll look.

Q, R, s...

Where is it?

But just suppose
she hires them.

Austria's oldest costume hire

You went into my flat
and broke into a room.

I was worried.
You didn't answer the phone.

I called a few times
and then I drove over.

My private life is
nobody else's business.

I'm not so sure.

Have you read about
the murdered coachman?

A woman was seen
with a silver clip.

You match the description.

You're crazy.
You can't run the company.

Sign the business over to me
or I'll go to the police.

I've drawn up a contract.

So that's what you want.

Your father promised
to make me a partner

but he died
before he could do it.



The riding teacher told me

that one of her pupils
was called Marion.

Here's a costume hire place
run by a Marion Gruber.

- What if it's a coincidence?
- We'll try the other agencies.

It won't work
the way you think.

Take your pick...
asylum or jail.

I'm not mad.
I didn't do anything.

Didn't you?

You killed someone.

Stop! Police!

- He's alive.
- I'll call an ambulance.

Come out.

Go away.
I don't wish to speak to you.

You'll have to.
You killed someone.

I had nothing to do with it.
It was just a bad dream.

I'm afraid it wasn't.
Come on.

You can't give me orders.

En garde!

En garde!

Stop it. It's useless.

When I was little,
I'd try on the costumes.

- I was the princess.
- Yes.

Come on.

I know you didn't mean
to kill anyone.

- What's the big hurry?
- I don't know.

A corpse can't run away.

- Where's the body?
- This way, Dr Graf.

Hello, Mr Brandtner.

For he's a jolly good fellow...

No, it's not on.

To have me fetched
in a patrol car for this!

But I must admit that
never before on my birthday

has anyone made me
quite so happy.

Thank you.

- Many happy returns, Dr Graf.
- Dr Graf...

- Dr Graf, all the best.
- Thanks.

Let's drop the Dr Graf bit.

After all this time
we should use first names.

I'm Leo. Hello, Alex.

Hello, Christian.
Hello, Fritz.


Yes, Rex...

you and I have been
on first-name terms for ages.