Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 4, Episode 1 - Lebendig begraben - full transcript



I can't imagine
being without you.

I want to be with you forever.

What's wrong? What is it?

We can't go on like this.

Dorner tried
to blackmail me again.

I can't fob him off any more.

If I don't sleep with him

he'll go public
with the photos he took of us.

The bastard.

He threatened to make
a really big thing of it.

I'll deal With him.


You aren't friends any more.

You'd better stay out of it.

Promise you will.

I love you so much.

I can't live without you.

We must be sensible.

Oh no!
Just my luck.

Just you wait.
I'll get you yet.

Rex! Come here.

Where's that doggie gone?

Where is he?
I can't wait forever.

Now where is he?

Good try,
but I know that one.

Come on.

Hey... bastard!

Break it up!

Recovered, have you?

Hands off Claudia.
Do you hear?

I'll get her anyway.
You can bet on it.

You're no good for her.
I can teach her a thing or two.

Go to hell!

That Will do!

You bastard!

You can brawl some place else
but not here. Do you hear?

Well, where are we going?

We're not going anywhere.

I don't think you understand.

I won't do it.

I'll give you money.

Here. These are for you.

I've got others.


What's wrong
with us having some fun?

Get out!


I'll get you vet-




I'll put it
next to my bed in future.

Hello. What is it?
What's up?

Beck, I get two days off
for once and...

Good. We're on our way.
Get up, Rex.

Must you watch TV all night?

The dead youth is called
Stefan Dorner.

He's 18 years old.
He had his ID on him.

A worker found him
this morning.

Hello, Richard.

It looks as if he was stabbed
in the lungs from behind.

He's also got
contusions and abrasions.

- What are those marks?
- Well spotted.

He wasn't strangled, though.

- More after the autopsy.
- When?

I have two others to do.
Be patient. Bye.

The weapon may not be far.
Let's look for it.

No harm in looking.
We've found stuff before.

Rex, search. Search!
Go, Rex.

No, Rex. It's a new tie.
What is it?

Please don't, Rex.
The tie's new... was new.

My God!

Let's see what he finds.

Spot On!

Richard, sometimes I wonder
if I have to do all this.

Thank you.

There weren't any prints
on the knife,

just traces of a leather glove.

You wouldn't expect to find
prints on a murder weapon.

Robbery wasn't the motive.

None of his stuff was missing.

Good boy.

You can buy knives like that
in any good knife shop.

Thank you.

Hi, guys.


I've just been to see
Dorner's mother.


She wasn't especially worried
when her son didn't come home.

He often slept over somewhere.

- Anything else?
- He had no problems at school.

He was good at sport
and was in the handball team.

Maybe it was about drugs.

Leo saw no indication of it.

The autopsy may show more.

What are you doing?

Are you testing me
by any chance?

I'm ready and waiting.
I know all your tricks.

Not this time, my friend.
Not this time.

Dear me.


What's wrong with the computer?

It can't just crash.

I don't believe it.

I see. Of course
you two wouldn't be behind it?


You'd sure miss me
if I weren't here.

"There were
individual circumstances

"which occupied me
and troubled me

"and put me
in the state of mind

"that produced Werther.

"L had lived, loved
and suffered a lot.

"That's what Goethe told
Eckermann about the novel.

"Werther's love is unconditional.

"That means it knows
no law other than itself."


What prompted Goethe
to write this novel?



It may have nothing
to do with school.

I hope so. It would be
a weight off my mind.

It's a sheer disaster

two months before
they do their final exams.

Please be as discreet
as possible.

In 1770, Goethe's Werther
was the most widely read novel.

Don't get up.
Ms Martin, please.

I'm afraid
I have some sad news.

Your classmate, Stefan Dorner,
was murdered last night.

The police would like
to ask you some questions.

Was there anyone
he didn't get on with?

If that's so,
I don't know about it.

I really can't imagine it.


Stefan was good at sport.

He was sensible enough
to stay away from them.

Did he have a girlfriend?

I'm not up
on their private lives.


Can I have a word?

I've spoken to the teachers.
He seems to have been popular.

Someone didn't like him.

Yes, there was a fight
after handball training.

With a Thomas Friedmann.
He's in the same class.

- Thomas Friedmann, please.
- Here.

He shoved me.

I've heard a different story.


Some students say
you started it.


It was no big deal.
I forgot about it straightaway.

Did you often fight
with Dorner?

Yes. So what?
You can't pick your classmates.


Stefan always wanted
to outdo me.

Where did you go
after training last night?

Why are you asking me that?

Why would I want
to hurt Stefan?

- Just answer my question.
- I went to the movies.


Is there anyone
who can confirm that?

There were other people there

but no one I know.

Did you keep the ticket?

Mr Eckert?
Have you got a moment?


- Moser, Homicide.
- Hello.

It's about Stefan Dorner.

- You've heard?
- Yes, of course.

Dorner was at handball training
last night.

Did anything untoward happen?

No, nothing special.

Didn't he fight with a classmate?

Thomas Friedmann?

Oh, you mean that?

Yes, they were brawling
in the showers

but I intervened
as soon as I saw them.

Hey, that was a foul.

What was it about?

Dorner was a keen player.

Friedmann took the ball off him

and they got angry.

You thought it was over?

Yes. It seemed to be.

If you think of anything, call me.




- What did they ask you about?
- The fight.


Dorner provoked me.
He said something about you.

Oh no.

If the police find the photos
at Dorner's...

they'll suspect us.

We must be very careful.
We mustn't meet any more.

- That's the last thing I want.
- What?

That we can't meet.

I can't stand it.

Where were you last night?

At the movies.

You aren't hiding anything?

Do you think I...

You're crazy.

I didn't mean it like that

but of course you think things.

How about you?

What did you do last night?

I called you after the film.

But you didn't answer.

I marked schoolbooks

and went to bed early.

We're starting
to mistrust each other.

- Hello, Claudia.
- Hello.

Terrible business, isn't it?

I hope no one from school
is involved.

So do I.

The police stir things up.

They're only doing their job.

Still, it will be nice
when it's all over.

Would you like
to go for a coffee?

Not today.
Maybe another time.

We know that Friedmann
and Dorner didn't get on.

No one at school
knew anything more specific.

At the cinema box office
they can't recall Friedmann.

That doesn't prove a thing.

Besides, having a ticket
doesn't mean you saw the film.

Friedmann and Dorner must have
locked horns over something.

You've reached Claudia Martin.

Please leave a message
after the beep.

Hello, Claudia. It's Tom.

Please answer.
I have to talk to you.


Hello, Mrs Dorner.

I'm sorry.
It's probably not a good time.

But Stefan borrowed a book.

I need it urgently for school.

I still can't believe it.

It's like a nightmare.

This morning
I was in the kitchen

and I thought Stefan would want
breakfast any minute.

Who does something
like that, Tom?

I have no idea.

The police were here
and they asked me

if I knew anything
about the fight

between you and Stefan.

It wasn't really a fight.

He died of stab wounds
to the lungs.

Someone approached
from behind,

held him by the throat
with his left hand

and then stabbed him twice
with the knife.

He also has a few grazes
and bruises, like after a brawl.

He had a fight
with a classmate.

Are there any signs
he did drugs?

No. All the serum tests
came back negative.

Did they come into his room?


The detective
had a look around.

I can't find the book.

Did they take anything?


What book
are you looking for?

A novel.

I put it on my bibliography.

Stefan took great photos.

I gave him the camera
two years ago.

Hardly a week went by

without him shooting
a whole reel of film.

I'd like a photo
with the two of us on it.

He kept them all over there.

Are you going through them all?

Could I have
a cup of coffee too, please?

Have you found the photo?


May I take this one?

What about the book?

You say you recognised the boy
whose photo was in the paper?

He was arguing with a woman.
What did she look like?

It was too dark.

What about the car?

A small one.
What make? What colour?

You don't know.

Let me guess. You were
taking your dog walkies?

See? That's why
I'm a policeman.

We need to take
your statement down properly.

I need your name and address.

Excuse me a second.
Don't go away. I'll be back.

Hollerer, Homicide.
Moser's phone.

Hello, Mrs Dorner.

Friedmann was looking
for something?

Could you wait one second?

I've got a call on the other line.

I won't be long. One second.


What do you want?

I went to Stefan's flat
but I couldn't find the photos.

Are you crazy?

What if Stefan's mother
gets suspicious?

I did it for us.

If the cops don't find the photos,
they won't think of us.

they already have them.

What shall we say
if they turn up with them?

We'll think of something.

What have we got into?

We must stick together.

I should never have
let this happen.

Stop it now.

Stop it!

Hello. What were you doing
in the darkroom?

Right, then...

I hope it wasn't wrong
to call you straight away.

- I'd hate to be unfair to him.
- No, you acted properly.

May we have another look
at your son's room?

This way.


What's Ms Martin like
in bed, then?

Is she really that desperate?

Stop it! Both of you.
At once.

Please go to your seats.

Hand out the books, please.

The topic of the essay is...

Please stop it.

Why did Goethe write Werther
in monologue form?

I'd rather write an essay
on the other topic, Miss.

Mrs Dorner thought
Tom was looking for a photo.

There are plenty here.
But why would he?

How do we know
he didn't find it?

Perhaps Dorner hid it so well
that Tom couldn't find it.

Assuming, of course,
that he was after a photo.

There's nothing here.

This could be fun.


Nor there either.

As good as telly, isn't it?

What's that?


Look at this.

Take a look.

Tom Friedmann and the teacher.
So that's what it's about.


I have to talk to you.

Not here.

Is anything going on between
you and Tom Friedmann?

It's not what you think.

You realise the consequences.

What you're doing isn't on.

Claudia... think about it.

By the way...

I wanted to say...

if you have any problems,

if you want to talk to anyone...

or if you need anyone...

I'm there for you.

Nice of you. Thanks.
I've got a class now.

She's in a hurry.

Let's see where she's going.


- What are we going to do?
- I have no idea.

You should. You're the boss.

Yeah, yeah.
Very funny, Beck.

- Beck speaking.
- It's me.

Leave it on.


See those two over there?
Approach them quietly.

Stay there till I call you.

Got it?

Let's go away.
Stuff everyone else!

How can we?
We'd become prime suspects.

They'll question us anyway.

What are you going to say?

We have to tell them.


They'll find out about us

Thanks to Dorner.

They mustn't learn
of the blackmail.

Let's say we were together
on the night of the murder.

I can't handle it.

- We'll manage.
- I can't take much more.

Everything at school.
And Eckert, too.

What? What does he want?

Everyone seems to be going mad.

Forget it.
Let's not talk about it any more.

- Would you come with us?
- Why?

You're under arrest.

So Dorner was blackmailing you?
What did he want?

He wanted to sleep with me.

He even assaulted me.

We have a witness

who saw you, or rather Dorner,
get out of a car.

You had a fight?

Yes. I met him.

I offered him money
so he'd leave me alone

and that led to the fight.

He was obsessed with
the idea of sleeping with me.

A short while later,
Dorner was dead.

- What are you trying to say?
- You had a motive.

Friedmann, this business
of the photos is unfortunate.

You realise how it looks?

It looks as if you both had
a reason for disposing of them.

The brawl that night
was over Ms Martin, right?

No, it wasn't.
It had to do with the game.

If it had got out, you'd be fine.
School's out in two months.

Then hello freedom.
Off to pastures new.

We want to stay together.
We're in love.

Do you really think
I'd kill someone?

What about Tom?

He tried to get hold
of the photos.

They clearly document
your relationship.

Sadly it's not accepted
as normal

when a woman loves
a much younger man.

Ms Martin met Dorner
on the night of the murder.

He provoked her
and she...


Mr Friedmann...

we've got a witness
who saw them that night.

I'll tell you who did it.

Tom Friedmann just confessed
to Dorner's murder.

That's not true.

We'll take your statement
and then you can go.

Read it and sign it, please.

Give this to Tom, please.

You followed Dorner?
What happened then?

I stabbed him.


Just like that?

How did you do it?

Go on. Tell us.

My colleague is Stefan Dorner.
Stand up.

You approached from behind.

What happened then?

Show me.

I want to see.

So that's how you did it?

It wasn't him.

Tom, I love you.

But I can't see a way out.

Forgive me.
Yours forever, Claudia.

I'm going out.

Rex, search.

Search! Go on.

Come on, Rex.


Hop in.

Don't come any closer.


Tom only confessed
to protect you.

He loves you.

Do you want him to blame
himself for your death?

Stay where you are.
Don't lie to me.

He sacrificed himself for you.

You can't abandon him.

- If you jump...
- It's all my fault.

I should never have
got involved with Tom.

So you're giving it all up?

I can't go on.

The constant pressure,

the flak from the students,

Eckert preaching
about the consequences.

And now Tom's confession.

Hold tight.


Come on!


What makes you so sure
Tom didn't do it?

Eckert, the sports teacher...

What did he want from you?

He wanted to exploit
the situation.

Something's missing.

He probably pressed less hard
with one finger than the others.

Someone at the school
is missing half a finger.

Could that be the reason
for these marks?

That would be
a much better explanation.


Let you go, did they?

Hello, sir.

Hello, Tom.

I wanted to report back.

That's a surprise. I thought...

They'd keep me there?

I'm really glad

it all proved to be a mistake.

It really was a mistake, sir.

You made a mistake.

You killed the wrong person.

I've been seeing Claudia.

Are you crazy?
What are you talking about?

You thought
Claudia had been seeing Dorner.

But you were wrong.

I think you'd better go.

We'll forget all this, okay?

You watched
while Claudia met Dorner.

You stabbed him
out of jealousy.

You're overwrought, Tom.
No wonder.

It's been too much for you.

You'd better go
and have a good rest.

I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

Turn around and get up slowly.

Come on.

- Thank you.
- That's okay.

What are you going to do now?

I hope I don't get disciplined.

In any event I'll transfer
to another school.

It's probably for the best.
How about you?

I'll finish school.
Then we'll move in together.

That's true love.
Best of luck.