Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 4, Episode 3 - Ein mörderischer Plan - full transcript

Violent criminal is released from jail and first he visits his ex-wife and finds out she has been married and has a child, angering him. Her husband is trown trought the window on his way home, he dies. Her ex is the suspect, but Bóck and Moser find out that he is innocent.

Inspector Rex


Are you still on sick leave,
Mr Munch?

- I'll ring you from the surgery.
- Get well soon.

I Will.

Hi, Heinz.


I'll mash you a banana

and then we'll go for a walk,

I'll be right back.

I'll be right back.

I'm coming!

Can I come in?

What do you want?

You can congratulate me.

They let me out two months
early for good behaviour.

- I'm a free man again.
- I'm happy for you.

- What do you want from me?
- I...

I want to start over again...

with you.

Have you forgotten
we're divorced?

- Please leave me alone.
- I'm serious!

- You've been drinking again.
- You didn't visit me or write.

- I was...
- You didn't have time.

Or didn't you want to know me?
Tell me, I can take the truth.

- You have a child?
- Yes.

- How old?
- Six months.

I'm in jail 2 years, and you
get pregnant to another man?

- Was that a crime?
- Yes.

Get out!
Don't you dare touch him.

- Do I know the father?
- No.

- Now go!
- Stop it.

- I need you.
- Leave me alone.

Let me go!

Please let me go!

- Let Eva be!
- I wasn't going to hurt her.

Oh, sure,
you never hit your ex, did you!

Have you forgotten
her bruises?

Is everything okay,
Mrs Munch?

If you don't get out now
I'll call the police.

Did I hear right?

Mrs Munch?

- You remarried?
- It happens.

Now get out!

Who's the fellow you...

Don't you have
any taste any more?

He's much too old for you.

I'll kill him.

- I swear.
- Out!

- What's with you, Beck?
- I wanted to sit in the front.

- What did the vet say?
- He's okay.

- He needs to get more exercise.
- I'll take him for a walk.

- Good idea, Beck.
- If I get out of here, that is.


Go with him, Rex.

I think he's gone.

You should stay with me
till your husband returns.

I'll make us some tea
and you have a rest.

He should be reported.




Come on, Rex!
Where's your get up and go?

Rex, please, come on!

You're as lazy as Richard.
Shame on you!




Very funny, Rex.

I'm going to get Klaus's bottle.


Yes, I know where it is.
Get in touch with Dr Graf.

I'll be there shortly.

- What's with you, Beck?
- I've had it. I need to sleep.

No time for that, Beck.
Come on, there's work to do.

- Rex!
- Not fair!

Hi, Leo.

- Hi, Richard.
- Found anything yet?

A fall from the third floor.

His face hit the rubbish bin
and he died instantly.

Like a suicide. It looks like
suicide at first glance.

- And on second glance?
- Be patient.

The dead man had glasses,

and was wearing them,
which goes against the norm.

Those intent on suicide

mostly take them off
so as not to hurt themselves.

- What?
- It sounds absurd but it's true.

- So no suicide.
- I can't be 100% sure yet.

A wound to the back of the head
suggests it wasn't.

He could have been hit.

If so, it could have been
the cause of death.

- Right... Go on up, Beck.
- Yes.

A faked suicide.


- Traces of a struggle?
- You must wait for the autopsy.

- As always.
- Bye.

Come on.

He could have been hit
with this stool.

It's been wiped off, but there
are traces of blood underneath.

Send it to the lab.

- You're the neighbour of...
- Mrs Munch, yes.

This has really upset me.
I had to take two tablets.

I see. Tell my colleague
all you heard and saw.

You're the neighbour?

May I ask a few questions?


What did your ex-husband
say exactly?

That he would kill him.

How did he know him?

He saw our wedding photo.

He grabbed it
and threw it on the floor.

Could he have waited outside
for your husband

and then followed him?

We can carry on later.

Okay then...

- What is your ex's name?
- Josef Novak.

- Where does he live?
- I don't know.

He's just got out of jail.

He got two years
for grievous bodily harm.

He bashed a barman.

He's not a bad guy, but...

when he drinks...

he loses it.

I don't think it was him.

- Do you still have a photo?
- No.

I tore them all up.

I see...
Where was he in jail?

First in Vienna,
but after that I don't know.

His date of birth?


17 April 1968.

Excuse me.

Get Hollerer to organise
a search for a Josef Novak.

- Find out which jail he was in.
- Right.

- Another vodka, same as this.
- Right. Here you go.

He was released yesterday.
He gave his ex's address.

Oh, thanks.

I'm warning you.
It's got three sugars.

That trick works every time.

Where do you go
if you're broke?

Travellers' Aid, Salvation Army,
maybe budget hotels?

So go through your lists

and find out if a Josef Novak
has asked for a room anywhere.

Quite a common name
in Vienna. You must be thrilled!

- Good day, gentlemen.
- Hi.

So, assuming it was jealousy...

- Yes, Rex.
- Novak kills his successor.

He then fakes a suicide.

- I don't think so.
- Ham rolls.

Ham rolls!

He just doesn't seem
the kind of guy

who'd think up
something so complicated.

He comes home after two years
and finds his ex with a kid.

- Is Forensics still at the flat?
- You think Novak will go back?

Well, you never know
with jealous types.

- It's his own fault.
- You'd better watch him.

I'll see you at Munch's place
in an hour.


- Are you very disappointed?
- I was expecting someone else.

- Do I know her?
- Yes, she works with you.

The blonde on the third floor.

Oh, the blonde. That Suzanne.
She'll love the bow tie.

- Why? Too colourful? Too big?
- Not at all.

Just a bit understated,
but otherwise...

here's the lab report.

The blood analysis

shows the man was already dead
before the fall.

But maybe this is of interest.

- What is it? Skin?
- Yes.

I found it
under his right index fingernail.

That means
Munch scratched the culprit.

Yes, indeed.

- Anything else?
- Nothing of relevance.

I doubt you'd be interested
in the freckles on his back.

- Going home already?
- No, to a lecture.

Who are you lecturing?

She's only accompanying me.
She's keen to learn.

Happy learning to you both.

One spoon for Richard,

one spoon for Hollerer...

Another one for Hollerer
since he's always hungry.

Stop it, Rex.
You'll get something later.

You wouldn't like this.

Don't tell me you're offended.

I can't spoonfeed you.

You're a big dog now.

Beck gets the last spoonful.


Richard will change your nappy.

Novak must have had friends.

Perhaps. I haven't seen him
for a long time.

He could be staying
with some old associate.

Sorry, but I can't help you.

He ate it all
except for one spoonful.

What a boy!

What about relatives?

- Where do his parents live?
- In Salzburg.

Get lost!

Terminates here, Mr Novak.

Let's go.

No matter how often you ask me,
you'll get the same answer.

Yes, I met Mr Munch
at the entrance to the block.

You followed him upstairs
and killed him. Admit it!

Why don't you believe me?

You threaten to kill him,
then meet him minutes later...

What do you want me to believe?

You were overcome with goodwill
in a matter of minutes?

I admit it.

I wanted to attack him, but then
I thought about my probation.

I don't want to go back to jail.

I took a taxi
and went to the First District.

Where you got paralytic
at a sausage stand.

as I already said an hour ago.

Why did you return to your ex?

I get out...

find out that she's married
and that...

she has a child...

The flowers were meant
as an apology.

White carnations
are her favourite.

I didn't know Munch was dead.

White carnations,
but you did hit her?


- Did she report me?
- Not yet.

- You can go.
- What?

Yes. Goodbye.

You forgot something.

If you pester
your ex one more time

it's back to your old address.

Why did you let the guy go?

Look at this.

The blood under Munch's nails
isn't Novak's type.

Back to the drawing board.

What company
did Munch work for'?

Sollmit & Co. They specialise
in money transport.

See if anyone's still there.

The co-driver will be disarmed.

We force the driver to open
the back. You be the driver now.

Faster! Hurry up!

Weapons on the floor!

Strongboxes into the boot.

Faster! Hurry up!

- Well?
- Okay. Not bad.

If the drivers cooperate,
we'll pull it off in time.

They'll cooperate.

I've instructed them all
not to resist if attacked.

We're fully insured.
No need for heroes.

If they try, we force the driver
onto the co-driver's side

and shoot them both.

Then we make a getaway.

All in all... you've done well.

Mr Sollmit!

Mr Sollmit, please.

- Mr Sollmit?
- What's up?

The police rang
to see if you're still here.

- What did they want?
- They didn't say.

- They wanted to see you.
- Thanks.

Hey! Keep calm.

They had to turn up some time.

Stay cool.

- It's just a routine call.
- I hope you're right.

Don't forget.
We were together all morning.

Let them believe it was suicide.

We'll tell them
he fell out of the window.

- We won't say we know more.
- Precisely.

Hope it works.

- Got a better idea?
- Nothing comes to mind.

There you go.

Moser, Crime Squad.
ls Mr Sollmit here?

- He's in the firing range.
- Beck, take a look around.

- I'm Beck... And you are?
- Gregor Schell, the manager.

Just the man I wanted to see.

He fell out the window?

- On purpose or by accident?
- We don't know.

So why come and see me?


he worked for you.

I was hoping you could help me.

What kind of person
was Munch?

He was one of my best men.
You could trust him.

I can't believe it.

but I have to stay in training.

Yes, well...

His wife...

His wife said
he came home early.

- Would you know why?
- I think I heard he was sick.

Was this Mr Munch a gambler?

Did he have debts?

Better to ask his colleagues.

I rarely hear about
my workers' personal lives.

No, thanks.

- Do you have a locker key?
- Of course not.

Munch must have it.

Why are you interested in him?
Has he been up to something?

Has Mr Munch been taking
a lot of sick leave lately?

He's normally very reliable.

He may have been skipping work.
It happens.

Yes, but not him.

He even comes to work
when he has a fever.

So can you tell me
what's up with him?

Where do you keep
your service weapons?

Here in the safe.

The staff are not permitted
to take them home.


So what is it about Munch?

He fell out of
a third-story window.


Did he commit suicide?



That's what I'd like to know.

What kind of guy
was Mr Munch?

Calm, kept to himself...

Could he have been depressive?

Not that I noticed.

Here is the list you asked for...
employees, and their addresses.

Thanks very much.
Thank you, too.

- You're welcome.
- Come on, Rex. We're going.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

M Cinch committed suicide.

Richard! I just went through
Munch's locker.

His wife said he was tidy.
It looked messy and ransacked.

There were scratches
on the lock.

What else?

Rex, children and dogs should sit
in the back. Tell him, Richard.

Sort it out yourself.
So the locker was ransacked?

We'll have to get some food.

I could imagine giving Rex
a nice big fat ham roll

if he were to let me
sit in front just once.

What an offer!

I don't believe it!
You can bribe him.

- Have they got anything?
- Munch couldn't have talked.

I followed him all the way home.
This was just a routine check.

It would worry me
if the police hadn't come.

I feel uneasy.
Why did you have to kill Munch?

- The police are onto us now.
- I couldn't risk him squealing.

We'd be in jail now
if I'd let him do that.

Not "we".

You'd be in jail.

You killed Munch.

If you're scared
you'd better tell me now.

- I can go it alone.
- I'm not scared.

We won't get a chance like this
for years.

We will.
Let's call off the hold-up.

No way!
I won't let this much money slip.

I'm not waiting years
for such a moment again.

- It's tomorrow or not at all.
- And the police?

Forget them.

Who will suspect us?

We're officially in Salzburg
all day. The dough gets stashed.

We won't touch it. We leave
once the dust has settled.

Sollmit is mine too, isn't it?

I could pull it off alone
if I had to.

No... I'll be in it.

The company is two years old
and has always been clean.

It is properly registered
and seemingly without debt.

How about the staff?

Ten drivers and co-drivers,
one manager, one secretary.

A small, manageable business.

The manager, Mr Schell,

was once investigated for fraud
but that was dropped.

Would Sollmit know that?

- Maybe they play golf together.
- Really?

We'll tail Schell.

- That probably means me.
- Precisely.

If there's no one at the depot,
here's the home address.

I love my job!


- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Hi.

- Has Beck called in?
- Not yet.

Look what I brought you.
Ham rolls.

Wow, ham rolls...
What a surprise!

No, Rex. You know the rules.
First, some exercise.

I'll look at the schedule
to see what's on today.

Today, Friday...

Jumping exercises.

Yes, indeed.

In Japan,
all employees do exercises.

- It's compulsory. Right?
- Exactly.

That's why I'm so glad
to be a civil servant in Austria.

No need to pull that face, Rex.
Here we go. Jump.

Not underneath.
Don't be so lazy. Jump over it.

Really, Rex, don't be so lazy.
Jump, or no more ham rolls.



I said to jump over it.

And jump!

I think this is too easy for you.

We'll make it higher.
Now five times back and forth.

Good morning, Richard.
Schell came home at 2 a.m.

- He hasn't left since.
- Stay with him.

Got you.
Could you bring me a coffee?

Don't get your hopes up.

It's been ages since I did that,
believe me.

Wait, Eva.
I could come with you.

At least till that idiot
stops bothering you.

You don't need to. I'm taking
Klaus to the Burggarten.

- You've done more than enough.
- Don't mention it.

I'll manage on my own.

- I'm happy to help.
- I know.




We still need to do
a few push-ups, Rex.

I'm afraid I can't let you off.
Come here.


Good boy.

Come on, a bit lower.

A bit lower, I said.



Down lower.

That'll do for today,
you old rogue.




To the Burggarten with the baby,
and Novak following them?

Okay. Rex!



- I want to talk to you.
- You're drunk. Let me go!

- Where's your husband?
- You're hurting me.



I warned you.

They couldn't make them
much heavier.

Excuse me.

How long will you be?

As long as it takes.


Hold on.

It's Beck. He's lost Schell.
What should he do?

Drive to the premises
and ring when Schell turns up.

Drive to the premises and ring in
as soon as he arrives.


Hollerer... come over here.

This is a service weapon.
Schell trained with one like it.

Let's assume
a van gets held up.

The co-driver
wants to defend himself.

He aims...


The firing pin
has been sawn off.

He wouldn't stand a chance.

You'd only need to switch
the guns of both drivers

or make them disappear.

Munch was a co-driver himself.

Why take the gun home?

Maybe he realised and wanted
to take it as evidence.

- Well?
- No sign of Schell or Sollmit.

I'd say if they've tampered
with the guns

then they'd hold up
their own van.


Come on.


Is Mr Sollmit or Mr Schell here?

They're in Salzburg on business.
They're back tonight.

May I see the roster?


Mr Munch was to be co-driver
for van 3. ls that correct?


What is it carrying?

It's on its way
to the Central Bank

to pick up foreign currency
for branch outlets.

- Do you know the value?
- No, I don't.

- When is it due at the bank?
- In 45 minutes.

We'll just make it. Thanks.

- Hi there.
- Good day.

Moser, Crime Squad.
May we see your weapons?

Sawn off. Give me your route
and the papers you've got.

We'll take over.
What's inside?

19 million.

That's a worthwhile sum.


Got a licence
to drive this thing?

- I'll manage.
- How reassuring.


they'll be waiting
en route to one of the branches.

Since this is an armoured car
they'll wait for us to get out.

As co-driver, they'll make me
get the money.

When they see we're not
their drivers, they'll get nervous.

That'll be our chance.

- This is your back-up. All okay?
- Beck here. All okay.

We're following you
and there's another team behind.

They're due in two minutes.

- Did you see anything?
- No.

- The side door is open.
- Okay.

It's the guy I saw yesterday.

It's on!


Go, Rex!

Drop your gun!

Well done, Rex.

Show your face!

It's irrelevant
who planned the robbery.

- You murdered Munch.
- I had nothing to do with that.

- Sollmit thinks differently.
- He's lying.

Would you please
take off your shirt?

- Why?
- Take it off!

We found skin
under Munch's fingernails.

Could it be yours?

Take his confession
in front of the public prosecutor.

Take him away.

Almost 19 million!
19 million...

in an armoured van.

Do you know how many
ham rolls that would buy?

A thousand per day...

and for how many years?

Who cares?