Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 4, Episode 7 - Die Verschwörung - full transcript



He's booked a clay-pigeon
shooting trap, as usual.

That'll be our best chance.

Couldn't we solve this
some other way?

Got a better idea?
He's simply gone too far.

He's arrived.

You could set your watch
by him.

Who's going to...


You were lucky.

You keep watch
and you come with me.

- We'd better leave right after.
- It will look like suicide.

We've booked for three days.
We're staying.

Thanks, trainer.

Very attentive! Thanks.

What shall we do now?

Well? How many?



Ten? Okay.


I get it. The trainer wants me
to use some extra weight.



You won't stop me!


- He's off to the range.
- According to plan.

Drive that ball!




We can forget it now.

We'll wait.

Shouldn't we go back
to the course?

- That group might catch up.
- We'll wait!




You chicken!

Come on.


What's this?

- We just wanted to scare you.
- You succeeded.

What's going on?

What... are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- Pull!

Wipe off the rifle.

Put it into his right hand.

Let's get out of here.

And hurry.



Well, well...

Tired of
our usual ham rolls?

Just for a change...

Then you should have got
some apples and grapes.

You like grapes?

Yes... if they've been pressed
and taste of Bordeaux.



- Haven't you had breakfast yet?
- He's already having lunch.

- I've brought some rolls too.
- Never too many!

And some apples too.
A few vitamins will do you good.

- Do you want coffee?
- Yes, please. Black, no sugar.

- Now doesn't that look tasty?
- He's talented and has taste.

- Who has?
- Rex.


Yes... very creative!

Brandtner, Crime Squad.

All done.

- Did anyone see you?
- No.

Give us some more information.

- I wiped it all.
- All?

You need a code
to get into the menu.

How could I know? So I held
the computer under water.

I knew it wouldn't work.

Pull yourself together.

If you keep quiet
there'll be no problem.

He might be the painter
who found him.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

- Hello, doctor.
- Hello, Mr Brandter.

Hi, Rex!

The dead man is a hotel guest
according to the painter.

He also called
the hotel doctor.

He doesn't think it was
an accident or suicide.

Did he carry any ID?

No, only this mobile
and cartridges for the gun.


I hope you haven't
just eaten.

Shot straight in the face.

At a distance of 10 to 15
centimetres. From the front.

Unusual for a suicide, right?

I fully agree.

He has relatively
short arms.

He couldn't have fired
that far from his face.

You played very well.

But this afternoon
you'll have to try harder.

How can you be
in such a good mood?

With weather like this?

Why don't we drop
the afternoon game?

We'd look suspicious.
We're on the list.

We'll play our second round
after lunch as usual.

- Have a nice day.
- Same to you.

The victim was a Mr Kempinsky.
He was staying at the golf hotel.

Did the painter notice
anything unusual?

He was away at the time
getting more paint.

Kempinsky was here alone.
He carried a rifle, his own.

You can easily reach
the range unnoticed.

He wants to show us something.

A very fresh track.
Search, Rex!

Also fresh.

If the suspect came from here
he walked across the golf course.

If he crossed the golf course

he risked being seen
by the players.

What if he was dressed as
a golfer?

Yes, or like a gardener.

Or he was a spectator.

- Do you play golf?
- No.

I only know you must replace
the grass that you rip out.

- What about you?
- I know how to hold a club.

As a child I often played
mini golf.

Kempinsky took his key.

We should have found it on him.

He either lost it
which is unlikely

or the murderer took it.

Would you kindly show us
Mr Kempinsky's room?


He hadn't even unpacked.

It seems he went straight
to the range.

Kempinsky, Joseph,
born 18 May 1945, Vienna.

What an orderly man. The way
he packed slacks and jackets!

I could never do it.
Come and have a look.

Someone as fussy as Kempinsky
wouldn't leave a shirt like this.

It looks as if a big folder
was lying there.

Or his computer.

Call Forensics.

Just a minute.

- Coming to the sauna?
- Yes...

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Why? Everything's fine.

- Really?
- Yes.

Go ahead. I'll be there soon.

No peace, even here.

What's so important?

I think Kurz is trying to leave.

- Where is he now?
- In his room.

Leaving already?

Well... look, this sounds stupid,
but my mother...

I had a call. My mother was
taken to hospital unexpectedly.

Acute appendicitis.

That's different of course.

You're not going anywhere.

Come on...

Try hitting me again.

Kurz... put the knife away.

We should have talked to
Kempinsky again.

Useless. We tried several times.
He just got more insolent.

- His demands kept increasing.
- A blackmailer's fate.

Let me through.

Go ahead.

You threaten your best friends
with a knife.

Use the China suite
as long as you need.

If necessary
you can stay overnight.

You can have this room,
number 401.

Your colleague can have
number 402.

Like to take a look?

And here's the list
of our guests and staff.


Forensics is working
in Kempinsky's room.

Would you like me
to order some food?

Great! Some ham rolls.

Ham rolls?
Sorry, we don't serve them.

Of course.

- Well, see you later, Mr...
- Brandtner.


Kempinsky was a lawyer.

I've rung Hollerer.
He's gone to look at his flat.

Regards from Forensics.

The computer was too hot.
It went swimming.

It coughs up weird
number combinations.

I gave it to the experts.
They might save something.

Very posh!

But definitely not
our income level.

If we have to spend the night

that will be your room
with the big TV.

- That will be mine.
- Thanks.

I sleep so well
with the TV on.

Let's keep a low profile.
Then things will be all right.

Nobody will suspect us.

Why did you shoot him
in the face?

Would it look like suicide
from the back?

I'm not in it any more.
I'm getting out.

Didn't we agree
to stick together?

- Whatever happens?
- But this is murder.

Calm down. In a few days
it will all be forgotten.

That's what you think.

I won't ever forget that sight.

That wasn't a face any more,
just a...

So? Are you going
to grass on us?

I would never grass on you.

Besides, I'm an accessory.


We'll each write a confession.

So we each know
the others won't talk.

If you'd feel better, fine.


Mr Kempinsky and I had a fight.
He threatened me with a weapon.

I tried to snatch it from him
and it went off.

Full stop.
I'll have yours.

If one of us goes under
we all do.

- Room service.
- Leave it outside. I'll get it.

As you wish, madam.

The shooting range here...

and the forest
where Rex found the traces.

Next to it is the golf course
with the holes 5, 6 and 15.

Hole 6 is closest to
the shooting range.

According to Mrs Sommer

all golfers play a second round
after lunch in the same order.

- Perfect service.
- Rex!

A late lunch.

- Christian...
- What?

- You can't just...
- Why not?

Compliments of the hotel.
They do these things.

Right, Rex?

A Beck sandwich.

I bet it tastes better than
the ham rolls in the office.

Hey, where's my lunch?

I bet those two with the dog
are from the police.

- Police on a golf course?
- Keep on playing.

You play even better
under pressure.

Cut out your stupid remarks.

They teed off at 2 p.m.,
about an hour ago.

Fits our calculation.

By the score card, they'd have
been about here this morning.

- What are their names?
- Hold on.

Stanok, Ahrens and Kurz.

Stay calm. Nothing can happen.

Hello. Sorry to disturb you.

Crime Squad.

My colleague Beck.

Mr Kunz,

Mr Stanok and I'm Ahrens.

Did you play together
this morning?

Did you see anyone
go into the forest?


At golf you concentrate and
forget the world around you.

I'm the same. I don't even
see the lovely scenery.

Listen, would you know
this gentleman by any chance?

Never seen him.

No, don't know him.


Thanks, that's all.
Continue your game.

I completely forgot.

We need to have
your golf gloves.

Not that we don't trust you.
Just routine, you understand?

No problem.

I'm sorry, he's a bit cheeky

May I?

- We can learn from him.
- Yes.

Once he knows the game...
he keeps at it.

I must say your glove idea
was super.

- Thanks.
- Pleasure.

If one of the gloves shows
traces of smoke

Forensics will know.

It will mean
it was one of them.

Well... that was it then.
Not according to plan.

It was doomed from the start.

They don't believe it was suicide.
They're suspicious of us.

Why just us? Everyone who
played this morning.

- Why did he take our gloves?
- He said it was routine.

All the players' gloves.

What if they find gunpowder
on your glove?

- Then we've had it.
- They won't find anything.

I took them off
in the forest.

- Don't drink so much.
- It calms me down.

Let's see... this morning

two female golfers played
after the three men.

They should be the two
over there.

Ask if they saw
anything unusual.

I'll call Peter.


Hello, Alex.

The computer experts couldn't
save Kempinsky's records.

I was at his place.
The caretaker let me in.

I didn't notice anything unusual.

Go to our office.
I'll fax the guest and staff list.

Then ring Kempinsky's office
and see who was a client.

- What will you do?
- Hang around a bit longer.

Yes, sitting in a small
stuffy room interviewing guests.

- Exactly.
- They're chirping like birds.

Yes... there are many lies told
over a mobile.


Yes, the two women played.

Did they notice anything?

Nothing. They said those three
were playing golf.

Nobody went into the forest.
They were always visible.

Or playing in a spot
where they weren't.

I'll enter his office number
right away.

Okay, got it.
We'll stay in touch. Bye.

Hollerer doesn't think any
of the golfers was a client.

The secretary says

he stored all his notes and
dates in his computer.

And the killer knew.

- Where's his mobile?
- I'll get it.

Why do you want it?

To see whether Kempinsky
stored anything in his mobile.

Meet Kast.

Check if there's a guest
called Kast.


Sorry, there's no guest
with the name Kast

or Kastner or Kastinger.

- What about the number?
- It's unusual.

Ten numbers, it's too long.
And 184 is no area code.

It could be an insurance number.

They contain letters.

There must be a link between
him and someone here.

Let's drive to his office.
Call Peter.

Your TV is on.

Rex must be watching
a cooking program.

Somehow it doesn't sound
like a cooking program.


You'll get funny looks
at Reception.

Rex will pay for this.
I'll tell them.

They'll believe you!

To our friendship.

Pity Kempinsky can't see us now.

That's tasteless.

Some people know their limits,
others can't get enough.

Like Kempinsky.

I've had enough.

I know how far I can go.
To bed.

Well then,
I'll make myself comfortable.

Have a good night.

What's that supposed
to mean?

Don't you trust me?


Regards from Forensics.

The weapon was wiped
so there are no fingerprints.

- Want to look anyway?
- No, thanks.

It would've been too good
to be true.

I sent all his office staff home.

Does "Kast" mean anything
to them?

No. And there's no client
called anything like Kast.

There must be some clue.

You go through the files.
I'll check the computer.

Right now you can't help me.

Go and take a nap.

Look at this!
We're in for a long night.

I'll get us some coffee.

- I saw a coffee machine there.
- Hollerer.

Where do you think
you're going?

Stop this.
I can't take any more!

- I won't go to jail...
- We're not killers!

Yes, we are!

Kempinsky tried to ruin us.
We had to act.

I want out!
Take your hands off me.

I'm cracking up.
I want out!

- Yes?
- It's me.

What's going on?
Keep it down!

He's unconscious.
He tried to get away.

Burn yours and mine.

- Silence him.
- Stop it! Stop it...

What now?

We'll make it look
like an accident.

Account number 1842365800.

Every month 150,000 schillings
were transferred into his account.

By Kast.

There's no address
on the deposit slip.

A princely sum
for an unknown depositor.

150,000 a month
into his private account...

- It smells of bribe money.
- Yes, or hush money.

We're finished now.
Go home, Peter.

- What do we do?
- Go back to the hotel.

What for?
We've nothing to go on.

But we have Rex.
I want to try something.

Tell me, what would the killer
have wiped the gun with?

Orderly people
always carry a hanky.

- And a golfer?
- A cloth for the balls.

Exactly. It's worth a try.

Come on, Rex.

Give me his knife.

Michaela, wait for me.

Got the knife?

You can't do this to me.

you can't do this to me.

Are you crazy?

Let me out!

Open up!

Open up!
Open the door!

- Are you in a bad mood?
- Yes.

- And you're not?
- No! Why?

Perhaps our murderer is having
breakfast or a massage...

or is still fast asleep
which I'd like to be for once.

It's unbearable.
What's this damned Kast?

It drives me crazy
not knowing.

Ring the code expert at the EKF.
He might be able to help.

EKF. I've got it.
They're initials.

You think Kast
stands for something?

Pass me the guest list.

K for Kurz, A for Ahrens
S for...

- There's no name with T.
- But with St.


Kurz, Ahrens, Stanok.

Kast transferred money
to Kempinsky.

Maybe he blackmailed them.

What work do they do?

Ahrens is a builder,
so is Stanok.

Kurz is a public servant
in the Ministry of Transport.

Call the Ministry and find out
where he works.


Open up!
Can't anyone hear me?




Beck here. I want to call
the Ministry of Transport.

Now... Search, Rex!



Rex, you earned yourself
a heap of ham rolls.

I need reinforcement.

Open up!
Can't anybody hear me?

Open up, please!

Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.

You've helped me a lot.

If I've more questions I'll ring.
Regards to your wife.

Hurry. Rex sniffed out
Ahrens' cloth.

- Do I ring for reinforcement?
- I already have.

There's no key.
Mr Ahrens is in his room.

Give me the master key.

If you don't cause a flood
stay there.

- Coffee, please.
- Coming.

Want to know who got
all the building jobs?

- Stanok and Ahrens.
- Right.

Their quotes were always
the most reasonable.

- Thanks to Kurz, right?
- He knew all the tenders.

Somehow Kempinsky found out
and blackmailed them.

Police. Open up!

He's somewhere in the hotel.

- Have you seen Rex?
- He ran out onto the terrace.

Something's wrong.
Look for Ahrens. You come.

Watch the back exit.
No one's to leave.


- Did you see my dog?
- He went that way.


He's going towards the sauna.


Has the ambulance arrived?

Hit the gas!

Don't drink so fast.


Ahrens and Stanok are running
north along the rails.

Cut them off
at the golf course. Hurry!

Got it. Come on, Rex.

Stop! Stay where you are!


Stop or I'll shoot!

Stop, Rex!




Stay there!

He's confessed to the murder.

Hey, that turban suits you.

Did Rex also get hurt?

No, he's showing solidarity.

Solidarity! If it didn't hurt
I'd laugh.

Mr Beck, you owe us money.
You watched our Pay TV.

Not me, the dog.

No one will believe him.
What do you think?