Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 3 - Tod im Museum - full transcript



How much longer
will you disturb the animals?

I told you.
Until I'm finished.

- When will that be?
- I don't really know.

I'm not even halfway yet.

A book of photos takes time.

When the book comes out
even more people will come.

It shouldn't be allowed.

Poor thing.

Don't let her bother you.

This museum's collection
is the best in the world.

We'll be looking at minerals
found in prehistoric times

and at animals,
some of which are extinct.

The total number of exhibits
is over 1 6 million.

We want to see all of them,
so let's get moving.

Well? Still working?


Will we be able to see
the photos?

I hope so.

Don't get too close
to the animals!

- Playing attendant again?
- No.

The animals must be
left in peace.

- They're dead.
- That's why.

The visitors disturb
the peace of the dead.

- You really fit in well here.
- Go.

I might see you tomorrow.

Look. If anyone
comes too close to you...

What are you doing there?

I work here.

But no one's allowed
to touch the animals.

Perhaps I should tell
the director

that you're touching
the exhibits.

Besides, it could be
very dangerous for you.

What do you mean?

Some animals are stuffed
using toxic chemicals.

I'm sure you want a long life.

Don't you?

Hey, leave me alone.
I don't believe this.


It doesn't matter now.


What's up?

Oh, breakfast.

The phone, then breakfast.


Oh, it's you, B?ck.
What's up? Where?

The Natural History Museum?
We're on our way.

Rex, we have work to do.

- Morning, B?ck.
- Hi, Richard. Where's Rex?

In the car.
No animals allowed.

There must be too many
here already.

Look at that. Bullseye.
What happened?

He fell from up there
and died at once.

According to his papers,
he's Franz Kargel.

- A staff member was nearby.
- Did he see him fall?

Sadly, no. But he saw him land.
You can talk to him.


- Hello, Leo.
- Hi, Richard.

I have two urgent cases,
but I came just to be sure.

An event like this in
a public building causes a stir.


What do you think?

Well... He has
a fractured facial bone,

broken ribs and a headwound
revealing his broken skull.

He probably died
of skull and brain trauma.

Any signs
that he put up a fight?

not from what I've seen so far.

If someone doesn't land
feet first...

Look at the button. The other
half must be somewhere.


but it may have broken
when his body hit the railing.

- Do you think he was pushed?
- Anything's possible.

If the body is bent, the spine
and pelvis are usually broken.

I know where you're leading,

but I won't be drawn into
speculating on how it happened.

That's for you to find out.

It's always the same.
Well? When will you know?

If something new comes up
who will be the first to hear?

- That's what they all say.
- Bye.

This is Mr Maresch,
the guide.


- You saw him fall.
- Not exactly.

I heard the impact
and ran straight to him.

Then I looked up
but saw no one.

Is everyone still here
who was here when he fell?

Of course not.

We didn't want
the schoolchildren to see this.

Besides, most visitors left
of their own accord.

I have no authority
to detain anyone.


I need a list of employees
and regular visitors.

But there are hundreds.

I'm as sorry as you are.

B?ck, Crime Squad.

What do you want?
I had nothing to do with it.

No one is saying you did.

How long have you been here?

I come when it opens
and leave when it closes.

I'm usually in the museum.

Where were you an hour ago
when the man fell?

In a room.
I don't know which one.

I think it was the room
with the crocodiles.

Oh, crocodiles.

Why do you come here so often?

I make sure
the animals are at peace.

It would be best
if there were no more visitors.

What are
the regular visitors like?

Strange people who walk around
and talk to the animals

or people who come
to get warm in winter.

What do you know about them?
Names, addresses...

Nothing at all. I may
be able to identify them.

There are even lovers
who meet here secretly.


- How can you tell?
- Well...

They stand
in front of the exhibits

but don't look at them.

You know, I'm actually glad
that he fell.


It may mean
there'll be fewer visitors.


But there may be more.
People are sensation-seeking.

I didn't even think of that.
That would be dreadful.

Goodbye, Mr Benesch.

It's very unpleasant for us.
We've had two suicides.

One jumped off the roof
and one from up there.

- Were you on duty?
- No, but a colleague was.

He saw the man
climb the balustrade, then...

he jumped.

We'll have to cordon off
that area too.


The crime scene people
have to examine it.

So we can close the case.

Well, did you learn something
at the museum?

There are several ways
of falling off a balcony.

- Which one do you think it is?
- I'm sure he was pushed.

That would also explain

why he didn't fall straight down,
but landed further away.

- He did a kind of somersault.
- Any signs of resistance?

None. He was apparently
taken by surprise.

- Any other clues?
- No.

Any news about the victim?

Not yet, unfortunately.

What about the man
who was looking down at us?

A guy who visits the animals

because he has to make sure
they're left in peace.

He hates people
coming to the museum.

Is he a possible suspect?

Perhaps that's
a stupid question.

Well, H?llerer.
What's his score?

We're leading 4-1 against B?ck.


One moment.
I'll write that down.

Thanks. That may help.

The dead man has a record.
Franz Kargel.

Convictions for minor
property offences,

fraud and procuring,
but nothing recent.

Not exactly
your typical museum visitor.

Leave it. That's it for today.
You can go.

We have to post the photos

I'm working as fast
as I can.

It's our first big job.

- And we'll lose it.
- I'll come back later.

if that's what you think.

Come here.
Now take one from this angle.

Closer... closer.

Very good. Thank you.

Got anything for me, Leo?

Have a look at this.

If I have to.

He has a narrow linear bruise
in the hip area...

- About the height of the railing.
- So it ties in with the button.

So he was pushed, hit his hip
on the railing and fell.

Possibly, but there's
no indication he was pushed

such as a slight bruise
on his back.


As there are no witnesses,

we'll have to
reconstruct the crime.

Thanks for your help, Leo.

Don't mention it. It's my duty
as a doctor to help people.

You have strong nerves.

How come?

You know how quickly
you can fall, then you're dead.

It can be faster than you think.

That reminds me...
I saw you

just after the man fell.

Perhaps I should
tell the police.

You're mad.

Wasn't there anything else
in Kargel's flat?

The usual furnishings,
probably all stolen.

I can't see why
anyone would kill him.

He was always a little fish.

Maybe he was involved
in something bigger this time

and was threatened.

Yes, but what would Kargel
be doing in the museum?

It wasn't his scene.

The museum is a good place
for secret meetings.

There's no one
in most of the rooms.

Planning to do
the hammer throw with the roll?

I haven't got that far.

I know. You're paying Rex back
for being so clever.

Not clever. Anyone
can hide in a cupboard.

Friends, Leo has evidence
that Kargel was pushed.

We have to
reconstruct the crime.

I'll call our technicians.

H?llerer here.
Yes, him.

I need a dummy
for a reconstruction.

Height, 1 83 centimetres,

weight, 78 kilos.

And as usual
I need it at once.

One of you will have to get up
and go over there. Goodbye.

I got you this time.

Almost, B?ck.

what does the bookie say?

7 to 1 against B?ck.

- I think it's over for you.
- Wait and see.


- Is that you?
- Yes.

I thought I'd drop by again.
Shall I help you?

No. Stay outside.

- Is everything okay?
- It's fine.


Still at it?

- How long will you be here?
- Leave me alone.


I wanted to ask if you'd...

- Want one?
- No, thanks.

What going on? Don't you know
there must be complete silence?

You're the only noisy one
around here.

- We were just talking.
- Then do it quietly.

The police are in the museum.

- Police?
- In the top dome room.

And in the bottom one.

No luck.
The dummy landed differently.

Okay. Next try.

Okay. We're ready
for the second attempt.

- Try pushing his back.
- Right.

No good.
The dummy's on its back again.

Try another way.
Pull him up by the ankles.

Will do.

Watch out. We're ready.


- That must have been it.
- Great. I'm coming down.

This puts a different light on it.

Get Graf to look at
the corpse again

to see if he has marks
on his ankles.

- Are you in charge?
- What?


My name is Benesch.

I make sure nothing happens
to the animals.

I have something important
to tell you.

What is it?

A photographer has been here
for a few days.

She's working
on the first floor.

I saw her up there
just after the man fell.

Why didn't you tell us before?

I only just remembered.

But she's up there now.


Excuse me.
May I disturb you?

You already have.

- What is it?
- I need to talk to you.

Please come outside with me.


Someone was murdered
in the dome area.

I know.

- Strange place.
- Don't you like stuffed animals?

I'm surprised
you can work in peace.

You get used to it.

I'm taking photos
for my first book.

I have 26 left to do.

Had you ever seen
the murdered man before?

Yes, he came through the room
I was working in.

You went to the dome
shortly after he fell.

I heard the crash and
went to see what had happened.

- Where were you before that?
- In a room, taking photos.

Any witnesses?

Yes, the old man
who talks to the animals.

He saw me.
You should talk to him.

We are.

I wanted to be
a photographer once.

Why didn't you become one?

I don't know.

You became a policeman.

It took me a while.

Why did you leave the room
just before the man died?

I wanted to go out
for a smoke.

- See anyone?
- No one was there.

Apart from the victim and you.

That's interesting. Thanks.

The photographer, Miss Augustin,
has official museum approval.

A publisher has commissioned
the photo book.

Anything else on her?

Nothing special.
She recently opened a studio

and she's working hard
to pay off the loan.

Kargel was just a petty crook.

What would he have to do
with the photographer?

The trouble is anyone can go
in and out of the museum.

Anyone could have pushed
Kargel over the railing.

It must be someone
with a motive.

I think there's a reason
it happened there.

It must be linked
to the museum.

I can't go for a walk now.

Don't drag my coat on the floor.
Bring it back.


Look at this.

I'll deduct it
from your pocket money.

Don't go too close
to the animals!

The museum is closing
in ten minutes.

Please go to the exit.

Excuse me.
I must talk to you.

- I don't want to.
- You're the photographer.


What do you want?

- Care for a coffee?
- Get lost!

I've been watching you for days
and you...

Let go of me!

His lD says
he was Martin Hubmann.

Dr Graf says he was murdered
early last night.

Stabbed, I said.

The killer left
the murder weapon behind.


He put up a fight. He has cuts
on his hands and lower arms

and five deep knife wounds
to the upper body.

Because of the pale pink

I assume he died
from internal bleeding.

Stabbed five times.

You're right. That indicates
a very emotional state.

The killer wiped the handle.
No fingerprints.

See you later, Richard.

I don't get it. The killer stabs
him in the heat of the moment.

Yet he wipes the knife handle.
It doesn't add up.

The victim must have
provoked the killer,

who kept calm
and acted systematically.

He wiped the handle...
Any idea what with?

Sorry, no.

That makes it hard.
Unpremeditated murder.

We'll look further afield.

Do you know
how big the park is?

We could look forever.

Once they get over 1 00 m away,
people start dumping things.

- We may be lucky.
- It's a huge area to search.

We've got...
Where is he?


None of that.
There's work to do.

Come here. Find.

Find now.

Look what he found.

Look what I found.

- What is it?
- A ticket for the museum.

I found it on the dead man.

The dead man, found in
City Park, was about 30,

with dark hair,
about 1 76 centimetres tall.

He was wearing a brown
leather jacket and scarf.

The police are asking
for information.

The description fits the guy
who spoke to me yesterday.

What did he want?

He wanted me
to have coffee with him.

Just like that?

He said he had to talk to me.

I don't talk to guys
who try to chat me up like that.

The killer left no clues, but
there's a scent on the knife

and on the handkerchief
he wiped it with.

Do you think
he's here in the museum?

I think he's been here.

But we'll see.


They can't answer you.

Off you go. Keep searching.

That Christa Augustin, who's
photographing the animals...

Is she here?

No, I haven't seen her yet.
Is she involved?


- What's your dog doing?
- Rex, down.

He must have found something.
Down, Rex.

- Can I look at the bear?
- Why?

Whoever touched the hanky
must have been here.

What are we looking for?

No idea,
but something must be there.

- It's damaged.
- It couldn't be.

- It's torn.
- Let me see.

Surely it's not...

Look at this.

- Has it always been here?
- For twelve years.

We'll leave it where it is.

I assume someone...

will collect it soon.

It's Moser. Listen, H?llerer.

Someone's used a brown bear...

a brown bear
in the museum to hide loot.


Remember the Singerstrasse
robbery some years ago?


It was diamonds,
and the loot was never found.

I want to know everything.
Maybe an accessory was killed.

Okay, Richard.

I'll send some people
and come myself. What?

Of course,
undercover surveillance.

Guys who haven't
been there before

and who aren't obviously cops.

What's going on?
What are you doing?

The bear needs to be cleaned.

H?llerer, Crime Squad.
The bear is staying here.

- The taxidermist said...
- Give him my regards.

The bear's staying here.
You'll be escorted out.

Goodbye. Thank you.

Sorry, Rex.

False alarm.

Crime Squad.
I'm taking you into custody.

I've just arrested the suspect.
You can come up, Richard.

Let's go.

About time they all left.

You need to be left in peace.

You hid the loot here.
The accomplices weren't found.

I've served my sentence.

Just out of jail,
you came to get the diamonds.

Value, 1 5 million.

They belong to me.
No one else is entitled to them.

That's not what
your former friends thought.

You killed one here,
the other in City Park.



Never heard of them.

The diamonds are mine

and the murders...
you must prove I was involved.

A witness saw you
with the victim yesterday,

just before his death.

Know her?

Good looking, eh?

Miss Augustin?

Is this the man?

She saw you leave
with Hubmann last night.

They were complete beginners.

It was all my idea.

And I covered for them too.

Then they thought
I'd lead them to the diamonds.

- But I was smarter.
- Were you in for three years?

This time it will be a bit longer.

Let's go.

Thanks for coming.

I'm glad to get rid of them.
After the two murders...

- You could have told us sooner.
- I was afraid!

Can I give you the diamonds?
They're hidden in here.

One moment. May l?

Not bad.

I've been doing it for a while.

What have we here?

What will happen to me?

I don't want to ruin your life.

You found the diamonds
and gave them to me.

We'll both say the same thing.


Would you like some tea?

What do you think?
Have we got time?