Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 4, Episode 10 - Rache - full transcript





- Let's get away from this hole.
- At least you're over it.

You get over an illness.
Five years' jail is a real insult.

- Did you bring the dog?
- I almost didn't.

Hofeneder also wanted to know
why we wanted his car.

He better mind his own
business. He's getting paid.

Brandtner's left Operations
and joined Homicide.

- But he's still got the dog.
- That's why I got a bitch.

You won't forget this day
in a hurry, Brandtner.

What's the matter?
You're out of breath again.

Time for some more drops.

I'll have to eat
all the sausage myself.

You want some?

You've had your drops too.

This is where he lives.

He walks the dog in the forest
every morning before work.

How do you feel
when you're watching a cop?

Better than
the other way round.


I'd say it's not a bad idea
if we go for our walk.

We'll take it easy
and then go to the office.

- Lost something?
- Yes.

I dropped my car keys
while jogging.

- It will be a long search.
- Maybe I can help you.

May my dog smell your hand?

What for?

The keys will carry your scent.
That's how he'll find them.

Go on, find them.

Come on, outwith you.

Get a move on!
Come on! Move!

Out you go.

- I can't see your dog.
- He'll be behind that bend.

- Do you think he'll find them?
- I'm sure of it.

Come on.

I said, come on!


I can't see him either.

I don't get this.


Get in!

You too.

What's up?
Don't you like her?

Hop in.




I didn't think
a bitch on heat could...

And why not?
Males are all the same.


Shut up!

He won't be barking for long.


How many vehicles
fit that description?

Too long. Just find me
the registered owners.

Got that...

A dog breeder?
What's his name?

Christian Hofeneder?
His address?

6 Konstantingasse?
Isn't that in Mauerbach?

Got anything on him?

Check it out
and get back to me.

Rex has gone.
That's what's up.




Rex has been kidnapped.


It probably involved that van
Alex asked about.

And he's not well either.

He's had an allergy
for the last two weeks.

Who would do such a thing?

Damn it!

I feel like finishing the mongrel
here and now.

- Where's the gun?
- In my car.

I'll just get a club
and finish him off.

Don't underestimate the dog.
He's fast!

And I'm brutal!

Good morning.

Looking for a dog?

Yes. Mine.

Listen, I'm a breeder,
not the Lost and Found.

Brandtner. Homicide.
Where's your van?

- A friend borrowed it.
- Name and address?

No idea.
I only know him by sight.

Listen! You'd better
come up with something

or the Health Department
will throw the book at you.

Brigitte Forstner.
I don't have her address though.

- Got a licence?
- I don't know where she lives

but she's often at
a deserted site near the Prater.

Her father was a blacksmith.
He went bust there.

There was a bank robbery
five years ago.

Brigitte Forstner was
a suspected accomplice,

but was never convicted.

The robbery was committed
by a Peter Rogner.

Isn't he still in jail?

He was released this morning.

I won't take long.

- What did you pay for it?
- 5000.

We're broke.

Brigitte Forstner owns a site
somewhere near the Prater.

- An old forge. Find it.
- Okay.

I haven't forgotten you.

What's going on?

What are you doing?
We need those bullets!

Let go!

Let it be.
We're losing too much time.

You're dead, mate!

Forget it.
He's gone.

We've got to go.



You're petrified.

I'll get you some water.

- Find him?
- No. This bitch was the lure.

let's have a look around.

- Aren't you on office duty?
- Not when it comes to Rex.

Any idea why this guy
hates you so much?

My dog Arco and I arrested him
during the bank robbery.

He swore to get revenge.
Many do.


Looks as if he's got a gun.

- Maybe there are other clues.
- If only we had Rex.


You think he got Rex?

I've already lost one dog.

I'll take this to the lab,
just in case.

And I'm going to take
a look outside.

I looked at Rogner's file.

He kept a low profile in jail.

He got out early
for good behaviour.

It was his first conviction.
That leaves a deep scar.

He was probably obsessed
about getting back at me.

He had plenty of time.

- There's a gun down there.
- Funny hiding place.

I don't think
it is a hiding place.

- Maybe I can find some wire.
- Forget it.

Forensics will be here soon.

Tell Wimmer to take the bitch
to the pound.

- She'll be better off there.
- Can't we book him?

No. He only lent them
a van and a dog.

Probably didn't know for what.

It's full of tracks
like a racing circuit.

I found this too.

- Forged licence plate.
- How do you know?



Find out what car she's driving
and radio all duty officers.

I bet this is hers.

- Bloody mongrel!
- Forget the dog.

What we need is a gun.
And we won't get it on credit.

I don't believe this!

- A bloody dog defeating me!
- This will get us nowhere.

I'll think of something.

I already have.

This is the true survival knife.
On this side there's... Hello.

On this side there's
an extremely sharp blade.

Please be careful.
You can cut wood with it.

On the left, there's a saw.

Down here there's water
and also a compass.

When you pull this out,
you'll find...

- Your licence plate is missing.
- Oh, dear. ls it?

Is that very serious?

You'll have to leave
the car here

and report the loss
at a police station.

Only then can you drive away.


Have fun.

- What can I do for you?
- I'd like to see that 9mm gun.

Do I really have to go there?

- Sure I can't drive there?
- Not legally.

But could I drive
if you didn't see me?

I can't imagine not seeing
someone like you.

You think so?

- What did the pig want?
- The licence plate is missing.

Then we can forget the car.

Aren't you a lovely fellow?

What is it you want?

Oh, you want some water.


That's a good boy.

Good boy.

This has just come through.

The car was in front
of 25 Habsburg Street.

It's no longer there.

The alarm's gone off in the
weapons shop. I'll check.

- What happened?
- I don't know.

I don't care
if you're busy or not!

Tell me now if it's
human or animal blood!

Five minutes isn't now!

Okay, in three minutes.

Shall I go to the lab?

No, it's okay.

I've informed all the beats
to watch out for Rex.


Rex will need his drops.

What if he doesn't get them?

He could suffocate.

I was in Brigitte Forstner's flat.
No sign of her or him.

The car was seen near
a weapons shop that was held up.

I'll go and scout around.

So Rogner kidnapped the dog
to get revenge.

He hasn't reported in
and there's no sign of Rex.

What's he up to?

I know who we can ask.

Good morning,
Mr Hanneschleger.

- He's waiting.
- What's he like?

He's in for fraud.

You shared a cell
with Rogner for a few years...

He must have mentioned
his future plans.

- Nothing.
- I don't have much time.

Rogner stole a gun from a shop.
What does he intend to do?

- No idea.
- Come on, Kunz!

We're the police.
The good guys.

We can see you get privileges.
We can also get nasty.

- Are you blackmailing me?
- If we have to.

Rogner never said much.

Except that
he'd pay you back.

- How?
- He didn't tell me any details.

Just that he was going
to pay you back

and that he'd get rich fast.


Sorry, but we were all out.


Great. I'll tell him.
He's just coming in.

That was the lab.

The blood isn't from a dog.

So Rex must be all right.

If that's right

I'll shout you unlimited
sausage rolls for a month.

By the way,

a 9mm gun including bullets
was stolen from that shop.

The description of the suspect
fits Rogner.

Let's go to the bank
he held up.

Do you think he'd hold up
the same bank twice?

- It's a hunch.
- Hey...

Look at this.

Bank hold-up with hostage
ends without bloodshed

This is a hold-up!
Nobody move!

Nobody move or she's dead!

Here. Fill this up!

Anything you say.

Nobody move, I said!

Thanks, Hollerer. I've got
the bank's phone number.

Call and warn them.

No alarm!

Nobody move, I said.

- No one's answering.
- Keep trying.

Hey, Alex...

Tell me truthfully... Why did you
have Rogner undress

and lead him out of the bank
half naked?

He was armed
down to his underpants.

First no one answers,
now it's busy.


Why... Rex.

What's the matter?

I get it.


That's it.

Good boy.

Take the bag.

No one call the police
or I'll kill her. Got that?

Nobody move
or she's dead.


Aren't you being rash?

So are you.

I'm unarmed.

Let her go.

You've got me.
Isn't that what you wanted?

No funny tricks,

You'll never get out of here.

If I don't,
your dog is dead.

Tell that dude to nick off.



And you get undressed.

You can go.

Come on!

- I've got Rex. Brandtner?
- Inside with no radio.

Get over to the side!
Hurry up!

I said to the side!


We'll cross the street now
and go to that blue car.

See it?

If anyone follows us,
you're dead.

Get going!

Everyone move back, please.

You get over there too!
On the double!

So how do you feel?


I was so worried about you!

Let's go get him.

Your little trip is at an end.

Take her in.

- Through the back door.
- Christian! Down here!


He must have gone in there.
Cover the front.


Emergency Exit



I told him he wouldn't get far.


After all Rex has been through,
I'll give him my sausage roll.


Then he can have
my three rolls too.

Will he be allowed
to eat that much?

We'll see what the vet
had to say.

Hi, Rex!

Hello there, Rex.

There are heaps of sausage rolls
waiting for you.

The really fat ones
are from me.

- What did the vet say?
- We can stop the drops soon.

He'll be back to normal.

- Are you sure?
- You bet I am!