Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 5, Episode 12 - Hetzjagd - full transcript



- Are you the last?
- Yes.

- Have a nice evening.
- Same to you.

What's this?

Pass me the hammer, Rex.


Hold this, Rex.


Okay, leaving right now.

Rex, we must go.

Come, there's work to do.

Think we can repair it?

Hello, Christian.

Hello, Alex.
Hello, Rex.

Do we know who she was?

The license in her handbag
says Maria Stein.

- What's that?
- It was under the dead body.

- I'll send it to the lab.
- Fine.

And call Fritz. Ask him
to check her particulars.

- Hello, Mr Brandtner.
- Hello.

The projectile hit the aorta

and came out below
the shoulder blades.

A gunshot wound.

What about the abrasion
on her left leg?

Could be from a fall.

- Till tomorrow. Good night.
- Good night.

- You're home? Moritz...
- I was home all day.

I rang an hour ago.
Why didn't you answer?

I went out briefly
for some beer.

- Brought some food, sister?
- There's enough in the fridge.

It was just enough for lunch.

- Look at this mess!
- It's not that bad, sister.

I knew it.

The switch is still broken.
Will you ever do it?

In a bad mood?
Trouble at work?

The same every day.

I've had it!

When I come home from work
I don't feel like

cleaning up after you
in my free time.

You're bitching like
a frustrated housewife

because of a few clothes.

Hey, I was winning.

Out of my place!
And fast.

I'm glad I won't see you
any more.

Regards from Forensics.
65 millimetre.

Have you found out anything
about Mrs Stein's private life?

Yes. She has a flat
in the ninth district.

Near the Strudlhof Steps.

A female neighbour told us
she lived alone.

She was the branch manager
of the supermarket.

She took a strongbox
to the bank safe every night.

About 200,000 schillings.

And the man
who found the body?

He didn't say much.

He thinks he saw
a young man run away.

- Brandtner.
- Graf.

I found papier maché

on three fingertips
and under one nail.

So she tore
the mask off his face?

Yes, it's likely.
That's why I'm calling.

- Good. Thanks, Doctor.
- You're welcome.

You heard for yourself.

So we have two clues.
The mask and the projectile.


Maybe the computer
can help us.

Let's compare this case
with other robberies

for similarities.

Gentlemen, I got hold of this
at the garage.

Or does anyone here not like
homemade ham rolls?

You like ham rolls?

I'm putting in another ten.


Twelve in here, and double.

- What do you want?
- I just...


- Sorry I yelled at you.
- You were right.

Let me continue my game.

And... thanks
for remembering my birthday.

Don't be sentimental, sister.

If we assume
he was a re-offender

we're left with 13 cases

where the culprit used a mask
and a 7.65 mm weapon.

Forensics didn't find
any casings.

Then he used a revolver.

That leaves five robberies

resulting in serious
bodily harm and death.

The eyewitness said
he was young.

- That leaves two.
- One's already dead.


The other, Moritz Hollub, is
inside for another six months.

False alarm.

Only another six months.

Just check if by chance
he was allowed out today.

And if it wasn't
a re-offender?

We still have the clues.

Well... nearly ready.
A good ham roll takes time.

Give him a piece.
He's starving.

I Will.

Only those with patience
are rewarded.

- Is your screen black?
- No.

Rex, pay more attention.

Who didn't pay attention?

- Well, I never!
- I promised, right?

When I went shopping yesterday,
she greeted me politely.

She was
a very friendly person.

Who would do such a thing?

- Have you seen my bag?
- Am I your slave?

I think it's in the kitchen.

Do you think he learnt much
in prison?

Someone who's done it once
will do it again.

I wouldn't put it past him.

He shot a man once
who's limping to this day.

Five years just isn't enough
for robbery.

Mrs Swoboda,
are you gossiping again?

I have my own theories.

Heard about the murder
on the Strudlhof Steps?


I heard they suspect Moritz
on the second floor.

That's natural, isn't it?

He was 19 then.
The rashness of youth.

I hope he's not stupid enough
to do it again.

I wouldn't know.

Not hungry?

Too much sausage
yesterday, right?

- Brandtner.
- Christian.

Your suspicion was right.

Hollub was recently granted
regular day leave.

Guess what?

He was released two weeks ago
for good behaviour.

- Why isn't it in the computer?
- They forgot to enter it.

- Do we know where he lives?
- Yes.

19 Pasteur Lane, District 9.
He lives with his sister.

Fine, I'm leaving now.


At last, Inspector!

That muck's living
on the second floor.

I hope he gets life,
that criminal.

This is a decent house.
He shouldn't be living here.

Will they never leave me
in peace?

Someone seems quite certain
who shot Mrs Stein.

Good-hearted Vienna...

- Homicide.
- Come in.

I'm here.

Put your weapons down or...

- Let's talk about it.
- I won't go back to prison.

I was innocent and did 5 years.
I'd rather be dead.

- Weapons down.
- Okay, we'll put them down.

If you're innocent
you don't need to worry.

Your colleagues said that
five years ago.

You're all the same.

Push the weapons towards me.

If you come with us I promise
we'll reopen your case.

Do you think I'm stupid?
You're all phonies.

- If you have an alibi...
- Stay there.

At last!

He belongs behind bars.

An eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth.

- In the past they'd...
- What?

What would they have done
to him?

You know, Inspector.

And some people never learn.

Like some tea?

- Is he talking?
- No, silent as a post.

For over three hours.
He has staying power.

Here's the mask back.

No hair, no traces of saliva.

By the way,
what the sister said is true.

- He did buy some beer.
- Got the exact time?


This is the file
on his previous case.

Hollub was sentenced
due to the manager's evidence.

He stated that a masked man
entered his office

and threatened him with a gun.

They got into a scuffle.

The masked man shot at him.
He was injured and collapsed.

Then the thief disappeared
with the takings.

Why did Hollub's name
come up?


The manger said
he recognised his voice.

What's up?

Shall we go?

Weeks before, Hollub had
complained in the supermarket

that he'd been sold food
past its Use By date.

And the money and weapon?

They were never found.

When did Mrs Stein
set the alarm?

According to the recording
at 7.15 p.m. and 37 seconds.

Good. Then she left the shop
and locked up.

- How long would that take?
- 30 seconds.

Then she went to the bank.

Doctor Graf thinks she was
pushed down the steps first

and shot dead here.

The attacker grabbed
the strongbox,

then heard a passer-by.

He forgot the mask
and walked off.

No, he ran off.

Why didn't he walk?

- Why a man?
- According to statistics...

That's Fritz's department.

Well... you finally made it.

The publican watched soccer
with his regulars.

He said Hollub entered the pub
before the first goal.

Then he bought
three bottles of beer.

He was served promptly.

Walk in, pay, walk out...
about three minutes.

Fine and we add
another three minutes...

When was the first goal?

- At 7.26 p.m.
- At 7.26 p.m.

That would mean...

- It doesn't add up, does it?
- No.

No, never.

No champion
could have done it.

Nor me.

Here's the lab report.

No traces of smoke were found
on his body or clothes.


You can leave, Mr Hollub.

Really, you can go.


A miracle!
He's talking again.

Weren't you a bit rash?

If you're clever, you can
remove traces of smoke.

It wasn't him.


No need to count it.
It's there to the last cent.

I don't want any more contact.

This is the last time
I borrow money.


His sister told me.
They sent him home.

I don't understand the police.
How can they let him go?

Apparently they have
no evidence against him.

They must try harder.


Have you heard, Mr Nagl?

He's been released.


I don't know
why the police did it.

If I was the minister...
Good evening.


How's your brother?

Did you paint our door?

Your door?
What's wrong?

Coming UP?


I knew five years ago
your brother was innocent.

I know.

How is he?

Not good.
He's looking for a job.

Give him my regards.

- Tell him not to give up.
- I will.


- Mr Gerd Nagl?
- Yes.

Hello. I'm Böck, Homicide.

I want to ask you
a few questions.


- Come in.
- Thanks.

It's about Mrs Stein's murder.

In her flat we found
a photo of you together.


It was at the office party
three months ago.

- How well did you know her?
- As well as anyone else here.

She lives a few blocks away.

Also from the supermarket.

Look, we must investigate
every lead.

Where were you yesterday
between 6 and 7 p.m.?

After work
I went straight home.


it was about 5.30 p.m.

I was home all evening
listening to music.


- A great system.
- My hobby.

Congratulations. On my salary
I can only afford a small one.

- Nice. You live alone?
- Yes.

- You had visitors last night?
- Unfortunately, no.

Thanks, that's it.

I'll find my way out. Bye.

That stupid photo.


We asked everyone
who was at the party.

- They hardly knew Mrs Stein.
- That's their story.

- Their alibis?
- That will take time.

They're still checking.


Here's the exit
of the supermarket.

Let's assume the suspect
used to watch Mrs Stein.

It's possible
that no one saw him.

Opposite are two shops and
a café, with flats above it.

I must ask you to make
door-to-door enquiries.

Murderer and victim know...

I forget the figure.
What was the percentage?

Doesn't matter.
They knew each other.

- It does matter!
- Not right now.

I think you offended him.

I didn't intend to.

mind the step.



I've got an idea.
You have a sweet tooth, right?

What about
a fresh vanilla slice?

You know me.

I can't resist a vanilla slice.

I'll get some.

Sit down here, Granny.
I'll be right back.

Then we'll take the lift.

And buy a few extras, please.

Maybe some
chocolate bananas.

At my age you don't have
to watch your figure.

Hello, Mrs Nagl.

- Morning, Mrs Swoboda.
- I haven't seen you for ages.

How are you?

It pinches and hurts

But I don't worry about it.
No way.

You have the right attitude.

I'll be right back, Mrs Nagl.

I must unlock the laundry,
my morning routine.


Is anyone there?

They always leave the light on,
the bastards.


Hurry! Your sister's lying
in the cellar, unconscious.

Mrs Swoboda.


It was really bad.

There were so many people.
I had to queue.

But I bought you
five fresh vanilla slices

and twenty
chocolate bananas.

And now I'll make
some good coffee.

Come, Granny.

- Hello, Mrs Nagl.
- Hello, Mr Kaufmann.


Mrs Swoboda's downstairs
in the cellar.

Thank you.


There's an injured woman
in the cellar.

19 Pasteur Lane.

I'd better have one now.

- Hey!
- Mrs Swoboda was attacked.

- The janitor?
- And the strongbox was found.

My ham roll.

Hurry up!

You found Mrs Swoboda?

Yes, she was lying there.

Please write the report.

Well, where's...


I thought so.

This is very exciting.
I always wanted to know

what an inspector's office
looked like.

Nothing ever happens
at the seniors' home.

I never get out except
for a party or an outing.

You saw someone come out
of the cellar

and run outside, right?

he ran straight past me.

A young man.
I saw him close up.

Please look carefully
at these photos.

Not him.

It was him!

- Did I help solve a case?
- Yes, it looks like it.

People in our home won't
believe me when I tell them.

Mrs Nagl,
thank you so much.

Your grandson's
waiting for you outside.


What about a small reward?

I'm sorry...

No, I don't want money

Couldn't that young man
drive me home?

Very fast and with a flashing
blue light?

I think we can make
an exception.

Thank you.

If you have
any further questions

I'm always at your disposal.

A pleasure.

Are you sure?
Fine, thanks.

The lab.

They found two fingerprints
on the broken glass

and also Hollub's.

Why did we let him go?

He went down for the money
and she caught him.

Yes, but why did he "only"
knock her down?

If he's the suspect

and Mrs Swoboda caught him
taking the money

he would have killed her.

I think someone's
trying to mislead us.

What about the fingerprints
on the broken bottle?

Tell me... was it
a non-returnable bottle?

You throw it away after use.

This morning before I went
to the office

I threw the garbage bag
in here

and put three bottles
in the bin for glass.

- You're sure there were three?
- Yes.

Well, one bottle's missing.

Did you see anyone around?

No one.

- I'm worried about my brother.
- Think again.

Couldn't he hide out
with friends or colleagues?

I don't think so.

Since he was in prison
he doesn't trust anyone.

I'm sure the suspect lives
behind one of those windows.

This is the answering machine
of Brigitte Hollub.

I'm not home right now...

I'm inclined to think
it was Moritz.

She had a guardian angel.

If he'd struck a bit harder
she'd be dead...

Mrs Swoboda.

Should he cross my path
I won't waste any time.


If the police don't act
we should.

Good evening.

Good evening.

- Have you seen my brother?
- He wouldn't come here.

He might go back to the flat.

He ran off in a hurry.

We must keep watch
on the flat.

You take the first shift.

If there's action, ring us.

Absurd if we can't
hunt him down.

Shall we have another round?

My shout.

Let peaceful days
return to our house.



The tenants are all clean,
no previous records.

when I think of yesterday.

Does anyone there
own a licenced gun?


Mrs Swoboda unlocks the laundry
every day at 10 a.m.

They all know.

So we must check
their alibis.


- Is Mrs Swoboda responsive?
- Tomorrow, the doctor said.

- Hello.
- Where have you been?

- We listed you as missing.
- The seniors made such a fuss.

They all wanted to see
my official weapon and ID,

sit in the car and play
with the flashing light.

So you could become
their sole entertainer.

Mrs Nagl was so excited.
Something was happening again.

She had tears in her eyes
when I left.

No one in her family
takes care of her.

Sorry, I overslept.

- Partying last night?
- No comment.

- I see.
- What did she say?

She was surprised when
her grandson invited her home.

Usually he only does that
on her birthday.

- Why yesterday?
- She asked herself that too.

He didn't give any reason.

She thinks he needed money
and wanted to borrow some.

So let's have
a closer look at him.

This is Brigitte Hollub's
answering machine.

Please leave your message
after the tone. Thank you.

Brigitte... if you're home
please answer.

Brigitte, please!

Thanks, Kunz.

Nagl's salary has been
withheld for a year.

He owes money to banks
and mail order firms.

Banks refuse
to lend him money.

So we have a motive.
What do you think, Rex?

- He's just arrived.
- We've caught him at last.

Go and tell the others.

Keep calm.


- What's the knife for?
- I thought...

- I tried to ring you.
- I looked for you all night.

Why don't you go
to the police?

I'm sure Brandtner
will help you again.

- What will you do?
- Germany... I don't know.

Can you lend me some money?

That's all I have.

- I didn't beat her up.
- I know.

Will you see if it's clear?

There's no one.

Take care, my little brother.

Going on a trip?

Let's get after him.

We'll catch him.

I'll block them off.

An eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth.

No... Moritz.

Stop it! Police.

Nobody leaves here.

- Where's Nagl?
- He was here.


Are you all right, Moritz?


Mr Nagl, why are you leaving
in such a hurry?

Come on, tell
the honourable gentlemen

why you're in such a hurry.

Let me do it for you.

He killed Mrs Stein.

- No.
- Yes. And I'll prove it.

I didn't.

Shall we throw him
to the hound?

You can't do that.

Sadly, no.

All of you come to my office.

Now that Nagl's confessed
to the raid of five years ago

you have
an unblemished record.

I lost five years of my life.

Excuse me.

What are your plans?

To find a new flat.
Far away from this one.

So you play pinball too?