Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 4, Episode 8 - Tödliche Leidenschaft - full transcript



Hi, Peter. It's Alex.
When are you coming in?

Take your time.
There's no hurry.

Okay. Bye.

I wonder
where Christian got to.

If it's Christian, be careful.

This is a cake, not a ham roll.
You don't like cake.

Are you apologising?

- You sure know how.
- Playing with Rex, were you?

He was playing with me.

- Have a good evening.
- Good night, boss.


- Has the new shipment come?
- Yes. Were you on the boat?

- Do you mind?
- You'll get caught one day.

- Don't lose sleep over it.
- Don't worry. I won't.

I'm going to do my rounds.

Rex, bring the present
over here.

What's Rex giving Hollerer?

I'm not saying.
It's a surprise.

- Whoops!
- Hello.

- Hello, Dr Graf.
- Hello.

Hollerer won't be long.

Guess what I got him
for his birthday.

- The Big Book of Ham Rolls.
- What's in it?

Well, for example, there are
two types of ham roll...

the private and the public.

Is a public ham roll
one you eat at work?

You get meal vouchers
in the police force, don't you?

If you buy a ham roll with
a voucher, it's a public roll.

A private...

- I think he's coming.
- What a pity.

For he's a jolly good fellow...

Many happy returns.

Thank you.

This really is a surprise.

Brandtner, Homicide.

Yes. Where?

Freudenauer Harbour Street.

Yes, we're on our way.

- Sorry. A murder case.
- Then we can all go together.

- Reinisch.
- Brandtner.

Mr Beck, and Dr Graf
our medical examiner.


The dead man is Kurt Kraus.
He owned the company.

- That's his wife and son.
- I'll go.

A container
was dropped on him,

with the help of a forklift.

If the container was rammed
by a forklift,

it would have left traces.

It won't be easy.
They're all pretty dented.

Stay here, Rex.
There's glass everywhere.

The cause of death is obvious.
The autopsy will tell us more.

We can find out when he died.
Someone must have heard.

By the way, I'm sorry about
Hollerer's birthday party.

- See you later.
- Goodbye.

Mrs Kraus and her son.

And the foreman,
Egon Reisch.

I'm Brandtner.
Can we talk in private?

Over there in my office.

Where were you
when it happened?

I was on my way home.

Mrs Kraus called me
on my mobile and told me.

Can anyone confirm that?

No. I was alone in my car.

Did Mr Kraus do
his rounds regularly?

Every day at the same time.

- He took the same route?
- Yes.

Of the staff,
who can drive a forklift?

All of us.
It's not difficult.

Someone could have climbed
the fence

and used a forklift
to push the container.

Yes, but it must be someone

who knew
Mr Kraus did his rounds.


Excuse me,
would you like a coffee?

No, thanks.
I'll be with you soon.

Who knew where Mr Kraus
was at the time of his death?

Everybody in the firm.

My father always did
his rounds after work.

Who was still here then?

Only my mother and I.
The workers had left.

Where were you
at the time of the murder?

I was here.
I heard a dreadful noise.

- Was anyone with you?
- No. The workers had left.

Not now. Later.

I was here in my office
when it happened.

I heard the noise,
and then I ran over.

Any idea who killed him?


Who owns the company?

My husband and I.

Who will inherit his share?


But my husband mortgaged
his share.

He liked to live in style.

He spent a lot of money.

On what?



He could always find
something which cost money.

Men in his position
often have a lot of enemies.

What about the staff here?

He was a strict boss,
but very popular.

He didn't have any enemies.

- But?
- People were jealous.

He... he gambled.

He played a lot of poker
and won a lot of money.

- Where did he gamble?
- At a bar called Lindenbeisl.


Can't we cut the cake soon?


We have to wait for Alex
and I've got stacks to do.

I'm checking Kraus's employees
for debts or prior convictions.

I can help you.

No. It's your birthday.
Sit back and relax.

Thanks, but I'm not going
to sit and watch you work.

Thank you.

Who does Alex suspect
of killing Kraus?

The mother and son
have an alibi.

But Kraus's gambling habit
could be at the back of it.

Rex, stay in the car.

I don't think
gamblers have dogs.

Don't worry.
I'll be careful.

- What can I get you?
- A double vodka.

- Thanks. Keep the change.
- Are you sure?


I've got plenty-

I've heard I can play
a round or two here.

What gave you that idea?

I heard it somewhere.

Well? How about it?

I'll ask.

Go ahead.

Bring a bottle of vodka.

Anyone could see in.

Evening, gentlemen.

The minimum stake is
1000 schillings. You deal.

Don't you want to
take your jacket off?

Things might hot up later.

I'm quite comfortable,
but I wouldn't mind a drink.

Have you heard about Kraus?

News spreads fast
in these parts.

How do you know Kraus?

I played poker with him.
I lost heavily.

I heard you did too.

You mustn't believe
all you hear.

Kraus liked to boast.

I'm out.

I'm in.

I'm in too.

I'm out.

Who did Kraus fleece the most?
Reisch, wasn't it?

You ask too many questions.

I say it's time
you shed the jacket.

Anything else you'd like?

Police. Drop the knife.

I said
drop your weapons!


Rex, good to see you.

You're under arrest
for illegal gaming.

Hello, Mr Reisch.
You can come with me.

Mr Reisch...

the others told me you had
gambling debts with Kraus.

He kept most of your wages
as repayment of your debts.

You have a motive

and there's no one
to back up your alibi.

Show me how you did it
and I'll speak...

Watch out!

Take cover, Rex!


Open the gate!


Let him go, Rex.

Get out. Running away
looks like a confession to me.

I didn't kill him.
I'd already left work.

- You were on your way home.
- No.

A ham roll
with extra ham, please.

Would you like
mustard and gherkins?

- No, he likes plain ham.
- He?

- Him.
- Oh, him!

See the man in the car
over there?

Do you know him?

Yes. He was here yesterday.

What time was that?

Around five.

You can give it to him.

And... was he alone?

He met someone.

- Do you know who?
- No. No idea.

But I do know that the man
who's sitting in your car

took something out of his car

and put it
in someone elses car.

- Did you see what it was?
- Boxes. That sort of thing.

But in our business

if we looked too closely
at things like that,

we'd have no customers left.


Thank you. Bye.


Why didn't you tell me
you were here?

Are you doing something shady
to make some extra cash?

Mr Reisch, it won't be hard
to discover the truth.

I'd like to save myself
the work.

I suspect that you stole goods
from the containers.

First Kraus fleeced me,
and then he kept my pay.

Nobody can live on
what I had.

I had no choice.

But you used the cash
for gambling.

Maybe Mr Kraus found out...

I had nothing to do
with the murder.

You've worked here a while.
Did Mr and Mrs Kraus get on?

She didn't seem very upset
by his death.

I'm not surprised.
He was always having affairs.

I need a patrol car.

45... 46...

47... 48.

The first names of 48 women.

It's like the staff list
of a callgirl agency.

I'll call Alex.


Hello, Christian.

Did you say 48?

Reisch just told me that
Kraus had a string of lovers.

But 48?

Exactly. She has a motive.

Yes. I'm on my way.

48 women...

Beck, what would you do
with 48 women?

I have a fair idea.

Sorry to bother you again,
Mrs Kraus.

- Did you catch Mr Reisch?
- Yes. He confessed.

I'm glad that's cleared up.

Now we just need
the murderer.

I don't understand.

Reisch is a thief,
but not a murderer.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- He'd already left.
- Then who killed my husband?

We've been told
he had a lot of affairs.

That's true.
I knew about them.

At first I tried to fight it

but after a few years
I lost interest.

Why didn't you tell me?

I don't think

that a jealous husband
would spy on my husband,

find a forklift
and drop a container on him.

Can you drive a forklift?

Of course.

My husband and I
built up this company.

In the early years
I drove one almost daily.

And in the end
he was cheating on you.

If every man who cheated
was killed

the cemeteries
would be full.

Still, you had a motive
and the opportunity.

I was here at the time.
My son can confirm that.

Who was
your husband's last lover?

I neither know nor care.
I think that's all, Inspector.

- Is that boat your husband's?
- Yes.

It's in the harbour.
The harbour-master has the key.

Please stay at our disposal.

I'll have more questions.
Goodbye. Come, Rex.


I'm on the boat.

Everything's fine.

The police suspect me.

Because of
all the affairs he had.

They think we're giving
each other an alibi.

- They want to see the boat.
- Don't worry, Mum.

The repairs to the container
must be completed today.

Yes, today.

It's being hired tomorrow.

Did you know
that Kraus had a lot of affairs?

Sure. He used to have
different girls all the time.

Used to?

he's been going out alone.

Maybe his wife complained.

Yes, she used
to make a big scene.

It's as if a team of cleaners
had been here.

No dust, no prints, nothing.

- None of Kraus's belongings?
- No, the boat's quite bare.

don't stand a chance.

Who was on the boat last?

- His son.
- Did he often take it out?

Only Mr Kraus senior did.

When was his son here?

Just now.
He left fifteen minutes ago.


- Ines!
- I'm in the pool.

You're back?

I left work early.

I can't concentrate
on work anyway.

I keep thinking about Dad.

- Is there any news?
- They suspect my mother.

She doesn't seem very upset.

She is upset.
She just doesn't show it.

Do the police know
about his affairs?

Most probably. But that has
nothing to do with it.

I still think it was someone
he fleeced at gambling.

- Come, I need you.
- Leave me alone.

- What's the matter with you?
- Your father isn't even buried.

Why can't you understand?

I just want to...
I feel dreadfully lonely.

Come here.

Don't do that.
Stop it.

I know
we've drifted apart recently...

I promise I'll make more time
for you in future.

I only want us to be happy.


The police.

- What do they want?
- How should I know?

Hello. Come in.

Thank you.

Please come through.

Nice place. I like it.


We share the house
with my parents.

Now just with my mother.

She said
you and your wife were here.

What do you want?

Did you find anything special
on the boat?

No. I cleaned and checked it.
We want to sell it.


We don't set any store by it.
And it costs mooring fees.

Fine. We'd like to speak
to your wife.

I see. I'll fetch her.

That reminds me
I haven't eaten either.

My wife, Ines.

My name's Brandtner.
This is Mr Beck.

What's the problem?

We'd like to talk
to your wife alone.

Of course.

Was your husband closer
to his mother or to his father?

His mother.

Is there a very strong bond
between mother and son?

Yes, but not so strong
I can't live with it.

How did you get on
with your in-laws?

I can't understand
why she stayed with him.

I'd have got a divorce.

And your father-in-law?

We had a quite normal

- He was a big hit with women.
- Everyone knew that.

We believe that Mr Kraus
had a lover to the end.

- Do you know who she was?
- No. That was his business.

It was no concern of mine.

- Where were you yesterday?
- I was home, all afternoon.

- Did anyone see you?
- No.

She knows more
than she's saying.

Mother and son, too.
All three of them do.

This seems to be her car.
She's been booked.

Yesterday, 3.30 p.m.

For illegal parking
on Forest Way.

So she wasn't home
all afternoon, after all.

- Shall we ask her again?
- I've got a better idea.

Why were they looking
at your car?

No idea.

They're going now anyway.

What did they ask you?

They think his last lover
had something to do with it.

I was on the boat.
They didn't find anything.

What's the matter?

- Ines!
- I feel faint.

I've never been
in this backwater before.

Join the police
and see the world.

She must have parked
somewhere along here.

What was she doing
in this secluded place?

Something she wanted
to keep secret.

It is pretty.

Look at those branches.

Rex, can you fetch
that branch?

So, she parks her car
and comes down to the river.

A boat ties up...

Now we know
who his last lover was.

Traces of paint.

If they match his boat,
we can prove he was here.

- Ines!
- Don't worry.

- What's wrong?
- She's off to Gynecology.

- Can I come?
- Stay here, please.

The colour matches.

It's clearly recent damage.
It must be the same paint.

The fact they met in secret

they were having an affair.

The motive would be jealousy.

So either his wife or his son
killed him,

or they did it together.

- What do you say to that?
- Even the Danube's polluted.


but this is from a boutique
called Kinki.

Mrs Kraus shops there.
I saw a bag at her house.

Helmut Kraus went on board
to dispose of all this.

We're in luck.

Can you find out where he is?
I'll call Dr Graf.

Hello, Dr Graf.
Sorry to bother you.

Do you know a drug
called Vertirosan?

Beck here.

Mrs Kraus, are your son
and his wife there?

Nausea in pregnancy?

Do you know, by any chance,
why they went there?

Thanks. Goodbye.

Thank you, Mrs Kraus.

I spoke to Martina Kraus.

Her son and his wife
have gone to hospital.

- Am I going to lose my baby?
- Don't worry.

You need plenty of rest.
Avoid all excitement.

Excitement can put
your pregnancy at risk.

You must take it easy.

Do you take any tablets?

Only for nausea,
but I've run out.

I'll give you a prescription.

What did they say?

They gave me a sedative.
It's nothing much.

- You're pregnant.
- What makes you say that?

I found your pregnancy test.

I know who the father is.

Brandtner, Crime Squad.

Can you tell me where
I can find Ines Kraus?

One second.

- Where are we going?
- To see my mother.

I don't want to.
Let me out.

Mr Brandtner?

The Professor's operating.
He'll see you afterwards.

Thank you.

- Stay in the car.
- Let me go!

- So Mrs Kraus is pregnant?
- Yes.

She's in danger of losing
the baby due to complications.

It's outrageous and tacky.
When did it start?

I don't know.
I found her pregnancy test.

I knew
I couldn't be the father

because she had stopped
sleeping with me.

Then I saw her and Dad
meeting secretly on the boat.

Unlike you,
I really loved him.

How did you think
it would work?

We were going to divorce
and stay together.

- We wanted to tell you.
- No need now.

- Now what?
- She must have an abortion.

I won't do that.
I'm leaving you, Helmut.

No, you aren't.
It'll be like old times.

- You killed him.
- So what?


It's not true.

Helmut, you're lying!

No, he's not.
He killed him in cold blood.

- Say something.
- I did it because of you, Ines.

- Let me go.
- Never. I said never!

- The police are coming.
- Now what?

Get her out of here.

Out the back.

- Stop harassing us.
- Where's your son?

No idea. He's around.

Your daughter-in-law
met your husband secretly.

- And she's pregnant.
- You know more than me.

- Where's your son?
- I'm here.

- Where's your wife?
- She's gone away.

It's all been
a bit much for her.


I know,
you lost the scent.

Is that the container
from over there?

Take us up, please.

Mrs Kraus...

It's okay.

I repeat,
where's your wife?

This is disgraceful.
Leave my office.

My God!

I think you ought to stop
playing this childish game.

My father stole my wife
from me.

And then...

she wanted to leave me.

Let's go.

Ines Kraus isn't badly hurt.
She can go home soon.

- And the baby?
- It's fine.

A bit late in the day,
but many happy returns.

Thank you.

I'd like to thank
each of you again

for the kind presents,

especially you, Rex...
for the braces.

I'm not so sure
I can get used to this, though.

Don't say that.
It's Sunday best.


What's your problem?
It looks great on you.

What do you think, Rex?